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Needing Daddy by Vanessa Brooks – Extended Preview

“Come with me.” He led the way into the kitchen. Going to the kitchen chairs, he pulled one away from the table into the centre of the kitchen and sat down.

“Come here.” He pointed at the floor between his spread knees. Moving at a snail’s pace, she eventually arrived beside him.

“Next time I ask you to come to me, you will walk at a normal speed,” he admonished.

She cast him a sullen glance from under her lashes. Whipping his hand around her hip, he landed a heavy smack to her bottom.

“Ouch!” she complained.

“I won’t stand for sulks and temper tantrums, Penny. You behaved like a spoilt brat today. Get over my knee!” He kept his arms out of her way. This was her first test. She had to choose to submit to him, to lay herself over his lap. He needn’t have worried. Obediently she draped herself across his thigh, her hands flat on the floor. He took a moment to position her with her arse raised and swept up her short pinafore dress. His palm smoothed appreciatively over her sensible white panties before he hooked his fingers under the elastic waist and yanked them down to her knees.

She whimpered.

“Why are you being spanked, Penny?” he asked.

“Because I was rude to my daddy,” she answered in her little voice.

“Why else?”


“Then let me enlighten you. Sulky little girls who argue with their daddies get spanked. I’m gonna turn your little ass cherry red. You’ll think twice before you behave like a spoilt brat again, baby.” He brought his hand down on her right buttock with a resounding clap.

She yelped.

He repeated the exercise on her other cheek, another yelp. Keeping his arm swinging, he landed blows alternating from cheek to cheek, always landing the impact in the same place as before. Soon she had two cherry red spots radiating from the centre of each of her buttocks.

“Ouch, Daddy, it hurts!” she wailed.

“Next time you’ll think twice about sassing Daddy, won’t you?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, Daddy!” she apologised.

He shifted her higher and ran his hand over her heated flesh. She moaned.



“I want you all grown up.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Tell me, I want to hear that you feel like you’re a woman.” His cock twitched and swelled rapidly, tightly constricted inside his jeans.

“David, I’m your woman,” she confirmed throatily, sexily.

That was definitely an adult female voice.

A low growl emanated from the back of his throat. His hand drifted over the smooth peachiness of her backside. His fingers trailed the cleft between her bottom cheeks, down into her furrow. She was gloriously wet, soaked in fact. Another moan let him know she was enjoying his ministrations. His fingers slid over the silken edges of her labia into her slippery channel. He finger fucked her until the only source of sound in the still kitchen was one of her ripe succulence.

Lifting her, he turned her about in his arms and marched with her out of the room, heading for the stairs.

“I want you,” he told her.

She didn’t reply but nodded, her pupils dilated with lust. He had something special in mind for her, something she might not be fully on board with, but it would be an excellent test of her kinky side.

He laid her on the bed. “Daddy is going to remove all your clothes. By the time I have finished you will be naked and feeling like a woman, agreed?”

“Yes. Daddy, I have a question.”

“Go on,” he encouraged as he pulled off a sock.

“Can I keep calling you Daddy when we have sex?”

“Yeah, or Sir, I don’t mind either,” he replied, busy with her other leg. Finally he had her naked. He loved her curvy little body, plump in all the right places. “Lie on your back, and stretch out like you are a star.”

She obeyed without question. He visited all four corners of the bed and released the four soft suede-cuffed restraints he’d discreetly fitted.

Her eyes followed his movements, but she showed no sign of anxiousness or fear as he attached the restraints to each of her wrists and ankles.

Next he went to the nightstand beside the bed and withdrew a blindfold from the drawer. It was brand new and still packaged. He kept within her vision and tore open the bag, extracting the purple blindfold. He wanted her to know that it had never been used on another woman.

“Tell me what drove you to join a club and caused you to want to train as a dominant?” she asked.

He was quiet for a moment or two. She thought he wouldn’t answer and was about to ask another question when he began to explain. Fascinated to hear what he would say, she remained silent.

“I had a massive thing for a high school girl named Cindy. She was everything most adolescent males dream of: tall, blonde, willowy.”

She gave a huff of dissatisfaction.

“Of course that was before I learned to appreciate tiny curvy ladies,” he added hastily.

“Of course,” she preened.

“Well, Cindy and I spent a lot of time in the back of my car, in my bed, on a rug outdoors, but whatever I did, I couldn’t make her come. I asked her what she’d like me to do to help matters along but I guess she was just too shy to open up. I felt inadequate and I hated it. Eventually she moved onto another guy and I was crushed. I decided I needed to do some research on how to make love to a girl. Well, that paid off, but as I got older it wasn’t enough for me. An orgasm is one of the most amazingly satisfying things that can happen to a person. I wanted to prolong it, to control it and my partner’s pleasure.”

He chuckled. “Anyway, I decided I didn’t want to be one of those men whose aim was to simply fuck a woman to obtain an orgasm. I wanted to ratchet my own pleasure and hone my skills so I could give my partner mind-blowing sex. My research online led me to read about BDSM. I found out that dominants read the signals a submissive gives off when she is in the throes of sexual excitement. I learned that it’s essential to understand how a woman’s mind plays the largest part in her arousal. If I was to know how to control a woman’s pleasure then I realised I needed to train; that was when I decided I wanted to become a dominant and I joined a club to train as one.”

“So what made you decide you wanted a little in your life?” she asked, curious.

“I know this sounds like a generalisation, but my personal experience has been that submissives are often women who are in high ranking positions within their field. Such women often need to hand over control where sex is concerned in order to relax them. This is wonderful for a dominant. I want a woman whose needs go beyond the bedroom because I like to be in control and to nurture. From what I’ve witnessed being around daddy dom age-play relationships, I’m pretty certain being a daddy would suit me. How about you, Penny-pie, what turned you into a little?”

What indeed? She took a moment to ponder his question; after all, she could hardly tell him it was being with him and knowing with an inner certainty that he would make a great daddy.

“I guess reading books on my Kindle about the age-play lifestyle resonated with me. I’ve always loved childish activities, colouring, playing with dolls, and cuddly toys. I like setting aside adult life, maybe because it takes me back to a time when I felt safe and secure, when my parents were alive…” She trailed off as a lump formed in her throat. Her eyes closed against the onset of tears.

A gentle touch caressed her cheek. “Hey, Daddy’s here.”

She opened her eyes and met his familiar blue gaze, only inches from her own. His eyes crinkled as he smiled. “That’s better,” he said, dropping a kiss lightly on her mouth. “Now it’s time for some big girl play; a bit of kinky-fuckery. Tell me your safe word.”

“Pawlette,” she replied promptly.

“Good girl.”

She glowed with happiness. God, she’d missed this, missed him.

“I’d like to blindfold you, that okay?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Penny, it’s really important with this lifestyle that you communicate verbally.”

“I don’t mind being blindfolded,” she confirmed.

“Good girl.”

She wriggled with pleasure at his praise.

He flashed a knowing grin.

Once the blindfold was fitted every sound and touch became amplified. She was used to this; covering her eyes was a favourite of theirs in her other life. Penny became limp, boneless. Her expectation of the pleasure to come caused her to clench her pussy. She knew she was ready for whatever David had in mind.

She felt his hot breath against her ear. “Does it make you wet knowing I can do anything I like to you right now?” he growled softly.

Her breath hitched. She moaned then squealed as a smack landed on her thigh.

“Words, remember?”

“Yes, David.”

“Yes, it makes you wet? State what you mean, baby.”

“Yes, to both your questions.”

His dark chuckle made her sex flutter with anticipation.

“I guess I’m gonna have to check for myself,” came his husky reply.

She started at his touch. His fingers gentle as they swept up and between the petals of her sex, dividing her labia, his hand trawled her damp crease, which suddenly spasmed and flooded his fingers.

His mouth covered a needy pebbled nipple. The pull sent fizzing darts of pleasure to her soaking core. The graze of his teeth tormented and ratcheted her desire. He shifted to her other breast. She bucked, unable to move as freely as she wanted. Being restrained added to her excitement.

I’m here with Daddy; he is touching me, loving me. I am home. Her thoughts coupled with his tender ministrations were enough to trigger the thrumming ache she knew to be a prelude to her climax.

“Not yet, wait until I tell you to come.”

The dominant command was enough. David had trained her long ago to obey his demands not to come. However, after being parted, coupled with her fear of never finding him or ever being together, Penny now found it difficult to control herself. Sex with David was so emotional and mixed with her physical reaction to him. Emptying her mind, she managed to stave off the inevitable and near disaster was averted. She desperately wanted to please him. To show him how good they were together. Failure to win her daddy was not an option. She knew life would be unbearable for her after the wonderful relationship they’d shared in another dimension.

Intense sensation brought her back to the present. She knew what he was doing. The darkness behind her mask exacerbated every tiny touch. His tongue was touching her clit, worrying it, teasing it out from under its protective cloak.

Had that contented mewl and sigh come from her?

“You like that?” he purred.

It seemed she had. “Yes,” she answered softly. She felt that he was fiddling with something. A tiny rustling sound confirmed her suspicions.

He began to rub her clit with the pad of his thumb.

Just as she panicked she was about to detonate, he stopped teasing her and pinched her nipples simultaneously.

Barely had she processed the pinch of discomfort when it was gone. Instead her clit pinched. Then her nipples ached again, but how? How was he able to pinch all three?

“Okay?” he asked.

“What? How…?” she stammered, writhing under the arousing grip to all three of her main erogenous zones.

“I put a clit clip on you, not tight. It will increase your pleasure.”

She began to pant. A sweeping touch to her clitty, delicate yet intensely delicious. Shit! She was about to come!

“Come for me.”

Relief coupled with a surge of sensation rolled over her, a flowing from dark into light. “David!” she screamed. On and on the spiral of lust climbed, taking her higher and higher until she was saturated in bliss. Just the lightest touch to her clitoris released her, until she crested in a wave of powerful climax.

She felt him remove the clip. The nudge of his cock against her entrance and the delightful stretch as he finally penetrated her caused tears to fill her darkened gaze. Liquid spilled from beneath her mask, tears of joy. There had been moments over the past few weeks when she’d despaired of ever feeling the sensation of him inside her, yet it was happening, here and now. Her husband… no, that wasn’t right, because they weren’t married in this world, but they should be, and would be soon, if she had any say in the matter. All coherent thought dissipated. The slide of his large cock embedded inside her concentrated her focus.

He moved. What the…? He angled himself so that his shaft hit her clit and never before had that tiny scrap of sensitive flesh felt so alive! Every pump of his hips electrified her.

“That good?”

Oh, yes…


“Hmmm… Ouch!” He’d smacked her thigh. “David!”

“Use words,” he reprimanded gruffly.

“I can’t, it feels so good, Daddy,” she breathed as the seductive glide of his cock repeatedly retreated, then advanced, catching her sensitized nub with every powerful thrust.

“I want you to think about how you’d feel with Daddy’s cock buried deep in your tight ass. Does the idea repel you?” he growled.


“Have you experienced anal before?”

She didn’t recall David ever being this chatty during sex, but this version of him certainly was. “Not in this world I haven’t.” Well, it was the truth.

“Ah, baby, I am so gonna enjoy fucking your tight, virginal ass,” he growled.

She was entirely sure he’d like to be her first. He’d been the first and only man to take her anally in her dimension. Now he would be first in this dimension too.

“Mmm…” She was beyond words now. His gyrating cock sent a spark of delight through her sensitised nub.

He picked up momentum and finally stopped talking.

She writhed under him, wanting to buck, but unable to, held as she was by his restraints. The building momentum elicited exquisite pleasure from her engorged clit, and she clenched as her channel quivered with heightened arousal.

Without warning a tsunami of explosive release overwhelmed her and her cries turned into long drawn-out moans as her pussy spasmed. Penny ground frantically against the solid girth of his cock. “David!” she screamed. The storm swept her up and took her on a rollercoaster of pure unadulterated bliss. Still he pumped on. She remembered his staying power. The man had the stamina of a horse when it came to intercourse.

Unbelievably she felt another orgasm build.

“Come with me this time, babe,” he told her hoarsely. With a snap of his hips he had her. “Yes!” she cried.

“Yeah, baby, come now!”

His command was all it took. She shook as her release crashed over her.

His cock lengthened and pulsed, she felt him throb inside her, ejaculating, filling the condom with his hot seed.

Sliding over beside her so he didn’t crush her, David stroked the tangled mane of hair from her flushed face. “That was incredibly powerful, beautiful, thank you.”

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