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Persuasion: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I had to give her credit for her bravery. Or maybe she truly had no understanding of capabilities of the Baranov mafia. Either way, I wasn’t going to allow her to play on her innocence but for so long. “This could end up being a very long night for you, Giliana, unless you start talking to me.”

“Then tell me whatever the hell it is that you’re looking for. I don’t read minds.”

She was goading me in every way she could. Sighing, I refused to take the bait. “There is a diamond that is considered priceless. It was stolen several months ago. As you can imagine, the true owner is extremely angry at the situation.”

“A diamond? That’s not what my father collects. Whoever you received the information from is obviously incorrect. And stupid.” She laughed in a darker manner, shaking her head as if blowing me off.

I simply took a minute to polish off my drink before moving once again toward the bar. She truly had no comprehension of what she was dealing with or her predicament. As I pulled two ice cubes from the maker, enjoying the clink as they hit the glass, a slight reflection in the window caught my attention.

But not quickly enough.

The glass hit the back of my head with enough force I was tossed forward, my hands smashing into several of the bottles, pitching them to the floor. Stars floated in front of my eyes and I was stunned, unable to move for a few seconds.

Growling, I turned around too quickly, the effects of the hard blow catching me off guard. I stumbled forward, blinking in order to focus and watching as she scampered out of the room. There was no way for her to leave, the doors locked down, only operational when I released the system. My head was exploding from pain and as I lumbered forward, I placed my hand on the back of my head.


She’d actually used enough force to cause me to bleed. “Giliana!” I roared, still unable to force my limbs to move as directed. Fuck. I was a complete idiot. I caught sight of her attempting to open the door, her soft mews at least giving me comfort.

“No. Damn you!” She jumped out of my way, racing to another section of the house.

I trailed after her, finally able to see clearly. I found her in the kitchen, a knife in her hand.

“Don’t you dare come any closer,” she yelled, moving from foot to foot.

I stood in the doorway, taking several deep breaths. “There’s nowhere you can go, Giliana. I suggest you put the knife down.”

“Or what? I’m not going to be held prisoner for something my father did. I can’t help you.”

“That’s where you are wrong.” I inched closer, keeping my eyes locked on the way she was holding the knife. It was obvious she’d been trained in self-defense, her stance fluid and her eyes never leaving me. I calculated the distance, edging around the island.

She darted the other direction, yelping when I jumped across the platform, snagging her wrist. Damn if the woman wasn’t stronger than I realized, able to struggle out of my grasp and take a swing, nicking my neck.

I’d had enough of her and her defiance. With one hand I grabbed her hand holding the knife. With the other I yanked on her hair until I was able to wrap my arm around her throat. As I wrenched her hand, she held fast for several seconds.

Not only was she brave, she was impervious to a certain level of pain. I finally added enough pressure that she yelped, dropping the knife.

She took deep and labored breaths, doing everything she could to fight me.

I dragged her closer, completely out of breath, squeezing until she finally stopped. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Oh, yeah?” she countered, both her hands gripping my forearm.

“However, I won’t stand for this.”

“What are you going to do, punish me?”

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do. You act like a spoiled child then you’re going to be treated like one.” I dragged her toward the kitchen table, doing everything I could to curtail my anger. I’d never had anyone defy me in this manner. I was shocked as well as impressed, my heart racing. God damn, the woman was a ballbuster in every way.

I pulled away, yanking a towel from the counter. “Undress.”

“What?” she snapped, turning to face me, watching as I blotted the blood. Her eyes opened wide, her expression one of fear as well as surprise. “What a shame. I hurt you.”

Still rebellious.

“We will talk about your attack at a later time, Giliana. Undress. When I give you a command, you’re going to follow it without question or your punishments will be much worse.”

She swallowed several times, studying me intently as if determining whether or not I was telling her the truth. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I dropped the towel, glaring at her.

Her mouth twisted as before, and she allowed her gaze to fall to the towel before jerking her blouse from her skirt. She turned away, her body trembling.

Even from where I stood, I could tell her fingers were fumbling as she tried to unfasten the buttons. I was furious with myself for turning my back on her, angry with her for taking such a significant risk.

And every other emotion rode me hard. I actually found myself caring about her welfare. If Dante or anyone else found out that I’d taken her prisoner and she wasn’t talking, I would be required to end her life. That wasn’t something I planned on doing. As if I would have any choice.

She laid the blouse carefully over the chair before easing her hands behind her back, tugging on her zipper. I was mesmerized by her stunning beauty, but as she undressed, exposing more of her delicious body, I felt like nothing but a voyeur. I wanted to give her some privacy, but I refused to turn away from her again. I knew she would stop at nothing to gain her freedom.

A single whimper escaped her mouth when she unfastened her bra, taking far too long to place it over her other clothes. I refused to chastise her, at least for now.

“Lean over the table,” I directed, debating the implement I wanted to use. As I glanced around the kitchen, the container full of utensils grabbed my attention. A wooden spoon. Perfect. The smooth handle felt solid in my hand. I twirled it several times, satisfied with my selection.

She darted a glance in my direction, her eyes falling to the choice I’d made. I could see such trepidation on her face, as if she’d never been spanked before I’d come into her life. Maybe I should feel honored. I resisted chuckling at the ridiculous thought.

There was no hesitation, no additional attempt at misbehaving. She eased over the table, immediately grabbing the edge with both hands. Her slender back rose and fell from her heavy breathing, a warm flush creeping up along her neck.

I moved toward her slowly, hoping she was beginning to understand that crossing me wasn’t in her best interest. “Moya krasivaya neposlushnaya devushka.”

“What? What are you saying?”

“Mmm… My beautiful disobedient girl.”

“I don’t belong to you!” she retorted as she twisted her head back and forth.

I exhaled, allowing the disparaging sound to be my only answer.

“I really didn’t mean to hurt you,” she whispered as I moved closer, smacking the hard surface of the spoon against my palm.

“I think you did. In fact, I believe you hoped that it would give you enough time to escape. That’s never going to happen. All the windows and doors are completely secured, the system I have in place impenetrable. I employ four soldiers, all carrying weapons. They are aware of my standards and won’t hesitate to deal with you as they see fit. In other words, you will follow the rules, Giliana. Period.”

I pressed my hand on the small of her back, inhaling another hint of her perfume. I could get drunk on the scent of her alone. I rubbed my forehead, a headache settling behind my eyes. It was going to be a long few days.

I didn’t bother hesitating, bringing the implement down four times in succession, hitting her bottom on her sit spot. The earlier spanking had been nothing in comparison to what she was about to receive. She didn’t react at first other than an increase in her ragged breathing.

I smacked her twice more before inching closer, caressing both ass cheeks.

“Oh…” She pressed her face against the table, her entire body shuddering as she kicked out, yet she did everything she could to hold her composure.

She was one tough woman, more so than many of the assholes I’d been forced to deal with over the years. I honestly admired both her tenacity and her vivaciousness—another weakness in my mind.

I noticed she winced as I brought the wooden piece down again, this time smacking her upper thighs.

“No! Oh, no. I won’t do that again. I promise.” She jerked up from the table, bending both legs at the knees.

“No, I don’t believe you will.” I pushed her legs down before rubbing my fingers in circles on the small of her back, moving to the blossom of red expanding on her bottom. The heat had increased, sizzling my fingers but for an entirely different reason. I was far too aroused, my cock pressing hard against the tight confines of my pants. “Stay in position or we’ll start again.”

“Yes. Sir.” The words were said as she gritted her teeth, her breath skipping.

The glisten on her face was enticing, her resilience even more so. I started again, slapping the spoon down in rapid succession.

Her moans turned into whimpers, but she was very obedient, only the fact she fisted her hands giving away her discomfort.

I was forced to take a deep breath, my thoughts turning to my desire to fuck her. I was crazed with need, longing to bury my cock deep inside her pussy before claiming her ass. I could barely get it out of my mind, forcing me to look away for a few seconds. Jesus. What the hell was happening to me?

I issued four more. She would wear my marks for at least a full day.

As I brought the implement down again, she beat her hands against the table. “I will hate you forever for doing this. Never forget. Forever.”

And I knew she would follow through with her promise.

I knew the thirty strikes were enough, perhaps more so for my emotional level. I eased back from the table, taking deep breaths. “There’s very little in my life I will ever forget, Giliana. You have no idea how difficult dealing with everyday tasks has been. Hate me. That’s up to you; however, it’s entirely possible that you will soon come to view me as your savior.”

Giliana slid her hands down, laughing softly and bitterly. “Not a chance in hell. Sir.”

I didn’t bother with the belt, pitching it onto the island. I was overcome by the same burning desire I had from her earlier in the night. I was almost blinded by the hunger sizzling every nerve ending. There was no hesitation, no control over the sadistic man dwelling inside. I pressed one hand against her back while I unfastened my trousers, settling between her and kicking her legs apart.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” she huffed defiantly.

“Yes, but only good girls get fucked in their pretty little pussies. Bad girls get fucked in the ass.”

She took several deep breaths, pushing up from the table, a single moan slipping past her pretty little lips.

My cock was throbbing, my balls tight as drums. Even my legs were shaking from the rush of adrenaline pumping into every cell and vein. I cupped her rounded bottom, my breath skipping from the way the heat of her skin felt in my hands. As I pulled her ass cheeks aside, I issued a husky growl. “Every hole belongs to me.” I pressed my cockhead against her puckered hole, pushing past her tender skin.

“Oh. Oh…” She tossed her head over her shoulder, gasping for air.

I slipped my cock inside an inch at a time, closing my eyes and savoring the tightness. I dug my fingers into her skin, breathing in her sweet essence and at that moment, vile and obscene things I desired to do to her filtered into my mind.

“Oh, God.” Her entire body shook as she arched her back, her muscles surrendering me like a beautiful flower.

I thrust into her again, the force slamming her against the edge of the table, my balls slapping against her wet pussy. Holding my stance, I leaned over, dragging my tongue down the length of her neck. The beast in me wanted nothing more than to sink my teeth into her. I was rattled at the thought, stars floating in front of my eyes. Pulling back, I brushed the tips of my fingers down her spine.

I wasn’t a romantic man, could never share a life with a single woman. I’d be no good for her, my barbaric needs far too intense for anyone to tolerate.

But here and now, she belonged to me. I’d bought Giliana whether she believed it or not. She would soon learn what it meant to cross a member of the Specialists or the Baranov organization.

She would also learn to satisfy my every need, submitting to me body and soul.

With every savage stroke of my shaft, I became more empowered, a crazed man in need of more. Every muscle tensed, beads of sweat forming across my forehead. I was lost to the moment, fucking her like a wild animal. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in my ears, matching the hard beating of my heart.

I continued plunging in and out, my balls aching to the point of absolute pain.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Her soft mews and ragged whimpers only fueled my fire, boosting my brutal drive.

I threw my head back, my cock throbbing to the point I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. As the savage roar rushed up from my throat, I finally erupted, filling her dark little asshole with my seed.

I wanted to cage her, using her every opportunity I had. But first and foremost, she would be punished for her sins as well as her refusal to talk.

And she would learn her lesson one way or the other.

I took several steps back, my breath even more ragged as I slipped my cock back inside my pants. My head was fucking killing me, enough so this session would end.

“You’re coming with me.” I wanted nothing more than to ease her away from the table, soothing her savage nerves, but that wasn’t the man I’d been trained to be. I had to stop caring about her or my personal consequences would be grave.

A single disparaging sound pushed past her lips before she shoved herself away from the table, folding her arms over her breasts as she turned to face me.

Still defiant.

Still with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

She had no idea that soon I would indeed break her.

“What about my clothes?”

I grinned, glancing up and down at her luscious body. “For tonight, you’ve lost the privilege. We shall see how you act in the morning.”

“Where are you taking me?” she asked in the kind of quiet manner meant to test my resolve.

“Where you’re going to be sleeping for the night. As far as tomorrow, we will begin again until you are honest with me. And trust me. There will be additional punishment if necessary.”

I was surprised when she walked closer, every part of her body tensing as if being close to me was disgusting. “Spank me. Fuck me. I’ve been nothing but honest with you. I wonder. Can you say the same thing?”

Inhaling, the bitterness and anger inside reared its ugly head. If this were anyone else, I would have issued a hard strike. With her, I couldn’t stand the realization of what had already occurred. Dear God, I already wanted to fuck her again. I held my breath as I pointed toward the small door located in the vestibule of the kitchen.

She darted a single glance, a knowing smile curling on her lips as she turned sharply, every step she took stiff. When she noticed the combination lock on the door, she threw a nasty glare in my direction, her shallow breaths labored. “Was anything about earlier tonight real?”

“Real?” I repeated, as if I didn’t know exactly what she was insinuating. My chest was tight, my balls even more so. She had a knack for digging into my very soul.

“Yeah. Did you actually enjoy the time we spent together, or were you simply attempting to gain information, using me and nothing else?”

Real. The word meant something entirely different in my world.

“There is nothing truly real in the world, Giliana. As soon as you embrace the concept, you will be better off.” After pressing in the combination, I opened the door and flipped the switch, light highlighting the way down a set of stairs.

She shook her head, her emerald eyes imploring. “I’m so very sad for you, Kostya. Whatever happened in your life to make you this jaded, hating all those around you is truly disheartening.” Very slowly she turned her head, locking her gaze onto the steps, her hand fluttering over mine in an angelic caress.

As if forgiving me for my sins.

“You’ll never break me,” she whispered.

The conviction in her voice was both enchanting as well as a challenge.

I told myself I didn’t need her, that I could live my life as it had been.

I reminded myself that I shouldn’t want her in any manner, although the slightest touch of her hand stimulated every inch of my body and soul.

I forced myself to look away, tapping my hand against the wall in a gesture requiring her movement. No, I didn’t need her. She was merely my mark’s daughter, a woman who might hold the key to obtaining what I sought.

As she took the first cautious step down, I realized it was all a lie.

I had to have her.

Every. Single. Inch.

What troubled me the most was that she made my black heart bleed.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was forced to realize that she just might be my only attempt at salvation.

God help me.

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