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Owned: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

“You keep challenging me. Why is that?” He placed his hands on the wall beside her head, caging her with his body. He crowded her, invaded her personal space, but he didn’t touch her. “Is my pet feeling neglected? Do you need a nice hard spanking?”

“I’m not your pet,” she snapped while her insides began to quiver. “I’m not your anything.”

“Not yet, but part of you wants to be or you wouldn’t rebel.”

She lifted her chin and turned her head, refusing to look at him. “I’m not rebelling. I just don’t like you.” Even knowing it was a childish argument, she couldn’t seem to stem the flow of words. She wanted him to grab her hair, to silence her with his mouth and rip her clothes from her trembling body.

Cylex stood and moved up beside her. Kern lowered one of his arms and shifted his stance so Cylex could move even closer. “Your energy is surging,” Cylex said emphatically. “I can sense it. That’s why you’re so combative.”

“I’m not combative.” She shoved against his chest. “Get out of my way!”

Cylex smiled but didn’t budge. “Would you like us to stabilize you now or wait until your need makes you beg for our cocks?”

As if to verify his claim, longing swelled inside her. Her core clenched so hard, a moan slipped from her mouth. She grabbed the front of his shirt with both hands and rested her forehead against his chest. Now or later wasn’t much of a choice. Unfortunately, it was the only one left to her. She was being sabotaged by her own genetics. “Now. I need you now.”

Cylex swept her up in his arms and headed for the back of the house. Kern was close on his heels.

She looked at Kern angrily, then whispered, “I just want Cylex.”

“Sorry, love,” Cylex said firmly. “We’re a matched set. We fuck together or not at all. At least until after we claim you.”

She stiffened in his arms. “I did not agree to let you claim me.”

“Not yet,” Kern echoed lightly, but determination gleamed in his strange silver-blue eyes.

They reached the largest of the three bedrooms and Cylex set her down beside the bed. “I’ll remain gentle for as long as you’ll let me, but females often test the strength and determination of their potential mates.”

“I know,” she said impatiently. “I’ve been through this before.” Ironically, his patience was making her more agitated, not less. She needed to be held down, overwhelmed. Claimed. The word made her shiver and a fresh rush of need spiraled through her pussy. Did she want Cylex badly enough to put up with Kern for the rest of her life?

Her gaze shifted toward Kern as her heart began to pound. He stood a step back silently watching, his expression inscrutable. He’d had her all to himself last night. Apparently, he was offering the same privilege to his teammate.

“Let’s get these clothes off,” Cylex said. “I want you naked.”

Returning her focus to Cylex, Raina tried to forget there was anyone else in the room. She liked Cylex, had desired him since he was assigned to head her security detail. Kern was an abrasive jerk. He was a bully, and she hated bullies. So why had she come harder for him than for anyone else in her life? Each spank, each brutal thrust of his cock had sent sensations blasting—why couldn’t she stop thinking about him? The simple fact was she wanted them both, wanted the balance they brought to each other. Pleasure and pain, patience and demand, tenderness and intensity, only with both would she be completely satisfied.

Cylex helped her out of her clothes and she soon stood before him naked. Both males were fully dressed and seemed in no hurry to change the dynamics. Cylex cupped one of her breasts and then the other. Kern just watched, his gaze narrowed and gleaming.

“You are the most beautiful female I’ve ever seen.” Cylex sounded like he meant every word.

She shot him an annoyed look as she pushed his hand aside. “Both of my cousins are prettier than me. I don’t need flattery.”

“They are not my potential mate. There is no one in the universe more attractive than a potential mate.” He motioned toward the bed. “On your back, knees bent, legs open wide.”

Disappointment twinged through her being. She’d hoped for more foreplay before they got down to business. Their one and only kiss had been rushed and under the watchful eye of Mistress Air. Not yet comfortable enough to tell him what she needed, she moved to the bed and arranged herself as he’d described.

Cylex tugged off his boots, then his shirt, and finally his pants. His heated gaze moved boldly over her naked body as he rid himself of his clothing. Raina pushed up to her elbows and hungrily admired his body. Citadel uniforms were formfitting so she knew his build was impressive. Still, her imagination had not prepared her for this. His mile-wide shoulders tapered dramatically to narrow hips and long legs. His arms were thickly muscled, chest and abdomen sculpted with stark definition. And his cock. She looked at it and fought back a groan. Long and thick with a tapered head and hairless balls. In fact, his entire body was smooth and hairless. The only hair he possessed was the messy waves growing on his head.

“You’re… perfect.” It was the strongest adjective she could think of and yet it was still inadequate to describe him.

“You have only to speak the words and I’m yours. Only yours,” Cylex assured her as he eased her back down. “And you are mine. You are ours.” Cylex nodded toward Kern who still hung back.

Cylex knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and lifted one of her ankles. He extended her leg then kissed his way from the bridge of her foot, up the inside of her thigh, and onto her smooth mound. Much to her disappointment, he didn’t linger. He simply switched sides and repeated the tantalizing process in reverse.

Raina tried to relax and enjoy his leisurely attention, but her pussy ached and the restlessness inside her was building. She squirmed, unable to hold still.

The bed dipped as Kern sat down beside her. He still wore his pants but had removed everything else. He drew one of her arms over her head and then the other, securing her wrists with one of his long-fingered hands. “If your mate wishes to explore your lovely body, you will lie still until he decides he is finished. Is that clear?”

She was too keyed up to start a power struggle with Kern, so she simply said, “Yes, Sir.” And did her best to lie quietly.

Kern caressed her breasts while Cylex rubbed her feet and stroked her legs. As she relaxed and accepted their touches, Cylex moved closer and closer to her pussy. Kern bent and circled one of her nipples with the tip of his tongue, clearly trying to match his teammate’s level of intimacy.

Finally, Cylex pushed her legs wide and lowered his head between her thighs. She lifted her hips, needing his mouth nearly as much as she needed his cock. This episode was different. Last night the Fire had been consuming, painful and out of control. Today it manifested as restlessness, as an inescapable ache that only they could ease.

Cylex traced her slit with his fingertip and then his tongue. Tingling heat and desire spiraled deep into her abdomen. If such a simple caress was going to set her on fire, they were all in trouble. Kern’s lips fastened onto one of her nipples and he sucked hard enough to make her gasp. Not to be outdone, Cylex parted her folds with his thumbs and latched onto her clit. Raina cried out then shuddered, already on the brink of orgasm.

“Don’t let her come,” Kern advised. “She needs to work for it.”

“This isn’t for her.” Cylex drove his tongue deep into her core. He pulled back and licked her clit then drove into her again. “This is for me.” Over and over he repeated the cycle of thrusts and licks. But following Kern’s advice, each time her orgasm neared, Cylex paused to let the sensations recede before he went at her again.

Her restlessness grew. Their desire fueled her Fire and each orgasm Cylex denied her made her need more volatile. Was he trying to stabilize her energy or exacerbate the danger?

Kern pinched and twisted her nipples, his hand still restraining her wrists. His mouth, however, settled over hers, the kiss slow, yet demanding. She returned the kiss eagerly, hungry for face-to-face intimacy. Her need spiked, body bowing as Cylex’s wicked tongue drove the urgency higher.

She jerked her head to the side, panting harshly. “Please,” she cried. “Please, let me come.”

“You come around my cock or not at all,” Cylex growled, his gaze narrowed and passion bright.

Kern released her wrists long enough to draw her to the center of the mattress. Cylex crawled onto the bed, kneeling between her wide-spread thighs. He traced her slit with the tip of his cock, his gaze locked with hers. “Are you ready for me, angel?”

“Yes. Oh, God, yes.” She pushed up with her feet, driving her pussy onto the tip of his cock. He opened her, stretched her, and he was barely inside. She stilled, unable to ignore what she was feeling. Had Kern been this big? She’d been so desperate last night that she honestly couldn’t remember.

Cylex slipped his hands under her, cupping her ass cheeks. Then he lifted as he advanced, slowly joining their bodies. “Fuck, you’re tight,” he groaned, passion clouding his expression. He shifted his hands to the backs of her knees and pushed her legs up and out. Her hips rolled upward, bending her nearly in half. This gave him a better angle as he drove the last few inches into her snug passage.

Kern absently stroked her breasts, but he watched Cylex dominate their mate. “Don’t hold back. She likes it rough.”

“Don’t coach me,” Cylex snapped. “Her mind is linked with mine. I can sense what she likes.”


Cylex drew nearly out then drove deep in one smooth stroke. She groaned as the fullness became almost painful. He gave her body another moment to adjust to his girth, then established a strong, steady rhythm. Raina stared up at him, dazed yet acutely aware. Cylex belonged to her. They were destined mates, soul joined and meant to spend their lives together.

Easing his hand between their bodies, Cylex found her clit with his thumb. She gasped, shuddering violently as sensations radiated throughout her abdomen with his first firm caress. “Come, mate. Come hard around my cock.”

More than happy to oblige him, she tightened her inner muscles and allowed the pleasure to claim her. Two thrusts later, her orgasm burst and waves of euphoria washed over her. Her core rippled around his cock, tightening over and over.

Cylex cried out, thrusting hard and fast for a moment, then holding himself deep as his cock jerked. His cum spurted out and their psychic link flared, filling her mind with his emotions. Possessive need and tenderness combined in an intoxicating rush. He lowered his head and kissed her as the pleasure went on and on. His lips slid against hers, tongue lightly teasing. Their tastes mingled as energy flowed freely across their psychic link.

She wrapped her legs around his lean hips and finger combed his shaggy hair. She felt floaty and replete, yet the Fire still simmered, ready to erupt without warning. Why hadn’t that been enough to stabilize her again?

“I wasn’t ready to come,” he admitted as he reluctantly lifted his head.

“Well, I’m more than ready,” Kern said quietly.

Raina wasn’t sure when Kern had undressed, but he was naked now and sat against the headboard absently stroking his cock.

Cylex pulled out and helped her turn over. “Hands and knees.”

She folded her legs beneath her and extended her arms. Tossing back her hair, she felt her breasts jiggle as she looked at Kern. Cylex’s cum trickled out of her pussy and ran down her inner thigh. She’d just satisfied one of her mates and now she would see to the needs of the other. It made her feel feral, sexual, and powerful. How could submission make her feel powerful? That seemed contradictory.

“Bring that sassy mouth over here,” Kern urged, his hand pumping faster. “I want to feel it wrap around my cock.”

When she didn’t immediately obey, Cylex slapped her bottom, one stinging spank to each cheek.

She gasped, then groaned as her pussy clenched needfully. She was still wet from Cylex’s cum yet she was ready to go again. Her gaze fixed on Kern’s waiting cock, but her body refused to move. She wasn’t avoiding the blowjob. She wanted more discipline, more sting, more heat, more domination.

Cylex swatted her again, harder this time. “Is this what you need, angel?”

She wiggled her butt. She couldn’t explain why being disciplined excited her, but she was ready to admit that it did. “I’m a very naughty angel. I need to learn my place.” She’d heard both of them use that phrase, threaten her with it. Well, she was ready for the lesson, ready to let go.

“Crawl up here first,” Kern ordered. “You can suck me off while he warms your ass.”

She crawled along the bed until she was straddling his calves and her hands rested to either side of his hips. Shifting her weight to one hand, she reached for his cock with the other.

Kern shook his head. “Cylex and I are in control, pet. Just open your mouth.”

Defiance sparked inside her, but she ignored the impulse. She had offered them control. They hadn’t taken it from her. This was her choice.

She licked her lips and opened her mouth, waiting for him to begin.

Kern pushed his fingers into her unbound hair and guided her head down. With his other hand, he steadied his cock. “Lick it. Get me nice and wet.”

He was long and thick, easily as big as Cylex. How the hell had she taken him in her ass last night? She remembered the stretch and the fullness, but any discomfort had been lost in the urgency. His hand fisted her hair, reminding her that he’d given her an order. She circled his tip, then licked down one side and up the other. A bead of pre-cum formed as she teased him so she swiped it away. His taste was mild, less salty than a human’s and a sudden rush of heat made her moan.

“Suck, pet. And keep those teeth to yourself while Cylex spanks you.”

She’d almost forgotten what Cylex intended to do. Eagerly sucking on Kern’s cock, she distracted herself as she waited for the spanking to begin. More pre-cum leaked from his cock, spreading his taste through her mouth and sending another rush of heat through her body. Her nipples beaded and her pulse began to race. What was Cylex doing? The anticipation was killing her.

A strange swooshing sound reached her ears a millisecond before fire erupted across her bottom. She released Kern’s cock and whipped her head around. “What the fuck?” she yelled, glaring at Cylex. “You were supposed to spank me with your hand.”

The torture device was in his right hand and he tapped it against his left palm. She had no idea where he’d gotten it, but it looked sort of like a riding crop. The shaft was slender and semi-rigid. The flap at the other end was several inches wide and looped over like a miniature belt. “You’re a ‘very naughty angel,’” he echoed with a wicked smile. “I’m here to put you in your place.”

Her eyes widened and her bottom cheeks flexed. “But you’re not a controller.”

“I qualified for either role,” he reminded. “Would you rather have Kern discipline you?”

She shook her head. “I’d rather have Kern fuck me.”

Her boldness made both males chuckle, but Cylex snapped the implement against one of her ass cheeks and then the other. She gasped and took a deep breath. This wasn’t what she’d had in mind when she’d encouraged him to spank her, but it was exactly the sort of scene she kept dreaming about.

“This is called an oratel. In ancient Altorian that means regret.” He spanked her again and again, pausing in between each swat to let the sensations bloom.

Part of her regretted asking for a spanking. It hurt, really hurt, yet it also calmed her. She didn’t understand why but it made her feel secure.

“Put Kern’s cock back in your mouth and start sucking.” Cylex accented the order with a particularly hard swat.

She yelped and opened her mouth, passively offering herself to Kern.

He eased between her lips but didn’t move. She tightened her lips around him and sucked, gently at first, then harder as Cylex swung the crop again and again. Each stinging impact added to the throbbing heat already assailing her cheeks. She could no longer discern where the oratel landed because her entire bottom hurt. And in the midst of it all, her clit tingled and her core clenched, desperately needing something to squeeze.

“I think she’s ready to go again.” Cylex set down the oratel and pushed several of his fingers into her sopping wet pussy. Was that only two? No, it felt like three. “You’re being greedy. Kern hasn’t come yet and your body is begging for more.” He didn’t move his hand, just let her enjoy the fullness.

She whimpered as she slid her mouth lower on Kern’s cock. His thickness forced her jaws wide, but she didn’t care. All she wanted in that moment was to please him. She swirled her tongue, wetting the silky skin so he could smoothly slide in and out. His fresh, woodsy scent grew stronger with each thrust, and she realized the smell must be linked to his arousal. She inhaled deeply, sucking harder, wanting more of him.

Kern groaned and pushed both of his hands into her hair. “Fuck, that feels good.” He drove his cock deep, then drew nearly out. After several leisurely strokes, he sped up, sliding between her lips, across her tongue, and bumping the back of her mouth.

She remained still with her head slightly tilted back. She watched his face, fascinated by the blissful expression shaping his features. His eyes were closed, lips parted, as he took his pleasure from her mouth. Her clit twitched and a fresh rush of moisture flooded her pussy. Why did being used excite her? Her pleasure was the farthest thing from his mind right now, so why was she about to orgasm?

“You’re dripping, angel.” Cylex took advantage of her response and fucked her with his fingers. He matched Kern’s rhythm, filling her from both ends.

Kern urged her down. He didn’t force her, but damn close. Raina gagged as his cock pushed into her throat, but her need to please him helped her relax. The second time she felt the need to gag but she breathed through it. The third time she took him without thought, opening herself fully for the slide of his cock. He held her steady, fucking her face with slow, deep thrusts. Then he went even deeper, momentarily cutting off her air.

She panicked, raising her hands to Kern’s hips and trying to push herself off of his cock.

“Easy,” Kern cautioned. “I’m not hurting you.”

Cylex stroked her back and pushed a wave of reassurance into her mind.

Kern eased her back and she sucked in a lungful of air. Tingles cascaded through her entire body and pleasure swelled inside her. It wasn’t like any orgasm she’d ever experienced before, but she didn’t know what else to call it. When Kern pulled her back down, she eagerly took his entire length. He was in control. No, they were in control and they were honor bound to protect their mate. Tears flowed from the corners of her eyes as Kern steadily fucked her throat. It was aggressive, even brutal, especially with Cylex’s fingers stabbing into her pussy. But she had never felt so desirable.

She sank deeper into the sensual haze, surrendering to their demands. Pleasure swelled again, another hot, tingling metaphysical orgasm. Energy flowed between them, mixing and melding as they worked to stabilize her Fire.

Cylex slid his wet fingers up to her pucker and carefully pushed inside. She lifted her hips, offering her ass, her pussy, whatever he wanted. Her body was his to enjoy in whatever way he chose. She was theirs to discipline and use. One long finger stretched her pucker open and then a second opened her even more. It stung, which made the pleasure more intense. She came hard and fast, crying out around Kern’s cock.

“She likes that,” Cylex muttered. “Our naughty angel likes having fingers in her ass.”

“She likes a long, hard cock even better,” Kern said with a wicked laugh. “Do it, brother. Fuck her naughty little ass.”

“Next time,” Cylex said, but his fingers continued thrusting, greedily possessing her tightest hole.

She floated in a surreal haze. She could still feel Kern’s cock thrusting down her throat and Cylex’s fingers fucking her ass, but the physical world blurred. Another surge of energy passed between them, spinning in a circle to begin with then ricocheting every which way as the intensity grew. The escalation suddenly burst, barreling outward until it filled the room. They were connected, literally entwined by shimmering streams of energy. Raina had never seen anything so beautiful.

Kern cried out and pulled back until his tip rested just inside her mouth. His cock pulsed then streams of cum shot across her tongue. She instinctively swallowed and his taste triggered her final orgasm. Her pussy spasmed, drawing her back passage tight around Cylex’s fingers. She felt more cum spill across her bottom cheeks and smiled. She’d satisfied both of her mates as they had satisfied her.

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