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Naughty Girl: A Dark Mafia Menage Romance by Alta Hensley – Extended Preview

When I entered my assigned room, Thomas was standing by the window with his back toward me. He seemed lost in thought, and I wondered if he had even heard me enter. I took a few more steps inside, unsure what I should do next.

“You did good in there,” he said, still not turning around. “I was watching the entire time.”

I held my hands in front of my bare mound and had never felt so exposed before in my life. I noticed that there were cameras in the corners of my room, but they were not nearly as invasive as having Gio standing only a few feet away zooming in and out with a camera in order to get every close-up angle he could. The thought of what must have been captured and forever theirs to view whenever they chose made me ill. I knew the men were fucked up, but I had no idea just how much until now.

Thomas turned around and stared at me, examining my nudity as if he was making sure I was ‘dressed’ properly for this twisted party of which I was a forced guest. The cool air of the room mixing with the cold stare of Thomas had my nipples hardening and shivers running up my spine.

“So, answer me this,” he said as his eyes finally made their way to mine. “How is it that you arrived already broken? Most women in your position would put up much more of a fight. They’d scream. They’d demand. They’d beg and plead for mercy far more than you have. Some would even rather die than endure what you just did.”

“Would you have preferred that?” I asked, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I felt faint from the ordeal and wanted to sit down, but I remembered the words that I was to do nothing without their command to do it. “To break me?”

“No. I find your already shattered pieces all the more interesting.”

Thomas approached me, took hold of my hair. I wondered if that was the only way I would ever walk again—guided by a brother’s fist holding my hair at the scalp.

He lowered me to the only item in the room—the gray wool blanket—and released my hair. He took a few steps back and crossed his arms against his chest. “What did you do to us? Do you truly understand?”


I looked up at him and saw an eyebrow rise. He was reading me, or at least trying to.

I licked my dry lips and added, “I was your bookkeeper and got sloppy. The Feds caught on, I got scared, and I tried to make a deal with them for my freedom.” I took a deep breath. “And now I’m here. I betrayed you and your brother. I understand. Trust me, I understand.”

Thomas nodded. “Yes, now you’re here and will be for a while. So, let’s get a couple of rules out of the way. You’ll remain in this room unless you are escorted out by me or my brother. There’s a bathroom across the hall you will have to ask permission to use, and all food will be delivered here unless we choose to bring you to the dining room. You will remain naked from this point on. Get used to having your body belong to us. We both will come here when we feel like it. It could be several times a day, or not at all.

“Together or alone.

“You will not question what we ask. You will not resist us in any way.” He looked toward the window. “You can try to escape but won’t get far. Cameras are everywhere and we will catch you. You have the opportunity to earn a comfortable and well-kept life if you understand and follow these rules. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Do you have any questions?”

For the first time since arriving and meeting Thomas, he seemed to soften some. His eyes were less severe, and his jaw was no longer firm. I believed he truly was giving me the opportunity to ask whatever I wanted without penalty.

Drumming up some courage, I asked, “When do you plan on impregnating me?”

“Depends,” he answered.

I paused and wondered how far I could go with the questions. I didn’t want to push too far in fear of what the consequences would be. My hesitation must have been obvious on my face because Thomas added, “Ask your questions now if you have them.”

“What else will you do to me? To earn these comfort items.”

“Whatever we want.”

“After I’m pregnant, will you both continue to fuck me?”

Thomas smiled, closed the distance between us, and kneeled down on the floor next to me. He took hold of my nipple and pinched. It hurt but not unbearably so. I gasped at the uninvited touch but didn’t try to pull away.

“Would you like that, naughty girl? For me to fuck you over and over forever?”

“No,” I said in not much more than a whisper.

“You lie, Hailey. I can smell your desire. I can hear the way you breathe. You seemed to enjoy what happened in the bathroom. It was far from a punishment. It was as if everything was so natural for you. It fit you. It fit you like a fucking glove.”

He pinched my nipple harder as I shook my head to try to deny the fact that, yes, my body had responded in a shocking way.

No. He was wrong.

Fuck. Was he wrong?

His smile grew as his dark eyes narrowed. “Which I’m going to enjoy. I’m going to have a good time finding an actual punishment for you. My brother and I may have to get creative.”

I pressed my thighs together to try to hide the fact that his words and his biting hold on my nipple made me wet.

“Why do you want this?” I asked, though my words came out on a gasp, so I wondered if they were even clear enough to be heard.

“Want what?”

“Why would you want to share me with your brother? Or to have a baby who you don’t even know if it is yours?”

“You serve a purpose. We need an heir and nothing more,” he said in a deep and solemn voice. “My twin brother and I have enough complications in our life without needing to add more. We aren’t going to open ourselves up to more betrayal. Our entire life is one deception after another.”

His answer surprised me, and my eyes widened in surprise. “So why would you want me? I’m one of those people who have betrayed you.”

“Because we know you already have. It won’t come as a surprise if you try again.” There was no expression on his face. I couldn’t tell what he was feeling in the way he quickly responded.

His hand left my nipple, which oddly my body seemed to miss. But my longing for his touch didn’t last long because he lowered his hand between my legs and pressed past the silky folds.

I couldn’t hold back the whimper and closed my eyes in shame.

“Why are you wet, Hailey? Is it my words, the thought of what’s still to come, or simply the pain from my hand?”

He ran his fingertip along the wetness, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t control my breathing or the little noises of forbidden desire that escaped my dry lips. Just as quickly as Thomas had touched my pussy, he removed his hand and took hold of my hair at the scalp again.

He yanked hard.

“You’re hurting me.”

“Not yet, naughty girl. Not yet.” He tugged harder, forcing my head back, exposing my neck as a vampire would do before feasting on his prey’s blood.

I whimpered not really out of pain but out of anticipation. My body sizzled in need, and my very core screamed for more. Every word, every touch, every single thing about Thomas set my body aflame. He was right. I should be screaming. I should be fighting. I should be resisting this nightmare the best I could. Instead, I welcomed it. No… I fucking craved it. Thomas was right. I was broken. I was shattered. I was scattered into a million pieces and needed the brothers to fix me. I needed the fix. I needed this sickness.

“Stand up,” he commanded. “Stand right in front of me between my legs.”

I did as he asked, though how I stood on such weakened legs, I had no idea. My head felt light and my breathing felt tight.

“Part your pussy for me. I want to see my naughty girl.”

Never imagining myself engaged in such an act as this, I did as he asked. As if I were hypnotized by the silkiness of his directions—because that was the only thing that could explain the complete madness that was raging through me—I brought my shaky fingers to my smooth pussy lips and spread them wide for his viewing.

Thomas reached up and pushed his thumb into my mouth. “Suck my thumb, dirty girl. Suck on it good so I can rub it around that tiny clit of yours until you scream for me to fuck you.”

I ran my tongue against the rough and callused skin and never moved my fingers from my pussy. I was still spreading myself wide as I sucked on his thumb just as he wanted me to do. My eyes connected with his for a split moment, and I wondered if it was hunger I saw hidden in their depths.

“Beg for my cock. I told you that you would eventually beg for it. So, beg.” He pulled his thumb out of my mouth and pressed it against my clit.

I cried out in pleasure but held my position. I didn’t want to let go of my spread lips in fear he would stop the most wicked of his touches so far.

“Beg,” he commanded again.

“Please, sir. My little hole wants to be spread open by your cock.” The words were so natural. They seemed to flow from my lips without the slightest hesitation or thought.

His ministrations froze and he chuckled. “Oh, my dirty, dirty girl. Having you call me sir was for Stefano’s benefit and request… but I like it. I think we’ll keep it that way. And I think I finally have found your first real punishment. That building orgasm inside of you will remain right where it is.” He spanked my pussy hard, forcing me to release the spread of my skin. “For now.”

Thomas stood up and pushed me down on all fours. “Stay bent over,” he said.

I tried to regain my breath and steady my raging emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t process. All I could do was stare at my spread fingers against the wooden floor as I heard the sound of a belt being removed from the loops of Thomas’s pants.

“Every single night and every single morning you will receive a lashing from my belt. The severity will all depend on how good of a girl you have been leading up to it.”

Before I could process his words, the stinging crash of leather against skin had me howling out. The pain radiated all the way to my needy pussy, only intensifying my out-of-control hunger.

“Please,” I pleaded as he whipped me once again.

“Yes, naughty girl. Keep begging.”


“Are you begging for me to stop belting you, or to fuck you?”

He brought the belt down against my sensitive ass again but rather than crying, I moaned.

The belt fell upon me again, and I moaned some more.

“Little pain slut. You like when I spank your ass as you pray I’ll eventually fuck you.”

Tears of shame and humiliation fell as my orgasm built inside of me. My body became more alive with every searing swat. Yes. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to be fucked hard. But not before he finished the discipline. The most twisted and sexual punishment one could imagine. My mind screamed no. My ass screamed for mercy. But my core, my inner being, my soul begged for more.

Just as the most intense explosion was about to release, Thomas ceased the spanking.

I cried out even louder than I ever did during the spanking.

“Yes, my naughty girl. I’m going to enjoy this very much.”

I heard the sound of his footsteps approach the door, and I turned my head to see him holding the door handle. My heart fell to my stomach as I still remained in position for more.

“No,” I whispered so low that I was sure Thomas couldn’t hear me. I didn’t want him to leave. No.

“Tomorrow I’ll be back. Stefano will be here soon with the comforts you have earned today.”

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