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Mated to the Barbarians by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

She glanced up at Golar to find him still staring at her with his penetrating gaze. She began scooping big spoonfuls of the stew into her mouth, eager to get away. When she’d finished, she shot Golar a nervous smile and tried to walk around him, to return the bowl to the woman who had given it to her by the fire.

Golar took her arm before she could pass.

She looked up and smiled weakly, her core already softening and warming at his strong grip. “Yes?” she asked.

His eyes roamed down her body.

Helena’s stomach tightened at the thought of what it might mean. He didn’t really mean to… have her again, did he? A quick glance at the tent revealed that it had already been taken down by Vala and one of the other women. There was nowhere to…

“I want,” Golar growled, giving her a slight nod.

Concern tightened across her face. She glanced side to side, wondering where he could mean to do that. “I don’t… there’s nowhere to… “

Golar pointed at the ground. “Down.”

Helena couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She couldn’t believe that he really meant to do that to her here. Did he? “I…”

Golar’s expression darkened. He leaned closer, his nose flaring. “Down,” he growled.

Helena glanced over his shoulder and realized that some of the others had stopped what they were doing and were now staring straight at them. Fresh humiliation pulsed through her at what she was being asked to do. She shook her head. Being pinned to the bench the night before was one thing, but this? Obeying an order from him like a dog obeys its master? This was too much! “I… I can’t…”

The darkness left Golar’s expression but a moment later his hand was on her back. He turned her around, until she was facing the large boulder she had sat on to eat. He bent her over, sending the bowl she was holding clattering to the ground.

Helena reached out to brace herself against the stone with her hands, leaving her bent over and her bottom exposed to Golar and everyone behind him. Knowing what was coming, she closed her eyes and said a prayer to Tardon that the punishment would be quick and that her dress would be left on.

It was not to be. This time, the warrior didn’t bother asking her to undress, or even pulling her dress up over her backside. He simply grabbed a fistful of the delicate fabric and yanked it until it tore.

Helena gasped as she realized he’d torn off not only enough of the dress to expose her bottom but her underthings as well.

“Hir. Strop,” Golar called out behind her.

Seconds later she heard footsteps come running up. She dared a glance over her shoulder just in time to see that one of the others had brought what looked to be a long, thin switch. Helena’s blood ran cold.

Golar turned to face her and she quickly looked forward, staring at the rock in front of her as if her life depended on it. “You will obey,” Golar commanded.

A moment later the swift slicing sting of the switch landing on the underside of her ass cheek rushed up her back and into her brain. She screamed and the sound of her voice echoed down into the valley, silencing the birds.

Golar lifted the switch and brought it swiftly down in the same place on her other cheek, the thin implement whistling through the air. Another fierce, burning pain tore through her at the whipping. Her legs trembled, threatening to give out from the pain. Tears stung her eyes.

I will not cry!

But it was no use. The tears were too hot and too much. They rolled down her cheeks in fat, salty blobs as Golar brought the switch down on her bottom again with a sharp smack.

Helena clenched her jaw, knowing that the only way to get to the other end of the correction was to endure it. Why hadn’t she just gotten down onto the ground for him?

The switch cracked against her soft flesh again, doubling her pain. It felt as if he’d hit the exact same spot as before. Her tender skin burned and even more tears flowed down her cheeks.

The switch slid down her ass, grazing the inside of her thigh and finally falling away entirely.

Helena’s breath came in short, sharp gasps as she tried to move beyond the pain. The humiliation of knowing that by now most likely everyone in the group was watching her only served to sharpen the lingering sting.

A moment later, the warmth of Golar’s breath tickled her neck. “You will obey,” he growled.

Helena looked over her shoulder and into the large warrior’s questioning eyes. Knowing that only more punishment lay ahead if she didn’t comply, she nodded, sniffling.

Golar nodded once as he straightened up. He looked at the ground. “Down.”

Helena let her hands fall from the stone she was using for support and slipped down onto the ground. Her bottom still hung bare, exposed by the rip in the fabric of her dress. She sat down on the soft ground, grateful that at least that way no one could see her ass.

Golar spun his finger once in the air.

Helena furrowed her brow, unsure of what he meant.

Suddenly Vala appeared beside him wearing a soft but sinister-looking smile. “He wants you on your knees,” she offered, smiling a little wider at Helena.

Helena’s stomach twisted into another tight knot.

On my knees?

Did he really mean to… to fuck her like a dog?

Shamelessly, Golar whipped out his half-stiff cock with his hand. The staff of flesh bounced as he neared Helena.

As embarrassment welled inside her yet again at watching Golar display himself without a single care that all the others were watching, she rolled over, then got up on her hands and knees.

The fabric fell away from her ass, flapping in the gentle breeze and reminding her that once again she was on display for all to see.

She felt Golar come up behind her and drop to his knees. Looking back over her shoulder, she could just make out his hand stroking his own cock. It hardened as he rubbed.

Once again her body betrayed her. Her pussy began to leak, drooling fluid out of her lips that dribbled down toward the tiny nub that Vala had rubbed. Helena looked away, embarrassment burning through her entire body. Not too long ago she had been a princess at Dunkeep, a lady who had been waited on hand and foot and seen her every need attended to. There was something so much more animal about her now, about the way these barbarians lived and treated their women. As shameful as it was, her body’s reaction could not tell a lie.

Golar grunted behind her, perhaps at the sight of her slick slit or perhaps at his own rubbing. A moment later, his hard cock pressed against her soft flesh. A moment after that, he shoved himself inside.

Helena’s body bucked under the fearsome weight of Golar’s thrust. She couldn’t suppress the moan that rose in her throat as he split her open with his thick cock and piled inside. She had to brace herself against the ground and push back so her face didn’t end up in the dirt. She grimaced as she strained against him, his cock stretching her tightness.

Another low moan escaped her as the thickest part of his manhood plied her open. His heavy balls came up beneath her and slapped against her nub. He grabbed the two cheeks of her ass with his hands and spread her open.

Helena gasped at the new and unexpected feeling of her back hole being exposed to the world. It had been one thing to feel him enter her the night before. Though it had been a strange feeling, it was one that didn’t feel exactly unnatural.

Yet this, having her bottom pried apart, she felt more vulnerable and exposed than ever before.

As Golar began thrusting in and out of her, one of his fingers began to wander closer and closer to her bottom hole.

Even as pleasure washed over her, Helena’s eyes went wide.

He can’t be…

She couldn’t even bring herself to think what he might be trying, what unexpected intrusion she would have to put up with next. Nonetheless her pussy clenched around his cock, squeezing him and causing him to utter more rough grunts above her.

Helena was finding it hard to control her voice. The dignified princess who had always been the picture of perfection at court had suddenly been reduced to not more than an animal, having to endure the barbarians’ cocks any time they pleased. It was a humiliating thought.

How can it feel so good then?

A moan eked out. Then another.

Golar’s thrusting became harder, his balls, wet with her juice, slapping noisily against her flesh. It stung a little but the way his cock filled her aching middle was a far more powerful sensation.

Helena’s face twisted up in agony. Her back arched as she dug her nails into the soft dirt beneath. She felt him swell inside her, stretching the walls of her tight pussy even more. She cried out.

Golar growled, then roared behind her. His cock came to full hardness, pistoning into her cunt.

Her eyes went wide as splash after splash of his hot seed came spewing from the head of his muscle, coating her womb with sticky white cream.

Her pussy, too, squeezed and clenched around him, as if her body was trying to suck as much of his essence as it possibly could.

Golar’s hands felt like claws digging into her fleshy ass cheeks and still she thrust herself back, desperate for his gift.

Only when he slowed did Helena become aware once again that they were being watched and that this would be her new life now. She wondered what it meant to be put in the joining cave.

After a few final thrusts, Golar stood up on one leg and pulled his cock from her. He gave her bottom a hard smack as the lips of her pussy began closing, sealing his seed inside of her.

Terrified of another correction, Helena didn’t dare move until her told her to. Even when she felt a sticky rivulet of seed ooze out of her pussy and run down her leg and though she knew everyone could see it, she dared not move.

“Up,” came Golar’s stern command.

Helena leaned back on her haunches then slowly pushed herself up, trying her best to remain modest despite the strip of fabric that had been torn off her ass. She turned around, head bowed, to face whatever might come next.

Golar stared at her with the same wild look in his eye she’d seen the night before when he was between her legs. It stirred an animal instinct inside her, despite what she’d just endured.

Golar stepped forward. Without warning he reached out, grabbed the neckline of the dress she was wearing with both hands and yanked.

The dress tore with a loud rip.

Helena stumbled back, covering her breasts and pussy as the dress fell away from her body.

Golar grunted his approval and nodded. He threw the fabric into a heap at her feet, turned and walked off toward Vorag, who was standing in the distance and watching with the others.

Helena stared at the ground, not knowing what to do.

Vala came up after a while. She was still smiling and she didn’t say anything at first, seeming to enjoy the silence and Helena’s embarrassment. Finally, when Helena thought she couldn’t endure any more of the awkwardness, she spoke. “Come with me. I’ll find a fur for you.”

Grateful for the offer, Helena nevertheless couldn’t help but balk at the indignity of it. She would most likely not see any finery for the rest of her life. She’d spend it wearing furs and living in caves like these animals did.

She swallowed back the tightness in her throat and squeezed her eyes shut as she followed Vala to one of the wagons. She wondered how she was going to get through the day.

Vorag took a deep breath of the cool mountain air, the sounds of horse hooves finally on rock making him relax.

Golar rode beside him and looked just as relieved as he was that they were finally out of the heat and wetness and stench of the valley and back among the rocks.

It would only be another day or so before they saw the caves yawning in front of them in welcome.

He looked over his shoulder to see Helena riding a few steps behind them, her arms wrapped around Vala who was at the reins. He could just make out the fur that covered her shoulders. His cock moved again at the memory of what her bare flesh looked like and he smiled at the thought of having her again.

As he turned to look forward again, he caught sight of one of the younger men, Darak, staring at Helena, too. His brow furrowed and something hardened inside him. He watched and soon realized this was no casual glance.

Giving his mount’s reins a tug, he veered off the path and waited for first Vala and Helena to pass before nudging his horse into a walk beside Darak’s.

Darak turned to look at him and the hungry smile he’d been wearing left his mouth. “Good ride, brother,” he said.

Vorag replied with a single growl.

Unable to hold his gaze, Darak looked straight ahead, pretending to focus on the best way to maneuver the easy path they were on.

From where he was beside him, Vorag could see exactly what Darak had been looking at. The sweeping curve of Helena’s back was clearly visible; the fur she was wearing barely covered it. The way she was sitting, Darak had a clear view of her bottom hole as she rode pressed close to Vala.

He looked back at Darak but the young Grahr didn’t dare meet his gaze. “Darak?” he growled.

Only then did Darak look over but even still only for a moment before looking ahead again with a nervous smile this time. “Yes, Vorag?”

“What was that you were looking at?” Vorag asked.

Darak cleared his throat, eyes darting from one side of the path to the other. “Looking at?”

“Yes,” Vorag replied. “You were looking at something and smiling. What was it?”

Darak furrowed his brow in confusion. “I… I was looking at your bride, brother. She has a pretty ass.”

His words sent a bolt of some emotion tearing through Vorag. He had no idea what it was but as it coursed through his veins he suddenly had the urge to reach over and rip Darak’s head off his shoulders for what he’d said.

He clenched his jaw and suppressed the urge as Darak shot him nervous glances.

“Is… is something wrong, brother?” Darak asked.

His first instinct was to snarl at the young one, tell him to mind his own business and to keep his eyes off his bride. But why? This was against their ways. The Grahr shared everything. If Darak wanted to look at or even take his bride, it was his right.

So why does that feel so wrong?

Vorag let some more silence pass before replying. “Nothing. Just… nothing.” Kicking his heels into the horse’s ribs made the animal lurch forward. He rode it at a trot until he reached Vala and Helena. Reaching out, he tugged the fur Helena was wearing lower in an attempt to cover what Darak had been staring at.

Lust surged inside him at the sight of her bare flesh.

Helena turned around. “What is it?”

Vorag had no urge to explain the strange sensation. Shaking his head, he gave the fur another tug, then nudged the horse into a trot until he was riding beside Golar again.

Golar shot him a strange look. “What was that?” he asked.

Vorag shook his head. “I don’t know,” he muttered, glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one was within earshot. He looked at Golar, then down at the trail. “I don’t… I don’t like this.”

“Huh? Don’t like what?”

Irritation brewed inside Vorag. He didn’t like the idea of trying to explain the feeling, put it into words. It seemed like that might make it more powerful and he didn’t want that. Still, it was strange, and he and Golar shared everything.

“I don’t like that Darak or Teneka can… can look at her. Whenever they want.”

Instead of scowling in puzzlement, Golar’s expression seemed to lighten. He nodded and checked over his shoulder, presumably to make sure of what Vorag had, that no one was listening. He leaned closer and shook his head. “I don’t like it either. Not one bit. It’s not natural. I think of sharing her with someone and it makes me want to yank heads off of bodies. It’s… it’s…”

“Wrong. I know,” Golar said. “It’s wrong but I can’t get it out of my head either.” He let a silence fall between them.

“You are thinking of the same thing I am?” Vorag asked.

Golar nodded, staring straight ahead, then turned to look at Vorag. “We will arrive tomorrow. They will want to perform the sharing ceremony before week’s end, to pray for bounty from the hills.”

Vorag’s back stiffened at the thought of Helena’s supple curves being invaded by anyone but him and his brother. And yet, it was the Grahr way. So that all felt they had contributed to the parentage when the child was born. He couldn’t imagine letting anyone touch her.

Golar sighed beside him and shook his head. “I don’t know if there is anything we can do, brother,” he muttered. “The others will be expecting the ceremony as they have come to expect it any time a woman becomes a wife.”

The thought made Vorag’s stomach twist into a hard knot.

“How many pussies have we seeded into? Now the tribe will expect us to offer our wife in return.”

The sun was descending in the west, nearing the horizon and casting long shadows as it lit up the evening sky with a fiery orange blaze.

“Halt!” Vorag shouted, holding up his hand. Behind them was the clatter of horses stopping then stomping on rock, snorting and shaking their heads as the riders tugged their reins. Vorag turned his horse to face the others. “We make camp here tonight!” he barked.

Golar came up behind him. “Are you sure, brother?” he asked, his tone confused and cautious. “There is still at least an hour of riding light. We could make the climb up this hill and…”

“Climb to what?” Vorag snapped, interrupting. “So we can be closer to watching our bride being fucked?”

Golar glanced past him to where the others had started dismounting. No heads turned to stare at them.

“Fuck,” Vorag muttered. “I am sorry. It’s not just that. My cock is hard and I need release. Let’s go help pitch our tent and fuck our bride.”

Helena watched as Golar and Vorag helped pitched the tent on the craggy mountain rock. Furs were piled to make the ground soft.

A shiver of excitement ran through her at what would surely be happening on those furs soon. No doubt the barbarians would want to take her again.

She stared at their massive, hard bodies working to erect the walls of the tent. She blushed at how wet her pussy became as she watched their muscles flexing and imagined what they would feel like between her legs again.

“They like you.”

Helena hadn’t noticed Vala come up beside her.

“I beg your pardon?” she asked, startled by what Vala had said. How did she know? And could it really be true?

“I said they like you. Almost too much.”

Helena let out a guffaw. “What? What does that mean? How can it be too much?” she asked.

Vala smiled as she watched the warriors work. “You should know something else about the joining cave,” she said quietly.

Helena nodded, eager for an explanation. “Yes. Tell me. I want to know more,” she said, putting a hand on Vala’s arm.

Vala’s smile grew wider. “I think there is something different about us Grahr from you valley people.”

“Yes?” Helena asked. “What is it?”

“It’s a hard life in the mountains,” Vala explained. “We all have to rely on each other. Nobody can keep things to themselves. Everyone has to share.”

Helena scowled. What did this have to do with the joining cave?

“When a woman is married it’s not just her husbands who get to visit the cave.”

Helena’s blood ran cold. “It’s… it’s not?” she whispered.

Vala shook her head. “Everyone shares everything,” she said, turning to look Helena in the eye. “Everything like you.”


Helena gasped, startled by the low rumble of Golar’s voice next to her. His hand was outstretched, palm up in invitation. Behind him the canvas tent had been raised and tied down, stones piled around the stakes.

She turned back to see Vala still smiling at her. “Go. Go with him. We can talk more later.” Vala smiled at Golar, then turned and walked to where the others had started pitching another tent.

Helena’s mouth hung open as she turned to look at Golar.

He scowled and gave his hand a shake, prompting her to take it.

She reached up and placed her tiny palm in his. Her skin was a little clammy and the warm roughness of his fist closing around her hand was strangely comforting. Nonetheless, she could hardly think of anything but what Vala had said.

Golar led her to the tent, ducked in and pulled her inside.

Helena gasped at the sight awaiting her when she walked in. Vorag was standing at the center of the space with nothing on but his hide boots. His cock stood rigid between his legs. He stroked it with a hard fist.

Off to the side the furs had been piled into a high heap and Helena wondered why. The answer came soon enough.

Golar stepped to the side and walked over to the pile of skins. He bent over, patted the top, and nodded. “Helena,” he said. “Here.”

Embarrassment and excitement washed over her in alternate waves. It was clear they meant to take her despite the early hour.

The sounds of singing drifted in from the outside. Helena shook her head, unable to believe this was happening. The others would be making a fire and preparing the evening meal just a few steps away from the tent while inside she would be getting her pussy filled with hard cock.

It was a deliciously lewd thought and made Helena shuffle quickly over to where Golar was standing.

Vorag followed her across the space with his gaze.

Golar wasted no time in lifting the fur up and over her head, leaving her standing completely naked in front of him. “Down,” he said, pointing at the furs again.

Eager to avoid a correction, Helena got on her knees and crawled over to the pile. She was about to turn and spread her legs when Golar’s strong hand pressed against the small of her back. She fell forward, her belly settling on the soft hill of furs so that her bottom stuck up and out.

The feeling of helplessness that first swept through her twisted into something more pleasant. There was a certain safety to being inside the tent. There was likely little that could harm her with these two strong men sleeping on either side of her.

What felt especially fine was the memory of how they had made her feel the night before. If she could experience even a small fraction of that pleasure every now and again, maybe all of this being married to barbarians business wouldn’t be all that bad?

She had just smiled at the thought when she felt her bottom cheeks being pried apart. Helena tried to relax. Despite her embarrassment she wanted to be good for her husbands and avoid a correction at the same time.

Golar’s hot breath hit the crack of her ass a moment before his tongue pushed against her tight bottom hole.

Helena’s eyes rolled up as she let out a massive sigh. His tongue lapped up and down her back crack, moistening it and every now and again trying to press into her. Each time he stretched her a little wider she wiggled but his mouth on her bottom felt so good she didn’t object or cry out.

Finally, after a few more passes, Golar pushed the tip of his tongue into her tightness, making her groan. He pulled away a moment later. “Ah,” he muttered.

Helena turned to see him wipe his mouth with the back of his arm.

“Tight,” he added.

Even as she looked away, face reddening with shame, her nipples hardened beneath her breasts.

“Vorag,” Golar muttered. “Desh kryminosi. Malek.”

Helena glanced at Vorag who had watched Golar moistening her asshole. He crossed the room and pulled an object out of a wooden box. As he walked back toward them Helena noticed it was cone-shaped and seemed heavy in his hand. She wondered what it could be for.

Vorag handed it to his brother, then walked around to face her and got on his knees. His cock was now just inches from her mouth.

Golar spat behind her. A split-second later she felt the hot liquid land on her ass. His thumb pressed against her hole and began to work around it, spreading the lubricant and stretching her open.

A whiny mewl escaped her.

Golar responded with a playful slap on each of her cheeks.

Though she stiffened from the sensation, it was quite a different sensation than any before. Helena dared to look back and found him staring at her and… smiling?

It was the first time she’d seen anything like it on either of their faces. They were normally so stern and unknowable, it seemed. The expression he was wearing now made him seem much more human.

Something softened inside her as she looked at him but was forgotten a moment later.

Golar was pressing the implement his brother had given him against her back hole, as if he were trying to shove the whole thing into her at once!

Helena moaned and tried to scramble away, clenching her ass against the intrusion.

Outside peals of laughter echoed through the mountains making Helena wonder if they were laughing at the sound she’d just made.

Golar locked her kicking legs between his powerful thighs.

Helena glanced back to see him towering over her, the implement still in his hand.

“Hey,” he growled. “Open.” He lifted his other hand off her back, spanked the side of one cheek, then the side of the other.

It stung a little but Helena soon found her pussy soaked with her juice again from the dominant warrior’s command. Knowing there was little she could do but endure what was about to happen, she closed her eyes and did her best to relax.

Vorag’s palm on her chin made her open her eyes. He was holding his cock in front of her, staring down at her.

Helena looked up and their eyes met. At that moment Golar pressed the tip of the implement against her back hole again. Her mouth popped open.

Vorag shuffled forward and began feeding her inch after inch of his stiff cock.

The feeling of the thick and veiny member gliding along her tongue completely filled Helena’s attention, making her all but forget what was happening to her backside.

Her pussy squeezed tight, trickling hot liquid out of her onto the furs and the ache began in her belly again.

With his hand still gripping her chin, Vorag snaked his cock into her mouth until he came to the back of her throat. He held himself there for a time but just as Helena began to worry about the lack of air he quickly pulled his cock from her mouth. Helena took a deep breath of air.

Just when she thought she was going to pass out, he pulled his cock slowly out of her. The bulbous head sprang out with a noisy slurp, a thin strand of clear spit clinging between it and her lips.

Vorag let out an approving grunt as she caught her breath, then pushed his cock back into her mouth.

Still embarrassed by the vulgar way he was using her mouth, Helena could not help the fact that she was now also deeply aroused. As Vorag thrust his mighty member in and out of her mouth, her pussy squeezed and the ache between her legs grew until she began moaning all around his cock, desperate for her final hole to be filled.

She barely noticed when the thickest part of the implement passed through her tight ass hole and the flange settled against her bottom, keeping the thing from going any further inside.

As Vorag continued to have her mouth, Golar removed his furs behind her. A moment later his hands were on her hips, hauling them up a little higher on the pile of furs.

Helena moaned again as the hard tip of his cock ran up and down her soft slit, collecting juice. She groaned at the pressure as he began to slide into her. She became acutely aware of just how full she felt inside, how absolutely complete she was now that he was in her softest part.

With all three of her holes now filled, she gasped at the surprising and unbelievable feeling that settled into her as Golar pushed his cock into the deepest part of her pussy.

As vulgar and lewd and shameful as what was being done to her was, she, Helena, princess of the valley people and highest lady at Dunkeep court, actually liked it.

Pleasure welled inside her, up between her legs, up her spine, settling in the base of her brain and making her wail all over Vorag’s hard cock buried deep in her mouth.

Her pussy clenched around Golar’s rigid member, filling the tent with the sound of his pleasured grunts and the pungent smell of her juice. Clawing at the furs beneath her, Helena began to shake as she started to come.

Suddenly lost in a sea of lust, she nonetheless heard the primal grunts of the two brothers rutting into her as one loosed his load into her belly, the other into her throat.

Together, the three of them came together, Golar and Vorag roaring with pleasure as Helena’s moans were muffled by the cock plunging into her mouth.

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