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Mate: A Dark Wolf Shifter Romance by Sara Fields and Korey Mae Johnson – Extended Preview

“Come here, Kaci,” Caelum instructed, his tone still weirdly gentle.

I took a step back instead. “What’s going on, Ry?” I tried, my gaze flicking to him like he would rescue me from whatever this was, which was foolish in retrospect, but hey—a girl had to exhaust all avenues of escape until she ran out of options.

“We’re gonna do what we should have done days ago,” Ry answered.

“Which is what…?”

Caelum stood up from his seat on the bed and strode over to me, closing the distance between us in two long steps. In an instant, he towered over me and cocked his head.

“You’re our mate. It’s time for us to claim you,” Caelum finally answered. There was a dark possessiveness to his voice, and I got the sudden feeling that I wasn’t going to enjoy the process.

“What does that mean?” I pressed, my back finding the door.

Caelum ignored my question and brushed his fingers beneath my chin, lifting it so that he could look directly into my eyes.

“You’re going to be a good girl and submit,” he commanded, and I gritted my teeth.

“Fuck that,” I breathed, and his gentle touch tightened on my chin. I pushed against the brick wall of his chest, but he didn’t budge an inch. With a feral grunt, I tried again, and he leaned down, wrapped his hands around my waist and threw me over his shoulder.

“We had planned to be gentle with you, but perhaps that’s not what you need, princess,” Caelum growled.

I pounded my fists against his back, attempting to make him put me down, but it was like I was nothing more than a gnat. He simply swatted my panty-covered ass hard, and I stiffened, taken aback by the sudden harsh sting.

“Ow! Let me go, fuckface!”

“Ry, why don’t you fetch our belts,” Caelum directed, and I looked up to see a dangerously heated look take over Ry’s face, like he actually liked the idea.

It was at that moment that I realized that I might have fucked up.

Like royally fucked up.

Like fucked up in the way that was probably going to get a dick up my ass if I wasn’t careful.

“Wait. What happened to this ‘you’re going to be gentle’ deal? Let’s rewind to that,” I suggested, and Ry sniffed the air.

When he chuckled dangerously, my heart dropped to the tips of my toes. “She doesn’t smell like she wants gentle,” Ry suggested, and I shot him a look that should have burnt him to a crisp right where he stood.

Unfortunately, my epic plan to spite him failed.

I watched in horror as Ry walked over to their discarded clothing pile. For the briefest of seconds, I allowed myself to enjoy the sight of his ass encased in a pair of grey sweats. Neither of them was wearing a shirt, and my gaze feasted on Ry’s back muscles before turning back to the more alarming matter at hand, the fact that I was still slung over Caelum’s shoulder like a sack of flour.

Well, if I was already in deep shit, might as well dig my grave that much deeper. If I could break free, maybe I could figure out some way to escape these two Neanderthals before it was too late.

Out of pure desperation, I dug my nails into Caelum’s back, hard enough to make him grunt in pain. He walked over to the bed and flipped me off his shoulder onto my back, forcing the air out of my lungs in a loud huff. It didn’t hurt, but it was enough to take me by surprise as I bounced on the mattress.

“The scent of her arousal spiked once you mentioned the belt,” Ry grinned, and I recovered enough to scramble backwards on the bed.

“It did not!” I screeched.

Caelum was on me in a second, pinning me down with his body while Ry grabbed my wrists and wound the belt around them. With deft fingers, he slipped the tip through the buckle and yanked it taught, lashing my hands together. I jerked my arms, but the leather held fast, and nothing I did earned me even an inch of freedom.

Once my arms were trapped, Caelum flipped me over onto my belly and I cried out, the full gravity of my situation hitting me once and for all.

They were going to claim me.

Probably together.

My mind reeled while my pussy clenched hard. Ry’s grin widened while he held the end of the belt. My head flew from him to Caelum, watching in anxious arousal as he folded over a second belt.

“She’s going to need to be much wetter to take both of us,” Ry observed, and I blushed hard, opening my mouth to let out some sassy retort, but then closing it when nothing came to mind.

“There’s something I’ve noticed about our mate, Ry,” Caelum began, and I snarled in his direction. He was talking about me like I wasn’t even there, and it was pissing me off.

I hated that it was turning me on, too.

“What’s that, boss?” Ry grinned widely.

“Our mate gets much, much wetter when her bottom is properly reddened,” Caelum observed out loud, and I could have sworn my face turned as red as a cherry tomato.

“That’s… nnnn… not true,” I stammered, but even as the words left my mouth, I knew they were a lie.

“That’s easily tested, princess,” Caelum murmured. Casually, he pulled my shirt over my head, then unclipped my bra. He laid open one side and then the other, before he tore the straps clean through. With ease, he pulled the remains away from my body, and I was left to deal with the rough sensation of the sheets against the hard tips of my overly sensitive nipples.

It shouldn’t have felt good.

Carefully, Caelum pressed a hand down on my lower back while his other brushed along the waistband of my panties, teasing me with tender touches back and forth and lulling me into a state of relaxation before I realized what was happening.

He climbed back and then his fingers pressed beneath the lacey hem only to pause for a brief second. I could feel his gaze feasting on my flesh, and then he started to pull my panties down, inch by slow painstaking inch, until they slid over the upper crest of my cheeks. I struggled, but there wasn’t much I could do pinned beneath the strength of two men.

I was nothing more than a butterfly caught in their trap.

Caelum slowly bared my bottom, edging backwards and using his body to lightly restrain my legs while he pulled my panties down to my knees. Doing my best, I pressed my thighs together, but when he growled with ravenous intent, I knew I wasn’t hiding much.

“Soaking wet already, princess. I can’t wait to see how much wetter this little pussy gets after your bottom is thoroughly welted from my belt,” he said darkly, and a shiver of fearful arousal raced down my spine.

When he climbed off me, I rushed to flip myself over, but Ry’s firm hand on my back quickly pushed me back into place.

“You can fight all you like, sweet cheeks, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing this ass thoroughly welted for days. I’m rock hard just thinking about it,” Ry murmured, and my flush deepened that much further.

“You don’t have to use the belt,” I tried.

“Before, I’ve spanked you to punish you, but today, I’m going to use my belt to remind you of your place, feisty girl,” Caelum added, and I stiffened, but Ry kept me firmly in place without even breaking a sweat.

I had just woken up from the best sleep of my life, and already my panties were around my knees, baring my bottom for my alpha’s belt.

My luck was still as rotten as it had been the day before.

I ignored the way my clit pulsed. The fucking little traitor could shut the fuck up right about now. I wasn’t about to listen to it.

“Fuck you,” I muttered.

“What was that?” Caelum asked.

“Fuck. Oww! You!”

Caelum whipped the belt down as soon as each word fell off my lips.

“Say it again, princess,” Ry demanded, the glee in his voice strangely sobering and frightfully arousing.

“Fuck you!” I rushed out, but the belt bit down twice more in two fiery arcs of blazing agony.

“Would you like to say it again, my feisty mate?” Caelum pressed.

I shook my head quickly. I wasn’t an idiot. Every time the disrespectful phrase fell off my lips, he would use that belt viciously hard.

“Use your words, sweet cheeks,” Ry demanded.

My sweet and gentle mates had checked out this morning, that was for sure. I wasn’t sure who either of them were now, and that was making my core coil with heated arousal.

My fear shouldn’t be turning me on like this. Something was wrong with me. Maybe I’d smoked too much weed, or I’d gone crazy. Either one was looking likely at this point.

“No, sir,” I blurted out.

“That’s more like it,” Caelum purred, and I drew my lower lip between my teeth. I wasn’t going to let him know he was getting to me. I’d take his belt gracefully. Sure, I knew it was going to hurt, but I’d had it before, and I’d survived it.

The sting from the few belt strokes I’d taken already settled over me. I hadn’t cried out with those. I could take a few more.

Certainly they were just trying to get me all hot and heavy before they fucked me.

Holy shit.

They weren’t going to fuck me one at a time. They’d said they were going to claim me together, and that meant two cocks were going inside me at the same time, and that was definitely going to be impossible.

No way, no how.

Not today, not ever.

I wasn’t even going to argue right now. I didn’t have to. My body would tell them that when they didn’t fit. Couldn’t fit. Wouldn’t fit. Sorry, boys.

Caelum laid the belt across my bare cheeks, making me tense at the cool contact of the leather against my skin. I bit my lip a little harder, vowing to be quiet and graceful and as defiant as ever.

I wouldn’t let a puny leather strap get in the way of that.

With a huff, I lifted my hips and smirked in Caelum’s direction.

As a powerplay, I succinctly said as I looked into Caelum’s blue eyes, “Fuck. You.”

I regretted it immediately. I didn’t even know where that had come from; it was stupid.

“Oh, princess. You’re going to regret that,” Caelum warned.

“Makes me want to punish that sassy mouth along with that perfect little ass,” Ry growled, and my stomach clenched.

Yeah, I hadn’t made a wise decision there. I should have just kept my mouth shut and let my pussy get as wet as it wanted, despite the fact that it was insane. But it was too late. I couldn’t take it back.

The belt whipped across my bare cheeks, biting into both of them with a savage sting. Instantly, I released my lower lip as I gasped, taken aback by the overwhelming pain. I could feel the welt rising on my skin, the heat intensifying until it crested so sharply that I sucked in a breath.

The first strikes had been playful, I realized, but that one had been a punishment strike.

My pussy practically quivered with need, and I’d never loathed it more than I did in that moment. I kept my thighs pressed firmly together and willfully ignored the way they slid against one another, slickened with my arousal.

Something was truly wrong with me.

Ry purred in appreciation as Caelum lashed the belt across my bottom again, right below the first. His fingers traced along the rising welt shortly afterwards, soft and tender against the ruthlessness of the leather strap. I held my breath and closed my eyes.

I could do this. I would do this.

The belt struck a third time, and my breath hitched in the back of my throat. But my pussy was giving them the green light. They upped it a notch.

In quick succession, several hard lashes bit into my bare cheeks, edging down to the lower curve of my bottom where my thighs began, and then the belt kept going.

The moment it cracked against the back of my thighs, I cried out with sudden desperation.

Oh fuck. This really hurt.

Panic swirled into every one of my senses. The vicious belt whipped across my scalded bottom over and over again, and it wouldn’t stop.

I had told myself I wouldn’t beg.

I did. I begged hard.

“Please, Caelum. I take it back,” I tried.

“I’ve hardly even begun,” he replied, and then the belt bit into the fullest part of my cheeks so much harder than all the rest.

“Please! I’ll be a good little mate, just let me take you one at a time,” I continued, my words interrupted by several hard lashes of the belt.

Ry chuckled and neither of them answered, but they didn’t need to.

A part of me knew that it was going to happen whether I wanted it or not, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it until it was forced upon me.

My core simmered with heat.

Ry leaned in towards me, his breath brushing against my ear and tickling the tiny little hairs, setting my soul on fire. “Caelum was the first to enjoy that tight little pussy. I think it’s only right that I get to be the first one to enjoy that tight little virgin ass.”

My whole body stiffened, and my bottom hole clenched, literally clenched, at the thought of him stuffing his massive cock in a place that was definitely not meant for cock. Especially his.

Annoyingly, my clit zinged with arousal.

Fucking stupid little traitor. My pussy had no fucking idea what it was talking about. It was out of its element, as far as I was concerned! Fuck you, stupid pussy!

The belt bit into my ass with ruthless intent, and I cried out, thoroughly ashamed and impossibly aroused.

“Mind if I take a turn with that?” Ry asked, and my stomach dropped. For some reason, it felt safer taking a spanking from Caelum. When I considered a belt in Ry’s hands, my insides practically flip-flopped with my nerves.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea!” I screeched.

“Lucky for you, you don’t get a choice, sweet cheeks,” Ry smirked, his green eyes glinting dangerously.

I opened my mouth to say something else, but I thought better of it as the two of them switched places. Neither one let go of me long enough for me to try to scramble away.

The leather creaked in Ry’s hand.

“Last time Caelum spanked you, I thought it wasn’t hard enough,” Ry began.

A soft, anxious whine emerged from my mouth before I could stop it.

“Now you’re going to find out what a real spanking from Daddy feels like, princess, and you’re going to take it like a good girl before we fill you with our cocks,” he murmured, and I gulped nervously. My fingers trembled, and my thighs anxiously pressed against one another.

My pussy tightened so hard that my hips bucked against the bed.

“Not too hard, please, Daddy,” I said, my voice sounding far too small and vulnerable for my liking. The usage of ‘daddy’ had come from somewhere in my brain I hadn’t even begun to unpack. My pussy was the one that had the idea; she thought he’d love it and therefore spank just right, and not too hard.

I was all exposed and incredibly aroused at the same time. This was uncharted, dangerous territory.

And these Lycans were now grinning like Cheshire cats.

Fuck. What else?

“Daddy, please,” I tried.

“Fuck, it’s hot when she calls you daddy,” Caelum murmured, and my cheeks heated.

“Wait ‘til you hear her really beg for me,” Ry answered, and my heart spiraled worriedly in my chest. I whimpered softly, and Ry’s fingers found and squeezed my bottom cheek. “Don’t worry, baby, we got you. There’s never a time where either of us will give you more than you can take.”

His words caressed me like a warm embrace, and I settled against the bed.

“Promise?” I whined.

“We promise,” the two of them answered, together in concert. My nerves settled just the tiniest bit.

“The thing is, princess, we know you can take a lot,” Ry added, and my stomach clenched hard at the same time that the belt whipped across my cheeks.

I lost all train of thought after that. The only thing that mattered was my bare ass and that leather strap. My whole world turned into a fiery crescendo of scalding hot agony. One stroke followed another, and another, until my focus was entirely directed on the viciously hot rising welts that covered my backside.

Caelum was the nice guy. Ry was not.

The belt whipped all over, catching my ass, as well as my thighs. I tried to keep my legs together, but it was hard, and every time they drifted apart, the tip of the belt caught directly in between them.

My eyes watered, and my breath seized in the back of my throat. There was no keeping quiet with the belt in Ry’s hand. I couldn’t even try.

There was simply survival.

My cries echoed throughout the room, growing more and more desperate as I wavered close to tears.

“Please! Please, Daddy!” I begged.

My panic reached a fever pitch as the belt lashed across my bare cheeks. Just as I was about to lose control and cry, Ry threw the belt down and took my left cheek in between his teeth. The pain radiated through me, harsh and fast and deep.

“Ahhhhh! I’m sorry, Daddy!” I wailed.

“I’ve wanted to bite into this sweet little ass ever since I caught your scent, princess,” Ry rumbled, and my core squeezed tight.

“Fuck. She’s soaking wet, Ry,” Caelum murmured, grabbing my thighs and forcing my legs apart so that my pussy was on full display. Ry bit my other cheek just as hard and my whole body tightened from the fierce, overwhelming pain.

My clit throbbed so hard that I nearly lost control and came right then and there.

I held on, but just barely.

Ry gripped my cheeks and forcefully spread me apart. I keened with embarrassment, feeling his gaze boring right down on the most shameful part of me. I clenched my muscles hard, but he was stronger, and as if to punish me for fighting, he spread me open even wider.

“You protest an awful lot for having a pussy this wet,” Ry stated, brushing his fingers between my thighs almost as though he was proving a point. My arousal was so thick that his fingertips slid along my flesh with ease. I buried my face in the bed, desperate to hide from them just in case they made any more sordid observations.

I remained that way as he coated his fingers with my arousal, swirling them back and forth teasingly before he drew his hand back and pressed it right to the little hole I so frantically wanted to hide.

“Not there,” I blushed, unable to say anything more. His fingertip stilled over my asshole, taunting me as a deep pressure continued to build in my belly and I bit my lip.

“Right here, princess,” he said, tapping his finger on top of my bottom hole several times.

“You’ve made your point,” I whined.

“Not yet, I haven’t. You’ll know when I do.”

Without warning, his finger breached my asshole, and I shifted forward in surprise. Burning pain radiated around my bottom hole, racing up and down my spine as I sputtered, trying to fight it.


This was real.

His finger was actually inside my ass.

Just like his cock was going to be very soon.

I loathed my pussy when it clenched at the thought. I turned my head and tried to think about anything other than his finger inside my bottom, but then he started pumping it in and out of me, and I lost all sense of reason.

I hated that it actually felt good.

Slowly, the pain ebbed away, and then he added a second finger, and it started all over again. I cried out, rocking my hips up which only seemed to spur him on. Wrapping a hand around my waist, he forced my hips all the way up until I was on my knees.

The fiery agony finally crested and began to fade, but before I could beg him not to, he added a third finger, stretching my bottom open with nothing more than my own arousal.

“So fucking tight,” Ry rumbled.

Caelum reached underneath me and started toying his fingers over my clit. He didn’t press hard enough to make me come. He simply teased me until I practically felt like I was ready to vibrate off the bed.

Casually, Ry pumped his fingers in and out of me, and I hummed with shame. Pleasure coursed through my every limb, driving me crazy and cinching tight in my core until I felt like I was going to overflow.

“Please, I need to come,” I pleaded.

They didn’t let me. Instead, both of them worked together until my body was a veritable tornado of fiery sensation.

“You’ll come with both of our cocks inside you, princess, and not a second before,” Caelum demanded.

“Fuck, her little asshole clenched good and tight at the prospect of taking both of us,” Ry stated out loud, and I wailed with my shame.

I wanted a black hole to open beneath me and swallow me up. I prayed for it.

Instead, Ry fucking added another finger, and the pain began all over again. Caelum circled my clit with his fingers relentlessly, and I cried out, overwhelmed with pleasure and agony and my ever-building arousal.

“Please,” I begged.

I didn’t know what I was begging for anymore. A part of me wanted them to let me go. Another just needed to come, and an even bigger part of me needed my mates to fill me with their cocks.

A rustle of fabric behind me made my heart leap into my throat, and then a strangled cry flew free from my lips as soon as the heat of Ry’s cock pressed against my left ass cheek.

“You’re too big,” I gasped.

“I know this tight hole will swallow up every last inch of my cock, princess,” he replied. There wasn’t even a hint of mercy as the squelch of what I assumed was a bottle of lube sounded behind me. He slathered his cock with it and pulled his fingers free from my already tortured asshole.

The head of his cock replaced them, and I dove forward. He grasped my hips and jerked me backwards, pressing his thick length right in between my cheeks. Caelum’s fingers once again found my clit, and then my pussy decided to take control of my entire body.

My pussy wanted Ry’s cock inside me. My mind didn’t want to follow.

Ry pressed the tip of his dick against my asshole once more. Caelum teased the greedy bundle of nerves between my thighs and worked me up into a veritable frenzy once again.

I was so aroused that I pushed back onto Ry’s cock just as he pushed forward, forcing his head inside my asshole with a painful pop.

My eyes opened wide as scalding hot agony pierced through me. A quiet, squeaking cry emerged from the depths of my throat. My muscles clenched frantically, only causing the pain to spike even higher as my hands fisted into the bed.

For several long seconds, the agony made me panic, but then he started to move, and Caelum’s fingers flittered across my needy center once more. Pleasure and pain warred within my overly sensitized system, taking over me and holding me prisoner to the whims of my mates.

It was terrifying and wonderful all in the same breath.

Slowly, the pain began to fade as Ry worked one inch after the next into my no longer virgin ass. My tight rim swallowed more and more of his cock until his pelvis was entirely flush against my welted bottom.

His flesh against mine made the welts sting anew.

I moaned as the arousal swirled out of control within me. I tried to hold on. I didn’t want to come with a dick in my ass, but every nerve in my body had come alive.

Then Caelum moved beneath me, and my struggles began all over again. His cock was already free, and the two of them worked in concert to position my entrance right on top of him. His cock ran back and forth across my pussy.

A single drop of arousal rolled down my inner thigh, and I blushed hard, no longer able to hide my face in the covers. My inner walls fluttered with anticipation as my mind fought with my body about exactly how much I wanted this or did not want this.

His thumb grazed over my clit, and my entire body shuddered with unreleased need.


This was going to hurt, but the promise of an orgasm spurred me forward. I needed to come so badly that my core ached.

I couldn’t fight this anymore. Literally, the men weren’t having it and were easily subduing my struggles.

My mates were about to claim me whether I wanted this or not.

“Please,” I begged, feeling as though I was about to climb the walls. I wanted to come, and I feared it. I still didn’t even know what I was saying please for.

Caelum’s dark eyes met mine as he pushed forward. He didn’t ask permission, but I didn’t expect him to. My body fought the intrusion of his cock, but that didn’t stop him from sinking each slow inch into me. My inner walls seized around his length, greedily taking him in at the same time that they tried to push him out.

“It’s too tight,” I whined.

“It’s perfect,” Caelum rasped.

My body tightened around them, and Ry growled behind me, “Fuck yeah, princess. I can feel you clenching around me. Such a fucking good girl, taking our cocks.”

My face flushed red hot, and I opened my mouth to deny it, but then they both started moving, and I lost all semblance of thought. Ry pushed into me at the same time that Caelum pulled out, forcing a whirlwind of varying sensation to pulse through my core.

My eyes rolled back in my head, and my control shattered in an instant.

I couldn’t have held myself together if I’d tried.

My climax crashed over me without rhyme or reason. Waves of brilliantly hot euphoria washed over me, taking me out with the tide and refusing to let me go. Caelum took my nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the hard tip as I arched into him. I rocked my hips back and forth, and my mates pumped their cocks into me, one after the other. All rational thought ceased to exist.

I started to scream, and Caelum grasped my chin with his fingers and lifted his mouth to mine. The softness of his lips was in stark contrast to the roughness of their fucking, and it took me by storm.

I screamed again, and his lips crashed into mine.

He swallowed my every sound with a fervent kiss that left my head reeling as much as their cocks.

“I love the feel of you breaking all around me. Come for us, princess.”

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