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Morally Gray: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The door was barely shut before he tossed me against the wall, lifting my arms over my head. When he wrapped one hand around both wrists, a single moan rushed past my lips. I stared into his eyes, the single light in the room allowing me to catch a glimpse of the color. They were a deep green, a hint of a thick forest with a touch of sunlight. I was in awe of his powerful actions, his roughness as he held me.

But I wasn’t afraid. There was no reason. I sensed he was a man full of passion, a hunger that knew no bounds.

Using his index finger, he rolled the tip down my cheek. I’d never felt so alive, my mind spinning from the images and thoughts rushing through. I was a good girl. I shouldn’t be doing this. But there was no way I would pull away now. His scent was intoxicating, although there was no hint of cologne, no overdone aftershave, just the natural musk of a predator.

As he rolled his finger along the side of my breast, I shuddered audibly.

“Do you want this?” he asked, his tone a husky growl.


“Because if you do, this won’t be about tenderness.”

“Then what?”

“Pure. Primal. Need.”

I tilted my head, dragging my tongue across my lips. “Fuck me.”

The way he smiled was as if he’d already known what I was going to tell him. He continued trailing his fingers down my side, the tickling sensations keeping my breathing shallow. The sultry look in his eyes was quickly replaced with the kind of intense need that kept me enthralled. I couldn’t stop trembling, my heart skipping beats as I stared into his eyes. He had a level of power and control over me that I’d never experienced.

And I hadn’t seen it coming.

Who was this godlike creature?

The moment he cupped the side of my face, the rough pads of his fingers digging into my skin, I struggled in his hold, longing to touch him. But he was having none of it, his grip tightening.

He rolled his thumb back and forth across my lips, the slight shake of his head telling me in no uncertain terms he was going to devour me.

And dear God, the man who held me as his possession, a stranger who hadn’t told me his name, had awakened the woman inside. The one who hungered for all the darkness, pure unbridled sin. I should feel ashamed for being in a hotel with a man I didn’t know, but the excitement was overpowering, the need all consuming.

This was what fantasies were made of.

“My good little girl.”

“I’m never good,” I told him.

“Then perhaps you need a lesson in obedience.” His face was hovered over mine, his lips so close I licked my bottom lip, arching my back.

“Maybe I do.” With him, everything felt possible, his domination of me unexpected yet perfect.

“Be careful what you ask for. I’m not a good man.”

“Then we fit together perfectly.”

He growled his response, capturing my lips, his firm hold remaining. I was shocked at my body’s reaction, a clear betrayal of all common sense, but this felt right. As if we were destined to be together. The thought was ridiculous but as he swept his tongue into my mouth, instantly dominating mine, I leaned in, acquiescing to his control. The taste of him was incredible, tiny firecrackers going off inside my brain.

The arc of electricity was breath stealing, my mind foggy with sinful longing, images that no good girl should ever have.

Being tied to his bed.

Taken and used.

Fucked until I couldn’t breathe.

The kiss was just as powerful as the man, every sound he made animalistic. In the moment of intimacy, he was a dying man, my life’s breath the only thing that would help him survive. I was captivated by the moment, struck by the strong connection. I’d never see him again. He wouldn’t be in my life. He wasn’t my forever. But this was perfect in every way.

When he finally broke the kiss, I gasped for air, fighting nerves as he sucked on my bottom lip, biting down until I cried out in surprise. He lifted my chin with his thumb, breathing across my jaw before dragging his tongue down my neck.

Every move he made was deliberate, exacting as a science. He pulled away, his eyes searching mine. He wasn’t looking for approval, just an understanding that he was in charge. My pulse raced as he danced his fingers past my waist, crumpling the material of my dress in his large hand.

He chuckled darkly as he used his knee to press mine apart, slowly crawling his hand under my dress. The second he touched my thigh, a strangled whimper pushed past my lips. I was frozen in time, incapable of thinking clearly. The stranger was teasing me, driving me to the point of madness with his tender touches, his foray into temptation. As he rolled his hand between my legs, I closed my eyes. Every cell in my body was on fire, flames licking at my skin.

“Why would a beautiful woman surrender to a dangerous man?”

His words floated into my eardrums, his voice continuously tickling my skin. “Because I want to feel alive again.”

“Mmm… Then I’ll provide exactly what you need, my beautiful creature. Fire. Electricity. Pain and pleasure. And at the end of the night, you will surrender to me completely. Body and soul.”

He pulled away, wasting no time ripping my dress over my head, pitching it against the door. A wave of embarrassment coursed through me but within seconds, the hunger erupting at the seams replaced any thought of shame.

My mystery lover gripped my hips, sliding me up by several feet, immediately burying his face in the wetness of my thong.

“Oh, God.” I flailed my arms, gripping his arms as he secured my legs over his shoulders. Stars floated in front of my eyes, laughter bubbling to the surface. He was evidently an expert at pleasing a woman, maneuvering the elastic of my panties out of his way. When he thrust his tongue past my swollen folds, I thought for certain I’d died and gone to heaven. “Yes. Yes.”

His hot breath erupted like a tidal wave, electrifying and tumultuous. I cinched my eyes shut, my toes curling as he rolled his head up and down. I couldn’t believe how my body responded, yearning for what no other man had ever provided. He wasn’t just masterful in his manipulation of my body.

He was utter perfection, as if he already knew what I needed, studying my desires through a looking glass. Of course that wasn’t possible but the thought added to the mystery, the chemical connection. I lolled my head, fighting to breathe as he licked me, finally frustrated enough he yanked my panties aside, ripping them in the process.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he muttered, driving several fingers into my tight channel as he feasted, keeping me spread wide open for him.

I clawed at the wall, laughing nervously as heat continued to build in every muscle and cell. There was no way to describe the ecstasy already rolling through me, the moment of letting go freeing. I dug my heels into his back, tossing my head back and forth as the pleasure intensified.

The dark stranger rolled his thumb around my clit several times, teasing the tender tissue before wrapping his lips around it. As he sucked, biting down every few seconds, I struggled to keep from screaming.

Seconds passed. Minutes. And he refused to stop. I was shaking, my mind still spinning out of control. With every swipe of his tongue, every brutal plunge of his fingers, I drifted closer and closer to nirvana. He knew exactly how to bring me close then pull away, keeping me on the very edge of ravenous bliss.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” I moaned and laughed, blinking in some crazy effort to rid the shadows of the room. The moment a climax finally slammed into my system, I managed to stifle a scream, but only for a few seconds.

A rush of adrenaline flowed with the enraptured orgasm, electrifying as it tumbled straight to my bones.

He held me tightly, opening my legs even wider, keeping his mouth and tongue tormenting me until a second orgasm smashed the effect of the first. All sound was completely obliterated, the heavy fog around my eyes and mind intensifying.

Only when I finally started to come down from the ecstasy did he ease his face away, pressing harsh kisses against my inner thigh.

Very slowly he lowered me to my feet, tugging what was left of my thong away. Now I was completely naked in front of a man I didn’t know. It was strangely comforting, although I was still in a wild and wicked haze, lust the only thing on my mind. When I dared to slide my hand to the thick bulge between his legs, he shook his head.

“Not yet. As with every bad girl, you need to understand the consequences of the error of your ways.”

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning now I give you a hard spanking.”

A spanking?

Was he kidding me?

I’d never been spanked in my life. No, I’d had much worse, but in an entirely different manner. For a few seconds, I was so shocked I couldn’t breathe. Maybe I expected to be drawn back into the nightmare I’d lived only years before or the fear that had nearly destroyed me. But I wasn’t. I’d heard about cathartic moments, never expecting to want any man’s domination. But with him, I was curious.

Even eager.

How was that possible?

As he’d done before, he cupped the side of my face, his fingers squeezing my skin. Then he backed away, heading toward the bed. I was at a loss for words, uncertain of my feelings other than being amazed the excitement continued to build. When he sat down on the edge, another warm rush of embarrassment mixed with anticipation, every inch of my skin tingling.

He patted his lap, giving me a stern look, the shadowed light hiding a portion of his face. But there was no doubt what he was thinking, his hunger increasing as every second passed.

I found myself gravitating forward, actually considering dropping over his lap for a round of discipline. It seemed strange how drawn I was to him, the pleasure he’d provided still weaving its way through molecules in my brain.

But suddenly, I was standing in front of him, glancing into his eyes with so many questions on my mind. He studied me intently before gripping my arm, gently guiding me across his knees. It felt comfortable, his massive thighs easily able to hold me. As he yanked me closer to his chest, he slid my stomach across his throbbing cock. My mouth immediately watered, the thought of sucking until he erupted in my throat a naughty temptation.

But that was not to be, at least just yet.

My dark stranger was a mystery in several ways, his quietness as unnerving as the fantasy unfolding. He was cautious, yet savage, unabashed in his needs. I had no additional time to try to dissect him before he brought his hand down, striking one side of my bottom then the other. While a wash of pain was instantaneous, the hard clenching of my wet pussy was unnerving.

His palm was large, a single strike able to cover a good portion of my ass cheek. I was jarred, pushing up from the floor as I involuntarily kicked out. Just being over his clothed knees was mind boggling, delicious in its sinfulness.

Panting, I clawed the carpet, struggling to stay in position, but when he issued five or six in a row, anguish tore through me. I was immediately tossed into an entirely different set of feelings, a strange wash of emotions bringing tears to my eyes.

Or perhaps it was the jarring agony.

Or maybe the increased wetness between my legs.

When I almost managed to slide off his lap, he tugged me back into position, wasting no time bringing his palm against my aching bottom in a rapid-fire application.

“Oh. Oh… That hurts.”

“Yes, I’m certain it does, but pain is the beginning of the kind of ecstasy only few people allow themselves to experience. Plus, you’ll learn that you need to be cautious around strange men.”

There was no malice in his voice, but I shivered anyway, comprehending that I’d completely surrendered to a stranger. He could do anything he wanted with me. Oh, I was so far out of my mind.

He started what seemed like a perfect rhythm, cracking his hand down on one side then the other. As the scent of my desire floated between us, I sensed his breathing had changed.

I dragged my tongue across my lips, the first real feeling of shame. I should hate what he was doing to me, but I was so aroused that my body was quivering from pleasure. The throbbing between my legs was close to being painful, the longing to have his cock thrust deep inside so unlike me that I was twitching from confusion.

He took a few seconds to caress my skin, his touch firm yet comforting. I wasn’t certain why I continued to believe he was a possessive man other than it was obvious he was used to getting what he wanted. I’d craved someone to take care of me for so long that this was a moment of sheer bliss.

While I reminded myself this wasn’t forever, the thought of the age difference as well as his obvious level of maturity was almost as exciting as the notion of seeing his hot body unclothed. Almost. I lay limp in his arms, no longer fighting him. But he wasn’t done with me yet.

The brutal smacks continued and suddenly I was floating on a cloud, whimpering softly as the ache in my pussy continued to build.

The husky growls that came from the darkness of his needs penetrated my eardrums like sweet music. When he rolled the tip of his finger down the crack of my ass, I stiffened.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you?” he asked, although I doubted I’d have a choice.


He rolled me onto the back on the bed, moving to his feet. When he took a single finger, sliding it down from my forehead to the bridge of my nose, I held my breath. He was truly a beautiful man in every way, but his eyes were mesmerizing, pulling me into a wondrous vacuum.

“Do not move,” he told me, his voice commanding. He wore no smile, his expression one of a primal beast who’d captured his prey. I had no idea why our connection was so strong, but being with him felt right, as if fate had intervened.

“Where are you from?” I asked as he continued toying with me, slowly rolling his finger in between my breasts.

He said nothing at first, taking his time to swirl the tip around my already hard nipple several times. Then he pinched it between his thumb and forefinger, shifting his gaze to my eyes.

Exhaling, I closed my eyes briefly from the pain, shuddering visibly.

“I have homes and offices in several locations, but most recently New York.”

I wanted to ask him what he did but didn’t want to ruin the mystery. He trailed his hand to my other breast, tweaking my nipple. Then he backed away, slowly removing his jacket. As he tossed it across his chair, I watched his every move.

He tugged on his tie, peering down at me as the evening’s feast, pulling it an inch at a time until the silk was free from his neck. When he placed his knee on the bed, leaning over, I pressed my hands against his chest, finally allowed to clench my fingers around the thick material of his shirt. He dropped his head, lightly pressing his lips against mine as he slipped the tie behind my neck, allowing the two ends to drape over my nipples.

A smile finally crossed his face as he proceeded to finish undressing. I bit my lower lip when he reached for his belt, tingling all over from the thought of him using that to punish me. Was I trying too hard to prove to myself that what Justin had said wasn’t true? I wasn’t certain any longer.

He unbuttoned his shirt, peeling it over his shoulders and there was no chance I could keep a moan from escaping my throat. Where I’d thought he was a handsome man before, that hadn’t done him justice. With his wide shoulders, sculpted arms, and broad chest that led to the perfect six-pack abs then to a deep V leading to his legs, I was floored by how sinfully gorgeous he was.

The way he chuckled from seeing the look on my face filled me with butterflies in my stomach. No man should be this good looking. He removed his trousers, and I couldn’t help myself, rising onto my elbows, my breathing irregular.

I toyed with the tie, sliding the material back and forth across my nipple, grinning when his eyes narrowed, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Be careful teasing me,” he said, his voice huskier than before, dripping with lust.

“I’m always careful.” I dragged my tongue across my lips from the sight of his thick, long cock. I’d never thought a man’s shaft could be so incredible and tempting, but I was in awe at the size and the way it was throbbing. I could only imagine what it would feel like buried inside of me.

“Mmm… You only think you are.” He returned to the bed, nudging my legs apart as he planted his hands on either side of me. Every move his made was possessive and completely controlled, a man taking his time getting to discover his treat for the evening. “You are a beautiful woman, very special indeed.”

Just hearing his words made me feel as if I was special in some crazy way, not the damaged girl that I’d been labeled so many times. “What’s your name?”

“Does it really matter?” He crowded closer, nuzzling his face against my neck.

“No. I guess it doesn’t.” When he nipped my earlobe before sliding the tip of his tongue into the shell of my ear, I took several scattered breaths. “Not even a little bit.”

He chuckled again, blowing a swath of hot air across my neck. I sensed he was winding the tie. Then I felt pressure against my throat. It was just another way that he was telling me he was very much in control.

I could so get used to this. If only there weren’t hundreds of miles between us. With every breath skipping across my skin, every dart of his tongue along my neck, I found it difficult to breathe. I’d never felt this excited before. Even the way the material of the comforter scratched against my bottom was scintillating, adding to the moment in time shared between us. I had a feeling this would never be repeated. Not with him.

Not with anyone.

He growled softly then rolled his knuckles down my arm before sliding the tip of his cock against my swollen folds.

My breathing was scattered, my heart racing more than before and as he slipped his cock just inside my tight channel, I wrapped my leg around his thigh. He hesitated, toying with me. When he lifted his head, the look in his eyes had changed, even more possessive than before. Yes, I could easily lose myself in this marvelous man.

I raked my fingers over his shoulder, skimming them down his back. I was rewarded with a wider smile, but his eyes remained hooded. There was no doubt he was going to devour me piece by piece.

When he finally thrust the entire length of his cock inside, a series of moans escaped. Then I laughed nervously as my pussy muscles stretched, trying to accommodate his thick girth. He pulled out, driving into me even more brutally and this time, I gasped.

“You are so tight,” he whispered, rising onto his hands then plunging into me again. The force drove me into the bed, and I wrapped my other leg around his hips, pushing one hand against his chest. As I kneaded his muscles, his upper lip curled, never blinking as he stared at me.

I could almost read his thoughts, his savage needs building. I could envision being tied to his bed by his favorite two ties, kept waiting until his desire was too great to ignore. I toyed with the piece of silk, running my fingers around it as he pounded into me, developing another perfect rhythm.

My mind remained in a fog, lights of vivid colors flashing in front of my eyes. As he drove me closer and closer to another orgasm, I clawed his chest, the pleasure so intense that I couldn’t think clearly.

When the orgasm finally hit, he slipped one arm under my leg, yanking it out to the side, pumping into me like a wild animal.

“Oh. Oh… Yes. Yes.” I squeezed his arm, digging my fingers into his muscles as the climax swept through me, even more powerful than the one before. I jerked up, realizing he’d grabbed the tie once again, twisting the material until it was positioned just under my chin. I wrapped my fingers around his hand as I stared at him. The action wasn’t about suffocation but ownership. All I could do was smile.

The moment of utter rapture was incredible, the feeling of euphoria stealing my breath. As I started to come down, he crushed his lips against mine, the move startling enough I moaned into the kiss.

He wasn’t gentle in his actions, his needs surpassing his tenderness from before. As the passion erupted into a firestorm between us, the crackle of electricity was pure ecstasy. I wrapped my arm around his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair. Nothing had felt so intensely amazing in my life. I was alive and on fire, still struggling to process what was happening between us.

The way he was sweeping his tongue inside my mouth, exploring and drinking all of me kept my senses on edge, vibrations dancing all the way to my toes. He broke the kiss seconds later and I felt at a loss, struggling to arch my back in order to get to him.

There was something about the look in his eyes that kept my heart racing. When he pulled all the way out, I gasped but should have known he wasn’t finished with me yet.

He flipped me over onto all fours, immediately draping his body over mine. “Do you know what I could do with you if I had several hours?” he asked in his sultry voice.

“Tell me.”

“Besides fucking you, I’d mark every inch of your body, claiming you as mine. Then I’d slide you into a cage by my bed, stroking you throughout the night. I think you’d like that. Wouldn’t you? To be my pet, my perfect toy?”

The thought was surprisingly enticing, creating a wave of white-hot energy. “Yes.”

“I thought so. You’ve been waiting for the perfect man to come into your life. One to use, fuck, and care for you.” He rolled his fingers down my back, immediately thrusting his cock back inside my pussy.

Moaning, I dropped my head, gasping for air. The dirty words set me ablaze. He became more brutal in his actions, plunging hard and fast, his actions so powerful I was pitched into the bed. Then he yanked both ends of the tie into his hands, pulling me up as if using reins on a horse.

“Since you’re such a bad girl, I’m going to finish by fucking you in the ass.”

He slipped the tip of his cock against my dark hole and I stiffened, clawing the bed. As he tightened the silk, I closed my eyes. The man was in full control over me.

And I remained thrilled from the thought.

A wash of pain slipped into my system as he slowly slid his cock into my asshole. Panting, I tried to relax my muscles, pushing up from the bed as he drove the entire length inside. He had his hand wrapped around the silk strands, the pressure on my neck adding an exhilarating set of sensations. Lights in sparkling colors danced in front of my eyes, my mind and body dancing from the feeling of being so alive.

His husky growls floated over me, creating an aura of being taken, his actions rougher than before. As he brought his palm down on my bottom, I opened my mouth to a silent scream. This was magical, so much so I was driven into pure moments of bliss.

“Tight, baby girl. So damn tight,” he muttered, the sound of skin against skin electrifying.

Within moments, I sensed the man was losing control, holding on as I’d tried to do before. But as I squeezed my muscles, his body began to shake.

In those last seconds, he wrapped his body around mine, burying his face into my neck as he filled me with his seed.

Then I heard the words that would stay with me for some time.

“The brutal things I will do to you.”

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