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Prey: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

He gripped her thighs, keeping her in position as he mouthed the inside of her leg, sucking on her tender flesh.

Moaning, her hand fluttered over her mouth, her toes curling.

He enjoyed studying her contorted face, the way her brow furrowed, the small tic in the corner of her mouth. She had no idea how beautiful she truly was. He breathed along her stomach, moving to the other side, dragging his tongue down the inside of her thigh, licking all the way to her knee.

“Oh, my…” A single clipped laugh escaped her mouth as she tossed her head back and forth.

Licking and nipping very slowly, when he reached her pussy, he blew a swath of hot air before darting out the tip of his tongue, swirling around her clit. Her reaction sent a pulse into his cock. He would take her soon again. Inching closer, he licked and sucked in her clit, flicking his tongue until the tissue was swollen.

“Oh, God!” Arching her back, Sophia jerked up, her legs beginning to shake.

Chuckling, he nipped her hardened bud before licking all the way down the length of her pussy, then roaming back up. Easing back, he moved his lips across her thigh. “Pinch your nipples for me. I want them in pain.”

“Mmm…” Her eyelids flitted open and closed several times as she positioned her hands, taking her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She pinched until she whimpered then twisted her hardened buds back and forth.

“Good girl. Don’t stop until I tell you.” His command sounded harsh, his voice raspy and he licked her pussy in a series of deliberate actions, going up and down methodically. His legs began to shake as adrenaline rushed into his body, sizzling every cell. He was on fire, burning from deep within.

Panting, she obeyed his command, her fingers almost white from the force she used, her moans peppering the night sky.

He buried his face into her pussy, languishing over the taste, his tongue darting in and out. He wanted this woman to the point of abandoning the rest of his life. As she tossed her head, her chest heaving, he continued licking and sucking, moving from her pussy to her clit. The combination was driving her to a point of no return.

“I… I can’t hold…”

“Wait until I tell you or there will be hell to pay.” Groaning, he resumed licking and sucking, watching her every move, the way her lower lip quivered, her face shimmering in the shadowed light. She remained apprehensive, even frightened of him, but she would soon learn to trust. She would also learn absolute submission.

“Please, I…” Sophia jerked up, her eyes open wide, her legs shaking.

He lifted his head. “Come for me. Come!”

“Oh. Oh!”

There was no holding back. The second he pressed his open mouth on her pussy lips, she erupted, filling his mouth with her cream. He continued licking, gathering her sweet juice as she panted, her body wiggling.

When she’d stopped shaking, he eased one leg down then the other, smiling as she placed both hands over her face. He brushed wet hands through his hair before climbing out of the pool and standing over her.

Her eyes hazy, she looked up at him, a smile of satisfaction crossing her face.

Wrath held out his hand. “Come. We aren’t finished just yet.”

Grasping his hand, her eyes never left his as he helped her to her feet.

He pinched her chin with his thumb and forefinger. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass then I’m going to give you a hard spanking. And you will be a good girl. Yes?”

“Yes. Yes, sir.” There was a look of amusement as well as surrender in her eyes, excitement that was unrequited.

This was going to be the experience of their lives, a moment that they would always remember, together. But what the lovely lady didn’t know was that this wasn’t necessarily the end.

At least if he had anything to do about the circumstances.

He led her into the house and up the stairs to his private bedroom. There’d been no disposition to bring her into his private space, even when he knew that she’d find him. He’d learned so much about the tenacious agent, including her desire. The plan had been executed with precision, even though he’d paid the informant a pretty penny not only for his help but for his silence. Unfortunately, the man was a loose end, one that would need to be taken care of, but work would wait for the moment.

Wrath merely had to walk into the room and the soft lights turned on, illuminating the massive king-sized iron bed and the rich cotton sheets. The patio door remained open, the light breeze whisking the thin sheets back and forth in a flowing pattern. He stood in front of her, running his hands down her arms, finally cupping her breasts. As he rubbed his thumbs back and forth across her bruised nipples, she moaned. “One day I will whip your beautiful breasts, but not today.” He bent down, sucking on first one then the other.

Sophia exhaled, a strangled whimper coming from her throat. “Yes, please…”

Rising to his full height, he nodded toward the bed. “Lie down on your stomach in the middle of the bed, your hands over your head.”

She gave him a wary look before inching backward, turning and crawling onto the bed.

There was no doubt she remained frightened, as she should be. She knew what he was capable of, the kind of atrocities she fought so hard to eradicate. But her desires outweighed any concern.

When she was in position, he moved around to the side, rubbing his fingers up from her foot to her calf, then allowing the tips to travel up along the back of her leg to her beautifully rounded bottom and spine. There were no real marks from his round of discipline, only a hint of pink. He’d gone easy on her, for what reason, he wasn’t entirely certain. “I’m going to shackle your wrists. Do you understand?”

Lifting her head, Sophia hesitated briefly. “All right.”

The slap against her ass was hard and swift. “You will address me appropriately, Sophia. Now, do. You. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.” The tone of defiance had returned.

And he couldn’t help but smile. “In my family, where women are thought to be submissives, I was trained in the art of Japanese rope bondage. Shibari. Have you heard of this before?” He placed her right wrist in the leather cuff, slipping the straps into the buckles.

“Yes, sir.”

“Excellent. My father required such training. He also hired a man, a master from Vietnam to teach me and my brothers various methods of inflicting pain.” Exhaling, Wrath remembered the days with mixed emotions. “Pain without inflicting permanent damage. An art my father became very good at.” He kept his fingers dancing across her slickened body as he moved to the other side of the bed. Hearing her short breath sounds, he caressed her back. “I may be a monster to you in every way, but I assure you, I find no joy in complete sadism.” He secured her other arm and took a step back, admiring the length of her neck, her slender back.

Whether or not she was comforted by his words he was unable to tell, but as she wiggled her arms, testing the bindings, she seemed to breathe easier.

Perhaps she believed she could relieve herself of the tight confines.

He rubbed his jaw before crawling onto the bed, immediately slipping three fingers into her soaked pussy.


The shimmer of her face in the moonlight was such a powerful aphrodisiac and his cock stood at full attention, the throbbing more of an ache. If only they were alone on an island. “If you were mine for a solid week, there would be so many things I would teach you, share with you. Pleasures unlike you have ever known. I wonder. Would you go with me to a secluded island, where every fantasy turned into a reality?” He certainly didn’t anticipate an answer of any kind.

“You know I can’t answer that.”

Her loyalty remained with the agency.

Closing his eyes, he sucked in his breath, his muscles tensing. Sophia was far too tempting. He crawled onto the bed, his fingers remaining in her pussy, sliding in and out. When they were sufficiently wet, he slid them along the crack of her ass, wiggling until he maneuvered the tips into her dark hole.

A slight moan escaped her lips, a rattle of her bondage and she clenched her ass cheeks, trapping his fingers.

He tapped her ass with the other hand as he pushed his fingers in deeper. “Now, I take your sweet asshole once again, the ultimate in pleasure.” He replaced his fingers with his shaft, sliding just his cockhead inside. The memory of taking her months before was bittersweet, increasing his animalistic longing.

Gasping, she clenched her fists, moans turning into whimpers.

Wrath had never been a gentle lover, not for certain fragile women, but on this night, he wanted everything to be perfect. Taking his time, he slid inside inch by inch, waiting as her ass muscles relaxed. Only when he was fully inside did he begin to drive in and out. He straddled her legs, using his thigh muscles to plunge in an orchestrated fashion.

“Oh…” She tensed, trying to arch her back but her look of anguish moved into one of raw ecstasy.

Smacking her bottom several times, he could see the smile curling on her lips.

He continued to pump in slow and easy strokes, relishing in the increased tightness, the heat. His balls were already swollen, filled with cum, hungry to explode. There was no chance of lasting long. With every stroke, every plunge, he was unable to take his eyes off of her. As the approaching orgasm set jolts of current down the back of his legs, he felt her squeeze and could hold back no longer.

As stars floated in front of his eyes, the pure bliss driving straight into his soul, he was forced to look away.

For there was no doubt. This woman was going to be his demise.

In a dreamlike state, Sophia unclenched her hands, her breathing returning to normal. She refused to accept the realization that she was handcuffed to a monster’s bed. This was surreal, allowing her to float into a moment of true nirvana. When he left the bed, she turned her head, watching as he walked into the bathroom. The sound of running water couldn’t have been more surprising.

As Wrath walked out of the bathroom, a washcloth in his hand, he gave her a nod, one of approval. Remaining silent, he gently wiped cum off her ass cheeks, rubbing up and down.

She spread her legs as he caressed her skin, holding her breath. Why would such a violent man take such care of her? There was no answer, no understanding, but his mask had completely fallen away.

“Now, my sweet Sophia. Rest. I’ll be right back.”

The fact he was leaving the room send a series of terrifying tremors down from her spine to the back of her legs. Where the hell was he going? Was he going to leave her here? She sucked in her breath, listening for any sounds. Then she began to count, to try to keep track of time. After two minutes, she continued to rationalize what he was doing. After four, she found it difficult to breathe.

After seven, panic set in.

Rattling her bindings, she craned her neck in order to see how in the fuck she was going to get herself out of this predicament. What a fool she’d been. Struggling, she did her best to crawl up the comforter, using her legs as leverage.

“None of that,” his voice boomed into the bedroom space.

A sigh of relief was followed by a single hiss. “I thought you’d left.”

“I made you a promise, one I intend to keep. Time for your real punishment.”

She was unable to see him, unable to tell what he was doing. When she was allowed a quick glimpse, she clamped her mouth shut. Ginger. The motherfucker was going to shove ginger up her ass. What. The. Hell?

“Methods of pain are often misguided. It’s not always about the force used, my sweet Sophia. Something as simple as figging can be so powerful. I’m certain you would agree.” He emitted a slight chuckle.

“Yes, sir.” The words were said through clenched teeth to the point she was surprised they were even recognizable. She’d read about figging before, even purchased a stalk one time at the grocery store, peeling it exactly as she’d seen on the internet. But she’d never had the guts to try something so… daunting.



She automatically clenched her ass cheeks as he crawled onto the bed.

Wrath exhaled. “Relax, sweet Sophia.”

Wrinkling her nose, she attempted to obey as he pushed the tip of the ginger against her puckered hole. The slide inside was done with relative ease. Experiencing zero sensations, she breathed out.

“I’ll be back in fifteen minutes and don’t worry, my lovely one. I will return. Have faith. Perhaps a little trust.”

Faith. Right. She had very little faith in anything. But for some insane reason, she believed him.

During the next few minutes, she felt nothing different, no burning sensations of any kind. The moment she clenched her ass cheeks, she moaned, a biting sting jetting into the very core of her being. “Shit.” She no longer cared if he heard her exclamation. Wiggling, she tried to concentrate on keeping her asshole relaxed, willing her muscles to cooperate, but damn them. With a foreign object inserted in her ass, all she did was clamp down, whimper, relax, repeat. This was going to be horrible.

After what had to be a very long five minutes, she was so anxious she had difficulty breathing. She wanted to call out, but in her mind, that would indicate defeat. Jesus. Was her mind even able to rationalize any longer?

“Fifteen minutes on the nose. I think you’re ready and I have a very special implement I’m going to use.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she could just make out the long, thin reed. A cane. He was going to whip her with a cane. Tears sprang to her eyes. “I…”

“Ssshhh… This is going to hurt, but it’s so well deserved. Don’t you think, my sweet?” Wrath moved into position, standing just off to the side.

Sophia was able to see his face, his lust-filled eyes. This was keeping him on edge, no doubt his cock thick and pulsing. She held her breath as he swung the cane, snapping the end against the bed. Every cell in her body tingled with anticipation. Sweet Jesus.

“Twenty, I believe on this lovely evening.”

Even his accent seemed thicker. She fisted her hands and the action made her clench her ass muscles the second he snapped his wrist, the reed striking her on the sweet spot. “Fuck!”

“No cursing,” he commanded then cracked once, twice again.

Pain tore through every muscle, forcing her to jerk, every muscle in her body tense. The stinging sensation turned into burning and all she could do was pant as her entire body reacted in a violent manner.

But her pussy clenched as if this was exactly what she craved.

She expected to feel the same level of humiliation as before, but instead, she was almost gleeful, accepting her punishment.

Wrath snapped his wrist, striking her several times in rapid succession.

She was forced to bite back a series of expletives, praying to some freaking God this would be over soon.

He tapped her ass with the cane then swung again, hitting her on the very tops of her thighs.

“Oh… God!” The scream was full blown. When she heard the whooshing sound again, she no longer cared about the ginger burning her asshole.

Every strike in a tight rhythm, he peppered her ass over and over again. Resting, he rubbed her ass cheeks, checking the position of the ginger, twisting the piece back and forth. “You’re doing very well.”

“Please, get this over with. Sir!” Clenching and unclenching her hands, tears slid from both eyes.

“We’re almost finished,” he murmured and ran the cane through his hand, allowing her to see his action.

Huffing, she turned her head the other way, doing everything she could to mentally prepare.

Wrath didn’t keep her waiting long. He issued the final strikes with a swift precision. “Excellent. You have a high threshold for pain.”

She resisted cursing, mumbling or otherwise telling him the fuck off. She only wanted the damn ginger removed from her asshole. The second he tugged on the naked root, giving her relief, she let out a distinct sobbing sound. Submitting to the assassin was… She almost laughed at the thought. There were no words that came to mind.

“Now, I think it’s time to introduce you to an ass plug, which you will wear at all times.”

His voice seemed to echo, creating vibrations jetting through every muscle and cell. An ass plug? Was he kidding?

“We’ll increase the size as I see fit,” he muttered, allowing her to see the gleaming silver implement he held in his hand.

The jeweled end seemed luminescent in the moonlight, drawing her eyes toward the ruby red surface. She bit her inner cheek, holding back yet another moan.

He tapped her bottom before wiggling the tapered end of the piece between her ass cheeks.

Sophia clenched her fists as he slipped the plug inside, her ass muscles immediately clenching around the foreign invasion. The metal was cool, yet intrusive and the lingering effects of the ginger prominent enough she whimpered.

“I’ll return soon, my sweet Sophia.”

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