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Mastering Their Maiden by Demi Lane – Extended Preview


Never in my life had anything felt so good.

Aria’s skin was hot, her breath warm on my neck. She squeezed my hands but didn’t struggle against the hold I had on her. Her legs were spread wide around my hips, and she bucked against me, pushing her pussy onto my cock. Her cunt was smooth as satin, and so fucking wet and warm. I pumped my cock into her heat, feeling her grow wetter, the sound of our bodies slapping together loud in the silence of the clearing. The only other noises were the low murmurs of approval from my comrades, and Aria’s moans that pitched higher with each thrust.

“Oh. Ohhh…”

“That’s it. Come all over my cock, Aria.” I let go of her hands so I could wrap my arms around her hips and cup her ass. I wanted her close. I wanted to be buried inside her when she came and squeezed me—

Oh, fuck. She squeezed me so damn tight.

“Shit,” I moaned out, trying to keep it together. I continued thrusting into my girl as she screamed out in pleasure. Her hands came to my shoulders, and she raked her fingernails down my back. It only spurred me on, and I held her pert little ass tight as I fucked her hard, my cock so deep I could feel her wetness against my balls. She was squirming against me. Not fighting. Writhing with pleasure.

I kept going until she stilled, going limp as the orgasm faded from her body. Her eyes were heavy with lust, and she blinked wearily up at me when I pushed onto my hands and fell back into a quick, manageable pace.

“Don’t think I’m finished with you yet,” I warned with a grin, reaching down to cup the backs of her thighs. She gasped when I lifted them and put them over my shoulders, never breaking stride even when the position changed. I was deeper inside her now, and the view I had of my cock sinking into her pussy was spectacular.

And I wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Dex came to kneel beside me, his breathing ragged as he watched me fuck Aria’s slick, swollen pussy.

“Keep her like this for a bit,” Dex murmured, and Aria moaned in response. I held onto her hips, but he began caressing her thighs. “Let her rest. She’s gonna ride me next.”

“Ride you and suck Kaiden’s cock,” I said, smirking when Aria’s back arched off the ground. “Get him ready to fuck this tight little cunt.”

As if he wasn’t already hard as a rock.

Kaiden’s eyes flicked to mine, dark and filled with lust. Aria was gripping my forearms, but Kaiden took them and pulled her hands above her head. He pinned her wrists down and she gasped, but all Kaiden did was grin.

“While you’re riding Dex and sucking my cock, Zander and Umber are gonna play with your ass.”

Aria’s eyes went wide, but before she could issue any sort of protest, Kaiden kissed her. His lips muffled her soft cry, but I could tell by the way her pussy clenched around me that she liked the sound of our proposal. She liked the idea of being filled completely.

I slowed my pace just slightly and watched as Dex let his hand trail down Aria’s thigh, then dip lower. I felt his knuckles brush me as I pumped into her, but his fingers began toying between her cheeks. Teasing her puckered hole. She tightened around me, but Kaiden kept her pinned and muffled while Dex cupped his hand around one cheek and let his thumb slip inside her.

“Fuck! Oh, gods. Please…”

“Listen to her beg now,” Zander murmured from where he was lying beside her, his mouth on one breast, hand cupping the other. “You want it, girl? You have four cocks to play with; one can be in your ass tonight.”

I felt Aria’s body tense, her legs flexing on my shoulders, pussy squeezing around me. Kaiden shushed her when he broke the kiss, laughing at the conflicted look on her face.

“She wants it, but we’ll wait. Her pussy will need a rest by tomorrow morning anyway.”

I licked my lips, caressing the tops of Aria’s thighs. I fisted her hips and tucked her against me, unable to stop the moan of pleasure as she arched her back and clenched tight around my cock. “You want that, Aria? Want us to wear your little pussy out?”

Her legs flexed again, and I heard her suck in a breath when I started to pump harder. Gods, she felt good. Even pinned like I had her, with her legs up and Kaiden’s hands on her wrists, she was moving with me. Trying to fuck me back.

She was just as much our master as we were hers.

“You feel so good, Aleria,” I moaned, savoring our little name for her. “Taking my cock like this. So deep inside you. You like it?”

I kissed the inside of her ankle, my hands stroking up and down over her hips. Aria whimpered, and this time her acquiescing answer was stronger.

“Yes,” she sighed. “Yes, I… Gods, please.”

“Please what?” I murmured, sinking deep inside her. “What do you want?”

“I want…” She swallowed, and her hooded eyes met mine. “I want you to fuck me. Like you promised.”

Dex laughed softly, Zander moaned, and Kaiden smiled. He stroked his cock as he knelt above her, patiently waiting while we had our turns. Most commanders of our houses went first when we took a maiden.

Kaiden was still trying to accept his role, so he yielded. He waited.

But I knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer.

It was easy to let my control slip. I’d barely had a grasp on it anyway, not with how tight Aria felt around me. Her soft whimpers turned into quiet cries, and when I flicked my eyes to Zander’s, he already knew what I wanted. His hand slid down her body between her legs, and his fingers began circling her clit. Beside me, Dex shifted, and began pumping his thumb in and out of her ass.

“Oh, fuck,” she screamed, her eyes rolling back in her head. “Fuck. Oh, gods!”

Aria’s whole body seized up around me, and when she screamed, I roared with her. My cock pulsed and with a few hard thrusts, I was coming. I was filling her with my seed, laying my claim to the girl who’d resisted us all for so long. She was mine.

She was ours. Our maiden. Our princess.

Our Aria.

I stayed buried inside her until my cock stopped pulsing, pulling back slowly and keeping her legs lifted high. Cum was trickling out of her, running over Dex’s thumb, but he only smiled and took her legs when I passed her over.

“Don’t worry,” he assured me. “I’ll fuck it all back in her.”

And with that, he grabbed her hips and pulled her upright, seating her on his lap and impaling her on his cock.


I was still panting when Dex pulled me onto his lap. He wasted no time in burying his cock inside me, even though my body had been well used by this point. I braced on his shoulders as he knelt in the grass, trying to support myself while he fisted my hips and bounced me up and down on his cock. There was a slight curve to it, and in this position, he rubbed a spot that had my eyes rolling back in my head. It was only when I started grinding on my own, trying to stimulate my clit and that spot inside me, that Dex laid back on the soft grass.

“That’s it, girl. Ride me. Use my cock.”

He bent his legs and pushed his feet into the dirt, rocking up into me as I sank down on his length. I rolled my hips, my hands roaming from his shoulders down his firm chest. The hair I found there was soft, and he was muscled but not as hard as Zander or Umber. It was comforting despite the depraved look on his face. The pure lust in his eyes. He reached up to cup my breasts, kneading them as they rolled and bounced with my movements.

“Fuck, look at her. You’re gonna ride me before we’re done here.” Zander’s voice was husky as he moved up behind me, staying on one side of my body so Umber had room to join him. Their hands were everywhere. In my hair, on my neck. Smoothing over my back and up and down my thighs as I rocked forward and back on Dex’s cock. Dex cupped his hands around my hips, then moved them over my ass and spread me open. A whine slipped past my lips, but he shushed me.

“Come here,” he murmured, so sweetly I obeyed without any hesitation. His lips were waiting, and he smiled when I pressed a kiss to his warm mouth. He gave me a deep, sensual kiss, then banded his arms around my waist to help hold me in position.

I’d forgotten how sly he could be.

Umber held me spread open, kneading my ass while Zander began touching me with two fingers. It was so strange and wrong, but his teasing touch had me trembling, aching for more despite the depravity of it. I just managed to suck in a breath when he sank his digits into me, drawing out a quiet, slightly surprised gasp.

“That’s it, Princess,” Umber purred, pressing one hand on my back to keep me in place. “Keep riding that cock while we play with you.”

Dex pulled me forward, forcing me to brace my hands on the ground beside him. I rolled my hips as much as I could, but he’d taken over most of the work. He thrust up into me, keeping my throbbing pussy full while Umber and Zander took turns teasing my backside. The sensation of the hard cock pumping inside me coupled with their dexterous, salacious fingers slipping in and out of my ass had me whining and moaning. I squirmed as they pumped their fingers and Dex pounded into me, his and Umber’s hands making sure I stayed still enough to accept his thrusts. What little power I’d had with Zander and Umber had been quickly stolen.

Or surrendered. Because I didn’t resist the three of them, and I didn’t fight when Kaiden took my chin in his hand and lifted my gaze to his. His cock was stiff and leaking cum, the head swollen and in need of attention.

“Fuck,” Kaiden grunted when I took him in hand, pressing a kiss to his tip before I parted my lips and took him into my mouth. “Greedy little thing, aren’t you.”

I could only moan in reply as I slid my mouth forward and back on his length. Kaiden slid his hand into my hair, gathering the tangled strands in his fist so he could dictate my pace. I kept one hand wrapped around him, the other braced just above Dex’s shoulder for support. He began licking my nipples, his hands on my hips to guide me as I rode his cock. When I rolled my hips, it pushed the fingers in my backside deeper, and soon I was growing dizzy. Pleasure surged inside me, and I began to wonder how many times they could make me come before I collapsed from exhaustion.

And if they’d keep fucking me even after that.

The thought should have horrified me, but I was well beyond that point. Kaiden was moaning as he thrust into my mouth. Dex grunting as he pumped into my pussy. Umber and Zander were murmuring soft words of praise about how well I was doing. How good I looked. How they were going to fuck me again. How it was going to last all night. And when I climaxed around Dex, I felt his whole body shudder. Kaiden’s cock muffled most of my moans, but he pulled out at the last second just to hear me scream.

“Good girl, come all over his cock,” he murmured before releasing my hair and moving behind me. Dex was still filling me with his climax, pumping his seed into me, but the moment he finished Kaiden approached from behind. He didn’t even bother to move me off Dex or reposition me. He simply took my hips in his hands and bent down to kiss my back.

“You want my cock, Princess?” he purred in my ear, teasing me with the tip. When I nodded, he growled and cracked his palm down on my ass. I hissed at the sharp sting, but he gave me two more slaps on each side before soothing away the ache. “Say it, Aria.

When I was silent, he spanked me again, and burning heat raced down the back of my thighs. My core was aching, and I tried to push back on his cock, but the bastard moved away. He swatted me again for trying to take control and reached forward to fist the hair at the crown of my head. Kaiden pulled, and I arched my back as he drew me closer. When his eyes met mine, he smiled and pressed his lips to my forehead even as he pressed the tip of his cock against my clit.

“You’ve made us fight for it, girl, but you never had a chance. You’ve been ours since we first arrived. Even when you defied us, when you ran from us, when you denied us the chance to care for you after our mistakes… you’ve been ours. Submit, Princess. No more fighting it. Beg me for it and I’ll give you what you need.”

He teased me with his tip again, slapping my ass so hard it echoed around the clearing. I pried my eyes open to gaze up at him, heart stuttering in my chest.

“And when do you become mine?” I asked, afraid to admit that was what I wanted. What I needed. As much as I loved how they possessed me, I wanted to own them just the same.

Kaiden smiled, and when he kissed me, three pairs of hands began caressing my body. Stroking my thighs, my breasts, my back. The sides of my face. But my eyes were on their leader. My master. The one who held himself back the most.

The one who was a little like me. Loyal. Stubborn. Fiercely protective.

And so afraid what he loved would be taken away.

Kaiden’s dark gold eyes hooded, then they closed as he bent forward to kiss my lips. “I’ve been yours since the moment I set eyes on you.”

I sucked in a breath, then let out a moan when he slid against me, teasing my opening now. He pressed a kiss to my lips, and I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t take the teasing, their gentle yet possessive touches, their promises to fuck me until the moon started to fall from the sky. I wanted it. I wanted all of it. I wanted them.

“Please fuck me, Master.”

My voice was little more than a breathy sigh, but Kaiden heard it. He kissed me again and held my hair tight in his fist. Then, with his hand cupping the crease between my thigh and hip, he pushed himself inside me. He was so close I felt him suck in a breath at the contact, but it was nothing compared to the low moan that slipped out of my lips. And when he started to thrust, making sure he shoved every inch of his long, thick cock inside me, it was all I could do to not weep from the pleasure of it. They’d already made me come for all of them, and I knew Kaiden would be no exception, but the speed at which another orgasm built inside me was alarming.

“I think you like how I fuck you, Princess,” Kaiden grunted, slapping his hand down on my ass again. “You’re already squeezing me, and I’ve barely gotten started.”

“Confessing who owns you turns you on, doesn’t it,” Umber murmured, one of his hands coming up to cup a breast. He pinched my nipple softly and I cried out, unable to move while Kaiden held my hair and my hip and pounded into me. The way he took me was savage. Slamming his hips into me, pushing his cock so deep, keeping that steady, hard pace up like it was nothing. Like he’d been waiting to do this for weeks.

Or maybe I’d just wanted it that long.

“Gods, please… more,” I begged, and my masters obliged the request. Kaiden released my hair and took both my hips in his hands, fucking me so hard Dex put his hands on my waist to help hold me in position. Umber was still toying with my breasts, but Zander reached between my legs and began to rub my clit. I cried out, my hands closing into fists while Kaiden kept up his furious pace.

“She coming again?” Zander asked, and Kaiden only laughed.

“We’re getting her there. Our girl likes it rough.”

“We knew she would. Fuck her harder, Kaiden.”

“She won’t be able to hold herself up,” Umber teased, but Zander scoffed.

“There are four of us here, I think we can hold her when we need to.”

He continued to rub my clit while Dex held me, and Umber played with my breasts. But it was Kaiden’s cock inside me. Kaiden’s cock pounding me as my pussy started to clench. I couldn’t breathe from the intensity of it. The searing hot pleasure that raced down my thighs. The orgasm took hold of me, and I clenched tight, my pussy throbbing and pulsing around the thick cock pistoning in and out of me. So rough. So steady. I tore up handfuls of grass and screamed out his name.

“Kaiden! Oh, gods, Kaiden!”

“That’s it, Princess. Come for me. You’ve got us all night.”

He swatted me across the ass again then cupped his hands around my thighs as I moaned through the last pulses of my orgasm. My head was spinning, and I collapsed on top of Dex, my body limp and held up solely by Kaiden’s grip on me. He never broke stride as he pumped his cock into me, and I could tell by the sounds of his ragged breathing and the feel of his fingers that he enjoyed every single thrust just as much as I did.

“I want your cum.” The words spilled out of my lips, a confession that had Dex moaning and Zander cursing violently. Kaiden’s thrusts stuttered for a single heartbeat, then he was somehow fucking me harder.

“You want my cum?”

I let out a low moan when I felt him thicken inside me. “Yes. Yes, please…”

“You’ll get it, don’t worry. Every last drop of it is yours.”

His voice dripped with lustful satisfaction, and I started to rock my hips back into his thrusts, shocked I still had any energy left. Kaiden’s ragged moans sent shivers down my spine, and when his hands tightened on my hips I knew he was close. I clenched my pussy around him, wanting to feel him as he throbbed inside me. Wanted to feel every twitch of his cock as he filled me with his release. A handful of thrusts later, I got my wish.

Ohhhh, fuck.” Kaiden’s hips slammed into mine, and he stayed there, holding me flush against him. I peered over my shoulder, desperate to see the look of pleasure on his handsome face as he filled me. Pleasure he’d gotten from my body. Pleasure I’d given him.

Because he was mine.

Kaiden’s eyes were almost blown black when he looked down at me, his hands trembling as they smoothed over my skin. He bent and pressed a kiss between my shoulder blades, then eased out of me. His withdrawal was followed by a trickle of warm fluid, which he promptly pushed back in with his fingers.

“Can’t leave her empty for too long. Zander?”

I moaned when Zander took his place behind me, promptly pulling me upright until I was seated backwards on his lap. His strong thighs flexed as he pumped into me, and Umber moved in to give me something to brace on. My hands fell on his broad shoulders, and I found myself caressing his biceps and chest, only pausing when Zander slapped my ass to command my attention.

“Ride me,” he demanded.

And I obeyed.

I submitted my body to his demands and let him use me. Let him work my hips and grind my pussy on his cock until I was screaming into the night and his cock was pulsing inside me. When he was satisfied, it was an easy pass to Umber, who wrapped my legs around his waist and bounced me on his length. All I could do then was hold on and let them work me. Let them take control and give me the pleasure I’d denied myself for so long. Why had I denied them for so long?

Dex gave me a reprieve and laid me on the grass, parting my thighs and thrusting between them while he smoothed his hands over my body. His touch was hot, and I knew he was preemptively healing any aches I might have while satiating his lust. I was so grateful for it that when he kissed me, there were tears on my cheeks.

“Breathe, Aria,” he cooed, brushing his lips over my cheek. “We’ve got you. You’re doing so well.”

He pumped his seed inside me, and when it was Kaiden’s turn again he rolled me onto my back. There was no reason to pin me this time. I welcomed him into the cradle of my hips, parting my thighs to take him and stroking my hands over his gorgeous body. He thrust hard into me, sinking deep, and the look on his face alone as he took his pleasure was enough to make me come around him.

But they still weren’t finished.

Umber mentioned wearing my pussy out, but I never tired. Overwhelmed as I was, I never begged them to stop. I wouldn’t. Too much time had been wasted already, and all for my foolish pride. For my fear of their dominance and possession over me.

But now that I was under their command and their hands were all over my body, soothing each rough touch with a gentle caress or a kiss, I couldn’t imagine giving myself to anyone else. I wouldn’t. They’d mastered me, and I’d be theirs for the rest of my days.

Zander, Umber, and Dex were finally spent after they’d each finished inside me a third time. The three of them lay in the grass, catching their breath while watching Kaiden ride me until his lust was sated. I held onto his hips as they pumped between my thighs, savoring the feel of his flexing muscles and the sound of our bodies colliding. It was filthy. Obscene. But I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted to be full of him. Wanted his skin on mine, the scent of him surrounding me. Kaiden moaned and thrust faster, spilling another release inside me. His whole body was trembling, slicked with sweat just like I was. I reached up, brushing his hair out of his face.


His eyes met mine, and they were soft and filled with so much adoration it took everything I had not to weep.

“I love you. All four of you.”

I was breathless and exhausted, part of me still so scared, but I had to say it. It was the truth. I wanted him to know.

The smile he gave me was breathtaking. Like the sun I knew would rise in a few hours. Kaiden bent and pressed his lips to mine, letting his weight rest against me. When the others moved closer, I reached out to touch them. Zander buried his hands in my hair while Dex and Umber each took a hand. Kaiden wrapped his arms around me as best he could and pressed me to his chest.

“As we love you, Aria. And we always will.”

The others murmured their agreement, and for the first time in years I allowed myself to settle into the feeling. To give myself over to the peace of it.

To let myself trust that it was real.

My eyes were heavy, but when I tried to sit up, Kaiden shook his head. He pulled out and lifted me into his arms like I was nothing, letting the others pull their clothes back on while he held me close. He passed me to Dex so he could dress, and I shivered in the night air until Umber wrapped his tunic around my naked body.

“Rest, Aria. We’ll bring you home to our bed. Where you belong,” Dex murmured, kissing my cheek when I wrapped my arms around him. The movement of his body soothed me, and before we were even out of the clearing, I was asleep. Safe in the arms of one of my masters.

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