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Melody’s Punishment Spanking by Natasha Knight

Chapter One

Melody picked up the mail on her way into the house, thumbing through the letters for her favorite fashion magazine when she came across the notice.

“Crap.” She dumped her bag along with the rest of the mail onto the kitchen table. On the top left corner of the envelope was the logo that said it all: she’d received a speeding ticket some months back and had planned on paying it without her husband finding out about it at all, but in her efforts to keep the violation a secret from him, she’d forgotten to pay it herself.

She tore the envelope open and read the form.

“No, no, no.” She pulled out a chair and sat down. Her $200 ticket would now cost her well over $250 with the fine attached to it. There was no keeping this secret now. Marcus was going to be pissed.

She checked her watch. It was just after five o’clock. He’d be home within the hour. She cleared off the table, and after tucking the letter back into its envelope, stood it against the bowl of fruit at the center of their kitchen table where she usually left her husband’s mail. She then went upstairs to have a shower and wait for him. She would surely be punished tonight, and doubly so given the fact she’d originally tried to hide the ticket from him. Marcus took discipline very seriously and she had the idea an over the knee spanking wasn’t all she was in for tonight.

* * *

Marcus Stephens parked his car in the garage alongside his wife’s little Audi Coupe. She loved that car, had for a long time, and when he’d finally bought it for her on their fifth wedding anniversary just a few months ago, she’d been beside herself ecstatic. He smiled as he remembered walking her outside, his hand covering her eyes. She’d been giggling all along but the look on her face when she’d opened her eyes had been priceless. It still satisfied him to know he could make his young wife so happy. At twenty-three, Mel was twelve years younger than him. He loved her carefree, fun side but she also required quite some guidance and direction. But Marcus enjoyed providing her with what she needed and she took to his authority well. They had an agreement in fact: a domestic discipline relationship. Marcus was head of household and he took his role very seriously. He suspected Mel relied on this more than she realized, needed it even. They were very close and he knew the discipline aspect of their relationship played a key role in that very special intimacy they shared.

He walked into the kitchen and heard the shower running upstairs. That was odd. She normally didn’t shower until just before bed. He set his keys down on the table and reached for the single letter that waited there for him. Once he saw the logo on the envelope, Marcus’s mood changed and he knew just why his wife was upstairs. She was preparing to be punished.

Chapter Two

Mel heard the usual classical music playing softly in the living room. It was the piece he always chose when she was to be spanked. She padded barefoot along the hardwood floors as she made her way into the living room. The curtains were already drawn and the cane he used for the most serious offenses was already laid out on the coffee table, along with a tube of lubricant and something she’d not seen before. It looked to be a large, stainless steel syringe with a long neck. Next to these was the notice of her fine.

“Nice shower?” Marcus asked, folding the newspaper he had been reading and setting it aside.

Melody met her husband’s cool gray gaze. He rose to his feet. Standing tall at 6’4”, she was more than a foot smaller than him even when she wore heels, and as he required her to be barefoot during punishments, the top of her head came to about the middle of his chest.

“Yes, sir,” she said, already using ‘sir’ as she had been instructed to whenever she received a punishment.

He remained silent, watching her. Her stomach was all nerves while he rolled up his shirt sleeves, baring thick forearms dusted with dark blond hair. As much as she hated punishment spankings, seeing him like this always affected her in the strangest way, made her thoroughly wet, even as she anticipated what was to come.

“Center of the room, Melody,” he said.

She went to stand where he’d said, hanging her head, dreading the verbal reprimand that would begin her ordeal.

Marcus picked up the violation and walked toward her, taking his time. “Did you forget to tell me about a speeding ticket?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered quickly, unable to meet his gaze.

With his hand under her chin, he lifted her face so she was forced to look at him. “Is that true?” he asked after a moment.

She searched his face, his eyes. She could never lie to him. “No, sir,” she said, her voice small as she lowered her lashes.

“I didn’t think so.” He let her go and set the letter back on the coffee table before sitting down. “What was your intention?” he asked.

“I was…”

“Look at me when you answer, please,” he said. “And keep your hands at your sides.”

“Yes, sir.” She had been nervously wringing her hands but forced herself now to keep them at her sides and met his gaze. If there was one thing she hated, it was disappointing her husband. She loved him and he was so good to her, patient and loving and kind. She should have just shown him the ticket when she’d first gotten it rather than try to hide it. Yes, he would have spanked her and possibly grounded her, but tonight’s punishment was going to be much worse than that.

“Melody?” he said, reminding her he was waiting for an answer.

“I was going to pay it myself. I didn’t want you to find out about it. But then I forgot to pay it.”

He nodded. “I appreciate your honesty in this, Melody, but I’m afraid I have to punish you now for your deception.”

She nodded and wiped away a tear.

“You know how this goes,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” she said. Standing in the middle of the room, she slowly pulled her top off, folded it and set it on a nearby chair. Marcus crossed one leg over the other and sat watching as she unhooked her bra and removed that as well. She then slipped her skirt off and added it to the pile before moving to the corner she hated most in the house. Her punishment corner. Once there, she pulled her panties down to just beneath her hips and reached her hands to the wall at the level of her shoulders, her face close enough that her nose touched it. He liked her hands there because sometimes, especially for harsher punishments, instead of taking her over his knee, he would have her walk backward and use the wall for support while he took his belt to her bare bottom.

“Walk backwards a few steps and arch your back,” he said from his place on the couch. “Push your bottom out, Melody. Good, like that. Twenty minutes,” Marcus said.

She then listened to the sound of him picking up the newspaper. It was almost more embarrassing to remain in this position while he ignored her. She wished he’d just get the punishment over with already. But then her mind wandered back to the items on the coffee table and she wasn’t sure of that at all.

* * *

Marcus sat watching his wife standing in the corner, her beautiful ass on display, waiting for him to deal out her punishment. And she had quite the punishment coming. He picked up his latest purchase: the stainless steel syringe. It was cool to the touch and just what he needed for an event like tonight. For lesser offenses and for maintenance, he would take her over his knee for a more intimate spanking, but her deception had earned her the cane and this. He pulled the plunger out and picked up the tube of anal lubricant. Opening the top, he squeezed a generous amount into the barrel of the syringe, replaced the plunger, and set it back down before checking his watch. Just a few minutes to go. He stood and began to unbuckle his belt, the sound of him pulling it through the loops of his pants making her gasp and shuffle on her feet as he approached. He doubled it over in his hand, taking the buckle into his palm and holding it at his side.

“All right, Melody. Go ahead and slide your panties all the way off.”

He waited until they fell to the floor and she stepped out of them.

“You’re getting the belt first before the cane and the anal punishment you’ve got coming. You know what to do, widen your stance and walk your legs farther back so your back is level to the floor. Hands flat against the wall and push that bottom out, girl. I want it offered up for every single stroke, got it?”

“Yes, sir,” she said as she moved into position, lowering her torso and arching her back, taking her legs wider. “How many?” she asked, her tone anxious.

“Haven’t decided,” he said, placing a hand at her low back and pushing it down, forcing her hips higher so that he could now easily glimpse the pink of her pussy lips glistening just between her cheeks. “Here we go.”

* * *

Melody knew he liked for her to take her punishments in silence, but sometimes it was just impossible, like tonight. The belt striped her bottom as he laid down stroke after stroke without a break. She wondered if the sound of it carried outside, if the neighbors knew that she, a grown woman, was being spanked by her husband. She bit her lip, trying to manage the pain, her hands fisting on the wall, her ass and the tops of her thighs on fire.

“Hands flat on the wall and keep your feet down,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” she managed through the strokes.

She tried not to clench, knowing he wanted her bottom soft for punishment, her cheeks bouncing with every stroke, the belt just licking her pussy lips which somehow, even through a punishment, grew wet.

The belt was bad, but the cane was worse. It would leave lines of pure fire that would hurt for days. And he’d want to inspect her bottom daily in the coming week. He’d ask her just after dinner every night to bare her bottom and present herself for the intimate inspection, and if she had an anal punishment coming tonight, the humiliation of those inspections would be doubled.

Anal punishment. She liked having Marcus fuck her ass, but when he was punishing her, the fucking was harder and not for her pleasure but his. She wondered if he’d allow her to come at all tonight, but didn’t spend long on those thoughts when Marcus finally stopped.

“We’re doing your thighs tonight too, Mel. Bring your legs together and bend all the way over, hands around your ankles.”

“Please, do you have to?” she asked, just peeking over her shoulder at him.

“Why don’t you tell me why I have to,” he said, one eyebrow going up.

Melody closed her eyes for a moment before speaking. “Because when I tried to hide my speeding ticket from you, it was as good as lying.”

“Worse than lying. Your punishment for a speeding ticket would have been a hand spanking and grounding for a week. Instead, here you are taking a pretty harsh punishment for your deception. Now please get into position so we can wrap up this part.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, bringing her legs together and bending all the way over to wrap her hands around her ankles. There were nine strokes in total, nine that burned like fire and made her skin feel tight and raw.

“There,” he said. “We’ll take a break before the next part. Why don’t you kneel where you are facing the wall, and clasp opposite elbows behind your back.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, already moving into position, grateful for the patch of carpet she’d been standing on as it offered some cushion for her knees.

Marcus went off toward the kitchen and was back a few moments later. “Here,” he said, squatting down beside her and holding a glass of water to her lips.

She turned to him and opened her mouth, drinking from the cup he held for her. “Thank you.”

He set the cup down and took a tissue from his pocket to wipe her face. “I don’t like punishing you but I can’t let you off the hook for this one,” he said. “Do you understand that?”

She nodded before lowering her gaze. “You’re right to. I know that. What I did was wrong.”

His expression was one of disappointment more than anything else. “Come on,” he said, rising to his feet and helping her to stand as well. “We’ll do five of the cane. They’ll be hard, but I think five will be enough.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said as he led her toward the leather armchair. He had turned it so that the back of it faced the room and had lain a sheepskin over the back. Melody had assumed this position many a time and did so again now while Marcus picked up the cane and followed her. Being as short as she was, she had to stand on tip-toe as she draped her torso over the back of the chair and lay her forearms down on the seat, her palms flat. Marcus was specific in positioning when she was punished and she found she appreciated the ritual of it. In a way, it was part of her penance almost.

“I’m ready to take my strokes, sir,” she said, looking straight ahead while trying hard not to clench her bottom in anticipation, just imagining how she looked to him bent as she was, her ass slightly spread, presenting her cheeks for punishment, allowing a peek at her sex from between her spread buttocks.

“Five. You’ll count out and thank me for each stroke, understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Marcus lined up the cane against her bottom, the smooth texture of it deceptively soft as he took his mark. She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt him pull it away and clawed into the chair as it whooshed through the air, landing with the smallest sound. At first there was nothing, but a moment later, fire striped a line across her sit spots and Melody gasped while the pain penetrated deep into her bottom. Finally, she exhaled a breath. “One, sir. Thank you.”

He set the cane at the line just below the first and tapped it against her bottom. She shifted her weight and waited, but she didn’t have to wait long before he struck again.

“Oh… Ow…” Melody squeezed her bottom cheeks together, taking in the pain, trying hard to resist the urge to reach back and rub it out. “Two, sir, thank you,” she managed, wiping the back of her hand across her nose as she prepared to receive the third stroke.

“You’re doing very well,” Marcus said, rubbing her low back reassuringly. “Three to go.”

This one came fast just below the last, hitting the crease between bottom and thigh. She called out with that one as tears dropped from her eyes. “Three, sir, thank you.”

He paused, his hand coming to her bottom, just touching the spot he’d struck, rubbing it softly. “Last two.”

She nodded, waiting. Knowing she wasn’t allowed to turn back and watch, not even sure she’d want to even if she were allowed.

“Ow!” she cried out, shifting her hips from side to side as she bent her knees and lifted her feet of the ground. The pain was intense. The cane was the worst and he used it sparingly, but when he did, she was on her best behavior for the days and even weeks to come.

He hung his wide variety of spanking implements on their bedroom wall so she’d be reminded daily that actions had rewards or punishments attached to them. Her car had been one of the rewards, but now, because of that reward, she was bent over, submitting herself to the cane.

“Four, sir, thank you.”

“Last one.” He brought the cane down just as he said it, thankfully giving her no time to anticipate.

She cried out, her body going limp over the chair when it was over and she muttered the words he required of her: “Five, sir, thank you.”

* * *

Marcus quickly tossed the cane aside and lifted his wife from her bent position, then carried her while she held onto him toward the couch. He sat down with her cradled in his arms like that, her face buried in his chest, her hands clinging to his neck.

“I’m sorry, Marcus. I really am.”

“Why didn’t you just show me the ticket when you first got it?” he asked, pushing the hair that stuck to her forehead away.

She cast her gaze down to his chest. “I don’t know. It was stupid. I should have just shown it to you, but when I didn’t do it right away, I knew you’d be mad and I just kept putting it off again and again.”

“Are you afraid of me?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No. I just don’t like being spanked. At least not for punishment.”

“Well, then tonight I hope you learn that you’ll get much more than a spanking if you ever try to keep things from me again. And as far as that car, if you’re not going to be safe, then you’re going to lose privileges.”

She nodded, lashes lowered, feeling fully chastised.

Marcus lifted her to her feet and stood, turning her to face the couch. “Kneel on the couch, legs wide,” he said.

Marcus watched as she just glimpsed at the items remaining on the coffee table: the stainless steel syringe with its long, wide tip and the lubricant. When she turned to him, he gestured for her to get into position as he picked up that syringe. Melody climbed up onto the couch, keeping her knees spread and leaning forward, arching her back just enough to present her upturned bottom to him as she lay her arms on the back of the couch and waited.

“Push your bottom out a little more, please,” he said, and she did, exposing her slick pussy lips, her very private back hole.

“As part of your punishment, I’m going to fuck your ass tonight, Mel. I’ll use lubricant but it will be a hard fucking and you won’t be allowed to come. Just as incentive, in case you think you can’t hold off,” he said, reaching over her to place the cane in her hands. “Hold on to that. If you come, you’ll take five more strokes.”

“Yes, sir,” she muttered, the tone of disappointment hard to miss in her voice as she closed her fingers around the implement he knew she hated most.

“Good girl,” he said, taking one ass cheek in his hand and pulling it out to fully expose the her bottom hole. They were new to anal sex but she seemed to enjoy it, in fact, she came harder when he fucked her ass than when he fucked her pussy, but tonight’s punishment would be in the denial of her orgasm. That would perhaps be the hardest to take for his usually insatiable wife.

Marcus set one knee on the couch against her leg, keeping it wide and just looking at his wife’s gorgeous ass, marked with the thick stripes of the belt along with the finer lines of the cane. She’d remember tonight’s punishment. He brought his thumb to her bottom hole, just pushing against the warm opening for a moment. His cock had been hard throughout her punishment, but now, with both her pussy and her vulnerable little asshole exposed to him, it pressed against his pants for release as if it had a mind of its own and was unable to wait any longer before plunging into her tight heat.

He inhaled a deep breath, taking in the scent of her arousal as he brought the tip of the syringe to her bottom.

“It’s cold,” she gasped.

“You won’t feel cold for long,” he said, pressing the lubricated tip into her ass slowly, pushing it as deep as it would go. “You’ll feel the lubricant going in now,” he said. He’d never used so much at once during penetration and wondered how it would feel, both for her and for him. Her gasp surprised him as he pushed the plunger down, but he didn’t stop; instead, he emptied the contents into her ass as he slowly retrieved the plunger, filling her deep and setting the plunger down before undoing his pants and finally releasing his cock. He knelt between her legs, forcing them even wider as he did.

“Tell me,” he started, rubbing his hard length against her pussy before dipping it into her hot pussy once, twice. “What happens if you come?” he asked.

“I get caned again, sir.”

“That’s right. You’ll be allowed to masturbate for me tomorrow morning, but tonight is punishment.”

“Yes, sir,” she muttered.

He imagined how red her face was. She hated being told to finger herself to orgasm while he watched. Hated it even as some part of her got off on the humiliation of spreading herself, of being observed in so vulnerable a moment.

Marcus brought the head of his now slick cock to her ass and rubbed it against the tight passage. Holding her wide with one hand, he pressed his cock against her well-lubricated hole, feeling her push against him as he did. “That’s it, good girl. Push, give me your ass, Melody.”

She moaned, lifting to him. “Please let me come too,” she begged, looking over her shoulder at him, her pupils dilated, her eyes dark.

“Shh,” Marcus coaxed, just breaching the tight ring and causing all of her muscles to tighten as he spread her asshole wide, pushing deeper into her after a moment. “This is punishment,” he said, his own voice breathy. “Take my cock, Melody. Open up and take it.” He pulled her cheeks wider as he said it, pushing deeper into her tight passage, the heavy amount of lubricant easing his entry.

“Please…” she begged, pushing again so that she took another inch of his cock.

“Mmm… that’s it, good girl, open up and take it,” he said, sliding his hands beneath her to grip either side of her pussy, spreading her lips and holding them wide as she whimpered. He slid deeper into her, forcing some of the lube to squeeze out of her as he did. When he felt resistance, he slowed just a little, just giving her a moment to soften before pulling out, only to push in farther. He did this to the sound of her groans, his thrusts coming faster as he finally claimed all of her and stilled, fully seated in her tight passage.

“Please!” she begged once more.

In response, Marcus pulled her pussy lips farther, ensuring nothing would come into contact with her clit.

“Not tonight, baby girl. Tonight, you just give your ass over for a fucking. Punishment, remember. You ready for me to fuck your ass?”

She only whimpered, still trying to rub herself against him.

“Say it. Ask me to fuck your pretty little asshole, Melody.”

“Fuck my pretty little asshole, sir. Fuck it good and hard, please.”

“That’s my girl,” Marcus said, pulling almost all the way out only to plunge in hard, just like she had asked. She arched her back and made some noise, pushing against him as he began to fuck her hard and fast, her hole tight and hot around his cock, the friction too much, so much that it took all he had not to spend inside her too quickly but to draw out the fucking, punish her with it, punish her by denying her an orgasm even as she gave herself over to him so readily, giving her ass to him for his pleasure only.

“You’re dripping, Mel,” he managed, having slid one finger over to tease her pussy.

“I want to come!”

“Tomorrow, you’ll spread your legs wide and show me how you come, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy watching myself fuck your little asshole.”

And he did just that, fucking her hard, holding her spread and watching his cock thrust in and out of her ass until it was too much and he came harder than he’d ever come before, emptying inside her before slumping over her back, spent, his wife all the while whimpering beneath him as she remained unsated.

Chapter Three

It was only a moment before Melody remembered why her ass hurt so badly. It was the morning after punishment and she was lying on her side, her back pressed to Marcus’s front, his big arm holding her tight, his cock stiff against her bottom. Melody arched her back a little, pressing into him, wanting to take his cock between her legs while he slept, wanting to grind it against her still-wanting sex.

After the night’s punishment, he’d gently bathed her, soothing her with his words all along, even as she whimpered and begged for him to let her come. She still felt that need now. But the knowledge of what he would ask of her this morning, even as it was exactly what she wanted as far as the end result, turned her face as red as her bottom had been last night. Marcus enjoyed making her blush. He didn’t even bother hiding that fact from her. And he always followed through on his word, so when she felt him begin to stir behind her, felt his cock slide between her bottom cheeks as he softly ground against her, she knew it wouldn’t be long.

“Good morning,” he said, turning her so he could nuzzle her ear and kiss her cheek.

She faced him, wrapping her arm around him. “Good morning.”

“How do you feel?” he asked, blinking his eyes open slowly.

“Sore and still horny,” she admitted with a smile.

“That’s my girl,” he said, kissing her fully. His one hand slid to just between her legs. “I like you like this, always wet for me, always ready.”

The fact that she pleased him always made her feel proud.

“Turn over onto your belly,” he said, leaning up on one elbow and tucking his pillow just beneath her belly when she did. “You know what time it is, don’t you?”

She adjusted the pillow lower, knowing how he liked her positioned for this part. “Inspection,” she said. Part of her felt humiliated by this, by how intimately he would inspect her, and part of her, specifically that part in her belly and between her legs, reveled in it.

“Good girl,” Marcus said, kissing her cheek before sitting upright and running his fingertips down over her spine and toward her bottom. “You mark beautifully,” he said while tracing the impressions the cane left behind. “What about here?” he asked, bringing his hand to her pussy, moving to kneel between her legs, forcing them wider. He didn’t linger long at her sex though. Instead, he spread her bottom cheeks to inspect her back hole.

Would a time come when she would not find this so completely embarrassing? This wasn’t the first time he inspected her there, and she loved anal play, but this… this was always different. And it got her hotter than anything else. The fact that he knew it perhaps only made it more so.

“Pretty, so pretty, but a little sore I imagine?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, we’ll give it a rest for today,” he said, slapping the side of her hip to signal he was finished with her inspection. “Turn over onto your back and spread your legs wide,” he said, rising up off the bed.

She groaned but turned slowly, pulling the pillow out from underneath her, watching him pull a chair up to the foot of the bed, preparing for the show he now expected.

“Marcus, I’ve been punished. Do we need to do this?”

He settled onto the seat, still naked, his cock thick, hard, and ready.

She looked from it to him, trying for a sexy look. “I can just take care of us together,” she offered.

He smiled. “I’d prefer to watch.” With that he settled back and signaled for her to begin with a tiny nod of his head.

Melody spread her legs wide, bending her knees and setting her feet flat on the bed. Watching his eyes as he looked at her, as he took in her most private parts, always aroused her and she stuck two fingers into her mouth, sucking on them for a moment before sliding them down to her clit to begin stroking herself. With her other hand, she held herself open, knowing he liked to see all of her. She worked slowly, alternately sliding her fingers down to finger herself and collect more of her juices, then working those wet fingers over her clit again.

By now, Marcus held his cock in his hand and stroked it slowly. She watched him as he did it, watched his cock swell, saw the first droplets appear and licked her lips, wanting to run her tongue over the length of him, wanting to take him into her mouth and suck him hard until he came. She stroked faster as she thought it, imagining herself kneeling before her husband, naked for him, sucking his cock, his hand fisted in her hair while he fucked her face.

“You look fucking hot, Melody,” he said, his movements faster as he rose to his feet and came to kneel between her legs. “Come for me now, let me watch you come.”

It was all she needed to hear. She worked her fingers frantically over her clit, her other hand now fisting a handful of the blankets. She watched him, watched her husband kneeling over top of her, working his cock hard, and she came at the same moment she felt the first spray of his release on her belly, the warm thick stuff covering her stomach and breasts as her fingers became drenched with her own juices.

* * *

Marcus cleaned her like he always did after one of these sessions, a bowl of warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe everything away, and when he was finished, he sat her on his lap and held her tight to him, cradling her head.

“I love you, baby,” he whispered, kissing the top of her head.

“Me too. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about that stupid ticket.”

“It’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it anymore. Just come to me next time right away. I can guarantee you if I do punish you, it will be less harsh than if I have to find out two months later.”

She nodded, tucking herself in tighter. Marcus leaned back against the headboard and just held her, listening to her soft breath as she drifted quietly off to sleep.

The End

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