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Olivia’s Guardian by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Olivia's Guardian“All right, Olivia, let’s take care of the matter,” he said, returning to clear the table.

She swallowed hard. “Yes, sir.”

“Go to the living room and stand in the corner, and wait for me.”

“Corner? You-you want me to have… corner time? That’s embar… I mean, yes, sir.”

Plodding to the room, she remembered her promise, and so she took up the position. It was humiliating and she just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. For close to ten minutes, she just stood there, hands sliding up and down her little jeans shorts, and then came his heavy footsteps. She stiffened and stood up straight, but didn’t turn or even look around.

“Olivia, come here and lie across the arm of the couch.”

She turned and bit her lip. He held a stout leather belt and stood next to the sofa. “Y-y-yes, sir.”

Scampering over, she hoisted herself up and into position. It was amazing how small she was compared to her regular furniture. Her feet didn’t touch the floor and the arm of the couch felt like a massive tree trunk under her. She shivered at the tap-tap of the belt to her little bottom.

“All right, I’ve consulted the manual,” he said. “You’ll get two dozen, understood?”

“Y-y-yes, Caleb,” she said softly.

Crack! It landed without another word. She jumped. The sting rippled across both cheeks. Whack, it landed again. She stifled a squeak of pain. Smack! A hard one struck at the bottom of her bottom, right where it met her thighs, which really stung!

“Ouch! Caleb, not there, it hurts too much,” she whined.

“Young lady, you have no cause to complain,” he scolded. “You knew the rules; you knew what you needed to do to stay healthy. After all, you’ve done this often enough in the past. So, you want to chide someone over this punishment, go look in the mirror.”

The swats and the scolding continued, and Olivia grabbed a couch cushion to help her stay steady. She yelped and howled, her legs kicking, and continued to plead for leniency. None was forthcoming. He gave her the full measure of her punishment, and then helped her down. She couldn’t rub, her ass was on fire. Then she squeaked in surprise when he sat on the couch and set her in his lap. He was nice enough to slide her back so her poor bottom wasn’t taking her weight.

“Ohhh, I am sorry about this, Caleb. I know I should have followed the rules, but… well, sometimes I forget,” she sniffled.

He smiled and gently rocked her. “It’s okay, I’ll take care of you, and all is forgiven now. I’ll report to the doctor that you took your punishment well. As for rules, well, I’ll be honest with you. I do try to follow them most of the time, but I’ve learned that if you follow all the rules all of the time, you sometimes miss out on the fun! Now, this sad episode is over. Why don’t you rest for the morning? This afternoon, we’ll start your exercise program.”

She nodded and smiled, and stood, her hands finally able to gingerly rub her throbbing cheeks. Grimacing with each step, she went to her room and lay down on the bed, on her tummy, and watched another rerun of a favorite show. An hour later, she was naked and writhing about on the bed in the throes of another powerful orgasm. She’d tried to fight it, tried to just relax, but it wasn’t possible. As the minutes ticked off, the horrid sting in her bottom dimmed, and it had but one destination.

Her pussy!

There was no stopping her body, it demanded release. So, pinching and poking her sore cheeks, each act stabbing fire into her pussy, she was able to climax without ever touching her clit or g-spot. Olivia was amazed. Never in all her long life had she achieved sexual excitement through stimulating her sore behind. Rolling about, replaying the event in her mind, listening to Caleb scold her, and tweaking her sore cheeks had been enough to send her into subspace.

It was the most powerful and longest orgasm she’d experienced in her life!

Suddenly, a rap came to her new door. “Olivia, you awake? Lunch is ready.”

In an instant, she rolled over to sit up. “What? Oh, okay, um… be right there. I just need to dress.”

“Dress? You’re undressed?” he said, still on the other side of the door.

Damn, why did I say that? “Yeah, I… I felt more comfortable that way. It’s… a bit warm in here.”

“Oh, okay. If you want, I’ll adjust the cooling system.”

“Later, Caleb, later. I’m hungry. Be out in a minute, okay?”

He agreed and departed; she threw on clean clothes and hustled to the kitchen. She sat without thinking (her body still awash in endorphins), and practically shot from the chair. Caleb snorted, clearly trying not to laugh, and set her tray before her. Gritting her teeth, she sat slowly, winced, and squirmed. She knew better than to ask for a pillow or something, it was against the rules, and that was one rule he was sure to enforce. Yet, eating proved difficult, and he suddenly took the spoon from her.

“Olivia, let me.”

“What? No, not again,” she whined.

That was the sum total of her attempt at resisting his efforts. Sitting there, she let him feed her, felt her thighs quiver, and once more the blood surged within her. At every mouthful, he smiled. His teeth sparkled, his eyes twinkled, and her knees turned to mush. Before she knew it, he was scraping the bottom of her bowl.

“There, was that so hard?” he said happily.

“Um, no, Uncle Caleb,” she said softly without thinking.

His large hand patted her small one and he smiled. “Good girl. Now, time to build up those muscles.”

She didn’t resist as he took her hand in his. His touch was pure warmth and delight, and she let him lead her back to her room. He got out her white t-shirt and blue spandex shorts, and laid them out on the bed.

“Okay, you dress and meet me out in the backyard, and we’ll go at it,” he said.

Olivia shivered. “Y-y-yes, Caleb,” she squeaked, then shook her head as his words sank in. “Wait, what? Out-side? You want me to exercise… out there?”

“Of course,” he replied, his brow wrinkling. “Why not? You love to sail, and that’s outside.”

“Yes, sail, get out on the water where I can be alone and no one can reach me! That’s a far cry from doing… things outside.”

He sighed and rolled his eyes. “Young lady, you will exercise outdoors, and that’s final. Now, if you’re not out there in five minutes, you’ll be across my lap! Is that clear?”

She went up on her tiptoes as her hands flew to her bottom. “Y-y-yes, sir.”

He marched out. While she was tempted to push his buttons and go for it, the belt had made quite an impression on her, and she wasn’t about to add to her pain. For now.

Once dressed, she hiked on out, and gasped and tingled at the sight of him. He was in athletic shorts and a skintight tee. His muscles seemed to almost explode through the fabric. If she remembered correctly, he had what was called a six-pack, and he also didn’t seem to have a spare ounce of fat on his entire body.

Holy shit, what a bod! I haven’t seen a physique like that in… at least sixty years. What was it I was saying about hating men? I’m beginning to reassess that view.

He got down on his knees on a wide mat so that they were eye to eye and again smiled. He had such beautiful teeth. Holding out his hand to her, he pulled her close, and she could smell his scent. He was quite… manly.

“Okay, let’s get started,” he said. “I’ll go easy on you as it’s your first time.”

“Uh-huh,” she choked out.

The program of working out began. She bent and stretched, his hands ran up and down her arms and legs, and he guided her efforts. Her heart pounded, and it wasn’t from exertion. Sweat glistened across her skin, and she felt electricity ripple through her body.

It was the best workout she’d had in close to two hundred years!

Afterwards, drinking some cold water, she headed inside; her destination was the bathroom to take a shower. She was taken aback to see him come with her. Opening her mouth to ask what was up, she groaned as she saw him start to mix the enema.

He sat and patted his lap. “Come on, girl, over.”

“Huh? B-b-but why?”

“It’s the easiest way for me to do this.”

She groaned louder. “Ohhh, all right.”

Her face bright red, she slid into position, and he slid her snug shorts down. She closed her eyes and braced for the start, her humiliation exploding inside her. His lovely strong hands cupped and spread her still-stinging cheeks. Coldness wrapped about her anus, the nozzle entered her, and the flow started. Olivia gasped as her eyes popped open. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. All the sensations—her position, his touch, the lingering sting, the act, and that raging embarrassment—blended to create one thing.

Sexual fire!

Once more she felt something she’d never known before in her life. She whimpered as her breathing sped up and she shivered as if she was being blasted by a winter storm.

“Olivia, would you calm down? It’s only an enema,” he scolded.

“Sorry,” she squeaked.

A split second later (at least that’s how long it seemed), he withdrew the nozzle, stuffed the huge plug into her, and fixed her clothes.

“Okay, why don’t you go lie down and try to relax? I’ll let you know when the thirty minutes is up.”

Sliding from his lap, she stood and nodded. “Yes, uncle.”

Slowly she plodded from the room, her mind and body awash in total delight. Once in her room, she got naked. The thing was, she was only dimly aware of what she was doing. It was as if her body was on autopilot; it seemed to know what she needed better than she did. She slipped out to grab a chair (a regular chair, a big chair) from the living room; she put a pillow on it, and crawled across its ‘lap.’ Reaching back, she spanked herself! She was totally shocked by the act. It was as if her hands weren’t a part of her body, they were acting on their own accord. It worked. She squealed, moaned, and exploded in another incredible climax.

A rap at the door sounded. “Olivia, are you okay? You locked the door again. Come on, it’s time.”

She gasped and almost fell off the chair. “Oh, ah, yes, sorry. Be right there.”

Pushing the chair against the wall, she threw open the door, and only then realized she was naked. Caleb was now the one to gasp as his eyes grew large, and he quickly looked away.

“Um, you okay?” he said.

“Oh!” she squeaked, squirming to cover herself. “Sorry, I was just… ah, getting ready for my shower. I wanted to be able to hop into it right after we were… done. It’s okay, you can look.”

He turned and headed away. “Thanks. Come on, I’ll pop the plug in the bathroom so you won’t have that far to go before you go.”

She giggled and followed. Once in the bathroom, she slid across his lap, and shivered so hard she almost fell off. Being completely naked over his lap while he was dressed sent bolts of fire through her body. She was almost sad when he quickly removed the plug, stood her up, and left. At that moment, she was too confused and enflamed to think. So, she used the toilet and climbed in a cleansing shower. Standing there, the water trickling across her supple flesh, she was amazed to find the passion building once more inside her. She couldn’t believe it; she easily climaxed again.

Another rap to a different door. “Olivia, you’ve been in there for almost an hour. Come on, how clean do you need to be?”

She staggered for a moment, surprised by his words. “Oh, sorry, just trying to… cool down my poor bottom.”

Getting out, she dried off and turned her butt to the mirror, and looked over her shoulder. She was still red and had some welts, but they were nothing she couldn’t deal with. It was clear that this regen was going to be a lot more exciting than anything she’d known before.

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