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Obeying Her Vikings: A Reverse Harem Romance by Lily Harlem – Extended Preview

Closing her eyes, she allowed her mind to drift. A daytime sleep claimed her, and her breaths became shallow. She didn’t let thoughts of Bjorn enter her dreams; instead she pictured Wade and Tal, big and handsome warriors coming to her rescue. Oh, she’d had a plan, of course she had, and in her mind she saw herself slipping away from the hut, escaping. But in reality, she knew it had been her men who’d turned up in the nick of time.

“Hey, sleepyhead.”

Tal stood before her. “It will soon be nightfall.”

“It will?” She sat upright and glanced at the door. This time of year they had only a few hours of darkness, but soon it would be upon them. “Have you brought your animals?”

“Aye, they are all here, and Wade has moved the shell of his new boat, it is near the water’s edge. Tomorrow he will start a pier.”

“That is good.”

“It is.” He took the horn of mead she still held. There was an inch left and he drank it before setting it to one side.

“Ah, she is awake.” Wade appeared at the doorway. He was bare-chested and his pants sat low on his hips, showing off the angles of his abdominal muscles as they sliced toward his waistband.

“Aye, and well recovered from her ordeal.” Tal removed his shirt, setting it over the back of a chair. There was a determination about his movements, each one precise.

Iona’s attention swung from Wade to Tal’s body. Strong and lean, his skin warmed from the sun, she ached to be pressed up against him… both of them.

“And now we will discuss your disobedience.” Tal folded his arms, his biceps bulging as he rocked back on his heels.

“I have said I’m sorry.”

“Words are not enough in this instance.” Wade walked to the fire and tossed a log onto it. He then cleared the broth bowl and horn from the table. He swiped its surface, removing a few crumbs, which skittered to the floor.

A tremble of trepidation quivered in her stomach. She had a good idea what was going to happen next. She’d learned quickly that there were consequences to her actions.

Sharp, bottom-stinging consequences.

“So,” Tal said, tilting his chin and his concentration so acute on her that it was as if he were stroking her face, heating her cheeks. “You know what you must do.”

Indeed her blush was quick to take hold. She squirmed on the hard seat, her ass already tingling. Tal wanted her over his lap again, with Wade watching no doubt.

“Iona.” Wade gestured to the table. “You know what to do.”

“I… I don’t know what you mean.”

“You will be punished, so you never disobey an instruction on where to wander again,” Wade said. “It is for your own good.”

“But I won’t. I promise. I know now not to go to the cliff and—”

“I have already said words are not enough,” Tal said sharply, “Now present yourself to Wade for we have decided he is to take you to task today.”

“Present myself?” she gulped.

Wade raised his eyebrows. “I am a patient man, more so than Tal, but still, do not test me, wife.”

“No, no, of course not.” She forced herself to stand, even though her knees were a little weak and her heart was hammering.

“Good.” Wade stepped past her, to the fire. He picked up one of the long smooth sticks she used for stirring broth. It had been cleaned in the river and its surface was shiny and flat.

Her belly clenched as did her pussy.

He slapped it against his open palm, hard, the sharp sound snapping around the barn.

“Oh, please, no.” She didn’t have to have prior experience with the strip of wood to know that it would sting like a thousand bees.

“You should have thought of the dangers before you wandered,” Tal said, tapping his fingers on his upper arms. “Of the pain you could have endured at the hands of Bjorn or the wolves, and of what we’d have endured should anything have happened to the woman we love.”

“But I am back here, safe and—”

“Bend over.” Tal frowned. “Now.”

Iona looked from Tal to Wade. “Aye, do it, now,” Wade said firmly. “Over the table.”

A swarm of humiliation went through her. Was she really to be spanked again, like a child? It hardly seemed fair after the day she’d had.

“I swear to all the gods in Valhalla if you do not hurry up the punishment will be doubled,” Tal said, striding to the opposite end of the table and stooping so his knuckles rested on it. “Over you go, quickly.”

She could tell from his expression that he was not messing around. He was furious with her for disobeying him. Perhaps it was for the best it was Wade who was to spank her; he didn’t seem as riled up as Tal.

She flattened on the table, her breasts squashing beneath her as she clasped her hands under her chin. Her shoulders were tense, her buttocks clenched.

“Lift your clothing up,” Wade ordered. “How can I redden your rump with the tunic in the way?”

“Oh, but…” She’d hoped to take the stick over the top of the material. It would afford her some protection.

“I’d do as he’s asked,” Tal said, his voice low but dangerous and his breath breezing over her hair. “Otherwise he’ll rip it from you and ‘morrow you’ll be short of clothing.”

With her hands shaking she reached behind herself and gathered the material. She drew it upward, the cool air washing around her calves, knees, and thighs.

“More. Higher.” Wade used the stick to bunch it up and over her buttocks.

As her bare bottom was revealed she tightened her pussy. She was damp down there, and her clit was pulsing against the tabletop. She locked her knees and pressed her thighs together, hoping he wouldn’t see her glistening pussy lips.

“That’s better,” Wade said, dragging the last strip of clothing out of the way so she was utterly vulnerable and exposed. He ran his hand over her ass cheeks, first the right, then the left, dipping into her cleft, stroking the delicate under curve.

She whimpered and gripped the lip of the table, grinding her clit onto it. His actions were making her wetter down there; he was creating a hunger for more, a need for him.

His palm was replaced with the cool flat stick. Not slapping or pressing hard, just resting there as if letting her know what she was in for.

She closed her eyes and curled her toes in her boots. Her body was alive, as if every sense was on high alert.

“Please, no,” she whispered.

“Try and be brave,” Tal said, stroking her hair from her hot brow. “This will hurt.”

The wood lifted from her ass, she held her breath. Then the first slap connected hard and fast, sending darts of pain shooting over her skin.

She cried out, arched her back and danced on her toes. It was so different from a palm. It was meaner, faster, hotter.

Another five slaps followed, rapid and accurate and each one layering up the pain in a precise strip covering each bare cheek.

She wailed, tears stinging behind her closed eyelids.

Wade’s stick was harsh. The heat was instant and intense.

“Your bottom will take this punishment,” Wade said, pausing and rubbing her ass cheeks. “And you will learn to obey.”

“Oh, but it hurts so bad.” She pushed up but was quickly repositioned by Wade’s hand in the small of her back. She slumped forward again, the breath whooshing from her lungs.


“Tal. Oh, Tal, please, can’t I have you do this, your hand, this is so…”

“The punishment suits the crime.” Tal stooped so his face was level with her. “You could have died, Iona. You really have been a very bad wife.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Oh… ow!”

Wade had slapped her again with the stick. It was hot and cold, fire and ice, it spread to her pussy, up her spine, over her scalp and to her teeth.

She yelled out with each harsh spank, writhing and twisting but unable to escape.

And then it became too much to bear. Didn’t they know that was as much as she could take? Tears poured down her face, her ass was as hot as the surface of the sun and surely as red.

She released the table and reached around herself, flattened palms waiting to take the strikes and save her bottom.

One landed over her fingers.

“Move your hands, Iona,” Wade said, snatching her wrists in just one of his hands.

“No, it’s too much. I can’t stand it.” She tossed her head from left to right as he pinned her fists to the hollow of her back.

“We know what you need to learn this lesson,” Tal said. “And I’d say your bottom is not nearly red enough.”

“Oh, but it is…” She ground onto the table, stimulating her clit, needing something else to concentrate on. “Ow!”

Wade was conducting a rapid series of swipes, the mean stick now feeling as sharp as a knife with each connection.

She cried out, not words, just long screams of pain. Her ears pained her, the noise so loud.

“For the love of Odin,” Wade said, pausing. “Will you be quiet, woman. You are hurting my ears.”

“No, not until you stop!” she shouted so loud her throat hurt.

“Tal, find something for her mouth,” Wade said.

Tal gripped her hair in his fist and raised her face. “With pleasure. Open up, Iona.”

He shoved his hand into his pants and withdrew his erect cock.

Her body seemed to buzz at the sight of it. Combining the pain with arousal; Tal’s cock always had that effect on her.

“No biting,” he said, cupping her chin with his free hand. “Just work me the way you know I like.”

She stretched her mouth wide and he slipped his cock tip between her lips.

Wade spanked her again and she had to concentrate not to clench her jaw, bite down.

“Good girl, this will help,” Tal said. “My cock will help.”

He was rock hard, his shaft thick and solid. Clearly watching Wade punish her bottom had aroused him.

That thought thrilled Iona. She was learning more about Tal each day.

He kept on going, sliding to the back of her throat.

She stared up at him, unblinking, her body hitching forward each time Wade applied the stick to her smarting ass.

Tal stared down at her, pupils wide, jaw slack as she took him deep, deeper still.

When she tasted a drip of pre-cum she groaned, her own need to come building.

“You’re hot,” Wade said, stopping the spanking and caressing her ass. “On fire.”

She couldn’t answer, but parted her legs, hoping he’d dip his fingers into her pussy and see just how hot she was.

“Aye, that’s it, you’ve taken it well.” He tossed the stick to the side.

The sound of it rattling onto the floor was like music to her ears.

“And I can feel…” finally he slipped his fingers between her legs, “that you didn’t hate it as much as you would have us believe.”

I did. I did.

She couldn’t speak. But she wanted to protest. The pain and shame of the spanking was still burning through her body.

“Oh, that’s it, take me.” Tal ground deeper into her mouth, his patch of hair rubbing her nose.

She struggled to take him, dragging in ribbons of air through her nose.

And then he withdrew, almost out.

At the same time, Wade pushed into her pussy with two thick fingers.

She moaned, a lusty, throaty noise, and arched her back, sticking her bottom into the air.

“Greedy,” Wade said, spiraling his fingers inside her, pulling them almost out, then shoving back in, working her into a frenzy with his rough movements.

She bucked and gasped as Tal claimed her mouth again. She hugged him with her tongue, sucking him deep.

His grip tightened on her hair, keeping her just where he wanted her.

Wade tapped her feet apart, spreading her legs. His thumb found her clit and rubbed over it. He continued to thrust into her with his fingers, soft wet noises mingling with his murmurs of approval.

Her heart rate shot up and it had already been galloping along.

“Ah, little one, you are ready for it.” Excitement laced Wade’s voice.

She wanted to shout at him to take her. To shove his cock where his fingers were, but Tal was butting up against the back of her throat. She gagged but that just added to her excitement, her desperation for more.

“Iona.” Tal pulled back, studied her, a crease forming between his eyes. “All well?”

“I’m… I need. I need you both.”

Tal looked over the top of her head. “Take her, Wade. With your cock.”

“I am about to.”

He was there, his cockhead slipping in where his fingers had just been.

Relief and delight held Iona hostage. This was what she needed, both of her men, wringing a climax from her, stealing her away from the pain of the punishment—a punishment that had made her dripping wet.

Wade clasped his big hands over her burning buttocks. He squeezed them hard, his fingers digging into tender flesh. At the same time he pounded into her, spearing her with his cock.

Her cry of pain and delight was muffled on Tal’s cock as he thrust into her mouth again.

A heady, dizzy wave of joy filled her the way her men were. Trapped between them, she moved as much as she could, impaling herself on Wade, grinding her clit on the table. She sucked and laved at Tal’s cock, saliva running down her chin.

Still he held her hair, as Wade held her ass.

The pressure inside was growing, rising up like a dam about to burst, an eagle rousing to fly. She was glad they had such a tight hold of her; she wasn’t sure if she could stay pieced together when the pleasure unleashed.

“Odin, yes, thanks to the gods.” Wade groaned. “I’m so hard.” He released her right buttock and brought down a stinging slap.

She wailed around Tal’s cock, the vibration drawing a long guttural groan from his chest.

More pre-cum.

Her clit was throbbing, her release reaching new heights, wild proportions.

And then she was suspended, for a sweeter than sweet moment. All the promise of relief was there in two, three, four heartbeats until it crashed through her. She seemed to splinter in different directions, sharp bright colors flashing over her vision.

Her spine jerked as her pussy convulsed. Tal yanked at her hair as he came, flooding her mouth. Cum seeped from her lips, spilling down her face.

But still she swallowed, gulp after gulp, hugging his shaft.

Wade yelled, deep and loud, then he too was releasing his pleasure, filling her with his seed. Her pussy dragged at his shaft as her climax extended. Bliss was a wildfire raging through her.

She’d never felt so owned, so possessed, so utterly adored. Love and joy winged through her, filling her heart and spirit.

Still the ecstasy held her hostage. As her men slowed she bucked and writhed, riding on their cocks. The muscles lining her spine contracted and released and a full body tremble attacked her.

Tal pulled from her mouth and a groan she hadn’t even known was sitting in her chest rumbled out.

“You enjoyed that,” Tal said, stroking her hair now, smoothing it from where he’d roughly bunched it up.

She didn’t answer. Her body didn’t feel like her own. Every nerve was singing with happiness.

Tal chuckled and continued to gently caress her.

“You found an effective way to keep her quiet,” Wade said.

“I know we haven’t got neighbors but still, that nearly made us deaf.” Tal kissed the top of her head. “You really are a noisy little minx, wife.”

She sighed and rested her face on her hands, her breaths still coming fast.

“And she shouldn’t have been rewarded for bad behavior,” Wade said, withdrawing from her pussy. “But in the name of Thor she was wet for it.”

“You like being spanked?” Tal whispered by her ear.

“No.” She managed to shake her head. “It hurts, and you know it does.”

“As it’s supposed to, what would be the point of the effort otherwise?”

A trickle of cum dribbled to her upper thigh.

“Your body’s reaction tells us a different story,” Wade said, fingering her gently, smoothing his release over her pussy lips. “Perhaps we will have to find a different punishment if you enjoy spanking so much.”

“I don’t,” she protested. “Really.”

Wade chuckled. “You keep telling yourself that, wife.”

“Aye, you do that,” Tal added. “But do not concern yourself, we know what is best for you. We always will.”

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