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Primal Claim: A Rough Alpha Romance by Trent Evans and Victoria Johnson – Extended Preview

Chastity took a taxi home after work that day instead of taking the subway. She just didn’t think that she could handle the stares of strangers, fleeting though they might be. Sitting on one of the benches and trying to ignore the dried cum on the inside of her pants… No. She couldn’t do it.

So, a taxi it was.

The late afternoon traffic meant that it took her almost twice as long to get home as it usually did, but she didn’t mind. It gave her time to breathe and try to decompress from the stress of the day. The afternoon had passed agonizingly slowly, and she had hardly been able to read an email without her thoughts drifting to Adam and what he had said. I’ll be back, Omega. What did that mean? She had spent the entire afternoon watching her door out of the corner of her eye, terrified that he was going to reappear in that doorway and tell her to do more horrifically degrading and arousing things.

The arousal… that was something she didn’t know how to resolve. So she ignored it. Surely it was a one-time thing. Now that he had had her again, he would be satisfied and leave her alone. Right?

Her heart leapt into her throat when she climbed out of the taxi and saw the tall, rangy figure leaning against the brick wall next to her front door. Adam’s hands were tucked into his pockets, and she felt her face burst into flames as she shuffled up the stairs, feeling magnetically drawn to the man almost against her will. Her body screamed for his touch, and as she drew level with him, part of her wished that he would shove her up against her front door and take her right then and there, regardless of anyone who might see them on the street.

“Chastity.” His voice was smug, and he pulled his hands out of his pockets as he straightened up.

She swallowed hard. Be tough, Chas. You can do this. “Adam. What are you doing here? I don’t want you to come around here. I didn’t appreciate that you were at my office surprising me today and…”

A firm grip underneath her chin lifted her face to meet his gaze and stopped her babble in its tracks. The intensity of his expression made her swallow hard, the points that she had been trying to make fading away as she tried not to squirm.

“Open the door, Chastity.” The statement was gruff and to the point, and Chastity’s mouth worked for a moment, opening and closing before she turned and put her key in the lock, opening it. Adam shouldered his way into the condo ahead of her, and she followed with her mouth still hanging open.

Why aren’t you fighting him, Chastity? Stop being such a fucking doormat!

The door shut behind her and she tried again. “Adam…”

He was on her in a flash, pushing her back against her door with his hand wrapped firmly around her throat. “I thought we understood each other after our conversation earlier today, Chastity,” he said. His voice and words were pleasant enough, but the glint in his eyes made Chastity gulp, suddenly feeling as though she were in the hands of a very powerful, very dangerous predator.

That’s nonsense. Just because he’s an Alpha doesn’t make him dangerous. Scream. Call the cops. Anything, Chastity! The voice in her head continued to berate her as she stared into his eyes, mouth dry. She swallowed hard again, shaking her head, trying to communicate what her tongue was suddenly unable to say.

“No, we don’t understand each other?” His voice was soft and mocking, and his free hand rose to flick the buttons of her shirt open one by one. She considered trying to push his hands away, but no matter what she thought, she couldn’t make her hands lift to get in the way of his touch on her body.

He tsked at her as her shirt parted, revealing her bra-clad tits. “I thought we had talked about this too, Omega. Your slutty tits need to be available to me at all times.” Her shirt was pushed off her limp arms until it pooled at the floor by her feet, and he stared at her tits for a moment before he turned and marched into the kitchen. Before she could move, he returned with a pair of scissors and methodically cut the straps of her bra until it fell to the floor in tatters.

“Much better.” He dropped the scissors to the floor as well and cupped her tits, squeezing them firmly while Chastity tried to find the words to protest. Her tongue felt heavy in her mouth, and when his fingers crushed her hard nipples she cried out softly in pain, but still no words telling him off came. Before she could bring herself to it, his hands had undone her pants as well and shoved them down her hips, the fabric of her slacks becoming tangled with her underwear as they puddled at her feet.

“Follow me, Omega.” He tugged her through her house by her nipples, tutting at her when she tried to twist out of his grasp. He released one of her nipples only to slap her tit smartly, sending it bouncing, and then squeezing her nipple tight again. She squeaked in pain as she stumbled forward, nearly tripping on the tangle of fabric around her feet until she managed to step out of her pants and underwear, leaving her naked but for her heels. She followed his lead until he sat on the couch and guided her harshly to her knees in front of him.

“Now, Omega.” He leaned forward, twisting her nipples slightly to get her attention. As if she wasn’t hanging on his every word. “Since you seem to be a little confused, we’re going to review how things will be from now on. It’s only fair that we be on the same page, don’t you think?”

Chastity finally broke her silence, forcing her arousal-soaked brain to get in gear. “I don’t know what fucking page you think that we need to be on but—”

A smart slap across her face stung her cheek and shocked her into silence. It was just hard enough to get her attention, and her cheek tingled as she looked up at his calm face. His hand returned to teasing her nipple, and he cocked his head at her.

“I think we’ll start with that attitude, Omega. From here on out, you’ll address me demurely and respectfully. The way an Omega should address an Alpha.” He smiled darkly at her for a moment. “To you, I’ll be sir. Can you say that?”

Chastity couldn’t seem to get her jaw off the floor. Surely he couldn’t be serious?

His fingers twisted her nipples cruelly, and she let out a whine of pain. “I’m waiting, Chastity. We can sit here all day until you decide you want to cooperate. This is important and I’m not going to rush it.” His eyes flashed at her, and she gulped. He was serious.

“Of course I can say it.” She paused, and his eyebrow raised at her. “Sir.” She spoke the word through gritted teeth, and was relieved when his grip on her nipples lessened some.

“Good. Now. More rules. No underwear of any kind, unless I give you explicit permission. If you think that you’ll have a difficult time following that rule, then I’ll be more than happy to take all your bras and panties back to my place and only give them out as I see fit.” His smile was mocking, and Chastity’s face flushed dark. The idea of him giving her her underwear like she was borrowing them from a library… she didn’t think she would be able to bear the humiliation.

He continued without waiting for her to respond. “I’ll expect your prompt obedience to whatever orders I give you, no matter how humiliating you think they are. Stiff consequences will follow if you don’t. If I call or text you, I’ll expect an immediate response.”

“But what if I’m at work or in a meeting…”

The look in his eyes made her protests dry up in her throat. “You say those things like they’re my problem. These are the rules, and if you don’t think you can follow them given your current occupation, then that may be something we need to revisit.”

Make me quit my job? You’re fucking insane! Her cheek still smarted from the slap earlier, though, so she wisely kept her thoughts to herself. “No… I’ll… I’ll make it work.”

The back of his hand stroked down her cheek, giving her screaming nipples a tiny reprieve. “I know you will, Omega.” The hint of tenderness that Chastity thought she saw in his eyes disappeared in the next moment, leaving nothing but cool, calculating Alpha in its place. “You’ll be required to send me pictures of your outfits at work every day, but only after we go shopping so I can pick your new wardrobe.”

The shock she felt must have read on her face, because he grinned at her mischievously. “You didn’t think you’d get away with covering so much of your sweet body now that you’re mine, did you? No, all your clothes are going to be donated. We’ll get you some nice, slutty new clothes to showcase your body.” His gaze dropped to her tits and if possible, she blushed harder. The scrutiny was almost too much, and she was struck with the urge to fold her arms over her chest in order to protect her modesty.

“Yes, these tits will be a great source of amusement to anyone who looks at you from now on, I’m sure.” His voice was a cruel drawl, and before she could protest the callous words, his hand slipped between her legs and fingers stroked roughly over her embarrassingly wet pussy lips.

He grinned at her. “Last and most important rule. This cunt is mine. I want to know how it is at all times. If you’re wet and dripping down your leg, I want to know. If I let you wear underwear and you soak through the fabric, I want to know. I want to know the state of my property at all times. If I tell you to bend over and present your wet cunt to me, you’ll do it. If I tell you to spread your legs and finger fuck yourself until you’re begging to come, you’ll do it.” His fingers toyed with her clit, and she moaned softly as he continued.

“I’m sure your brain is very smart and lovely, but if it harbors any more ideas that this,” he cupped her mound hard, the tips of his fingers slipping inside her pussy that was getting wetter by the second, “is still yours, then you’ll have to sort through that on your own. It is mine.” The last word was a growl, and Chastity couldn’t help the moan that fell from her lips as his fingers pressed deep inside her sticky, sloppy pussy.

“These are just the beginning, Omega. As you become accustomed to serving me, I’ll add more and more rules. It won’t be easy for you. You’ll be punished often for not following rules to my satisfaction. And I’ll enjoy it a great deal.” His fingers stroked in and out of her pussy, and if she wasn’t already on her knees she was sure that she wouldn’t be standing for much longer.

“Speaking of…” In one swift motion, his fingers were pulled out of her pussy and he grasped her upper arm, tugging her to her feet. She was only there for a moment before he forcibly bent her over his lap, pushing her ass high in the air as she flailed around, trying to find her balance. Her tits pillowed under her torso as he pressed one hand on her lower back, stopping her thrashing movements.

“What are you…” A hand smoothing over her ass stopped her words in their tracks, and she gulped. With her ass and pussy on such display, she didn’t think she could feel more vulnerable.

“I told you that I was going to wait until you weren’t in heat to punish you for your insubordination when we first met.” One of her ass cheeks was squeezed harshly, and she squeaked. “Now is as good a time as any.” He chuckled. “And I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been thinking about how pretty this ass will look painted red from a good spanking.”

Thoughts of protest flitted through Chastity’s mind as her ass was groped and squeezed for several long moments, but she knew that anything she might say would be useless to stop the Alpha above her from doing exactly what he wanted with her. And, if she was being honest with the tiny, dark part of herself that was getting louder and louder by the day, his scrutiny and control over her was unbearably arousing. Her pussy tingled between her legs, and she wondered if he would touch her there if she spread her legs, just a little bit…

A slap landed firmly on one of her ass cheeks and Chastity cried out, more in surprise than pain. Yes, it stung some, but it almost felt like he was testing her. She didn’t believe for a moment that he had hit her anywhere near as hard as he could.

“Mm. Some nice movement here. It’ll be even better once you fill out some.” His voice was covetous, and another blow landed, much harder than before. Chastity forced herself to stay quiet, though the second spank hurt much more than the first.

Her willpower didn’t last long. He took up a brutal, relentless rhythm of blows on her ass, alternating right and left and making sure that he caught every inch of her vulnerable, round bottom. Several blows landed on the tender skin where her thighs joined her buttocks, and tears sprang to her eyes at the bright pain that flared there. The heat in her flesh grew slowly at first, and then all at once and she was crying out each time his hand landed.

“This is for several offenses, so I’m letting you off the hook for counting.” His voice was casual as he continued doling out pain on her screaming bottom, with no audible indication that he was being affected in the slightest by the proceedings. Chastity knew better, though; his hard cock pressed against her hip, digging into her skin through his pants, and though her ass was in more pain than she would have ever thought she could bear, she somehow craved the degradation of his cock stretching her pussy and fucking her hard. Finishing off the punishment with his cock felt fitting somehow.

“In the future, though, I’ll give you the number of blows you’ll have to endure, and you’ll count them aloud for me. Clearly. Punishing you is part of my job as your Alpha, and believe me when I say that I will take great pleasure in it.” The torturous spanking stopped, and his hands gripped her burning cheeks and pulled them apart until Chastity felt her holes yawning wide, bared to his gaze.

Fingertips tapped against her clenching asshole, and Adam hummed above her. “Soon enough, little Omega. You’ll be taking my cock in every hole, including this one right here.” He tapped her asshole again, harder this time, and Chastity couldn’t help the whine of anxiety she let out. She squeezed her legs tighter together, as if that would stop Adam from looking directly at her center.

He chuckled, fingers dipping lower and spreading her wet pussy lips. “So needy. Your cunt is positively gushing, girl.”

Chastity gasped at the stretch as his fingers pressed deep without ceremony, and turned her face further into her couch. The voice of reason in the back of her head screamed at her to protest, fight him off, do something

Her body knew what it wanted, though, and she moaned as his fingers fucked in and out of her pussy. The stretch was just shy of uncomfortable, and his cock throbbed against her hip again. Even encased in his jeans as it was, it was enormous, and Chastity felt her face flare at the thought of that monstrosity inside her. He had fucked her during her heat, yes, but surely there was no way that it was going to fit inside her now that she wasn’t in heat… was there?

“Stand up, girl.” His touch disappeared from between her legs and she couldn’t stop the needy moan she let out as he helped her up. She ducked her head, refusing to look the man in the eye as he stood up. Her face burned with humiliation; she barely knew this man, why was she letting him order her around her own home and treat her like a whore? He had just spanked her like a fucking child, for God’s sake!

He nudged her into the middle of the room and slowly circled her as he stripped down, dropping his t-shirt and pants carelessly on the floor. Chastity followed him with her eyes, and couldn’t stop her mouth from watering when his cock sprang free of his jeans. It stood out, proud and red as he walked around her. Chastity whimpered softly as he slowly closed in on her, and the glint in his eye told her that he’d heard.

“Needy Omega slut. I’ll give you what you need.” He stopped behind her and tapped her hands. “Hands behind your head. Straighten this back. Your posture is atrocious.”

She blushed fiercely as she obeyed after a brief hesitation, her tits thrust out proudly as she forced her shoulders back. He hummed approvingly.

“Now bend at the hips. Keep your back straight.”

She glanced at him, a protest on her lips. The hard expression on his face stopped the words in their tracks, though, and she swallowed hard. This was part of the lesson too, she realized. Her burning ass cheeks were a testament to what happened when she didn’t learn the lesson, and she didn’t think that she could take much more pain.

Her back muscles protested as she lowered herself to the instructed position, and her thighs trembled. The position was stressful and embarrassing, her tits swinging underneath her as she breathed slowly, trying not to collapse to the floor. Surely he wouldn’t expect her to hold his position for too long…

His cock pressed up against her ass, and he reached underneath her to tweak one of her hard nipples harshly. She whimpered, the pain melding with her need to create an unbearable miasma. She could practically taste her desperation, and despite her resolve, she knew that she was close to breaking down and begging for his cock.

“Every time you’re punished, you’ll finish it out with my cock deep inside your cunt. Or mouth. Or ass. You don’t get a reprieve from serving me just because you have a sore ass. You need the reminder of your place, Omega.” He grasped her hips and sheathed his cock inside her in one thrust, groaning loudly as Chastity clenched down on him. She whimpered as he settled just a little deeper inside her, the painful stretch exquisite to her desperate body.

“Fuck…” she gasped. Her back muscles trembled, and she forced herself to stay up, fighting the urge to collapse and let him fuck her like a rag doll, helpless in his iron grip.

“I have never fucked a woman with a cunt as tight as yours.” His grip on her hips tightened and he pulled out, slamming his hips home and forcing a cry from her as the head of his cock jammed up against her cervix. It hurt, yes, but her pussy clenched down on his cock and Chastity couldn’t deny how much she craved the rough treatment. He had been hard on her at the office, but she had been forced to stay quiet and part of her had almost felt that he was holding back somehow.

She didn’t think that now. He set a brutal pace, his hips snapping against her sore ass harshly, every now and then landing a spank on her scorched skin. She cried out in pain, pleasure, desperation as he fucked her hard, somehow giving her exactly what she had never known she needed.

“Fuck, Adam…” She moaned loudly as she felt herself getting closer to orgasm. Just a little more…

Adam grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back, her neck cranking at an uncomfortable angle even as he continued pounding into her. “Address me properly, slut,” he growled, slapping her burning ass again.

She swallowed hard, the humiliation of the demand paling in the face of how much she wanted to come. “Fuck… Sir, please! I’m so close, I need to come! Let me come… God, please…!” She clenched down on his cock, milking its thickness with her spasming pussy and making the pain flare just a hair brighter when the head rammed against her cervix. God, she was so close…

He chuckled. “No.” His fingers dug into her hips and he let out a shout before her brain could register what he had said. His hips shuddered to a stop with his cock deep inside her, pulsing as he came. Her pussy twitched around him, the unfulfilled orgasm that had been just a few strokes away fading rapidly, and she let out a soft cry as his softening cock pulled free of her pussy.

“I don’t see any reason for this cunt to come if you’re not in heat.” His voice was matter of fact, if a little winded, and Chastity couldn’t help herself. She straightened up and whirled around, his cum dripping out of her in viscous strands. She opened her mouth, ready to protest and tell him off, but the words died at the deeply satisfied expression on his face.

He cupped her chin and kissed her hard, pinching one of her nipples harshly. Her body thrummed with need as she moaned into his mouth, and he pulled away with a laugh. “I know what your body needs better than you do, slut. Don’t question me. Your Alpha knows best.” He pressed a small kiss to the corner of her slack lips, and she swallowed hard.

He pulled away and glanced down, raising an eyebrow at the puddle of their combined fluids that was forming between her legs. “You’re making a mess, slut. Clean it up.”

Chastity looked down, blushing hard at the evidence of her arousal combined with his. She took a step into the kitchen to fetch a rag to clean the floor with, but a click of his tongue stopped her in her tracks.

“I didn’t say get a rag. Lick it up, slut.”

His expression was deadly serious, and Chastity knew he meant every word. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to obey, staring at the small puddle on the wood floor as if it was a spider that was going to bite her.

“I’m sure you have something around here that I can use as a cane if you decide to be defiant, Chastity.” His voice was quiet, but it spurred her into action. She dropped to her knees, wincing when her shins slammed against the wooden floor, then forced herself to lean down and lap at the puddle. The saltiness of his semen and her juices lingered on her tongue as she quickly cleaned up the mess, and when she sat back, a tear of mortification slid down her cheek.

“Good girl.” He touched her hair tenderly, and Chastity closed her eyes, unable to look at his face.

What are you doing to me?

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