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Naturally Naughty by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

Naturally Naughty by Morganna WilliamsWe’d just spent a marvelous weekend at a beach house in Surfside. Last night, while we were snuggled in front of a small fire on our little stretch of beach, I’d cried when Landon asked me to marry him.

Of course, I nearly knocked him over when I threw myself on top of him, yelling “Yes!” at the top of my lungs. He’d ended up lying back and rolling me beneath him on the beach to kiss me senseless.

I loved him so much that I was sure there wasn’t anything that could mar the happiness of that weekend.

Until the next morning, after a wonderful last few hours at the beach, we headed for home.

I frowned as Landon pulled into the Mall of the Mainland. “Landon, why are we stopping at the mall?” I asked.

“I need to pick something up at Sears. I wouldn’t have thought you would mind. You usually head straight for Foley’s,” he said with a grin.

“I know, but I’m covered in sand,” I said, thinking of my sunburned face and looking down at my sand-dusted T-shirt and cut-offs.

“Dust yourself off when you get out of the car. It’ll be fine. People probably stop here all the time after the beach since it’s on the way home.” Landon said.

“You’re probably right,” I said, beginning to enjoy the thought of looking around the linen department of Foley’s. “Maybe they’ll have a good sale on bed stuff.”

A stern look was sent in my direction. “Feel free to look around, but remember your budget.”

I rolled my eyes as I looked out the window. Landon had taken it upon himself to help me with my budget when he’d noticed a few past-due notices on my counter. It was a little irritating, but since we were now engaged, he was obviously about to have a lot more say about how I spend money, so I supposed I needed to get used to it.

Landon parked outside Foley’s and we walked into the nearest entrance. “I’m going on to Sears. I should be finished in about thirty minutes. Where will you be?”

“I’m going to be up in the linen section,” I said, pointing to the escalator.

“Okay, I’ll come find you there,” he said.

After Landon left, I took the escalator up to linens.

When I first walked toward the sheets, an older saleslady stopped me. “May I help you, dear?” she asked as she looked me up and down disapprovingly.

“No, thanks. I’m just looking,” I told her with a smile, trying to be nice. When she continued to look at me suspiciously, I walked away to see if the sheets were on sale.

As I studied the sheets, I noticed that the saleslady had followed me and was watching me. I frowned; surely she didn’t think I was going to steal something. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and moved on to the comforters. Again there she was eyeing me with a suspicious gaze.

Geeze, does she think I’m gonna stick a comforter in my pocket?

I shook it off and then walked to window treatments. There were some neat curtains that would match my bedroom.

It wasn’t long before she was back following my every movement. I was beginning to get mad. I would never steal anything! The old busybody was completely ruining my ability to browse.

I sighed and then decided to go look at towels. There was a display of several towels, varying colors and sizes. I picked one up to see if I liked the texture, since the sale price was good.

Suddenly there she was, frowning at the towel in my hand.

That’s it! I saw red.

I quickly began picking up one towel after another. Unfolding them and dropping them back on the table. I left no towel untouched. Feeling a growing sense of satisfaction with each one I unfolded.

When I dropped the last towel to the table, I turned to her with a nasty smile. “There, now you have something to do.”

I gasped when a hand clamped down on my elbow from behind me. “Shannon! What on earth were you thinking? That was a horrid thing to do. Why would you do something like that?” Landon asked incredulously.

I felt my face getting hot as he berated me in front of my nemesis.

“Well, she was following me around acting like I was going to steal something,” I said defensively.

“That’s no excuse, Shannon. You ought to be ashamed,” he said, frowning down at me.

I glanced over, saw a smug smile on her face, and glared at her. “Old battleax,” I muttered under my breath.

Okay, given the situation, that wasn’t the best comment I could have made at the time.

Landon straightened and gripped my arm more firmly. “Excuse us, ma’am, we’ll be right back,” he said before turning to drag me through the store.

“Landon, where are we going?” I asked as I tried to keep up with his long-legged stride.

Landon didn’t answer me. He stopped briefly to ask where the bathroom was, then continued on. When we got to the bathrooms, I expected Landon to let go of my arm and go into the men’s room. Instead he went into the family restroom situated in between the men’s and women’s room, pulling me along behind.

Landon threw the lock on the door, then pulled me with him to the couch against the wall of the restroom.

“Landon?” I asked, suddenly very nervous.

“I can’t believe your behavior. You are acting like a thwarted child,” he said, quickly unsnapping my cut-offs and pulling them and my bikini bottoms down in one motion to my ankles. “Step out.”

“Landon, no! You can’t! Not here!” I cried even as I complied with his instructions.

“Give me your purse,” he said succinctly.

My bottom clenched reflexively as I remembered the very large butt plug nestled in a hidden compartment inside my purse. Landon had me put it there as a reminder to behave, but he also said it would give him a way to punish me if spanking wasn’t really an immediate option.

My eyes filled with tears as I handed him my purse. “Please, Landon, I’m sorry.”

“You ought to be ashamed. When we are finished here, you will go and re-fold every single one of those towels and apologize,” Landon said as he located the plug and unwrapped it while I watched nervously.

“Bend over and spread your bottom cheeks for me,” he ordered. I was embarrassed to feel telltale wetness beginning to trickle down my inner thighs. While I dreaded the plug, the whole situation was very arousing.

I bent over the arm of the couch against the wall and reached back to spread my bottom cheeks wide.

My hips bucked when he sank the plug first into the weeping entrance of my body, twirling it around to coat it thoroughly in my juices. Then it was pressing against my tender anus. Landon placed a hand on my back to hold me steady before sliding it all the way inside in one firm thrust.

I yelped at the burning stretch of the intrusion, then gasped as he began to work it in and out of my poor little hole in a hard, punishing rhythm. Of course even though it was anal punishment, my girl parts were wide awake and begging for attention. My body didn’t seem to care that my poor little hole was on fire.

Just as it was starting to feel somewhat pleasurable, Landon stopped and locked it into place. I shivered at the sound of his belt clearing his pants.

“Put your hands under your face but stay in position, I’m going to give you two quick licks to get you in the right frame of mind for your apology.”

Once I was positioned as instructed, Landon wasted no time, delivering two very hard licks with his belt directly to my sit spots. My bottom felt positively scorched with a line of fire I knew I’d feel all the way home.

Landon stood me on my feet and pulled my bathing suit and shorts back up. I winced as they came in contact with my tender bottom and rubbed against the base of the plug.

Pulling me into his arms for a tight hug, Landon said, “I love you, Shannon, but you will not act that way. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I said with a sniff.

He leaned down and whispered darkly in my ear, “I’m going to paddle your bottom when we get home and then you’re going to ask me to punish your naughty bottom with my cock.”

Everything inside me tightened at his words with a combination of trepidation and desire. Then he turned me toward the bathroom door with a hard swat to my bottom.

I looked around as we left the bathroom and was relieved to see no one was around.

The saleswoman was already folding the towels when we returned. I was surprised to see she looked close to tears.

Guilt rolled through me. I really had behaved badly, and she was just trying to do her job.

I touched her arm. “I’m sorry I unfolded your pretty display. It was a horrid thing to do. If you’ll tell me how you want them folded, I’ll help you get it back in shape.”

She looked at me for a moment, then her face softened. “I get a little carried away myself sometimes, dear,” she said with a smile, as she showed me how to fold the towels. When the display was back in shipshape condition, she patted me on the shoulder and thanked me for helping her.

The ride home was one of the most uncomfortable in memory. The sand in my bathing suit bottom felt like sandpaper against the welt from Landon’s belt, and every time I shifted in my seat, the plug moved.

Landon was most unsympathetic to my predicament. “Stop squirming in your seat, young lady.”

I groaned; perversely after a few hours in the car, I now wanted to move and grind myself down on the plug in my ass.

We finally pulled into my driveway and Landon ordered me into the house. “You go strip and put yourself in the corner of your bedroom. Think about your behavior while I unload the car.”

Once again I found myself naked and in the corner, but this time it wasn’t for fun. I wondered how bad the paddling would be and hoped it would be over soon and we’d get on to the anal sex.

Although, since it was anal for punishment, perhaps it wouldn’t be so fun. Landon and I had discussed the possibility that he might use anal sex as well as butt plugs for punishment when he felt I’d been especially naughty.

Landon’s top reasons for punishment were not being safe and my treatment of other people. He felt I should always be courteous and respectful even when someone was being less than nice to me. It was Landon’s version of the golden rule and mostly I was a nice person, but sometimes I slipped a little.

“Have you been thinking about your behavior?” Landon asked from directly behind me, interrupting my musings.

“Yes, sir,” I said softly.

“Good girl. I’m going to give you ten hard swats with the paddle. Will I ever have to repeat this lesson?” he asked.

“No, sir,” I promised.

“If I do, not only will I take your bottom hard after spanking you, but next time you won’t be allowed to come. Are we clear?”

“Crystal!” I answered. The thought of any sex and being deprived of orgasm was not something I wanted to experience.

“I want you to bend over at the waist with your legs shoulder width apart, and brace your hands on the bed,” Landon instructed.

Moving quickly to do as instructed, I tried not to look at the ping-pong–type paddle in his hand. This was going to be decidedly unpleasant.

The paddle clapped loudly off the left cheek of my backside the minute I was in position, leaving an awesome sting behind. Before I completely registered the first swat, Landon began to deliver the rest of my spanking hard and fast.

I yelped and bounced my bottom up and down in an effort to avoid the paddle, but Landon managed to land on target each and every time.

I sobbed softly as the paddle landed next to me on the bed where I’d finally pressed my face into the covers in an effort to submit to my punishment.

Landon let me cry for minute while he rubbed my back. “What do you need to do now?”

Taking a deep breath, I blurted what I knew he expected. “Please punish my bottom with your big cock. Take my ass hard.”

He pulled the plug from my ass and squeezed my sore bottom, spreading it open wide for his lubed cock.

I groaned as the head of his cock began to press inside; it burned as I felt myself open wide as if welcoming him home.

Landon began to take my ass in a hard pounding rhythm that was uncomfortable at first, but soon I was pushing back to meet every demanding thrust.

“Oooohhh… Landon…” I groaned as the pleasure of having him inside me began to far outweigh the punishment.

“Who does this naughty bottom belong to?” he asked as he pounded into me even harder.

“You… only you…” I panted.

“My naughty girl… naughty girls get it in the ass, don’t they, baby?”

His dirty words were bringing my need to an even higher level. “Yes, sir. Naughty girls take it up the ass hard.”

“That’s right,” he said, slapping my ass as he rode me, then reaching between my legs and thrusting three fingers inside my weeping channel with his knuckles rubbing my clit. “Naughty girls take it up the ass. Come for me.”

I screamed as I came harder than ever before, little sparks dancing in front of my eyes as everything inside me seized up at once, pulsing and squeezing Landon’s fingers and cock tight as I shuddered beneath him.

Then he gave one last hard lunge and I felt the heat of him releasing inside me. “That’s my good girl.”

He pulled free and then brought a cloth from the bathroom to clean me up, crooning the whole time to me about how much he loved me and that I was his good girl again.

Once we were both cleaned up and snuggled together in my bed, I thanked Landon for my punishment.

Landon kissed me sweetly and looked deep into my eyes. “Thank you, baby. Thank you for trusting me and agreeing to domestic discipline. I never thought I’d find someone as perfect for me as you are, Shannon. To me you’re perfect in every way.”

We are a perfect match. I have finally found my home… my port in the storm.

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