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Mine: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“By introducing you to my belt.”

His words echoed in my mind, over and over again, and I couldn’t make them stop.

What panties was I even wearing? I knew they weren’t mine. My clothing from the other day had seemingly disappeared, including my dirty underwear, leaving me with the pretty lacey numbers I’d found in the closet upstairs.

Pink lace, I remembered. Strappy and sexy enough to make me wonder who they’d belonged to before me. My heart squeezed painfully in my chest. Was I just another girl whose throat he’d shoved his cock down? Were there other women? Why did I care?

I closed my eyes and tried to quell the rising panic in me. Why wasn’t I fighting harder? Why was my body at war with my mind over this? My pussy tensed, anticipating him inside me, and when his fingers traced down beneath the strings of my panties, every muscle in my body tightened along with it.

There was no stopping what came next.

With one firm yank, he tore through the strap at the side of my panties and then ripped through the other. He jerked the fabric away from my body, revealing my pussy to his view an instant later. I cried out and fought for everything that I was worth.

With embarrassing ease, he pinned my wrists behind my back. My leggings tangled around my knees, preventing me from kicking effectively. Bent over the couch like this, I was in no position to get back up, especially when he adjusted me forward just enough that my toes lifted right up off the floor.

I’d never felt so helpless and little in my life.

And now he can see your pussy.

I squeezed my eyes shut again as shame raced through me in spades. No man had ever laid eyes on my naked pussy before, and it felt even more embarrassing to realize that this wasn’t even for sex, although maybe that would come, but for a spanking with my godfather’s belt.

He was looking at my pussy because I’d pushed him, because I needed to be punished and we both knew it.

My pussy clenched hard, and a drop of arousal rolled down my thighs, making me exceedingly aware of something else for the first time.

I was wet.

Not just a little wet either, but soaking wet. The kind of wet that would make my pussy and my inner thighs glisten.

The kind of wet I can’t even hope to hide…

“We could talk about this,” I protested, pressing my inner thighs together as if it could help, even though I knew it was useless to even try.

My heart hammered in my chest, and my skin grew a bit clammy. It was almost as if I could feel the weight of his stare on my bare skin, that he was looking directly in between my legs at every one of my most private of places and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

“It’s too late for that, little girl,” he declared, and with a loud whoosh, he pulled his belt free from his slacks. I turned my head, watching him as he folded it in half and held the buckle in his hand.

This wasn’t a fantasy anymore.

This was real.

As much as I could try to struggle and escape this, I knew it was futile. He was so much bigger and stronger than me, leaving me at a distinct disadvantage. Even if I did manage to escape him, where would I go? I didn’t have a passport or money or any way to get back home to Pennsylvania. I was trapped here.

But if I didn’t find a way to stop this, I was going to get a spanking with a belt for the very first time in my life. It didn’t matter whether I wanted it or not. I was going to get it.

“Please, godfather. I’ll do what you say,” I protested, thinking that it was potentially possible to negotiate my way out of this. Maybe he would realize that he’d already pushed far enough, that maybe he shouldn’t have fucked my mouth and maybe I shouldn’t have wanted him to either.

Maybe he’d realize this was wickedly wrong and he’d put a stop to this whole thing.

Then again, maybe he wouldn’t…

That’s what you want, isn’t it, you little slut?

“You will, and you’ll do what I tell you with a bright red ass, Maci-girl,” he declared, and my heart pounded that much faster. Even though he had a firm hold of my wrist, I tried to reach back and cover myself, but my hand barely moved an inch before he yanked it right back.

“I’ll stay here with you,” I continued, and he chuckled softly.

“You’ll do that too. It doesn’t matter if I need to belt this defiant little ass of yours every day, little girl. You’re not in charge anymore. Now, you belong to me,” he stated, his voice rumbling with heat.

“You don’t need to use your belt,” I whimpered.

“From now on, I’m going to be the one to decide what you need, Maci, and you’ve needed the belt for a long time, ever since that day I dropped you off at your house after bailing you out of fucking jail,” he murmured, and my stomach dropped to the tips of my toes.

“Please,” I tried one last time, but he didn’t listen. Instead, he whipped the belt across my bare cheeks.

I wasn’t prepared for that first strike. I wasn’t even remotely ready for it.

A line of liquid fire arced across both cheeks and stole my breath away. Raw, stinging pain radiated from that first blow, intensifying with every passing second as I felt the resulting welt rise on my skin. A soft gasp escaped my lips, and I clamped them together, vowing to myself that I needed to stay quiet.

That I wasn’t going to let him know how much the belt stung.

This was a spanking. Nothing more than that. A childish punishment, and I was a grown woman. I could take a belting, and I’d survive it. Hell, it might even make me stronger.

Mustering as much defiance as I could, I lifted my chin with a huff, only to be punished with another harsh crack of the belt. I swallowed back a cry as every muscle in my body tensed with pain before a third lash whipped across both cheeks.

I could take this.

The belt bit into my cheeks several more times before something unexpected started to brew deep in my belly. After every stinging lash, each wave of pain was inevitably followed by another much stronger one of pleasure.

I couldn’t be enjoying this… right?

Even as I asked myself the question, my pussy spasmed as the belt cracked against my bare cheeks. Another drop of arousal rolled down my inner thighs. With another swing of the belt, the chilly air rushed over my wetness, making me keenly aware of every square inch of it.

My face heated with shame. I shouldn’t like this. This was cruel, abusive even, but somehow still my body wanted it in some way.

Then my belting truly started.

I had thought he was using it harshly before. I thought each lash hurt. What came next made me realize how thoroughly gentle he’d been so far.

The next lash made me cry out.

The belt whipped across my bottom firmly and far more quickly than before. He lashed from the tops of my cheeks all the way down to the middles of my thighs, which I swiftly learned stung more than all the rest.

I tried to stay quiet.

I couldn’t.

Honestly, I only managed to stay quiet for, at most, a few more lashes before my cries echoed off the walls. He didn’t slow down once that began either.

In fact, the belt started falling that much faster.

It whipped the lower curve of my cheeks so thoroughly that I keened, the sting almost more than I could bear. The tip of the belt cut through the air again and again. I could feel the welts rising from every lash, burning hotter and hotter as my whipping went on and on for what felt like forever.

He thrashed me so thoroughly that my eyes started to water, and I started begging for mercy.

“Please,” I pleaded, my voice breaking with emotion.

“I’m not through with you,” he demanded, and another strike of the belt cracked against my bare cheeks.

I didn’t care that he could see my pussy. I didn’t care that I was probably wetter than before. I just wanted the belting to stop.

“Please, Nikolaos,” I begged.

“Address me properly when I’m taking my belt to your bare ass,” he growled.

“Please, sir,” I whimpered, but my spanking didn’t end there. Instead, he focused solely on my upper thighs, and the true gravity of how little control I had right now hit me.

This wasn’t going to end when I wanted it to. It was already far past that. Now, it was only going to stop when he’d decided I’d had enough and not a moment before.

I was completely powerless.

A fresh wave of panic spiraled through me, and I struggled hard, but with the belt falling and his thorough hold on me, I couldn’t escape even a single lash.

I couldn’t make this stop.

He’s in control, and that’s what’s making your little pussy so fucking wet right now.

I wailed as my pussy tightened, my abs clenching with desire. My eyes watered, and I tried to blink my tears away.

“You’re going to let me take care of you, aren’t you, Maci-girl?” he asked, his voice dangerously dark.

“Yes, sir,” I wailed. I rocked my hips back and forth, and the belt bit down right on the fullest part, causing a surge of desire to race through my core.

“Good. Now I’m going to finish your belting and make sure you never forget that,” he declared, and my stomach launched right up into my throat. Nervous anxiety roiled through me, but there was no time to think as that terrible leather strap truly began to punish me.

There was nothing other than my bare ass and his belt, nothing more in the world besides the two of us right now.

Every welt burned with fiery agony. My entire ass felt like it had been stung by a thousand needles or like I had sat straight down in a fire. I whimpered when one strike bit right underneath my right ass cheek and a matching one followed on the other side.

Pain twisted with pleasure, and I lost myself for a moment, freefalling in a place of helplessness with no end in sight.

With every lash, I cried out.

Soon my cries became sobs, and before I could do anything to stop them, tears were rolling down my cheeks. My body shook as I slumped over the couch, and my back arched, presenting myself for his punishment as much as I could in hopes he would grant me mercy.

He did not.

He whipped my bottom with the belt six more times, ensuring that every inch of my ass was thoroughly scalded before he was finally through with me.

When he was done, he tossed the belt beside me on the couch, and my tearful eyes stared right at it.

The black leather was well worn, and if I’d had the balls, I would have reached out and touched it. The scent of real leather wafted over to me, and for a moment, I could hardly believe that such an innocent thing could be so utterly painful.

His hand reached out, tracing along the lines of a single welt, closer and closer to the cleft of my ass and then down further still, all the way until he was mere inches away from my slit.

He didn’t stop there.

His fingers journeyed further still until they brushed against the arousal between my thighs.

“You’re soaking wet, Maci-girl. You enjoyed this, didn’t you?” he observed, and I gasped, trying to get ahold of myself even through my tears.

“No,” I breathed.

“Don’t lie to me,” he warned, and my pussy clenched so hard that my hips rocked. He dragged his touch back and forth as I slowly tried to gain control of myself. I blinked quickly, my tears slowly drying on my cheeks.

“I wasn’t…”

“Hush and take your fucking like a good girl,” he growled.

My fucking…

Oh my god, this was really happening. This wasn’t just happening in my head anymore. This was real.

Yes, sir,” I whispered.

Drawing in several ragged breaths, I listened to the rustle of fabric behind me, and then his cock was pressed up against my virgin entrance. The heat of it felt like a fire brand against my naked flesh, and my hips bucked against him almost as if my body was seeking him out. I drew my lower lip in between my teeth and nibbled it.

I should have told him I was innocent, that no man had ever touched me, but I kept silent because a tiny piece of me wanted him to fuck me and thought that if I did tell him, he might decide not to.

I didn’t want that.

I didn’t say a word as his hands released my wrists and wrapped around my hips.

With his first thrust, I screamed.

The head of his cock pistoned right through my virgin barrier, and a flash of pain seared through me so intensely that my vision wavered and turned white. I keened and my entire body froze up, overwhelmed from the stinging agony burning through every inch of me.

Slowly, he pulled out and paused.

“You’re a virgin,” he murmured, his voice laced with shock.

“Yes,” I whispered in return. There was no denying it now. Not when he’d taken it for himself. Hell, my virgin blood was probably slickening his cock right now.

He thrust into me again, and my pussy pinched tight, but his movements were slow, almost gentle even, gradually using my body as the pain from the taking of my virginity started to fade only to be replaced with something that much hotter.

My abs clenched and every nerve in my body began to tingle, demanding more, wanting more, needing more.

“We shouldn’t…” I whispered.

“This sweet little pussy is so very tight,” he murmured, and my cheeks flushed bright red just as my pussy clenched around his thick length. Every thrust was painful, stretching me painfully wide, and I gasped, my fingers digging into the couch cushions as I tried to hold on.

“Sir,” I breathed, but with every inch of his cock, my protests grew weaker and weaker. In no more than a few moments, my words died on the tip of my tongue and pleasure steamrolled through me with a vicious force.

Fuck. He was so big that my pussy could hardly take it.

“Please,” I begged, fully tipping over the edge into the world of desire. My hips arched back, and I took him a bit deeper now. His slow, leisurely thrusts began to gradually pick up speed, possessing more and more of my body with every stroke.

I began to enjoy it.

Far more than I thought I should…

Each inch of his cock sunk into me, grinding against a place deep inside me that drove me crazy with need, and I pulled in a shaky breath. His hands gripped my hips tighter, and I whimpered, feeling my core squeeze hard. My inner walls gripped at him, trying to pull him in at the same time that they tried to push him out.

This felt far better than it should.

Everything in my head was fighting against it, but my body was already on the precipice of something truly great. My fingers and my toes curled. My back arched, and his cock sunk inside me that much deeper until my world felt like it was practically vibrating.

I shouldn’t like this. I shouldn’t want to come with my godfather’s cock deep inside my pussy.

But even I knew that I was fighting against the inevitable.

He slapped my right ass cheek, and my clit pulsed hard. My thighs began to tremble, and I keened, trying to fight the rising wave of pleasure, but it was useless.

I felt like a freight train about to barrel off its tracks, like I was going to lose control at any given moment and there was nothing I could do about it.

Desire simmered through me, ready to boil over, and I finally gave in completely.

My orgasm crashed into me like a tidal wave. Pleasure wove its way through the strands of my every nerve, fraying me at the seams and tearing me apart from the inside out. With a keening cry, I arched back as he thrust into me. With every savage stroke of his cock, he possessed my body more completely than I could have ever known.

I writhed beneath him, rocking my hips back and forth as he fucked me. With my head in the clouds, there wasn’t much I could do other than take every last ounce of pleasure he forced upon me, and then some. Passionate need surged within me, an intoxicating current that seemed to consume every fiber of my being. It was an electric rush, igniting my senses and leaving me breathless, my heart racing in tandem with the fiery intensity of my desires.

I surrendered to the sweet torment of passion that enveloped every inch of me from my head all the way to my toes. Swept away by the current, I soared as exquisite bliss burned through me in one wave after another. My pussy spasmed around his cock, and he groaned, letting me know without a doubt that he could feel it.

My cheeks burned, but I was too caught up in ecstasy to give it any thought.

“Did you come good and hard for me, Maci-girl?”

“Yes,” I breathed, my face blazing with shame. I stared down into the couch cushions as he pushed in and out of my body, taking me as he saw fit. My heart hammered in my chest and my blood rushed through my ears. A sheen of sweat glistened on my skin as I drew in one ragged breath after another, and I closed my eyes, just trying to gather myself as the seconds ticked by.

“Good, but you should know I’m far from through with you. You’re mine now, and I’ll fuck you as hard as you need to be fucked, needy girl,” he threatened, and my body came alive at the same time that my nerves clenched up tight. I opened my mouth to protest, but he thrust into me so hard that my body jerked forward from the force of it.

Oh fuck.

“I’ve been gentle with you so far,” he purred, and the sound of his voice rolled down my spine like a cool drink of water.

“Please,” I pleaded, feeling the need to beg for mercy from whatever came next without even knowing what it was.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I’m through with being gentle,” he rasped, and he slammed into me with vicious force. My pussy still burned from his massive size, but it hurt more now that he was fucking me this hard.

Wait. He’s been wanting me this whole time, too?

The cadence of his thrusts quickly spiraled into something brutally vicious. He fucked me so hard that he threw me into another mercilessly hard orgasm in moments rather than minutes.

I screamed through it, but I also came harder than I’d ever come in my life. I came undone, the threads of my soul unraveling one by one.

In that moment, time itself seemed to stand still as I lost myself in the whirlwind of sensations. His touch was both a torment and a lifeline, each caress setting my skin ablaze and sending shivers of pleasure cascading down my spine.

My breaths came in ragged gasps, and I clung onto the couch as if it was my anchor in a stormy sea. My heart pounded, the rhythm matching the tempo of his thrusts. Before I knew what was happening, my eyes were rolling back in my head and my legs were quivering with white hot euphoria.

Holy shit.

I’d never come more than once before, and now I was coming for a third time, and there seemed to be no end in sight.

A lightning bolt of pleasure cracked through me as every muscle in my body froze up with heated bliss.

My head soared up into the clouds, lost in a veritable web of sensation that struck down deep into the pit of my soul. By the time I came down, every inch of me was shaking and I couldn’t make it stop.

He didn’t slow down either.

My fucking continued with ruthless vigor, and I realized with a panicked gasp that he hadn’t come yet. In fact, he didn’t even seem close.

“Sir, please,” I begged.

“I’m enjoying myself, Maci-girl.”

His cock dove in and out of my pussy, slamming deep inside me. The initial burn from his taking had faded, leaving nothing more than mind-numbing pleasure and the residual burning stretch of his thick girth inside of me. My nipples pebbled, still safely encased in my bra, and then he slammed into me one last time viciously hard before he pulled out.

“You’re not on birth control, are you?” he asked, his tone a bit annoyed.

“No…” I wailed.

His hands left my hips and one of them closed over the back of my neck. I cried out as he lifted me off the sofa. Before I knew what was happening, he’d placed me back on my knees.

“Open your mouth. You’re going to suck my cock and swallow everything I give you,” he demanded.

My eyes glanced down at the swollen red beast right in front of me. It seemed even larger than before, and I pulled away before I realized what I was doing. Using his body, he pinned me against the couch. With the back of my head flush against it, his cock seemed even more imposing up close, and I shook my head.

“Be a good girl. And. Open. Your. Mouth,” he growled, and I shivered with nervous arousal. I tried to sit back, but there was nowhere for me to go. I was trapped by his cock, and it jumped right in front of my face as I glared up at him.

“You’re an asshole,” I snarled.

“You can either open your mouth, or I can whip that freshly fucked pussy with my belt. Your choice, Maci-girl,” he barked.

I gritted my teeth before doing as he bade me, but I scowled back at him with as much spite as I could muster.

My clit throbbed like it had its very own heartbeat the whole fucking time.

The tip of his cock slid into my mouth, dragged against my tongue, and pressed against the back of my throat.

I gagged, but he didn’t pull back this time. He just let me suffer as he fucked my mouth much more savagely than he had the first time.

I tried to push back against his thighs, but with my body up against the couch, there was nowhere for me to go, and he knew it. Eventually, he pulled back a bit and let me gather myself, but that period of time was unmercifully short. Then he thrust back inside of me and pushed the tip of his cock past the barrier of my throat, and I gagged again.

He didn’t care.

He just fucked my face.

Every thrust was rough. He gave me no time to gather myself, simply stroking his cock in and out of my mouth like I was just some fuck toy, and my pussy burned with need because of it.

The taste of myself was rife along his thick length. Sweet and tangy and slightly metallic from my virgin blood. I blushed hard, thoroughly ashamed at such a wicked thing.

He fucked my throat hard enough to leave it sore in mere minutes, then he fucked it some more. His hand wound down to grasp the back of my throat as he took what he wanted and then some, possessing me so completely that I knew I would never be the same after this.

Soon, my panic started to well up inside of me. I pushed a bit harder against his thighs, but it accomplished nothing.

He still fucked my face anyway.

My eyes watered and spittle dripped down my chin.

“Play with your clit while I fuck your face. I’m not going to come until you do,” he said darkly, and in that moment, there was no room for hesitation or doubt. I just gave into the intoxicating blend of passion and surrender that enveloped me.

If he wanted a wild filly, I’d give him one.

I reached down between my legs and started at what I found. The wetness there was seeping down my inner thighs. My fingers glided along my arousal, and I sucked in a breath, trying to swirl my tongue around his dick at the same time. I choked, and he thrust into me a bit more viciously, but then my fingertips danced across my clit, and a magical sheen of pleasure pierced straight through me.

My sensitive little bundle of nerves was really hard beneath my fingers. Using the flats of two fingers, I circled over my clit as he fucked my face, moving faster and faster until I was on the edge of climax once more. Gagging, I tried to open my throat as he pushed past the back of it again and again, but it was difficult to concentrate on his cock when my fingers were between my own thighs.

I knew how to touch myself. My fingers worked faster and faster as he pistoned into my mouth, taking me like I was his with a vicious fervor. I choked and gagged, but he didn’t slow down, and I eventually figured out a rhythm for breathing that timed with the rough cadence of his thrusts.

The room was filled with the heady scent of our passion, a blend of sweat and desire that hung thick in the air.

My thighs pressed together, my fingers moved faster, and all of a sudden, the tidal wave of pleasure was almost more than I could bear. It slammed down over me and swept me away in an instant.

As I surrendered to the overwhelming pleasure, my heart raced in concert with the rhythm of our bodies. I clung to him, lost in the tempest of our passion, unable to find solid ground. I drowned in the depths of sensation, my body writhing as he fucked my mouth and groaned.

That guttural, masculine noise was like a siren’s call, drawing me deeper into the whirlpool of pleasure. It was the sound of his own desire, his hunger, and his devotion, all rolled into one intoxicating melody that echoed through the depths of my soul, leaving me utterly captivated and consumed by him.

His cock jerked faster into my mouth, owning my throat, once and for all. His grip on the back of my throat tightened as he fucked me, surging deep inside with one final thrust.

His cock throbbed on my tongue.

Oh fuck. He was about to come in my mouth.

I wasn’t ready for it, but he wasn’t waiting for me. Instead, his seed spurted into the back of my throat, filling it up and choking me. Left with no choice, I swallowed everything that I could, even as his come was still surging against my tongue.

My own orgasm burned on, taking me by storm and refusing to let me go. As I submitted to the overwhelming waves of passion, I felt a fiery intensity coursing through my veins, igniting every nerve ending in my body. The sensation was all-consuming, a relentless blaze that left me breathless and trembling. My heart raced in time with the electrifying rhythm of our bodies, each beat urging me further into the abyss of ecstasy.

His hands on the back of my neck, his cock pressed deep into my throat, it was as if we had become one, our souls entwined in a passionate dance. I clung to him desperately, breathing through my nose as my nails dug into his thighs and I arched into his touch, craving more of the intense pleasure that he effortlessly delivered.

The world around us faded into obscurity, and there was only the two of us, lost in a realm of sensation and desire.

By the time my orgasm ended, a burning tingly numbness reigned over my body.

Slowly, he pulled his cock free from my mouth and pulled me up by the back of my neck to my feet. My dress fell back into place, covering me at least for the moment.

I wavered back and forth, dizzy with pleasure, and he held me steady for a moment as he stared into my eyes. His other hand reached around to cup my cheek.

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