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Mine to Hold: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“Are you ready to tell me the truth, little girl?”

I quivered at the intention in his voice. I opened my mouth and the door opened again. His men filed in, lining up against the wall in silence with all their eyes directed on me. It was unnerving, embarrassing, and my clit throbbed with aching desire as if to spite me.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered softly.

He grasped the necklace off the table, kneeling before me and clasping it around my neck. He centered the pendant, pressing it gently against my skin.

“This color is becoming on you,” he observed. When he stood up, he towered over me. The dichotomy between us made me tremble and I licked my lips. His presence consumed me. I took a deep breath, the understated scent of his cologne driving me wild with desire. It was spiced, with hints of ginger, nutmeg, and orange along with the smokiness of an oak barrel-aged bourbon.

He smelled like a man and I couldn’t help but breathe it in again.

“Thank you,” I replied. I looked up to see him peering down at me for a long moment before he returned to his chair. He was still directly in front of me, but his scent no longer surrounded me, and the heady feeling of his nearness was lessened, but only by a little.

He crossed his legs and folded his hands in his lap, waiting for me to begin.

“I didn’t know it was a safehouse, at not least until I got inside,” I started. “My phone is in my backpack. Check the front pocket.”

Jon gestured to his men and one of them carried my bag over to him. He slowly unzipped it and reached inside it. He pulled out my smartphone and he glanced up at me.

“I swear that I didn’t know anything about the house belonging to the Montagna family. I researched before I went in, and the deed indicated that it was owned by a rich family that went by the name Jones. I broke in just thinking they were away on vacation. That’s all. You’ll find all my notes in a folder I keep on there,” I explained, pointing to the phone with my chin.

He glanced down at it and slid his finger across the surface.


“Zero, seven, six, five,” I answered. I chewed my lip, watching as he tapped the screen. For a few minutes, he was quiet as he searched through it. I knew what he’d find inside it. I’d taken pictures of the blueprints. I’d saved satellite images of the property, along with everything I could find about its history. There would be pictures I took myself of the mansion and of possible entry points when I’d scouted the place out more than a week ago. Eventually, he put my phone aside and leveled me with a stern glare.

“Who hired you?”

“I don’t reveal my clients,” I whispered nervously, and his eyes narrowed. I bravely lifted my chin, but I lost my nerve when his gaze darkened.

“You will to me,” he pushed resolutely. There was no room for negotiation in his voice and my core tightened at the hidden threat.

“He’ll kill me,” I pleaded. I wasn’t certain that it was true, but I wanted to try anyway.

“I will protect you. Give me the name of the man who hired you, little girl. Don’t make me tell you again,” he warned.

I swallowed hard. Sergei Reznikov was well known throughout the criminal sector. He was ruthless in his quest for power and money, killing anyone that stood in his way. If he found out I’d given up his identity, I was as good as dead. I chewed my lip.

“I don’t think you can protect me from him,” I murmured.

Jon stood up and strode over to me. His body radiated tension and I half expected him to slap me, but instead, he cupped my face gently and lifted my chin.

“I will protect you with my life. If anyone touches you, glances at you the wrong way or threatens your life, I will kill them. I make this vow to you, little girl.”

I searched his face, looking for any indication of falsehood and finding none. Every word he spoke was the truth. My heart melted just the tiniest bit and I knew at once that even though he was a hard man, he was also a kind one.

“Now be a good girl and tell me who contracted you to steal from me.”

I don’t know why, but in that moment, I decided to trust him. Maybe it was the chance that for the first time in my life, I wouldn’t have to be alone. For some reason, I felt drawn to him, like maybe there was a future with him in some way and I didn’t want to turn away from that.

I wanted to know what could happen.

I allowed that small glimmer of hope to burn brighter.

“His name is Sergei Reznikov,” I answered, keeping my voice low enough that Jon would be the only one to hear.

Jon’s face flashed briefly with anger.

“You know him,” I ventured.

“Yes. I know him,” he replied. He sighed heavily before stepping around my chair. I breathed a sigh of strangled relief as he uncuffed me from the chair. When my wrists were free, he helped me to stand up.

“Do you believe me?” I asked anxiously.

“I do believe you, little girl,” he answered. There was a change in him at that moment that made me impossibly nervous while also soothing my frayed nerves at the same time.

“You won’t kill me?” I whimpered and he jerked his head toward me as if he’d been shocked that I’d asked such a thing.

“No. No one is going to hurt you. You’re safe with me,” he replied fiercely, and that initial anxiety faded a bit.

“What’s going to happen now?” I asked, trying to remain brave but fearing him all the same.

“I’m going to finish your punishment, little girl,” he replied sternly. My stomach plummeted to the floor, and I cried out as he grasped my arms and folded them roughly behind my back. I struggled, but he clasped the cuffs back around my wrists once more.

“But I thought…” I pleaded in a panic.

“You thought wrong. You refused to answer my questions and I dealt with you for that. Now, I’m going to punish you for stealing from both myself and the Montagna family,” he explained, and I couldn’t help but tense at the firm warning. My sore asshole clenched around the plug, and I trembled, even as his fingers gently dragged up and down my arm.

“What’s going to happen?” I asked again with a quivering voice. Nervously, I watched as he walked over to the office chair. He grabbed some of my clothes and tossed them down on the floor in front of me.

“I’m going to fuck you. The only thing up to you is whether or not you’ll be wearing those clothespins when I bend you back over that desk,” he said darkly. Without warning, he reached out and flicked the one on my left breast, causing a fresh wave of pain to wash over me. I wailed, overwhelmed by sensation.

“Please take them off,” I begged.

“Then you’re going to get down on your knees, little girl. You’re going to show me just how much you want them off with that pretty little mouth,” he growled, and I gasped softly.

He wanted me to suck his cock.

“Wait. You can’t mean that,” I replied disbelievingly. He flicked the clothespin on my clit, and I howled, my legs squeezing together as a rush of pain made it difficult to stand. He said nothing more and held out a steadying hand.

“On your knees,” he directed. Slowly, I leaned forward, bracing myself against him as I obeyed his instructions. My clothes padded my knees, making it more comfortable than I felt I deserved. For some reason, his thoughtfulness made my heart melt a bit more.

He unbuttoned his slacks and freed his cock.

I gasped.

It was so much bigger than I thought it would be, by far the largest cock I’d ever seen. It was thick as a beer can, which seemed overwhelmingly intimidating from my current position. Purple veins pumped with his arousal, making his incredible erection even harder. It curved upward and I fidgeted, unable to help myself as I imagined it sinking into me.

My thighs squeezed together in anticipation of exactly that.

“Open your mouth,” he demanded.

I glanced back at his cock, feeling nervous and panicky at the prospect of taking such an enormous thing between my lips. When I didn’t obey right away, he reached down and twisted the clothespin on my right nipple. Tears sprang to my eyes at the sudden incredible agony, and I quickly opened my lips as wide as I could.

“Now that’s a pretty sight,” he murmured, and I blushed hard.

“Is your bottom sore?” he asked.

I nodded, trying not to think too much about how much the large plug was making my asshole ache.

“Good. By the time your punishment is over, your throat and your pussy will be just as sore,” he declared, and I didn’t have time to say anything at all before the head of his cock pressed against my tongue. The initial salty taste of his flesh caught me off guard and I pulled back, only to be forced forward when his hand captured my hair in his fist.

“That is not how you convince me that you’re sorry, little girl. Keep it up and I’ll fuck your little ass instead of that tight little pussy,” he growled.

A thrill of panic raced through me, and I whimpered, closing my lips around his cock and muffling myself. I looked up at him, trying to show him that I could do this just with my eyes. My eyes watered as his grip tightened on the back of my scalp, causing a wave of radiating pain to cascade through me. When he didn’t let go, I nodded a little while keeping his cock in my mouth.

The stinging agony burned across my scalp, and I groaned, but I didn’t know if he could hear me.

“Yes, sir,” I tried to say. My voice was muffled and thick, thoroughly gagged by his big cock, but when he grinned at my efforts and his grip lessened, I knew I’d done the right thing.

With a heavy swallow, I turned my focus down to his thick throbbing length. Slowly, I bobbed my head back and forth, at least as much as his hand allowed me to. I leaned forward, almost losing my balance and he pulled me back into place by my hair.

I cried out and his cock jumped against my tongue.

“You’re going to need to show more enthusiasm than that, little girl,” he demanded, and my pussy clenched tightly. I didn’t want him to fuck my bottom. I was already terribly sore there and I didn’t know if I could take his enormous cock inside my asshole too.

With my sore punished backside fueling me, I started to suckle him more vigorously, swirling my tongue around his length. At first, I pretended to enjoy it simply to satisfy him, but the more I worshipped his cock with my mouth, the more aroused I became.

My clit throbbed hard, almost like it was reminding me how much my body wanted the fucking I had coming. It ached under the constant squeeze of the clothespin, but it was only fueling my desire that much more.

Jon’s grip at the back of my hair tightened. I tried to open as much as I could when he slowly began to thrust into my mouth. I was frightened for a moment, but then I relaxed and tried to surrender to his every demand in hopes that he would take pity on me and grant me the mercy he’d offered.

I suckled around him. The slurping noises I made with my lips were mortifying, but I didn’t dare stop. I bobbed my head, trying to control the gag reflex at the back of my throat. I ignored the soreness in my cheeks, keeping my mouth as wide as I could so that I could take as much of him as possible.

When he groaned, I shivered, knowing that he was close. A drop of arousal rolled down my thighs and my pussy clenched greedily.

“That’s a good girl,” he purred, and he pulled out of my mouth roughly. He yanked me up from the floor by my hair and I cried out, the sounds louder than I expected now that I was no longer gagged by his thick girth.

He grasped the clothespin on my left nipple and roughly tore it away.

I gasped, not expecting the blinding agony that came with it. He did the same to my right breast and I wailed, dancing from foot to foot. I would have fallen forward if not for his constant grip on my hair.

“Please, please! It hurts,” I begged.

“One more, little girl, then you can have your fucking,” he replied and there was a certain gentleness that hadn’t been there before. I leaned against him, hiding my face in his chest as he reached down for the last one.

I whimpered in panicked anticipation, my eyes opened wide and focused only on him.

He opened this one a bit more gently, but the wave of pain that followed was still just as crippling. I choked back a sob and my legs went weak. He swept an arm underneath me and carried me over to the desk. Carefully, he laid me over it so that I was facing his men and used his foot to spread my legs wide for him.

My sore nipples pressed against the desk, but I was thankful that they were no longer being punished with the cruel clothespins. It would have hurt so much more to lie down with the terrible things still clamped tight onto my poor breasts.

Jon traced one hand up and down my spine and I shivered. The fingers of his other hand grazed against my still very sore clit. I gasped breathily, the pain and pleasure of his light touch catching me by surprise.

“You’re positively soaked, little girl,” he murmured, and I moaned into the desk as he toyed with my pussy with his hand.

The door opened and several more men filed into the room.

“I want you to meet a few of my men. In front of you are my captains, several of my best soldiers, some of New York’s finest, as well as my underboss, Ronaldo. They are all aware that you stole from us and all of them agreed that you need to be adequately punished before we can fully offer you the benefit of our protection.”

I trembled at the meaning in his tone. The men watched in silence, but it settled on me like a heavy weight. I couldn’t forget that they were there, seeing every shameful thing that Jon was doing to me and the mortifying way my body was responding. I shouldn’t be aroused by this whole thing, but I couldn’t figure out a way to turn it off.

“Yes, sir,” I breathed. I kept my eyes on the surface of the desk, not wanting to see the judgmental expressions on the faces of the men that were about to watch the very first fucking of my life.

“Look at them,” Jon instructed firmly.

I trembled as I lifted my chin and gazed back at the dozen men in the room. I’m not sure when, but at some point more of them had come into the room to watch my harrowing ordeal. They were all watching me with vested interest and my cheeks flamed red hot with embarrassment. They’d seen their kingpin fuck my mouth and now they were going to see him take that much more from me.

“Tell my men that you are a very sorry little girl,” he commanded.

My mouth opened and I squeaked nervously as the scalding heat of his cock pressed against my entrance. He didn’t enter me, but the threat that he was going to soon was more than clear.

“I’m a very sorry little girl,” I wavered, biting my lip.

He grasped the plug and twisted it inside me, reawakening the burning pain from its initial insertion. I tensed, expecting him to pull it out, and maybe a little hopeful that he would, but he never did. He just left it inside me.

“You deserve a good hard fucking, the kind of fucking bad girls get, don’t you?”

I whimpered nervously and the head of his cock pushed forward just a tiny bit more. It was difficult to keep still, to not push back against him, because a part of me wanted to know what it would be like. My nerves warred with my curiosity and I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered.

“Are you sorry enough, little girl? Do I need to fuck this sore little asshole instead of this soaking wet little pussy?” he pressed, and I couldn’t help the way my body clenched around him.

“Yes! I’m very sorry. Please fuck my pussy. Please don’t fuck my bottom, sir,” I begged.

His fingers grasped my hips, gently at first and then more roughly. I whimpered as he pulled me back slightly, pushing the head of his cock inside me a bit further. My body was unused to his size, already impossibly full of the large plug.

He thrust in a bit deeper, and I gasped, his thick girth stretching me wide. When he pressed against my virgin barrier, I hissed. That didn’t stop him. Deep down I had known it wouldn’t. His fingers tightened on one side and the other grasped my wrists firmly enough to pin me against the desk. My legs quaked and his hand smoothed over the side of my hip, soothing and gentle compared to everything that had just happened and for some reason it was enough to make me relax. The tenseness bled from my muscles.

“This may hurt at first, but I promise that you will come for me a great deal by the time your punishment is finally over,” he murmured.

The softness of his voice put me at ease and my hips lifted slightly off the desk. With no further warning, Jon jerked his hips forward, thrusting through my hymen and pushing deep inside me. A sharp flash of agony rattled me, and I wailed into the desk. He didn’t move right away, just holding still with the entirety of his length in my no longer virginal entrance.

I had a man inside me.

A criminal.

A fucking mafia kingpin.

And all I wanted to do was roll my hips and take him deeper as he fucked me.

The pain faded as the moments passed and all that was left was the raging heat inside my core. It billowed up like a wildfire, growing more violent and uncontrolled with every passing second. I tried to keep still, but it soon became impossible.

This was supposed to be a punishment fucking, but I wanted it. Badly.

“Please,” I whimpered. He didn’t move right away, likely enjoying the way my body kept clenching around him.

“You’re so tight,” he purred and for some reason, that caused a tremor of pride to cascade through me. Slowly, he pulled out, dragging every ridge of his cock out of me before thrusting back inside. I moaned, the sound low and then he did it again, only faster this time. Trying to keep quiet, I bit the inside of my cheek.

He jerked his hips into me roughly and my lips popped open. He groaned, pumping into me faster with every subsequent thrust. His pelvis brushed against my punished cheeks, reigniting the burn from his belt. His thumb settled on top of the jeweled plug.

It was at that point that my fucking truly began.

He thrust into me with savage strength, taking control of my body with his cock once and for all. Over and over, he jerked his hips against mine, merciless and hard. I suffered through every stroke as my body spiraled with need. It hurt, but I wanted more of it.

He didn’t stop and I started to lose control of my wild desire. It rolled and ricocheted up and down every limb, rising from the bottoms of my feet and surging up to the ends of my fingers. I gasped and my hips rocked upward, taking him deeper unintentionally. He pounded against my cervix that time and I screamed out loud.

He thrusted hard enough to make me yelp, pounding into me so roughly that I jerked forward on the desk. He grabbed my hips to keep me from hitting the corner, but that didn’t stop him from ramming into me with the power of an eighteen-wheeler that had no brakes.

I tried to grapple with the fact that both holes were full, that it wasn’t just my pussy this very first time. Each thrust jostled the plug, forever reminding me that it wasn’t empty like it should be.

For some reason, that made me hotter.

The taboo feeling of his cock and the plug was so impossibly wicked that I couldn’t get enough. I tried to keep myself silent and utterly failed. I moaned, over and over loud enough for the entire room to hear.

My inner walls clenched around him, tightening again and again. He jerked me backwards about a foot and slipped his hand between my legs, finding my clit with the rough pads of his fingers. I gasped, a blazing fire of desire rattling me senseless. My thighs tensed and I was thankful for the support of the desk beneath me because my legs would have given out soon after.

He fucked me even more savagely and my moans slowly morphed into screams. Before long, they were echoing throughout the room, giving away just how much I was enjoying myself despite the pain and all of the men could not only hear it, but they could see it.

It was shame like I had never known.

I blushed hard, mortified. I didn’t dare look up, but there was nothing I could do to stop what was coming. His fingertips on my clit turned rougher, pressing harder with every passing second. My feet slipped on the floor and a spark of fear jolted me, until he caught me by winding his arm around my waist. He lifted me up so that my feet could no longer brush against the floor, which only made me feel smaller at the same time that he thrust even deeper.

I closed my eyes, feeling the ball of ecstasy in my core spiral, bigger and bigger until it consumed me. Everything was centered on his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, claiming me with a ruthless cruelty that was utterly captivating.

I shouldn’t be enjoying this so much. This was a punishment from the kingpin of the Montagna family. This wasn’t lovemaking or romance or anything but discipline at the end of his cock.

Oh. Fuck.

“Please, please,” I begged.

The ball grew larger, spiraling now and threatening to implode at any given moment. My legs pressed against his, trying to hold on as he rode me fiercely and my eyes rolled back in my head.

Oh. God. Oh, my god. This was so much greater than I could have ever hoped it would be.

My inner walls clenched down hard, and I lost all control.

I screamed so loud that my voice went hoarse. My throat ached, but it didn’t matter. The only thing that I could focus on was his fingers on my clit and his cock surging in and out of me. The fullness was absolutely overwhelming, and it took everything in me not to start shaking.

I came so much harder than the first time. My legs went numb. My toes curled. I writhed. Every muscle in my body clamped down hard. He groaned as my pussy did the same. Pain and pleasure rattled me from within, catching sparks and quickly building into a scalding hot bonfire that threatened to burn me alive.

By the time that first orgasm faded to a more gradual simmer, I was breathless and sore, but he didn’t slow down.

“Wait. You can’t mean to…?” I asked, and he growled in response.

“I’m far from through with you, little girl,” he warned, and my legs quaked at the dark meaning in his tone. My bottom hole tightened around the base of the plug, causing a fresh wave of pain to race up and down my spine.

The sound of my fucking was loud and wet, and shamefully broadcasting to everyone watching how much I enjoyed being used this way. I whimpered, but it did nothing to stop the rest of the fucking still to come.

I shivered in anticipation.

Maybe I should be crying out more or begging for mercy, but I couldn’t quiet the piece of me that wanted all he was giving and more.

I moaned instead.

He jerked his hips more roughly, cruelly forcing every inch of that brutally thick cock into me with every stroke. His fingers never stopped torturing my clit, hard and fast and before I knew it, another orgasm was threatening to break over me.

I tried to fight it, but to be honest, I didn’t really want to.

This… This was everything.

His fingers slapped my clit hard, almost as if he knew exactly what I was doing and forcing me to face the arousal that was swirling inside me head on. I cried out, the sudden sting causing me to spiral, and I came so hard that I saw stars.

Brilliant white light consumed me from the inside out, burning hot like molten lava through every limb. My blood surged as every nerve in my body flared with heat at the exact same moment. I threw my head back, my release obliterating me.

I screamed through the whole thing, losing myself in the process. Pain and pleasure became one and the same, two sides of the same coin. I panted through the sweet oblivion until at long last it quelled to something more survivable.

I’d never come three times in the same day. I hadn’t even known I was capable of it. My head lolled to the side, and I simply focused on breathing, gathering the broken shards, and piecing myself back together again.

He continued to fuck me, but his thrusts were slow and deep and terribly wonderful. I gasped with each one, feeling the aftershocks of two powerful orgasms back-to-back roll through me with far more intensity than I could have ever expected. My throat was sore from all the screaming.

Slowly, he pulled all of the way out. He grasped the end of the plug, removing it quickly and without warning. I was numb enough that it didn’t really hurt, but I was surprised at the feeling of sadness that came with not being full in either hole anymore. He petted his fingers across my hip, before taking my upper arm and forcibly lifting me from the desk.

“Kneel,” he demanded.

My body simply reacted with obedience. My mind kept misfiring with waves of satisfaction, completely overwhelmed from such an intense experience. I dropped down to my knees and his cock was in front of my face once again.

“Your arousal is all over my cock. Clean it off,” he continued.

I blushed hard, but I opened my mouth anyway. I didn’t think about it. It just happened. I swirled my tongue up and down his length. The taste of my wetness was quite different from him, sweet and musky, something like a mix of berries and peaches. My cheeks reddened further when I realized that I didn’t hate it, that I kind of liked it.

I suckled him clean the best I could, but I was exhausted and he pulled back eventually, taking his cock into his fist right in front of me.

He started to stroke himself gently, slowly at first before he started to pick up the pace. I shifted my weight from one knee to the other, nervously waiting for whatever he had planned. I looked up at his cock, watching the veins pulse with his desire. He groaned and fisted himself roughly.

“Close your eyes,” he instructed.

I obeyed.

He groaned once more and suddenly a spurt of hot liquid splashed against my face. I gasped in shock, opening my mouth just a little as another surged onto my cheeks. It dripped down my face, onto my lips, and landed on my tongue.

The taste of him was strong, but my shame was far stronger.

The wet sound of his hand fisting himself continued and one spurt of seed after another pelted my face. My cheeks flared red, probably blazing as hot as the sun. I swallowed hard, his cum sweet and salty on my tongue.

His seed was hot on my face for only a few seconds before he grasped my arm and pulled me up. Roughly, he turned me around and I stood there quietly in shame as he slid the key into the cuffs and unlocked them. Gently, he pulled them off and started to massage my shoulders as his cum dripped down my cheeks.

I tried to stand there proud, but it was impossible. Naked and marked with his cum on my face, I felt like nothing more than a punished little girl. I blinked back tears as his arms swept under me.

“It’s time for dinner, men. Tonight, we’re going to have a special display while we eat.”

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