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Mine to Take: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

I put the note down and rolled onto my back. I sighed. I needed to get my head back on straight. As much as I tried though, my mind kept turning back to him. Still completely naked, I pulled the covers up around me, curling them into my neck in an effort to hide from how much my world had changed in less than twenty-four hours.

Yesterday morning, I’d been sitting in an abandoned factory, waiting to be sold to the highest bidder as punishment for going against my father.

Today, I was sleeping in a bed fit for a queen with my body still throbbing from the hardest orgasm of my life. My heart thrummed in my chest, almost like it wanted to remind me of the man that had brought me here.

The man who had made it his solemn vow to protect me.

My pussy clenched so tightly it hurt.

I turned my head to the side and did my best to ignore my mind’s current train of thought. In a ploy to distract myself, I traced my hands over my skin, deciding that exploring the desire building in my body was more important than any emotional attachment I might be feeling for James. I followed the line of my collarbone and tentatively palmed my breasts, squeezing a little at first. When it didn’t feel like enough, I groaned with dissatisfaction and moved on to toying with my nipples.

With a soft huff, I trailed my fingertips down my belly. I stopped for several seconds once I reached my hipbones. What would he think if he walked in right now? Would he be angry or upset that I was going to touch myself?

Would he punish me for it?

My clit pulsed and I couldn’t resist any longer. I dipped my hand even lower and was shocked to find that I was absolutely drenched. My fingertips slipped easily over my clit, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much better it would feel if it was him rather than me.

Horrified at myself, I jerked my hand away and just tried to lie there for a little while. The rising heat in my body was impossible to ignore and doing so only seemed to make it worse. No matter what I did or thought, I wanted more.

Impatience won out, and I gave in, pressing my fingers back in between my thighs. I tried to bring myself back to where James had taken me earlier, but it wasn’t enough. I couldn’t make myself orgasm and even when I felt tendrils of pleasure from my own touch, it didn’t equate nearly to what I’d felt with him.

Eventually, I drew my hand away again. I turned my head the moment I saw the glistening of my own arousal on my fingers. With a heavy sigh, I glanced around the room, making note of the fact that it was still empty.

I kind of didn’t want it to be.

I pushed up to my elbows, looking around. The crown molding above me around the perimeter of the room was stained dark mahogany, stark against the white painted ceilings. The headboard behind me was plush quilted gray fabric that stood out against the dark blue feature wall behind it. There was a slate blue cloth armchair next to the window, with a small table that matched the wooden features of the room.

When I climbed out of bed, my toes sank into the plush mottled gray carpet beneath. I padded over to one of the closed doors, opening it to find a luxurious guest bathroom complete with a grotto-style shower and a deep soaker tub. There were wrapped toiletries on the counter, which I took advantage of to freshen up and I nearly squealed with joy at finding a soft robe on a hook behind the door.

I slid my arms into it and pulled it closed, relieved to finally cover up. When I was finished in the bathroom, I made my way out of the guest room into the hall. I wandered past brilliantly designed flower arrangements and several paintings that probably cost a fortune. I wasn’t really sure though, because they all looked like a few messy splotches on parchment. I peeked into several rooms, finding quite a few extra bedrooms. I kept going and eventually ended up in the seating area he must have been referring to in his note.

Honestly, I couldn’t have missed it. Plush fabric couches lined the room, complete with an array of pillows and side tables all around. It was large enough to seat at least twenty people comfortably. The windows were extremely tall, letting in a ton of natural light. At the center, a pair of French doors led out to the balcony. I approached them slowly, pulling the robe shut a bit more. I opened the right door and looked out at the sprawling front yard ahead. There wasn’t another house in sight. If there were any close by, they were hidden by the tall thick trees surrounding the property.

“I hope you slept well,” a voice purred to the left. I turned my head to see James sitting at a table underneath an overhang. The sun was just getting low enough on the horizon that the entire balcony was overcast in shade. It would set soon and from the looks of it, the view of the fiery sky was going to be breathtaking.

“I did sleep well,” I answered shyly. His gaze met mine and the heat within them was enough to make my heart leap into my throat. The wetness between my thighs was distracting and I had trouble focusing on anything else.

“Is there something you need, my angel?”

His words held so much weight that for a moment, it felt hard to breathe. He sat back, crossing his arms over his chest. When he cocked his head and raised a single brow, I couldn’t help but press my hand over my belly in an effort to calm the storm brewing inside me. I swallowed heavily, stepping from one foot to the other.

I knew what he was insinuating. If I wanted him to fuck me, I was going to have to ask for it.

“I do need something from you,” I whispered. I could hardly hear myself, but he seemed to understand every single word.

“What do you need, angel? I’m going to need you to be more specific or else I might guess that you need me to spank you right here on the balcony,” he pressed.

The air stuck in my lungs.

For a brief moment, I questioned whether or not he would actually follow through with his threat. My clit twitched when he leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees. Instinctually, I knew that he would most certainly follow through.

That made me shiver unexpectedly. I should be absolutely horrified, but I simply quivered with more arousal.

Maybe I was broken or deranged or maybe this was all just the way it was meant to be.

“I… I need you…” I paused, trying to find the courage to continue. My core squeezed tight, and I blurted out the rest. “I need you to fuck me, sir.”

His brown eyes seemed to transform into black pools, rife with his own desire to take me as his once and for all.

At least, that’s what I told myself.

“Did you try to touch yourself before coming out here?”

My heart sank a bit. I didn’t know what he would do if I told him that I did. Would he think less of me? Would he punish me? I considered lying and telling him that I didn’t, but then I suddenly worried that he might not like that much either.

As if he could read my thoughts, he stood up. Just the change in his positioning made me instantly regret what I was considering. He cleared his throat, and I couldn’t look anywhere but him. He’d drawn all of my focus on him.

“Before you answer, angel, you should know that I have ways of finding out the truth. If you lie to me, I will have to punish you,” he said, his voice dripping with warning.

I knew what he was implying. Maybe he had a camera installed somewhere in that room or maybe there was some way to see inside the room without me knowing. Either way, his threat made it imminently clear that he wouldn’t tolerate lying and I didn’t want to instigate anything more than the fucking I needed right now.

“Yes. I did try to touch myself,” I murmured. My cheeks heated as though they’d caught flame as I stood there, waiting to see what he would do or say now that I’d admitted the truth.

“Did you come, angel?”

“No, sir,” I confessed.

The breeze lifted several strands of my hair and swirled them around my face. He didn’t answer right away, and I stood there, feeling a bit flustered and more than a little nervous.

“I didn’t. I wanted it to be you,” I added.

When he smiled, I felt more at ease. His eyes were still stormy with darkness, though.

“You made me wait, didn’t you, my naughty angel?”

“Yes, sir.” I blushed even harder. I couldn’t seem to keep myself still. I watched him with wary excitement as he strode over to one of the couches at the center of the balcony. He sat back with his arms on the top of the couch.

“If you want to earn the privilege of my cock, angel, you’re going to have to put on a show for me,” he commanded. “Open your robe.”

I looked out beyond him. There was no one in sight, but the possibility that someone might see became instantly overwhelming. My body thrummed with need, and I tentatively reached for the tie at my waist. He watched me with extreme interest and for some reason that made me feel even braver than I ever thought I’d be.

I untied the bathrobe. The ends of the belt slipped free from my fingers, and he watched them swing briefly before glancing back up to my face. His expression was controlled, but only barely. His restraint was tenuous at best.

I wasn’t the only one that wanted a fucking.

He wanted it too and that only seemed to make my growing boldness that much stronger. I slid my fingers along the edges of my robe, prolonging my exposure a little to tease him. He shifted on the couch, and I glanced down, noticing that there was already a very distinct bulge in his slacks. He was hard.

For me.

My pussy tightened reflexively, and I finally pulled back the robe. I didn’t rush it. I bared my body inch by inch. My nipples were fully erect by the time I exposed them to the open air.

“Let it fall to the floor. I want to see all of you.”

My legs nearly gave way from beneath me. My heart rate spiraled out of control and nothing I could do or think of would slow it down. His expression had turned positively ravenous, and I stared back at him, hoping that maybe if I did as he asked that he would finally give me what I needed.

With a shaky breath, I pushed the robe back and listened for the soft rustle as it landed on the balcony floor behind me. My nipples pebbled and I was exceedingly aware of the dampness along my thighs. Could he see it?

There was maybe six feet between us, enough distance that he couldn’t reach out and grab me, but near enough that he could close that gap with just a few steps.

That made it feel more dangerous, but incredibly arousing at the same time.

His eyes feasted on my naked form like he couldn’t get enough of me. I liked that. I worried my bottom lip for a moment before he lifted his chin. The line of his jaw tensed, as if he’d decided on something, but I didn’t know what.

“Reach down and touch that needy little clit. You will come for me, right here, right now. If you’re a very good girl, I’ll take you inside and give you every inch of my cock. If not, you’ll be kneeling with a bright red and very sore bottom so that I can come on that pretty face,” he demanded.

I stood there in a fit of shock. I opened and closed my mouth.


“You heard me, angel. You will put on a show for me if you want to earn your fucking.”

“But… I…”

“Do I need to take off my belt?”

“No, sir,” I answered quickly. The breeze picked up my hair and whipped it around my face.

“Come for me, angel,” he coaxed.

I whimpered quietly, looking out behind him.

“I know someone might see, but I think that’s making your little pussy even wetter, isn’t it?”

“Sir,” I blushed, but I knew he was right. I hated to admit it but having to expose myself to his driver had excited me and even now, I was so much needier than I had anticipated.

There was something else though.

A part of me also wanted to please him.

My right hand reached down between my thighs, finding myself much wetter than I had been before I had walked out onto the balcony. How had he known? Could he see it from where he was sitting?

He smirked, keeping that information to himself.

Tentatively, I swirled my fingers once, nearly doubling over as a jolt of pleasure caught me off guard. He said nothing, simply enjoying my struggle. Needing a more supportive stance, I spread my feet wide. With a strong base, I circled over my clit once again and this time, it was easier to grapple with the spike of bliss that came along with it.

“That’s my good girl,” he growled.

I couldn’t bite back the moan that followed.

My movements were still hesitant though. I peeked back at him. His entire expression was dark with desire, and I could tell that he was just barely holding onto his restraint. I must have slowed down my fingers as I studied him though because he cleared his throat.

“You better try harder, angel. I’m starting to think you need to feel my belt after all.” He narrowed his eyes.

“Please, sir! I’ll come for you,” I vowed, my voice trembling with desperation. I wanted a fucking and not a belting right now. I’d already been spanked today and there was no doubt in my mind that his belt would be that much worse.

I circled my fingers a bit faster. My hips started to move back and forth. I curled my shoulders forward and lifted my chin, focusing on the feel of my fingertips on my clit and his eyes on my bare flesh.

I didn’t want to come this way.

I couldn’t help it.

Goosebumps rose up and down my arms, but a liquid heat coursed through me with wild abandon. My passionate need pulsed hotter and before long, my head was swirling in the clouds. The wind constantly whipped around me, which made it feel as though he was touching me even though he was still a few feet away from me.

My heart pounded and another moan escaped me. My fingers danced faster now. I pressed down more firmly, and the blazing heat of desire nearly made my legs give way. My muscles tensed, and I whipped my head back just as my reluctant release finally slammed into me.

With my other hand, I captured my nipple and squeezed it tight, crying out as my thighs flexed and my core spiraled with bliss. I rode out each wave of pleasure, somehow writhing and standing at the same time. My breasts felt heavy with desire. My thighs quaked, but I didn’t stop teasing my clit.

That just made my release that much longer.

My inner walls spasmed hard several times and my moans of pleasure quickly transformed into frantic screams of climax.

I wasn’t sure how I kept myself upright, but by the time the most intense part of it was beginning to fade, my legs felt like jelly. I wavered from side to side and suddenly a pair of strong arms surrounded me, holding me up and keeping me from falling.

“That’s my good girl. You came hard for me, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I whispered. My forehead pressed against his chest. The sound of his heartbeat was steady and strong, and I breathed easier because of it.

The security of him pressing against me took me by surprise. Slowly, I drew my hand away from my throbbing clit as he lifted me off the floor. He carried me back into the house and down the hall to my bedroom. His hand cupped the side of my face, and I stared back up at him.

His sultry gaze was absolutely breathtaking.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, angel.”

“Sir,” I whispered. My voice was hoarse. It was shaking almost as much as the rest of my body was.

“I can’t wait to see how pretty you are when you’re full of my cock,” he crooned. All of a sudden, it felt hard to breathe. Did he really mean that?

“Please,” I begged. His answering smile was so wicked that a surge of panicked anticipation jolted through me. He placed me down on the floor. Before I could see anything, he pushed me so that I was face down on the bed with his hand splayed across my upper back.

“You need a good hard fucking, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir… I’ve never…” I whined shyly. I was suddenly insanely nervous about my virginity. Would it hurt when he took me?

“It’s okay, angel. I’ll take care of you,” he assured me. He didn’t sound concerned, not even in the slightest. In fact, if I listened closely, there was an air of excitement at the news that I was untouched.

“You should know something, though,” he said more softly now, and I turned my head so that I could see his face. I lifted my gaze to his, curious now.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You should know that even though it’s your first time, I’m not going to be gentle. When I fuck you, it’s going to be rough. It’s going to hurt, but I’m willing to bet that’s going to make you come hardest of all,” he stated.

I couldn’t bear to say it out loud, but I was almost one hundred percent certain that he was right.

His other hand traced up and down the ridges of my spine, teasing and taunting before I heard him rustling with his belt. A pang of nervous energy rattled through me, and I almost pushed myself off the bed, but his hand returned to what felt like its rightful place at the upper cusp of my back. His calm energy flowed into me, and I settled into the bed.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured. I bit my lower lip in order to keep myself quiet when the rough pads of his fingers slid in between my legs and traced along my slickened folds. I was absolutely drenched for him.

I blushed, feeling bashful.

“I like that you’re soaked for me, angel. That makes my cock that much harder,” he whispered. He leaned over me, and the blazing hot line of his cock pressed against my backside. I sucked in a breath, taken aback by the heat of it.

He was also rock hard.

I rocked my hips up, tentatively offering up myself for him. He leaned forward over me, still teasing me with his fingers. When he started to tease my clit, I jerked away for a second at the unexpected jolt in sensation. Soon enough though, the shock of that faded away and the only thing left was sheer pleasure.

I lost track of how many times he circled my needy bud. I couldn’t keep still. My hips bucked, riding his fingers as the prospect of another orgasm loomed. I bit back a moan, edging closer and closer until he pulled his hand away.

I was just about to cry out at his cruel denial, but then the head of his cock slid along my pussy. He teased my clit with his iron length, pumping back and forth slowly enough to drive me mad. When I tried to angle my hips so that he’d finally slide inside me, he seemed to be ready for it. He almost seemed to know how I was going to move before I did.

It was maddeningly arousing.

I didn’t know how much more teasing I could take and still he continued, pushing that boundary by leaps and bounds until I was practically quaking. With a harsh cry, I gripped the sheets and lifted my hips that much higher.

“Please,” I pleaded. My desperation was shamefully clear.

He cocked his hips back a bit, lining himself up with my entrance. Taken aback by sudden nervousness, I gasped, and he gripped me a bit tighter.

“Bite the bed if you need to, angel. This next part is going to hurt,” he warned.

He started slowly, pressing the thick head of his cock into me bit by bit. The first inch stretched me open far wider than I anticipated, and I cried out a little at the burning ache that came with it. His cock didn’t only feel like it was penetrating me. This felt like he was claiming me.

He worked his cock inside me, moving back and forth a little at a time until his fingers dug into my back, and he jerked his hips forward, finally sinking himself all the way in.

My mouth opened in a silent scream as a bright white sheet of agony washed over me. My legs quivered and my core spiraled tight. Every muscle in my body clamped down and a soft breathy cry finally escaped me.

He stayed still for several moments, letting me experience how very full I was of his cock. My inner walls squeezed around him, and I was unsure if my body was trying to force him out or take him in that much deeper.

Gradually, the pain from the taking of my virginity began to quell, fading away until all that was left was a throbbing need. I closed my mouth, starting to lose control of myself. I wanted more, needed more.

He took his time and when he finally pulled back, I sighed with relief and hoped that my prolonged torture was finally coming to an end.

He was finally going to fuck me.

With bated breath, I tensed for what felt like forever until he slammed back inside me. All the air rushed from my lungs as my body twisted with the familiar pain of my first taking along with the pleasurable bliss I’d known was there all along.

His fingers wound around my shoulder, digging into my flesh as he used my body for his own leverage. His pelvis slapped against my bare backside as he burrowed his cock into me over and over again.

I had thought I’d known what pleasure felt like before this.

It was nothing like that.

Pleasure and pain twisted into one intoxicatingly consuming sensation that refused to let me go no matter how much I writhed and cried out. I drowned in it, taken hostage by that devastating bliss like a sudden storm ripping through me. Waves of passionate need crashed over me, one after the other until I was so taken in by it that I barely even remembered my own name.

The only thing that mattered was his cock, driving in and out of me so hard that my entire body began to twist with pain.

My inner walls gripped at his thick length and just when I thought my fucking had reached its peak, he started slamming into me that much more roughly.

He’d told me it was going to hurt, and it did.

The pleasure that came with it was equally powerful and the longer he fucked me, the more intense it became. It billowed up through me from the tips of my toes to the ends of my fingers.

I was going to come.

I could feel it surging toward me and I feared it as much as I yearned for it. I knew that it was going to be the hardest orgasm of my life.

The inevitability of it was terrifying and wonderful and I held it off for as long as I could.

That wasn’t a very long time.

My release slammed into me with the devastating power of a tsunami. I reared back my head and arched my back, allowing him to fuck me even more deeply as my body opened for him. I screamed from the very beginning. Even if I had vowed to keep silent, I wouldn’t have been able to. My toes curled and my hands fisted the covers beneath me. His fingers dug into my shoulder so firmly that I knew there’d be marks left behind.

My whole body pulsed, one shattering wave of pleasure after the next. I keened, writhing with what seemed like ceaseless ecstasy. My legs wouldn’t stop shaking. The world seemed to come to a stop around me as my heartbeat surged inside my chest.

It was beating so hard I feared that it might burst.

When my orgasm finally crested and began to wane, I tried desperately to normalize my frantic panting, but to no avail. The blood kept pumping so wildly in my veins that I could feel it in my skull.

I expected him to start to slow down now that I’d come.

He didn’t.

He only started fucking me even more roughly. Just when I thought he’d reached a fevered pitch, he’d fuck me harder. One hand slid down my sweat-slickened spine, only settling when he reached the upper curves of my cheeks. He squeezed a little, his movement accentuated by several hard thrusts.

I cried out with each one.

“You’re going to come again for me, angel,” he demanded, his voice low and growly and overwhelming.

“I can’t,” I gasped.

He slapped my ass so firmly that the sting radiated straight down into my pussy. I clenched around his cock, crying out from the aching pain while at the same time begging for more.


I’d already come twice in such a short time period. My whole body was throbbing with aftershocks, and he wanted another. His hips pistoned against mine, driving every thick inch of him into me as rapidly as he could.

The head of his cock pounded against my cervix. It ached that much more deeply, and a part of me wondered if he was using me so hard that I would bruise there.

I keened when he wrapped his hands around my hips and yanked me back. Without saying anything, he slipped one arm beneath me and lifted me just enough to cup my pussy. When his fingertips slid over my clit, I gasped. Overly sensitive, I cried out, trying to twist and turn my hips to alleviate the pressure. I couldn’t escape it. There was nothing for me to do except feel it.

“You are going to come for me again, angel. The only choice you have is whether you’re going to come like a good girl or if I’m going to have to punish your tight virgin bottom with my finger while I fuck your pussy,” he warned.

I didn’t believe him, at least not at first. As if he knew I was battling with my disbelief, he slid his thumb down the upper half of the cleft of my ass. When his thumb settled on top of my bottom hole, I froze.

He did mean it. I clenched against him protectively, but there would be no fighting his strength. If he wanted to put a finger in my bottom, he would.

I swallowed back my sudden surge of curiosity, quickly distracted by the dancing of his fingers over my clit. I moaned, unable to keep still at the whirlwind of sensations rattling through me at being full of his cock and having his touch on me at the same time. My eyes rolled back in my head and impossibly, I could feel the stirrings for yet another orgasm somewhere deep in my core.

This was absolute insanity.

I’d read about sex in books. I’d seen it in movies. I’d even witnessed it happening in real life before, but none of that prepared me for what my own first fucking would be like.

None of it could have even remotely encompassed how it felt.

A cloud of bliss held me captive. I drowned in its thralls so thoroughly that I would have had difficulty clawing to the surface even if I had wanted to. He fucked me so roughly that I jolted forward on the bed.

I moaned, overtaken with pain at first. But the pleasure that soon followed overcame it.

My need gripped me in its clutches, holding me prisoner and demanding everything I had left to give. I didn’t exactly hand it over. He took it.

He fucked me so much harder. I screamed, but when my release came barreling toward me, there was nothing for me to do other than to feel every last moment of it.

It was so strong that I saw stars.

Unlike the first and second orgasm, the bite of pain was so much fiercer than I could ever have anticipated. I wailed through my release, every muscle in my body tightening so much that it turned to agony. It was almost too much to bear.

I bit down on the covers if only to muffle my screams of climax. My toes and fingers tingled with sensation, all the blood rushing between my legs as my body clamped down all around him. My pussy gripped at his cock like a vise, and he roared, pumping past my tightness almost to spite me.

His fingers dug into me hard enough to make me cry out.

The first spurt of his seed marked me, forcing my release higher and making it that much more intense. The searing heat of his cum inside me caused an endless series of quaking pleasure to tumble through me.

I shattered so hard that tears prickled at the corners of my eyes. My inner walls fluttered around him, milking his cock for every single drop of seed that I could.

By the time my orgasm finally crested, my head was lost somewhere in the clouds. I closed my eyes, struggling just to calm the beat of my heart. My ragged panting seemed deafeningly loud as his hand smoothed over my lower back.

“That was beautiful, angel,” he murmured.

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