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Mine to Keep: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

When his lips finally brushed against mine, I gasped as liquid fire sizzled in my veins.

One arm wound around my waist as he pulled me in against him. His body surrounded mine as he stole my breath away with the initial gentleness of that kiss. As the seconds ticked by, the embrace turned rougher, more possessive, and it made my heart pound with desire.

This was the kind of kiss a woman would sell her soul to the devil for. No man should be allowed to kiss like this.

In that moment, I knew he’d begun to steal my heart.

I lost myself in it. I let his presence envelop mine, enfolding me in his safety, his protectiveness, and the sheer seduction that was him.

That kiss possessed me, and I knew I would never look at another man the same way again. From now on, I would compare every kiss to his, every touch to the fire he stoked within me, every soulful look passed between a man and a woman. In that single moment, I knew a part of me would always belong to him.

By the time he pulled away, my lips ached, and my body was surging with need. My erect nipples brushed against his chest, and I wondered if he could feel them. My core was practically vibrating with need. My arms curled around his waist and the hard outline of his cock brushed against my hip.

He was hard. For me.

The realization sucked the air clean out of my lungs. A wave of heat passed through me, and my pussy clenched down hard. I didn’t pull away from him. I didn’t want to lose the feeling of his warmth all around me.

“Would you like something else before your spanking?” he asked. He didn’t pull his hips away from me. If anything, his arm wrapped around my waist tighter, which simply pressed his cock against my hip more firmly. I didn’t shy away even though I could feel that he was even harder now.

His question made me blush all the hotter. I glanced up at him nervously, but his gaze was as warm as ever. Tentatively, I brushed my lips against his. My hesitation melted away as I kissed him and when I pulled away, I was certain of my answer.

“I do want more.” My chest rattled as I waited for what he would say next.

“Put your arms around my neck,” he directed. My heart jumped with excitement.

Reaching up, I did as he asked as his hands brushed down my back, below my freshly smacked backside and to the backs of my thighs. I gasped when he hiked me up in his arms. He took several steps forward until my body was pressed up against the wall. He pinned me against it, and I wound my legs around his waist as he captured my lips in another soul-wrenching kiss that left me gasping for air.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the moment you first sat down in my restaurant,” he murmured. His breath tickled my ear and I moaned softly. My heart pounded in my chest, hopeful and nervous and jittery all at the same time. When I leaned my head to the side, the coarse hair of his beard scraped against my skin.

I liked the way that felt.

I turned my head and he groaned as his lips possessed mine once again. This time, his kiss was harder, rougher, bruising even. I melted into his arms, my flesh burning with fever.

I ground my hips forward, feeling his firm erection through his slacks against my inner heat. I wanted him to fill me.

I wanted it all.

“Please,” I begged him.

“What is it?” he asked knowingly. He trailed kisses down my neck, using his chin to nudge my head to the side. I sighed, his soft touch igniting endless fiery trails that coursed deep down into my body.

“I want more than a kiss,” I begged.

He rocked his hips forward. He knew what I wanted, and he was teasing me with it. His cock felt like it was massive even though it was fully encased within the confines of his slacks. My inner walls clenched excitedly.

I hadn’t had sex in the longest time. I wasn’t a virgin, but I was pretty damn near close to it. I’d only slept with two men and neither had been like Cyrus. They’d both been rich boys who fumbled around in high school. They hadn’t been worth it, especially because they hadn’t been capable of giving me an orgasm either.

Something told me that Cyrus wouldn’t rest until I fell apart beneath him.

My nipples were incredibly hard against his chest, and I kissed his cheek, the roughness of his beard pulling me in again and again. It was so incredibly masculine, which only made me want him more.

He moved away from the wall, and I clutched at him, but I didn’t need to. His hold on me was strong and I trusted that he wouldn’t drop me. He carried me like I weighed no more than a pillow. I expected him to bring me to the guest room, but he turned right instead of left.

“Unwrap yourself from me,” he demanded gently, and excitedly, I did as he asked. He reached for me with those big strong hands and unbuttoned one button at a time. When he’d undone them all, only then did he push the long shirt open to reveal my breasts. I didn’t even reach to stop the shirt from sliding off my shoulders. It fell to the floor, forgotten.

His palms brushed against my erect nipples. He pinched each one lightly, making me gasp as a flare of pain blossomed across my breasts and deep into my core, and my clit throbbed hard.

I couldn’t stand that there was any distance between us, so I stepped forward, only to have him grasp my shoulders and toss me backwards. I landed on my back on the bed, and suddenly he was on top of me. I grasped at his shirt, pulling it free from his slacks.

“I want… I want,” I struggled, and his lips silenced me with a bruising kiss.

“I know what you want. You will let me take care of you, or else I’ll go get my belt off the table,” he warned, and a tremor of arousal quaked through me.

“Please, not the belt,” I breathed. I didn’t know if I really meant it, to be honest. His palm brushed against my breast, and I shivered with desire.

I hoped he would fuck me soon. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take.

“Then be a good girl for me,” he purred, and he sat back and climbed off the bed. He pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside. I feasted on the sight of his chiseled chest. There was a coarse smattering of hair across his chest, and I wanted to reach out and run my fingers through it. Every single part of him was hard. When his hands settled on the waistband of his slacks and he unbuttoned them slowly, I sucked in a breath.

He kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants down, freeing his cock in one smooth motion.

Oh. My. God.

It was enormous. Just the sight of it made my thighs press together because there was no doubt in my mind that a session with him would leave me sore long after he was through with me. That didn’t make me want him any less.

In fact, it made me want him even more.

His pecs flexed, drawing my gaze to the hard expanse of his stomach. He had the frame of a body builder and I lost count of how many ab muscles he had as my eyes drew down to the deep V of his hips. I bit the inside of my cheek as he crawled back onto the bed and back over me. He nipped at my breasts with his teeth as he ground his cock against my panty-clad pussy. His fingers crept under the edges of my underwear, and I sucked in a hot breath.

“Are you still going to spank me after you fuck me?” I asked breathlessly. I don’t know why I asked. For some reason, I wanted him to hold me accountable and I didn’t quite understand it. Just uttering the words made my entire body tremble and his palm cupped my chin before he kissed me tenderly.

“Yes,” he said. My clit throbbed hard against his cock.

I sighed, in happiness or relief I wasn’t sure. He kissed me again and I moaned into his mouth. Maybe I was insane for wanting this, but here in his arms I felt perfectly safe. I believed him when he said that Anthony wouldn’t bother me ever again and it made me want surrender to him in every way, even if that meant a hard spanking and a fucking in his bed.

“Why?” I asked.

His fingers dipped inside my panties, and I gasped out loud as he discovered the soaking wetness hidden between my thighs.

“Because you need it. This right here tells me everything,” he growled, and I moaned when those rough fingers started gently stroking my clit.

Oh. My. God. I was soaking wet.

“Will it hurt?” I breathed. My body started to roll beneath his expert touch. I whimpered as my desire spiked, one flicker of arousal quickly followed by another and another until a veritable storm of electricity was surging between my legs.

“Yes. You need to be punished, little girl,” he growled. His breath was hot against my neck, and I shuddered hard.

His touch was light and incredibly persuasive as it coaxed my desire to a head. My entire body started to tremble, and I cried out, grinding my pelvis into those fingertips with increasing desperation.

“I want you to come for me first though. Once right here and then when I fuck that needy little pussy,” he demanded and that only made me hotter.

Suddenly, I was on edge. I needed to come, not only for him but for me.

“Oh! Please!” I wailed, squirming with pitiful need at this point. His other hand palmed my breast and teased my highly oversensitive nipple. I moaned, twisting my body this way and that until he finally started teasing my clit with real intention.

His fingers were so much better than my own.

“Stop thinking. Stop worrying. All I want you to do is let go for me,” he coaxed, and a wave of desire sizzled through me.

“Yes. Yes,” I moaned, and he pressed harder, circling my needy bud until I felt like my core was going to combust.

“You will wait to come, sweet girl. I’ll tell you when you’re allowed to shatter for me,” he commanded, and another flare of passionate need surged through every inch of me. I was more on edge than I’d ever been. My thighs started to quake.

“But! Please! I can’t,” I cried.

I didn’t know how much longer I could last. I was already overwhelmed by the spiraling ball of desire in my core.

“Remember what I said about the belt,” he threatened, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed him, trying to show him how desperate he was making me and how much I wanted to come for him, right here and now.

The pressure in my core continued to escalate.

His fingers never stopped. Soon enough, I feared I’d let go before he said I could. I started to beg.

“Please, Cyrus. Please let me come,” I pleaded. I’d never had to ask for permission to orgasm before and my pussy clenched down tight. His power over me felt so vast in that moment and all I wanted to do was please him, which only made me want to come even more.

The pads of his fingers worked my clit even more fervently.

I cried out, fearing that loss of control. My hands clutched at his broad shoulders. For a while, I tried not to dig my nails into his back, but soon I lost focus entirely.

Everything was centered inside the needy little bundle of nerves between my thighs.

My cries grew pitifully desperate and just as I feared I was about to lose it, he finally said the words I was waiting to hear.

“Come for me, Ava,” he demanded.

That was all I needed before I fell apart.

His touch got harder, more persistent, and white-hot bliss rained down around me. I arched my back, grinding into his fingers as best as I could. My hips rolled again and again as tremendous waves of pleasure surged through me, beginning at the tips of my toes and cascading to the ends of my fingers.

This was without a doubt the hardest orgasm I’d ever had in my life. As I came, I imagined what would come next. I fantasized about his massive cock sliding into me hard enough to make me scream.

I moaned low as quakes of pleasure held me captive. My eyes rolled back in my head as my orgasm deepened. I fell into a limitless chasm of ecstasy as my inner walls clenched down, over and over again. By the time that first orgasm finally crested and began to fade, my skin was coated in a light sheen of perspiration as I struggled to get myself back under control. My heart was beating frantically in my chest, and I was panting as I attempted to catch my breath.

“Good girl,” he whispered, and my clit pulsed again.

He moved back, gripping my panties and slowly dragging them down my hips. His gaze was locked at the cusp of my thighs as he revealed me, which made me whimper shyly. His knees were between my legs so there was no hope of pressing them together to hide my most private of places.

I’d always shaved down there, but I was suddenly bashful of how I looked.

By the time he’d pulled my panties down to my thighs, my clit was throbbing in anticipation of him seeing all of me. I expected him to move away so he could pull them the rest of the way down, but he didn’t. Instead, he grasped my underwear with both hands and tore them clean off. He threw them so that they landed somewhere on the floor.

I didn’t take my eyes off him to see where they went.

“Open your thighs for me. I want to see the needy little pussy that I’m about to fuck,” he demanded gruffly. I blushed heavily at the wickedness in his words, but I still did exactly as he asked.

With every inch I spread my legs, my core throbbed, and I felt like I would be able to come all over again.

I’d never come twice before. I had a feeling that wouldn’t be a problem with a man like Cyrus.

His eyes felt like a firebrand against my needy flesh. I licked my lips, shy and embarrassed and more aroused than I cared to admit, but he probably knew all that.

“You’re soaking wet for me, Ava. I can see it glistening all the way down your thighs,” he observed, and my knees instinctually jerked closed an inch. His hands wrapped around my thighs as his thumbs glided through the arousal he’d just pointed out. I blushed hard, but I didn’t pull away.

He leaned forward, keeping eye contact with me as his cock brushed against my inner thigh. Without missing a beat, he pinched my nipples hard. When he released them, an additional stinging ache blossomed across my breasts as he reached over and opened a drawer of his nightstand. I saw a condom wrapper in his hand. He ripped it open with his teeth.

I glanced down at his cock. It seemed bigger than it had been before, and I trembled a bit as he rolled the condom down his length.

“Cyrus. I want you,” I whined.

“Would it make you blush to know I’ve been thinking about this moment ever since you walked in my door?” he asked and I moaned as the textured surface of his condom slid against my pussy, teasing my clit and making me quiver in anticipation.

“Yes,” I breathed, and the head of his cock teased my entrance. My heart practically palpitated out of my chest, and I whined softly when he didn’t push it in right away. I tried to rock my hips so that I could force him inside me, but he smirked and pulled back as if he knew exactly what I was doing.

“I want you to remember something, little girl. When you’re in my bed, you’re not the one in charge. I am. I decide when and how many times you will come for me. I decide when you need to scream for me, and I will be the one that decides when and how hard I fuck you. Do you understand me?” he chided, and my pussy clenched down hard.

“I understand,” I breathed. My voice trembled with feeling.

My body was tingling with need at this point. I pulled my legs in a little bit, curling them around his waist. He pushed his hips forward and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning out loud.

Oh. Fuck.

Even if he did this gently, it was still going to hurt. The tip of his cock only just nudged at my entrance, and it was already stretching me wide open. His fingertips brushed along my shoulder and cupped the back of my head.

His lips found mine the moment he started pushing the rest of his massive cock inside me. I gasped, but he swallowed the sound. His teeth nipped at my lip, and I whimpered.

His cock felt like an iron spear. My pussy burned red hot as he stretched me open. My entire body tensed, but his thick length kept pushing into me anyway. The condom had some sort of textured surface, and it was like nothing I’d ever felt before. My wetness eased his passage, but that didn’t stop the stinging ache from his entry as it burned through me.

It hurt, but that just made me all the hotter. It felt like he was conquering me with his cock, and I couldn’t get enough even though it hurt. I wanted to take him deeper and with every inch he slid inside me, I moaned out loud.

My pussy clenched around him and a fresh wave of burning pain sailed through me. My clit throbbed hard, and I whimpered as he slammed his cock the rest of the way.

I wailed, fighting to take the stinging ache at the same time that I welcomed it. Once he was fully inside me, I gasped, feeling fuller than I’d ever felt in my life. My inner walls tightened around him several times and he growled, which told me he could feel every second of my physical struggle to take him.

“You’re so big,” I breathed.

“I am, but you took all of me, didn’t you?” he murmured, and a fresh wave of heat flared inside my core.

“Yes,” I sighed.

Slowly, he slid his cock outside me and leisurely pressed back in, fucking me unhurriedly as I struggled beneath him.

This was a physical connection like I’d never felt before. With him inside me like this, my core ignited like a molten bomb and when he started to increase the pace of his thrusts, I lost control of my body at a frightful speed. I found myself writhing beneath him, rocking my hips back and forth in tune with his movements so I could take him as deep as possible. I wailed, but it wasn’t from pain or desperation. It was sheer overwhelming sensation that hurtled through me with wild abandon.

“Cyrus. I can’t. I’m going to come,” I whimpered.

He pistoned his hips into me with a hard, punishing thrust. I cried out and he kissed me again, before he trailed his lips down my throat, nipping my earlobe before he pulled back.

“Come hard for me, Ava. I want to feel this sweet little pussy milk my cock,” he demanded, and my body reacted viscerally to his sordid words.

“Oh! Cyrus!” I moaned and my second orgasm hit me like a freight train. My core squeezed in on itself and my eyes rolled back in my head. White-hot bliss sizzled through me. My skin heated with a blistering fever, burning hotter with every passing moment. I struggled to draw in air as I clutched at his back, digging my nails into him as I held on for dear life.

I screamed for him as my inner walls gripped his cock. He roared with his own release, pumping viciously hard into my pussy as he took what he wanted from me. I rolled my hips, taking him deeper and deeper until my release finally began to fade.

My whole body felt like it had a heartbeat, and it was all centered in the tiny bundle of nerves between my legs. For several minutes that continued, taking hold of me and refusing to let go. Eventually, the constant pulse faded too, leaving behind a mesmerizing ache.

“Good girl. You came hard for me, didn’t you?” he asked. I blushed hard.

“Yes, Cyrus,” I breathed, and he grinned widely.

“You came for me even though you know you’re still going over my knee, didn’t you?” he continued.

My shame compounded on itself.

“Yes,” I whispered shakily, my face as hot as a blazing fire.

He pulled his cock free and rolled the condom off. I closed my eyes, listening as he went into the bathroom and disposed of it in the trash. My body pulsed and my pussy ached, but I was a little sad to be so empty.

When he came back, he climbed into the bed and surrounded me with his warmth. Facing him, I pressed my cheek against his chest. I breathed in his scent, letting it consume me completely for several moments.

He was still going to spank me. Impossibly, my pussy pulsed with desire at the thought. I snuggled in closer, somehow feeling more at peace with the knowledge that he was still going to punish me.

My body eventually cooled down, but I was still overwhelmed. From every single brush of his fingers, to each powerful thrust of his cock, to his rough kisses that possessed me, he was perfection.

I’d never met anyone like him before.

“Cyrus,” I breathed.

“What is it, sweet girl?” He kissed my forehead, and my heart skipped a beat.

“You really will protect me?” I asked. His strong fingers grazed my chin and cupped my cheek gently.

“I will, but you have to let me, Ava,” he answered.

He didn’t mention it, but I thought that might be another reason that he still meant to spank me after all this. I swallowed past the ball in my throat, clutching onto him like my life depended on it. He pulled me closer, and I lost myself in the blanket of his protection.

I don’t know how long he held me like that, but it was enough to finally force the fear that had rattled me from my body. By the time he spoke again, the only thing that I was worried about was the hard spanking I knew I was about to take.

Most girls would run, but I had nowhere to go. I didn’t want to run. I wanted to know more. Cyrus had been nothing more than kind and sweet, with a dark firmness that spoke to something much deeper. I chewed my lip, and he cleared his throat.

I knew it was time for the rest of my punishment.

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