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Primitive: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

A deep roar rumbled through the forest, stilling every other creature. I heard a series of thunderous noises. They were coming.

They were coming for me.

Suddenly, I was alone and in a few seconds of insanity where there was no doubt I was going to die, I saw his face. A very human face but there was something wrong. No, not wrong exactly. The look of this amazing creature was like a vision from the heavens above, rugged and handsome. How could I think this way? I was frozen with fear, but my mind reeling as electricity soared between us. Then a second and a third creature emerged from the frozen shadows, their faces appearing as if from distant planets, not from the depths of the forest. These weren’t beasts of this world, but creations from another.

An unsettling rushed through my mind, creating a series of tingles along every inch of skin. I was mesmerized, unable to move.

One beast stepped forward, his body moving through the snow with ease. Massive in size and structure, he stood at well over seven feet tall. Long dark hair, matted with snow and ice framed an angular, chiseled face. He was covered in fur pelts and for a few seconds I thought I was witnessing a Viking in battle. While there was no way to make out his features, I could see his eyes as they bore into mine, penetrating into my very soul.

Even in the blinding snow, I was able to lock onto his amazing emerald green eyes, flecks of gold and amethyst glowing in the dimness. The fantasy. His expression was carnal, laced with extreme danger, but his actions toward me weren’t a threat, merely curiosity.

And hunger.

I could almost read his mind, his primitive thoughts regarding feasting.

And fucking.

His burning gaze made my tummy buzz, my nipples harden, desire burning my flesh. Everything about this was preposterous, being turned on by some flesh-eating monster, but my mouth was dry from a building excitement. I was jittery, even in the freezing cold, trying to catch my breath as his gaze deepened, hardened by the horrific life he’d led.

I hadn’t realized I’d taken several steps closer, drawn to him by a connection that could not be denied. I lifted my arm, struggling to reach him. To touch him. He came even closer, his growl rumbling into my very core. My body was warm, infused with an intense longing penetrating every muscle and cell. My pussy clenched, a reaction I hadn’t experienced other than in a dream in a very long time. I could almost gather a scent of cream slickening my panties, an absolute impossibility.

There was nothing else but this creature, this beautiful and masculine being.

And he wanted me.

He cocked his head, taking cautious steps, studying me in a manner that could only be described as seductive, undressing me with his eyes. The intimacy shared between us was explosive, so unexpected that I had no sense of anything else but this moment. There was no doubt what he was thinking.

What he was desiring.

I heard his growl, a deep rumble coming from the pit of his stomach. This was the sound of ownership, possession.

And I knew he was prepared to take me.

Capture me.

Use me.

He reached out, his fingers brushing across my lips, issuing a keening howl to the others. Within seconds, I was tossed over his shoulder. He moved swiftly, turning and running even in the deep snow. I was thrown into a paralyzing state, unable to move or fight back. I could just make out two of the others in my group but only for a few seconds, the blinding snow forcing everything in my world into a whirling white blur.

“Don’t,” I said weakly, but I knew he couldn’t hear and had no way of knowing if he even understood. The howling wind became a roar, echoing in my ears. I pummeled my fists against his back. It was no use. I was his prisoner.

I was aware of other beasts, moving in a formation together and even though I couldn’t see them, I could hear their bitter cries, howls and roars of angry monsters moving away from the battle they’d fought.

What seemed like only minutes passed but suddenly I could no longer feel the effects of the ravaging weather. Dazed and confused, I tried to get my bearings, attempting to lift my head. All I could see was stone and a roaring fire. Suddenly, I was on the ground near the warmth. I closed my eyes, the frigid chill making me sleepy.

Hands came from nowhere, touching my face and removing my hat. Then my jacket and shoes. I struggled to keep my eyes open, but I was so tired, drained. When I blinked again, it was as if the fantasy had come true.

A face loomed over mine, fingers gently brushing across my cheek. The Viking. This had to be a wondrous dream. He rubbed my hands between his, blowing on them every few seconds. When he seemed satisfied, he finished undressing me.

Others surrounded me, gorgeous creatures with luminescent eyes. I was naked, being caressed and fondled. My face. My breasts. Hands moved between my legs, stroking my wetness, thrusting into my pussy. The realization hit me and I fought back, slapping and kicking until I was able to scramble to my feet. “No!”

Two of them snarled, peering at me with luminescent eyes.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I demanded, trying to cover my nakedness. I was surrounded.

There was no answer, merely husky growls coming from every direction. I could see their eyes, famished stares as they inched closer. Every one of them was dressed in thick fur and I could tell covering massive, carved bodies. I’d never seen such glorious men in my life, barbaric and almost perfect. This couldn’t be happening. This was a dream, a beautiful, sensuous dream. “Who are you? What do you want?”

The Viking advanced, taking long strides in my direction. When he stood only inches from me, he curled his lip and lowered his head until our lips were almost touching. Spreading his fingers, he gingerly placed them on my face, adding just a touch of pressure.

The connection was intense, vibrant, and so alive. The others crowded closer yet keeping their distance. It was as if they knew they had to be invited. I was terrified beyond belief but the electricity soaring through us was so beautiful, as if we’d always been tethered together.

He pressed his lips against mine, using his tongue until both our mouths were open.

Until I yielded.

This was insane, but I darted my tongue inside, tasting his sweet essence. He allowed me to have control for only a few seconds before shoving me against the stone, grabbing my hands into his and lifting my arms over my head. The kiss became a passionate roar of two beasts consumed in hunger. Shame rushed into every cell, a reminder that I should fight to get away, to run fast and hard.

Then why was every ounce of my being in desperate need? Why was I burning from the inside out, ignited by fuel oozing from this beast?

He kicked my legs apart, dragging my arms together until he was able to wrap his long, filthy fingers around both wrists. Our tongues entwined as he shoved his hand between my legs, fingering my pussy in a brutal fashion, stretching my cunt muscles.

Dirty creatures.

Filthy beasts.

Savage monsters.

I didn’t care.

I moaned into the kiss, arching my back as much as I was allowed as his fingers thrust deep and hard in rapid succession. I was so wet, seared to the core from his touch. Everything about his desire seemed voracious, as if he needed to quench his thirst, feast on every inch of my tender skin.

He swirled his thumb around my clit then his actions became rough and unyielding.

I was pitched into raw, blinding ecstasy, my pussy muscles clamping around the thick invasion. I bucked and undulated, stunned as I was swept into a raging climax. The dazzling sensations rocked my entire body. I could no longer see or think clearly, my entire body trembling. I would have fallen if his roughhewn hands weren’t holding me aloft.

When he finally released me, I stumbled, forced to cling onto the soft fur covering his body. My breathing was ragged, the climax still continuing. Stars floated in front of my eyes, the joy of the blip in time something I’d never experienced.

A languishing guttural sound filtered from the depths of his being as he took a second step back, breaking the connection entirely. He placed his juice-covered fingers into his mouth, making husky sounds as he licked and sucked, taking his time to drag his tongue up and down every finger. I’d never seen such a possessive look on a man’s face as he gazed at me, his eyes sweeping up and down before easing the fur away from his body.

“Oh, God,” I muttered as the glow of the fire cast a shimmer across his naked body. He was absolutely perfect in proportion, chiseled biceps and carved pecs. Thick veins ran down the length of his arms, pulsing in the same manner as his glorious huge cock. His balls were swollen, hanging low between his legs and all I could think about was having them in my mouth, savoring their tangy flavor.

Hearing other sounds, I dared glance in the direction of the noise, my breath catching in my throat. They were all equally as gorgeous, although their skin was like burnished copper, their eyes glowing.

And they all hungered for me.

The Viking eased his hand to his shaft, stroking up and down. Even from where I was standing, I could see the bead of pre-cum leaking from his sensitive slit. I bit my lip, trying to keep from moaning.

From begging.

I was like a crazed animal, filled with lust.

No. I couldn’t do this. A moment of clarity rocketed into my brain, shame furrowing to the point I had difficulty swallowing. I couldn’t hunger for these… beasts. I was a scientist. I was a professional. I backed away, throwing out my hand and darting my eyes for the entrance to the cave. “Get away from me. I don’t want this. Take me back. Now! I am an important scientist. What you did is a crime.”

Narrowing his eyes, the Viking remained in the same position, folding his arms and a look of amusement crossing his face.

“I gave you orders!” I was yelling at creatures who had no understanding of English. Several of the cavemen inched closer, husky growls permeating the dense space. I took several additional steps backward, calculating the time to get out of the cave. I had to try to escape.

Issuing a guttural noise in order to draw my attention, the Viking commanded my return, using a quick snap of his head.

“Not a chance, buster. I don’t belong to you.” My tone was filled with defiance, even arrogance.

The Viking took a single step closer, his growl more intense and the sweep of his head more virulent. When I didn’t respond, he threw his head back and roared.

I snatched one of the pelts from a pile, using that moment to dart out of the cave and into the storm. Blinded by blowing snow, I took two steps forward, slipping and going down hard. As I started to slide, I managed to see a few feet in front of me and to the edge of a cliff. Oh, God. Oh, God! Before I could open my mouth to scream, massive hands grabbed my arms, pulling me to safety. I was thrown against the Viking’s chest, panting from the terror.

He cupped my face, taking ragged, deep breaths, his rough thumb rubbing back and forth across my lips. I could see a moment of concern in his eyes, but only for seconds. Fire returned, shimmering in his irises as he issued another savage growl, tossing me once against over his shoulder and carrying me back inside.

And I knew by instinct what he was thinking.

I’d disobeyed him, almost getting myself killed in the process. The moment he eased me to the stone floor, ripping the pelt out of my hands, I shivered. No longer from shame, this time because of guilt. I was nothing more than a misbehaving girl.

He’d saved me.

He’d protected me.

This… roughhewn creature had become my hero.

I was shocked when he yanked me around, my face pressed up against the cool stone. I had no idea what to expect and when his hand smacked hard against my bottom, I jumped, whimpering as a slice of pain entered my system. I struggled to turn around, but his hand was firmly wrapped around my neck in a possessive manner.

He repeated the move, slapping his hand against one ass cheek then the other. Over and over again. He moved to my upper thighs, smacking, the sound echoing in the cave.

“Oh. God!” I yelped, the pain turning into anguish as he continued. Struggling, I refused to accept, doing everything I could to get away. Issuing a voracious growl, he fisted my hair, keeping me in place, spanking me like a bad little girl.

Like a woman he wanted to dominate.

To own.

Right now and right here, I belonged to him.

His breathing was rapid as he took his time issuing one smack after another. I could feel the heat increasing as the pain rushed into every cell, my muscles tensing. I should be humiliated, shocked that a mysterious and very brutal creature was disciplining me in any fashion.

But I wasn’t.

My pussy leaked, juice covering the insides of my thighs. My nipples ached, longing to be twisted and plucked, abused by several sets of fingers. I took several deep breaths, gasping for air as the anguish intensified, his hand peppering my bottom, putting me in my place. This was all about absolute domination.

Shaking, I clawed the stone, my fingers white-knuckled but I was so aroused, so wet and hot that I didn’t care any longer how hard or how long the spanking would last. I was in a beautiful place of nirvana.

Minutes later, hands grabbed me, yanking me down to my knees and twisting me around. Suddenly there were two cocks in my face, both as thick as the Viking’s, both dripping with pre-cum. I knew exactly what they wanted and even as the humiliation remained hovering over me, my body responded without question. I wrapped my hands around them, squeezing as I pumped up and down, clamping around their cockheads as I gazed from one face to the other. Aliens. They were savage aliens, their mouths twisted in pleasure.

I was intoxicated by their scents, the deep forest and testosterone, their hunger evident by their throbbing cocks. One of them grunted, opening his mouth. He was demanding that I suck him.

And I did.

Taking the tip into my mouth, I savored the flavor as I rolled my tongue around in lazy circles. The drops of cum were like sweet ambrosia, sliding down my parched throat. The Viking stood just a few feet away, watching, studying the way I licked down the underside of the alien’s cock, rolling the tip over and around his balls.

His eyes were mere slits, his chest heaving. He wouldn’t be held back for long.

A growl from the second beast forced me to swivel my head, taking several inches of his shaft into my mouth. He immediately roared, tossing back his head as I licked and sucked, continuing to stroke the other alien’s cock. I twisted as I pumped, creating friction until he howled, jutting his hips forward.

I moved from one to the other, struggling to relax my throat and taking more and more of their cocks. One of the aliens wrapped his hand around my hair, keeping me in place when his cock was in my mouth. He began to face-fuck me, driving his cock in hard and fast strokes. Strangled cries rushed around the thick invasion until I was able to relax, accepting the wide girth, the tip hitting the back of my throat.

The other alien was hungry, greedy to have his time, yanking me away. I crawled between his legs, lifting his shaft as I licked all the way down, taking first one then the other ball into my mouth. I rolled my tongue back and forth, moaning as my pussy clenched and relaxed. Clenched and relaxed. I could come again easily.

The Viking allowed this to go on for a few additional minutes then threw back his arms, issuing a keening bellow into the cave. The echo sent a shower of quivers all the way down the length of my body. The other two moved away, but only to a pile of soft pelts near the roaring fire. They eased down, their faces full of charged hunger.

I whimpered as the Viking lifted me off my feet, cradling me in his arms. He hesitated only seconds before walking me toward the bed, dropping to one knee. He tossed me onto all fours, wrapping his hand around my hair and yanking. I eased my legs apart, taking several deep breaths as the anticipation gave me a rush of adrenaline.

They were all going to fuck me. Fill me.

I felt the head of his cock press against my pussy lips, spreading me ever so slowly. He gripped my hip, pushing in an inch at a time. He was so thick, so wide that I whimpered as my muscles ached, trying to accept. When he thrust the rest inside, I cried out, my own voice echoing. As he pumped in rapid motions, the force pushed air from my lungs. I could barely breathe, a jolt of current jetting through every muscle.

He growled over and over again as he fucked me, skin slapping against skin. I’d closed my eyes, enjoying the ravaging moment until I heard a rustle and felt heat beneath me.

One of the gorgeous aliens had positioned himself underneath my shaking body, waiting his turn to take me like a savage beast. His eyes were so beautiful, varied colors swirling even in the dim lighting. I was lost in them as the Viking plunged brutally. A single growl seemed to give the alien permission, my Viking pulling free.

I almost cried out, begging him to stay inside, to continue his wondrous actions, but within seconds, I was yanked on top of the alien. He held me aloft, lifting a single eyebrow. I didn’t hesitate, positioning his cock just inside my pussy. He pulled me down ever so slowly, his hands on my hips and he forced me to rock.

To ride him.

I did so with utter joy, rocking my body forward and backward. Three more cocks appeared in front of my face, the beasts eager and hungry for their turn. I let myself go, refusing any and all inhibition and simply opened my mouth.

Fingers found my asshole, slipping inside. The Viking. He would take me first, fucking my dark hole before any of the others. I tensed, unable to react as one cock filled my mouth, hands gripping my head. Other hands found my breasts, caressing and pinching my nipples.

Then the Viking slid his cock into my asshole.

The pain was shocking, forcing my body to lurch, and he refused to stop even as my muscles struggled to accept. I moaned around the alien’s cock, my senses on overload. I knew the Viking had pushed past the tight ring of muscle and as soon as he did, he refused any concept of being gentle.

Every stroke was forceful, shoving me forward and as his skin slapped against mine, I could feel the stinging from the round of discipline. I clenched my muscles, knowing that the alien fucking my pussy wasn’t going to last long. He struggled, holding me, gritting his teeth, but when he roared as if to the heavens, I felt the warm gush as he erupted, filling me with his seed.

The alien brushed his fingers across my face, murmuring something I couldn’t understand then shifted until another could take his place.

The Viking refused to let go, fucking me in a brutal manner even as a fourth and fifth cock found my mouth. I sucked and swallowed, trying to catch every drop but cum spilled out of my mouth, dripping ever so slowly to the soft fur. I didn’t care. I would take everything they had to give me.

Another round of hard slaps was peppered against my ass, one coming after the other, but I could tell the Viking was ready to explode. I squeezed again and was rewarded with the most sensual howl, the animalistic sound filling the chamber. I knew the second he erupted, sweet cum filling my ass. He held the position, leaning over and whispering before he allowed another to take his place.


And as others took me, fucking every hole and leaving me drained and sated, the Viking stood watch in the shadows, his arms crossed and his look one of complete ownership.

One of predatory need.

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