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Need: A Rough Romance by Trent Evans – Extended Preview

It was raining again, a sultry mist just beginning to settle upon the front lawn as we stood before the closed and locked front door. The house keys were in my hand, but I had no intention of using them yet. I waited on her decision.

Fortunately, the gable over the porch kept us dry. But that was the least of Eva’s concerns at that moment. Her voice was a shocked whisper. “You…you aren’t serious…”

I nodded. “I am quite serious. For the duration of the weekend, you will not enter this house wearing a stitch of clothing. I’ll allow shoes this time, only because I like the way those fuck-me heels make your hips sway and your big tits bounce. Otherwise, while under my roof, you’ll have nothing on, unless I assign it to you.”

“Jesus, Nick…” She looked over her shoulder. There was nobody around, but I crowded a little closer anyway. “What if someone is…watching?

“Then they watch. Not our problem.” I stroked her upper back. “I’m right behind you, blocking the view from the street. Nobody is going to see anything unless they’re really trying to. In which case, well, they’ll get a little show then, I suppose. Now, jacket off.”

“How reassuring.”

“I wasn’t trying to be.” I took even more pleasure in her bashfulness than I imagined I would.

“One of the neighbors could be…watching us from their windows.”

I shrugged. “Which means we’ll never see them. Which means we’ll never know, will we? Which means it will be as if it never happened. Take it off. You’re stalling.”

She made a strangled, desperate sound in her throat, but she obeyed, unzipping the jacket, then shrugging it off. I caught it, drawing it from her arms and draping it over my right shoulder. I sidled up behind her, pushing my chest against her back, pinning her against the cold steel of the door, loving the way she gasped as her breasts ballooned to each side. I took my time turning the locks, then finally pushed the door open, Eva slipping hastily inside. I followed her in, shutting the door behind me with a foot.

For a moment, I just drank in her image as she stood there in the foyer perched precariously upon her heels, the tendons at the backs of her heels contrasting against the black of the straps. She faced away from me, making no attempt to move, her hands wringing together in front of her. Her face turned toward the floor, shoulders rounded, her slender back swept down to the narrowness of her waist, the illumination from the sidelights of the door casting an almost ghostly glow upon the luscious, round orbs of her buttocks. I took them both in hand, squeezing firmly, smiling at the breathless moan that slipped from her lips.

“Bedroom, slut,” I whispered at her ear.

I waited long enough that she would be waiting, wondering, and dreading. And most of all, getting a look at the things I’d laid out for her upon the bed.

Finding her standing, mouth hanging, at the foot of the bed, I walked to her slowly, easing a hand up and down her arm, leaving gooseflesh in its wake.

“Nick…when did you…all of this?” She moved her shocked gaze to mine, twisting to look back at me. “How long were you…into…?”

I shrugged. “Long enough. I worked myself up to it.”

“Why didn’t you…say something?”

I smiled ruefully at that. If ever there was a statement that perfectly encapsulated the fucked-up core of our marriage, it was those five words. I decided not to answer her, though. I needed to keep her off balance, and the most important part was yet to come. I pointed to the mattress, where a large mound of pillows awaited at the foot of the bed, surrounded by toys, lubes, paddles, floggers, and a midnight black swatch of satin her gaze seemed to keep coming back to. “Lay over those. Head down, bottom up. I want your legs and feet together. And you’re to stay quiet and still as a mouse. Am I clear?”

She hesitated, her mouth working for a second. Then she swallowed, clambering up onto the pillows. I waited patiently, loving every second of watching her beautiful body move, and I made no effort at all to help her or guide her.

Then her body lay still, her form extended in a stunning arc, her broad, plump buttocks uppermost, the cleft just beginning to yawn open, the lush, tender thighs sloping downward, her pretty feet daintily together as ordered. On the other side, her torso was stretched out, the smooth muscles there taut, the vertebrae of her spine nicely displayed along the trough of her back, the twin dimples above her bottom cheeks clearly visible. Her arms reached as far up the mattress as they could, her delicate fingers bunched in the rich softness of the comforter.

I let her lay that way for a minute, perhaps longer, her breathing already starting to take on a slightly quicker cadence. I caressed her everywhere, running my hand from the nape of her neck all the way up to the crest of her bottom, slapping her gently there a few times, luxuriating in the ripple of her soft buttocks, the weight of her smooth, dense flesh begging for me to correct it, to touch it, to enjoy it. Then I coursed both palms down her tender thighs, squeezing her here and there, shushing her as she murmured softly while I gently pinched the vulnerable flesh of her thigh just below her wet and visibly swollen sex. I breathed deeply of her shamed arousal, knowing the sound of me drinking it in would only force her deeper into her spiraling, confusing, contradictory storm of arousal and self-consciousness. Eva knew she was beautiful, but that didn’t shield her from embarrassment at being so blatantly objectified, at the frank and unhurried reveling I displayed in touching her, fondling her, in making her understand that, at least for the next two days, this body—and all the pleasure and pain it could endure—was entirely under my control and direction.

All of it, for my use, for my enjoyment.

Retrieving the satin from the bedspread, I moved up to her head, lifting her chin and turning it so her right cheek lay against the blanket. Her eyes were brilliant, bright with fright and arousal and uncertainty. But nowhere there did I see reproach or true fear.

There was something else there, something I delighted in—pure, animal lust.

I didn’t have to sample the scent of her on the air to know she was very, very aroused at this point. It was unexpected that she’d react so viscerally, so obviously, but it was a discovery I was most grateful to make.

“Lift your head,” I said, tugging at her hair, the satin dripping from my fist.

“What…is that?”

“Just do as I tell you.” I frowned at her. “I hadn’t planning on spanking you yet, but we can start with that if you’d like to keep this up.”

She complied with alacrity, making me smile. I fastened the satin around her head, ensuring it covered her eyes completely. “Can you see any light?”

“Um…only a tiny bit…at the bottom?” Her breathing was coming much faster now.

“Good enough then.” I longed to learn if she was frightened, or merely aroused at the sensory deprivation. I’d have to question her about it later. “You can lower your head.”

She was positively adorable as she did it, looking this way and that in a vain effort to see something, anything. Finally, she stilled, resting her slightly flushed left cheek upon the comforter once more.

I plucked one of the bottles of lubricant from the bed, sitting down at her feet, wetting my fingers well with the cold, slick gel. “Legs apart, slut.”

When she hesitated, I laid a heavy slap down across her tender thigh and she squealed, “Ahh! Okay! Okay!”

She spread her legs, nicely opening her cleft, presenting her pussy clearly, the dark whorl of her asshole just barely revealed.

Without preamble, I splayed her buttocks with one hand, pausing a moment to look at her anus, now fully exposed. She was blessed with a beautiful bottom hole, dusky and tight. On impulse, I leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss to it, loving the feel of the soft, vulnerable skin there against my lips. Her scent was much stronger, muskier, but still pleasing. I gave her a slow, soft lick across her anus, then back again, savoring her taste.

She jerked as I did it, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. “What’s wrong? Was that so bad?”

Her voice was little more than a murmur. “I…I didn’t think you’d—I don’t know—want to do… that.”

“I own every part of you, especially this part”—I tapped the very center of her asshole with my fingertip and smiled as it tightened still more—”and I love everything about it. So, you’re going to have to get used to it—at least as long as I have you under my thumb, that is.”

My heart twisted ever so slightly at that, but I pushed that pain away. Time enough to deal with that. Now was my time to enjoy her body and take advantage of my power over her, no matter how ephemeral such power might end up being.

“What… what are you… going to do?” There was real trepidation in her tone, but I wasn’t fooled, the glistening slit of her sex was quite swollen and red now, the glans of her clit, bright and deep pink already, peeking out from beneath its fleshy hood.

I painted her beautiful bottom hole with glistening wetness, just working the fingertip inside, ensuring she was well-lubed there as well. “I’ll tell you. First, you’re going to be taking my finger as deep in your bottom as I can get it. You can forget complaining—it’s happening. You might even like it.”

She scoffed at that but had the sense not to outright defy me.

“Then you’re going to be plugged. Once you’ve got a nice, solid plug relaxing you for a bit, I think a good flogging for this ass and these thighs are in order.” I slapped her other thigh, even harder, and she cried out, the muscles there going taut, a pink impression of my palm left behind upon her skin. “Then? Once your bottom is good and hot, your thighs nicely burning, I’m going to fuck that dripping cunt of yours, right there where you lie. You’re going to take every inch of me, and I’m going to make it hurt. Nothing, outside of the words, is going to stop me. This isn’t about your pleasure either, so you can forget coming tonight. You’ll have to earn that from me. Maybe tomorrow. If you’re a very good, obedient girl.”

Her thighs were trembling by the time I finished my little diatribe, but I gave her no time to process what was coming, instead pressing my fingertip to her anus. “Open for me, Eva. This shouldn’t hurt at all if you just relax.”

“I… can’t.”

“Yes, you can. Bear down and it will go right in.”

I waited a heartbeat, then her adorable little hole began to work, and I was able to ease ever so slowly in, taking time enough to ensure she wasn’t hurt. Within a few seconds, I had my finger all the way up her bottom, my knuckles pressed to the soft, cool inner curves of her cleft. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” She was hot and snug around me, and I couldn’t help but wriggle the tip deep inside her a little.

She said nothing, but her anus tightened around me.


She nodded quickly.


Reluctantly, she shook her head.

I smiled. “You’ll live.”

Holding one of her buttocks squeezed firmly in my hand, I slowly, but steadily began to churn the finger in and out of her, never quite drawing all the way from her, but pressing back all the way inside, pushing quite hard to ensure she took it even deeper, the soft gasps drawn from her lips as I did so already making my cock begin to harden again. I spent a long while penetrating her this way, drawing it out. I wanted her to feel the total loss of control, to know I was purposefully invading, using this most intimate part of her body.

I was most pleased to see the slot of her sex sticky and very wet.

“Part of you likes this.” I murmured, thrilling at the outraged catch of her breath.

“I…do not like this.”

I pressed my finger firmly into her again, pushing up even farther until she whimpered, holding it there, then twisting it slowly back and forth. I whispered the words behind her, squeezing her bottom savagely as I said it. “The truth is, Eva, I don’t care if you like it. In fact, it might even make this hotter for me if you didn’t.”

“Nick…” But it was less protest, and more embarrassed, resigned acknowledgment that she wasn’t fooling anyone here, least of all her own husband.

“Does that make you hate me? Because I might get off on it? That you not liking it makes my cock harder?”

She said nothing for a long moment, looking back toward me despite the fact she couldn’t see a thing. Then she faced forward, stilling once more. “N-no.”

I wasn’t done with pushing her on this though. “Does it excite you? Does it make you wetter? That I’m…treating you like this?”


“Yes, I guess you could call it that.” I patted her bottom gently, as if she were a wild mare in need of soothing.

She shook her head but seemed to stop herself. “No…I don’t know. I mean…it’s not that simple. Maybe?”

“It’s complicated, isn’t it? Those feelings?” I let a tiny bit of condescension slip into my voice, trying it on for size. I found I liked it—and surprisingly, she didn’t call me on it at all. It was possible that lust and arousal were beginning to dull her awareness, but still I wondered.

Her asshole tightened once more around me, then again, her hips squirming just the tiniest bit now, only deepening my suspicions that I might already be reaching her on an emotional level she didn’t feel prepared—or perhaps equipped—to talk about.

Not yet anyway.

I finally popped my finger from inside her bottom, her hole immediately squeezing closed. I wiped myself off, then reached over for the black rubber plug. It was only the medium, but it was going to be a little bit of a trial for her, even after I’d worked her with my finger. It was necessary for tomorrow, though.

“Now, let’s see about getting this bottom plugged nice and tight for a bit. Would you like that?”

Her head shook, but it was feeble, probably more reflex than anything else. I’d played with her ass a few times in the past, but it was never more than fingering it. This was going to be new for her. And that I was going to be the first one to take her through this had my cock throbbing all over again.

Coating the blunt nose of the plug well with lubrication, I presented it to her bottomhole. I couldn’t help but smile at the fearful trembling of her buttocks, the cords at the backs of her thighs standing out.

“Relax, Eva. You’ve got to let it in. Tensing up is only going to make this hurt more than it needs to.”

“That’s… too big.”

“Nonsense. It’ll stretch you, yes. But not any more than you can take.” I caressed her hip. “We’ll take this as slow as we need to, but this plug is going inside your bottom today. Nothing you have to say is going to stop this from happening. So you might as well just accept it and be a good girl for me.”

She shuddered then but didn’t protest further. As I pressed the rubber harder against her, I traced a fingertip around the rim of her anus, cooing at her. “Open, girl. Open for me. There we go, got the tip in now. Come on, sweetheart. Relax that bottomhole.”

“It…ahh! Please, Nick…!”

“Is it hurting?” I backed it off ever so slightly.

“Ugh, no…not…not yet.”

“Then we’re doing just fine.” I pushed more insistently then, continuing to stroke the delicate ring of muscle struggling to swallow up the plug. “Shh, let it in. It’s going to feel very big inside you, and that’s okay. I promise. Open…”

She gasped then, and the plug advanced until the widest part was nearly inside. She tightened up again, shaking her head.

“Too big! I’ll…I can’t take that much.”

“Yes, you can.” I eased back, then pushed forward a tiny bit, and retreated a fraction more. “We’re going to do this. I’m here with you. I’ll get you through it, girl. Now, deep breath. Good. Breathe out slowly, concentrate on your breathing for me.”

She complied, and it was the last bit of relaxation I needed, the widest part of the plug disappearing inside of her to a strangled moan from Eva. I pressed it all the way home, until the wide flange was snug against the straining ring of her anus. It looked quite lovely tucked in there between her lush, round buttocks.

“Fuck…it’s…so tight,” she said, her voice high and reedy. “Can’t…oh God.”

I patted her bottom. “It’ll be all right. You’ll need a minute or two to adjust to it. Then it’ll get easier to take. You’ll see.” I stood up, unzipping my jeans. “In the meantime, you’ve something to attend to, I think.”

Moving back up to her head, I grasped her hair firmly, making Eva jerk in surprise. “It’s all right. You’re not in trouble.” I turned her face toward me, her mouth slack, the tip of her tongue just visible. “Move your hands down. Under the pillows—and keep them there.” I wanted her arms out of the way for this. She submerged them under the pile beneath her, leaving her completely at my mercy. I tapped my cock against her cheek. “I want to you lick this, girl. It’ll help.”

While I’d expected some defiance, no sooner had the head of my cock brushed her lips than she’d taken it into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing deeply as she sucked with a fierceness that had my balls drawing up tight.

I chuckled at her, giving her head a gentle shake of admonishment. “I said lick, Eva. I know you’ve always been a cock whore, but you need to show a little self-control here, don’t you think?”

Her blush flooded her cheeks crimson, and she tried to turn away. I kept firm hold of her hair, though. “No…tongue out. Lick my cock.”

The warm, wet, soft caress of her tongue had me sighing in contentment. “That’s a good girl. Take your time. Don’t rush it.”

For the next few minutes, I directed her, telling her to trace each vein, then flick under the head. Then lick at the slit, to sample the precum gathering there. She blushed fiercely when I softly admonished her for being so greedy as she tasted me. Now and then, I would pull it away and slap her cheek with the shaft, or tell her to purse her pretty red lips while I bounced the broad head of my cock against them.

I played with the plug within her as she continued worshiping me. The stout rubber toy was not clenched nearly so tightly by her sphincter now. “Feeling better back here?”

Her moan and subtle nod made me smile, especially as she continued running her tongue slowly up and down the shaft of my cock while doing so.

“That’s a good girl.”

The maddening caresses of her clever tongue were too much, though. It was time.

I climbed onto the bed behind her. “Close your legs, slut. Feet together for me.”

She obeyed instantly, evidently glad to have even that tiny bit of modesty restored to her.

It was very short lived, however.

As I straddled her legs, I eased the plug out, until the thickest part was pushing her anus very wide indeed, I held it there as I presented my cock to her wet, sticky slit. She gasped, writhing a little at the stretch. Then I pressed the plug home once more, to the tune of her breathless sigh.

It was then that I drove inside her pussy, taking her in one long, firm stroke until the blazing heat of her pussy was pressed to the base of my cock, squeezing around me. She drew a sharp breath, her soft buttocks tensing against my lower belly.

“Tight, isn’t it?”

“Oh my God… oh my God… Nick!”

I began a slow rocking back and forth inside her, reveling in the very, very snug fit of my cock inside her pussy, with the thick plug stoppering her ass.


“N-no…it’s just…so full! Ah!”

I took hold of her hips then, and not giving her any time at all, began to plumb the full depths of her cunt, bottoming out with each hard thrust, the head of my cock slamming into her cervix now and then, a lost cry slipping from her lips each time.

“Nick! Please!”

But I didn’t answer, fucking her harder and harder, my hips slapping against her ass, the lush flesh of her buttocks rippling with each impact. Her pussy was feverishly tight as I took her, her pants and moans growing louder by the second. Over and over and over again I drove inside her, savoring the feeling of total control over her. Most of all, that she didn’t resist, and in fact, pushed back against me, told me all I really needed to know about what was happening.

“You like that cock, slut? Does that feel good? Or does it hurt?”

“Nick…ah, God!”

“Answer me,” I snapped, thrusting still harder, smacking her ass harshly several times.


“Yes? Which one?” I squeezed her hips cruelly in my hands, thrusting even faster. “Tell me, slut!”

“It’s…I don’t…both!” She was panting now. “Sir!”

“Good.” I pounded her mercilessly then, my orgasm already gathering, my balls tight, tingling with it. For a minute more, the only sounds in the room were her soft, lost cries and my harsh, guttural grunts as I took her as hard as I possibly could.

“Oh…wait…this…oh my God!”

Her pussy began spasming around my shaft, her wetness now dripping down upon the pillows. “How…oh my God…I’m fucking coming!

I grinned triumphantly, knowing how rare it was for her to orgasm from penetration alone. I thrilled that the combination of pleasure and pain, and my rough, degrading use of her…seemed to be speaking to her in ways neither one of us had expected.

She was begging incoherently, out of breath, murmuring exhausted gibberish as her orgasm kept going…and going. I didn’t let up one bit, smacking her ass again as I battered her cervix on each deep lunge into the soaked heat of her tight cunt. The last ripples of her pussy along my cock were too much for me, sending me over the edge too.

“Fuck…take my cum, slut,” I ground out, teeth gritted, and buried myself as deep as I could go, jerking spasmodically against her, again and again, as my seed rushed forth, flooding her completely. My eyes went black as I reared my head back, moaning with the soul-destroying pleasure of my climax. Then I came to once again, rocking my hips slowly against her, squeezing out the last remnants of my cum deep inside her. I wanted her to have every drop, as far inside as I could deposit it, staking my claim upon her in the most elemental way a man could.

She lay draped, trembling over the pillows, her hands now around her face, as if she needed to shield herself both from my regard, and what the two of us had just discovered about her secret needs, her hidden, deep-seated desires.

Letting my still half-erect cock slip from her sex, I scooped her off the pillows, holding her cradled in my arms for a moment, trying to catch my own breath, and loving the way she quivered as she clutched herself to my body.

Kissing the sweaty hair at her temple, I headed toward the master bathroom.

“W-what…are you doing?” It was a breathy murmur.

“Getting you cleaned up. You and I need a shower, girl.” I kissed her cheek. “I have a feeling once I’m done washing you down, my cock will have need of that tight pussy of yours again.”

Her entire body shuddered, her head tucking itself under my chin, saying more than any words possibly could.

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