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Pet by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“You’ll never own me,” I replied brazenly.

His palm cupped my cheek, and his thumb glided along my cheekbone.

“I already do, my pet. Let me tell you what’s going to happen. No matter how much you beg tonight, and I promise you that you will, your punishment isn’t going to end until I decided it should. You’re going to sob and you’re going to scream for me, but when I’m finally through with you, you’ll finally understand what it means to belong to me,” he said calmly.

I stared into his eyes expecting anger, but there was none. Instead, he was cool and collected, as if he expected me to push back against him and that was the most terrifying thing of all. My stomach dropped with a strong surge of anxiety and I licked my lips, trying to gather whatever tendrils of bravery were left inside me. I found none as the palm cupping my face slowly edged down my throat, continuing downward until his fingers traced the thin line of pink lace of my dress. His fingertips slid just beneath it and I arched into his touch just the slightest bit. His gaze darkened in a way that I was sure that he had noticed.

“Last weekend, I spanked your bare little bottom, didn’t I, pet?” he asked. His tone was different this time. He was curious, and it caught me off guard so much so that it momentarily stunned me.

“Yes, sir,” I finally whispered, nervously clenching my backside as I remembered the feeling of his cruel palm. My thighs were still sore from it and it made my pussy tighten with even more traitorous arousal as I recalled the image of myself over the stool with his palm painting my ass red.

“Your bottom is not going to be the only place that I plan to punish tonight, my naughty pet,” he said, and his fingers gripped the neckline of my dress a little tighter. Without a word, he jerked his hand forward and the terrible sound of ripping fabric filled the air. He tore the designer dress straight down to my waist, exposing my belly and my matching pink bra all in one smooth motion.

“That was expensive!” I exclaimed, horrified that he’d destroyed the clothing that the music hall had provided for me. I didn’t know if they expected me to return it and I would never be able to give it back now. The dress was utterly ruined.

“I’ll buy you a new one,” he answered nonchalantly, as if it was that easy.

“I don’t know if there is another like it. It may not be replaceable,” I whimpered.

“Then I will buy you enough to fill your whole closet. Of course, you won’t be allowed to wear any of them unless I grant you the privilege of clothing, but that’s something we will talk about another time,” he replied.

I gasped in shock and attempted to pull my wrists from his fingers, but it didn’t do any good. His hands held onto mine like a vise, not allowing me to escape. His feet pressed against the insides of mine, forcing me to spread my legs and press my back against the wall in order to stabilize myself. He jerked me toward him, reaching behind my back and swiftly unclipping my bra. Callously, he gripped the connector between my breasts and tore it away from my body, tossing it aside as if it was just another cheap piece of clothing. I watched as it bounced off the floor and when I lifted my gaze back to face him, I inhaled quietly in fear at the darkness I saw staring back at me.

I quivered, well aware of the fact that my breasts were now entirely bare. It was also very clear to me that my nipples were incredibly hard as a result.

He used one hand to gently caress my left breast, tracing his rough fingertips along the bottom curve of it before he used the seat of his palm to graze over top of my nipple. I sighed softly in pleasure, pressing a bit harder into his touch. This felt good. I could do this.

With purpose, he took one nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I stilled, watching him warily as he gently caressed it with his fingertips. At first, he rolled it side to side, teasing me with his tender touch and I allowed myself to enjoy it. He didn’t remain gentle for very long before he pinched it roughly, pulling my breast out by my nipple and I cried at as an unexpected surge of pain radiated across my chest.

“I’m going to spank these perfect breasts of yours bright red. It’s going to hurt and you’re going to scream, especially when I punish your pretty little nipples as hard as I spanked your bare little bottom, my naughty pet. It’s not going to end there either. I want you to think about how much more is going to come after that. So many possibilities, kitten. So much time to properly punish a woman like you,” he said darkly. His tone was incredibly firm, and it felt like my stomach did a somersault deep inside me at the sound of it.

Almost as a preview of what came next, he pulled on my nipple even more fiercely and a strangled cry escaped my lips. Piercing agony diffused across my breast and when he finally released my tender flesh, the pain intensified to something even greater than I thought possible. For a few seconds, I found it difficult to breathe, and when I finally managed to pull a deep gulp of air into my lungs, he spanked my breast. Hard.

For a long moment, I forgot how to do anything but feel pain. Time seemed to slow as agony like nothing I’d ever felt spread across my left breast. A soft desperate cry escaped my lips and then the rest of my body finally started to respond.

My shoulders rounded and my entire torso caved inward as I pressed my back against the wall. I tried to turn away from him, but there was only so much leeway in the way he had me pinned with my arms high overhead and my legs spread. I twisted my chest, but his palm smacked at my breast again and the air rushed out of my lungs in a harsh gasp.


That hurt. A whole fucking lot.

I tried to breathe through the pain, but there was nothing else but the scalding hot sting of his palm. Another spank fell, and it was far worse than the first ones because now I knew what was coming. A harsh cry surrounded me, and it took me some time to realize that I was the one making that terrible sound. It made a rush of electricity race up and down my spine. My thighs trembled with fear.

I’d underestimated him in thinking I’d be able to push back and end whatever this was.

I was wrong and he was only just beginning to show me how wrong.

He thoroughly spanked my breasts, making sure he turned the entirety of them bright pink. I watched him slap them several times, staring in wonder as his hand left a white imprint on my skin at first, which quickly turned pink after that. My breasts jiggled shamefully every time he spanked them, and an embarrassed flush crept over my face. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to take what he gave me gracefully, but failing entirely.

Oh, God. Please.

“Wait!” I cried out, hoping he would stop. He didn’t. I should have known better.

I didn’t know how to cope with the intense agony because it only seemed to build on itself. Soon, it felt as if my breasts were on fire and no matter how I turned from side to side in an effort to avoid his painful strikes, I couldn’t. Not even once. His aim was true every time and when he began to spank my nipples, I finally broke and started to beg.

“Please, stop. I’ll take off what’s left of my dress. Please,” I pleaded, but his fingers continued to punish my nipples anyway. He paused to pinch each one with his cruel fingers, pulling and twisting them away from my body and causing concentrated agony to blossom across my chest with wild abandon. He punished each nipple that way until they were throbbing and sore, but still he wasn’t done with me.

I never stopped begging, even though at this point it was more than clear that it wasn’t doing anything to stop him.

With my hands pinned far over my head and my legs spread wide, I was forced to arch my back almost in a way that presented my breasts to him for punishment. He spanked each nipple three times in quick succession and I keened as I struggled to take what he gave me.

Finally, he paused and admired his handiwork, tracing his fingers across my breasts. I whimpered and my chest heaved as I struggled to breathe more normally. He squeezed my breast, scratching his fingers along my punished flesh, which only made it hurt even more.

“This punishment isn’t going to end when you beg, my pet. It’s only going to end when you’re a very sore and sorry little kitten. Do you know who gets to decide that?” he chided me, and my stomach dropped straight down to my toes.

“You, sir,” I answered pitifully.

“That’s correct, my little pet,” he replied.

With a certain calculated viciousness, he gripped the thin fabric of my dress and ripped it all the way through so that it hung in tatters on my body. My core clenched down hard with anxious arousal as I stared down at the ripped designer garment. I had no idea how much it cost but I was sure that it was worth at least several thousand dollars. He didn’t care. Instead, he focused on baring the rest of my body to his view.

He took the thin cloth of my panties in his fingers and ruthlessly tore them from my body, pinching my sensitive folds in a way that made me cry out in pain. I whimpered as he tossed my sodden underwear to the side, looking at them as if they were the last semblance of protection that he’d taken away from me. I had no defenses left.

“Are your pretty breasts and little nipples very sore, my pet?” he asked as he dragged the hard edge of a fingernail over top of the marks he’d left behind.

“Yes, sir,” I whined, struggling to take the sharp pain he left in his wake. His nails left white lines across my breasts, stark against the red of my spanked skin. In time, those turned pink and eventually red so that they blended in with the rest of my punished flesh too. The only hint to their existence was small raised welts that only made me quiver with heat as I watched them rise.

“Good,” he replied. His fingers dipped even lower, exploring the sensitive flesh between my breasts and venturing down my belly until his touch grazed along the sharp edge of my hipbone. For a long moment, he was perfectly still and the only thing I heard was the painfully loud drumming of my heart and the breathy pants escaping my lips.

My breasts were so incredibly sore, making my body tremble with painful sensations that consumed my entire focus. The spanking had been awful, but now that his palm wasn’t punishing me there anymore, something different began to spark inside me. My tender scalded skin tingled with pain and as I breathed through it, desire fluttered inside me that was stronger than ever. My bare pussy tightened with need and as I stood there against the wall pinned by his even larger frame, a shameful realization finally dawned on me.

I was wet. Really fucking wet. What he’d done had turned me on and even though I didn’t want to accept that, my body wasn’t leaving me any choice. I tried to turn my thoughts away from my building desire and for a short while, I was successful, but it only worked for so long.

My chest hurt and would be ridiculously sore to the touch for some time, but I’d made it. I’d survived a spanking to my breasts and with a sigh of relief, I simply focused on pulling air in and out of my lungs. That didn’t last though.

He forced me to focus back on the growing desire within me by doing one simple thing. His fingers dipped between my thighs and he discovered my shameful secret for himself.

“Oh, my little pet. You’re so very wet. This is going to make this next part of your punishment that much more painful for you,” he said in a menacing, scolding tone that made my mouth go dry as cotton.

“Wait. What do you mean?” I replied desperately. I had hoped it was over, but I soon found out I was wrong.

Immediately, his palm spanked my pussy hard. I whined out loud as an unexpected flash of pain radiated between my thighs like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

“You will call me sir when you’re being punished, my little pet,” he admonished.

“Yes, sir,” I managed to wail before he cupped my pussy with his hand. It was a show of ownership, a demonstration that he could do whatever he wanted with me right now and I didn’t have a choice about any of it. I trembled before him, growing even more uneasy about what was to come next. If he punished my pussy as hard as he’d spanked my breasts, I was afraid that I was going to cry. I was afraid of how much it was going to hurt.

“Naughty little kittens who disobey their masters are punished until they are sore and sobbing. That includes your bare little bottom, your perfect breasts, and this very wet little pussy,” he chided, punctuating each word with a hard, stinging slap between my thighs. He kept his feet just inside of mine as a way to prevent me from bringing my legs together and it worked far too well. He stretched my arms a bit higher over my head, and I keened as he spanked my pussy just as thoroughly as he spanked my breasts.

I cried out and begged him for mercy. I didn’t find even a single shred of it. If anything, he punished my wet pussy even harder. I squirmed as much as I could, but his cruel fingers caught my tender flesh with ruthless intensity. My breasts felt heavy with desire. They jiggled each time he spanked my pussy and I hung my head in shame as the punishment continued. The searing heat of his palm quite thoroughly scalded my sensitive folds and nothing I could do could stop it.

“This little pussy is so very pretty when it’s been spanked bright red,” he murmured, and my core clenched down hard in both pain and ravenous desire.

“It hurts,” I cried out.

“It’s supposed to, my naughty little pet,” he chided. His fingers explored my wetness, no doubt finding me even wetter than when he’d started. He slipped a single digit inside me and I shuddered hard all around him. He chuckled softly before he withdrew his hand.

“I’m going to spank this bare little pussy ten more times. I want to make sure that you’re very, very sore before I punish this tight little hole with my cock,” he threatened, and a soft cry of aroused anxiety escaped my throat.

“Yes, sir,” I finally managed to whisper, not knowing if he expected an answer and not wanting to earn more than I already had. His palm pressed against my pussy and I stiffened. I knew how much agony his palm could render across every last inch of my sore flesh now and that almost made it worse. The anticipation of the inevitable sting caused me to freeze even though I could still feel my thighs quivering as I waited.

When the next spank fell, it was firmer than all the rest. I keened loudly, but another ultimately followed. And another and another until the only thing left was the burning pain between my thighs. My chest heaved and my breath hitched in the back of my throat. I lost count of how many times he slapped my pussy until it was one endless scalding sensation that threatened to render me undone.

I thought I would cry and just when I was certain that the first tears were going to fall, he pulled his hand away. I fought to catch my breath as he undid his belt and I wailed when I heard the telltale sound of his zipper being lowered as he freed his cock.

“Put your arms around my neck, my little pet,” he demanded as he released my wrists.

This time, I didn’t hesitate to obey him. My sore breasts and pussy were more than enough to remind me to do so. He leaned down and wound his arms around the backs of my legs, lifting me off the floor as if I weighed nothing at all. My back pressed against the wall and I trembled as I waited fully suspended. I didn’t know if I was ready for what was to come next, but it didn’t matter.

He didn’t ask me if I wanted to be fucked. He just took what was his to take.

In one violent motion, he thrust his cock up inside me. My body wasn’t ready for his massive size and it hurt as he slammed into me. His pelvis smacked against my freshly spanked folds and I groaned loudly as pain and pleasure warred deep in my core. I could feel my inner walls clutching desperately at his cock and I wasn’t certain if it was to take him more deeply or a frantic attempt to force him out. I struggled for a long time to get used to his enormous size and even then, it was still difficult.

My arms tightened around his neck and I squirmed just the tiniest bit. Held up in the air and pinned against the wall with his cock, my small movements only served to massage a place deep inside me that left me panting and wanting more. My pussy clenched down hard and I blushed, knowing that he could feel just how much my body wanted to ride his cock.

Even though I ached from the harsh sting of his palm, my body was starting to burn with fierce arousal. The sharp initial pain of his cock pushing deep into me was simmering into a passionate need that I couldn’t even begin to control. My core twisted hard and it pulsed deep inside me, demanding that the pleasure rampaging within me be set free.

“Sir?” I asked.

“Yes, my pet?”

I didn’t want to say the words that left my lips next, but I said them anyway.

“I need to come,” I wailed.

“I know,” he answered as he slowly started thrusting in and out of me. The ample wetness between my thighs made it easy for him as he took me and as the seconds passed, he increased his pace. He pistoned into me harder and more roughly than before, not caring if I moaned with pleasure or cried out with pain.

I did both. Over and over again.

Fuck. He was big.

My pussy ached as he bounced me on his cock, forcing himself even deeper into my body with every last thrust. He pounded into me with ruthless efficiency and it soon became clear to me that it was more for his pleasure than my own.

Which seemed to make me grow even hotter.

My clit pulsed and I rolled my hips forward enough so that when his pelvis pistoned into mine, it scraped against my needy bud in such a way that I knew would only force my desire even higher. I dug my fingers into his shoulders as he fucked me and my core throbbed hard.

The fragrance of oranges and citrus circled around me, his aroma intoxicating as he laid claim to my body in a way I’d never experienced before. I arched back and rolled my hips, riding him hard as the heady scent of sex fueled my desire even higher. My skin tingled with electricity, every nerve in my body igniting with pulses of arousal. I felt as though I was going mad with lust and he started fucking me even harder.

That first orgasm crashed over me like a tidal wave. I rode him hard, taking every last inch of his cock in my needy little pussy as if I couldn’t get enough. His cock fucked me so deeply that I felt it pounding against my cervix and I found that I liked it. No man had ever lifted me up into the air and fucked me against a wall and if that made me a dirty girl, I didn’t care.

It felt so fucking good.

Exquisite ecstasy burst through me, radiating outward in a spiral from deep within my core. I trembled under its intoxicating thrall, feeling nothing but the intercalating sensations of pain and pleasure. That first orgasm threatened to pull me under, making me feel as if I was treading water. The harder he fucked me, the more difficult it became to keep myself afloat. I was afraid I might drown in it all.

“I can feel your tight little pussy every time it squeezes my cock, my pet,” he murmured, and I moaned as a flash of passionate need hurtled through me at his words. “Now come for me. Wear yourself out on your master’s cock.”

I did. I came so hard I screamed his name.

That second orgasm ripped through my core like a knife. I was caught in the grip of a riptide of pleasure so powerful that my eyes rolled back in my head and my thighs gripped desperately at his waist.

He never stopped fucking me. His movements only turned rougher and harder until I was screaming his name with every last thrust. My body clutched desperately at his length, milking every inch of him for each moment of pleasure he gave me. I moaned and just when a third orgasm was about to crash over me, I felt his cock throb hard inside me.

I ground my hips into his, taking his cock as deeply as I dared, and he groaned in appreciation. He slapped his pelvis against mine, harder and harder as his cock pulsed inside me. I cried out with insatiable need as his seed spurted up deep inside me and I shook with pleasure, screaming as I came for him yet again.

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