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The Medic of Brighton Creek by Adaline Raine – Extended Preview

The Medic of Brighton Creek by Adaline Raine

Mickie got into Sam’s truck without looking at him. Why did she always insist on giving him such a hard time?

He headed out of the town and back towards the cabin, though she didn’t have the damnedest idea what he’d do with her there. They weren’t technically in a relationship, and she hadn’t indicated she wanted his form of discipline all the time, right?

She saw a sign for Bear Paw Pond and remembered one night when she had run off and Sam had followed her. Her memories of that night came flooding back.

She had wound up by the small pond nearly five miles away from her house. Not only had she scratched herself on every thorn and briar on the way, but since she’d fled barefoot, her feet were raw and sore too. Her grandparents had tried to reason with her, but she’d been hell bent on going away to join the Peace Corp, or the army, or become a foreign exchange student—or anything else that would take her far away from Brighton Creek. Mickie had failed two college classes, and with money being so tight, she wanted to give up school.

She finally reached the small bench, her “thinking seat”, and curled up on it. The sun had just begun to set and reflected amazing beams of purple and blue across the sky as the bright orange glow faded.

Mickie rubbed her shoulders as the breeze picked up, and suddenly the realization hit her that it was about to be dark, and she was alone in the woods and very far from the house. She hugged her knees to her chest and cried softly.

Branches suddenly cracked behind her, but before she had time to be scared, a deep voice rumbled, “You’ve worried your gran sick.”

She turned her head to see Sam emerge from the trees with a flashlight. He took several strides to meet her side, then joined her on the seat.

“How did you find me?”

“I wasn’t looking.” He shrugged out of his flannel coat and helped her into it. “Why are you running around so late?” Sam looked down at her legs and picked up her left foot. “And where the hell are your shoes?”

Mickie yanked her foot back and glared. “What’s it to you?”

“Do you remember what I did the last time you snapped at me?”

He had her undivided attention now. “No… I don’t know! Just answer my question. How did you find me?”

“I said I wasn’t looking. I came out here to think of where you might have gone off to.”

“Well, this is my thinking spot,” she whispered and focused on the pond.

If she continued to poke at him, she knew she’d wind up with another sore bottom—though the idea didn’t sound so bad. After he’d smacked her butt in the clinic, he’d gotten hold of her later on that day and turned it a deep shade of pink as promised. She’d sworn never to fake being sick again or stay out late and promised something about washing his truck for a month. Whatever stopped the punishment!

But now with him sitting so close to her and the excitement of knowing he could do it at any time, she felt like testing him.

“So why are you out here all by yourself?”

Mickie pulled his coat tighter, loving the scent of his aftershave subtly hidden in its folds, and kept her gaze on the pond. She didn’t have an answer worth sharing.

“Your gran said you were pretty shaken up about something.”

“So what? You just gonna drag me back there?”

“I’d rather know why she and your pa think you want to leave.”

“Because I fucking do! I’m such a goddamn disappointment to everyone!”

Sam tugged her sideways until she faced him. “Mind your mouth. You can tell me what’s bugging you without an attitude.”

“That’s all I’ve got lately.” She snorted. “Besides, you’re not the first person to say so.”

“Am I the first to do something about it?”

That sounded like a direct reference to his correction a few weeks ago, but she shrugged as she no longer wanted to push. “Yeah, but it’s not like you have the time to follow me around brandishing a ‘Mind Me’ paddle.”

“I could arrange that,” he snorted under his breath, “if it would keep you in line.”

“Doubtful.” She crossed her arms across her chest to put distance between them.

“Do you think I don’t care, or do you think no one does?”

“It doesn’t matter. I fucked up my semester, and my grandparents can’t afford my failures. If I leave, then I won’t waste any more of their time or money.”

“They love you, Mickie! You’re not wasting their time, or mine for that matter.” Sam laced his fingers in hers and moved her arms away from her chest. “What can I do to help you?”

Mickie wanted his attention but was still hesitant to ask for it. She suddenly tore her hands from his, jumped to her feet, and flipped him the middle finger. “You can’t do anything! So just go fuck—eep!”

Before she could finish, Sam rose and threw her over his shoulder then headed into the woods.

“Put me down! I’m sorry!”

“Not a chance, honey.” He adjusted her slightly, then moved faster up the path. “I think you need a reminder about how things are done around here, as well as how to respond properly to my questions.”

Mickie groaned but didn’t dare say another word. She knew he’d spank some respect into her, no matter how long it took. And the embarrassing part was the undeniable enjoyment she felt from his attention, even though she knew she’d have trouble sitting down the next few days. She would have to tell him what really had her so distracted at some point… but hopefully not tonight.

“Hey, are you listening?”

“What?” Mikayla jumped back into reality. She noticed Sam had pulled off into the small lot and parked the truck. “I’m sorry. It’s just I remembered the last time we were here.”

“The last time I picked you up and put you over my knee right in the truck?”

“Is that your plan this time around?”

“It ought to be,” Sam grumbled but shook his head. “Why are you acting this way?”

“I don’t want to leave.” She opened the door and got out. If he wanted a better explanation than that, he’d have to follow her.

“Woah, woah, hold up.” Sam shut the driver’s door firmly behind him as he moved toward her. “You don’t want to leave so you’re mouthing off at me?”

“I really can’t explain it.”

“You’ve been poking since Bonnie’s house. Why?”

“Can’t you just spank me and get it over with?”

“Is that all you think I’m good for?” Sam shook his head as he stared at her. “You act out, I chase after you. You brat off, I spank you. And all is right again? Darling, you keep telling me you’re an adult now, but you’re not acting very grown up.”

“I’ve been really disrespectful to you, and I feel really gross for acting like that when you’re one of the only people who has ever cared about me. Can you please just punish me so I can properly apologize?”

“Well, damn, that’s the most adult thing you’ve said since you knocked on my door.” He ran a hand over his face. “I’ll give you what you’re asking for, but first, come follow me to the pond. I want to show you something.” Sam met the distance between them and took her hand.

“Sometimes I get more nervous when I wonder if you won’t do it,” she admitted as she trailed along behind him. The woods were thicker than she remembered, but the path now had solar lights to help illuminate the darkness.

“I’ll always do it if I think you earned it, but I’d rather not get to a point where it loses its merit. So, why don’t we set some guidelines?”

“You said not to disrespect you or act up. Are there more rules than that?” She blew out a breath. “Not that I agreed to any rules.”

“When you were a rebellious little brat searching for attention, you didn’t agree to rules. That’s true. I enacted them with your pa’s blessing. But now I’m confused. You said you get nervous when you think I won’t spank you, but then in your next breath, you tell me you haven’t agreed to any rules. Which is it?”

Mikayla stopped along the path and waited for him to turn toward her. “I like your attention, and I like for you to hold me accountable for stupid choices, but I don’t like to be spanked.”

Sam cocked his head to the side, then let go of her hand. “Is that so?” He unclasped her jeans and slid his hand down the front of them, reaching her heat and easily working two fingers inside. She rose up on her tiptoes and moaned. “Hmm? You’re wet just from the thought. I think you like it more than you let on.”

“Everything you do turns me on…”

“Apparently.” He pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy while she moaned. “I can spank you in a much more fun way…”

Her eyes fluttered shut and she tried to protest, but he strummed her faster and faster as she panted. “How do I earn that?”

“Be a good girl and mind yourself,” Sam nearly growled in her ear. “I’d love to bend you over the bench at the end of the trail and fuck you senseless, but now we’ve got another matter to deal with.”

“Out here?”

He withdrew his fingers, and she whimpered as they left her wetness.

“I’m sorry! Forget what I said before.” She pursed her lips into a pout. “We can totally have sex out here!”

“You don’t make the rules, honey.” Sam looped his arm around her and urged her up the path. “You follow them. Haven’t you been listening?”

“Why don’t you have rules to follow?”

Sam stopped as they reached the edge of the path and sat down on the bench. The same one they had talked on so many years ago. The only difference were the hanging lanterns on both sides and the wooden dock that led out into the water.

Sam tugged her onto his lap while keeping his arm around her. “I do have rules. I promise to always do right by you and to love you. I’ll encourage you to be on your best behavior no matter what’s going on around you and to be good to yourself. I swear I’ll stay true to my word, and I will never punish you in anger.”

“You… you mean those?” Mikayla could barely get the question out. How did one argue with such beautiful rules?

“Of course I do. Did you think all of this was one-sided?” Sam gently moved her across his lap and scooted her jeans down mid-thigh. “Second question, why am I about to spank you?”

“I’ve had a pretty bleak picture of myself since I ran away.” She settled into his lap and rested her chin on her hands. “I mean, since I left, and I wasn’t sure how you felt.”

“No, you were right. Instead of asking for help or talking to people, you made the choice to run away. As far as how I feel about you, I hope I’ve shown you. Now, answer my question.”

“Because I’ve been ridiculously horrible to you and downright rude.” She jumped as his hand smacked each cheek, then jumped again when he targeted the sensitive spot where her thigh met her bottom. “Ouch!”

“And you’ve been keeping things from me.” Sam brought his hand down hard and fast in the center of her right cheek, then did the same on the other side. He spanked her several times in a row and she had trouble catching her breath.

“Yes, but I’m… I’m… I’m sorry!” Mikayla bucked as the tempo increased, along with the intensity. Tears fell down her cheeks in a constant rain as his painful lesson wore on.

“I don’t care if I have to chase you every day. When I do catch you, and I will, you will find yourself over my lap. Is that clear?” Sam asked before kneading each side several times.

She panicked a little, knowing he meant to draw out this lesson. She hoped she could handle it.

“Mickie?” His fingers stopped abruptly and he traced the curve of her ass. She did not reply, unsure what kind of “clear” he meant. She jumped as he lay a flurry of sharp spanks across her already burning rear.

“What if I like being over your lap?” She did love being the center of all of his attention, though the painfulness of the punishment left much to be desired, no matter how much calmer she felt afterward.

“There are so many other things I can do to you over my lap.” He amped up the intensity but dialed back the speed, making each smack land hard, but pausing for a long moment in between.

“Ow! Oh!” Mikayla yelped when Sam shifted her slightly to target her upper thighs. That brought a fresh round of tears and she kicked out her feet. “Ouch! Too much!”

His hand stopped again to rub the over-sensitive spot at the top of her thighs, then he resumed the lesson by spanking the middle of her cheeks. It was still painful, but the rhythm helped bring her to a peaceful calm inside. She found herself clearing her mind and allowing herself to be in the moment until he chose to stop. The smacks sounded loud to her own ears but formed a strange sort of melody that allowed her brain to find the pattern and relax deeper, allowing his method of correction to do as he intended.

“Back to my question, honey. Am I clear?”

She nodded several times as she caught her breath, then responded with a soft, “Yes.”

“Good.” He paused to rub each cheek with his palm. “Is there something else you want to tell me?”

“No, not right now. I promise to do my best to come to you with things from here on out.” She felt Sam turn her until she was upright and against his chest. “Promise.”

“I’ll keep you to that.” Sam cocked his head to the side and gave her a wicked smile. He clearly had something brewing in his mind, and from the look of his lopsided grin, it was naughty.

He slid his hand underneath her shirt, dipped his head down and gently teased her nipple with his mouth. “Now let’s do something much more fun.”

She giggled but it quickly turned into a moan when his hand caressed her breast. “Oh… keep going.”

“Oh, I intend to.” Sam moved to stand and made quick work of her pants, baring her from the waist down. “Get on your knees and I’ll show you what my original intentions were.”

Mikayla nodded then knelt on the bench seat. “Do you have a condom?” She felt naughty for being out in the woods and exposed, but he had her dripping wet and she longed to feel him inside her again.

“Yes, of course.” Sam licked a long line up to her neck as he worked his fingers inside her heat. “You’re so wet already…” He eased another finger in. “Now I’m going to fuck you until you are screaming my name.”

Mikayla shuddered in pleasure as he entered her from behind, his first thrust taking her breath. “What if… I don’t?”

“Then we’re going to be here awhile.”

“Good thing I know your name.” Mikayla reached behind and scratched her nails down his back. “Gosh, I hope I don’t forget it.” She arched up as he increased the speed of his hips.

“You better not,” he nibbled back down her neck and nuzzled against her, “or we just might be here all night.”

“Mm-hmm. Don’t let me forget it then,” she teased as he continued to pump into her, jostling her against the bench. He felt so good inside of her, even with her ass still red-hot and stinging, creating an odd mixture of pain and comfort and bringing her higher than she had been in quite a while.

“Not in this lifetime,” he growled under his breath when she tapped against his arm. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Mikayla moaned as she bounced harder. “Sam!”

“It’s not like saying ‘uncle’ honey. You need to scream it.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and helped her move faster. “I know how loud you can be.”

She shook her head. “I’m not gonna attract attention.”

“Then I’m still not done with you.”

Two sharp taps landed on each of her sensitive globes, but the sensations felt sexy instead of painful. “Sam…” she breathed out, “please…”

He laughed wickedly over her shoulder. “Louder.” Sam pulled out of her and sat on the bench. He arranged her on top of his lap and facing him and bounced her onto his hardness, his hands tight on her waist again.

“Oh! Oh!” Mikayla grasped the wrung along the top of the bench until her knuckles turned white. “Sam!”


“Sam!” she yelled louder than before. “Please!” Her thighs ached from the exertion and sweat trickled down her body. “Oh!” He brought her to orgasm and she shuddered as it rolled over her. The sweet bliss felt amazing, but he showed no indication that he was slowing down.

Then suddenly, he stilled and gently eased her off his lap. He stood up and moved her around so that her back was supported by the back of the bench and then he moved her legs up, helping her take them in her hands, forming an “L” shape. He entered her again, braced against her body, and began to pump. The new position gave him a different angle and hit her g-spot.

“I know I can get you louder than that.”

“Mmmm… I know how much you love a challenge.” Mikayla moved her hands up her legs a bit to allow him to get even deeper inside. She sighed when he hit another sweet spot and she moaned when another orgasm hit her.

“My name… come on…” he teased again and smacked her upper thigh once.

It felt absolutely delicious as the endorphins ran through her and she gasped. He scratched his nails lightly over her legs, up and down over her thighs as he continued to pound into her. He began working her clit with just the tip of his fingers, tugging it out and tapping on it. This man had amazing stamina, well above some of the younger guys she’d been with in the past, and she began losing herself in the sensations.

“I’m not stopping until you scream.”

Mikayla pulled herself back into the moment. “Oh… Sam…” He picked her up and moved her so that she was on all fours on the bench. He slid inside her heat, then pumped in and out of her in a steady rhythm. He leaned down and bit lightly on her neck, and her entire body began shuddering. “Saaaaam!!!”

She bucked against him, loving how he felt, and continued to move her hips in sync with his. He whispered that he was close to his own release and she screamed as he reached it, sending her into another as well.

They didn’t move for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s bodies and the sounds of the night around them.

Finally, Mikayla retrieved her panties from the tangled denim heap on the ground and situated her shirt back over her chest.

“Are you in a better mood now?” Sam asked, kissing her passionately.

“Heck yeah.”

They finished with their clothing and headed up the path. She would much rather make love then be punished any day. Now only if she could keep this feeling at the front of her mind the next time she itched to push his dominant buttons.

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