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Obeying Daddy by Kelly Dawson – Extended Preview

The tenderness in her bottom from yesterday had gone, she noticed, as she sat down, readying herself to start work. The pile of paperwork on her desk for her attention hadn’t gotten any smaller, and she needed to focus.

She was so deep in her work that she jumped slightly, startled, when Matthew came up behind her and placed a sheaf of documents on her desk, leaning down over her to nibble the back of her neck. She sighed and stifled a giggle at the tickle of his whiskers against her skin, arched back toward him and smiled.

“Good morning, Daddy,” she whispered, soft enough for his ears only. She was surprised by how easily the word daddy slid off her lips; she had said it instinctively. She felt his lips curl up in a smile against the side of her neck. He obviously liked it too.

“Good morning, little girl,” he whispered back.

He stood up, patted the papers he’d just given her and straightened up, making his expression stern. “Bring them to my office when you’re done, please,” he ordered gruffly, and winked.

“Yes, sir,” she answered meekly, hiding her smile, before returning her focus to her work as Matthew strode away.

Inwardly, she was both cringing with embarrassment and jumping for joy. Had anyone seen? Vanessa would have, surely. The thought of her secret office romance being found out both thrilled her and mortified her. After all, everybody knew of a secretary who had slept with the boss to get extra perks.

A spanking for being late is hardly a perk, her inner mind grumbled.

Is that what her colleagues would think of her? That she was sleeping with the boss just for the benefits it could give her? Vanessa wouldn’t, surely, and Vanessa was the only one in the entire office complex that she considered to be a friend. Besides, Matthew wasn’t the boss. He was merely the youngest, junior-most partner. And by far the best looking. And all he did was take her out for lunch—which was no different to what the big boss did with Janice. Let them talk, she decided. Then we can see if the no gossiping in the workplace rule is applied evenly, or just to the ones Janice doesn’t like. Like me and Vanessa.

Jilly sighed as she scanned the document for the required additions. If she couldn’t find a new place to live soon, her reputation with her work colleagues would be the least of her worries.

Matthew was on the phone when Jilly tapped lightly on the frame of his open office door, bearing the armful of documents he had asked her to complete for him. Glancing up, he smiled at her, indicated that she shut the door, and go about filing the papers. He finished his conversation soon after and the air was alive with electricity as he got up and shut the door, snibbing the lock, ensuring no one could get in, even with a key. Jilly’s heart raced but she kept her expression neutral, pretending she was unaware of his presence and his actions, carrying on with the filing as though nothing had changed.

But everything has changed! her inner voice screamed. You’re alone in his office with him and he’s just locked the door!

She sucked in a breath as he came up behind her, sliding his arms around her waist and placing his hands on the metal filing cabinet on either side of her body, trapping her in place. His hips and thighs touching her, his erection hard against the small of her back, left her in no doubt that she was his. That he had claimed her. That he was going to claim her some more. Right here, right now.

Leaning into her, he trailed one hand up her thigh, sliding his hand under her skirt, his fingers tickling, teasing in the most delicious sensation as they slowly crept closer and closer to her core. Her simple cotton knickers were no barrier; he simply slipped his hand under the elastic, exploring her hot, slick depths. His other arm wrapped over her shoulder to cup her breast and she was totally, completely ensnared by his body. His.

“Mine,” he whispered, his mouth kissing the side of her throat.

“Yours,” she agreed hoarsely, arching her back, pressing herself into him, offering herself to him completely.

“I’m going to take you now,” he growled softly, his lips rumbling into the side of her neck. “Right here, against this filing cabinet.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. He wasn’t asking her permission; he was taking what was his.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered back, but had she spoken the words aloud or were they just in her head, lost in the moan he drew from her with his expert mouth and fingers?

He spun her around, her shoulder slamming shut the drawer of the filing cabinet with a bang but she didn’t even flinch at the sound or the pain as he rucked up her skirt, his fingers busy inside her blouse and knickers, turning her on in the wildest, most primal of ways. She clung to him, her fingers tangled in his hair, her mouth on his, her legs wrapping around him, pulling him closer, tighter, completely lost in the moment.

He released her for a second, pulling a foil packet from his pants pocket before dropping to his knees in front of her. His mouth was on her crotch, his whiskers tickled her inner thighs, she could feel his teeth right there. His lips. His tongue. She could feel a tugging on her underwear, heard the rip of fabric tearing, felt the cool air on her exposed pussy as he used his teeth to tear her knickers from her, baring her to his gaze. He cast her ruined knickers aside and she arched her back, pressing her shoulders against the filing cabinet and her pelvis into him as his hot tongue lapped at her eagerly, flicking her clit, his fingers parted her swollen lips and his tongue delved deep inside, exploring her, tasting her. Already, she wanted to scream. He’d brought her right to the edge of the precipice and left her there, dangling, while he sheathed himself, locked his eyes on hers and covered her mouth with his, kissing her hungrily, passionately, making her taste her own salty, bitter juices.

He lifted her up, sliding her up the front of the filing cabinet, wedging her there with his body and she wrapped her legs around his hips, holding him tightly, as he lowered her onto his cock. She gasped as he entered her, stretching her wide, filling her so completely, taking her so thoroughly.

“Mine,” he growled, nipping her throat, driving himself deeper into her, and she matched her thrusts with his, moving her hips in a delicate dance, taking him fully.

Her fingers tugged his hair, curled around his collar, tightened on him however they could. Her breasts, tight, achy, hot, screamed against the lacy confines of her bra, so tender the soft fabric chafed her nipples. Every nerve ending was on fire. The whole world was spinning around her; she was going to explode.

He came at the same time she did, shuddering then stilling, at the same time she groaned out his name, digging her nails into his shirt, his hair, clenching her thighs around him tighter as she tipped off the ledge he’d brought her to only moments before, flying with him.

She collapsed against him, spent, her thighs burning, breathing hard.

“You are incredible!” she murmured as he held her tight, snug against his chest.

Then she remembered. “My knickers!” she glanced down at them, horrified. There was no way she could put them back on; he’d torn them completely in two.

“You don’t need them,” he informed her. “I will like knowing that my little girl is sitting out there at her desk, bare-bottomed under her skirt. Such a naughty little girl.”


“No buts,” Matthew cut her off. “You will remain bare for me today. I’m in court tomorrow, and for the next couple of weeks. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, that’s why I called you in here under the guise of filing. I’m going to be away, I’ve got a big court case starting tomorrow, and I won’t see you for a couple of weeks. That’s why I claimed you now—and that’s why you will do what I asked, and wear no knickers for the rest of today, to please me. So I can remember you like this when I can’t see you.”

Jilly’s heart clenched. He was going away? Now? Right when it was starting to feel like they had something real going on? Her eyes filled with tears and she twisted out of his grasp, away from him. “So you used me like that, and now you’re going to leave me?” she whispered, barely able to form the words through her tears.

He’s just like Cameron, her inner mind snarked. I tried to warn you, and you wouldn’t listen.

His arms wrapped around her, pulling her close but she fought him, flailing with her arms, pushing him away.

“Listen to me, baby girl,” he commanded, trying to catch her wrists.


“Yes.” In one swift movement he grabbed her waist, spun her around, lifted up her skirt, and landed a harsh, resounding smack! on her bare bottom. It stung, and it shocked her. She stilled. He took hold of her shoulders, moved her to face him, looked into her eyes.

“I am not leaving you, baby girl. Not now, not ever. You are mine. I claimed you. I’m not going anywhere. I will be out of the office for a couple of weeks because I have a trial—my client is up on murder—but that doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking of you every minute I can. I’m still your daddy, and you’re still my little girl. I’ll be busy—but not too busy to email you and text you and whatever else you want. I will be back, baby girl. I promise.” He spoke slowly, firmly, shaking her gently, as though he was trying to imprint his words on her brain.

Slowly, Jilly relaxed. She smiled, just the tiniest bit. Matthew reached up and gently wiped away her tears with his fingers. Then he pulled her in close, hugging her tightly, kissing the top of her head tenderly. “You’re mine, little girl. Daddy’s not going anywhere,” he murmured. “I promise.”

He seemed to know just what to say to make her feel better and his strong arms around her backed up his words. He’s not like Cameron at all, she informed her inner voice as she snuggled into him, enveloped in love.

He held her tight for a few moments more then he pressed her upright. “Are you okay now, little girl? I won’t have time for a lunch break today, I’m busy preparing for trial, but I wanted you to know what was going on.”

Jilly nodded. It would be weird in the office without him. “Yes, Daddy.”

He reached around and patted her bottom, reminding her that it was bare under her skirt. She felt her face flush; having no knickers on made her feel both naughty and vulnerable. And completely, totally claimed by him.

“Back to work then, little girl.”

“But I have…”

“No knickers?” he asked, grinning. “I know. I like it that way. I will very much enjoy knowing that my little girl is sitting at her desk wearing only a skirt and no underwear. In fact, I shall enjoy it so much no doubt I will find it very hard to concentrate on my work.”

“Perhaps I should take an early lunch break and buy some more knickers then?” she suggested cheekily. “After all, you can’t afford to be side-tracked right before such an important trial.”

“Absolutely not, little girl,” he insisted. “I tore those knickers off you with my teeth, and you’re going to stay that way.” He slid his hand up under her skirt and pinched her bottom teasingly, possessively. “If you do buy knickers on your lunchbreak, it will be Daddy’s ruler for you. And I will make it sting, so you remember to obey Daddy.”

The laughter in his eyes told her that he knew she was only playing, but his stern tone still sent tingles through her. “I will be good, Daddy,” she assured him. “I promise.”

“Good girl.” He winked at her. “Back to work.”

Walking back to her desk sans underwear, Jilly felt really self-conscious. Would her work colleagues know? Of course they won’t! her inner mind told her, as if she was stupid. It wasn’t like it was obvious by looking at her that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Her skirt was a black, lined, heavy fabric business A-line that clung to her hips and went down to just past her knees. It wasn’t likely to just fly up, nor was it transparent or tight enough to reveal anything. Her face might be a bit flushed, but that could be put down to the too-hot thermostatically controlled office building, surely. Not sex. Who would suspect one of the partners to be having sex with one of the secretaries during office hours? Surely not at Hutchings & Associates where they were sticklers for the rules.

She straightened her skirt as she walked, smoothing it down over her legs, holding her head up, doing her best to walk back to her desk normally. Trying to convince herself she didn’t have a lingering ache in between her legs or slight sting still on her left bottom cheek from where Matthew had smacked her. She was just innocently walking back to her desk. This wasn’t a walk of shame at all.

All the secretaries were busy in their work when she sat down; none of them even looked at her. Except Janice. As self-styled queen of the office, she took it upon herself to know what every single one of the secretaries was doing, at all times. That must be so exhausting! Jilly’s inner voice snarked. Janice only glanced up briefly though; the second Jilly pulled out her chair to sink into it, Janice turned back to her work.

And of course Vanessa noticed. She was grinning, winked, did a sneaky thumbs-up from behind her computer screen. Vanessa knew! Jilly felt her face heat up.

“Lunch,” Vanessa mouthed, and Jilly nodded. She may well get the inquisition over and done with. Vanessa wouldn’t let up until she did, otherwise.

True to his word, Matthew didn’t venture out of his office so she went for lunch with Vanessa. She hadn’t spent much time with her friend at all since Matthew had commandeered all her lunchtimes—only the odd morning tea break—and the female company was nice.

“He’s smoking hot!” Vanessa commented over the wobbly square table in the mall food hall. “You’re a lucky girl!”

You don’t know the half of it! Jilly thought, but she just smiled and nodded. “I know.”

Vanessa didn’t even notice when Jilly drank an entire bottle of energy drink with lunch. Matthew would have—he would have insisted she drink juice or water instead. Capping the now empty bottle, Jilly was torn inside. On the one hand it was liberating, drinking the entire bottle of beverage of her choice but on the other hand, she missed the proof that he cared. It was sweet, the way he insisted she fuel her body with more nourishing food and limited her consumption of unhealthy energy drinks. Some women might have hated it, called him controlling, and rebelled, but Jilly liked it. Except for when she was at primary school, nobody had cared what she had eaten, or whether or not it was healthy. Being reined in now, even when a small part of her tried to convince her she should be fighting against it, was nice. It was just one more way Matthew made her feel cherished, protected, his.

They were still giggling as they entered the lift on the ground floor with exactly a minute to spare. By the time her lunchbreak was officially over, Jilly was back at her desk, with Janice nodding in approval.

“Miss Watson, my office, please.”

His voice coming out of nowhere made her jump. She looked up at him, startled. What on earth did he want now? She hadn’t done anything wrong, surely, and he wasn’t holding any work he wanted her to complete… her pussy tingled as her mind raced with possibilities, all of them naughty. He was going to make her lose her job at this rate!

She followed him down the hallway, her heart thumping. The short distance from her desk to his office seemed to take forever. His light blue shirt was coming untucked at the back and his tailored pants stretched tight across his backside as he walked. She longed to reach out and tuck it in, but instead she rubbed her clammy hands on her skirt and tried to swallow back her nervousness.

Like the perfect gentleman, he held the door open and stood back, allowing her to enter, smacking her butt playfully as she did so. She heard the click of the lock in the door and gulped. This was serious. He looked stern, but there was a playful glint in his eye. What was he up to?

“Are you trying to get me fired?” she asked. “Twice in one day… people are going to start talking!”

“On the contrary, little girl. I’m trying to ensure that when I return from trial, you’re still here.”

Her eyes were locked on his as slowly, deliberately he removed his cufflinks, dropping them into a silver ashtray on his desk. She watched, transfixed, as slowly, without taking his eyes from hers, his long fingers folded back the cuff of his shirt, then folded it again and again, rolling his sleeve right up to his elbow. She hadn’t realised how sexy it could be, watching a man roll up his sleeves. It was impossible for her to tear her gaze away and her pussy throbbed in time with her pulse. She wanted him so bad. How did a guy with a desk job get such impressive muscles?

When both muscular forearms were bare, he walked around behind his desk and rummaged through the piles for a moment. Her eyes widened as he plucked the heavy wooden ruler out from under a stack of plastic folders and tapped it against his palm. Even with the big desk as a barrier between them, Matthew looked menacing. Imposing. Dominant. He pointed the end of the ruler at a clear space in the middle of his desk. “Bend over my desk, little girl.”

Slowly, Jilly obeyed. Confusion rocked her. As she laid her torso on the antique mahogany desk, stretching her fingers under the rolled edge of the far side, her legs weren’t trembling in fear this time, nor was her belly in knots. She wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, that now-familiar ache between her legs had returned with a vengeance, flooding the insides of her thighs with her juices. Her tight nipples danced against her bra, begging to be freed. She ground her chest against the desktop, trying to find some relief.

She heard rather than saw Matthew move around his desk to stand behind her and she flinched slightly at the cool touch of his fingers at he gently lifted up her skirt, folding it up and spreading it out across her back, out of the way, exposing her naked rear end to his gaze. She gasped at the hard coldness of the wood as he touched the ruler to her bottom.

“Good girl,” he crooned. “Following instructions and keeping this bottom bare for Daddy.” She smiled at the approval in his voice, wiggling her bottom in response to the way he rubbed the ruler up and down her bottom. He kept rubbing, and she moaned deep in her throat, arching her back, pressing her bottom up toward the ruler, offering herself to him.

“We’re going to go over some rules, little girl,” he said. “When I come back from trial I want to find you working hard, healthy, safe in your job, and I want to be able to focus on the trial and not be worried about whether or not you’re taking care of yourself.”

“Yes, sir,” she breathed, too distracted by the delicious rubbing of the ruler over her naked skin to really listen to his words.

Smack! The light crack of the ruler across the crest of her bottom made her jump and yelp. It was a shock, after the gentle rubbing, to feel the biting sting of the hard wood.

“Tell me your rules,” he commanded, slapping the ruler against her bottom lightly again.

“I… I don’t know, sir,” she whimpered, squirming.

“Think.” He smacked her again, harder now, and she instinctively drew inward, away from the sting, but the heavy desk beneath her belly prevented her from shrinking too far.

“No being late!” she cried, hoping that she was on the right track.

She was. Immediately, the rubbing returned again, the cold of the wood soothing now, cooling her warm skin.

After just a few moments the rubbing stopped and the smacking started again, sharp taps that weren’t a punishment, but hurt too much to be purely pleasure.

“Another one.”

She hesitated, and a harder whack landed, with enough of a sting to make her yelp.

“Taking all my breaks!” she yelled, relief flooding through her as the ruler returned to a soothing rubbing again.

“Good girl,” Matthew encouraged. “What else is there?” He stopped rubbing and held the ruler still, pressing against her, in a kind of silent warning.

Jilly sucked in a breath. There were more rules? What were they? She racked her brain. They had discussed this, she knew. But darned if she could remember what they had said!

“I… I don’t know,” she stammered, clenching her buttocks together in anticipation of another swat.

As if she’d invited it, it fell, a bit harder than before. “Hurry up,” Matthew growled. He tapped the ruler across the middle of both cheeks, a quick rhythm. “Quickly!”

When she didn’t immediately answer the swats increased in both intensity and tempo and she couldn’t breathe. All she could focus on was the relentless smacking of the ruler.

“Gossiping!” she yelled triumphantly. “No gossiping with Vanessa!”

Instantly, she was rewarded with more soothing rubs. “Very good,” Matthew praised her. “But there’s more, not related to your job. What are they?”

Jilly shook her head. “I honestly have no idea,” she admitted. “I really don’t. Please don’t punish me for something I don’t know,” she begged.

Matthew stilled the ruler against her. “This isn’t a punishment, little girl. This is just a reminder to be good when I’m gone. Remember that you belong to Daddy.”

Matthew slotted the ruler in between her bottom cheeks. “Hold that there,” he commanded. He leaned his body over hers, his thighs trapping her hip against his desk, his rock-hard abs resting against her back. He reached forward and brushed her hair back off her face, his mouth so close to her she could feel the warmth of his breath on her neck. “The last rules are perhaps the most important.” He spoke low into her ear. “You need to look after yourself properly, little girl. No missing meals. No running yourself ragged. Make sure you get enough sleep.”

Jilly couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. It was nice, having his body so close against her like that, and it was even nicer the way he thought of her wellbeing and tried to make it into a rule. It was completely unrealistic to expect her to be able to follow it, but it was sweet, nonetheless.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered. “I will try.”

His hand clapped against the lower part of her left buttock, his fingers stinging the top of her thigh, in a swat hard enough to make her jump. “You will do more than try, little girl,” he growled. “You will do it. You are important, and taking care of yourself is important.”

“I’m a single mother,” she reminded him. “My daughter comes first in my life. Providing for her takes everything I have. I’m way down the food chain.” Especially now that we’re about to be homeless, she reminded herself. Tell him! the sensible side of her inner voice urged. He might be able to help! She clenched her fists against the desk and gritted her teeth. No. She wasn’t going to tell him. She’d learned the hard way not to rely on a man; she wasn’t going to risk learning that lesson all over again. Just because he said he wanted to take care of her… He meant in small, superficial ways. Not in the things that really mattered. Besides, finding a house for her and Lily was her responsibility. Nobody else’s.

“Stand up.” He tugged at her arm, pulling her up off his desk and turning her as she stood so she faced him. Her skin prickled where he touched her, electricity sparking up and down her arm. Her skirt fell back into place and she jumped slightly, startled, as the ruler clattered to the floor. He cupped her face in his hands. “I don’t think you’re listening to me, little girl,” he growled, his voice deep, low, firm. “If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t do your best in anything else you do. Your work will suffer. Your health will suffer. Taking care of you is important.”

She wanted to roll her eyes. She knew all this, she truly did. But it wasn’t realistic. Sometimes, she didn’t have a choice but to turn up to work sleep-deprived and hungry. It was part of being an adult, a parent.

Instead, she swallowed her reaction and focused on the rough skin of his hands on her face, the tender way he held her, the passion sparking in his eyes when he spoke. She wanted him to hold her forever. Now that she’d been in his arms, and been taken so roughly and erotically in his office, how would she survive the next two weeks without him?

“Yes, Daddy,” she murmured. “I will take care of myself.”

“Good girl,” he crooned, his deep voice making her insides quiver. “Now back to work. Daddy will see you after trial is over.”

“I’ll miss you,” she whispered, feeling a pang in her heart.

“And I’ll miss you, little girl. But I’ll be back before you know it.”

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