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Mated to the Warriors by Grace Goodwin – Extended Preview

Mated to the WarriorsHannah Johnson was mine, and I would do anything I had to do to convince her to accept my claim, even if that meant hiding my true self. Even with Dare to protect her, I knew I should give her up. Mating a commander was risky business, especially me, but how could I walk away? One glimpse at her and I’d known. She was my mate. She was mine. No one else would have her but Dare. When I watched her come, when I saw her slick arousal slip out around the medical probes, when I smelled the sweet scent of it, there was no going back. I wanted her bound to my table in my secret room on level seventeen, naked, with her nipples clamped and her pussy stuffed with a vibrating dildo. There she would learn the true meaning behind the word obey.

I wanted to taste her, lick her, fuck her, and fill her with my seed in every tight hole while she called me master.

That would not happen. It couldn’t happen if I were to keep her. The connection was too powerful to deny. When she slipped the collar about her neck, our bonding had begun. I felt her lingering pleasure, the pulsing hints of arousal that continued to course through her veins. She’d liked the pleasure, yet disliked how it had been wrought. That had been from a testing probe, not my mouth or my fingers or my cock. If she’d disliked a simple spanking and a medical test, then she would certainly hate being forced into true submission.

I’d disliked her exam as well, but for a completely different reason. I did not want the doctor to see her pleasure. I settled with being content knowing she was healthy, easily aroused and ripe for breeding. Mordin had confirmed she found pleasure in having her ass and pussy filled at the same time, a requirement for a Prillon bride. Just a little training and she’d be ready to take both Dare and me together. The claiming could not occur until then.

In the meantime, we could fuck her and train her. It was our duty to teach her about being claimed by two men; I knew Earth custom did not allow it. That alone was enough. Based on the way she resisted the medical examination, I was expecting her to resist Dare, to resist the idea of a second mate. That was why he had been instructed to wait in my quarters. If she could not handle my second, she would never be able to accept my true desires.

Her response to her second mate would be apparent soon enough. And when the door slid shut behind us and we were finally within the privacy of my own rooms, Dare was an unknown no longer. He stood from the long chaise placed in front of the wall of display monitors that currently showed a vista of space.

I looked around the room quickly. These were new quarters, and the ship’s crew had moved mine and Dare’s belongings into our new, mated quarters when Hannah arrived. There was a full lounging area with a chaise, two large reclining chairs, and a long couch. The walls were draped with soft fabrics meant to soften the austere look of the ship’s hard, blank walls. Unlike in the single males’ quarters, the walls were decorated with images of my home world’s mountains and famous landmarks. A full-sized S-Gen unit was in the corner of the sleeping area, close to a bed that was three times larger than anything I’d slept in before.

Big enough for three. The dark red blankets were the color of our family line, and placed on the bed out of respect for the next generation that would be created there.

My gaze travelled to my second, but Dare only had eyes for Hannah. She had noticed him on our entry, but when I set her gently on her feet she did not speak to him, but moved to stand in front of the glass, seeing space, I assumed, for the first time. As she stared, the sheet slipped off her shoulders to reveal her pale skin and the long line of her neck. Dark hair curved over one shoulder and the back of the collar was visible.

Dare glanced at me and I nodded once. I heard him sigh, relieved. The collar about Hannah’s neck proved she was well, but also gave us authority over her body for the next thirty days. Now that she had accepted the claiming period, she belonged to us, at least for a few weeks. It was our job to convince her to stay forever.

Perhaps it had been fortuitous that Harbart and the prince had come to the med station. While she might not have realized it, she’d placed the collar about her neck as a sign of trust in me. She knew, subconsciously through our bond, that I would keep her safe from the vile court elder.

I lifted the box for Dare to see, then placed it on the dining table. Dare’s eyes widened at the sight of it just before he reached down and adjusted himself in his pants. The idea of training our mate was as arousing for him as it was for me.

“It’s so beautiful,” she murmured.

I’d seen the vista my entire life and saw nothing unusual about it. I could understand her awe, but she would have the rest of her life to look.


When she didn’t turn, I repeated, “Hannah.”

Dare cleared his throat.

“I want you to meet Dare, your second mate.”

As I’d anticipated, she spun on her heel and looked between me and Dare. “My second mate? I’m sorry, I’m confused.” A deep V formed in her smooth brow.

Dare stepped toward her, bowed his head to show her his deepest respect, then met her gaze. “I’m Dare, Zane’s named second, Hannah.”

She looked up at my friend and distant cousin, the long line of her neck visible. How I wanted to kiss along that length, taste her skin there, feel the fast thrumming of her pulse. I could see the blood frantically pulsing through her veins from across the room.

“You said… second mate?”

Dare spoke before I did.

“Prillon women have two mates.” Dare tilted his head in my direction. “You were matched to Zane through the bride program, but he has chosen me as his second. I have been waiting just as long to meet you. And I find you to be lovely, Hannah.”

She waved off the compliment and came around Dare’s large frame to stand before me. “You said I belonged to you.”

“You do,” I replied. “But I have chosen Dare as my second, so you belong to him as well.”

She tugged at the collar about her neck, but it would not budge. “And the collars? I felt a connection to you. Warden Egara assured me that I was only matched to one mate. I was not matched to two of you.”

“That is true. You were matched to me. Only me. But I choose my second and because of that, you are mated to both of us,” I clarified as Dare came to stand beside Hannah.

He held up his new collar, currently black; it lay limp over his palm. When she turned to him, I stepped up behind her and placed my hands on her bare shoulders as Dare spoke. She was between us, just where I wanted her.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Hannah,” he murmured. “I wanted to be with you when I put this on and made us all one.”

Dare wrapped the collar about his neck as Hannah watched. The ends sealed and it turned a deep red. I felt the jolt in my body and Hannah’s gasp let us both know that she felt the connection as well. With Dare joined in our bond, the connection with Hannah was stronger. I could smell the scent of her wet and eager pussy even more blatantly than before. In return, she was now feeling both of us, and our desire to pleasure her. Dare’s eyes flared as he felt the first pulse of Hannah’s rising arousal. I knew he could scent her, too. “I feel you now, my mate. You and I are connected, just as you are linked to Zane.”

Hannah stepped back until she bumped into me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders so that my forearm rested just below her chin. I wanted her to know that I had her, that I would always have her.

She reached up and wrapped two small, trembling hands around my forearm, but I noted that the panicked racing of her heart began to slow, and she did not push me away. She clung to me, as if I were already her true match, as if I were the only safe haven in the room. “But I can’t have two mates!”

I leaned over, eager to bury my face in the silken strands of her hair, and asked my question with my lips pressed to the back of her head. “Why not?”

“It’s just not done!”

Dare crossed his arms over his chest and I caught his eye to make sure we were in agreement. Yes, we would have a discussion on this topic—for a short time—then we would persuade her to accept the idea in other ways.

“On Prillon it is the only way a woman can mate,” I added.

“Why?” she asked, her voice shaky.

I settled my cheek against the top of her head as Dare answered her. “Zane is commander of this ship, of an entire fleet of ships. I am a combat pilot. If something were to happen to one of us in battle, you would need a second mate to make sure you would not be left alone and unprotected. We are a warrior race, Hannah. We do not expect to live long lives and we do not fear death, but we do believe in safeguarding our mates and our children. Our mating rituals were created to protect you. You will not be less than a Prillon bride simply because you are from Earth. You will be gifted with the sanctity of a double bond to ensure your future, and a future for your children.”

“So, I was matched to Zane, but now I’m to just accept you as well?”

Dare grinned. “It would be easiest if you did, but I will certainly enjoy persuading you should you have doubts. Just think, Hannah. Two men to cherish you. Two men to see to your needs in and out of the bedroom.”

Her hands tightened their grip on my arm as she thought of that possibility.

“Is it normal for her skin to turn that pretty shade of pink?” Dare asked me.

“Mmm, it’s called blushing.” I lifted my head and turned her in my arms so I could watch as the color spread from her exposed shoulders, up her neck, and into her cheeks. “Her nipples are that same shade and when she comes, her pussy flushes a slightly darker color.”

Her face flushed even more at those words. “Zane!” she cried out, clearly mortified.

“There will be no secrets between us,” Dare said. He touched his collar. “With the collars, there can’t be. I know that the idea of being with both of us frightens your mind, but your body is excited by the idea. I can feel your pussy’s ache and the heaviness of your breasts with Zane’s arms rested right above them. And so can Zane.” Dare licked his lips slowly, as if he couldn’t wait to take a soft globe into his mouth.

Her mouth fell open and she tightened her grip on the sheet.

“I don’t believe you,” she whispered.

Dare undid the front of his pants and pulled out his cock. Hannah turned her head away and squeezed her eyes closed.

“You do not need to see me to know how I feel about you.” Dare gripped the base of his hard cock and began stroking it, his thumb brushing over the flared head.

While my collar was programmed to mute Dare’s feelings, Hannah’s was programmed to fully experience the physical link with both of her mates. She would know the intensity of both our desires, both our needs when it came to her. There was no question she could feel Dare’s arousal, feel the rush of pleasure just looking upon her brought to him.

She gasped and turned her head back in his direction as I rubbed her bare shoulder with my palm and whispered in her ear. “The connection, Hannah, is powerful. It can’t be denied.”

Dare continued to stroke and she continued to stare at him, her skin flushing impossibly darker. Her pussy was dripping wet with her arousal; I could scent it in the air. Her racing heart, her aching backside, the heavy weight of her breasts, and the throbbing demand of her pussy… all sensations came through the collar with the utmost of precision.

“I don’t understand,” she replied, her voice hoarse.

“You will adjust, Hannah, not only to space, but to me and Dare,” I told her. “Only time will give you the knowledge you need to accept your new life. In the meantime, we will begin our life together as we mean to live it from now on. Remove the sheet.”

Hannah’s eyes remained on Dare’s hand stroking his cock.

“Hannah,” I warned. “Do as you are told.”

When a bead of fluid dripped down the crown of Dare’s cock, Hannah licked her lips. The subtle scent of Dare’s pre-cum was an aphrodisiac, an arousal tool used to bring about desire and eagerness in our mates.

Having Dare stroke himself not only let Hannah see he had desire for her, but initiated her arousal response to him. Once the pre-cum touched her skin, seeped into her silky flesh, the connection between them would only enhance. The sensual side effects of the pheromones in our cum would create an even deeper bond once our seed was buried deep within her.

History had proven that even if a female mate was reluctant to fuck right away, they would usually at least allow a man to show his cock and hence, be exposed to the pre-cum’s sexual effects, just as Hannah was right now. She didn’t know it, but her mating connection had begun. She would be eager for both of us, her pussy continually wet, her body on edge and hungry. Our desire would feed hers through the mental link forged by the collars we wore. Her mind might try to fight our lust-filled desires, but the collar and the connection we shared was strong. Dare and I were powerful warriors and even we couldn’t fight it—nor did we want to.

Some cultures argued that the link was a form of coercion, a way to use a woman’s own body against her. But that argument was for the unmated people on our world, for once mated, none voluntarily gave up the bond. It gave too much pleasure.

Hannah was my match. There was no need for her to fight what would ultimately bring her great happiness and safety. Neither Dare nor I wanted to waste time before claiming her. Even now the ship headed for the war at the front. We had to get past Hannah’s defenses quickly and with precision. Only when we had completed the claiming ceremony and her collar matched ours would her safety be ensured.

I stepped back and dropped my hands from her shoulders to cross them over my chest. Hannah stood rooted in place, watching Dare stroke his cock. She didn’t move, almost as if she wasn’t sure what we expected of her. I was more than willing to remedy that.

“Turn around, Hannah, and show Dare your ass. Let him see the bright pink handprints from your punishment.”

Her eyes tore from Dare’s ministrations to meet mine. She could hear the implication in my words. Continue to defy me and she would be spanked again.

She didn’t move and I took one small step closer, but kept my voice smooth and gentle. I was not angry with her, and I needed to be sure she knew that.

“Take off the sheet.”

As she swallowed, she released her tight hold on the covering and it fell to the floor.

Dare groaned at the sight of her. Dark hair fell over her shoulder to brush against one pink nipple. Her breasts were full, more than a handful, with large, plump tips. As we watched, they hardened into tight peaks. She wasn’t slim like Prillon women, but soft and round. Her waist was slightly curved and her hips were wide and a perfect, lush hold for our hands as we fucked her.

Lower, between her thighs, the slick folds of her pussy were visible. They glistened, pink and swollen, from her earlier pleasure. She grew aroused as the link between us flared. I knew she was feeling my need to lick her pussy and hear her sweet cries as she came all over my mouth. The painful fullness of my cock would reach her senses as well. I was as hard as Dare, eager to sink inside her supple body. The scent of her arousal grew stronger now, sweet and potent.

Dare inhaled deeply and I knew he’d noticed it as well.

“Very good, Hannah. I am proud of you for showing us your body. What is yours, is ours,” Dare commented. “Our breasts, our nipples, our pussy, our ass. Even those reddened bottom cheeks.”

“She needed some early guidance,” I clarified.

While she squirmed uncomfortably beneath our gazes, she kept her hands at her sides.

“Doctor Mordin found her in perfect health, although there was one deficiency. Her ass is tight, too tight for a proper claiming.”

Hannah shook her head as she looked at Dare’s cock again. “That… it won’t fit. Of course I’m tight, if that’s what the doctor used as a guide.”

I grinned and I saw Dare smile as well. “Ah, Hannah, I enjoy the flattery, as does Dare, but we are already your mates. It is unnecessary.”

She flicked her gaze to me. “I didn’t mean it as flattery,” she countered. “He’s… he’s huge!”

I began to undo my pants as I spoke. I could feel the pre-cum leaking from my swollen tip. She needed to be exposed to the subtle scent of it for what we planned next. I could spank her, but training her ass would be more successful, much more rewarding for all of us, if she were eager for it.

“Dare’s cock is big.” I parted the flaps and pulled myself free. “But so is mine.”

Hannah’s mouth fell open as she stared at my cock. I’d read that Prillon men were much larger than those on Earth, in all parts of their anatomy. We were often a head taller, more muscular and broader, genetically ready for battle. Our cocks, too, were an impressive size, crucial to pleasing our mates, filling them completely to ensure the most perfect bond, the most intense pleasure for our women so that our seed would take root.

Pre-cum dribbled from the tip and I swiped it with my thumb. I closed the distance to Hannah and placed the wet fluid on her bottom lip. She gasped in surprise, for I’d moved swiftly. As I slid my thumb back and forth across that plump flesh, her eyes widened. They were so dark that I almost didn’t see the centers narrow to fine points. Instinctively, her tongue flicked out and took the moisture into her mouth. I watched as her vision blurred.

“The fluid from our cocks will mix with your own arousal. Your body will soften, open and be ready for us. When we fuck you, I promise it will not hurt. You will beg us to take you, mate, and you will scream your pleasure.”

I felt the soft fan of her breath on my hand in quick short bursts as she tried to control her reaction. Watching the effects of my body’s mating fluid working on her was heady.

“Zane, the doctor said she needs her ass trained?” Dare asked, his voice deeper than I’d ever heard it. He, too, was affected.

I moved back to the table to retrieve the box of plugs. Dare took Hannah’s hand and led her to the chaise. He sat and pulled her to stand directly before him. In this position, her breasts were in front of his hungry mouth and Dare obviously couldn’t resist the temptation, for his long tongue snaked out and circled one nipple, sampling it, then pulling and tugging on it.

Hannah’s knees bent and she gripped Dare’s shoulders for support. A sigh escaped her lips before she shook her head, trying to fight the sensual fog I knew clouded her mind, as her desire clouded mine. “No, this isn’t right. I don’t even know you, Dare.”

Dare sat back and looked up at her. “As Zane’s second, we are mated, connected.” He tugged at his collar. “Do not fight what is right.”

They stared into each other’s eyes and the collar let me know that Hannah wanted Dare to suck on her plump breasts. She wanted his tongue on her skin.

“Up on the chaise, Hannah. Get on your hands and knees,” I said. If she were to argue like this about simply showing us her body and getting ready for us to fuck her, then she definitely couldn’t handle my more aggressive needs.

“No. I can’t. This isn’t right. I shouldn’t want this. Not two of you. I can’t do this.”

Dare lifted her and easily moved her into the position I wanted, with her grumbling the entire time. Once in place, Dare came to stand beside me as we both enjoyed the view of her upturned, heart-shaped ass.

“Yes, I see you had a time of it in the medical center.”

I actually chuckled, but Hannah began to move.

“Comm Unit, restraints,” I said loudly. The room’s computer system responded and the hidden bindings came out of the chaise.

Dare moved to encircle one of her wrists to the restraint that was set low on one leg of the chair, then the other. I wrapped a long strap over the back of her calves, securing them into her current position.

“Hey! I don’t like this!” Hannah cried out, struggling against the bonds. Her breasts and head were pressed against the soft cushion of the chaise with her ass up in the air. She could wiggle her hips, but could not move otherwise.

She was in the perfect position to be fucked, but also to have her ass trained. One would happen now, the other later. Definitely later.

Besides her reddened ass, her pussy was open and on display. Bare, as required for all female mates, her slick folds glistened in the soft lights recessed in the ceiling. As she squirmed, the swollen petals parted.

Dare hissed at the sight of the tight entrance to her sheath, her arousal dripping from it and down her creamy thighs. Her clit was exposed, thrusting proudly outward from the little hood, eager for our touch. Her body was so responsive, so in tune to the connection we shared.

“She’s ready for us,” Dare growled. “But even with the spanking, she obviously has not yet learned to obey her mates.” He lifted his hand to gently caress Hannah’s still pink bottom.

Hannah pressed her head against the chaise. “I’m not a robot. I don’t obey orders like one. I just met you both. I… I can’t have two husbands. Please…”

We both heard the plaintive tone to her voice. Our pretty little mate was confused and scared. But disobedience on a battleship was never tolerated, from warriors under my command or from my mate. Evidently, Dare agreed.

I watched as Dare explored her wet folds with his fingers. He ran his hand along her back and hips, petting her until she calmed enough to listen to reason. Then he made our expectations clear. “You will obey us, Hannah. Without question. Or you will be punished.” He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss at the small of her back. “I am going to spank you now, Hannah. And the next time we tell you to ready your body for us, you will do so without argument.”

“What? No!”

Her protests were cut off by the sharp crack of Dare’s hand striking her ass. “Count to ten, Hannah.”

Dare intentionally struck her bottom where she was still pink from her earlier discipline. She cried out the count, her breasts swaying beneath her as Dare’s swats rocked her body back and forth on her knees.

I stood, taking it all in, growing harder with the resounding clap of each smack on her round ass. Her cries of protest turned to sobs, and finally moans as her body’s natural responses kicked in, flooding her system with liquid fire. Her pussy was wetter than it had been before Dare began spanking her, the bright red marks on her naked bottom a woman’s most primitive call to her mate.

When Dare finished, he leaned over her, whispering in her ear. “We will fuck you now, Hannah, in your mouth and in that wet little pussy.”

From my vantage point behind her I saw her pussy clench with lust at his words. She wanted us. She wanted this.

Evidently, our bride’s mind was at war with her body. “This was a mistake. You’re just going to use me.”

“We will never use you, Hannah.” Moving to kneel beside her, I stroked her sleek hair back from her face. “We’ll fuck you, but always give you your pleasure. Always.”

“But for now, we need to stretch that tight ass of yours, to get you ready for our cocks.”

She tried to shake her head. “I’ve never… I don’t want that.”

“That’s right, you’ve never had anything in that virgin ass of yours until earlier today. You won’t know if you don’t want it or not until you’ve tried it,” I added.

“We’re going to take such good care of you, Hannah,” Dare said, opening the box and taking out a bottle of the lubrication fluid. “The claiming ceremony will have me in your ass and Zane in your pussy. Only then will your collar change to match ours as we become one.”

I settled behind her and cupped her pussy in the palm of my hand. It was hot and wet and so very soft. Gently, I stroked her there, learning the feel of her, the way she liked to have her clit stroked. I explored her pussy, learned how to stroke and tease inside her wet core, learning what made her jump and cry out and whimper with need.

It didn’t take long for Hannah’s eyes to fall shut and for her to succumb to my touch. I wasn’t sure how I would survive the feel of her. My cock ached with a desperate need to fuck her, but this wasn’t about my needs, but hers.

Dare opened the bottle and put a small drop of the slick fluid onto his two fingers, then brushed them over the tight rosette of her ass.

“Oh, God!” she cried as Dare circled the lubrication against her tender skin.

“Shh, Hannah, let us make you feel good. That’s it. Relax all your muscles. You aren’t in charge. Your body belongs to us. Give over and we’ll make you come again and again.”

We continued touching her, slowly and patiently as if we had no reason to rush. We didn’t. We’d been waiting our whole lives for Hannah. I may not have wanted to find her—but now that she was here, there was no question she was mine. She was Dare’s.

Moving the bottle close to her tight entrance, Dare told her what he was going to do. “Relax, that’s the narrow tip of bottle of lubrication fluid. It’s small, smaller than the probe the doctor used. That’s it, push out and let it in.”

“Good girl,” I added, curling my fingers to rub over the sensitive spot inside her pussy.

She cried out and clenched her hands into fists. Her skin was slick with sweat and the scent of her was hot and ripe. I was glad my cock was free from the confines of my pants, for it would have been painful otherwise. My own eagerness flowed from the opening. The way she responded to us, I had no doubt our own scents were arousing her as hers affected us.

“You’re going to feel the fluid filling you. Yes, it’s nice and warm.”

She shifted her hips as Dare squeezed the bottle.

“That’s going to make you nice and slick inside, hot and wet. Once you’re properly stretched for us, we’re going to slide in so nice and easy. You’re going to love it. There, that’s all of it. You did so well, Hannah.”

Dare dropped the empty bottle on the chaise and found the smallest plug. He held it up for me and I shook my head. He traded it for the next size up. It was the size of my thumb, but longer. It would stretch her some, but fill her deep. Her body needed to accommodate not only to the width of our cocks, but the long length as well.

With my two fingers inside her pussy, I stroked my thumb over the left side of her clit, very lightly as it was exposed from its protective hood.

She gasped as I did so, but the sound turned to a groan as Dare pressed the plug against her untried hole.

“That’s the plug. That’s right, it’s nice and slick. Push back. Again. I know you can take it, Hannah.”

She was panting now, her face scrunched up as she fought against Dare’s entry. I should spank her for disobedience, but that would only make her clench down. Instead, I pressed more firmly against her clit and slid my fingers in deeper, working her now, building her toward her first mate-given orgasm.

Her body softened immediately as she cried out at my more aggressive attentions to her clit. Dare took that moment to carefully work the plug into her. I watched as the ring of muscle stretched and stretched, until the broadest part of the plug breached her. Once it began to taper again, Dare was able to slide the remainder of the plug’s length in until it settled inside her. A small base kept it in place.

“Dare, I… it’s so big. I can’t…” She closed her eyes with a soft, keening sound before pressing her wet pussy harder into my hand as I increased the pace of my strokes. “Yes, Zane! More!”

I grinned at her varying emotions, unsure one minute if she liked a plug in her ass, the next loving the feel of my thumb on her clit.

A perk of two mates was four hands upon her. Mine were occupied with her pussy and clit. Dare tugged at the base of the plug, awakening all the little nerve endings that would bring Hannah intense pleasure when we fucked her ass. His other hand stroked over her sore bottom, awakening all the heated skin from her earlier spanking.

“Such a good girl, Hannah. Come for us. Come for your mates.”

She came on command, the walls of her pussy clenching down on my two fingers as if trying to draw them in deeper. She cried out and tossed her head, her long hair whipping down her back and over her ass, covering Dare’s large hand where it rested on her pink cheek.

“Gorgeous,” Dare murmured.

When only little ripples of her pussy squeezed my fingers, I slipped them free and licked them. The sweet taste of her coated my tongue.

I’d held out long enough. “It’s time to fuck you now, Hannah.”

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