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Merciless Savage: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


He fisted my hair with his other hand, tangling his fingers in my long strands, pulling me onto my toes. “What you don’t realize is that you’ve always belonged to me. On this day, I become your lover. Soon, I’ll become your mate.”


The single word stuck in the back of my mind as he pressed his lips against mine. It couldn’t be a coincidence that my mother had used the word, even though I couldn’t comprehend what it could mean. But it was clear to me that he was the kind of man who believed that he could take anything he wanted. So much of me wanted to push him away, but I’d never been so overwhelmed by the desire roaring through me like a tsunami. While I’d had a few passionate experiences with men in my life, I’d sworn off bothering to try to find the one man who would still my heart while awakening my senses.

How could I have allowed my guard to fall so far that I would consider indulging in a torrid love affair with a mobster? Because of the wicked daydream? That was insane. It was… I couldn’t think of the right phrase. What I knew was that I couldn’t allow this to happen, yet as I smashed my hands against him again, my desires took over from any rational reaction. I clawed his shirt, clinging to him instead of screaming for help.

As if I thought that would do any good.

His hold remained tight, enough so there was no way I would be able to get out of his clutches unless he agreed to let me.

Somehow, I found the ability to break free of his mental hold, putting as much distance between us as possible. “I don’t want this.”

“I think you do. In fact, your scent as well as your body language has already betrayed you.” Christoff took a deep whiff, holding it for a full five seconds before exhaling, expelling his hot breath across my face and neck.

Shivering, I realized too late that I’d risen even more onto my toes, tilting my head. A huge jolt of electricity shot directly down from my heart, crackling through my pussy and down my legs. Every reason to remain revolted rushed away, as if they had never existed. All I could think of was touching him.

Tasting him.

He yanked me all the way down, crushing his mouth over mine. As he held me against his chest, he grinded his hips against me, I was completely lightheaded, my mind fuzzier than before. This wasn’t about romance or the kind of passion I’d experienced before. This was about carnal need and without seconds, I couldn’t care less about my doubts or my fears.

He growled into the kiss, the deep baritone thrumming through every muscle and tendon. I closed my eyes as he thrust his tongue inside, the taste of coffee and a hint of bourbon remaining. As he explored every inch of my mouth, I slid my arms around his neck, easing them under the collar of his shirt then digging my fingers into his skin.

His body was rock solid, every muscle chiseled to perfection. I moaned into the moment of intimacy, recognizing that my body was acting all on its own, my hips undulating back and forth. The feel of his throbbing cock pressing into me created wave after wave of tingles. Stars floated in front of my eyes as he used a single finger to rub the skin on the back of my neck.

Exasperated and ragged with longing, I caught his tongue with my strong jaw muscles, sucking as if it was a delicious lollypop, ignoring all the reasons I should shove him aside. The taste was far too delicious, awakening even more of my senses.

He shifted his hand under my bottom, lifting me completely off my feet, forcing me to wrap my legs around his hips. As he swung me around, he resumed his domination of my mouth, sweeping his tongue back and forth as he continued to explore the dark recesses. My nipples were hard as pebbles, the ache building to the point I wanted to beg him to suck and pluck, twisting them until I felt a moment of blissful pain.

I’d never wanted something like that before, but it seemed natural with him. Expected. Desired. I whimpered the second he broke the kiss, using his thumb to shove my head back at an angle then nipping my chin. His guttural growls were heated, barbaric, and enticing as hell. I was pushed into a surreal moment where no time existed, no one else in the universe.

Just the two of us fighting the rest of the world.

That I’d thought of something like that boggled my mind but as he slipped his hand under my tee shirt, the touch of his rough pads pushed my heartrate to a heightened level. I closed my eyes, inhaling the wetness of my pussy as well as his extreme musky testosterone.

When he finally pulled me to my feet, pushing me away gently, I stared into his eyes, no longer shocked at the change in color. While they weren’t crimson as I’d seen before, the violet hue with golden rings was just as powerful.

Grinning, he ripped the shirt over his head, tossing the unwanted element away. Then he advanced again, the predator far too hungry to wait for my reaction. He said nothing as he pulled the shirt over my shoulders and head, exposing my naked breasts. Another low-slung growl popping up from his throat, he cupped and squeezed both, flicking his thumbs back and forth across my nipples.

“Oh,” I managed, every inch of my body aching. I arched my back, an offering to the brutal man, but it felt natural, as if he was the only man for me and had been my entire life. Maybe he was the reason I’d never been happy before in relationships, abandoned every time.

Or maybe I’d shut them out, something in my mind telling me they weren’t the one.

“You are perfect, so beautiful,” he muttered, breathing a swath of hot air across my chin, nipping my lower lip as he pinched my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

The anguish was instant, rushing into every extremity, forcing several gasps from my lips. “Oh, God. Yes, I…” Quivering in his hold, I gripped his arms as he lowered his head, licking between my breasts, dragging his tongue up and down ever so slowly. Everything he did was provocative. The man was trying to seduce me. There was no reason for me to laugh nervously, but I did, the sound floating into the air.

Christoff growled again, this time the sound deep and throaty. As if he was ready to fuck me.

Devour me.

I rubbed my fingers down his chest, taking my time and enjoying the feel of his rippling muscles. This man was perfection, created as a chiseled god, every touch sending bottle rockets to my brain. It was impossible how incredible I felt, but as he continued twisting and pulling my hardened buds, I tossed my head back and forth.

Then I couldn’t wait any longer, struggling to slide my hand to his cloth-covered cock. As I stroked up and down, every sound he made became like an animal in heat, prepared to mate.

The word stuck in my mind.


He was required to find one.

He had to save his family.

And I’d been chosen.

Oh, God. Oh…

Nothing seemed to stop my actions, my desire too strong. The second he dragged his tongue around my aching nipple, I almost fell to the floor and would have if he didn’t have a firm hold on the back of my neck.

Chuckling darkly, he rubbed his lips to my other breast, blowing several times. “I can’t wait to be inside of you, shoving my cock into your womb, filling you with my seed. Then I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

His words were even more thrilling than before, the goosebumps returning, moving in waves up and down my body. I continued pumping my hand for a full minute as he toyed with my hard pebbles. The man was driving me to the point of an orgasm without so much as inserting a finger into my tight channel.

“I want you,” I whispered, no longer recognizing my voice.

“Soon, baby girl. Soon. Then you’ll have everything you want over and over again.” He laughed softly, the whisper of his breath adding gasoline to the fire.

I fought to unfasten his belt, fumbling to the point I became exasperated. Get away from him. Don’t do this.

My inner voice was no longer in control, my hunger too significant.

“I’m in control, Zoe, and always will be. Never forget that.” He pulled away again, his nostrils flaring as he gazed down the length of me. Then he wasted no time, ripping at my shorts, able to yank them over my hips with ease.

Nothing seemed real but everything seemed just as it should be. I kicked the dense material away, finally realizing there was an open door behind us. What the hell did I care?

He shook his head slowly, his jaw clenching before sliding his tongue around his mouth, the sounds he made this time indescribable.

But there was no doubt he was an animal preparing for a feast.

With one long stride, he picked me up, moving quickly toward the thick leather armchair. As he tossed me over at the waist, forcing my knees onto the armrests, I whimpered from the force he used. I was spread wide open for him.

“Do not move, my beautiful woman, or I will punish you again.”

My breathing scattered, I gripped the back of the chair, blinking several times and trying to find out what he was going to do. As he unfastened his belt, he kept his stare directly on me, a smile curling on his upper lip.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion as he tugged on the thick leather. He took his damn sweet time pulling it through every belt loop. Whether or not he was going to spank me I wasn’t certain, but the excitement continued to swell within me, pushing me into a different woman.

One with no conscience.

One with no care about what anyone said.

Even as my rational mind barged in again, trying to defy the dazzling sensations, I shut that side of me down. However, thoughts lingered, the same ones as before. How could I want such a brutal man? How could I tolerate this kind of dominant behavior? And was I considering submitting to him? I wasn’t special to him. I wasn’t anyone who would matter.

Or was I?

Flustered, I hung my head for a few seconds but couldn’t resist staring at him again. He’d simply placed the belt on the coffee table. Now he was undressing, the same smug expression remaining on his face as he peeled the flaps of his jeans back, rolling the dense material over his hips. As soon as he exposed his cock, I couldn’t stop a series of moans.

His shaft was a thing of beauty. Long and thick, the tip was a dark purple, veins on both sides popping from his skin. And his balls were swollen, full of seed, hanging between his legs like a beacon of sin.

A telling of exactly what he was going to do to me.

When he finally advanced, I dug my fingers into the chair, clawing several times as I struggled to stay in position. I wasn’t certain what I’d expected but after he approached, he used his two index fingers, brushing them along the insides of my legs, his breathing ragged as he took his time tracing a line all the way up to my inner thighs.

Several shivers danced through my body, my chest rising and falling rapidly. He seemed to sense I was brimming with excitement, giving me a heated look that was full of possession. Then he gripped my thighs, caressing my skin as he tightened his hold, crawling onto the wide chair and narrowing his eyes.

“Now, I’m going to feast on your glorious pussy.” His voice was no longer recognizable, so gruff and husky that I had to strain to understand what he was saying.

My mouth was dry and when he pushed me further over the chair, lifting and opening my legs even wider, a string of whimpers and guttural moans rushed past my lips. I was positioned precariously, but his hold was strong. As he blew across my pussy lips, I almost lost it, climaxing immediately.

My pussy clenched and released, the combination of my rapid heartbeat and his throaty growls becoming a twisted yet incredible round of music. This was sinful and filthy, and I loved every second of it.

The second he slipped his tongue against my wetness, I let off a strangled scream, tossing my head up and down. “Oh. Oh. Oh.” Stars in vibrant colors floated across my eyes as he peppered several kisses against one thigh then the other. I could tell I was wet, juice trickling from my tight channel.

Within seconds, he lapped up every drop of cream then flicked his tongue back and forth across my clit. The tease was almost too much to take. Somehow, he opened me even wider, giving him total access. My knees were no longer resting on the chair, but I had no fear of falling.

I lolled my head, closing my eyes and allowing the moment of pleasure to take over. Every sound he made became an intoxicating aphrodisiac, much like his rich scent, musky with hints of the forest. My mouth watered as much as my nipples ached, the combination creating a round of utter bliss.

He took his time taunting me, nipping and sucking on my clit then dragging his tongue all the way down the length of my pussy. Somehow, he seemed to know exactly what would excite me, pushing me further to the edge. Then he’d pull back, tickling my pussy lips with a single finger before driving his tongue all the way inside.

The combination was mind blowing, stealing my breath. While I knew I was making several sounds, they were nothing that I’d consider human any longer. We were nothing but beasts mating, shifting to our most primal state of being.

And God, I loved it.

As he started lapping me, his tongue moving up and down rapidly, I was pushed into a lull in my mind as well as my spirit. There was no chance of thinking straight or justifying what was happening between us. There was also no way to fight the sheer electricity coursing through both of us.

After wrapping his arms around my legs, holding me in position, he was able to stretch my buttocks open wide, burying his head into my wetness. I hung over the chair, unable to move, trying to gasp for breath as he ate me ferociously. I was astounded by the way he managed to bring me close to an orgasm then back off, just enough to keep heightening my pleasure. No other man in my life had managed to provide this mixture of vibrations and tickles that built to the point it was like a bottle rocket shooting through me.

While all time had stopped, there was no way to hold back from exploding. I jerked my head up by several inches, my cries just as animalistic as his had been. “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

His fingers dug into my skin as he held me, plunging his tongue so deep inside that my muscles were able to clamp around it. I could swear the man had gone deeper than anyone should be able, but as the orgasm began to explode from my toes, shooting directly into my pussy, my body shook so violently I thought I’d fall over the edge.

Christoff held me fast, refusing to let go, his growls increasing.

As the single climax morphed into a giant wave, I was unable to issue any additional sounds.

When I finally stopped shaking, I threw my arms over the back of the chair, my head hanging so low it almost hit the floor. While he brushed the tips of his fingers down my spine, I could sense his urgency, the same kind of need I’d felt only seconds earlier.

His breathing heavy as he leaned over me, raking his nails down my back, I could swear the tips were sharp.

Just like claws.

A wolf.

He yanked me into his arms, holding me aloft as he carried me away from the chair, finally dumping me onto the coffee table next to his belt. I was thrown by his aggressiveness, but there was no denying his need.

“Now, I get the joy of fucking you,” he half whispered.

The words were no longer startling, nor were they a warning. They were simply a statement of what was to come.

And what would be in the future.

As a moment of darkness enshrouded my vision, the vacuum was momentarily horrifying, the vision filled with nightmares.

And monsters.


As soon as I’d dumped Zoe onto the coffee table, every muscle in my body tensed, the need to mate with her stronger than before. I raked both hands through my hair, unable to stop shaking. Nothing had prepared me for the strong connection or the dark cravings swarming through my mind.

I straddled the table, returning my hands to her soft skin. Merely brushing my fingers down the length of her back wasn’t enough to satisfy my wolf’s needs. Nor had the taste of her filling my mouth sated his cravings.

She was trembling from my touch, her scent even stronger than before. A shimmer formed around my eyes, every muscle stretching as my wolf attempted to breach the surface. I shoved him away, tossing him back into his lair. But there was no holding back. I threw my head back and roared, my balls aching to the point of agony. I would release inside of her, but I refused to begin the mating process. She wasn’t ready.

Maybe the truth was that I wasn’t ready to confirm my belief in the curse.

The ugliness of my decision could damage my family. But for today alone, I would enjoy the moment shared instead of driving her into lockdown, hating me forever.

As I slipped the tip of my cock against her swollen pussy lips, I took a deep breath, the strangest series of visions popping into my mind. The months of fighting the inevitable, the heartache and loss the family had endured. In less than two weeks, our entire world could shift into something no one was prepared to face.

I closed my eyes as I drove the entire length of my cock inside. The instant my throbbing shaft felt the pressure of her pussy muscles, I began to shake. I’d heard people call their moments of passion earth-shattering. This was pure ecstasy, unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I dropped my head, watching as beads of sweat trickled down from my face, dropping one by one across her smooth skin.

I’d never felt such closeness and it wasn’t just about the jolts of current or the way my body responded. I felt a tingling deep in my soul, a strange awakening that I couldn’t explain. I was a dangerous man, born and bred to be a killer, but at this moment, I’d shifted my priorities into hungering for more than just sex or mating.

I wanted a family.

Just like my brother had discovered a long time before.

As I thrust deep inside, my actions brutal, skin slapping against skin, there was no doubt this wouldn’t be enough to satisfy my needs even for a day. I gripped her hips, yanking her all the way to the edge of the table, still powering into her. When she wiggled, arching her back, I smacked her bottom several times, enjoying the immediate heat coursing through my fingers, shooting into my arm.

I was claiming her, taking what I wanted. Still shaking, I rose onto the balls of my feet, the force I used pitching her forward. I could do this for hours, taking her several times. Maybe I would do just that.

“Mmm…” she moaned, the lilting sound echoing in my ears. She continued shifting her hips back and forth, bucking against every savage thrust.

I could tell she was close to orgasming again, her entire body shimmering from our coupling. For a few seconds, I allowed myself to get lost in the sheer closeness, thrusting like the wild man she’d already come to expect of me.

“Oh, yes. Oh. Oh…” Just the way she tossed her head up and down, her long hair almost luminescent in the dazzling sunlight was enough to push me into releasing. But I still wanted more. I needed all of her.

“Come, my woman. I need you to come hard.” My tone was dark, my words almost inaudible, but she heard me.

And she obeyed.

As her pussy muscles clamped around my cock like a tight vise, I shoved my thumb into her tight little asshole.

Her scream was my reward as she released, her entire body shaking.

“That’s it. Come again. Slicken my cock with your sweet nectar.”

She half laughed, clawing at the table only seconds before she climaxed again, the entire table shaking from our raucous round of sex. While she continued to tremble, she slumped down, resting her face against the coffee table, presenting her delicious bottom in the most inviting way.

My leg muscles tensed as I powered into her, my heart racing as my control slipped. The feel of her wetness, the extreme heat was incredible, my mind nothing but a blur. But this wasn’t the right time, at least not for what was needed.

Growling, I pulled out, smacking her bottom twice more, then tugging one side of her rounded buttocks.

Zoe jerked up, tossing her head over her shoulder, panting more than she had before. I could tell by the lust-filled look in her eyes that she wanted more. And she would have it. As I pushed my cockhead against her puckered hole, she shuddered visibly. I slowly thrust my cock inside, issuing a series of guttural sounds as her muscles clamped around the girth immediately. The second I pushed past her wall of muscle, she jerked up.

I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her all the way onto her knees. As I cupped her breasts, holding her in place, she reached back, gripping my arms.

There was no holding back. I drove long and hard until my balls ached to the point I had difficulty seeing. Yet I could see her mischievous smile just seconds before she purposely clenched her muscles.

That was all I could take.

As cum rushed from my balls, I threw my head back and roared, filling her with my seed.

I held her against me, enjoying the way she rested her head against my chest. Then I shifted my attention to the bright sun. Somehow the warming light wasn’t capable of eclipsing the warning from the moon.

Soon, I would have no choice but to take her as my mate.

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