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Owned and Mastered by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Owned and Mastered by Rose St. Andrews

Thora grinned and slowly got to her feet. Fresh meat! The man spun away from her just as her pack-mates emerged from the trees.

Oh, he sharp. He make good babies.

Snatching up the rock she’d placed nearby, she threw it at him, and was rewarded with a loud crack as it struck his bang-stick. He stumbled back, the front part of it falling away, and the pack moved in.

“Back, stay back. I’ll shoot if you come any closer,” he shouted.

Thora and her mates laughed. They didn’t know how the stick worked, but they did know that it couldn’t work once it was broken. Encircling him, they nodded to her. As leader, she got to go first. At only twenty moon crossings, she was young to be pack leader, but she was strong, and this would also be her first time. Maybe, in his honor, she’d even have a male child. She moved toward him, slowly, as she knew from watching other women mate that these men tended to struggle, and he was clearly a strong one. Taller than her, he was quite dark; black hair and piercing eyes, and bore no scars on his rippling muscles. Was she going to be his first? How appropriate, two first-timers. She slipped her snug pants down and continued to approach him. Then she froze as he pulled something out of his pocket.

It was a bye-bye box!

“Bad,” she snapped, pointing at his hand.

Ibis, her cousin, responded quickly. She threw a rock at his hand and knocked it away.

“Ouch!” he cried, turning to face her.

Thora’s grin went ear to ear. Now was her chance. She charged forward and dove at his back, but he was fast. He spun, caught her in midair, and they tumbled to the ground. Thora straddled him, her thighs squeezing his midsection. He groaned and tried to make a fist. He grimaced, his hand clearly hurt, and thus he couldn’t do it. Thora hissed in delight and grabbed at his shirt, shredding it.

Smack! She was startled by a strike. Shaking her head, she froze for a moment. The man had slapped her face. Baring her teeth, she hissed louder, and thrust her head down toward him. Her intent was to head-butt him into submission—one of their standard methods to subjugate a male. He was again too quick for her. He bent his upper body to the right, her forehead struck grass and he wrapped his left arm around her neck, and a true tussle began. This wasn’t good for her. She might lose face with the pack.

Smack! He struck again, but on a much different part of her anatomy. He’d struck her boom-boom and she gasped. She struggled more, he managed to pin her legs between his, and gave her more smacks.

“Ah-ah… give up, girl, or I’ll… just keep spanking,” he said.

She growled and heaved against his grip, struggling more. He spanked more, and she trembled and calmed down. The sting thrust to her pump and ya-ya, inflaming her.

How could this mere male know to do this? What did he call it, a… spanking? It is best thing ever to set fire to my ya-ya!

She moaned and saw him looking around. The pack was encircling them tighter. His face betrayed his concern; it was clear he was worried that they were going to attack. He stopped smacking; they bared their teeth and came closer. He started up again and they retreated. That was good; they were not going to interfere in this challenge. Thora wiggled about, trying to get free, but the male’s legs seemed to be as strong as hers. She tried another tactic; she swung her left fist at his face. Thora thought sure he was focused on her boom-boom and wouldn’t see it coming.

He did, and he deftly pinned her arm behind her back. She gasped. She was now truly trapped, and by a mere male! There was also that hand repeatedly spanking away. He was striking hard and fast; her cheeks were growing hot, and the heat was burning her ya-ya. Combined with the fact that she was in heat, the more he smacked, the weaker she got.

“Ah-ah-arrrgggg,” she cried.

She had to hold out. She had to break free. To lose meant submitting and she could never do that. Heaving against him, she tried to rise up, but instead of improving her situation, she weakened it. Her boom-boom now higher, he was able to spank lower, and that sent her pain and fire into overdrive.

“Come on, give up, yield, yield!” he commanded.

She growled, set her jaw firm, and beat the ground with her right fist. Faster and harder his hand struck, her body going up in flames. She shut her eyes tight, desperate not to cry. That lasted about a fraction of a typical hunt time. Thora started sobbing and then the tears flowed freely.

“Waaahh! I-I-I… yield,” she choked out, lowering her head.

She lay there, limp and broken, and gave up. After a few more smacks, he released her. He rose to stand before her, and she knelt, head still down, before him. Ibis and the others did likewise.

“What the…? Ah, I think I’ve figured it out. You’re the alpha of the pack, eh? So the others will now follow me.”

Thora didn’t understand most of what he was saying, so she just stayed put. When he handed her shorts back to her, she was a bit confused. He wanted her dressed? However, she wasn’t about to fight with him. Standing, she slipped them on, and then moved to get back into position, but he stopped her by taking her by the hand.

“No, come on, we need to get back,” he said.

He led her back the way he’d come, and the pack meekly followed. She clutched and rubbed her poor boom-boom, and they finally came to the flying pads. Thora let out a low growl. There were other males there and she recognized some of them.

“Chase, what the hell?” Eric said. “What are you, the Pied Piper? How’d you get a whole pack to just… follow you?”

Her new master, who had to be called Chase, just smiled. “Eh, beginner’s luck, Eric. How’d you guys do?”

Eric shrugged. “She was too fast for us, slipped away into a narrow ravine. Some of these girls are very tricky,” he said, and raised his bang-stick. “Anyway, let’s get these ready.”

Thora shivered and stepped back, and then was amazed when Chase stepped in front of her.

Master is protecting me?

“Whoa, hold on, Eric. There’s no need for that. They’ve all submitted to me,” he said, and turned to Thora. He pointed at the pad. “You, all of you, get on.”

Thora did so, wincing, her ya-ya becoming more enflamed, and looked at the others. She nodded and they did likewise. Master Chase got on and worked the magic. Eric and the other men looked surprised, but got on theirs, and off they all went. Thora and the pack squealed quietly and shook from head to toe. The flying pad was exciting and scary. It was like when they made sleds in the winter and slid down the hillsides to chase game, just faster and master made his pad twist and turn through the woods.

They finally came down the mountain to the ‘Place of Many’ and parked near the ‘Place of Pain.’ The pack whimpered and Thora hung her head. She hadn’t been strong enough to protect them, and now they were all slaves. A crowd gathered around them. Eric pushed his way to the front, joined by a short little old man. Thora crinkled her nose. He smelled like dead fish. Master explained his catch to Stanton (the little man). Eric seemed angry.

Ah, he is alpha of their pack. That master took us while he only got one means he has lost face.

“Yeah, yeah, he did fine,” Eric snapped. “I still don’t want him around!”

Turning on his heels, he marched off. Master looked surprised.

Stanton shrugged. “Sorry, Chase, but as he’s chief of the hunt, it’s his call. Tell you what though, if you can bring in more women on your own, I’ll pay you top dollar.”

Master smiled. “Great. So, what about these five?”


“Yeah, I’m keeping this one,” he said, pointing at her.

Thora managed to smile. Master wanted her, so maybe he would mate with her.

Stanton laughed. “Ah, want your own one, eh? Okay, I’ll take the five.”

Thora was upset to see Ibis and the others go, but there was nothing she could do about it. Snapping a collar and leash on Thora, master led her out of the place, and into the crush of other people. As they walked, she stayed close. The others smelled bad and stared at her.

“So, let’s see, what can I call you? I’m Chase. Can you say that?”

“Ch-Chase. Thora.”

“Thora? Hey, that’s a pretty name,” he said with a smile.

She felt her pump speed up. Chase was happy. He continued talking to her and she picked up a few words. This place was the town of Xenon, they were on a street, and they were going to his home. That final one she understood best, as she had always been happiest in her home in the hills. Would she ever see that again?

They finally came to a small hut made of stone and wood, and it had a tall red stone pole on its top with smoke rising from it. Chase took her inside. Thora knelt down on the floor. It was soft and warm, and there were many cloth and wood perches to climb on. Chase called them couch and chairs, but these words had no meaning to her.

“So, I clearly need to check you out, Thora. Why would a simple spanking get you to yield, but a whip take many sessions to break you? Huh, well, first things first; you need a bath! Come with me.”


She was confused, but meekly went with Chase to a small room. There was a smooth white water trough in there and he started to fill it with warm water; she saw the steam rise from it. Thora saw another white shiny piece of stone, a sort of perch or seat with a hole in the center. Taking a step closer, she saw water in it.

“Oh, a little pool,” she said softly, moving to look inside it.

Her hand touched a silvery button on its top and suddenly the water began to swirl about. She jumped.

“Spinning water! What this for?”

Chase chuckled. “Ah, that’s… where we… go. Um, when you need to… go.”

“Go?” she said slowly, confused. Then it came to her. “Oh, go! It a privy.”

“A what?”

“Place where pack put waste so it not stink our home.”

“Ah, okay, now I get it. Yes, that’s what that is. You put your waste in there, push the silver button, and it goes away. Can you remember to do that? I don’t want… messes in the house, okay?”

Thora nodded. “I go here, not want stink.”

Chase smiled and shifted to get some things off a shelf. Thora got down on her knees next to the trough and swirled her finger through the water. She hadn’t seen so much clean, warm water since she was small and visited the hot springs in the mountains.

“Okay, Thora, clothes off, and get in,” he said, turning back to face her.

Her head snapped up to look at him. “In… water? No, make sick!”

He laughed. She smiled. She liked to see him smile.

“It’s okay; it’s just to get clean. Now, do it,” he ordered.

Still on her knees, she squirmed into the corner and shook her head. “No, no!”

Chase sighed and scanned the room. He picked up a stick with a round top that had lots of short bristles on one side. “Thora, you will do as I say!”

Grabbing her by the arm, he pulled her forward and over his left thigh as he knelt before her. Smack! The stick struck her. Thora gasped; the sting was ten times worse than anything she’d known since that time she fell on a rock during a hunt. Her boom-boom had been black and blue for days after that.

“Thora, you need to learn, I give the orders here. Now, I know your cute little behind is already sore, but until you behave, you’re getting a good dose of the brush,” he snapped.

Over and over the brush thing smacked her boom—her behind, and her little deerskin pants afforded her scant protection. She wailed and squirmed, but he once more proved himself quite capable of controlling her.

“Going to behave, do as I say?”

“Ack! Ouch, owwww, I… I behave, behave!” she howled.

He released her. She sat back, and her hands flew to her throbbing behind. She’d been taught that spanks were always good prior to breeding, but this was very different. It truly hurt! Chase gestured at the trough. She cringed, but moved toward it. Standing, he helped her into it, and she let out a squeak. The warm water stung her poor behind, but then she felt his hands sliding across her body, and she managed a slight smile. His touch was gentle and the little white rock in his hand wasn’t hard, and made lots of bubbles. She held up her hand close to her face. It was covered with them and she lightly blew on them. Some popped and others floated away. She giggled. They were silly. Then she let out a loud squeak. Chase undid her clothes and tossed them aside!

“There we go, enough of such simple clothes. Goodness, you were dirty, weren’t you? I think you’re about two shades lighter. Huh, I’ll… eh, I’ll find you something else to wear,” he said, continuing to scrub her whole body. “I wonder just how much you understand. According to the government reports, you’re all idiots, but you sure seem to pick up words fast. Maybe I’ll test that about you too.”

Thora tingled and felt her pump throb within her chest. His hands, which could be so firm and punishing, were also full of kindness and pleasure. It made her forget the icky-ness of her situation. This bath thing wasn’t uncomfortable, but she was still worried about it making her sick. So, when he announced it done and that she could get out, she did so—fast. He wrapped a huge animal skin of some sort around her and she shuddered. Was it some kind of trap?

“Easy, Thora, it’s okay. I’m just drying you off with a nice soft towel. You want to get dry, don’t you?”

“D-d-dry? Ah, no wet. Yes, want dry.”

“Huh, you are a sharp one,” he said, letting the towel drop away. His eyes played up and down her supple body. “And a hot one! Wow, and it has been so very long for me. Women are in such short supply here in Xenon, there aren’t even any hookers left.”


Chase smiled and chuckled. “Ouch, guess I shouldn’t teach you that sort of stuff. So, as I understand it, you hill ladies do like to mate with us. How about we try that, just without the… ah, breaking of my bones?”

“Mate? Yes, Thora want mate! Thora want babies.”

His eyes grew large. “Ah, well, let’s wait on that, shall we? I want you checked out first. But, good old-fashioned sex is most agreeable. Come on.”

He took her by the hand and led her to his sleeping den. He had quite the large soft sleeping pad with strange animal skins covering it. She’d never seen or felt such things before. Chase closed the door and got undressed. Thora was pleased. He was quite strong and well-endowed. Moving to the bed, he sat on the edge and looked at her.

“So, I hope your lovemaking techniques are… compatible with mine. Ah, I mean, how do you mate? Let’s keep things simple, shall we? How do we start?”

Most of what he said still had no meaning to her, but at least he was in position to begin. She crawled across his lap and arched her back slightly so as to lift her behind a bit.

“You spank,” she said simply.

Chase’s jaw dropped. “A spanking is… foreplay for you? Ah, okay, this relationship just got real interesting!”

* * *

Chase held her lightly at the waist, patted her still-tender behind a few times, and then started spanking. Thora was disappointed and frowned.

“Hard, spank hard,” she grumbled.

“Really? Ah, you’re still pretty red from the brush.”

She looked over her shoulder at him, still frowning. “Hard!”

He sighed. “Okay, you asked for it.”

Smack! His hand connected with her firm behind, and she yelped. After that, he let her have it. His hand swatted her over and over, right side, left side, the fire once more building inside her. She wailed, but soon started moaning. Chase was a very good spanker. She grabbed the animal skin under her, her legs spread, and she felt her juices building up.

“Ow-ow-owww! Chase spank Thora, Chase mate Thora, ohhh, Chase good to Thoraaa-ahhh,” she wailed.

He didn’t let up. His hand spanked, spanked, spanked her behind until it was full of fire, and that fire went to her ya-ya. She did manage a small smile as she felt his organ grow stiff and poke at her side. Chase was as ready as she was. He seized her about the waist, rolled back on the pad, and thrust his organ into her. Thora squealed; never had she known this feeling, and she felt the bursting of her ya-ya cover. She was a full woman now. He was big! Leaning forward, she clawed at his chest.

“Whoa, easy there, girl, don’t draw blood,” he said quickly, grabbing her hands.

Pinning them to her waist, he used his hands to guide her bouncing on his organ. He heaved up on her waist to help her rise, and then pushed down to pound her ya-ya onto his rigid shaft. At the same time he thrust and drove into her, his long hard organ driving deep into her body. Thora saw bright lights twinkle before her eyes. They were like the sparkles she saw in the night’s sky, and each time one sparked, she felt another flame drive into her ya-ya.

“Oh, Chase mate good, Chase mate with Thora good, make her pop!”

“Pop?” he said with a grin. “Ohhh, yessss, we both po-po-poppppp!”

He released her hands, reached around to her behind, sunk his nails into her tender flesh, and filled her. Her back arched, her head snapped back, and she screamed out her pleasure. His seed was hot and filling, and between it and his hands, she popped. She screamed with total pleasure at her first pop. Chase was more than her master, he was a good mate. Slumping forward, she fell into his arms. He shifted her to lie next to him and smiled at her.

“Huh, and here I thought it was the guy who fell asleep after sex.”

He seemed amused by his own words and so she smiled back, and then sleep came easily to them both. When she woke, she was under the pelts, and they were soft and warm, warmer than anything she’d ever known. Sitting up, she found she was alone, and still naked. The door was open and Chase was approaching her with a platter of food.

“Morning,” he said, setting it before her. “You eat, then dress, then we go.”

She nodded, not entirely clear as to what he meant about ‘go.’ Where were they going now? But, her stomach told her food was the important thing for right now. The tray had fruit and milk, and she greedily wolfed it down. In the hills, eating was both a waste of time and a weakness, as doing it left you open to attack. Thora had long ago learned to eat fast.

“Ah, wow, I think you set a record there. Okay, let me get you something to wear.”

He moved to a large wooden thing with knobs on it and pulled on them. Deep trays slid out and he pulled out some strange skins. They were like his: multicolored and with odd clips and snaps to hold them in place.

“Well, an old shirt and some shorts aren’t much, but they’ll be enough to get to the doctor. Come on, get dressed.”

Climbing out of the bed, she was mystified by the items, but put them on.


He nodded. “Yes, a… helper who heals. Come on, let’s go,” he said, casting his eyes to the bed. “Oh, and I’ll change the sheets when we get home. Wow, a virgin. Never thought I’d be with one of them.”

“Vir… gin?”

“Ahhh, we’ll discuss that another time. We need to get going.”

Once more the collar and leash went on Thora, and he led her outside. The business of the street was startling to her, and so she was glad to stick close to Chase. There really weren’t many people there, but it was an enclosed area compared to what she was used to, and most of them were men. They stared at her as she went by and she was glad the walk was short. Chase took her into a place that truly smelled strange and was all gleaming white. They were ushered into a small room, and then someone called Dr. Argon joined them.

“So, Chase, got yourself a hill woman, eh? How’d you afford that? You win the lottery or something?”

“Ah, more the ‘or something’ option, doc. Look, I’ve got some questions for you.”

“What, you want suggestions for baby names? I got a bunch.”

Chase rolled his eyes. “Doc, come on, be serious here. I’m not after babies, not yet.”

“Chase, don’t be saying something like that, even as a joke. You know the government rules regarding children and birth control; it’s forbidden. We don’t get the population stabilized, our world is in real trouble!”

“Yeah, okay, I got that. My first question to you is this: Just how intelligent are these women? In my hunting training, I was told they’re little more than… dogs, but Thora seems quite sharp.”

“Well, the official line is that they’re about as smart as a five-year-old, but that’s based on studies of women after they’ve been broken at the slave market. Hardly conditions conducive to a clear assessment.”

“What do you think? What about the ones you’ve seen?”

“Well, I’ve only tended the pregnant ones, helped with childbirth, and then prepared them for their next insemination. A couple of them have said a few basic words, but that’s all. We know they have some sort of tribal culture or loose association, and they have emotions. While they’re sadistic to the men they capture, when they give birth to boys, they’re always good about leaving them where we can find them.”

“And what about their sexual… predilections?”

Doc frowned. “I don’t know that anyone’s ever studied that. I mean, like I just said, we know what they do to men, but that’s all. Once they’re broken and sold, most are made pregnant via insemination. The men I’ve met who actually sleep with their feral women typically tie them up and then… do it. I think most of them are afraid of their women.”

Chase grinned and looked at Thora. “They don’t know what they’re missing,” he said softly, and then turned back to him. “Okay, last question: Have you ever done a detailed analysis of their anatomy?”

“Detailed? No, we know they’re genetically compatible and their biology is comparable, but that’s all.”

“Huh. Interesting. Could you do a thorough check of her now?”

“Chase, I’ve got half a dozen women about ready to deliver to check on! Sorry, I don’t have time,” he snapped, turning to leave. Pausing at the door, he turned. “But, tell you what, if you want use my gear and check her over, Med-Com will give you a full report.”

He nodded. “Thanks, doc.”

He left and Chase turned to Thora.

“All right, clothes off, sit here,” he said, patting a strange seat.

She was hesitant, as the seat was very odd-looking, but she obeyed. Sitting there made her blush, as her legs were spread wide. Chase knelt down in front of her ya-ya and slide a large metal thing inside her. She shivered and squirmed, her body being forced open.

“Chase, what this?”

“It’s okay, sweetie, I just need to examine your… ah, vagina. I want to understand you better so I can help you come—ah… pop.”

“Vir-ginia? Ah, pop. Yes, like pop.”

He smiled up at her. “Good girl. Here we go.”

Another piece of metal went inside her. Her legs twitched as he was probing her ya… her virg… her vagina, and he seemed to know how to make it pop! Another tool slid inside her. It went deep, deep, deeeeeep, and her vagina seemed to tingle and throb, the lights in front of her eyes returning. Her stomach rolled and wiggled, her breathing becoming hard and fast, and she could feel her juices flow. She groaned when Chase withdrew his hands and turned to a little box.

“Med-Com, begin scan.”

The box blinked and flashed its little lights, and then spoke! It seemed Thora was healthy and fit, and her vagina had many more nerve endings than a normal human—whatever that meant.

“Is there any connection between her pussy, I mean, vagina, and her gluteus maximus?”

“Affirmative. The nerve bundle between that region and her vagina is much larger and more intricate than in a normal human.”

“Hmmm, that would explain her desire to be spanked prior to sex.”

“Probability high.”

“That wasn’t a question. Thank you, Med-Com, that is all, sign off. Come on, Thora, we’re going.”

He withdrew the instruments, helped her down, and she dressed. Leaning against the table, she tried to catch her breath. She hungered for sex—yet another new word she’d learned—but couldn’t do it in the doctor’s place. Chase led her home, and only then did she beg for it.

“Again?” he said with a smile. “Ah, okay. Man, nothing for… longer than I care to think of, and now twice in as many days!”

As with before, Thora went over his lap for a good sound spanking to get her juices flowing from her vagina—or pussy as he called it—and then they made furious love in the bed for the rest of the morning.

After lunch—also the word he used—Chase made plans for the future. First, he ordered some clothes for her; second, he put a down payment on a new house (one near the frontier); and finally, he got a pile of books for her.

“Thora, I happen to think you’re a lot smarter than people give you credit for, and I’m going to test that theory. Once we move into our new home, you’re going to learn as much as I can teach you. I’m going to hunt, and we’ll see about this theory of the purely feral women.”

Most of what Chase said had no meaning to her, but she saw in his eyes strength and determination. He was a warrior, a lover, and a leader. He was also her master. Whatever it was he wanted to do, she would obey.

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