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Her Old-Fashioned Doctor by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

whatthedoctorordered_detailMelissa ached all over, a pleasurable ache that threatened to become torturous the longer he resisted touching her clit. He’d stroked her pussy everywhere except for that pulsing button, and she felt she’d go mad and start begging if he didn’t touch her there soon. Her nipples had grown so tight they burned, as if they too were calling out and pleading to be caressed.

“Keep yourself spread like a good girl, Melissa. I’m going to insert the speculum now.”

Oh God. She pressed her eyes shut and waited for the intrusion, her mouth falling open with a silent gasp. She felt pressure, and then he began working the instrument into her opening. It stretched her, but not unbearably. She shivered with desire as little quakes of pleasure rolled through her.

“There.” John sounded deeply satisfied, and she dared a glance at his face to see his assessing gaze focused on her private parts.

She flushed all over and a shudder ran up her legs. Spasms tightened her core and the aching in her pussy deepened.

“Everything still looks fine, Melissa. You’re doing great. Now tell me, what kind of birth control do you use?”

“I’m on the pill.”

“Do you remember to take it every day?”

“Of course. I never forget.”

He scooted closer to her and rose an eyebrow. “Your clit is very swollen.” He tapped her nubbin and she released an echoing moan.

“Oh please,” she begged. Touch me again.

“It’s dark pink and engorged,” he said, tapping it again.

She jerked her hips up, needing more. “Please, John. Sir. Please.”

He chuckled, but his visage was dark, and she knew he was enjoying his torment of her. She almost sobbed in relief when he touched her clit and began circling it with the perfect amount of pressure. Stars gathered in her vision against a backdrop of darkness that seemed to be swallowing her. A falling sensation grasped her and she gyrated into his hand, so close and so desperate to be hurled into the abyss of her release. He withdrew his hand and stared at her, and a tear escaped her eye.

“Oh please,” she whispered, not too proud to beg again.

“Please what?” he asked. “I want to hear you say it, Melissa. Ask for what you crave.”

Shame heated her face, and she took a deep breath to calm herself. It didn’t work. She was still on edge, still craving an orgasm with a need that had her lip quivering. “Please, sir, may I please come?”

“I want to hear you say, ‘Sir, will you please stroke my clit until I come?’”

She whimpered in frustration. He wasn’t going to make this easy for her. He was a brute, but his ungentlemanly behavior inspired her lust and left her feeling completely wanton. She was on fire for him and all the naughtiness he intended to inflict upon her as she remained spread before him, her most intimate places on display.

“Say it. Ask me to stroke your clit.”

“Sir, wi-will you pl-please stroke my clit until I co-come?” She stuttered out the words.

She felt his hot breath fanning against her pussy when he spoke next, and the gentle caress of his voice rumbling near her nether parts left her moaning softly. Then he touched her, and the star encrusted blackness returned, and this time the stars were brighter than ever. She was thrown off the precipice and into an intense wave of ecstasy that shattered her into a million fragments. Screams reached her ears, yet they sounded far away, and it took her a while to realize the noise was coming from her throat. She rode the smaller waves that proceeded the first one, until her pleasure finally dissipated.

Gasping, she tried to sit up, but John pushed her down and instructed her to remain still. A second later, he withdrew the speculum from her pussy, and a towel was pressed to her wet center. Through her blissful haze, she peered up at him and smiled. He returned her smile and tossed the towel aside.

“Are you all right, Melissa?”

“Yes, sir.” Her voice sounded sleepy to her ears, and she suddenly realized she was exhausted. If she were curled up in a bed right now, she could have easily rolled over and gone to sleep. Of course she knew John had other plans for her tonight, plans that involved anything and everything but sleep.

He lifted her feet out of the stirrups and helped her sit up. An instance of dizziness had her grasping onto him for support, and he wrapped an arm around her and stood at her side, stroking her back and resting his other hand on her thigh. His tenderness split her in half, broke her and built her up in the passing moments. It was as if her heart was undergoing a metamorphosis, and from her vulnerable and self-conscious ruins emerged a stronger, more insightful version of herself. For the first time in her life, she’d been brave enough to take a risk and explore a side of herself she’d kept hidden and repressed. She flew free and wild in his arms, and her soul danced with joy when she peered up into his arresting dark brown eyes.

“Your exam isn’t quite over yet.” His voice had a teasing quality to it, but the steely set of his jaw told her was serious too.

He meant to inspect her bottom hole, and a delightful shiver prickled her spine when she glanced at the thermometer. Somehow she didn’t think he intended to put it in her mouth. She swallowed hard, past the lingering burn in her throat. She’d never expected this experience to make her so emotional, but she didn’t regret a second of it, and even though her hands had begun trembling again she didn’t wish to stop.

“I’m ready for the next part, sir.” She met his eyes bravely.

“Are you now?” A smirk eased across his features, and an air of challenge sparked between them.

Her tummy flipped. Perhaps being brave had its consequences. She was pretty sure he meant to press her limits now that she’d all but admitted she wasn’t scared. Except she was scared. Wonderfully frightened, in fact, so much so that her pussy clenched and everything below her waist was growing tense again. She averted her gaze from his, worried he might be reading her mind. He was exceedingly attuned to her body, and she wouldn’t put mindreading past him.

“Lie down on your stomach, Melissa, and then pull your bottom cheeks apart.”

She gawked at him, and some of her bravery fled. “Wh-what?”

“I know you heard me the first time,” he scolded. “Pull your bottom cheeks apart and show me that tight little virgin hole of yours. If you hesitate again, I will punish you.” His tone brooked no argument.

Not wanting a third spanking, she rushed to comply with his humiliating command. She lay on her stomach, wincing as her sensitive nipples pressed against the table, and rested her cheek on the paper covering. She cupped her backside, one mound in each hand, and slowly drew herself apart. John stood right at her side, and she didn’t have to glance up to know where his gaze was focused. She felt the heat of his stare as she awaited the first trickle of lube down her crevice.

She detected John moving around, retrieving something from the tray. He leaned over the table and a cool liquid rolled down between her spread cheeks, eliciting shivers from her and a deep moan of pleasure. A finger prodded her secret, untouched hole, and she tried not to clench or inadvertently release her bottom cheeks. The desire to please John fell upon her, and a quick look at his crotch and the huge bulge within his pants left her momentarily breathless. She wanted to feel his hard cock pumping in and out of her aching pussy, and to see his face twisting with pleasure as he reached his peak and came inside her.

The prodding turned to massaging, and he circled her asshole with firm strokes, the lubrication easing the way. Finally, he pressed a finger into her tightness. She drew a quick breath in and tensed around the invasion. It burned at first, but once she forced herself to relax, the burn subsided and gave way to a delicious fullness. He pulled out partially and thrust in again, deeper this time. She groaned and her fingers dug into her sore bottom cheeks.

“I must prepare you for the thermometer, Melissa.”

* * *

John continued to probe Melissa’s bottom hole, giving her a dozen or so additional strokes before withdrawing his finger. He placed the tip of the thermometer at her moistened puckering entrance and put a steadying hand on her lower back. She tensed and whimpered, and his cock swelled painfully in his jeans at the sight of her tight hole pulsing as he teased her with the slim object. Sliding it in slowly, he pressed forward until the thermometer was seated fully inside her.

“You may release your cheeks now, Melissa, but you must keep the thermometer inside you. If you push it out, I will make you one very sorry little girl, I promise you that.”

“Yes, sir.” Her hands fell to her sides, and her reddened bottom cheeks came together with the end of the thermometer poking up between them. She presented an exquisite image, and he couldn’t resist rubbing her backside.

“You are to remain like this for five minutes,” he announced after the digital thermometer beeped at the thirty second mark. He noted her temperature was normal, but he rather liked the look of the thermometer sticking out of her freshly spanked cheeks. Her trembling and little whimpers enthralled him. “I like making you squirm like this, Melissa.” He patted her bottom and slid a hand down her thigh, then brought it up to discover the moisture that once again coated her pussy lips.

“Please don’t, sir.”

“Why not?” He ran two fingers through her increasing wetness, just inside the folds of those plump outer lips. “Are you ashamed for becoming so aroused during a medical examination, Melissa? Does it embarrass you that as a doctor I am especially attuned to your lustful reactions and nothing escapes my notice?”

“Yes, sir. I am very embarrassed right now.”

“I bet you’re feeling repentant too, young lady.” He removed his prodding fingers from her center and gave her butt a light slap. “After we finish taking your temperature, I’m going to check your bottom hole for anal tone.”

She was silent for a moment and finally peered over her shoulder at him. “Anal tone?”

“Yes. I’m going to insert my finger deep in your bottom and you’ll need to clench down around my finger as hard as you can, ten times.”

Her eyes went wide and her lips parted in surprise. An urgent, pleading look crossed her face and she shook her head so rapidly the table shook beneath her. “No, please, I couldn’t possibly do that.”

“You can and you will, Melissa. Fight me and you will only make things more difficult for yourself. I want to make sure you have a strong anal tone. I did promise you a thorough examination, did I not?” The rhetorical question hung in the air, and the tension between them sizzled. The scent of her arousal once again assaulted him, making him crave her little pussy with an intensity that had his heart pounding in his ears. His cock was as hard as a rod of steel, and he wanted nothing more than to bend her over the table and thrust inside her tight, wet warmth.

He splayed her bottom cheeks apart with one hand and the sweetest moan drifted up from her. She rested her head back on the table, closing her eyes and lifting her bottom up as he withdrew the object from her pucker. Moisture glistened on her slit, and he nudged her legs open farther to inspect her arousal. She was so impossibly drenched, her juices sticking to her thighs and coating the paper that covered the table. Her flesh was hot to the touch, and she groaned with each caress, her sounds of pleasure inviting him to explore her heated center.

“That’s it,” he said, rubbing her clit. He sat the thermometer aside and focused on stroking her to the edge of release, pulling away when he sensed her orgasm rested but one or two calculated rubs away. Soft distressed cries rose up from her and she bucked her hips against his hand. He swatted her bottom twice, hard. “Settle down now and spread those legs apart. It’s time to check your anal tone.”

She brought her hands up beside her face and grasped the paper, fisting it in her hands and tensing her whole body, even as she obeyed and parted her thighs. John trickled the lube down her crevice once again, watching as it rolled downward and over her little rosebud.

“You need to be a good girl and let me inside, young lady.” His tone was scolding, and satisfaction filled him when she nodded. Pressing at her pucker, he circled the lubrication around her entrance before pushing inside. His finger met with tight resistance, and he paused once he was knuckle-deep to allow her to adjust to the intrusion. She inhaled slow, deep breaths and kept her legs spread wide. Despite her nervousness, she was being such a good girl.

“I’m very proud of you, Melissa. You’re doing great so far.” Under his praises, she seemed to melt and relax, and he took the opportunity to press forward. He shoved his finger all the way inside her asshole, delighting in a sudden moan as she lifted her bottom up and pushed back against his hand. She liked the fullness of his finger, even though she’d been hesitant to accept anything into her bottom hole. “How does it feel, Melissa?”

“Mm. It hurts, but only a little. It feels… different. A little, um, pleasurable, I guess.”

A dark smile crept across his face. Her admission that she found even the slightest bit of pleasure in having her bottom hole filled up by him stroked his ego and propelled his need for her higher. “Now, I want you to clench down around my finger as hard as you can, Melissa. Clench for a moment and then relax that naughty hole of yours.”

“O-okay.” She started to grimace but a blissful look soon replaced it. She tightened around his digit once, relaxing her body a second later.

“Good girl. Now again, clench and relax.”

She obeyed, clamping down on his finger. He guided her through all ten clenches, praising her after each one.

“Those were excellent, Melissa.” He removed his gloves and pressed a fresh towel to her bottom, cleaning the lubrication from between her cheeks. “You have a very strong anal tone, but you are very tight and will need lots of training if you’re ever to accept a cock there.”

She turned on her side and peered at him, her face flushed prettily and her lips still swollen from his kisses. “Are you going to fuck me in the ass, John?”

Her question froze him in place, and his desire for her increased exponentially. His hands curled into fists at his side as he fought the urge to take her roughly right there in the room. But reason surfaced above his lust-filled thoughts, and he didn’t act upon his primal impulse. Though he’d enjoyed inspecting Melissa and making her come on the table, he wanted their first time together to have more meaning to them both. He approached her and cupped her face, and the longing in her eyes nearly caused him to falter in his resolve to take her home and fuck her properly in his bed. The scent of her shampoo, or maybe it was a hint of floral perfume, drew him in closer.

“I am going to take you home and carry you to my bed, young lady, and fuck you harder and longer than you’ve ever been fucked in your whole life. Maybe I’ll fuck your ass, or maybe I’ll fuck your pussy, or just maybe I’ll fuck both of your tight little holes. But you’re going to be a good girl and take whatever I give you, is that understood?”

She bit her lip and nodded, her eyes wide and startled. She squirmed on the table and clamped her legs together. An errant strand of hair fell across her face, and he brushed it behind her ear and stared at her one last time before lifting her from the table.

“Put your clothes back on. No panties.”

She slipped her dress on under his watchful gaze and grasped her panties, looking unsure. He snatched them from her hand and stuck them in his pocket. He took a minute to set the room to rights before guiding her out into the waiting area, flicking off lights as they made their way outside into the warm night air. The buzzing of insects surrounded them, and even though they were in town he felt as if they were the last two people on Earth. There were no cars on the street and only a few houses were illuminated. Amy Lou’s Diner rested at the end of the street, still all lit up even though not a single car was parked in the lot.

John wrapped an arm around Melissa and led her to his truck. He opened the door and reached across her to buckle her in, kissing her forehead once he got her situated.

“Thank you, sir,” she said, her tone so sweet he felt a pang of remorse for all the wicked things he had put her through.

He reminded himself that she liked the experience, otherwise she wouldn’t have become so wet as to leave evidence of her arousal coating the paper on the table. Her clit had been large, red, and pulsing under his fingertips, and her soft whimpers and moans a testament to her satisfaction. The way she’d lifted her hips eagerly and came hard upon his hand had been telling too. She’d wanted to come a second time, but he’d denied her the release, wanting her to be hot and ready and aching for him when he carried her to his bed.

“Lace your fingers together behind your head,” he said once he got behind the wheel. “Good girl. Now spread your legs as wide as you can. I don’t want you trying to relieve yourself during the ride home.”

She gave him a stricken look. “But sir, please.” Her lower lip started to tremble and she immediately bit it. She was panting, her demeanor desperate, as if she were a few bumps in the road away from achieving a precious release.

He pinned her with a stern glance. “Spread your legs apart as wide as you can, Melissa, or once we arrive home my first order of business will be to spank your pussy lips.”

Her legs shot apart and she stared straight ahead, keeping her hands behind her head. John started the truck and drove out of town, anxious to get home as quickly as possible. A few minutes later, he parked in front of his cabin, his senses thrumming with anticipation. Melissa was about to become his in every possible way.

He turned to her and slid a hand up her dress, tracing her pussy lips as she remained in position. “Stay like that until I come around to get you out,” he said. “If you move a muscle, I will smack your pussy lips until they’re as red as your punished bottom.”

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