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Owning Their Pet: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray – Extended Preview

The next night wasn’t as rigorous as the few before had been. She was allowed to eat dinner on the balcony and then she was draped over the large half barrel. Her arms and legs were loosely restrained using padded cuffs, which made her feel helpless, but her limbs didn’t ache the way they had from being stretched the night before.

Master Evston slipped his cock between her lips, while Master Rocurt entered her pussy. Their pace was quite slow, and they chatted to each other about some concerns of their estate and of the realm. It sounded frightfully important, which made her feel even smaller and less important. They could have been chatting while pleasuring themselves.

She blushed, but licked and sucked quite vigorously.

Finally Master Evston looked down at her with a small smirk.

“Our little kitten doesn’t want us to forget about her. You’re doing really well, pet. I love when you hollow your cheeks like that. Yes, very nice. Relax your throat. You’re going to take me deeper now.”

Master Rocurt lowered himself enough to suckle her breast. The tugging immediately ignited an even stronger desire for him between her legs. In and out, a little harder, a little faster until she started to tense all over.

He switched to her right breast and sucked on her. Her breasts were sore from their mistreatment the night before, but the ache when he teased them was delicious.

“Concentrate, pet,” Master Evston said.

She moaned.

“Yes, that’s all right. The vibration in your throat when you make noise feels good to me.”

Master Rocurt chewed on her nipple, and she whimpered.

“He’s never completely gentle, is he? It’s not in his nature,” Master Evston said, his voice getting lower as his stiff cock pushed deeper into her mouth. Her throat convulsed involuntarily and she gagged. He slid back so she could breathe, but her watering eyes didn’t deter him. A moment later, he was sliding where he wanted to be again. With her arms secured, she couldn’t have pushed him away if she’d wanted to. Luckily, she didn’t really want to.

Master Rocurt thrust slowly into her as Master Evston thrust more quickly. Soon he was filling her mouth with the slightly salty taste of him. She swallowed, her eyes watering as she tried to take every drop.

“Kiss it,” Master Evston husked, resting his cock against her lips.

She puckered up and kissed him gently, reverently.

“Good girl,” Master Rocurt said, lowering himself. Her arched body was compressed against the wood of the barrel and under the weight of his torso. His big hands clutched her arms, and he licked her neck. “When I finish, you’ll be full of us in both ends.”

She gasped at his grip and his words. Her sore backside rubbed against the rough grain as his pace increased. She felt him deep inside her, bumping her womb, making even her belly hot and tight with need.

“Oh, my commander, please!”

He sucked on her neck. “Yes, kitten. You’ll take all of me.”

She squeezed her eyes closed, letting the sensations swirl through her. The tension coiled tighter and tighter. His body rubbed against the most sensitive parts of her as his erection pressed deeper and deeper into her hot swollen depths.

“Yessss!” she hissed.

He pumped harder and faster as she spasmed around him. Every bit of him felt amazing, and it went on and on. There was no escape, not now.

His breathing turned harsh, and a low growl escaped his throat.

Yes, please, she thought, as he erupted inside her. She felt his muscles strain and contract and a little sigh slipped from her lips.

His weight slid from her as he eased back onto his knees. The cool air kissed her skin. She tried to reflexively to close her legs, but couldn’t.

“May I—”

“Quiet,” Master Rocurt said in a low husky voice like he wanted to eat her up.

Between her legs she was puffy and so very sore, but not swollen enough to prevent the moisture inside her from seeping out to coat her lower lips.

He leaned forward and kissed her hip. His hand cupped her, trapping the juiciness from escaping. He unstrapped one ankle then the other.

Above her head, Master Evston unhooked her arms. She put her hands against the barrel and sat up.

Master Rocurt’s hand squeezed her gently as he stood, still bending forward.

“This is the way you’re always going to be. Just as you are now. Sweet and bursting to be touched and fucked. This is how we want you. This is how you’ll stay.”

It wasn’t a question, but she sensed he wanted an answer.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

Then he kissed her, and she wanted his lips and his tongue for the rest of the night and longer. He pulled her up and against him, one strong hand still cupping her possessively. The other slid around her waist.

When he finally drew back from the kiss and let her go, she was so dizzy she sat back onto the barrel. She glanced down at her pale skin. Not a bit of her was covered, and she didn’t mind. It was part of the way she belonged to them. She wasn’t entitled to clothes anymore.

She looked around and realized that Master Evston had gone.

“He doesn’t like when you kiss me.”

“Doesn’t matter. I like when I kiss you.”

“Me too,” she said softly.

“Come and wash off,” he said, taking her with him into the shower.

The hot water sprayed on them, and he did as he had before. He lathered up his hands and slid them all over her. She obeyed every command, spreading her feet, bending forward. When a soapy finger pushed into her bottom, she sucked in a breath, but held still. He played with her little hole, opening and stretching it. When he added another finger, she gasped and squirmed. It was uncomfortable and naughty.

“Turn around,” he said.

“Um, you should—”

“I should do exactly what I’m doing. Turn around.”

She swallowed and moved to face him, his fingers still up her bum. His dark eyes studied her blushing face.

“Closer,” he said.

She bit her lip, but pressed against him. His skin was slick and warm, his muscles hard.

She put her hands on his forearms, then hesitated.

“Go ahead, kitten. Touch me. I know you want to.”

She did. So much! She slid her hands up to his upper arms, gripping his muscles. She liked being able to touch him. Her breath caught as his fingers moved in that forbidden hole.

She closed her eyes and went up on tiptoes, holding onto his shoulders. She licked his wet chest with the flat of her tongue.

He growled softly.

She loved that sound, like an animal, like a wolf, ready to devour her.

His fingers pushed deep into her, making her ring strain uncomfortably. She whimpered.

“Soon, kitten.”

She shuddered at that threat, which completely thrilled her.

He removed his fingers and grabbed her. He lifted her up and turned to press her against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He was so strong, so wonderfully big and solid.

“I want you again,” he said gruffly.

“You can have me. I’m yours,” she whispered.

“I know,” he said, putting his cock back inside her. “Right here is where I belong. In your body.”

She panted and bit her lip.

“I’ll try not to be too rough.”

“Or you don’t have to try not to,” she said, looking at him through lashes wet with spraying water.

“Aren’t you sore?”

“Yes, very, but…” She trailed off, not sure what she was trying to say.

He smiled. “All right.”


“You want me to take you the way I want to. I will. Give me your mouth.”

She tipped her head, bringing her lips to his.

He wasn’t rough, but he wasn’t overly gentle either. It was just perfect. Like the way they kissed.

Rocurt had meant to put her away hours earlier, but at the gate to her room she’d been looking up at him with that pretty face and soft expression while she talked. She’d asked another question about what the library was like and said that she hoped to see it one day.

And just like that, he’d pulled her back from her doorway and let the gate close.

“Come,” he said, taking her wrist and leading her down the corridor.

“Are we going to the library?” she asked excitedly.

“Shh,” he said. “The castle is asleep. It had better stay that way or you’ll be in more trouble than you’d care to be in.”

She’d clamped her lips together with a serious nod that nearly made him laugh. She was by far the sweetest, most fuckable kitten they had ever had. She was certainly his favorite one.

He led her through the maze of corridors with the low light from the sconces casting shadows on her pale bruised skin. Would he ever tire of looking at her? It didn’t seem likely.

He escorted her into the library with its walls of interlocking stone that created patterns between the floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Her expression of wonder and delight made him smile. He raised the lights, and she outstretched her arms, like she could embrace the enormous room.

“I love it here! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” he murmured, feeling a tug at his emotions, the ones that were never meant to be roused by a pet. He should have seen this as a simple reward for the cane marks she still sported on her ass and for the way she milked a cock in her mouth and tight pussy. But as she wandered around, gasping and exclaiming, a part of him stopped seeing her naked skin and saw only her innocent enthusiasm. He’d been raised with an excess of property and possessions. They mattered little to him. The things that mattered to him were liberty from the universe’s monstrous off-world invaders and the flesh-and-blood spoils of power, namely her. She was his reward, her body, her submission, her enthusiasm for his body and now his books.

“May I borrow whatever I like?”


She turned and beamed. “Will you help me?” she asked, pointing up.

He could’ve gestured to the moveable ladder. Instead he strode over and lifted her up, so she could select the volumes with her own hands.

He never consulted his com regarding the time. He had no morning meetings, or any work that wouldn’t wait. This illicit trip to the library with his slim and sexy kitten was his only priority for the moment and for the rest of the night.

Melsint had always expected that a kitten’s tail, if she wore one, would be pinned to her panties. It turned out that that was not what her new masters had in mind.

She looked skeptically at the sleek furry tail that was attached to a smooth metal bulb. It was to go in her rear. Master Evston swished the silky tail over her skin, playing with her.

“Must it? Are there none that can pin onto clothing?”

“What clothing?”

She swallowed, glancing down at herself. She was naked, but she’d thought that would just be during the first quarter-dulcate of training when she was strictly confined to two rooms upstairs, her sleeping room and the playroom. She knew that each of her masters had a chamber in the same wing, but she’d never seen either of their rooms. She would’ve liked to at least have a peek, but there was never a chance. The only time she was ever alone was when she was locked in her personal chamber.

The door to the playroom opened.

“Too late to surprise him,” Master Evston said.

The commander strode in, and she hurried to him. When she greeted Master Evston, she always dropped to the floor as she had that first day and waited for him to tell her to rise. Sometimes she met the commander that way, but sometimes if she was agitated about something she didn’t.

She reached up, saying excitedly, “Hello, Sir.”

He wrapped an arm around her and kissed her. “Hello, kitten. Have you been good or naughty today?”

She paused a moment, then said honestly, “Both. I think you’ll think both.”

“What have you done? Crashed another glider? Set fire to the south tower with flaming catapults?”

She laughed and shook her head.

“So, then?” he asked, his expression serious.

“Master Evston brought me a beautiful present, but I was reluctant to try it on. Or should I say, in?”

The commander glanced over at his brother, who held up the tail.

Commander Rocurt unfastened his belt and slid it from his pants. “That was ungrateful, kitten. I’m disappointed in you.”

She hung her head. “I’m sorry. I think it will hurt.”

“Nonsense.” He turned and held his belt out to the lord.

“No, go ahead. I’m going to punish her another way when you’re done.”

“Up on your toes as you bend over the couch, kitten.”

She shivered nervously. “Sir, I think—”

“Kitten,” the commander said more sharply.

She raced to the couch and bent over it, presenting her helpless bottom to him.

He grazed his knuckles over her skin, teasing her, and then pried her globes slowly apart.


“Quiet,” he said in a low voice. “Do you think you decide which little hole is available for use and which isn’t? You should know better than that by now.”

A sharp little flick of his finger against her ring made her suck in a breath. She squeezed her eyes closed and braced herself. Would he punish her there? In that small sensitive place? He could. They both could. Her heart beat wildly.

“Well?” Master Rocurt demanded.

“Sir?” she murmured.

“Who decides what happens to your body?” he asked, swirling his thumb around her ring.

“You do—you and Master Evston,” she stuttered.

He flicked her hole again, making her whimper. Then Master Rocurt stepped back, leaving her cold and unsure.

“Raise your ass higher,” Master Evston commanded. “Nice and high like a good kitten.”

She rose onto her toes, clutching the couch cushions for purchase.

The belt slapped against her with a sting that lit up her flesh.

“Oh!” she cried out and danced on her toes.

More spanks followed, and they blossomed into explosions of pain.



“No,” Master Evston said. “She needs a lesson.”

The belt slammed against her backside with a sharp swipe. She screeched several times as the punishment continued, then dissolved into tears, apologizing ceaselessly.

When he stopped, Master Rocurt massaged her scalding rump. “Gorgeous and blood red. Down on your knees now.”

She scrambled down to the floor, sobbing fat tears.

“Kiss it,” he said, extending the instrument of her wretchedness.

She kissed the belt and his knuckles, completely contrite.

“Crawl to your other master.”

She turned and clamored to the lord, tearfully begging his pardon for failing to obey him.

He bent and petted her head. “It’s all right,” he said, rubbing her tears away with his thumbs. “That was a hard punishment. All forgiven.”

“What about the second punishment?” Master Rocurt asked.

“Another time. Go lie over the back of the couch again, Mels.”

Sniffling, she did as she was bade.

“Open her for me,” Master Evston said.

Master Rocurt gripped her scalding cheeks and spread them. She squirmed and whimpered, but didn’t try to escape. She felt her little bottom hole twitch. Cool slippery oil dripped onto her winking rosette. There were so many sensations.

“Don’t go straight in, Ev. Tease her with it.”

She bit her lip, a stab of desire ripping through her. She could not believe this was her life, the plaything of two powerful men who helped each other turn her into a wanton creature willing to submit to every carnal act. Not that she had much choice when her bum was whipped with a belt for refusing.

The cool metal swirled around her ring then pressed against it. She clenched, even though an odious kind of pleasure threatened to overtake her.

“Do not resist,” Master Rocurt warned.

“It’s so hard,” she whispered frantically.

“I don’t care. Be good for us, or stretching you back here will be the entire night’s entertainment. Do you know how many very large toys we have that can be inserted into this little hole?”

She swallowed nervously.

“Not to mention that he could use what he really wants to skewer you with,” Master Evston teased, pressing the bulb deeper.

She gasped. It didn’t hurt. It actually felt rather good.

“Look how she moves,” Master Evston said.

“I see,” the commander said. “Nips are tight little nubs, too. Someone likes her bottom being played with.”

Then with a good little stretch the bulb popped inside. The weight of it sunken into her was very naughty and sexy. She drew in a breath and moved her bottom experimentally, swishing her furry tail.

Master Evston chuckled.

“Mmm,” the commander said, pulling her upright. “And see how easy that was, kitten? You got yourself in trouble for nothing.”

“Quite,” Master Evston agreed. “Go stand in the corner, pet, and think about your behavior.”

She went to the corner, pouting. It had never been in her nature to pout when she was home, but she found she couldn’t help it with her masters. They treated her in such a way as to call for it. It seemed that to them, she was like a naughty child and beloved pet rolled into one. She felt that her maturity had regressed.

“Rocurt, there’s something we need to talk about,” Master Evston said. “Did you take her down to the master library two nights ago?”

“It was late. Everyone else was in bed.”

“Unfortunately they weren’t. Ducks and a footman were awaiting a delivery. Now, the entire staff has heard of our kitten’s charms in vivid detail, down to the brown-berry color of her thatch.”

Melsint sucked in a breath and slapped a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out.

“You could have covered her,” Master Evston pointed out.

“We never cover her.”

“Up here we don’t.”

“It’s my house,” the commander said.

“You once told me you never let the infantry see the officers eating roast beef when rations are low. It’s bad for morale. This is the same thing. Everyone knows what’s going on, but seeing it with one’s own eyes or hearing about it in lurid detail is something else. There are young girls in the house who go home to their villages and tell their families about everything that goes on here. The crown is not oblivious to pressure. It doesn’t want outraged commoners screaming about the privileged elite turning innocent village girls into whores.”

“They don’t know anything about her, let alone that we brought her from a village.”

“They know exactly where she’s from. People notice things. A pretty twenty-year-old girl with light brown hair disappears. A girl whose family has an improved situation, but won’t say how or why and is vague about where she’s gone? Word spreads.”

“Point taken. Next time, she’ll be covered.”

“No. No next time. Don’t take her around the house,” Master Evston said impatiently. “I understand she needs time outdoors and to roam. She’ll go to the pet plaza and pet farm, like all our other pets have in the past. She’ll travel in a covered crate, just like the others, until she’s off the estate. A practice that you yourself suggested.”

A crate, she thought, shocked. They’d send her to the pet plaza alone for an extended period? And just what was a pet farm?

“Should I arrange it for four days hence?”

“No,” Master Rocurt snapped. “She just got here. We never send them out this fast.”

“We also never parade them around the castle naked. Why not send her now to let the household settle? Two of the footmen are fighting over the cook’s new assistant. That will grab the staff’s attention if our pet is out of the house.”

Master Rocurt was silent. In her head she pleaded with him not to send her away.

“All right, but not to the farm or the plaza. I’ll take her away. Lord Ceylik is holding one of his house parties. His place is completely open about the keeping of pets. There will be other pets for her to talk to and play with.”

“You’ll take her?”


“To Lord Ceylik’s?”

“I just said so,” the commander said.

“Then I will join you. This I would not miss.”

“As you like,” he said tersely. “Now are you ready to fuck our pet? Or shall we stand around all night fretting over the opinions of our staff?”

“By all means. Let her make up for all the trouble she’s caused.”

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