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Myka and the Millionaire by Alexis Alvarez – Extended Preview

Myka and the Millionaire

“God, it’s good to see you,” he announced, pulling her into his arms. “I’ve been thinking all week about what I want to do to you.”

Myka blushed into the invisible grip of his strong arms, feeling his heart beat against her cheek. “I’ve been thinking about you, too. Especially at night, in bed… when I touch myself.” Her voice was low and sultry.

His body tensed. “Is that right?” He pulled back, tipped her chin up. “Why, you dirty girl, touching yourself and fantasizing. Were you thinking of how I touched you here,” he brushed her nipples through her shirt, “or here?” and he ran his hand up the crotch of her panties beneath her skirt.

Myka gasped, and Gabriel paused. “Next time, Myka, I want you bare for me, at all times. Completely shaved, too.”

“Yes, sir,” Myka said, reddening as he fingered her beneath her panties.

“And Myka? If you don’t follow my instructions, you know what happens?”

“Um, yes?”

“What happens?” He held her chin firmly with both hands, and Myka smelled her own scent on his fingers.

“You’ll… punish me?” She could barely concentrate on her words, feeling the smooth slickness of her moisture on her cheek, dying for him to touch her again.

“Yes, I will. I want you obedient, and punishments will help you be submissive. They may turn you on as well, but they will definitely help you learn to follow my rules.”

Myka whispered, “Yes, sir,” loving how his eyes flared to hear it, and how his face became more intense.

“Start now,” he said. “Show me your obedience. Take off your panties and give them to me.”

Myka hesitated, then shimmied the panties down to her ankles and held onto Gabriel for support as she stepped out of one leg, then the other. She handed him the lacy G-string and her eyes widened when he smelled the panties and smiled.

“I love your smell,” he commented, stuffing the panties into his jeans pocket so some of the lace still stuck out. “I can’t wait to taste you tonight.” He tapped her cheek with one finger. “You’ll be getting a taste of me as well, ma chèrie.”

Myka sucked in her breath, nervous and eager.

“But first,” he said casually, “we’ll be going out for drinks with some friends.”

Myka reached for his pocket. “I’ll put these back on, then—”

“No. You won’t.” He raised his eyebrows.

“But I can’t go without—”

“I said I want you bare beneath the skirt.”

“But no, Gabriel, not with your friends—”

“Arguing already? Well, we have time to address it before we leave.”

“We’re not in the bedroom!” Myka was startled, but he moved like lightning, pulling her over to a chaise lounge in the entry hallway. He bent her down over it so her hands rested on the fabric and her ass stuck up in the air, then he slowly raised her skirt and took a breath, running his hands up and down over the smooth skin of her thighs and buttocks.

“We’re not in the bedroom, but your body is mine, and I get to choose how you present it when we are together. Are we clear?”

Myka felt irritation and ardor war within her. How the hell did he suddenly think he could add in this new dynamic without even asking? Although, she supposed, this was his kinky way of asking. She could always safeword out. It would be a fun game for one evening.

“Twenty,” he said decisively, as Myka stayed silent. “I think I’ll give you twenty each time you show me disobedience tonight. How sore your ass gets is entirely up to you and your behavior, understand?”

“Yes, sir,” gulped Myka.

He raised his hand and slapped her in the middle of her right ass cheek, and Myka screeched. “Ouch! That’s hard.”

“Yes, it is. Going to get harder as I go, too.” He slapped her again, and Myka jerked her hips, tried to reach back to rub the sting.

“No. You reach back again, you get five extra. Control yourself, yes?”

“Yes, sir.” Myka put her hand back in place, resolved to keep them there.

He slapped again, the sound reverberating in the large hall, and Myka felt tears starting in her eyes from the sudden rough treatment, even as the need in her body ratcheted to an all-time high.

“Tell me why I’m spanking you,” he demanded, as he rained down hard blows, alternating between her left and right cheeks.

“Ow. Because I, ouch. Argued with you, ow. About the panties. Ouch!” she wailed, as he delivered an especially hard one to her sit spot, making her shift anxiously from foot to foot.

“When I tell you to do something,” he said, spanking her with hard, even blows. “I expect you to either use your safeword, or do it immediately. Either is acceptable. Arguing and whining is not. Is that clear?”

“Yes, stop!” Myka’s hands jerked; it was getting harder to refrain from reaching back.

“Five more,” he told her. “Spread your legs further so I can make sure to get your entire ass covered. I’m going to make these burn.” Myka spread her legs wider, trembling; he tapped her foot with his shoe. “More. Good.”

Myka could imagine how she looked to him, legs spread, showing her entire pussy, which, to her embarrassment, was already quite wet. Gabriel dipped two fingers into her warmth and swirled them around, making her whine, before removing his fingers and slowly wiping them down her inner thighs.

“So indecently wet. I believe you like it when I spank you hard like this, ma chèrie.”

“No, I don’t. It hurts,” protested Myka, but her words were weak, because the fact was that she fucking loved it. She loved the harsh sting, the sound of the slap, the feel of his skin on her skin. She loved the way his breathing got rougher the more he punished her, and she especially craved the tingles of arousal that flared in her clit and all through her pussy after each slap landed.

“Take these five quietly,” he challenged her. “Any cries or ouches, and I keep going.”

Myka bit her lip, and the first slap came down. Her whole body stiffened with the effort of not screaming out. She snuffled and squeezed her fists. How could his hand be so hard? It felt worse than the paddle!

Gabriel waited an insufferably long time, letting her burn, before saying, “Ready?”

She nodded wordlessly and the next spank hit her even harder on the other cheek. Her mouth ached with stifled cries. She wiped her face back and forth on the cushion, stamped her right foot up, kicked it back.

Gabriel chuckled, waiting again. “Maybe you’re thinking right now about you’re going to behave for me tonight, follow my rules? Getting spanked turns you on, I know it, but right now it’s hurting quite a bit, yes? Probably getting to the point where the pain is close to outweighing the pleasure? It’s making you a little scared, anxious. How long am I going to do this? When will it stop? How badly will it hurt? I’ll put you in that mental place from time to time, as I see fit. You probably wish it was over right now, so we could continue on with more pleasant activities, perhaps my tongue in your pussy? Perhaps my fingers on your nipple? But instead, you’re going to take three more of these hard slaps, Myka. And they are definitely going to burn.”

Myka made a little noise.

“You can take it,” he told her softly. “It will be hard, but you’ll do it. And you’ll be proud. And then you’ll be obedient.”

Myka wanted to scream at his arrogance and hit out at him, but she didn’t: she wanted to finish this. She didn’t want to disappoint him. The next spank came suddenly, the hardest yet, and she whimpered into her mouth at the slice of pain, trying not to let the sound out, kicking first the left leg up, then the right, helplessly twisting her hips on the fabric.

“Good girl,” said Gabriel almost tenderly, then he gave her the last two slaps in quick succession, full force across the middle of her ass. When he was done Myka cursed, tears streaming down her face.

“Fuck. Gabriel, that hurt!”

Gabriel rested his hand on her back, on top of her shirt for a minute, then told her, “Your spanking is done, but the punishment isn’t. Stay in that position until I get back. Don’t move or reach back. I’m going to ask you when I get back, and you’re going to be honest. If you disobey, it means another twenty.”

He strode off, and Myka heard various domestic sounds, the clink of keys on the counter, water running in a faucet. She wiped her face while keeping her shoulders low to the bench, needing to rub the miserable sting from her posterior, but not daring. Of course she could. She could stand up, rub her ass, and tell him red. But she wasn’t ready to do that.

He returned and said, “Stand up and pull down your skirt.” He held her arm, though, so she wouldn’t stumble, and handed her a damp washcloth. “Clean your face and nose. You may need to check the mirror because your makeup is running.”

Myka sniffed, shot him a venomous glare, and rubbed her face with the cloth. He pointed to a small bathroom off the hall and said, “Still no touching that ass.”

Myka nodded stiffly and went to the bathroom; used another washcloth to clear the smudges from her eyes and cheeks. Her face was blotchy and her nose was red. Fuck. This wasn’t going to look good for going out to meet his friends.

He called out to her, “Did you obey me while you waited?”

Myka muttered, “Yes,” and then, nervous that he’d consider a mutter to be a sign of disobedience, called louder, “Yes, I did. Sir.” She used cold water to dampen the cloth and ran it slowly over her heated face, wishing she could run a cool cloth over her ass, too. How long was he going to make her suffer here, anyway? Finally he came in and lifted her skirt. Myka stiffened but said nothing, and he smiled. He took the washcloth from her, ran it under cold water, and pressed it to her heated posterior. Myka cried out, then relaxed into his touch.

She gave him a look. “Just for asking for my panties? That wasn’t fair.”

He shrugged. “I’m glad to start the evening this way, with a good hard spanking. Now I know you’re going to behave for me to avoid another twenty. Right?”

“Yes, sir,” muttered Myka. She could see how this worked; the dominance, the submission. Obedience wasn’t easy for her, and he was going to push. She hated it and craved it at the same time. It was a strange game; she could stop at any time, and yet—somehow—when he looked at her with that dominant gaze, her mind and her will melted, and all she wanted to do was be obedient, to please him, to get to that point where their bodies met together in a mutual explosion of bliss. And for some reason, submitting to him made the whole thing that much more exciting, powerful, exotic, and passionate. It was entirely a game, and it was nothing like a game, both at once.

“You’re not going to ask for your panties again, are you? You’re going to wear this short skirt all night with your naked body under it for me, right?”

“Yes, sir.” She sniffled. He had been right. The hard spanking had turned her on; she liked getting spanked. But toward the end, it had been painful, nearly too much, and she would have preferred to stop instead of getting more spanks. She could see how next time they played, she’d obey him more quickly so that she wouldn’t have to take the extra hard slaps… so he’d stop spanking at the point when the pleasure mix was at the maximum point. She felt her face burning. It was crazy hot to be the subject of a reward/punishment dynamic, but it was also completely overwhelming.

“Myka.” He looked at her eyes in the mirror. “I’m not going to embarrass you in front of anyone. What we do is for you and me. Our secret. Every time you feel this skirt against your bare tender skin, you’re going to remember how I stripped you and punished you for defying me. And we’re both going to burn for the end of the night, when I take you home and fuck you.”

He pulled down her skirt. “It was punishment, but pleasure is coming too. Think of it as extended foreplay. I know you’re wet right now, but you’re going to wait for it. We’re both going to wait.”

He patted her butt, touched her hair. “You look amazing. By the time we get to the bar, nobody will ever know you cried. And they won’t know you got spanked, either, unless you fidget a lot. But you don’t get to rub it at all tonight, even when you’re alone in the bathroom. You do that, it means another twenty.” He smiled at her, then said, “Before you fix your makeup properly, why don’t I give you a few more as a reminder. Bend over and hold your ankles.”

Myka gasped, looked at him. He was stern, testing her. Right here, like that? On command? But there was no way she wanted twenty. So even though she turned bright red, she lifted her skirt, bent over, and wrapped her hands around her ankles.

He waited a moment, laying the washcloth back over the side of the sink. Then he ran his hands down her ass. “I love how red it gets,” he said.

Myka moaned. “Just do it,” she demanded.

“Myka. Is that the right behavior?”

“No, sir. I’m sorry.”

He paused. “Reach back and spread your ass cheeks with your hands. I want to see you split open for me before I spank you.”

Myka didn’t like that. “Gabriel.”

“Myka, are you arguing with me?”

“I’m not arguing. It feels weird. I can’t do it.”

“You can’t, or you won’t?” His voice was firm.

“I can, of course. It’s just that it’s so private, and I feel weird…” Myka kept her hands on her ankles, mumbling to the floor. “Can’t you spank me and be done with it? Why do you have to be such a power-hungry jerk about it?”

He sighed. “I hoped we weren’t going to have to do this, but you just earned another twenty, Myka.”

“No!” she shot up, her eyes wide, clutching at his hands. “Please, no. I’m sorry. I’ll bend down again and spread my ass for you!”

He shook his head. “I was testing your obedience, and you failed. Clearly twenty wasn’t enough to teach you that lesson.” He spoke easily, as if they were discussing the weather. “Back to the bench in the hall, ma chèrie. Strip naked this time, and wait bent over like before. I’ll be over in a minute to administer your punishment.” He started to undo his belt buckle, and Myka made a noise of surprise.

“I said twenty for each violation. I didn’t say they would all be with my hand. Now go, or do you want twenty-five?” He sounded serious.

Myka silently made her way back to the bench, stripped, and bent over, her heart pounding, moisture growing between her legs despite her anxiety.

Gabriel came up to her and dropped the belt in front of her face. “Look at it, ma chèrie. You and this belt are soon going to be quite well acquainted.” Myka’s breath hitched. “Tell me why I’m spanking you again so soon,” he ordered her.

Myka managed to say, “Because I defied you again, sir. You asked me to spread my ass cheeks and I argued.”

“Next time you’ll listen. This is part of the way I train you into being submissive for me, ma chèrie; it hurts in the moment, but in the long run, we’ll both be happier. Keep your hands in front of you. When it’s done, you’ll thank me. First I’ll give you ten with my hand, like before. The last ten will be with the belt. You’re not going to like it, I don’t think.”

Myka’s stomach lurched, but even as he spoke he raised his hand and crashed it down on her reddened ass cheeks. “Ouch!” she cried. It was worse than before. The break had made her skin more sensitive.

“Stay still.” He spanked again, on the other cheek. Myka begged. “It hurts so much. Please, please stop. I’ll be good!”

“I’ll stop when we’re at twenty. Don’t wiggle.” The next one hit at the base of her cheeks, and she moaned, tears starting. By the time he made it to ten, she was a mess, crying out at each spank and dancing from foot to foot.

“Please,” she begged. “Can’t you find another way to punish me? My ass is so sore.”

“You want to make a deal?” His voice was silky.

“Yes, yes, please, I’ll make a deal. Whatever you want!” She was desperate.

“I don’t make deals. When I decide on a punishment, that’s what you’re getting. Hand me the belt.”

Myka reached out and took the stiff leather, reached it back behind her. “I’m sorry.”

“You will be,” he promised. “And you’ll be more submissive.” He stroked the leather over her sore cheeks, making her flinch, and continued, “You have exactly one chance to tell me to stop. If it’s too much we’ll call it done for now and finish later. Or tell me please, beg me to teach you a lesson this minute, even if it hurts like hell, because you want to learn to be my submissive. Myka?”

“I don’t want to have to ask for it!” Her voice held panic. “It hurts. I want it to stop.”

“Choose. And if you ask for the second, I won’t stop until I’m done. Do you understand?”

Myka nodded, sniffling, and despite the burning, she knew she needed to keep going. She wanted him to train her; it was perverse and twisted, and she fucking wanted it. Her voice was low but firm. “Gabriel. I’m sorry, I want to be more submissive for you. Please punish me.”

The belt landed on her ass with a loud smack. Myka screamed in surprise. It was so much sharper and more painful than his hand, and the pain went deeper as well as raising a sharper burn on her skin. She reached back with both hands, and he grabbed them and held them firmly in the middle of her back. Then he bent over and continued whipping her with the belt.

These were not as hard as the first; he eased up, probably gauging her reaction and varying the strength of the strokes to stay within her limits. She knew he didn’t want to make her shout her safeword in panic; he wanted her to accept the entire punishment. She had complete trust that he wasn’t a sadistic monster, that even though he said she had to take it, he would surely stop if she said red. She knew it, believed it. But the slight doubt shot a strange wisp of desire through her body, even as the pain intensified. Like last time, not knowing was a strangely powerful aphrodisiac.

Each stroke hurt like hell, and Myka felt like her ass was literally on fire by the time he finished, but she managed to squeak out, “Thank you for punishing me.” Then she gulped back a sob and swiped her face.

Gabriel put her wrists in front of her and tied them together with the belt. “This relationship involves submission from you,” he said, stroking her cheek. “Think well about how you’re going to manage it so you can avoid excessive punishments.”

He walked her to a corner and left her standing there, alternating her weight from foot to foot, lifting her feet up to try and soothe the ache in her backside. When he returned, he was holding a small bottle and a plug. “It seems that you are feeling feisty today, ma chèrie. I’m going to have you wear this all evening. I think it will be a good reminder to you.” He took her bound hands, walked her back to the bench, and said, “Bend over and spread your legs.”

Myka did it without a second’s hesitation, without asking any questions. She felt cool liquid drizzling onto her anus and sucked in a breath, but kept her legs still.

“Good girl,” praised Gabriel, massaging the lube into her skin. Then he inserted his finger into her anus and began massaging the lube inside of her body. Myka jerked but managed not to move. He pulled his finger out, then Myka felt something cold pressing at the entrance. “Push back at me,” he told her, “and it will go in easily. It’s the smallest plug I have. It won’t hurt at all once it’s in, but you’ll feel it all evening.”

Myka felt pressure, and she pushed back as directed. There was the tiniest pop of discomfort that disappeared once the plug settled into her body; the only thing she felt was a slight fullness. Gabriel disappeared and she heard water running in the sink, then he was back, his hands stroking her body.

“Good. Stand up now,” Gabriel told her, and unbound her wrists. He rubbed them in small circles with his thumbs. “You can soothe your ass now. I know it’s sore. But don’t try to remove the plug.” Myka nodded and her hands shot back, rubbing and massaging the tender skin.

Gabriel came closer and looked into her eyes. “Tell me why I did that. Don’t look away. This is part of what we do, and I need to know that you understand the rules, and want to abide by them.”

Myka looked back at him through her tears, mesmerized. “You punished me because I wasn’t being obedient to you. I’m supposed to be submissive when we’re together, and I was not. I’m sorry. I want—I want to do this with you.” She felt her whole body tingle with arousal.

“Why didn’t I let you get away with your backtalk?”

“Because—because it’s disrespectful. I need to learn to obey you gracefully, or say my safeword. I shouldn’t argue and sass you.” Despite the burn in her ass, she had never been so turned on. She could feel how wet she was between her legs, and she wanted nothing more than to have him bend her back over and take her, fuck her, right now. She liked playing this rough game with him. Or was it a game? Was it real? It was both, she supposed—they had rules, she had safewords, but this was definitely real. One of the most real things she’d ever done. It was, in fact, surreal.

“Yes. And you’re forgiven.” He smiled and kissed her, and then their mouths melted together. His tongue was on hers and Myka moaned, holding his strong biceps in her hands. He squeezed her nipples, then kissed and licked them, and moved his hand down to stroke her between the legs. “You’re so wet!” he exclaimed. “It’s practically dripping down your thighs.”

Myka deepened the kiss, pushing her pelvis at him, and rubbed his hard erection, which strained at his jeans. “You like this, too,” she told him. “Fuck me right now, Gabriel. It’s not fair to get me so submissive and turned on and then leave me waiting.”

“I don’t just like it,” he said, biting her neck hard. “I love it. And waiting will make it even better.” He stepped back and pulled at her hand. “‘We’re going to meet Jessica and Brett, remember them?”

She nodded, distracted, concentrating on the residual sting in her ass, the plug, and her arousal.

“You can put your clothes on,” Gabriel told her, “including your panties. Your tight thong will make sure to keep that plug settled nicely in your ass. I want you to enjoy the sensation without worrying about losing it.” He grinned.

A pang of anxiety made her frown. The plug felt sexy now, but it might be weird to wear it around other people. And what if it started to hurt?

She crossed her arms across her chest, wondering if the bathroom there was a multi-stall situation or a private one-at-at-time deal. If she needed to take the plug out, should she wrap it in a huge wad of toilet paper and stick it in her purse? Clearly she couldn’t wash it in the sink, first, if it was a communal bathroom, because other people might see. Did Gabriel have Ziploc bags in his cupboard? She had no idea. Did she maybe have one, an extra one, in her toiletry bag? Yes! She had one full of bobby pins and clips. She could empty that out, maybe, into her overnight bag—

“Myka?” Gabriel’s voice was low. He stroked her arm. “Tell me what you’re thinking.” He felt her arm and posture, and rubbed her shoulder. “You’re tense.”

“I don’t want to say red…” Myka didn’t want to look at him. She shifted, feeling the plug move in between her sore cheeks, and shook her head.

He pulled her into his arms. “Tell me,” he said firmly.

“Well, the plug. I mean, wearing it gets me, you know, hot. For you. But I don’t want to look at Jessica and Brett and feel arousal the whole time I’m talking to them about normal stuff. It seems wrong. Like it would get all mixed up with conversation and their personalities. If I’m talking to other people, I want to be able to focus on that, you know? Not my own… ass. It feels sort of selfish and, I don’t know, creepy. Pervy, but not in a good way.”

She shifted from foot to foot. “And what if it starts to hurt? You don’t want me to wear it if it starts to hurt in a bad way, right?” She felt a tear leak out of her eye and wiped at it. “Shit.”

He swore in French. “No, I don’t want you to hurt like that. And I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in front of friends.” He paused. “Wearing something sexy in public is a secret for us. You can think about me when you move, and I’ll think of you too, every time I see your ass. I’ll know what’s there, and nobody else in the world will know. And we’ll both think about how good it will be later, when we go home and fuck.” Somehow the word ‘fuck’ became a caress in his accented English.

“I don’t want you to be a robot, Myka. You are to obey me up until the point where you can’t, understand? If something hurts in a way you literally can’t handle, of course you make it stop, yes? That’s—common sense. Decency. But I’m asking you to try it and see.”

Myka felt the balance of power shift to something more comfortable, and it made her calmer. He rubbed her ass, speaking into her ear. “We’re new together, Myka; we’ll figure this out. If I go too hard, you let me know, yes?”

“I said it was too hard while you were spanking me,” she reminded him, her voice stiff, even as her body relaxed into his touch.

He nodded. “You did, but I didn’t get the feeling you absolutely needed me to stop. You accepted it from me, even though it was a hard struggle for you to submit to it, and that turned us both on. Right now, though, I got the feeling that the plug is too much. You stiffened up and it seemed like your mind was far away, not here, not with us. That’s not what I want. Did I read you correctly both times?”

She nodded, shy, and buried her face in his chest. “Yes. I wanted you to finish the spanking even though it was difficult. And I don’t want to wear the plug out.”

“Then bend over,” he said, giving her a soft kiss on her neck, “and I’ll relieve you of your burden.” He slapped her ass once, and Myka squealed, then bent back over the chaise. He added, “You will never ruin anything with honesty, Myka.”

Gabriel took hold of the base of the plug, and started to twist as he pulled. Myka moaned and shifted, caught by surprise. The sensation was immediately erotic, and she pushed her buttocks into his hand, wriggling up against his touch like a cat.

When he pulled again, she whimpered and twitched her hips into him, then clenched her muscles around the plug. Gabriel chuckled. “Changed your mind?”

Myka didn’t say anything, but shook her ass, and she heard a smile in his voice when he spoke again. “So you want to play with this, now?” Instead of pulling the plug out, he began to tease her, twisting, tugging, then reseating it.

Myka was amazed at how good the plug felt. She’d never known that part of her body could be so sensitive and that stimulation there could be arousing. She pushed her hips harder, trying to entice him to do something more, anything.

“I think you like this,” he said, sounding at once surprised and pleased, and then, “Myka, my God,” as she started touching her own nipples, unable to refrain from the need coursing through her body.

“Well, well,” he remarked, putting his hands over hers and joining her, stroking, pinching, teasing. “My girl likes anal play. This is a wonderful surprise.” Then he moved one hand lower to rub between her legs, finding her clit and fingering her.

Myka cried out in pleasure. “Oh, Gabriel. God!” and shifted her thighs to allow him better access. He obliged, letting his hand cup her, running his finger over her clit, from side to side, stroking all around it. The touch was so stimulating that she started to fly off.

“Gabriel!” she wailed. “I’m going to come.”

“Ask for it,” he demanded. “Orgasms are mine to give. You need permission.”

Myka barely had time to cry out, “Please, Gabriel, please, can I come? I need to come,” before the feeling barreled over her.

He laughed as he said, “Oh, all right, ma chèrie, come,” because she already was, writhing and bucking her hips like a wild animal, panting and trembling and pushing into him with all of her strength. She screamed at the force of the powerful pleasure that shook her body. The spanking, the dominance, and now the plug—everything together had her so turned on that her release was gigantic, an insane burst of light and feeling and bright white joy that suffused her entire body.

It felt like she rode the peak for minutes; every time the pleasure started to wane, he tapped her clit with his finger and rubbed with his skillful touch, and she cried out as the wave crashed again, flooding her with new sensation. Finally sated, she sobbed and fell back into his arms.

He sat down onto the chaise and cradled her naked body, holding, soothing, stroking her hair. He whispered to her in French; she understood next to none of it but the words carried her away down a river of immense relaxation, and she closed her eyes, feeling like she was flying.

Even though the orgasm was done, her whole abdomen tingled and pulsed, almost like the feeling that came prior to the crest of orgasm. Her ass was warm and glowing, her clit throbbed in a pleasing way, and her whole body was full of endorphins and happiness. She squeezed her thighs together, intensifying the glow between her legs, and made a small noise of pleasure.

Gabriel’s erection was hard under her. She considered getting down to give him a blowjob, but instead, remained where she was, enjoying the moment. In any case, he seemed content holding her, so she let her mind drift.

After some time she sat up and twisted to look at his face. “Gabriel. That was—probably one of the best orgasms of my life. Thank you.” She felt strange and shy, but wanted him to know how powerfully he had affected her.

He smiled and touched her cheek. “And it’s only the start, chèrie. Imagine that, and even better, once you have my cock in your sweet body.” He pinched one nipple. “See how good that was? Now imagine if you had waited even longer, until after dinner, maybe.”

Myka smiled back. “I couldn’t wait. I really couldn’t.”

He kissed her lips, but warned, “I know. In the future, though, you will. I’m going to train you to come to the edge and wait, so you can enjoy more pleasure at the end.”

A shudder of anticipation, fear, and excitement coursed through her. Now that she was more used to the plug, she decided it wouldn’t be such a big deal to wear it out after all. She liked the idea of building up to something even better than what she’d just experienced. She also liked his suggestion from a few minutes earlier: And we’ll both think about how good it will be later, when we go home and fuck.

She looked at his handsome face. “Gabriel? I think… I can wear the plug, after all.”

“Are you sure?” He raised one eyebrow.

She nodded. “Yes. Positive. I want to.”

He bent over and took her mouth with his, and the kiss turned into a deep embrace. Myka wound her hands into his hair and rubbed her naked body against his jeans.

He broke away. “Non. We’ll save it.” His breathing was rough, and he adjusted his pants with a grimace. “Get dressed now.” The words were a command, but after their honest, raw discussion, Myka didn’t chafe at the order.

The base of the plug felt soft and rubbery to her touch; she examined it with her fingers as she dressed. She assumed the large flange existed so the plug wouldn’t get sucked up and lost inside of her, and was grateful to the designer.

As she removed her mascara with a cleansing cloth and reapplied it, she called, “So who designs sex toys, anyway? Can you imagine that being your job? Do they draw the things in a CAD program on the computer or do they start with a sketch by hand? How many revisions do they go through before they call it done? And who tests them?”

Gabriel came to the bathroom and leaned against the open door. “I’ve never thought about it. Good questions. Maybe you can research it.” Their eyes met in the mirror and he smiled, winked.

Myka giggled as she patted on some powder and leaned in closer to examine her reflection, brushing off a stray fleck of the creamy dust. “That would actually be pretty interesting, to talk to a sex toy worker. Oh, can you hand me that?” She waved at the makeup kit on the counter. Gabriel obligingly brought it closer, then dropped a kiss on her neck that made her suck in a breath.

His grin sparkled. “Maybe Jessica and Brett know. Last time you saw Jessica, she was getting a good hard spanking… similar to what you just got,” he commented, “isn’t that funny?” His lips trailed down her neck, planting more soft kisses.

“Yes, such a humorous coincidence. Ha, ha. See me laughing.” Myka couldn’t help but smile, though, even as she rubbed her butt. “Well, I guess I’m ready to go.”

Gabriel smiled too, but then he took her chin in his hand. “Completely beautiful. Are you all right, now?”

She nodded. “I am.”

“I expect you to keep that plug in all evening, Myka, yes? If it’s a real emergency, you take it out, no questions asked. But otherwise, I want it in there as a reminder of everything we talked about, and I’ll punish you for disobedience. Understand?”

She nodded, flushing. It was funny how submissive she felt when he spoke to her sternly. That tone shot sparks from her nipples to her clit and all through her body.

“And Myka?”

He looked at her, and she could tell that he was going to test her again. “On the way there in the car, you’re going to sit in the front seat with your skirt hiked up around your waist and your legs spread as wide as they can go in the seat. You’ll sit like that the entire way, without closing them once, and without saying a word about it. When I park the car, only then you will close your legs and pull down the skirt. Am I clear?” He touched his belt and raised one eyebrow.

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