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Mated to the Dragons by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

Draego and Bruddis took her deep into the caves. They strode purposefully through corridors of rock, the dank moist air chilling her to the bone. Both Bruddis and Draego carried crude, fire-lit torches and she absentmindedly wondered why they hadn’t brought something more modern. Neither of them said a single word to her and the only thing she could hear was her heart beating thunderously loud in her chest. Her mind ran wild with what-ifs. Clutching her fingers to her stomach, she bit her lip, incredibly nervous for the events to come.

After a longer journey than she expected, they eventually walked into a massive cave, so immense that darkness overcame the small power of the torches they carried with them. In silence, they stood still, taking her arm and gently maneuvering her to stand in front of the two of them.

“Fire Shaman, we are here to put our potential bride on trial. We bring fire, an offering for you, your wisdom and for your power,” Draego said softly and respectfully. He took the two torches in his hands and tossed one, and then another into the darkness. The fire burned bright in the shadow.

She watched the flames lick the floor and all was silent for a single breath.

The blaze grew brighter and brighter and all at once, the fire spread across the floor and up into the air, turning from two small burning torches into a bonfire fit for a king’s feast. A woman’s form emerged in the flames, walking forth from a portal surrounded by fire. Her form darkened as she came forth, her eyes red hot as she stared in their direction.

Around her hips was tiered belt of gold coins, layered over top of a tattered brown leather skirt. She wore a bustier of coins and leather. The woman slinked forward, gold bracelets on her wrists clinking with her movements. She held in her hands two metal fans that burned with fire. Finally, she stood in front of them, a smirk turning up the corner of her lips.

“Who is it that summons me?” she asked, her voice a soft purr that echoed in the caves around them.

“Prince Draego.”

“Prince Bruddis.”

“And the female? What is your name, child?” the magical being asked, as she turned her attention to Jada. Bright orange glittery eyes met hers and Jada quivered, the enchanted fire goddess like something she’d never seen.

“Jada Rivers,” she answered hesitantly.

The fire shaman moved closer to her, her hips swaying back and forth, her blazing eyes studying her closely.

“You bring me a warrior then?”

“Yes. She’s seen death before in her past. She isn’t afraid of it,” Bruddis confirmed and Jada ground her teeth. She stared into the fire, feeling the heat of the flames warm her skin. She reminded herself that it didn’t matter whether or not the princes believed her.

The shaman’s eyes narrowed as she studied her, and she smiled then.

“Your bride is strong. I think there’s more to her than meets the eye,” the shaman murmured, a strange excitement crossing her features. Her chest rose and fell and she lifted her chin, her attention focused on Jada. All around her, the flames picked up, reaching higher and higher into the air, surrounding them.

“I can’t wait to test her,” the shaman purred. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to have such fun.”

Suddenly, the woman lifted her arms, holding out the metal burning fans and swirled them wide and over her head. She began to dance with the fire and Jada watched, mesmerized, momentarily forgetting her fears of what was to come.

The intricate designs of the swirling flames were beautiful, enchanting even. Gradually, the burning blaze turned from red, to orange, to a brilliant white. The woman continued to dance, moving faster and faster until she threw her arms overhead in one single quick motion and the fire shot upward, a stream of flames that reached high into the air until it reached the ceiling of the rock cave, bathing them in a brilliant light as bright as the sun.

The flames crawled down the sides of the rock, raining down to the floor and Jada watched in wonder.

Three shapes emerged in front of them, bright flames in the shape of doors forming as the magic spread around them.

“Your trials have been summoned. Enter the first door and begin,” the shaman murmured softly. “I’ll be watching so that I may provide the final judgement.” Her ensuing laughs echoed off the rocky walls.

The fire around them reduced to a smolder, leaving them a single clear path to the first blazing door.

She raised her arm and pointed.

“Go now.”

Jada shivered and the princes gently pushed her forward. In no time at all, they reached the door of fire, and she stood before it, not knowing what to do.

“It won’t burn you. It’s safe for those that are summoned. You’ll be protected against the fire,” Bruddis said softly into her ear. Holding her close, he reached forward, showing her that he could put his hand within the flames. He didn’t make a sound and pulled his arm back, and she saw that not a single inch of him had burned.

Still unsure of herself, she reached forward, hesitantly putting one finger, then two into the fire. It didn’t hurt, just a bit warm. Feeling a bit braver and incredibly curious, she took a step toward the door, followed by another.

The bright white light swallowed her and her stomach dropped to the tips of her toes as she hurtled forward. She stumbled onto her hands and knees and cried out as she felt a pebble scrape at her skin.

Strong hands grasped her upper arms and lifted her to her feet. She looked from side to side and was relieved to see Draego and Bruddis there with her. They smiled softly back down at her before hauling her forward.

“Remember our warning this morning, Jada. You must obey us in all things. The trials demand it,” Draego said quietly in her ear.

He squeezed her arm and she breathed an uneasy sigh of relief. Looking out around her, she realized they were on an icy plain, and surrounding them was a vast wasteland of icy mountains rising up around them. The sky was a brilliant blue, so pure and clear that it took her breath away. A single cloud floated in the distance, soft and feathery. There was no one as far as the eyes could see. Not a single city, not a house or a person going about their day. They were surrounded by nothing but ice and rock and that terrified her.

Shivering, she felt the chill pierce through her thin dress. Looking back, she tried to see if the portal she’d entered through was still there and she was rather alarmed to see that it had disappeared. How were they supposed to return? What were they supposed to do now?

“We must complete the trial to proceed,” Draego whispered and she felt oddly comforted in the sound of his voice, despite her confusion.

Their fingers on her arms seemed warm and she shivered, unconsciously pressing herself back against her men.

“It’s cold. What are we supposed to do here?”

They didn’t speak; instead, she felt them begin to push her dress down around her shoulders and she quickly became more alarmed. What was supposed to happen up here on this barren mountain peak?

She moved to grip her dress and Bruddis smacked her fingers away. Still, her dress descended, revealing the tops of her breasts to the cold. Her nipples hardened, both from the biting wind and an unexpected rush of arousal. She whimpered with insecurity.

Her dress descended further down her torso and she was powerless to stop their advances. Her hardened nipples popped into the freezing air and she shivered from the cold. Goosebumps popped up all over her skin. When her dress pooled around her waist, settling on her hips, the brothers spun her around, forcing her to face them.

“Take your dress off and hand it to me,” Draego said softly, the command in his eyes leaving little question in her mind. Opening her eyes wide, she shook her head. They couldn’t be serious, right? She’d freeze to death out here. As it was, her dress was already proving to be too thin for the cold temperature and she could hardly imagine how it would feel to be naked and bare to the cruel cold.

“I won’t,” she shivered, her teeth knocking together.

Draego’s eyes flashed and she took a step back in alarm. She crossed her arms over her chest, trying to keep any warmth close, but despite her efforts, her body temperature continued to drop.

Bruddis shook his head.

“I know this is new to you, but you have to obey us. It’s the only way to complete this first trial. Submit, Jada,” Bruddis said, his voice firm yet understanding. Her eyes tore to his as she desperately covered herself.

“Do you need a spanking to remind you who’s in charge?” Draego growled. It was clear he was used to being obeyed and that she was clearly testing his patience. He moved a step in her direction and she quickly shook her head. Her bottom tensed, thinking about the last time she had gone over his knee.

“Let’s start slowly,” Bruddis suggested, his voice soothing and soft. “Uncover your breasts and put your arms by your sides. If you don’t obey me in this, I will not hesitate to punish you as I see fit.”

She stared into his eyes and shook, the cold feeling as though it was piercing deeper and deeper. It was painful and the sting of the icy chill was taking its toll. With a quiet whimper, she did as she was told and dropped her hands to her sides. Her nipples were painfully hard and sensitive.

Something strange happened then. Almost as though by magic or some strange spell or enchantment, her body throbbed hot for a long second, thawing her out from the cold even with her naked skin. Her toes and fingers warmed and she moaned with relief. It felt as though someone had built a campfire and she was able to enjoy its heat as though it was right in front of her.

Draego appraised her with a small smile.

“Good girl,” Bruddis offered. “See? This trial all depends on you. You must submit your body to us and obey our command. Then we’ll make it through together.”

“Now. Take off your dress like I told you the first time. Don’t make me have to punish you, human,” Draego warned, his gaze darkening, ice cold. “Not that I don’t enjoy seeing your bare backside over my knee, awaiting the discipline it so sorely needs…”

Jada shivered from his warning.

Despite the fear of punishment, she could feel her body becoming aroused at his threats. She bit her lip, thinking about she had danced over his hard thighs, about how his erection had pushed up into her stomach. He’d most certainly enjoyed spanking her, that much was clear.

She placed her fingers around her dress, the warmth she had felt gradually fading and pushed the fabric down around her hips. The gown fell to the ground and she stepped out of it. Bending down, she picked it up, folded it, and handed it to Draego. Blushing hotly, she looked away.

Her body smoldered, warding off the icy chill, the trial’s magic keeping her warm and cozy. She understood now. The trial demanded her submission and would keep her safe when she obeyed.

“Your slippers next. I want to see you entirely naked,” Draego said.

She followed his command, stepping out of her shoes and onto the snow beneath, but she didn’t feel the cold. Instead, she felt like she was swaddled in a blanket, the icy chill just a forgotten memory.

“Spread your legs wide. Let me see how wet that cunt of yours is,” Draego commanded and she shivered with arousal at his vulgarity. Feeling bold, she stood up straight and followed his instructions, biting her lip with a sense of shame and desire.

“Hands on your head,” Bruddis ordered firmly.

Lifting her arms, she put her fingers on the back of her head. Her long brown waves lifted in the cool breeze, but she could feel none of it. Just heat. Arousal. Desire. She wanted more. The icy cold meant nothing to her then.

The princes walked around her, dragging their fingers along her flesh, their touch molten fire, burning her with its intensity. She moaned with pleasure and pain. Draego took her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pinching roughly as he held her gaze. His eyes were dark and cold as ice, but she wanted to know more, yearned to see the darker pleasures he promised with that single look.

Bruddis came around her on the right side and she hazarded a look in his direction, catching his warm, but firm look. He was the fire, the warmth, the complete opposite of his brother.

Caught between the everlasting battle of fire and ice, she knew she was already lost.

Four hands explored her flesh, yet she didn’t move, experiencing the thrill of submission as the magical heat coursed through her veins, its power keeping her from freezing to death on the frozen mountain peak.

She felt her need begin to center between her thighs, her wetness flowing over her folds and she quivered when Bruddis took her pussy within his grasp. His fingers circled her clit and she groaned, her legs shaking from the exertion of keeping herself still and steady.

Her pussy, slickened with her wetness, throbbed with a need like no other. Her hips rocked back and forth with his movements, following him, pressing against him in search of the precipice of pleasure that she knew was near. Her eyes rolled and she watched them through squinted eyes.

Aroused and needy, she whined when both brothers took a step back. Pouting, she waited, hoping they would return to her, touching her so that she might find her release.

“Please,” she begged quietly, her pussy clenching around empty air. She needed to come. Both brothers looked at her with a certain sadistic satisfaction, knowing that they’d brought her to the edge of orgasm, yet denied her that final pleasure.

“On your knees, pet,” Draego commanded and she couldn’t help but obey, slowly dropping one knee to the ground and then the other until she was looking up at the brothers. Bruddis had a small smile on his face, and he nodded with approval as she submitted before the two of them.

Unable to feel the snow on her skin, she waited for his next command, her body throbbing with both magical power and incredible arousal.

Draego’s hands dropped to his belt and she licked her lips, watching as he slipped the leather through the buckle, the sound like music to her ears. Her mouth watered as he unbuttoned his dark pants and he slowly revealed his erection. The bulbous head of his cock came into her view and she found herself staring at it, wanting to taste him and needing him to claim her.

“Open your mouth,” he growled seductively, and she couldn’t help but follow.

Her lips dropped open and his hips rocked forward. His cock grazed against her tongue and she moaned softly with excitement. She urged herself forward, tasting him and demanding more. Gently, she wrapped her lips around his iron shaft and he groaned softly under his breath. Feeling more courageous, she swirled her tongue around him and he took his fingers and threaded them into her hair. His fists tightened in her locks and he took command in that single moment. Pulling her hair, he pushed his hips forward and his cock touched the back of her throat. For a short moment, she panicked as she struggled to breathe, but he pulled back and she sucked in a breath before he plunged back into her mouth.

She suckled him, swirling her tongue around his length, and groaned softly around him. Her body heated even further as he claimed her mouth, taking what was his without asking and she loved every second of it. The back of her head prickled with pain, but she enjoyed it, the sting radiating through her skin down to the depths of her needy core. Her pussy clenched hard, aching to be filled and taken as theirs.

She took her hands from her head and placed them on his thighs for balance. Beneath her fingers, she felt his muscles begin to tremble just a little and she redoubled her efforts. She’d never felt this hot before. Her skin felt like it was on fire. She absently wondered if she was melting the snow beneath them.

Her wetness flowed over her pussy so much so that she felt it dripping down her inner thighs. Naked and incredibly aroused, she sucked his cock, enjoying the taste of him. He groaned quietly under his breath and she shivered with excited arousal. Her passion flew off the charts and she yearned for her own release, craved for him to take her as his. She needed them to fuck her.

His fist tightened in her hair and he thrust forward once, then twice before his hot seed spurted into the back of her throat. Her eyes teared at the unexpected onslaught, but she swallowed every last drop. When she was finished, he pulled back, holding his iron shaft before her eyes.

“Lick it clean.”

Taking her tongue, she lapped up and down his length, taking extra special care to lick the head clean of his cum. When she was finished she sat back and nearly purred with happiness, her own need smoldering, waiting patiently for release.

“That’s a good human,” Bruddis murmured. “Now it’s my turn.”

He walked around her and knelt down behind her. He pressed down on her shoulder, pushing her upper body forward so she was on her hands as well as her knees.

“Place your cheek on the ground.”

She followed, the magic essence in her veins blocking any cold from the snow beneath her. Bruddis placed a palm on her lower back, his touch comforting and she sighed.

“Reach back and spread your bottom for me. Show me that naughty hole of yours.”

Startled, she moved to turn around, but his palm secured her in place. She couldn’t raise her chest from the ground and she shuddered with shame. The brothers had seen her naked and had touched her in ways she could have never imagined, but the idea of showing him her bottom hole, a place that was supposed be to secret and private, embarrassed her completely.

“Please don’t make me,” she begged.

A harsh slap across her ass burned into her skin and she whimpered. Bruddis hadn’t punished her before and it had come unexpectedly. He spanked her again in warning. The icy chill began to creep back and the snow against her cheek burned with cold.

“I’ll punish you if you question me further, pet,” he warned, and she shivered, both from the cold and from dread of ending up over his knees.

With a whimper, she slinked her hands backwards. Slowly, she reached for her bottom and flushed with shame as she gripped the flesh of her ass. She spread her cheeks and shut her eyes, too embarrassed to see the look on Draego’s face as she exposed herself to Bruddis. It was too wicked, too wanton, too wrong.

But oddly enough, it felt right.

As she submitted to her men, the icy cold that had crept back in melted away, leaving her once again hot and protected.

“Now ask me to fuck that naughty bottom. Ask me to make it hurt,” Bruddis commanded softly, running a single finger up and down the cleft of her ass.

She shuddered. Did she want this? Did she have a choice?

Her mouth felt dry as cotton it took several tries for her to utter the words he required, but he waited patiently, circling his digit over her tight rim. She whimpered.

“Please fuck my ass, Master. Please take me hard and make it hurt,” she whispered, aghast that such filthy words were coming from her own lips. Biting her inner cheek, she waited, her bottom clenching with dread and desire for what was to come.

His thumb pushed against her tight rim, breaching it even though her body fought him. Her mind at war with what she wanted, she struggled to keep still. The powerful heat that kept her warm ebbed away and returned several times as she resisted his dominance.

Her naughtiest hole stretched and she whimpered with the pain of it.

“Surrender to me, Jada,” Bruddis coaxed and his hand on her back began to circle back and forth, his thumb pushing onward into her entrance. Inwardly she resisted, the struggle to submit under his dominance ruling over her mind until Draego knelt beside her.

Cold. It was so cold.

He threaded his hand into her hair at the nape of her neck and pulled hard.

The blossom of pain made her gasp. Her body relaxed, and the magical heat returned. Her eyelids drooped downward, her eyes rolled back and her body relaxed, allowing the advent of Bruddis’ thumb to fully insert into her body.

He worked the digit in and out of her bottom, using her rampant wetness that slickened her pussy to ease the advance. Her pussy clenched and she keened as he stretched her, preparing her backside so that she may take his cock.

She shuddered at the thought. He was so big. It was going to hurt.

She squeezed her eyes shut, hearing the sound of his belt unclasping coming from behind her. Whimpering, she felt the heat of his thick cock press up against her bottom hole and she couldn’t help but clench in response.

He spanked her a few times, the pain of the slaps distracting her, forcing her to submit once again as he pushed forward. The bulbous head of his shaft was big, stretching her until she thought she was going to split in two.

It burned but there was also a shameful sense of desire that began to rise up in her. Her clit pulsed, her nipples peaked against the snow beneath her, and she craved more. Wanted him to fuck her hard, claim her as his. She wanted him to hurt her.

She wanted it all.

He was merciless as he took her, ignoring her cries and whines of protest, but he continued to run his palm up and down her back, and she was comforted by it. He was taking care of her, as was Draego. The two worked together to help her submit and to feel taken care of and she adored them for it.

She felt his cock slide all the way into her bottom, his balls slapping against her cheeks and she cried out with passion. She wanted to hate being fucked in such a wanton manner, but she couldn’t bring herself to. In fact, she desperately wanted more.

Her pussy felt abandoned, her clit forgotten, and she craved for them to touch her. Draego slipped his hand from her hair and dipped between her legs and she moaned in appreciation. He circled her clit, once, then twice and she shook with pleasure.

Bruddis drew his hips back and surged forward, fucking her bottom hard and fast. It hurt, but in a way, that left her screaming for more. And she did.

She shook with desire and need.

“Please,” she begged, craving Draego too. She reached out toward him and met his gaze and his icy glare softened. He nodded then and she shrieked with excitement.

Strong arms curled around her waist, lifting her up into the air and she eagerly spread her legs. Draego moved in front of her and slammed into her, taking her hard and without mercy and she loved it. Her pussy clenched around his cock and she felt fuller than ever.

Moaning, she clutched onto him, both men fucking her hard, just like she had wanted and had begged for.

She could feel her body tightening, her passion rising along with the magical heat within her system. In that moment, she was theirs and they were hers. Her body contracted, the wave of pleasure threatening to burst forth, and the brothers moaned low in her ear.

The sound of their pleasure undid her and her release rocked her senses, just as she felt their hot seed splash within her, forcing her higher into a second, more powerful orgasm. She shook from it, every muscle quivering with desire.

Her passion burned white hot and she melted in their arms, shuddering with the aftershocks that quaked her every limb.

Time seemed to slow as she opened her eyes, still numb from the effects of their fucking. A door glowed in front of them, a burning form just like the ones they had entered before.

“Look,” she whispered, her throat hoarse.

“We’ve completed the first trial,” Bruddis replied with a grin.

“It’s time to move on to the next then,” Draego said and she whined when the two of them pulled out of her, making her feel empty. Their seed seeped down her thighs and she bit her lip, flushing with shame and happiness with what they had just done together.

She hoped that it would happen again. And soon.

The two men quickly dressed her, leaving their cum to dry on her legs, a constant reminder of their mastery of her body. The dress was soft on her skin, and she hugged her torso, running her fingers along the velvety fabric. She lifted one foot and then the other as Bruddis slipped her shoes onto her feet.

They took her hands and led her forward, into the portal and into the light.

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