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Millionaire Daddy by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Dominick held his breath, willing self-control, begging the dark and dangerous man behind the mask to freeze, but she’d broken through his defense. There was no turning back. He wrapped one arm around her waist, yanking her against his chest, crushing his mouth over hers.

Jenna instantly moaned, her body rigid, but only for a few seconds. She draped her arms around his neck, arching her back as she parted her lips.

He thrust his tongue inside, taking the sweet essence of the woman he refused to let get away. The kiss became more passionate and he slid his other hand down her back, cupping and squeezing her ass.

Undulating, she pressed her belly into his groin, shifting back and forth as their tongues entwined, teeth gnashing together, her fingers wrapping around his strands of hair.

Everything about this was so wrong, but he refused to stop. The way she was wiggling against him, creating extreme friction sent a series of jolts into his muscles, adrenaline kicking into overdrive. Everything about this woman was spectacular. He broke the kiss, nipping on her lower lip, breathing in heavy pants, his hand easing under her skirt. Even the feel of the baby doll panties sent shudders into every cell.

Jenna whimpered, the sound ragged and pressed one hand against his chest, clinging to him, her eyelids fluttering.

Dominick tipped her back, dragging his tongue down the underside of her chin, laving her skin as he struggled to maintain rationality.

“Oh, yes…” Her words were garbled, breathless as she slid her leg around his, her fingers digging into his shirt.

He licked down into the opening of her blouse, breathing in her exotic fragrance. God, the woman fit perfectly into his arms. Grunting, he licked up to her earlobe, taking his time to swirl his tongue before biting down.

“Sir. My Sir.”

Just hearing the passion in her voice was all he could take. Gathering her into his arms, as she leaned over, her long hair dropping against his shoulders, he captured her mouth, keeping his strong hold as he walked out of the kitchen. Able to maneuver without issue, he took long strides as he headed for his bedroom. Nothing was going to stop him from taking her and one day, he would indeed own her.

The kiss. Oh. My. God. His kiss was incredible, showering her skin with sensitive bumps, cascading along her naked skin. She was lost in his arms as he held her close, carrying her through the house. The presents had been so unexpected, beautiful gifts that had more than surprised her, but his words and the way he’d looked at her had drawn her into his web. She was shaking all over as she explored the dark recesses of his mouth, their tongues touching, pushing against the other. How could a man have this much passion buried so deep inside?

Jenna wrapped her legs around him, straddling his thighs as he took purposeful steps. When he entered his bedroom, an almost dark and gloomy location, she knew what he was offering and what she was willing to give. All of herself. Body and soul. She wanted to surrender to this man, please him in every manner, no matter what he asked.

As he eased her down to her feet, his massive hands rubbing up and down the length of her back, breaking the kiss, she purred. She felt so tiny in his arms, almost fragile and knew he would take care of her and be nurturing while training her. How had everything come to this so quickly?

Dominick took a step away, dragging his shirt up and over his shoulders. Even the way he tossed the material was powerful, his lust-filled look intensifying. “I want you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you want me as well?”

“God, yes. Yes, Sir.” She ran her hands through her hair, pulling on the long strands, trying to catch her breath.

“Take off your clothes. Dance for me. Seduce me.”

Jenna smiled, giving him a respectful nod as she swayed her hips back and forth, moving in time to unheard music. She had no reservation, no doubt of what she was doing as she brushed the back of her hand down the length of her neck, drawing her fingers into the open area of her blouse.

He stood with his arms crossed, his expression pensive, yet his eyes filled with such longing. As she undulated, twirling in a circle, he issued a long breath.

She fiddled with the buttons, taking her time to unfasten one at a time before sliding one side off her shoulder then the other. Everything seemed stilted, embarrassment sticking in her throat. She wanted to be the sassy unbridled vixen, ready to give him a show. She counted to five, convincing not only her mind but her body this was perfectly acceptable behavior. Finally persuaded, she became the wanton woman her daddy desired.

Tossing back her head, she allowed gravity to take her blouse to the floor, wiggling until the material fell from her hands. She’d never felt so beautiful yet so very naughty and the electricity shooting through her was magical. She pursed her lips, blowing him a kiss before reaching behind her back, unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt. Using just her thumbs, she pushed the waistband down from her waist to her hips, shimmying back and forth in her effort to force the material down her legs.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, his hand moving down his chest to his crotch, stroking his cock through the light material.

A slice of nerves crept in, keeping her mouth dry, but her pussy was wet, clenching and her nipples were so hard they ached from scraping against the thin lace of her bra with every move. She gyrated her hips, moving and turning, her arms over her head. Closing her eyes, she hummed to the nonexistent music, twisting and turning, dragging her hair around and around. Darting her head over her shoulder, she winked before easing her hands behind her back, taking careful dance steps in order to maintain her balance. She finally freed the clasp on her bra, being dramatic as she slid first one strap down from her shoulder then the other.

Jenna dangled the bra out to the side, swinging it back and forth. A single giggle escaped her mouth as she dropped the lingerie. She clasped her hands over her breasts, her fingers open before turning around, giving him not one but two peekaboo looks.

“Be very careful teasing me, baby girl. Two can play at that game,” Master Dominick stated, his tone now demanding, his eyes glassy from desire.

“Who, me?” she purred then turned again, kicking off her shoes and rolling her knee highs down and off. She undulated a few additional times, pirouetting on her bare feet before slipping her fingers under the waistband of her panties. As she slowed her movements, she inched them down a bit at a time, sliding the silky underwear down her hips to her thighs while tossing him a salacious look.

“I am so going to whip your ass again.”

Hearing the words sent tingles jetting into her pussy. “Oh, yes, Daddy.” She had no doubt her actions, let alone her soft voice was getting to him. The way he was stroking his shaft was aggressive, almost brutal. When she finally dropped her panties to the floor, kicking out of them, she wiggled her ass and shot her arms over her head, striking various poses.

“Turn around. I want to see all of you.”

The realization that she was completely naked, preparing for something other than a heated round of discipline gave her pause, a new lump forming in her throat. She wanted to be his good little girl, to obey every command. Keeping one hand over her breasts, the other positioned over her crotch, she did as she was told, turning to face him, her hips moving only slightly.

Master Dominick’s breath was ragged as he licked his lips in an exaggerated fashion. His eyes mere slits, he closed the distance, moving around her in a complete circle. “Every inch of your body belongs to me. I own you. I control your pleasure, as well as your pain.”

“Yes, Sir.” She closed her eyes as he explored her body with a single finger, sliding the tip down her cheek to her neck, brushing it along her shoulder and flicking the tip back and forth across her arm. She inhaled, holding her breath, savoring his all male scent, so full of testosterone and heady musk.

He slid his finger down between her breasts, rolling under both while breathing across her face and neck. “I will give you hours of ecstasy, but only when I decide.”

Every cell in her body was jazzed with energy, so alive, bursting with the fire that burned in her belly. She longed to reach out, to touch, but knew better. He was completely in control. She issued a single whimper, her mouth pursed, her heart skipping beat after beat. She was swaying, becoming terrified that she would fall.

“You have no idea what you do to me. Keep your arms at your sides, sweet baby girl or I’ll mark every inch of your body.”

Clenching her hands, she had to watch, to study the actions of the man who would become her lover. The moment he pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, she let out a series of moans, the pain delicious.

“I will see these pierced one day,” he murmured as he twisted and pulled. He fisted her hair with his other hand, tugging back, forcing her to look at the ceiling. “Imagine being marked in several ways, signs of ownership.”

The words were exactly what she’d longed to hear. “Yes, Sir.”

He dragged his nails across her chest, pinching her other nipple with more force, driving her up onto her toes. “Perfect.” His gaze darting all the way around her body, he tilted his head before moving his foot in between her legs, pushing them apart.

Jenna licked her lips, the anticipation unlike anything she’d ever experienced. The inside of her thighs were wet, slick from her pussy juice leaking, beading against her heated skin. The scent was more intense, infused with her hunger.

After releasing her nipple, he brushed his index finger down her stomach, following the trail with his eyes, encircling her belly button. “Make certain you stay bare for me, baby girl. I like to see every bit of your sweet cunt.”

“Yes, Sir. I promise.” The closer his finger came to her clit, the more she panted, unable to stop the guttural sounds. She was nothing more than an animal in heat, longing for her master to feast and fuck.

Master Dominick slowly raised his gaze, his eyes locking with hers as he trailed his finger further down, swirling around her clit in lazy circles.

“Oh, God. Oh…” Jutting her hips forward, she almost broke her form, reaching for him. Obey. Obey Daddy. As if the little voice had the capability of controlling her any longer.

“Hmmm…” He continued the action, moving beseechingly slowly, taking his time before dipping his finger past her folds. “You are very wet. I want you wet for me always.”

There was no way she could answer. She blinked several times as beads of perspiration formed over her lip. She could come from his touch alone.

He pumped in and out several times and the sound of her muscles clinging to the invasion, sucking him in filtered between them. A smile crossed his face as he continued thrusting, harder. Faster.

“Oh…” Rocking forward, she had to step out of line in order to keep from falling. Electricity kept her skin prickled, her senses heightened.

“Careful, my Jenna. Hold your position. I’m not finished.” He freed his hand, drawing a circle around her lips. “Open for me.”

Parting her lips into a rounded ‘O,’ she wasn’t expecting him to shove his finger into her mouth.

“Do you taste how much you crave your master?”

She nodded as she clamped her mouth around his finger, sucking.

“That’s it, suck my finger like a good little girl. Clean every drop.” He seemed amazed as he watched her, his look becoming feral, possessive.

There was no hesitation. She licked and sucked.

“Open,” he directed. Moving around her side to her back, he rolled her long hair through his fingers, smoothing and caressing, his other hand roaming down her back. “I will train you in ways you could only imagine.” He ran his fingers down the crack of her ass and back up before wiggling a single finger in between her ass cheeks.

She held her breath as he inserted the tip into her asshole. She’d never been fucked in the ass and the act was the one thing she’d craved above all others. Bristling, a terrified whimper escaped her mouth as he pushed, sliding his finger in further.

“Relax and breathe. You’re very tight. We’ll take care of that.” Master Dominick gently pumped his finger inside.

A slice of pain shifted all the way down her legs and she tried to obey, to relax her muscles, but she only seemed to clamp down.

He removed his finger and patted her ass. “Time, my girl. Practice and time.”

“Yes, Sir.” He kept his body close to hers as he moved to her front again, looming over her, his mouth pursed. In a swift move, he picked her up, cradling her for a few seconds before dropping her onto the bed, immediately lifting her legs up and back then dropping to his knees. The grunt was savage in nature and he blew across her pussy, the air hot and wet.

She couldn’t stop shaking as she opened her legs even wider, giving him full access, succumbing to her master. She eased her arms over her head, gripping the bedding and the second he swirled his tongue around her clit, she jerked up, arching her back. “Oh, fuck! No. I’m sorry, Sir.”

He chuckled as he repeated the move, using his fingers to open her pussy lips. “You will not come. Not today, maybe not the next time.”

How was she supposed to keep from coming? Her body had a mind of its own and all the teasing had left her weak, her body defenseless. “Yes, Sir.”

His hot breath cascaded down her cunt as he blew across her tender tissue, moving his head up and down. “You have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen.”

The words caused her to blush and there wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t aching, yearning for his touch, his mouth, his cock. She fell into absolute nirvana as he began licking her, every swipe of his tongue methodical, moving in sweet precision. She knew she was wide open and his fingers were positioned just so as he buried his face. “Oh, yes… I…”

Grunting, he fell into a practiced rhythm, darting his tongue all the way inside then nipping her clit, repeating the move over and over again.

She was going mad, unable to focus or think clearly. The moment he pressed his thumb around her clit, sliding two fingers inside, moving together with his tongue, she jerked up and half screamed. Slapping her hands against the comforter, she wiggled as juice drained from her cunt, sliding down the heat of her thighs. She envisioned a pool between her legs, staining his expensive bedding. The thought gave her a smile even as his actions became more aggressive, licking and sucking, two fingers becoming three then four.

He lifted his head, breathing out. “I can’t wait to shove my dick inside your tight cunt.”

“God, yes!” As he resumed his routine, his tongue going all the way up and down, she knew she was going to come. There was no way she could hold back. Tossing her head back and forth, she fisted the covers, squeezing her pussy, trying to obey. “I… Sir, I…”

“You will not come. If you do, I’ll spank your pussy raw. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Using every ounce of control she had, she clamped down, grimacing as she held back.

He flexed his fingers open, driving in harder and deeper as he lifted his head. “That’s it. Hold. Breathe for me. Watch my face and breathe.”

She pursed her mouth, panting in even breaths as she kept her eyes locked on to his face. The only thing she could do was listen to his voice and count. One. Two. Three…

“That’s it. Excellent. You will be rewarded later.” Standing, he eased her legs down, caressing one thigh then the other. “Excellent indeed.” He leaned over her, his hands on either side, his lips dangerously close to hers. “There will be a time you will come without stimulation just by hearing my voice, following my commands.”

As he pressed his lips against hers, his tongue darting just inside, she realized she’d never felt such joy.

Master Dominick French-kissed her for a full minute, his tongue exploring, his mouth opening and closing. When he eased back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he unfastened his belt.

Jenna enjoyed watching a man undress, but this man, her master had a way about his moves, so sensuous yet so intimidating. He knew what hold he had over her and she was in her own moment of bliss, uncaring about the rest of the world around her. When he was fully undressed, she was able to admire his form for a few seconds: broad shoulders, a full six-pack from days spent at the gym, a slender waist, and the most perfect set of thigh muscles she’d ever seen. Even his hands were muscular, his fingers long. Thoughts of her recent spankings kept her wet, in almost desperate need.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you more than I can explain.” He hovered over her, his muscles tense. “Touch me.”

She pressed her hands against his chest, rubbing up and down, her fingers tingling. For some crazy reason, tears formed in her eyes and she fought to keep them away. She was excited yet terrified of displeasing him, but the passion growing between them was powerful. He didn’t move as she continued her trek, allowing her hands to roam his stomach, fingering his dark pubic hair. The scent of this man alone was enough to make her crazy. “You’re so handsome, Sir.”

Another smile crossed his face, his forearms straining. Even the veins in his neck were pulsing as his heart beat faster, his chest rising and falling in a rapid manner.

With every caress, every brush of her fingertips, she purred, the sound floating between them. She held her breath when she reached for his cock, sliding one hand down his shaft and managing to cup his balls. With the other, she rubbed the tip of her index finger back and forth across his slit. She rolled his testicles between her fingers, squeezing until he moaned.

“You are a very bad girl for teasing me this way,” he whispered, dropping his head, his shoulders stiff.

She had difficulty controlling her own breathing as she brought her hand up his cock, twisting back and forth. His shaft was thick and hard, wider than she’d experienced, filling her hand. She was tingling, longing to have his dick in her mouth and she knew she would, when he commanded.

“I love the way you touch me. Soft. Gentle.” He tilted his head, his breathing rapid.

“I love touching you, Sir.” How could his ex-wife not want this man in any manner? He was exquisite, rock hard, and sexy as hell.

With one hand he lifted her arm, pulling her fingers away from his crotch. He repeated with the other arm, taking both of her wrists into one hand. “But now is my time.” Moving between her legs and spreading them open, he positioned the tip of his cock to her pussy, his eyes never leaving hers.

The moment he thrust the entire length of his cock inside, she jerked up as far as she could, her mouth all the way open in a strangled whimper.

“Yes!” He held the stance, his shaft buried deep inside, his lower lip quivering. “Feels so good.”

“Yes, Sir. Please, fuck me, Sir. Take me.” The words were so brazen yet so honest.

His entire face was pinched, sweat trickling down both sides. He pumped in even strokes, moving in and out, yet every plunge was more forceful than the one before, pushing her hard into the comforter.

Jenna wrapped one leg around his thigh, her mind reeling, pleasure rolling through her. He was so large, his girth filling her. As skin slapped against skin, the sound a powerful aphrodisiac, she let herself go, enjoyed being taken and ruled, owned by this man. This wonderful man.

He tossed his head back, a single growl permeating the air, as if he was announcing that she belonged to him, body and soul. There was nothing like the sound of a man in need, willing to take what he wanted. When he let go of her arms, he rolled her over, tugging her onto all fours.

“Oh!” The move was so unexpected that she whimpered. He wrapped his hand around her hair, yanking back her head, and smacked her ass several times. This time, the pain coursing through her was like a wildfire, sizzling her senses.

“Bad girl. My bad, bad girl.” He blazed his hand against her ass as he drove his cock inside, jutting his hips forward.

There was nothing like this, no words that could describe the intensity of the current rushing through her heart, capturing her breath. She simply closed her eyes and went along with the ride.

Master Dominick pumped in a crazed and savage fashion, thrusting so hard the headboard bounced against the wall and he refused to stop.

She moaned, clamping her pussy muscles, squeezing until he roared. And as his body began to shake uncontrollably, she clenched them again, smiling as her master exploded, filling her with his cum.

“Yes! Now, you belong to me.”

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