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Her Millionaire Master by Maria Monroe – Extended Preview

Her Millionaire MasterThe second he left Bella alone in his office he headed straight upstairs to the shower, where he ran the water hot and jerked off harder and faster than he ever had before. Fuck. Bella. That ass, so red from his hand and paddle. The way she stayed in position even though he knew it hurt her badly. How wet her pussy got, and how she’d writhed on his lap until she came when he spanked her between the legs. Goddamn. It was hot. She was hot. And that was a problem.

Kane liked clean lines. Everything organized and neat. When he played with women, it was clear from the beginning what kind of relationship they had. He spelled it out for them, that he wanted them submissive in the bedroom—or in his office—and there was pain but pleasure too. With Bella, though, it was supposed to be a punishment. There’d been no talk at all of sex, but she’d orgasmed anyway, even though she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it. It bothered him that their arrangement was changing without his consent or planning. What bothered him even more was how hard it got him, thinking about Bella getting off on her punishment. That was what he liked best when he was with women, the fact that they found pleasure in that fine line between passion and pain.

As Friday approached, he found himself thinking about Bella more and more, found himself looking forward to it. When the day finally rolled around, he was restless, counting down the hours, then minutes, until Bella’s approach. He didn’t like feeling this way; he was always able to get things and people out of his mind. But this was different. Disconcerting. And it pissed him off.

When she rang the doorbell at precisely seven p.m., he took his time opening the door, trying to fool himself into believing he wasn’t as eager to see her as he actually was. She was wearing a flimsy black skirt again—it might be the same one, he thought. The same worn shoes. A red V-neck button-down shirt, with her gorgeous round breasts peeking out at the top. Her blond hair was down, dancing around her shoulders. Beautiful, he thought, though he didn’t like the cheap clothes she wore. They made him inexplicably sad, an emotion he infrequently felt and had no use for, so he pushed it aside.

“Come in.” He ushered her inside, then continued down the hallway, assuming she would follow him immediately to his office.

She did. Once inside, he gestured at the couch. “Sit,” he ordered. “We’ll have a drink before we get started.”

“Oh, I don’t really want…”

“You do, though, Bella.”

She lowered her eyes to her hands, folded on her lap. Dominance surged through him, made him stronger. He liked that, the feeling of being in control. At the bar he put ice into two etched crystal glasses, then poured in some Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Nowhere near as good as the Mortlach she’d spilled, but good all the same. Very good.

He handed one glass to her, then sat in an armchair across from her. He lifted his glass in a silent toast, and she did the same. Then, simultaneously, they both sipped their drinks. He saw her grimace slightly, then swallow.

“Bella,” he said slowly, enjoying the way her eyes lifted to his, opening wider as he said her name.

“Kane,” she responded, her voice light. Her eyes. So blue. So deep.

“I want to talk about last time.”


“I want to know how it was for you.”

“How it was?”

He leaned forward in his chair. “All right, Bella. I’ll ask specific questions then. Did the spanking I gave you last Friday hurt?”

She nodded.

“Words, Bella.”

“Yes. It hurt,” she muttered, her cheeks turning a gorgeous pink as she uttered the words.

“Was it hard for you to hold still and stay in position?”

“Yes. I wanted to stop you. I wanted to reach behind. I wanted to get up and leave. I wanted to use my safeword.”

“But you didn’t.” He took another sip of the scotch, enjoying the way it warmed his mouth, his throat.


“Why not, Bella?”

“Because I agreed to the punishment. It was part of our deal.” She said it simply, as though it were an obvious answer.

He knew there was more to it, though. “What else? Tell me what else made you stay in place?”

Now her cheeks flushed even more, and she looked down.

“Why were your panties wet? So. Fucking. Wet.”

“I don’t know,” she whispered.

“I think you do. Tell me, Bella, why you came. On my lap. While I was spanking you.”

“I liked it,” she whispered, this time her voice so small he could barely hear her. “It hurt. A lot. But I liked it too.”

Fuck. That was exactly what he’d thought, and exactly what he didn’t want to hear. On the one hand, it turned him on. She was exactly what he liked in a woman. Innocent yet curious. Afraid yet turned on. Ready—wanting—to take things to new levels, higher heights. To discover. Experiment. Normally that was exactly what he looked for in a sub. Except this wasn’t a relationship. They weren’t even fucking. This was punishment, pure and simple. But now it wasn’t quite that simple anymore.

He took a deep breath and cleared his throat, trying to regain all of his composure. “Bella, you know that our agreement is that I punish you, correct? If you happen to experience pleasure, it’s a byproduct and unintentional. And I will work harder to make sure you feel more pain and less pleasure. Is that fair?”

“It’s fair, Kane, yes.”

“Good.” He took another sip. “Stand up, Bella. Take off all your clothes except your panties.”

“Yes, Kane.”

She was so obedient, he thought, as he watched her stand up and begin to unbutton her shirt. He could see her hands were shaky, trembling as she fumbled with the buttons. In his seat he shifted, his cock hardening even more as he watched her take off her clothes. She dropped her shirt to the floor, revealing her breasts, pushed up by a lacy and skimpy bra. Cheap looking, but still sexy. When she reached back to unclasp it, her breasts pushed forward, and he inhaled, fighting the urge to get up and go to her, to feel her nipples between his fingers, to flick them, tease them, bite them. They were hard and dark pink, and it took all his strength to stay still, to ignore his throbbing cock. She unzipped her skirt, pushing it down and off, and now she stood before him in only her panties, a lacy black pair that wouldn’t stay on for much longer.

“Good girl,” he said, standing up and taking two long strides until he stood directly in front of her. “I am going to see if your panties are wet already. Is that OK?” He stared into her blue eyes, daring her to say no.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“And what will I find when I touch you?” he whispered into her ear, smelling the sweet scent of her shampoo, wanting to kiss her soft skin but resisting. That’s not why she was here. Instead he pulled the elastic band of her panties gently so she took a step even closer to him.

“That I’m wet,” she murmured.

He pushed her legs apart, then reached two fingers between them, rubbing them against her pussy through her panties. The fabric was, indeed, warm and damp. He withdrew his hand and nodded at the bed. “Bend over the bed for me, Bella.”

Fear glinted in her eyes as she nodded, then walked to the bed and lay her top half on it. This, he thought. Bella bent over the bed, waiting for him to punish her, and soaking wet because of it. This was the hottest fucking thing ever. From behind she was gorgeous, her skin so pale. The way her ass stuck out at the end of the bed made him curse under his breath. And her hair, blond and thick and wavy. So soft. So smooth. Falling in waves over her shoulders and onto the red silk comforter beneath her.

He stalked to the bed so he was standing right behind her. He was wearing jeans with a belt, and a white dress shirt, unbuttoned. Bare feet.

“Bella,” he said, keeping his voice low but steady, “tell me what you hear.”

He unbuckled his belt, the frame and prong clinking against each other as he pulled it out through the belt loops of his jeans.

“Um, your belt? You’re taking off your belt?”

“Yes. I am. And what do you think I’m going to do with it, Bella?”

She gasped, a small sound, and tried to cover it with her arm. But he’d heard it. “Spank me with it?” she whispered.

“Ask me to.”

“Oh.” The syllable was filled with uncertainty, but she kept on. “Kane, please spank me with, um, your belt.”

He stood right behind her and, with his foot, pushed one of her feet farther apart from the other. He trailed the end of the belt up her right leg to her ass, then up her left leg the same way, watching her body shiver and twitch under the tickle of the leather. It would be doing a lot more than tickling in a few moments, he thought, as he took the end of the belt and held it with the buckled end in his fist. Doubled over, the belt would deliver a harsh spanking. It would hurt, he knew, and maybe this time Bella wouldn’t like it as much.

He raised his arm and brought the belt down, hard, on Bella’s pantied bottom.

“Ouch!” Bella jumped and grabbed her ass, the pain from the belt hitting her over her panties like nothing she’d felt before. It was worse—far worse—than the paddle last week.

“Back in place,” Kane said, his voice uncompromising and so calm it was almost vicious.

“Yes, Kane,” she whispered, spreading her legs once more and leaning back on the bed.

She promised herself she’d hold still, but when he brought the belt down a second time, it took all her focus not to spring back up again.

“Good girl,” he murmured, the belt biting into her ass once more.

“Oh, god, Kane,” she cried out.

“Does it hurt?” He spanked her again.

“Yes! Fuck!” she gasped, once again feeling the burn and sting of the belt.

“You’re going to get ten more for now. Will you hold still for me, Bella?”

“Yes,” she whimpered. Ten! She wasn’t sure she could last that long. But she had to try. And, like last time, despite the awful pain, her pussy was throbbing again, as though he were pleasuring her, not spanking her. It made no sense. Yet she couldn’t deny the sensation of desire that spiraled through her as she steadied her body and got ready for the spanking to continue.

The belt fell again and again, and each time Bella cried out, her voice mindlessly repeating “ow!” and “no!” and “please stop!” but never her safeword. Not now. Not yet.

“You’ve done well, Bella,” he said, gripping the elastic waist of her panties. “We’ll finish on your bare ass. Yes?”

No, every single cell in Bella screamed. But she forced herself not to shy away from his hands as they pulled her panties down. She had to bring her spread legs together to allow them off, but once they were, Kane roughly separated her legs once more with his hand.

“Five more, Bella. These will be hard.”

Like the others weren’t? She gripped handfuls of the red covers and braced herself, although she knew nothing in the world would get her truly ready for what was to come.

She was right. The bite of the leather on her bare ass made her whole body jerk, but somehow she managed to stay in place. It was hard to breathe though, and when Kane ran the belt gently over her burning ass, the anticipation, the not-knowing when he would strike again was just as bad—almost—as the pain itself.

The second lash of the belt fell lower, right where her ass met her thighs, and she cried out. “Ow! Kane! Please!”

Without responding, he gave her the third one, a little higher, and she wiggled on the bed, finding it almost impossible not to jump up and just leave. Walk out of the house. End it right then.

The fourth and fifth were quick, one right after the other, and these brought tears to her eyes, her entire body shaking from the pain and the effort not to move out of position. But quickly the pain faded into an intense but manageable burn. Her head stayed down on the bed as she gulped for breath. Oh, god, that hurt. More than she had thought it would. More than she’d thought she could take. But she’d done it. She felt strangely proud. And like last week, there was no denying the tingle between her legs. How was it possible, she wondered again, that something that hurt so much could make her so turned on? It was all of it, she knew—the pain, but also the fact that she was doing what Kane told her to. She didn’t have to. She chose to. And that was overwhelmingly alluring to her.

Kane’s hand massaged her burning cheeks, and she jumped at the sting. “It hurts,” he said, a statement, not a question.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“It’s so red, Bella. You took the first part of tonight’s punishment very well.”

Bella’s heart sank at the confirmation that this had just been part of her punishment for the evening. She’d guessed more was coming. But could she handle it on her already very raw bottom?

“The problem,” Kane continued, moving his hand lower so his fingers dipped between her legs just for a second, then moved back to her butt again, “is that your ass is so red already. I have a firm rule that I will never break the skin. And your skin, Bella, is so very delicate. I’m worried about doing too much damage.”

Thank god, thought Bella. She knew she deserved the punishment, but she wouldn’t argue with getting off easy. She hadn’t expected such compassion from Kane, but it warmed her heart to see it. Her body relaxed into the silky bedding beneath her. Until Kane spoke again.

“I have an… alternate punishment in mind. I’ve punished your beautiful ass on the outside. Now I’ll do the same to the inside.”

The inside? What was he talking about? Bella’s body tensed up at his words, because in the back of her mind she was pretty sure she knew exactly what he had in mind.

“Stand up, Bella,” he said, and she did, watching as he headed to one of the drawers and pulled out two items. As he came closer, she saw what they were, and her heart thudded in her chest. He had a small purple bottle of what she was pretty sure was lube. Which was good, since he was also holding a long silver object. It was shiny, five silver balls in consecutively larger sizes fastened firmly together.

Kane stood in front of her, a dark smile on his face. “Do you know what this is, Bella?” he asked, holding up the silver object.

Though she’d never seen one in person before, Bella knew enough to answer. “Um, a plug?”

“Yes. Butt plug. Anal plug,” he said casually. “Have you ever used one before?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Have you ever had your asshole filled or fucked in any way before?”

The word fucked, for some reason, made her blush hard. It sounded so nasty the way he’d just said it. “No. I’ve never done anything there… no.”

“Some women,” said Kane, “find the sensation quite pleasurable. Others find it painful. And some enjoy both sensations.”

Bella stared at the shiny plug in his hand. It had a base that would allow Kane to grip it, control it. And then there were the five balls. The first was relatively small, maybe half an inch in diameter. The size of each increased, and the biggest, she estimated with horror, was probably one and a half inches wide. In its entirety it was probably eight inches long.

“The second part of your punishment tonight is this plug. I intend to insert it all the way into your ass, Bella. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” It wasn’t possible. This couldn’t be happening. Except it was. Kane stood in front of her holding it in one hand. He exuded power and dominance, from the hard set of his scruffy jaw to the tight line of his mouth, from his ripped chest showing between the fabric of his unbuttoned shirt to the wide stance of his legs. And his eyes, dark brown and piercing.

“Lie on your back on the bed, Bella.”

“Oh,” she murmured, her body shaky—but still, amazingly, turned on—as she did as she instructed.

“Good girl. Now part your legs, bring your knees up to your chest, and hold your ankles.”

Oh, god. She did it, aware that her pussy and asshole were on full display for him now. Why couldn’t he do this with her bent over something, so at least she could hide her face and her embarrassment? But the look in his eyes told her he was enjoying this, that having her so open in this manner was part of her punishment.

As if reading her thoughts, Kane said, “I want to see your face when I’m filling your tight ass with this plug, Bella. I want to see your face when you’re asking me to do it.”

She squeezed her eyes shut tight. Maybe she could just pretend this wasn’t happening until it was over.

But Kane had other plans. “Open your eyes, Bella.”

She did, just in time to see him kneel down between her wide-spread legs, a smile—dangerously close to a smirk—on his face. Roughly he pushed her legs apart farther. Then he gently touched her slick folds, putting just the tip of his finger inside her pussy.

“You’re so wet,” he mused. “This is almost enough lubrication for your ass right here.” She felt the cold tip of the plug against her pussy lips, and she jumped. He pushed the first ball into her pussy.

Despite her fear and humiliation, she moaned at the sensation. The truth was, if he asked to fuck her right now, she’d be unable to refuse. He was so big and scary, but she knew that if he chose to, he could give her untold pleasure. Except that wasn’t what the punishment was about. She knew it. Kane, as if reminding himself as well, put the plug down on the bed and picked up the lube.

He squirted some on his finger, then she felt his finger touch her asshole.

“No,” she moaned, against her will, as he worked just the tip of his finger into the puckered opening. “Please, no.”

“Look at me.” Kane’s words were harsh, low.

Bella complied, her eyes filled with humiliation. She looked at Kane’s face as he inserted his finger a little farther. His eyes were smoldering, and the embarrassment and the shock of the invasion made her clench her muscles hard around the tip of his finger.

“You’re so tight,” Kane growled. “If you fight it, it’s going to hurt more.”

Bella breathed in deeply, trying to relax her body. Kane’s finger moved farther inside her, and she moaned in discomfort and humiliation, but also, if she were being honest, in desire. Spread open for him like this, with his finger invading her ass, she was at his mercy, completely and totally. Her pussy throbbed at the thought, new wetness coating her already slick folds.

He removed his finger, then picked up the plug and held it up so Bella could see it better. “We’ll go as slow as we need to, Bella. But we won’t be done tonight until every single inch of this plug is inside your ass. Do you understand?”

“Oh, god,” she moaned. “Yes. I understand.” All of it? There was no way. Still, her clit responded almost immediately to the thought, yearning for just one touch.

“Good. Now ask me, please, Bella, to use the plug on you.”

No. She couldn’t. She shook her head as she looked into Kane’s dark eyes. His face was hard, stern. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

With a gulp of breath, she opened her mouth. “Kane, please put the, um, plug in my ass.”

“All of it, Bella?” he asked, faking surprise.

She blushed even harder. “All of it, please.”

“Let’s begin.” Kane picked up the lube again and squirted some directly onto her tight asshole. As he lifted the plug from the bed, Bella had to fight her urge to squeeze her eyes shut tight again. He wouldn’t let her.

She moaned in dismay as the cold metal touched the outside of her asshole. Kane wiggled it against her, pushing it gently and then, with one quick motion, he popped the first small ball inside her.

“Oh!” she cried out, less in pain than in surprise. She closed her legs tightly together, as if that would stop the strange sensation of something being inside her bottom, but Kane wouldn’t have that.

“Keep them open, Bella. Stay in position.”

“Yes. Sorry, Kane,” she muttered, opening them wide once more.

He started to turn the plug around in circles, so the first small metal ball of the plug rotated inside her. Then, before she knew what was happening, he pulled it out and pushed it back in again, quickly.

“Ah!” she moaned.

For a few minutes he played with the first ball, twisting it and moving it in and out. He made her look into his eyes, which served to increase her humiliation. It was almost a relief when he said, “Are you ready for the second ball, Bella?”

Was she ready? No. Never. But what choice did she have. “Yes,” she finally whispered.

Kane placed his left hand on her right hip and, with his right hand, he gripped the base of the plug again. “Relax, Bella. Push out a bit and it will go in easier. You can resist, but that will make it hurt more. And no matter how long it takes, this entire plug will be inside you tonight.”

Again, Bella moaned, the sensation of the plug pushing farther into her ass and the embarrassment of allowing Kane to do this so much to bear. But, like always with Kane, her pussy was throbbing too, despite everything. As soon as the second ball was firmly inside her, Kane played with the plug again, twisting it around, pulling it out and pushing it back in again. The widest parts of the balls were the most uncomfortable, so it was almost a relief when they sank back in again. But that resulted in a full feeling, which was made even worse if she clenched her cheeks around the metal, so she tried to hold her ass as still as possible.

“Next one,” said Kane. “Actually, next two. I want you to take them both, one right after the other. Yes?”

“Yes,” she murmured, but she wasn’t at all sure she could do it. For a second she braced herself, then she remembered Kane’s warning that if she fought it, it would hurt even more. As difficult as it was, she relaxed her body.

“Eyes on me, Bella.”

Oh, god. It was even worse to have to look into the eyes of the person who was torturing her. Though she wasn’t sure if torturing was the right word at all, when her pussy was clearly enjoying this, despite the pain and discomfort.

She watched his face as she felt the next ball push in, slowly and steadily, stretching her so wide she groaned before it sank in. But before she had a chance to relax and get used to the sensation, the next one was coming. Kane held the widest part of this ball in her entrance for a brief time, keeping her delicate hole stretched for several long moments before finally letting it, too, slide the rest of the way in. His nostrils flared as he settled the ball all the way inside her.

Bella felt so filled, so full, and that feeling was making her clit throb. She was dying for Kane to touch it. Just once. Once was probably all it would take to put her over the edge. But she knew Kane wasn’t here to give her pleasure. This was a punishment, and even though her body was betraying her, letting Kane know exactly how much she was turned on, this wasn’t about her getting off.

“How does that feel, Bella?” he asked, his brown eyes finding hers.

“I don’t know,” she said, and it was the truth.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not exactly. It feels different. Full. It hurts when you put them in, though.”

“And take them out?” he asked, gripping the plug’s base and pulling out the fourth ball, then shoving it back in again.

“Yes! Oh, god, yes! That does hurt,” she whimpered.

“Good. Except,” Kane murmured, brushing a finger over her soaking wet pussy, “it seems as though you’re enjoying this. Are you, Bella?”

“I don’t know,” she repeated. “A little. Yes.”

“Let’s see if you enjoy the last ball inside you. Shall we?”

No! “Yes.”

“Make sure you’re holding tight to your ankles,” he directed her. “And relax yourself.”


She felt the pressure immediately, the biggest ball trying to push its way past the tight entrance to her hole. “No, Kane. I can’t,” she moaned, the stretching almost unbearable.

“You will,” he murmured, continuing to press it in.

“Oh, no, please,” she moaned as the ball continued. It was at its widest part now, and Kane held it there, stretching her for a few seconds. Then he sank it inside her, the other balls pushing their way farther too.

Bella’s breathing was coming in gasps, and she felt lightheaded with the sensation.

“Breath. Nice and slow. Relax.” Kane’s voice reached her ears, vibrating warmly, and she listened to his words. “Take some deep breaths, Bella.”

She did, allowing her body to relax around the balls.

“Very good, Bella,” he said now, and she opened her eyes, realizing she’d closed them when the biggest ball went in. And Kane had let her keep them closed. “You’re doing quite well.”

She couldn’t speak, but she moaned lightly, writhing slightly on the bed. She watched as he brought his hand to his mouth, licking his index and middle finger, then bringing them lower and lower, moving them between her legs. Was he going to touch her? She’d come in a second. Would he allow her to? Could she hold back if he said no?

Slowly, he touched her engorged clit, and her whole body shook, her muscles contracting hard around the plug inside her. He dipped his fingertips into her wetness, then moved them back to her clit, which he began to massage.

Bella moaned, her body on the edge. “I’m going to come, Kane,” she murmured, a warning, so he wouldn’t get mad if she did.

“I know.” His voice was so low, his eyes so intense.

So she let herself go. In seconds her body was flying, the orgasm that had been building, slowly, all night long finally taking over, lifting her high and dropping her. She screamed out as she climaxed, as her body contracted and loosened over and over again. Good lord. She’d do anything for this feeling. It was like a drug. She was addicted. And if a punishment was the way to get this high, she’d take it, again and again and again.

On some level she felt Kane removing the plug, felt a warm towel cleaning her, but she was too out of it to register the details. All she knew was that she’d never felt anything this good.

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