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Owning His Bride by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

Owning His Bride by Sue LyndonBecca stared at Hunter warily. “He said I’m being taken for a medical exam. Why? I’m not sick.”

“It’s standard procedure before they release you. To make sure you’re in good health. Nothing to worry about. I’ll stay with you the whole time, Becca.” He guided her into the medical ward.

An elderly doctor greeted them and showed them into a small room. A table with stirrups attached to the end caught Hunter’s eye, and his cock swelled at the mental image of Becca spread upon the surface with her legs open wide and her feminine virtues on display.

She took one look at the table and tried to bolt from the room. He caught her arm and pulled her tight against his side while leading her further into the medical bay.

“I can give her something to calm her nerves. Or a sedative. That’s what I normally do.”

She stared at Hunter pleadingly and trembled in his hold.

He shook his head at the doctor. “No drugs. She’s going to be a good girl, aren’t you, Becca?” He leaned down to whisper into her ear. “Of course, if she’s uncooperative, I can thrash her and she can take her medical exam with a red, punished bottom.” He spoke lowly so only Becca heard his threat. She glanced from him to the table. Tears glistened in her pretty blue eyes.

“Please, Officer Makin. Please tell him I’m already healthy enough and that I don’t need this exam.”

“Inmate, this exam is mandatory. We must make sure you’re fit enough for interplanetary travel and also that you are sexually healthy. We like to assure the departing guards that the woman they’ve picked is responsive enough during sex and fertile in the case her new husband wants to breed her. Please remove all your clothing and get up on the table. Scoot your bottom to the edge and place your feet in the stirrups.” The doctor turned to snap on a pair of gloves and peer over the medical instruments spread out on a nearby counter.

She had stiffened the moment he said breed. Defiance blazed in her eyes and she kept her lips pressed firmly together, as if she were trying to restrain herself from speaking out again.

Though she obviously wasn’t happy about this turn of events, it wasn’t possible to leave Kemmius without her taking the required exam, and Hunter preferred they get it over and done with as soon as possible. He wanted her out of this prison yesterday. Hunter himself had enough memories of prison to haunt him for the rest of his life. The sooner he left for Merro with his new bride, the better.

“Clothes off, Becca,” he said, his tone a bit cold. He yanked her gray prison issue pants down, swatting her hands when she tried to stall his efforts. Her panties came next, and he crouched down and lifted her ankles one by one to get the garments off her, slipping her tattered shoes and socks off at the same time.

He paused and stared at her thighs, taken aback by the pink crisscrossed marks, likely the result of a harsh whipping from the warden at some point in the past. His throat burned with emotion, and his blood boiled with anger directed at the warden. The man was a beast. Hunter finally recovered from the shock of seeing her scars and tossed Becca’s pants and panties on a chair beside the exam table. As he stood up, he caught the hem of her shirt and yanked it over her head.

Trembling, she peered up at him with a pale face. Goosebumps raised on her arms, and she attempted to cover her dark mound, but he grasped her wrists and forced her hands to her sides.

“You’re a lovely girl, Becca.” At his compliment, she flushed and her gaze darted around the room. When she finally met his eyes again, he said, “Remove your bra and crawl up on the table. Be a good girl and obey me, or I will take you over my knee and spank you in front of the doctor.”

She hesitated and tried to shrink away. “Please, Officer Makin…” The shakiness of her voice made him ache to gather her up and carry her out of this room, but he ignored the strange tenderness swelling in his heart and nodded at her chest.

“If you make me ask again, you will be sitting uncomfortably throughout the whole journey to Merro.”

A tear trickled down her face as she reached around to unfasten her bra, and a second later it joined her clothing on the chair. She had gorgeous plump, rounded breasts that he couldn’t wait to caress, and dark pink nipples he imagined rolling between his fingers and tugging on while she whimpered.

He shook the carnal thoughts away and moved aside so she could walk to the table all on her own. He watched, hoping she obeyed. If she resisted his orders again, he would have no choice but to give her a long, hard thrashing right in this room. He didn’t want the doctor to suggest medicating her again, and if that meant he had to discipline her, then he was more than willing.

He also wanted her entirely present when they exchanged vows in the chapel, with no drugs clouding her mind.

Becca moved slowly to the table before pausing, and for a moment he worried she would try to bolt from the room once more. But at last she hoisted herself up, scooted to the edge of the surface, and after a mournful look at the stirrups, rested her feet in them. She lay on her back and closed her eyes, turning her head to the side, away from Hunter’s view. He rounded the table and stroked her face. She gave a start and her eyes shot open.

“You’re being a very good girl so far, Becca, and I’m very proud of you. Now do as the doctor says and this will be over shortly. Can you do that? Can you be my good girl?”

Her legs shook in the stirrups, and soon her whole body broke into a tremble. She seemed to have a hard time forcing her answer out. “Y-yes, sir. I will try.”

He smiled and stroked her cheek one last time, unable to resist smoothing away a fallen tear. That same strange tenderness from earlier swelled in his chest again. I’m to be your husband and I won’t let anyone hurt you. He almost said it.

He swallowed hard and moved away, taking up position at the foot of the table but leaving enough space for the doctor to perform his work. Her pink center was displayed in the overhead lamplight, and he took his time gazing at her pussy, aching to splay her folds apart and expose her delicate nubbin.

He suspected she would be bashful with him at first, as his bride, but quite responsive and passionate in the end. He would enjoy claiming her and making her his in every possible way.

Desire pulsed in him, devilish thoughts pushing to the front of his mind. Once they said their vows, Hunter would own Becca. She would belong to him by law. The idea of owning a person should’ve repulsed him, but instead it made his cock grow increasingly hard in his pants. He swallowed and lifted his gaze as the doctor strode to her side.

“We’ll begin with a breast exam. Please hold still, inmate.” The doctor commenced with her left breast, kneading two fingers around in a circle. By the time he moved on to her right breast, her nipples had tightened, turning to two stiff, rose-colored peaks. The doctor squeezed one nipple until she whimpered. He looked at Hunter. “As you can see, she’s squirming around and becoming aroused just from having her breasts touched. That’s a very good sign, and she appears healthy so far.”

Hunter could only nod. He glanced between her legs again and his breath caught at the sight. Moisture gleamed from inside her slightly parted pussy lips. He barely paid attention as the doctor performed some other less interesting parts of her exam, like looking into her eyes, ears, and mouth, and pressing down on her stomach.

“It’s standard procedure to permanently remove all hair below the waist from the inmates before they go to the chapel. Do you have any objection to this?” the doctor asked, drawing Hunter from his thoughts.

He noticed the doctor held a strange metallic device that resembled a flashlight. Becca stared at the object with wide eyes, her legs trembling harder. The thatch of hair covering her intimate parts wasn’t large, but Hunter very much wanted to see her pussy lips entirely smooth. It would make her more vulnerable to him, completely exposed. He met the doctor’s gaze and nodded. “No objection. Please proceed.”

Becca glared at him accusingly for a brief second before closing her eyes and turning her head to the side. He couldn’t help but notice the wetness between her thighs glimmered with even more moisture. Did the shame of being spread out on the table arouse her?

He observed as the flashlight-shaped device worked wonders. The doctor shined a ray of light onto her nether region first, and the hair disappeared in a matter of seconds. Her smooth slick folds became dark pink, slightly inflamed under the ray of light. He hoped the procedure didn’t hurt her, and he rather liked the look of her bare pussy nice and pink.

As if reading Hunter’s mind, the doctor turned to him. “Most of the swelling and redness is due to her arousal. This procedure is completely painless and any slight irritation it causes should fade in a matter of hours. She is becoming so aroused and wet that I’m going to have to clean her privates before I remove the hair from her legs. She’s making a mess all over the table.”

Becca covered her face in her hands and a shudder ran through her. Hunter resisted the urge to adjust his hardened cock in his pants. God, he had to have her soon. As soon as they were alone in their quarters aboard the transport to Merro.

The doctor produced a cloth and spent a great deal of time wiping the moisture from her folds, and once she was clean he quickly guided the hair remover over her legs, leaving behind smooth and slightly pink skin. Though Becca continued shaking and whimpering, she was being such a good girl, keeping position on the table with her legs spread wide, her feet still in the stirrups.

“Next I must inspect her bottom hole to ensure she’s healthy and also to determine if she’s capable of experiencing a sexual response while her little hole is filled up. Many females become quite aroused during this part of the exam.”

At the doctor’s announcement, she clasped her thighs together and started sitting up. “No, please, don’t touch me there.”

“Becca,” Hunter warned, “get back into position.”

She shook her head. “No! This exam is over!”

He swept past the doctor and moved to her side, where he easily wrangled her ankles together. While she squirmed and unsuccessfully tried to escape him, he lifted her legs high in the air, exposing her backside and her pussy. With his free hand, he landed three firm spanks on her bottom. She cried out and ceased most of her struggling, but he continued on until he’d delivered over a dozen heavy swats, wanting to make an impression. He paused, but kept a hand on her ass. “Are you going to cooperate with the doctor, young lady? Or do I need to spank you longer and harder?”

“Pl-please stop.” She sniffled and peered between him and the doctor, her face flushing. “I promise I’ll get ba-back into position and co-cooperate.”

Hunter released her, but remained close while she placed her feet back into the stirrups and scooted her bottom to the edge of the table. Satisfied that she was under control, he backed away to give the doctor room to work.

The doctor sat on the stool and rolled himself between Becca’s legs, then immediately parted her ass cheeks to reveal her dark pink pucker. Her legs trembled and she kept her eyes closed. After trickling lubrication atop her private hole, he pressed one gloved finger into her, working his way in slowly. “Everything feels fine. She’s very tight though, and she keeps clenching down on me. I suspect she enjoys this sort of penetration. With the proper training, you will be able to claim her here. Ah, look at that. Her pussy is becoming moist again.” He began pumping and in out of her pucker, and Hunter stared breathlessly at the slickness gathering between her spread pussy lips. She was indeed becoming aroused by this treatment, and goddammit, so was Hunter. His cock throbbed and he ached to possess her right here in this room.

Finally, the doctor withdrew from her bottom and disposed of his gloves. As he donned a new pair, he eyed Becca’s center with interest.

“For the final part of the exam, I will be inspecting her vagina and checking to ensure she’s capable of having an orgasm. You don’t want a bride who won’t respond to your attentions. Not when there’s a prison full of women to pick from. If you don’t find her satisfactory, you will of course be permitted to select another female, Officer Makin. It’s not unheard of for a woman to fail the medical exam.”

Hunter shook his head. Even if the doctor couldn’t make her come, he would take Becca to the chapel. She would come for him, over and over again, he was sure of it. He would take his time teasing her, sucking on her nipples while she squirmed and pleaded, and then he would work his way down her body until his tongue darted over her slick folds. He would circle her clit, lapping at it until it became engorged and she cried out in frustration and begged him to let her come.

The doctor once again rolled himself between Becca’s legs. He urged her thighs farther apart, and Hunter stared unblinkingly at the vision she presented with her bare pussy spread wide open, all the slick pinkness within offered to the doctor as he inserted a speculum into her channel. She balled her hands into fists and took fast breaths, her eyes still closed.

“Her clit is already extremely swollen. That’s another good sign,” the doctor said, his tone of clinical detachment surprising Hunter. Of course the doctor probably saw the women as nothing more than prisoners, nameless women undeserving of any comfort or sympathy.

Hunter was a bastard for enjoying watching Becca endure this torment, but he was so enthralled by the spectacle that he couldn’t blink, let alone avert his eyes or protest the exam. He continually told himself the exam was required and this wasn’t his fault, that he shouldn’t feel guilty she had to suffer through this shameful experience. Surely this wasn’t the worst thing that had happened to her in the prison.

The doctor mumbled to himself and shined a light into her stretched pink hole. After a few minutes of inspecting her while she shuddered, and Hunter suspected, used all her self-control to remain in position, the doctor pulled the speculum from her channel and turned to Hunter. “Again, perfectly healthy. You should have no trouble breeding this female.” He cleared his throat, and for the first time since the exam began Hunter noticed excitement gleaming in the physician’s eyes. “After we observe the inmate having an orgasm, you will be free to take her to the chapel.”

Becca was relieved to have that awful, big speculum out of her. Her face felt like it was flaming red, she felt so flushed and embarrassed. Now all that stood between her and the chapel was an orgasm. She gulped and peeked open one eye, sensing the doctor had moved away.

She met Hunter’s stare and her heart almost stopped. His intense gaze seared her, and she started trembling anew. Was he angry? Was she not cooperating enough with the doctor? She was trying her best, so why did he look like he was about to explode?

Hot tears gathered in her eyes, and she blinked a few times before deciding to close her eyes. Perhaps he was angry she had become so shamefully aroused during her examination. He was to be her husband, and here she was becoming wet and excited while another man touched her.

She couldn’t help it. Somehow the deep embarrassment of having to spread her legs and allow a stranger to inspect her while another stranger watched did scandalous things to her body. Perhaps her arousal was a coping mechanism. Whatever the cause of her shameful reactions, she couldn’t help it, no matter how much she tried to turn her brain off, it didn’t work.

Fear panged in her heart. Would Officer Makin make her suffer for her transgressions today? Would he beat her savagely? Add more scars to the fronts of her thighs?

At the thought of her scars, she suddenly worried he found the markings ugly and would decide at the last minute to send her back to her lonely cell. There were thousands of women in this prison, many prettier than her and without a single blemish on their body.

The doctor rolled around on his stool, coming between her legs again. He held a strange wand-like object in his hand with a large spherical head. He pressed a button and it buzzed to life, and she cried out the moment it grazed her privates. Sensation exploded and she tried to shut her legs, but Hunter shot to her side and forced her to remain spread for the doctor.

“Keep your legs open wide, Becca. I would hate to have to punish you again, right before you come.”

She couldn’t form a response, she could only thrash around and struggle against the hands holding her down and the pleasure, much too extreme, rocking through her center. The buzz of the wand vibrated through her body, causing a torturous but delightful pressure to coil in her lower stomach, and her breasts ached, needing to be touched and squeezed. She gripped the table, hoping she didn’t shame herself further by groping her own breasts. She didn’t want to come in front of the doctor and Hunter, but she didn’t know how much longer she could withstand the sensations running through her.

Hunter’s warm lips brushed across her ear. “Becca, I want you to close your eyes for me.” When she didn’t obey, he slapped the underside of her breast. She squealed and struggled harder, only to feel another sting to her breast, and a third slap to her other breast as well. The pain collided with the overwhelming pleasure twisting and pulsing outward from her clit.

“I-I can’t. Please let me go. I will come for you in private, Officer Makin, I promise.”

“Oh, you will come for me whenever I require it, Becca, in private or in public. Now close your eyes or I will slap your breasts harder, little one.”

Her eyes flew shut of their own accord, as if her body was compelled to obey his commanding voice, even though a large part of her still raged against the embarrassment of having to orgasm right here on the examination table.

Her release crashed upon her in the next moment, a violent wave of ecstasy that claimed her body. She gyrated her hips against the wand that the doctor still held to her clit. Though she was lying down, she felt lightheaded and feared she might faint upon the table.

Hunter released his grip on her and stroked a hand down her stomach. “That’s a good girl, Becca.” The pride inflected in his voice made her want to cry, but she bit her lip and held the tears in, thinking she’d cried enough for one day.

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