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Primal by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“You have no right to do this,” I whispered anxiously.

“I’m baring you completely, little omega. After I’ve examined all of this beautiful body, I’m going to begin your punishment,” he explained. His voice was firm, and I knew there would be little I could do to stop him from stripping me. I whined softly as he continued to pull down my panties, revealing my bottom cheeks and everything else I didn’t want him to see. When the cool air caressed the wet folds of my pussy, I felt myself blushing furiously even though he couldn’t see my face.

He purred softly. My core clenched down hard and I squeezed my eyes shut when I felt a single droplet of wetness drip down my thigh.

“Little omega, you’re very wet for me. You’ve left quite the wet spot for me to find in your panties, haven’t you?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered evasively, trying to hide that I had any knowledge of just how much my body was reacting to his bold dominance right now. His fingers slipped along my inner thigh, sliding along the trail of wetness and stopping just before he touched my wet folds, leaving me desperately waiting for his soft caress.

“You do know, don’t you, little omega? Answer me correctly this time or this pretty and very wet little pussy is going to be punished just as firmly as this beautiful bottom of yours is about to be,” he warned, and I whimpered softly. His hand didn’t move. He simply kept it there as a silent threat against my tender flesh.

“Yes, Alpha,” I whispered, horrified at the words escaping my lips.

“Good girl,” he murmured, yet still he never touched the place where I needed him the most. I closed my eyes, imagining the view he had of my very bare and vulnerable backside, of the wetness on my legs and my naked pussy in between my thighs.

“Are you feeling defiant right now, little omega?” he asked.

“No, Alpha,” I mumbled.

He finally moved his palm and settled it ominously on my backside.

“Such a beautiful bottom. I’m going to very much enjoy watching it turn pink and then bright red over my knee,” he said sternly, and I stiffened.

He didn’t just mean to look at me. He meant to spank me.

I renewed my efforts to push myself off his knee and get away. I kicked and squirmed, yet it didn’t seem to matter. He was so much bigger than I was. He was stronger and I seemed to fit perfectly over his lap as if it was made for me, which was making it terribly hard to break free of him.

“Settle down, my sweet omega. This spanking is going to happen whether you like it or not. Before I’m through punishing this bare little bottom, you will learn that when I give you a command, you will follow it. The next time you decide to ignore an instruction, I will not give you so many chances to obey. Do you understand me?” he continued.

“Yes, Alpha,” I answered angrily.

“I hadn’t intended to be quite so harsh with you so soon, little one, but you will learn that defiance with me will be dealt with quickly and efficiently,” he warned.

“You’re a brute,” I protested.

He slipped his fingers between my thighs, caressing my clit so lightly that I couldn’t help but moan in response.

“Little one, your pussy is soaking wet for me. You’d be lying if you told me that being properly taken in hand for the first time in your life wasn’t turning you on,” he murmured, and I hummed quietly with shame. He was right and I hated the fact that he was. I was terribly aroused lying over his knees about to be spanked. No one had ever punished me this way and even though I was nervous, it was making my core twist with need that was more savage than anything I’d ever felt before.

“I need…” I began.

“I know what you need, little omega, but there is a price that you must pay for your defiance first. After you are very sore and sobbing over my knees, you will beg for the privilege to come for me. If I’m impressed with the way you beg for me, you will be allowed to come all over my fingers with your bright red bottom still on display. However, if I’m not impressed by your pleading for release, you will spread your legs and your naughty little pussy will be spanked just as hard as your backside is about to be. Then you will be given another chance to beg for me and if you’re very good, I will let you come for me after that,” he demanded boldly.

I wanted to protest. I wanted to fight back against him, but I was so very aroused by his threats. I’d never had my bottom or my pussy smacked before.

“I don’t want this,” I exclaimed, feeling as if I had to protest even though my body was begging for his punishing hand. I yearned to know what it felt like and it scared me. I couldn’t tell if it was instinct or something else. I didn’t know if I was broken for wanting such things and I couldn’t admit it, especially not to him.

“It’s no longer up to you, little omega. Your bare little bottom is about to be punished and you don’t have the slightest choice about it. You were defiant and it’s time I taught you what happens to naughty little omegas who defy their alphas,” he chided.

I choked. My alpha?

His fingers squeezed my right cheek, his touch tender yet menacing at the same time. I could feel the rough calluses on his fingers scratching against my exposed tender skin and a shiver raced down my spine. I bit my lip, nervously awaiting what came next.

His fingers squeezed a bit tighter, hard enough to hurt just the slightest bit. I whimpered softly and he released my bottom. With a sigh of relief, I lay over his lap, feeling the gentle ache blossom over my backside and settle deep in my core. My pussy tightened with need.

“This is going to hurt, little omega. I want you to know that,” he warned, and my pussy tightened anxiously with need.

He patted my bottom gently first, and his palm left my vulnerable flesh. I swallowed apprehensively and his hand connected hard with my bottom for the first time. The sound was loud enough to take my breath away and I was deeply concerned for a moment with how much it echoed through the surrounding trees, but when the terrible sting burst across my skin I no longer cared.

I hadn’t expected it to hurt that much. It was only his palm smacking my bare backside and it was more than clear now that I had underestimated how much it could sting. A second spank fell and then a third before I bit down on my lip in order to keep myself quiet. I wanted to cry out, but I refused to let him know how much effect that just his hand was having on me. I wouldn’t give in. I would remain strong and take whatever he demanded of me.

It would be over soon. I just had to make it through this.

His palm was harsh. Over and over he spanked me, ensuring that he didn’t miss even a single inch of my backside and before long, my entire backside was burning as if a thousand bees had stung me. He was especially thorough with the punishment, making sure he kept a steady cadence that soon had me panting with effort to stay silent.

The spanking hurt more than I expected, but I wasn’t prepared for the moment when his palm strayed to punish the backs of my thighs. I tried to bite my lip even harder although I knew that I couldn’t keep quiet for much longer. He smacked the backs of my legs just as hard as he did my bottom and before long, the first sound of discomfort escaped my throat.

If he had heard it, it didn’t grant me any mercy whatsoever. Instead, it only seemed to spur him to increase the intensity of my punishment. I wondered if anyone nearby knew that I was over his knees with my bottom bared, getting the very first spanking of my life.

“Please! That’s enough!” I cried out once the pain escalated to a level that I wasn’t ready to take. He had to be almost done. He’d made his point and soon he’d let me go. He had to, right?

“This is far from over, little omega. Your little bottom is hardly even pink. It’s going to be bright red and very sore by the time I’m through with your spanking,” he said darkly, and I keened with anxiety. I tried to push against his hard thighs with my hands, but when his arm curled around my hips and restrained me against him, I came to the terrible realization that I wasn’t going anywhere. I kicked and he tipped me forward enough so that he could pin his leg over the backs of mine, thwarting my efforts to escape once more. It also served to ensure that my bottom was much higher, properly presenting my nakedness to be punished by his hand.

I keened, trying to rock back and forth and escape every last spank, but it did nothing. His accuracy was far too good and nothing I did could even remotely deter him from teaching me the lesson he needed to teach me. My hips rolled, trying to arch away from him and protect myself, but it didn’t seem to matter. His fingers dug into my hip, holding me even more firmly.

He spanked me even harder after that and soon, the only thing I could think about was the next fall of his palm on my bottom. Over and over he punished me, and the overwhelming burn soon spread from the top of my backside to the middles of my thighs.

“Tell me, little omega. When I give you an order, will you follow it next time?” he asked, his tone scolding in nature and a shiver ran down my spine just as my pussy spasmed with need. I didn’t answer him right away and I quickly realized my mistake when he punished only the backs of my legs especially hard after that.

“Yes!” I cried out, hoping that my acquiescence would pause the punishment for just a moment so that I could gather myself and my wits once more.

“Yes, Alpha,” he corrected, still continuing to punish the backs of my thighs. “When you’re naked and over my thighs for a spanking, you will refer to me with respect. If you don’t, your punishment will only last longer and be that much harder. Do you understand me, little omega?” he asked.

“Yes, Alpha!” I rushed to answer that time, wasting no time and praying that he would relent. Finally, when I feared I could take no more, he returned to spank my bottom once again while my legs burned with fiery pain. I couldn’t stop my breath from catching in the back of my throat.

Fuck, this hurt so much.

“I want you to know that this will be your only warning. You may not believe me now, but this is a gentle punishment. I could whip your bare little bottom with my belt. I could teach you a much more memorable lesson at the end of a switch. I have ways to punish you that will leave you very sore and blushing with shame and you would do well to remember that, omega,” he scolded. He punctuated each word with a heavy slap against my ass, taking care to bring the lesson home with every last one.

“Please,” I begged. “I won’t defy you, Alpha.”

“I think you’re just saying that so your spanking will end, little omega,” he mused. I didn’t want him to know that he was right, and I just wanted the building ache to stop.

My core throbbed heavily, twisting with the pain of my punishment and morphing into an even stronger sensation. I was over his knee getting a spanking and I was ashamed to realize that I was also getting aroused. His fingers pressed between my thighs, discovering the rampant amount of my wetness for himself. My inner thighs were slick with it and now he knew it too.

“Your body knows its master, omega,” he observed, and a shudder of desire made my entire body quake. His fingers continued their explorations, finally settling on the hard and throbbing clit hidden beneath my soaked folds. He teased me for several long moments until I was beginning to lose control of myself. I started to press back against him, wanting and needing him to continue until I came on his fingers.

“Please,” I begged. I flushed deeply with shame and bit my lip, wanting to take back the word even as it left my mouth.

“Naughty omega. I told you that you wouldn’t be allowed release until you are sore and sobbing over my knees, didn’t I?” he pressed.

I shivered against him.

“Yes, Alpha.”

“Is your bottom sore, little omega?”

“Yes, Alpha.”

“Good. It’s time for the real lesson to begin,” he said firmly, and I stiffened before his palm cracked back down against my naked backside. If I had thought his palm was terrible before, it was nothing compared to how hard he spanked me now. Over and over, he punished me until the only thing that I could process was when the next spank was going to fall. The pain continued to build until it consumed my entire focus.

I tried to keep quiet. I failed.

In no time at all, I was whimpering and crying out with every cruel blow, but that didn’t stop him. There was no place that went unpunished, from the entirety of my ass to the backs of my thighs. There were several times that I made the mistake of splaying my legs and his harsh fingers connected with my wet folds, giving me a terrible preview of how much it would hurt to receive a real spanking on my soaked pussy. I did my best to take every last punishing strike, but it was so hard, and it hurt so very much.

I begged and pleaded for mercy. I received none.

If anything, it only earned me harder punishment as a thorough reminder that right now, he was in control and I wasn’t. I tried to reach forward and crawl away, but a few especially hard slaps against the lower curve of my bottom at the tops of my thighs stopped me in my place.

I whined and asked for it to end. I was as repentant as I dared and still it didn’t stop. The only way it would was when he decided that I had learned my lesson and I sincerely hoped that he would decide that I had soon because I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could handle.

Soon though, I would learn that I would take everything he gave me.

My breath hitched in the back of my throat and my struggle began anew. I knew what he wanted. He’d told me that he was going to make me cry and I didn’t want him to see my tears. I didn’t want him to know that he was so very close to breaking me that way. I was afraid of letting him see me like this and I feared that he was going to take that choice away from me

“Please, Alpha. I’m sorry for not being obedient,” I pleaded.

He punished the backs of my thighs exclusively for what felt like forever after that.

My breath caught again, and I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to stop the inevitable from happening whether I liked it or not.

“Please,” I begged.

The sounds of the first sob to escape my throat felt especially polarizing because they came out of me entirely unheeded. I couldn’t have stopped it if I tried. Entirely unbidden and unwanted, a single tear dripped down my left cheek and dropped down into the dirt beneath me. It didn’t take long for another to follow and soon, I was sobbing over his knee like a naughty little omega who had been properly punished by her alpha.

I no longer begged because I knew it wouldn’t do anything at all. The spanking slowed to a much steadier pace after that, each blow terrible and hard and jarring in its intensity. My bottom burned with a fire like that I’d never imagined it could.

“Lift your bottom. Present yourself to me,” he demanded.

I did. I obeyed immediately. His arm tightened around my hips and lifted me even higher. It revealed the place where my ass met my thighs and he quickly and very thoroughly punished that spot with several very hard spanks that left me breathless and sobbing all over again.

When he was finished, his hold on my waist relaxed and he readjusted me over his knees so that my legs were no longer pinned.

“Will you hesitate to obey me next time, Luna?” he asked gently. His palm returned to my bottom, not to punish it this time, but to caress it softly instead.

“No, Alpha. I’m so sorry,” I whispered.

I lay over his lap for the longest time while my bottom burned and ached. I cried for a while after that and he never stopped touching me. He massaged my lower back, my bottom, and the backs of my thighs in a way that calmed me far more than I thought it would.

“You’re forgiven, sweet girl. You just needed to be taught a lesson and it’s over now,” he murmured.

It took several minutes for my tears stop falling and as they did, I realized that the terrible agony his palm had imprinted across my backside was settling in my body far differently than I had imagined it would. I wanted to hate him, but this was such a different way to be handled that it left me feeling a little bit hesitant.

He could have struck me. He could have smacked me across the face and bruised me for all to see, but he didn’t. Instead, he’d painstakingly stripped me and put me over his thighs and the most unnerving part of it all was that it felt natural. I wasn’t angry. Perhaps I should have been, but the pulse between my thighs was far too strong for me to ignore.

“Your bottom is bright red, but it will fade by morning. You’ll likely be sore for the rest of that day, but that will remind you to heed my instructions with every step, won’t it, little Luna,” he murmured. His tone was gentle.

“Yes, Alpha,” I whispered, sliding my legs against one another as I recognized that he was right. My thighs slid so easily. I was so wet for him.

I wasn’t even in estrous. This had happened without medicinal force. It was simply his touch that had made me this way and that scared me.

Hesitantly, I let my legs fall apart just enough so that the breeze sweeping through the forest could caress between my thighs. I was impossibly soaked. My body was producing slick of its own accord and I didn’t know what to make of it.

My clit pulsed. Needy. Wanting.

His fingers edged close to my thighs and I whimpered, reluctantly hoping that he would continue.

“The scent of your slick is especially enticing, little omega,” he said softly, and I gasped with shame. The air was likely permeated with the aroma of the wetness between my thighs and there was nothing I could do about it. Any alpha nearby would be able to smell it and it would draw them to me like a moth to flame. It would carry on for miles.

My thighs opened just a little wider. I didn’t know why I was like this. He’d spanked me especially hard against my will and now I wanted him to reach between my thighs with the very hand that had reddened my backside and give me relief. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted him to make me come.

My core twisted hard and a streak of desire jolted through me. A rush of slick dripped from me completely unbidden, betraying my thoughts for the alpha that still held me captive over his thighs. My hips lifted just a hair as his fingers ventured down the cleft of my backside, just missing my pussy and dragging across the lower curve of my ass.

It left me breathless and wanting more. Needing more.

I could feel my inner walls beginning to spasm. My clit pulsed and I whimpered as my arousal intensified. It felt like I had boarded a runaway train and there was no stopping it as it hurtled along the tracks no matter what stood in its way.

His fingers tightened against the back of my thigh and I realized that I could feel every long inch of his cock pressing against my belly. I wasn’t the only one in need. He had enjoyed paddling my backside with his palm. It had made him hard. For me.

I could tell without even touching him that he was incredibly large, as most alphas were. My pussy clenched down at the thought of taking him inside me, imagining what his knot would feel like as it inflated and locked his body to mine right before his alpha seed marked me as his.

My mouth watered and I blushed at the deviant turn that my thoughts were taking. I bit my lip, trying to force the sordid fantasies away but I failed completely.

All I could think about was his cock and my need for relief.

His fingers finally ventured in between my thighs, exploring my body slowly and as thoroughly as he wished. Gradually, my legs spread open even wider, allowing him access. My body was saying yes, even when my mind was still saying no.

He captured my clit between two fingers. He slid them back and forth, teasing and taunting me with immeasurable pleasure if I only chose to give in.

“Do you remember when I told you that I know what you need, little omega?” he asked.

“Yes, Alpha,” I whined. “I remember.”

He continued to rub his fingers up and down my clit. I moaned softly, needing release even though I still didn’t want to admit it.

“If you want to come for me, what did I tell you that you would have to do?” he pressed firmly.

“You told me that I would have to beg, Alpha,” I whimpered.

“Are you ready to beg for me, little omega?” he asked.

“I won’t,” I replied forcefully, even though I was afraid of exactly the opposite.

“You will, little one. This very wet little pussy tells me that you need to come all over my fingers. It’s so wet that I know that it won’t be long now,” he replied. His words carried with them an edge of darkness and expectation that made me want to do everything that he asked of me and more. That scared me, but it also made me so much wetter.

My hips arched upward, granting him access to every last inch of my needy little pussy.

He pressed a bit harder on my clit.

“I should warn you, omega. If you come without permission, I will not hesitate to spank this pretty little pussy bright pink in order to teach that you will never orgasm without your alpha’s permission ever again. Is that clear?”

“I understand, Alpha,” I moaned, rocking back and forth against his fingers. It felt so good that I couldn’t make myself stop. I wanted more. So much more.

“Spread your legs wider for me,” he demanded. I obeyed without hesitation; he pressed his palm against my wet folds and then he cleared his throat. I stilled, suddenly anxious of what he might do. Had I done something wrong?

“I’m going to spank this little pussy three times and you’re going to take every last one with your legs spread wide no matter how much it hurts. I want you to know how very serious I am that you will only be allowed the privilege of orgasm at my hand and my hand alone,” he warned.

I cried out with a sudden apprehension and when his palm left, I keened with fear even before he smacked my pussy.

His hand slapped against my tender folds for the first time and a terrible burst of agony spread across my tender flesh like that I had never known. It was thoroughly overwhelming. I tried to keep my legs open as wide as I could, but it hurt a lot and my legs tightened in reflex no matter how hard I tried to prevent it. He spanked my pussy twice more in quick succession and when it was finally over, I whimpered from the intense sting.

That was only three swats. A thoroughly spanking between my legs would be so much worse.

His fingers quickly returned to my clit.

“Your little pussy is much wetter than it was before, omega. I think you enjoyed that more than you would like to admit,” he observed, and I blushed rather heavily even though he couldn’t see my face. When he touched my clit once more, it felt like a bolt of lightning hurtled deep into my core. I moaned as my arousal returned with incredible force and as he continued to tease my desire to heights higher than I ever thought possible, I soon realized that he was right.

Then he took his fingers away and the painful denial cut through me like a knife. I cried as my passionate need fled away, only to return with agonizing force once his fingers delved back in between my thighs.

He did this again and again until I was breathless with want. He drove me delirious with it.

I was going to beg him to come. I was going to plead for orgasm.

He edged me over and over as he made my desire for more intensify to levels that almost equated to the need of estrous, a feat that I had never thought humanly possible.

I opened my mouth several times as I fought the inevitable. I tried to hold in the words that I was so unwilling to say, but my need grew even greater and my body heated even further, and I could no longer keep silent.

He wanted me to beg for what I needed, and I was going to do it. I was going to say every last shameful word he wanted until he gave me what I needed.

“Please,” I began.

“Please what, little omega?” he pressed. “You’re going to have to be very specific if you want to be allowed to come for me.”

I cried out with shame, my body heating with it

“I need…” I pleaded, biting my lip before I said anything further.

He edged me again and when he ultimately took his fingers away once more, the resulting bite of agony made me wail with frustration.

I broke.

“Please, Alpha. Please let me come all over your fingers. Please allow me to orgasm over your knee with my bright red bottom on display. Please,” I begged, feeling my face flush even more scarlet with every last mortifying word that fell off my lips.

I sighed when his fingers returned to my clit.

“Is your bottom very sore?” he asked, while teasing me again with relief only he had the power to grant.

“Yes, Alpha,” I answered.

“Did you sob over my knee when you were spanked for the very first time?” he pressed.

“I did, Alpha,” I murmured.

“Do you really want to come for me after all that?” he questioned.

“Yes, Alpha. I really want to come for you,” I whimpered, hoping that he wouldn’t leave me wanting and needy. I feared that he would and that thought made me want to cry all over again. I sniffed back a sob and he pressed against my clit more firmly than ever.

“Please, I’ll be a good girl,” I pleaded. “I’m so sorry for disobeying you.”

I was so on edge that I felt like I could shatter at any moment.

“Oh, gods, please, Alpha,” I pleaded.

His fingertip circled over top of my needy bud, a promise of endless pleasure if only he could allow me.

“Will you ever doubt my word again, little omega?” he asked.

“No, Alpha. I believe you,” I answered quickly.

“Good. Now come hard for your alpha. I want to feel your cum all over my fingers as you orgasm for me again and again for me until you think you’ve had enough. Then, you’re going to keep coming for me until I give you permission to stop no matter how much it hurts,” he demanded.

With remarkable skill, he toyed with my clit once more and my orgasm burst over me with so much intensity that it left me reeling. I moaned, the sound low and shameful as I shuddered with pleasure. My inner walls fluttered hard and my core cramped as I imagined the sight of me naked with a bright red backside, still over his knees as I broke apart all over his fingers.

I came even harder because of it.

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