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Nash: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“What are you doing?” I managed to ask, although my words were barely audible.

“I’m going to fuck your tight little ass.”

Everything moved into a hypnotic state, my legs refusing to follow any command as he dragged me toward the shower, lifting and placing me inside. I huddled against the cold tile, biting my lower lip but unable to keep a series of moans from popping up from my throat. He had such an enigmatic way about him, drawing me into a dark web that I no longer wanted to fight.

I craved him.

I needed him.

And I knew that whatever this was, neither one of us were unable to resist.

When he stepped into the shower, yanking the curtain until a shadow encroached on the space, I couldn’t stop whimpering. My God. What had this man done to me? I was powerless to resist, unable to think rationally and as he approached, the look on his face was entirely carnivorous. I felt so small next to him, my mind reeling. My God, the man was so damn powerful.

He slid one hand around the back of my neck, pulling me closer but taking his time. With the other, he fingered my nipple, swirling the tip around and around in a lazy fashion. I was tingling all over, unable to catch my breath.

“All mine,” he growled before shifting his hand to my other breast, pinching my hardened bud. The pain was biting but a mixture of anguish as well as longing pulsed through me. I was still shocked at my body’s reaction, once again pushing my palms against his chest.

I tilted my head, nipping his chin. His laugh was a sweet reward.

“You will never be in charge.”

“You might be surprised,” I whispered then crawled my hand down his taut stomach to his throbbing cock, very slowly wrapping my hand around his thickness. As I pumped up and down, taking my time to relish my actions, he twisted my nipple, plucking and pulling my tender tissue.

“Oh,” I muttered, trying to concentrate as I stroked him. A rush of energy as well as dancing vibrations tore through me, the hunger exploding. When I rolled my hand between his legs, fondling his balls, he let out an intense roar.

“Such a bad little girl.”

“You obviously have no idea.”

I added enough pressure to my fingers that his body tensed, his breath skipping. I adored the way his eyes fluttered closed, his jaw clenching.

He pushed me against the tile, cupping both breasts and lowering his head. “And every bad girl needs to learn who’s in charge.” As he engulfed my nipple, licking and sucking vigorously, I tossed my hands over my head, slapping them against the shower wall. The steam began to rise, blocking my ability to focus.

As if I had a chance to do that anyway.

“Oh, my. Oh…” I was breathless, trying desperately to think clearly. It was impossible. I was lost in the pleasure as he nipped one nipple then the other, moving his head from side to side. Every growl erupting from his lips filtered into my ears, creating such a delicious reaction. My tummy ached. My heart was ready to explode. And I could climax and he hadn’t even touched my pussy.

The combination of pain and pleasure kept my body on edge, my heart racing. I leaned my head against the surface, unable to keep my eyes open. A moment of utter bliss shifted into my system, pulling me closer to nirvana.

I was vaguely aware he’d lifted his head, staring at me in the same commanding way as I’d seen so many times. When he planted one hand on the right side of my head then his other on the left, I couldn’t keep my eyes closed any longer.

“Now, I am going to fuck you.” He inched closer, blowing hot air across my face and neck. The way he brushed his fingers down my arm created the kind of tingles I’d never felt. He lifted my leg, pushing it against the tile and giving me the kind of controlling nod that meant I was required to keep it in that position.

I wasn’t prepared for the roughness of his hand as he cupped my mound, darting his fingers past my swollen folds.

“Fuck. I…” The words were incapable of leaving my mouth. I was tossed into sweet release, my pussy convulsing almost immediately. As the orgasm slipped up from my toes, I wasn’t certain I was able to stand any longer.

“Fuck is exactly right,” he muttered then thrust several fingers deep inside.

My eyes opened wide, the blood coursing through my body more like an explosion. A scream threatened to erupt from my throat yet there was no sound. Nothing. And nothing could feel any better than the way he flexed his fingers, curling the tips against my G-spot. A flash of images floated in front of my eyes, dirty and vile, the kind of visions that a good girl shouldn’t have.

“And when I’m finished with you, you won’t be able to walk or even think clearly.”

I adored his filthy words as well as the way he said them.

A dark promise.

He continued fingering me, shoving them inside savagely.

I laughed and gasped, the combination making me feel lightheaded. The orgasm shifted into the most beautiful wave, driving through me like wildfire. I could no longer speak. Hell, I couldn’t even think about anything but the incredible pleasure.

My mind foggy, I was only vaguely aware as he slipped his hands under my thighs, shoving me further up the tile wall. As I scrambled to grip his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin, he plunged his cock so deep inside my breath was stolen.

Oh. My. God.

Every part of me was electrified, dancing in shifting motions. Nothing seemed real as he thrust into me again.

And again.

And again.

I was floored as the strength of his muscles, the big man rolling onto the balls of his feet. He tossed his head back and forth as he issued the most glorious series of growls, the sound penetrating the tight space.

I tensed, my body wiggling as I tried to hold onto him, my back slipping and sliding down the wet tile. The spray of water was invigorating even as the steam rolled across us like a wave of smoke.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” I laughed, hearing my guttural sounds, the combination of his animalistic growls and my primal responses likely able to be heard a mile away.

Yet neither one of us cared.

The incredible moments of our carnal actions were far too amazing, pushing us to another explosive point. There was no way I could stop another orgasm as it ripped through me. I slapped one hand onto the tile as I dug my nails into his shoulder, no doubt drawing blood. Stars floated in front of my eyes as I tried to control my breathing, one climax turning into the kind of bliss few women ever experience.

He refused to stop, driving in brutal actions, jamming my body against the hard surface. My muscles clamped down over and over again, yanking his cock in even deeper. I couldn’t stop panting.

Or moaning.

Or hungering.

When I was finally spent, I dropped my head, beads of perspiration dripping from my forehead. I was unable to catch my breath, no longer able to think clearly. The steam continued to rise, filling the bathroom, but that wasn’t the reason my eyes were foggy. I was lost to the pleasure, incapable of muttering anything but ragged moans.

I was shocked when he pulled out, my eyes opening wide. The way he smiled was almost evil, creating a wave of additional exhilaration into every cell and muscle.

“I can’t wait to take you in that tight ass.”

He yanked me to face the tile, shoving my body against the surface and kicking my legs apart. When he ran his finger down my spine, taking his time to shift the tip into the crack of my ass, I sucked in my breath.

“But first, you need to be punished for even thinking about running,” he continued, his tone gravelly and ripped with promises of total domination.

When he smacked the palm of his hand against my backside, I was shocked at just how painful it was.

“Oh. Oh!” My yelp was explosive, no doubt heard through the entire house. A rush of embarrassment filtered over every inch of my naked skin, reminding me that I was actually the brawny man’s captive.

Although everything about Reaper screamed of protection. He was a tough man, one refusing to surrender to his enemies, no matter how well-armed or dangerous.

As he brought his hand down four more times in rapid succession, I gasped, stars floating in front of my eyes. Water. The damn water had to be making the discipline that much more painful.

“You are one disobedient woman.”

I almost laughed hearing his words. For all the years I’d followed the rules, to be accused of being a bad girl was comical.

Reaper continued the harsh punishment, his hand smashing against my already aching bottom with so much force I was shoved against the tile. I slid my arms over my head, my fingers pressed solidly against the surface, enough so they were already aching.

And still he continued.


“I suggest you count them off for me,” he stated with utter authority. “Twenty more should help you learn your lesson.”


I couldn’t even imagine taking that many. As wicked as I knew the thought to be, I was grateful he wasn’t using something harsher in his act of punishment.

When he threw open the shower curtain, cold air wafting in, I jerked my head in his direction. I watched in horror as he stepped out, searching the drawers and finding a solid-looking brush. My God. The asshole had read my mind. No. No.

Oh, fuck, no.

The second my natural instincts took over, my mind a blur as I tried to get out of the shower, the growl from his chest was nothing short of a savage beast.

Oh, I was going to pay for my infraction dearly.

With one reddened and bruised butt.

All he had to do was give me a stern look and I slunk back into the shower, moving to the same position as before.

“Correction,” he said in a subdued voice. “Twenty-five. Would you like to go for thirty?”

“Fuck, no.”

“And a soaping for that mouth of yours.”

I snapped my head in his direction, staring at him in disbelief.

“Don’t look at me that way, little brat. You did this to yourself. You’re gonna learn the hard way that cowboys don’t take lightly to disciplining their women.”

Their women? Their? Was he fucking kidding me on every level? I didn’t belong to anyone, and it certainly not to a foul-mouthed, rugged military mountain man cowboy. Jesus, was there such a thing? I didn’t give a crap that he was drop-dead gorgeous, more so without the scruffy beard he’d worn. Now he was absolutely a thing of beauty, a masterpiece sent from the very heavens above with his chiseled jaw and the single dimple on his chin and his high cheekbones and his gorgeous eyes and his…

And I was panting like some fawning high-school girl.

Reaper yanked the shower curtain closed, the look he gave me one that could have turned me into stone. He dragged his tongue over his luscious lips, giving me another glimpse of how this session was going to end.

With me being fucked in the ass.

Just like he’d promised.

Just like you deserve.

Fuck the inner voice. I was finished with her.

“Get it over with,” I barked, immediately regretting my impetuous behavior.

He grinned as he slid the brush down my spine, tapping first one side of my bottom then the other. “You’re bucking to be hogtied to the bed. Matter of fact, I just might do that. You do have a tendency to run after all.”

I threw a look over my shoulder when he brought the hard surface of the brush down against the right ass cheek then the left. He was enjoying the hell out of this. How fucking dare he?

Very slowly, he lifted his head, a single eyebrow raising. “If you don’t start and keep the count going, I will start over. Brat.”

A shudder tore through me, but as much as I wanted to scream at him, to hate every morsel of his being, I couldn’t. I was wet all over, and not from the stream of water continuing to splash over us. My pussy quivered, my entire body trembling as if admitting I so deserved this.

“Fine. One and two.”

He twirled the brush, taking a deep breath. “And you will learn some respect.”

Wait a minute. The asshole really thought I was going to call him something like sir or master? He was nuts.

“I’m counting to five,” he said casually. “If you don’t show that respect, things will get much… Let’s just say you won’t be sitting down for a few days.”

“You’re one horrible man.”

He grinned at my admittance, the dimple flexing, making him even sexier. I was floored at his audacity and pursed my lips, every part of me wanting nothing more than to refuse him.

But I knew I had no choice.

As long as I wanted to feel comfortable sitting down. “One and two. Sir.”

“Ah, much better. You’re still a fighter, but I’ll break you of that. Just like I would a colt.”

Was he fucking kidding me?

I didn’t have time to make the determination before he delivered four more, every strike slamming against my sit spot. I knew I must have jumped a solid two feet in the air from the intensity of the pain. His actions took my breath into another world. I regrouped, croaking out what was required.

“Three and four, five and six… sir.”

“Uh-huh. Good girl.” He rubbed his fingers from one side of my buttocks to the other. Was he actually trying to caress me? To make me feel any better?

He was a frigging nutcase.

Then I heard what sounded like a hum. He was now humming while he was spanking me? I was incensed. I was horrified. I was… aroused, my nipples remaining as hard as rocks, my pussy clenching every time he issued another brutal crack. What the hell was wrong with my body? This wasn’t just betrayal. It was a full-blown attack. My body hated me.

The thudding sound as he brought the brush down four more times echoed in my ears. I was forced to suck in my breath, trying to even remember what my responsibility was. Oh, yeah. Obey him. Count.

Repent for my sins.

“Seven, I think. Eight, nine, and ten. Sir.” Bastard. Asshole. Jerkoff. The filthy words rolling in my mind made me smile even as tears formed in my eyes. Oh, hell, no. He wasn’t going to make me cry. Not gonna happen.

Not now.

Not ever.

“You’re doing very well, little brat.”

“Thank you, sir.” Wait. Did I actually just say that? I craned my neck, shooting him another hateful look.

The smirk on his face was one I would wipe off eventually, no matter how long it took.

He twirled the damn implement of doom again, rubbing the edge down my spine a second time. Damn this man. Damn him.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you’re beautiful when you pout?” he asked.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you’re an asshole all the time?” I spouted off, the words coming from some other creature in my mind. I groaned and pressed my face against the tile. Was he going to add thirty more to my conviction?

Laughing, he patted my bottom with his hand then rolled his finger down the crack of my ass. “Just a few minutes and I’m going to fuck that beautiful red ass of yours.”

I bit back a flurry of ugly sentiments, blinking several times as tears of frustration mixed in with the others.

The next four smacks created a muddling of emotions and sensations, my entire body tingling from desire while heat erupted along every inch of my bottom. Sitting? Hell, I wouldn’t be able to move for days.


“Um… I think eleven and twelve. Maybe thirteen and fourteen, sir?” I’d actually posed it as a question.

“You got it, sweetheart.”

As the spanking continued, his rhythm so damn practiced, I vowed in my mind to find a way to retaliate, even if my hunger continued to build all over again. The pain fused with the pleasure and I suddenly couldn’t even remember where I was any longer. Then I was vaguely aware he’d tossed the brush out of the shower, taking both rugged hands and brushing his fingers down my back, cupping and squeezing my bottom.

A moan slipped past my lips as he crowded closer, a single tear slipping past my eyelashes. I was humiliated he’d brought me to this point and if he noticed, he certainly didn’t react.

He had other thoughts on his mind.

Savage ones.

There was no hesitation on his part, no softness of his actions. He simply shoved his cockhead into my dark hole, pushing past the tight ring of muscle within seconds.

“Fuck. Fuck!”

“Such a mouth on you,” he hissed into my ear. “We’re going to do something about that.”

Reaper pushed the remainder of his cock into my asshole. There was no way to describe the blinding pain, the way it took every bit of my energy and breath. I couldn’t utter a word as I blinked several times, another freaking tear slipping past my lashes. How did this man have such an incredible effect on me?

“Breathe, baby girl. Breathe.”

His words were comforting, the husky whisper igniting another fire deep within my system. I tried to obey his command, fighting the combination of anguish as it attempted to morph into something else entirely.


The kind of pleasure that caught me off guard, utter deliciousness that pushed me straight into ecstasy.

He slowly pulled out, driving into me again, taking his time and allowing my muscles to finally get used to the thick invasion. I pressed my cheek against the tile, a smile crossing my face.

I couldn’t move a muscle as he powered into me, fucking me long and hard.

And I enjoyed every second of it.

There was no stopping the brute as he fucked me, ensuring that I knew I belonged to him.

At least for a few seconds of my screwed-up life, I couldn’t be happier.

“I will do this as often as I hunger for,” he mused as he tugged hair from the back of my neck, pressing his face against my skin.

Nothing in the world could feel any better.

As a smile crossed my face, I could tell he was finally close to coming.

And so, I clamped down with every ounce of energy I had, smiling when I heard his intense roar as he exploded deep into me.

He planted his hands on either side of my head, keeping his cock buried inside. As the water pummeled over our skin, I realized I’d never felt safer than I did at this moment.

I was also relaxed while struggling to control my breathing. Everything was a delicious blur, my skin tingling all over.

“Perfect,” he said after a full minute, grinding back and forth. “But still naughty. We’re not finished. Yet. Brat.”

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