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Maverick: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Where the fuck did you think you were going, princess?”

Maverick. I’d recognize his gruff voice anywhere. That’s when Sam barked, jumping back and forth in front of me, another deterrent to keep me where I was. A moan escaped my throat from the icy chill as well as the rush of adrenaline that had kickstarted my nervous system.

He wasted no time yanking me to my feet, whipping me around to face him then pulling me closer. Close enough I could feel the extreme heat resonating through my body.

“Well?” he demanded.

“I was… I was just…”

The growl he emitted was one of frustration, his cold eyes staring back at me a clear indication I wasn’t going to get off easy.

“Let me finish that for you. I was just going to steal your truck and try and make it off this mountain, crashing less than a hundred yards away since I don’t know the area. Then I’ll come crawling for more help from the man I stole the truck from. Is that about right?”

The dark edge to his voice penetrated my eardrums, adding to the heightened terror. When I didn’t say anything, he shook his head, cursing under his breath.

“I guess you’re going to need to learn a hard lesson.”

That prompted me. “What the hell does that mean?” I tried to jerk away, almost successful until he used one muscular arm, pitching me over his shoulder, turning and trudging back inside. After Sam trotted by, he kicked the door shut, still carrying me further into the room.

“Let me go this instant!” My demand was met with a laugh.

“Oh, I will, princess. At some point. But not until I’m good and ready.” He tugged my bag away, tossing it onto the couch then proceeded to walk down the hallway, returning to the bedroom he’d assigned me. Once inside, he dumped me on the bed.

I refused to take his wrath, scrambling to the end and jumping off. He was right there, easily pushing me down again. He pointed his finger, narrowing his eyes as he glared at me. “Stay right there or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else your punishment is going to be much worse.”

“You are not going to punish me.”

He leered at me in such a way I wanted to punch his face. “You really want to challenge me?”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yeah? You’re a woman with a bad attitude, a desire to get herself killed and caustic mouth. Maybe I should grab a bar of soap to clean it out with.”

By the look on his face, I could tell he wasn’t kidding. I’d met my match with this… brute.

“Stay. Right. There,” he said again.

I remained on my knees, thrown by his command, momentarily paralyzed as he came closer. Grumbling, he had to fight to get my coat off, tossing it to the side seconds later.

The second I tried to jump off again, he body-slammed me to the mattress, pointing his index finger at me. “That’s it. I’m using my belt.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I suggest you remove those jeans yourself, cause if I do, I’ll rip them off. Then you won’t have anything to wear when I take your ass back to the motel.”

Was this man out of his mind?

“Uh, no.”

“I was starting with twenty-five. Do you want to make it thirty?” He reached for his belt and I couldn’t take my eyes off what he was doing, sucking in my breath as a combination of fear and a crazy sense of arousal tore through me.

What? Was I completely nuts?

“Wha… Why?”

“Cause you’re getting one hell of a spanking. That’s why,” he snorted, his jaw clenching. There was a different kind of fire in his eyes, his expression like that of a primal beast. I was flabbergasted, more so than I’d been in a long time.

Then I found my voice.

“Hell, no.”

He cocked his head, raking his heated gaze down the length of me and before I knew it, he’d overpowered me, tossing me onto my stomach and shoving his hands underneath, fighting with me every step of the way as he unfastened my jeans.

“Stop it!” My squeal was unrecognizable, my mind buzzing from the thought of what he was going to do to me.

“Nope. You earned a hard spanking, princess, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.”

I don’t know how he managed since I continued struggling, flailing my arms and making contact to a part of his body with my fists, but within seconds he’d wrangled my jeans down to my knees. I was stuck, no longer able to get up or get away.

I couldn’t believe he was going to do this to me. How dare he!

“I’ll get you for this.” I almost laughed at my words. Right. How was I going to do anything to the rugged, dominating, overtly gorgeous man? Another wave of heat and burning desire rumbled in my system, heating up my core. My panties were even damp, and it had nothing to do with the weather conditions. A flood of embarrassment swept through me like a tidal wave.

“I’d love to see you try, sugar.”

“Don’t call me that!”

His snort angered me even more. “I’ll call you anything I want. This is my house and you’re under my rules.” He finally got the stiff material past my boots, but he didn’t stop there, tugging on my panties.

“No! You’re crazy!”

“Spankings are meant to be given on a bare ass.”

I could have sworn I heard him laugh. He was enjoying this entirely too much.

The adrenaline rush was slowly fading, leaving me with the feeling of utter exhaustion. By the time he tore off my panties, I was panting but barely moving. This was uncalled for. This was ridiculous.

Even if a small part of me knew that I deserved it.

I was no thief. I was a good girl, just one who’d been turned into a survivor.

When he pressed his hand down on the small of my back, I took a deep breath. His touch alone was enough to light a dozen forest fires and the first scent of my longing wafted straight to my nostrils. This was horrible. Oh, my God. He’d get the wrong impression. He’d think I was enjoying this.

No way.

I hated dominating men.

Like he cared. “Now, if you’re a good girl and stay in position, maybe I’ll cut it back to twenty-five. If you’re not, then I might add on.”

“No. No. Please. I’ll be good. I promise.” I never begged, not even when the monster was hurting me.

“You should have thought about that before. I can’t believe a goddamn word you’re saying. Stealing my fucking truck. You would’ve gotten yourself killed. Jesus!” He dared to rub his hand from one side of my bottom to the other.

When he took a step back, I gathered enough energy to try to crawl to the other side.

With one massive hand wrapped around my ankle, he yanked me back to the edge of the bed. “Do I need to tie you down, cause I have some thick rope and I’m happy to do it.”

I wasn’t getting out of this. “No. I’ll be good. I promise.”

“Uh-huh. I’ll be the judge of that.”

The second I heard a snapping sound, I gritted my teeth. Thank God I did because when he cracked the thick leather across my bottom, an explosion of pain occurred in my butt and down my legs.

“Ouch!” My scream was high-pitched, and I could swear I’d amused him.

“We’re just getting started.”

He brought it down twice more, the sound almost as bad as the sharp sting coursing through me. I buried my face in the comforter, squeezing my fists around the material. This was one of the worst things I’d ever been through.

Maverick didn’t waste any time, issuing four in rapid succession, the hard thudding sound echoing in the entire room. And I was still aroused, electrified by the experience. How was that possible?

“That’s better,” he mumbled, taking a few seconds to rub the rough pads of his fingers in lazy circles across my heated skin. I’d never known a spanking could hurt this much.

I squeezed my eyes shut, fearing tears were about to form. I refused to allow him to see me cry. Another volley of harsh strikes came within seconds, so many that I lost count.

Unable to stop my body’s reaction, I kicked out, pushing up on my hands at the same time. He shoved me down immediately, his growls deeper than before.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay in position?”

“Didn’t I tell you that I’d be good from now on?” I countered.

His laugh was deep, husky, and sent another thread of shivers into every muscle. “Yes, you will.”

My pleas didn’t work, the spanking continuing. I couldn’t stop wiggling, moaning, and clawing the bed. All the while I was moaning from both anguish and arousal, my nipples so sensitive that every touch of the bedding material made them more electrified.

I had no sense of time, the round of discipline setting me on fire, my bottom aching and would for some time. When he finally stopped a second time, caressing my aching skin, I took gulping breaths.

“There. That should be an excellent deterrent for you. It’s called stealing, not something you want to aspire to.” The intense rumble of his voice skimming over me set off a series of firecrackers, only some of them about the longing that left the insides of my thighs slickened, my mouth watering from the thought of taking his big, thick cock.

Appalled at my thoughts, when I heard his boots taking a few steps, my natural survival kicked in along with pent-up rage that had been brewing for two years.

I jumped off the bed, flying toward him with my fists clenched. I could tell I’d surprised the hell out of him when he turned sharply toward me, forced to attempt deflecting my blows.

“You think you’re a big, bad wolf, don’t you? You think you can take what you want?” The words just flew out of my mouth and as much as I wanted to be annoyed with him, his actions had enticed me to the point every inch of skin was over-sensitized, my heart fluttering. He had the most incredible effect on me and it was confusing.

But I hungered for more.

“Yeah, I am and I do.” Even the way his upper lip curled make me want to pull it between my teeth, sucking and biting.

How had this man made me lose all my inhibitions so quickly? However he managed, I wasn’t finished with trying to get the upper hand.

I got in several hard jabs, half expecting him to hit me back. Instead, a grin crossed his face. Then he wrapped his long fingers around my wrists, taking two long strides then smacking me against the wall.

“Careful, cowboy. I don’t play fair,” I whispered.

“I noticed. But in case you haven’t figured it out, I don’t take no for an answer.”

“Oh, yeah?” My tone was completely challenging.

“Oh… yeah.” His was full of arousal.

All time stopped as we glared at each other, our eyes boring into each person’s soul. Then something even more terrifying happened, something I wondered if I could recover from.

He captured my mouth with his.


The sweetest strawberry fresh off the vine.

That’s exactly what her lips tasted like.

Lily wiggled in my arms and the ache in my cock intensified tenfold. Goddamn, the woman was a firecracker.

Why the hell was I attracted to a woman who had a mouth full of rocks and shards of glass, ready to spew them on me at a moment’s notice?

Because it’s an act. Yeah, well, maybe.

Her moans were like sweet music, the feel of having her in my arms so unexpected that my balls were tight as drums. I wanted to taste every inch of her.

The moment Lily had attacked me again, pummeling her fists against my chest, shock had kept me from reacting. Then I’d witnessed hatred in her eyes, but not for me or for the situation.

For whoever the asshole was who’d hurt her before.

And the beast inside of me instantly roared to the surface, the lion who’d tear apart anyone who tried to hurt any creature belonging to him. The thought was ridiculous, out of character for me, but strong as a piece of steel. I hadn’t experienced such intense desire in a long time because I hadn’t allowed it. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been on a date, let alone had a half-naked woman inside my house.

And on top of everything, I’d spanked her. What the hell was wrong with me?

I couldn’t resist and in truth, I could tell neither one of us could stop the roar of passion that threatened to consume us both.

Her lips were soft, plump, and delicious and the moment I’d captured one look at her huge doe eyes and long lashes, I’d wanted to drive my cock deep inside her pussy. Then she’d fought me like a lioness, refusing to allow the stronger male to overtake her. I almost laughed at the thought that we were two beasts in the wild mating.

But my cock agreed, my balls so tight the pain was increasing every second. I’d sensed her arousal, the scent so sweet that it had taken everything I had to control myself, refusing to drive my fingers past her swollen folds. But enough was enough, our attraction too strong. I’d heard crazy things about chemistry, but with the sparks of electricity skittering through every muscle and bone, I knew there was something to it.

So, I pinned her against the wall, pressing the full weight of my body against hers. Even though she opened her lips, allowing me access, I wasn’t gentle in my actions. That wasn’t the kind of man I’d turned into. I was a brute and always would be.

She fought the round of passion like I knew she would, moaning into the kiss, her body undulating against mine. That only created wave after wave of friction, building my desire to a point I wouldn’t be able to back down. I couldn’t believe she tasted so sweet, like cherries in the springtime. What the hell? I wasn’t a romantic dude by any sense of the word. I wouldn’t know where to take her out on a date and forget about acting like a gentleman. I wasn’t set up that way.

But every scent was more explosive around her, filling my system with a drug that had already turned me into an addict.

I dominated her tongue, sweeping it back and forth, tasting every centimeter. The feel of her lush body against mine could make any man turn into a predator. And that’s exactly what I’d become. With her. Because of her. Filthy thoughts were fueling me, the need to taste every inch of her skin tops on the list. But I wanted more.

To drive my tongue into her sweet pussy.

To thrust my cock into her tight channel.

To have her lips wrapped around my aching cock.

And to claim her tight little asshole, every inch of her becoming mine.

Did she know she’d walked into the lair of a beast?

As the moment of intimacy continued, she slowly rolled her arms around my shoulders, tangling her fingers of one hand in my hair, clawing me with the other. Our actions became a mirror of need, both unrelenting in wanting control. But she’d soon learn that I would always be the one in charge.

We’d both crossed a line and there was no going back.

Her moans of fury turned into whimpers of longing, as she tore at my clothes. When I broke the kiss, she took several deep breaths. Then she managed to shove me away, acting as if she was going to run. Laughing, I grabbed her arm, yanking her close. “You’re not going anywhere, princess.”

“We’ll see about that.” Her eyes were dancing with amusement, the fire in them tearing into me. Goddamn, the woman turned me on.

I wasn’t expecting her to twist then kick, the force just enough to drive me backwards by a full foot. But she took too long enjoying her slight win. That allowed me to grab her around the waist, tossing her onto the bed. When she rolled, almost tumbling off, all I could do was laugh. She was making me work hard for this.

And I loved it.

At first, she was still. Then she jumped onto all fours, lunging toward me. The girl was like a cat, springing off the bed, wrapping her long legs around me. As the momentum drove me us against the wall, the way she was riding my jean-covered cock was at the point of driving me insane. Even with her tight hold, I managed to jerk her sweater up and over her shoulders, freeing her from the tight confines.

Lily’s eyes were glassy and the way she dragged her tongue across her lips was far too seductive.

There was no need to say another thing, our hunger far too great. I shoved one arm over her head then the other, wrapping the fingers of one hand around her small wrists. Then I kept my eyes pinned on her as I unfastened my jeans, freeing my aching cock.

This wasn’t about pretense or spending any additional time getting to know each other. My cockhead slipped past her slickened folds easily. Then I drove the entire length inside, immediately throwing my head back and roaring like a beast.

She panted, laughing softly as she struggled in my hold, arching her back. The look in her eyes was wild, her needs as great as mine. The way her muscles were clenching around my cock and her extreme wetness made me uncontrollable. I pulled out, driving into her again, knocking the wind out of her.

As I started plunging into her like a wild man, she tried to meet every brutal thrust, moaning and squirming, the friction adding another layer of electricity. My balls were aching so badly lights flashed in front of my eyes. If I wasn’t careful, I’d come within seconds, and I wanted this to last.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Her sounds were like rocket fuel and while taking her this way was primal, damn hot as it could get, I wanted to feel her naked skin against mine. I drove hard and fast for a few more seconds, then yanked her away from the wall, freeing her hands. Her smile was wry as she clawed my neck, instantly sucking on my lip.

When I dumped her on the bed again, I leaned over, pointing my finger. “Stay.”

“Or what? You’ve already spanked me.”

“There are worse forms of punishment.” I dragged my sweatshirt over my head from the back, dropping it like a rock. She pursed her lips as she’d done before, crawling onto all fours but instead of running, she tossed her hair back and forth.

Jesus. The woman was trying to set my entire body on fire. As I kicked off my shoes, I allowed my eyes to roam over every inch of her. With her hourglass figure and rounded hips, she was created with me in mind. I didn’t like skinny woman, preferring them to look just like Lily. Soft. Feminine. Beautiful. But she was a little fighter, refusing to give in.

I couldn’t get my jeans and underwear off fast enough, immediately joining her on the bed. But instead of finishing what I’d started, I pushed her down, immediately lifting her legs, bending her knees and shoving them wide open for my perusal.

In preparation of a feast.

Lily seemed flustered as well as embarrassed, as if this was far too exposed and vulnerable. But I wasn’t the kind of man to take no for an answer. I dropped down, running the tip of my tongue around her bellybutton, my gaze pinned on her shimmering face. Now she seemed tentative, pressing the back of her hand across her mouth as she blinked several times. Every muscle was tense, and it drove me crazy that I had an ugly thought in the back of my mind.

Her actions made me think she was waiting for me to hurt her in some ungodly way. If I found out some asshole had done something horrific to her, I’d go hunting. And I was a damn good hunter, always catching my prey.

But for now, I’d take what I needed, giving her the kind of pleasure she deserved.

She mewed several times, her breathing ragged and her eyelids fluttering. While she wiggled a little, as soon as I blew across her pussy, she issued a series of whimpers. She was so wet, her sweet folds shimmering in the dim lighting. I could do nothing but eat her for hours, savoring every drop of her sweet nectar.

When I swirled the tip of my tongue around her clit, she smacked her hands on the comforter.

“Oh, my,” she murmured, still tossing her head back and forth. “You’re so bad.”

“Mmm… yup.” I continued teasing her, finally pulling the tender tissue between my lips. There was nothing like sucking a woman this way, gauging their reactions, making their little nub swollen. I opened her even wider, lifting her pelvis slightly off the bed. Then I settled in, burying my face into her wetness.

The way she flailed, half laughing and half murmuring under her breath was adorable. She was embarrassed, her face almost as red as her bottom. That kept me going, bringing her to the very edge of a climax then pulling back. I tormented her for several minutes until her entire body was shaking. As I drove several fingers inside, flexing them open, she gasped and jerked up again.

“Oh, yes. Oh, sweet Jesus.”

As her juice trickled down the back of my throat, I pushed a little further until I knew she was at the point of no return. I used my fingers and tongue in perfect unison and within seconds, she was pummeled into a strong orgasm, her body spasming.

This time she opened her mouth in a silent scream, her eyes open wide as she pushed up from the bed. I refused to stop, driving her to a second wave, growling at the sight of goosebumps appearing across her skin. I held her tightly, digging my fingertips into her thighs as she bounced up and down.

Only when she finally stopped moving, allowing her arms to slowly ease to the sides did I back off. I pressed my lips against one inner thigh then the other, moving so I was hovering over her.

She bit her lower lip, laughing softly when she tried to look me in the eye.

“Tell me, princess. What do you want?”

The little vixen was trying to regain control, sliding her finger all the way around her mouth.

I pinched her nipple, allowing the slice of pain to awaken her senses some more.

“Tell me,” I roared.

“Fuck me,” she whispered far too softly for my tastes.

“Say it again. Louder. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

Just as I would expect from her, she slammed her palm against my chest, her voice deepening. “Fuck me.”


Oh. My. God. I’d just told a complete stranger, a man who’d dared to treat me like a child to fuck me. How far down the rabbit hole of insanity had I gone?

Well, in all fairness, he had just given me two of the most powerful orgasms of my life. But still. That shouldn’t mean I’d just beg the savage bastard, the sexy savior to use me at his will.


I could tell by the carnal look in his eyes that there was no going back. I’d opened Pandora’s Box. I’d wanted the sense of freedom, a man who obviously desired me. I hungered for a touch that had nothing to do with anger. Maverick was everything a man should be and nothing I should get involved with.

He was a mystery man.



Closed off.

But I couldn’t help myself.

I’d been crippled by fear too long and he felt safe, my hero. But was it all a mirage? Would I wake up, realizing I was back in my cage?

Stop it. You’re alive. You’re okay. Maverick saved you.

As he eased between my legs, I finally had the chance to wrap my fingers around the thickest, longest cock I’d ever seen. My muscles still ached from the way he’d plunged into me earlier and I couldn’t wait for more.

I pressed my palms against his chest, tingling from the feel of his rippled muscles. He was even more muscular than his bulky clothes had shown, his rugged arms and the carved V in his abdomen something I could stare at for hours. Every touch was electric, the way his beard tickled my skin when he kissed me creating dazzling sensations. It took my breath away how quickly he’d learned my body, every desire fulfilled.

He’d tormented me earlier. Now I was returning the favor, twisting my hand as I rolled it up and down, never taking my eyes off his. I’d never had a single man who’d looked at me the way he was, including the monster. Maverick’s gaze was dark with intense need, a burning desire that he’d kept to himself for a long time. I felt special, wanted, and being able to touch him freely was as exciting as everything else about the man.

Even if he was infuriating, pigheaded, and required my full obedience. He had another think coming. I wasn’t going to be forced to follow any man’s rules.

I slid my fingernail down his shaft, teasing him relentlessly before slipping my hand between his legs, cupping and squeezing his balls. He simply lowered his head ever so slowly, issuing a series of low and husky growls, his beard tickling my skin. He knew how to keep me fully aroused, my mind foggy from all the lurid thoughts racing through it.

He exhaled, his hot breath cascading across my breasts, his muscles tensing. Every sound he made kept me on edge. The way he cocked his head, studying me intently heated my core to an explosive level. I’d never expected I could tolerate this man, let alone crave him. When he rolled his finger around first one nipple then the other, a single moan slipped past my lips.

His eyes twinkled, his forehead crinkling. Then he pulled my hands away, dragging one of my legs up and to the side, pressing his hand against the bed as his cock found its way back to my aching pussy.

“My tight little princess,” he said gruffly, taking his time to return it to my tight channel.

Moaning, I gripped his arm, digging my fingers in as he slowly seated himself inside. A wry smile crossed his face as he pulled out, teasing me relentlessly.

“That’s not fair,” I told him as defiantly as I’d said anything before.

“You’ll learn that I’m not a fair man, at least with regard to fulfilling my needs.” His grin widened and he drove the remaining inches inside, both of us gasping for air. I was shocked my muscles clamped and released several times, almost pushing me into another wild orgasm. He slipped out again, leaving just the tip inside. His thrusts became even more powerful.

I rolled my fingers along his arm, drinking in the tattoos covering both. They added to his dangerous persona, every one of them artistic and beautiful, but I knew better than to ask him about them. As he developed a rhythm, I wrapped my other leg around his thigh, trying to pull him even closer.

“Perfect.” The single word almost made me cry. How could a stranger make me feel so beautiful, taking away an entire layer of ugliness that I’d forced around myself with such ease? He lowered his head until our foreheads were almost touching, stretching my muscles even more.

He was so deep inside, filling me so completely that I remained breathless. I’d never wanted a man as much as I did with him, my needs continuing to build. I kept my eyes open, longing to watch everything, shocked the way every single touch seared my skin. How could anything be so hot? Because it was wicked? Because we didn’t know each other?

I shushed my little voice, trying to meet every hard thrust.

Maverick was so powerful, so controlling, and I finally allowed myself to close my eyes, floating away into a moment of pure bliss. He rose onto his arms, shifting the angle. Vibrations rushed through me, a burst of light crisscrossing my field of vision.

“Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh…”

“That’s it, baby. Come for me. Come.”

His words added fuel to a fire I’d snuffed out ages ago. He’d awakened the woman inside and I never wanted to return to the darkness. As another incredible orgasm swept through me, I fell into a sweet abyss. There was no worry, no fear. Only pleasure. I lolled my head, trying to control my breathing, half laughing as the vibrating sensations trampled every nerve. “You are… Oh, my gosh.”

The rugged man refused to allow me to rest, rolling me over in a split second, forcing me to straddle him. He was obviously enjoying himself, even bending one arm, placing it behind his head. “Ride me, princess.”

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