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Owned: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The single creak of the floor dragged me from my moment of sleep, my reactions swift. I pointed my Glock in the direction of the sound, prepared to fire.

A sharp inhale was the only sound she made as she stared at me. There was even a hint of rebelliousness in her eyes, a flash of fear.

“I wouldn’t make any sudden moves if I were you.” While I lowered the weapon, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her as she stood in front of the fire. There was something comical about the fact she was standing in a cabin full of criminals ready to devour every inch of her in a wedding dress that didn’t suit her.

It was her turn to study me as she clenched her fists before slowly bending over and grabbing my glass and the bottle of bourbon. She remained quiet as she poured a hefty amount, finally bringing the drink to her lips with a shaking hand.

For a woman who’d fled a horrific situation, only to wreck a car I doubted she owned before being captured by three burly long-haired bikers, she was remarkably calm. Most women would be sobbing and begging for release. This one had spunk.

My cock twitched all over again.

I eased forward, placing the gun on the edge of the table, allowing her a few minutes of peace. Dylan had wrangled up sweatpants and a sweater for our caged pet to wear. I couldn’t stand the sight of the dress. The damn thing brought back too many memories, ones that didn’t deserve the light of day. After sweeping the entire car, Wade had found a cell phone with almost zero charge. However, from the screensaver, I also doubted it had belonged to her. Still, Wade had smashed it under his boot. We couldn’t take the chance of a tracking system of any kind.

We’d even secured our real phones, picking up burners on the way here. Given the cabin was in a false name, something I’d been able to wrangle given my past profession, there was no connection that could be found.

Unless she had a tracking system somewhere imbedded on her beautiful body. That was a true possibility.


When she still said nothing, merely observing me like a jaguar sizing up its enemies, I nodded toward the clothes. “I’m certain you’d like to change into something more appropriate, runaway bride.”

She merely darted her head quickly in that direction, also giving me a single nod. As she glanced around the perimeter, she pulled the glass to her lips again. Her gaze settled on the hallway, her body swaying slightly.

I knew what she was searching for. “Second door on the left. Help yourself. We need to talk afterwards.” If she paid any heed to my command, she certainly didn’t say it in words or show it in her body language. Either the girl was a liar or one tough woman. The dominating side of me was prepared to take over, forcing her to show me respect, but I couldn’t do it.

At least not yet.

She eased her glass down, moving quickly to retrieve the clothes, the damn satin of the dress swishing with every step she took. I was going to burn the goddamn thing.

“But princess,” I stated in a deep voice, waiting until she stopped short. “I’ll remind you that there is a horrific storm outside, the roads nothing but a sheet of ice. There is no way of escape, but if you try, you will be punished, and you won’t like that very much.” I wasn’t certain whether to expect a response, but I certainly didn’t get one.

As she walked away, she threw a look over her shoulder. Still sizing me up.

Also carving me into a thousand pieces.

I liked this girl; however, her chutzpa was more than I’d bargained for.

That only made me want her more.

I closed my eyes briefly, allowing my thoughts to drift to the shit storm of the last months. I wasn’t used to running from either law enforcement or a lunatic with a penchant for murder. Granted, I had to take full responsibility for the decisions I’d made during the last few years, but I doubted I’d get the opportunity to either explain or detail the reasons why.

At least before I was shoved into a body bag.

Hell, who was I kidding? I owed Hell’s Fury and the reigning president my life. Hawk had found me beaten to within an inch of my life in an alley, the bastards breaking every rib, and wrecking my face and body with their hard kicks and punches. The beat-down had been given to teach me a lesson.

The task Hawk had presented with me in mind was a way to exact my own personal revenge, only this particular mission hadn’t allowed for the enjoyment of physical contact.


It was only a matter of time before I tracked Domingo in his secondary lair, giving him a reminder of what he’d taken from me. I took comfort in the thought. However, this wasn’t necessarily that opportunity. While I wasn’t normally a patient man, for what I hoped to accomplish, I had no problem waiting for the exact right time.

Two floorboards creaked but before I had an opportunity to reach for my gun, I realized they were coming from behind me. Then I heard the sound of the front door opening. I roared as I jumped from the chair, realizing immediately that she’d managed to yank on boots and a coat and was heading outside.

The girl who’d begged for protection was attempting to escape.

Over my dead body.

She’d yet to realize it but she now belonged to me.

What the hell did the girl think she was doing? The ice was thickening up, the frozen precipitation coming down in sheets. I jerked into motion, cursing the fact I’d let my damn guard down.

“Get out here!” I commanded the others as I struggled to get into my boots.

Wade lumbered out first, his weapon already positioned in his hand. “What the hell is going on?”

“We have a runaway,” I barked, watching as Dylan followed closely behind Wade.

“You have got to be kidding me. Didn’t she ask for our help?” Dylan huffed, already passing me and grabbing his coat.

“I guess the lady had a change of heart. Fan out. We need to catch this girl. Grab some flashlights.” There was a hell of a lot more to this story than the lovely blonde wanted to let on.

By the time I managed to get outside, she had a solid three minutes ahead of us. At least my jacket already contained a flashlight. The storm was blinding, the rain and ice combination shooting sideways, making it difficult to see a damn thing.

The other two followed me, swinging their beams in opposite directions. Shit. It was almost impossible to see more than a couple of feet ahead.

“She won’t survive out here long,” Dylan yelled over the roar of the wind.

No, and she would be prime feasting material if she managed to get too far away from the cabin. There were hundreds of predators in the woods, eager and willing to rip into sweet, delicious flesh.

The three of us took off, moving into the darkness of the forest. I slipped on the icy leaves, making advancement slow going. I still couldn’t believe her determination. She couldn’t be thinking clearly.

As ice slapped against my face, I swung the beam around and tried to pick up speed. Within seconds, I was easily able to find her even in the darkness. Goddamn it, the girl had a death wish. I was going to need to teach her a lesson once and for all. While she was faster than I could have imagined, she obviously had no freaking clue what she was doing.

She tumbled onto the ground, struggling like a prize fighter, using a tree to push herself into a standing position.

“Stop!” I called but knew damn well she wasn’t going to obey me.

A rush of wind almost knocked her over again, a shriek pushing past her lips.

I managed to grab her arm, yanking her against my chest. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Getting away from here!” she snapped. “Let go of me.”

“Not a chance, sweetheart.” She struggled like a wildcat, attempting to scratch out my eyes. I couldn’t even manage to drag her a few feet without being smacked in the face by one of her fists. I’d had enough, tossing her over my shoulder. She continued to screech, as if anyone out here in the wilderness could hear her.

“Do you have her?” Wade called.

“Yeah. She’s with me.” I fought my way back to the front door, huffing the moment I managed to take a step onto the porch and into the living room. She’d stopped moving, although I could still hear her scattered whimpers.

“Damn it, woman. You could have gotten us all killed,” I said half under my breath. I was pitched into a dark place, yet another reminder of a past I’d done everything to forget.

After both men stormed inside, one of them slammed the door with enough force the entire place seemed to shake.

“Get some damn towels, will ya?” I barked at Dylan.

“Why, yes, sir,” he snarked, yet headed off down the hallway.

Damn, I was furious with the girl. “I’m going to put you down, but you are going to stay right where you are and obey me.”

“Obey? You’re insane,” she hissed.

“She’s not going to listen to you,” Wade insisted.

“Then I’ll have no choice but to tie her to a chair.” That seemed to get her attention, calming her bratty ass. “Are you going to play nice?”

“Sure,” she said with the kind of tone telling me otherwise.

I kept her in my hold until Dylan returned, tossing a single towel in my direction.

“You’re going to be a good girl and dry off.” My own damn voice was wavering from the intensity of the chill drifting down my back.

The moment I eased her to the floor, I expected a hard punch. Instead, she glared at me with those same intense eyes. She grabbed the towel from me, wiping her face. I yanked off my coat, closing the distance in order to pull off hers. “You would have died out there. We’re in the middle of a dense forest. You have nowhere to go.”

“And you could have been eaten by a bear,” Dylan added, rubbing a towel over his head before jamming his coat onto one of the hooks.

“Maybe we should allow that to happen,” Wade snarled.

She huffed, cursing under her breath, her body shivering. When I attempted to toss the coats toward the door, that’s all the opportunity she needed, planting one hard jab into my kidney, using her other hand to punch me in the throat.

“Whoa! She’s a fighter,” Wade said, laughing his ass off at me. The man had seen me take down two rowdy scumbags within minutes, but I couldn’t handle a single woman.

I’d had enough. Spunk or no spunk, the girl was getting one hard spanking.

Coughing, I stumbled forward as I reached for her, only managing to snag the sweater she was wearing.

“Get away from me,” she hissed again, ready to claw her nails down my face as she tossed the towel in my direction.

I grabbed her by the wrists, shaking my head. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, princess,” I said, making a tsking sound.

She pitched herself away from me and directly into Wade’s arms.

“Snookums, you’re not going anywhere,” Wade growled as he buried his head into her neck.

“Let go of me!” Her words were now barely a whisper.

I snapped my hand around her hair, yanking her out of Wade’s arms and closer to me. “I’m not a nice man, little girl. And the other two? They’re brutes. You shouldn’t play with men who are bigger than you.”

“Oh, yeah?” When her boot snagged me in the shin, my last bit of patience flew out the window.

“Fuck. Me,” Dylan snorted. “This girl needs to learn a few lessons about manners.”

“Yep. I agree with you.” Growling, I picked her up, moving her further into the living room and tossing her over the back of the couch.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, the tone of her voice driving through my heart like a sharp steak knife.

The combination of raging bull hunger and fury was explosive. I ripped at the oversized sweatpants she’d been given, tugging them down to her knees. I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact she’d been wearing a bright red thong underneath her lily-white wedding dress. “Giving you a well needed spanking.”

“A what?” She refused to settle down, her arms and legs flailing.

“I’ll grab my belt,” Wade added as he walked toward the hallway, tossing his towel around his neck. I knew he would make good on his threat.

Then again, the feisty woman needed a full understanding of the situation she’d found herself in.

I issued two hard smacks of my palm, moving from one side to the other. The wet slick on her skin was a powerful draw, my mouth suddenly dry. Fuck, I was attracted to this girl.

“Oh. Oh!” she squealed, panting as she continued fighting me.

“I suggest you calm down or this is going to be much worse.” I brought my hand down several more times, so aroused I found it difficult to breathe.

“Ouch. Jesus!”

“You can’t go off running into a damn snowstorm.” I smacked her four more times, enjoying the heat building up in my hand as well as the warm blush blossoming on her bottom. I hadn’t spanked a woman in one hell of a long time, and in truth, it felt damn good. She needed to learn her place if she was going to ask for protection.

“You don’t own me!”

I laughed as I lowered down, issuing a harsh whisper. “I think we need to get something straight. That’s where you’re wrong.” I continued spanking her, my mind turning to all the evil things I wanted to do to her body. She was gorgeous in every sense of the word; the ugly clothes Dylan had found in one of my closets were unable to hide her exquisite beauty.

“Why? Because I asked you for help, as if you were going to give it to me,” she spat out.

“You’re in my house on my turf; however, these two gentlemen are my guests. That gives all three of us every right to do what we damn well please.”

“Gentlemen? What a crock of shit,” she retorted.

Wow. I was thrown how much I wanted to spank her until she couldn’t sit for a week and fuck her until she begged for more. I cracked my hand against her backside four more times before wrapping my hand around her hair. “You will learn to listen and follow directions. While I don’t want to hurt you, I will if necessary. Understood?”

I held my breath until she finally nodded. There wasn’t a single portion of my body that wasn’t electrified, blood pumping wildly through my veins.

She remained quiet for a few minutes as I peppered her ass with a solid ten more, one coming immediately after the other. Even the sting on my hand felt damn good, making me feel more alive than I had in years. While she continued to struggle, even tossing her hand back in an effort to protect her reddening bottom, she finally gave up, merely spewing curse words like a sailor.

That surprised the hell out of me.

“You’re an asshole, jerkoff. Bastard. Fuckhead.”

“You have no idea, sweetheart.”

“My turn,” Dylan stated with authority as he took her into his arms, half dragging her toward the couch. When he yanked her over his lap, I planted my hands on my hips, studying the procedure with interest.

“Please. Stop. I won’t run away again,” she insisted. The slight seductive tone in her voice was nothing but a ploy.

“No. You. Won’t.” As Dylan brought his hand down, I could instantly tell by the look on his face how much he was enjoying the action.

And for some reason, I hated it. Not that I was a relationship kind of man any longer, but I’d never been into sharing. I guess there was a first time for everything. The other two certainly wouldn’t allow me to claim her as my own.

“Oh!” she wailed, kicking out until he was forced to place his leg over hers in order to keep her in place. She was a wily one, that was for certain.

As he refused to stop, my mind reeled at all the nasty possibilities. I wanted to taste her sweet cream, to have it spill down the back of my throat. And I wanted more than anything to shove my cock deep inside her tight little ass.

Wade swaggered back into the room, glaring down at the two of them, his eyes shimmering with the same kind of lust I’d felt since laying eyes on her.

“I think she could use a good old-fashioned strapping lesson. Don’t you?” Wade asked, although I knew damn good and well he wasn’t asking for permission.

He was taking his portion of the sweet cherry pie.

I moved closer, allowing me to see her pretty pink pussy lips peeking out from between her legs. The rush of adrenaline mixing with my savage desire riled the carnivore deep within, a dangerous combination.

Dylan rubbed his hand across her bottom, taking an exaggerated deep breath. “You know, I think she’s enjoying this. In fact, I’d have to say she was wet as a fresh rain shower in the springtime.” When he brushed his finger down the crack of her ass, sliding the tip past her swollen folds, she moaned several times, undulating her hips across his lap.

“Damn wet and hot,” Dylan half whispered as he pumped his finger inside her wetness.

“Don’t spoil the delicious fruit,” Wade warned, prompting a harsh look from Dylan. “She still needs to learn her lesson.”

Dylan cracked his open palm down several more times before easing her off his lap, holding both her arms. She looked so forlorn, but I’d witnessed the glint in her eyes. She was just as hungry as the rest of us, the kind of desire that catapulted obscene decisions.

Wade’s guttural sounds were primal as he took her arm, forcing her to kneel on the couch. When he ground his jean-covered hips across her bruised ass, she whimpered, dropping her head.

“Just imagine when we fuck you in all your tight little holes.” He licked the side of her face before reaching under her sweater, his massive hand squeezing her breast. “So ripe. So delicious. I can tell you’re going to taste so sweet. Now, stay in position like a good little girl or Big Daddy will make it that you can’t sit for days. Do you understand me?”

“Fuck. You,” she hissed.

The single hard crack of the belt made her jump, but she folded herself over the edge of the couch, her fingers clinging to the material.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” she moaned.

“That one has a foul mouth on her,” Dylan said before exhaling.

“Yep. That’s gonna happen, little sweetheart. By all three of us,” Wade told her before snapping the belt for effect.

The big strapping man had always enjoyed grandstanding, intimidation one of his favorite things to do.

While I didn’t interfere, I watched the large man as he positioned himself behind her. She certainly needed to learn a lesson, but I refused to allow her to receive the full extent of his wrath.

I was honestly shocked when he snapped the belt against her buttocks, striking her exactly on her sit spot. He waited, rubbing her skin then issuing four more—as if the man actually knew what he was doing.

“Oh, God.” She tossed her head back and forth. “I don’t deserve this. I’m not some bad girl.”

“Like hell you aren’t,” I interjected. “It’s easy to tell you need a firm hand every day of your life.”

The look she gave me was nasty and I could absolutely read her mind. She would attempt to escape again. What I couldn’t figure out is why, unless she’d overheard our conversation. While if that was the case it was unfortunate, she would soon learn that she would be forced to pay a significant price for the protection she so desperately needed.

Wade spanked her long and hard until she was finally calm, no longer fighting him like the wild creature she’d made herself out to be.

“That’s better. You’re not going to do that again, are you?” Wade snarled.

I heard the husky tone in his voice, my yearning creating spots floating in front of my eyes.

“No,” she spat.

“That’s a good girl. At least we have an understanding.” I walked closer, taking several deep breaths as I peered down at her.


The agility of the woman was remarkable, the hard punch to my jaw sending a shower of electricity shooting through me. I reacted as any cold-blooded man would. I tossed her over the couch again, winding my finger around the slender material of her thong. With a single snap of my wrist, the material was ripped away.

“Oh. What? I…” Startled, the force I used seemed to squelch her fighting spirit.

“I guess we weren’t finished with your lesson.”

“What are you going to do?” she demanded.

I debated my actions, merely reminding myself that I’d never win an award for being a decent man. “I’m going to fuck you. Then we’re all going to fuck you, using every hole of yours, filling you with seed.” I didn’t hesitate as I unfastened my jeans, freeing my aching cock.

“Are you crazy?” She kicked out hard but was no match for me.

I shifted her legs apart as I eased onto the couch, pressing my weight against her.

“What all bad girls need,” Wade suggested, his breath skipping.

“You’re all brutes. Horrible, malicious bastards,” she moaned, although I was surprised that she was no longer trying to get away.

I eased back long enough to rub my cockhead up and down the length of her pussy, the scent of her wafting into the room. The moment I thrust my entire shaft deep inside her pussy, I threw my head back, biting a strangled roar. She was so damn hot, her muscles clamping around me immediately. “Oh, yes. Yes…” My voice sounded just like some barbarian claiming his prize. That’s exactly what she was to me.

To the three of us.

We all worked hard in our day jobs just trying to make ends meet. Accepting this operation could mean losing our livelihood, her arrival presenting unnecessary danger.

And the possibility of discovery.

We deserved this.

We were owed this.

The Neanderthal in me was whispering in my ear, giving me the authority to take her like some crazed animal. Her moans were my reward. The way she ground her hips against me providing the fuel. I could no longer see straight, had no feeling in my extremities. There was only this moment in time.

I was aware the other two had already undressed, their hunger almost as significant as mine.

She didn’t whimper or make any kind of sound as I pounded into her, stretching her tight little muscles. I leaned over her, every cell in my body shuddering from the scent of her alone. Her eyes were closed and if I didn’t know better, I could tell she felt the burning heat shared between us, a strange connection that made no sense.

“Wade is right. Bad girls get fucked,” I said as I pulled almost all the way out, slamming into her again. “I can tell how much you’re enjoying this.”

Her breathing ragged, she clawed the back of the sofa. “No! Fuck you.”

The darkness swelled up from the pits of hell, the longing to consume her overpowering. I plunged in brutal motions, knocking the wind out of her. Even though she continued cursing me, I also heard the soft purring sounds, could feel her body reacting to mine. Soon, she might even enjoy surrendering like a good little girl.

There was nothing better than being inside of her.

She continued to wiggle, even as her body betrayed her.

“You’re so wet. I know you like this.”

“No. No!”

“Don’t lie to me. I can feel your body responding.”

While she shook her head, she pushed against me, meeting every hard thrust with one of her own. I wanted this to last, but I knew I would soon lose control. As she shoved up from the couch, I could see her mouth twisting, her eyes opening wide.

When her pussy spasmed, I gripped her hips, driving into her. I was shocked she’d climaxed, her muscles clamping then releasing several times.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…” She finally hung her head, panting.

There was no way I was going to come just yet. I wanted more. I craved shoving my cock deep into her puckered hole, claiming her fully and completely as mine.

She bristled, her hands clamping around the top of the couch. I could even feel the rapid beating of her heart.

I slid my hand under her sweater, rolling the tips of my fingers up and down her spine before tugging the thick material over her shoulders. She didn’t fight me as I tore off her boots, tossing them across the room. And the moment I ripped the sweatpants away from her, exposing her beautiful body, I was forced to suck in my breath. I’d been right about just how incredible she was; an hourglass figure that a man could sink his teeth into, skin that was soft as velvet and the scent of her feminine wiles intoxicating. I was already drunk on the woman but was unable to quench my thirst.

As I cupped her voluptuous breasts, I wasn’t certain whether to be disgusted with my actions or to revel in them, but I realized I didn’t even know her name.

Did that really matter?

Hell, not in the least.

“Now, little princess, maybe you finally understand that we own you. Every. Single. Inch.”

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