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Primal Instinct: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Fuck you.

I’d used the reprehensible phrase to try to push him away. I’d wanted nothing more than to shoot him between the eyes.


A man who I knew never took no for an answer. While I continued to push, my fingers had wrapped around his jacket so tightly I could no longer feel them. The bastard had checked on me more than once in the middle of the night. I’d been able to detect his looming presence during my fitful bouts of sleep.

Did he really have a heart inside that big, brawny body of his? I wasn’t ready to learn the answer. He should be nothing but reprehensible to me, but my body said otherwise. There was no sense in struggling any longer. He was far too strong, one hand capable of breaking my wrist if he wanted to.

But he hadn’t.

As he took several deep breaths, his eyes pinned on mine, I thought of all the reasons I should continue fighting him. None of them made any real sense at this moment. The ugly fact was right in front of me. He’d awakened something deep inside, maybe a portion that I’d never known existed.

His hand was firmly planted around the back of my neck. When he pulled me forward, I could no longer follow my instincts of trying to shut him down. The way he lowered his head, taking his time, was just like before, but there was even more of a sense of urgency in what he was doing. Every sound he made was like a savage in nature, guttural and out of control. It wasn’t a series of growls exactly, but more like a call to the wild that he’d captured his prey.

I shuddered from the thought even as our lips finally touched. Then there was a strange series of vibrations skittering down the length of my body as everything around us faded. This wasn’t about love or some crazy fantasy I’d had being fulfilled, but I couldn’t shove aside the attraction we shared any more than I could stop breathing.

He kept his hold tight as he crushed his mouth against mine. In another surprising move, he took his time before shoving his tongue inside. His lips were soft against mine, but his tongue was a dominating force. When he slipped his arm around me, lowering his hand until he cupped my bottom, stars floated in front of my eyes.

The discomfort from the spanking remained, accentuated as he kneaded my cheek. Yet the sensations weren’t painful. They were exciting, igniting embers I’d long since thought extinguished forever. Men had a way of hating a powerful woman, finding every excuse to try to take advantage. That was my experience, one too many times that had soured me on the idea of bothering.

I closed my eyes, fighting my anger as well as my intense urges. This just couldn’t be happening.

Yet it was.

As the kiss exploded from a bloom of passion into a firestorm, my body reacted as it had before, my fingers finding themselves tangling in his hair. The texture was surprisingly soft, almost luxurious. Was I finally swooning like some lovesick teenager?

He twisted our bodies, pushing me hard against the edge of the counter but far removed from where he’d placed the weapon I’d taken. The criminal was taking no chances with what I’d do. As he swept his tongue back and forth inside my mouth, a rush of emotions powered through me like bottle rockets.





Yet there was no stopping my pussy from clenching and releasing several times or the fact my nipples were swollen and aching.

And I hated myself because of it.

Ruger pulled one hand away, yanking on his jacket until he managed to drag it off his arm, repeating the move with the other. I realized he’d kicked the unwanted item away before placing his hands on my hips. Within seconds, he lifted the long-sleeve shirt I’d found, sliding his hands under until he was able to cup and squeeze my naked breasts. I’d foregone the bra, the dampness making me shiver. Now he had access to my skin, teasing me by flicking his fingers back and forth across my nipples.

When he finally broke the kiss, I could see his entire face was lit up with another round of electricity. What had attracted me the most were his ice blue eyes. They held resentment and anger, but also more passion than I’d seen out of any man.

Now they were luminescent, glowing in the ugly light of the cloudy morning. He wasted no time, ripping the shirt over my head, pitching it across the room.

“What are you doing?” I dared to ask, trying to catch my breath as my heart raced.

“What do you think, sweetheart? I’m fucking you.” Even the way he issued the statement was full of power, his words not to be challenged.

“I hate you.”

“Mmmm… Good. That makes sex even more exciting.”


He laughed as he tore at the oversized sweatpants, yanking the waistband past my thighs. I’d even been stupid enough to leave my panties hanging over the shower rod, never thinking I’d need them until they’d dried. When I was standing fully naked in front of him, I could easily tell he was more carnivorous than ever.

As he took my hand into his, placing it on his cloth-covered cock, I bit back a moan. His shaft was hard as a rock, throbbing in my hand. I was mortified as I fingered the length, hating the sound of his deep whispered laugh.

As if he’d discovered a secret.

As if the man knew he’d been able to seduce me.

God, I hated him, but I continued to rub even as he lowered his head, growling before engulfing my nipple. His mouth was wet and hot, driving another round of shivers skittering down my arms and legs. I could no longer focus or feel my legs, but the way his tongue brushed back and forth across my hardened buds was exquisite.

I was pushed into a moment of bliss, blinking several times.

He took his time, nipping and sucking on my nipple before moving to the other. I threw my head back, staring at the ugly ceiling as he indulged in what he wanted. While my mind was still one huge blur, I was determined to fight against what was happening between us, pushing my hands against his shoulders.

Everything about the man was rock solid, his muscles so damn chiseled that I was unable to budge him even an inch.

When he licked in between my breasts, dragging his tongue up to my shoulder blade then to my neck, there was no way to hold back an intense whimper.

He laughed in that same throaty tone I’d heard before, trailing his tongue from one side of my jaw to the other. Then he bit down on my lower lip as he slipped a hand between my legs, cupping my mound.

“Oh, God. Oh…” I threw my head back, gasping several times. It had been so long since a man had touched me intimately that I couldn’t fight a second of the thrilling feeling. I was alive, so close to the edge, but nothing else seemed to matter. Whether that made me a horrible person, who the fuck cared at this point?

Completely in control, he took his time swirling the tip of a single finger around my clit, teasing my tender tissue. I arched my back, shoving my hips closer, delighting him even more. He pulled back, studying my expression as he continued performing the lurid act, drawing me closer and closer to nirvana. The simple action could very easily push me into an orgasm.

No. That couldn’t happen. I couldn’t give the man any kind of satisfaction.

“You’re wet, Parker, so very hot.”

His whisper cascaded across my skin, creating wave after wave of goosebumps.


“No sense in denying it. Do you want me to make you feel good?”

I refused to answer until he pinched my clit. “Oh. Yes. Yes!” Everything about what was happening shocked me, including my loss of control.

The bastard didn’t waste any time after I’d answered, lifting me onto the edge of the counter and pushing me back until the cabinet held me in place. Then he splayed my legs wide open, pushing hard against my knees as he stared down at me.

“I’m going to feast on you. Be a good girl and stay in place and I’ll allow you to come.”

I threw my arms back, trying to find a way of keeping from slipping off the counter. I should have known better. As he lowered his head, he kept his fingers dug into the skin of my thighs, making certain I wasn’t going anywhere.

With the first slice of his tongue, I slammed my head against the cabinet, half laughing and half moaning from the scintillating experience. When he sucked on my clit, growling after doing so, I could feel my chest rising and falling from my labored breathing. I was already lost in the pleasure, even though I should drive a stake into his cold, black heart.

Just being able to let go was dirty, shameful, but all rational thoughts had been shoved aside.

He dragged his tongue all the way from my clit to the base of my pussy then drove his tongue inside. I reared up, teetering on the edge, slapping at his shoulders in some crazy effort to hold on.

Every sound he made was intense, like a freight train coming into the station. When he buried his head into my wetness, I almost orgasmed.

“Oh. Oh…” I tossed my head back and forth, my toes curling as he thrust his tongue in over and over again. It was like falling into an abyss, ecstasy swimming right around the corner. The second he managed to add a single finger, driving it all the way inside, that was all I could handle.

The climax rushed up from my toes, forcing air out of my lungs. Strangled mews pushed up from my throat as he started licking me feverishly, growling the entire time. Between the sound and his actions, I was shoved into an orgasmic wave.

“Yes. Yes. Oh…” There was nothing I could do but ride the wave, enjoying the experience like a bad little girl. He refused to stop, licking me furiously as the climax continued to build until I could no longer issue a single word let alone a sentence. I dug my nails into the cheap Formica, clawing in some crazy effort to get a grip on anything. It was impossible.

Ruger yanked me forward again until my ass was only halfway on the counter. As he brushed the tip of his finger from my clit to the crack of my ass, I slapped at anything and everything on the counter. Something flew off, clanging against the floor, pushing a laugh to the surface. He continued making guttural sounds, more like an animal would make in the wild. Every action he took was possessive, a stark reminder that he was very much in charge.

After he plunged several fingers inside my tight channel, I let out another scream. When he removed them, I whimpered, ready to beg him to continue. Then he slipped his cream-soaked fingers down to my asshole, rimming the forbidden hole several times.

“No. No!” I tensed, struggling to sit up.

“You aren’t going anywhere.”

His deep baritone swept over me like a volcano, the lava dripping into every cell. The second he breached my dark hole, slipping not one but two fingers inside, I thought I was going to lose it. Another wave of pain washed over me as he pushed deeper into a place no man had taken before, but I was strangely aroused by the experience.

He refused to stop, driving his fingers all the way inside, forcing my muscles to accept them. I lolled my head, trying to focus but finally closing my eyes as the different sensations continued to rise. I was thrown by the way the anguish turned into discomfort then into utter pleasure. When I heard mews coming from my mouth, a sloppy smile crossed my face. Maybe I really was a bad girl in disguise.

I was conscious that he’d risen to his feet, licking my parched lips as I opened my eyes to mere slits. He yanked off his shirt, allowing me to see just how fine his physique really was. I’d never seen a man so perfectly carved in my life, the muscles in his arms and his six-pack abs things of beauty.

Ruger slammed his hands on either side of me, capturing my mouth once again. He was forcing me to taste my juices, his tongue sweeping back and forth as he growled the entire time. I raked my nails down his chest, enjoying the way his skin seared the tips of my fingers. That seemed to excite him, turning the kiss into a passionate roar.

I was torn by how excited I was, grappling with the fact he was my captor, not my lover. But there was no denying the attraction we shared, the kind of desire that should set us both on fire.

He finally leaned back, a demonic look on his face. Then he yanked me from one counter, pushing my waist over another and kicking my legs wide open. “Stay right there.”

I pushed against the edge, throwing my head over my shoulder in an effort to see what he was doing. The man was searching through the drawers. For what? I was given my answer in a matter of seconds. He’d found a wooden spoon, the long handle thicker than most. Swallowing, I continued to quiver to my very core even though the sight of his naked torso made my mouth water.

“This will do nicely,” he huffed then pressed his hand on the small of my back. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the hard crack, the dense wood swatted against my still aching bottom.

“No. No!” I knew my cries were in vain.

A sly smile crossed his face as he brought it down a few more times, moving rapidly from one side to the other. I kicked out, curling one leg then the other, every sound I made garbled.

“No. Be a good girl and stay in position.” He was whispering in a husky tone, but the vibrations were just as intense as before.

I stared out at the wall only a few feet away, trying to rationalize the entire last twenty-four hours. There was no way I could. Nothing made any sense at this point. I was locked away in a cabin with some kind of crazed killer. And I was almost enjoying it.


He continued spanking me as if the first time had meant nothing. Then he slipped the handle between my legs, teasing me relentlessly by sliding it just past my swollen folds. I realized within seconds I was bucking my hips and arching my back. God help me, I was enjoying this.

“Mmm… I think you like it rough. Don’t you, Parker?”

“I… No. No!” But I could feel another layer of ecstasy building.

“Let’s test my theory.” He slowly slid the end of the spoon into my pussy, pushing gently at first.

I opened my mouth, shocked that my muscles not only accepted the invasion but encouraged it, clamping then releasing. This was insane, but damn if his actions didn’t feel good.

“Yes, I can tell I’m right,” he mused then plunged hard and fast several times.

Every breath I made was ragged, the sound like some animal in heat. I shifted my head back and forth, rocking with the foreign object until I was pitched straight into nirvana.

“Very nice, Parker. I love the way your skin shimmers.” He pulled the spoon, delivering several additional cracks across my buttocks and the tops of my thighs, then he slipped the handle inside once more. The combination was indescribable but electrifying as hell.

Panting, I pushed my mind somewhere else, succumbing to the amazing sensations. After another minute or two, he leaned over, whispering in my ear.

“Open your mouth for me.”

I did as I was told without hesitation. When he placed the handle in my mouth, a dark chuckle and his hot breath cascaded across my neck.

“Suck on it for me. Keep the spoon in your mouth at all times and stay in position.”

“Mmm…” I murmured, my eyes watering as I realized the wood was porous enough my pussy juice had soaked in. The taste was strangely amazing. While I heard the rustling of his clothes, I didn’t bother trying to look at him, but my thoughts were all over the place. I was naked in a cabin in the wilderness, waiting for the man who’d saved my life and kept me prisoner to…

To fuck me.

Use me.

Keep me.

My reaction to those brutal thoughts? I sucked on the spoon, surrendering to his command.

A few seconds later, he planted his hands on either side of me one at a time. Then he licked down from the base of my earlobe, sucking on my neck. I shuddered, pushing my aching bottom against him, realizing he was completely naked. The way his throbbing cock pressed against me sent another wave of shivers.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you. But not just that tight pussy of yours. I’m going to claim your ass. Later, you’re going to suck me dry. After that, you will belong to me. Every inch, every part of you. Keep sucking, Parker. Do not disappoint me.”

His words were shocking enough but the way he said them only added to the sinful, forbidden moment.

As he grabbed my hips, yanking me away from the counter, I was forced to drop to the floor and onto my toes. He wasted no time, pushing his cockhead up and down my pussy then thrusting it inside.

“Mmmm!” I moaned over the spoon, blinking several times. The feel of having him inside was incredible, pushing me to the limits of understanding.

He pulled out, slamming into me again. And again. As he started fucking me in earnest, I was driven into the edge of the counter, my body nothing more than a ragdoll. After every few plunges, he smacked his hand against my backside, keeping me on edge.

Nothing was going to stop the man. He was a wild beast taking everything he wanted, driving into me with such ferocity his actions stole my breath. Every sound I made was garbled, but I dare not spit out the spoon. My bottom ached, the heat increasing with every swat he issued, my pussy so wet the scent was thick as it floated between us.

“So damn wet. Just the way I like it.” His comment was followed by another barbaric growl.

I was shocked my body continued to betray me, racing toward another orgasm. Stars in vivid colors danced in front of my eyes as the pleasure roared into bliss. This time, the climax burst into me, shattering my last resolve. He’d broken me down to my most primal instinct, my desire overtaking any rational thoughts.

And it felt damn good.

Over the course of two minutes, maybe more, he never slowed, pumping into me in a perfect rhythm. One orgasm moved into a second. Now I could no longer feel my legs.

When he finally slowed, he fisted my hair, dragging it away from my neck. I could feel another wave of hot air as he dropped his head, crushing his massive body against mine, licking and nipping my skin. He took his time, biting down on the nape of my neck then sliding his finger all the way down my spine.

“Such a tight little asshole. If we had the right implements, I’d make certain you wore a plug all the time, prepared when I wanted to take you.”

Why did his filthy words excite me so much? There was no logical answer but when he used both hands, squeezing my bottom then spreading my ass cheeks open, I jerked up from the counter, arching my back to an impossible position.

“Breathe, Parker.”

Were his words meant to comfort me in some crazy way? The man had to be kidding. I was tense all over, my legs involuntarily shaking. The moment the tip of his cock breached my asshole, I almost lost it, sputtering over the spoon, the wooden implement almost dropping from my mouth. I bit down, doing my best to blink away the few tears that had already formed.

As he slipped deeper inside, the pain was entirely different than I’d expected. Yes, it was intense, but the brutal actions also awakened nerve endings. This was the dirtiest act ever, but gloriously freeing.

“Very good,” he growled then pushed another two inches inside.

I could tell my muscles were slowly expanding, accepting his wide girth, even clamping around his shaft as if his cock belonged there. I continued panting, beads of saliva slipping from both corners of my mouth as he thrust the remainder inside.

“Fuck, yes! Yes!” His deep bellow was one of appreciation, a man who’d waited for satisfaction.

As the anguish gave way, shifting into the most glorious moment of pleasure, I rested on the counter, pressing my face against the Formica.

The man dug his fingers into my hips, lifting my legs off the floor every time he plunged inside. Every sound he made seemed to swirl all around us, echoing in my ears. I had no way of knowing how long the hard fucking lasted, nor did I care. I was being used and there was nothing I could do about it.

When his body tensed, I knew he was close to coming. Wicked thoughts racing through my mind, I squeezed my muscles.

Then I was rewarded with a deep roar as he pumped harder and faster, filling me with his seed.

I expected him to pull away immediately, perhaps sending me away since he’d finished his business, but he remained where he was for a full minute. Then he leaned over. The weight of his body should have felt oppressive. Instead, I was comforted by the gesture, even though I wasn’t certain either if I wanted his gentleness or if this would ever happen again.

“Make no mistake, Parker. What we are facing is next to impossible. If we survive the next few days, that’s just the beginning. Some very bad men will want to make certain I perished on that flight. If we are found, we’re dead. Do you understand me?”

“Mmm… hmm.” The single mumble was all I could say, although at least a dozen questions entered my mind. Very bad people. Somehow, I had a feeling he wasn’t talking about federal agents, although it had been made very clear one of them had crossed the line, helping Mr. Evil Eyes. What the hell was actually going on?

“Now, I’m going to stoke the fire and check what other items might come in useful outside. Do not attempt to cross me again. You won’t like it if you do.”

With that, he pulled away, yanking his clothes off the floor then walking out of the kitchen without looking back.

I remained where I was for a few seconds before tugging the spoon out of my mouth. When I stood, I almost doubled over. Not from the hard round of sex or the discipline he’d given me.

But from another wave of fear.

What had I managed to get myself in the middle of?

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