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Prisoner: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Kallista Dane – Extended Preview


Pain and pleasure. Pleasure and pain.

He went on until one morphed into the other and I was shoving my ass in the air for his harsh smacks the same way I did so his fingers could slide deeper into my pussy. I forgot my anger, forgot my grief. My entire world narrowed to his hands on my body, in my body. His hot hard cock straining against my belly. I ground my throbbing clit against his thigh, rocking back and forth frantically as he spanked and stroked me.

His rough palm drove the burning heat of his spanks into my core. My pussy spasmed around his fingers, and I could hear myself moan as if from far away.

I was close, so close to coming that when he pulled out and fondled my swollen clit, then delivered another stinging whack to my ass, I nearly sobbed.

“Oh, gods, don’t stop! Please please please…” I babbled mindlessly, lost in a dangerous universe filled with erotic sensations I’d never felt before.

“Please, Master,” he reminded me, running a fingertip over the dripping folds of my pussy. Tantalizing, tormenting.

“Please, Master,” I repeated, half out of my mind.

He shoved his hand between my legs and rammed three fingers inside me. I screamed… and shattered. Panting and shuddering as wave after wave poured over me.

He made a harsh sound, deep in his throat, and rolled me onto my back. Sliced through the bonds around my ankles, ripped off my pants, and shoved my legs apart.

When he pulled out his cock and rammed it balls-deep inside me, my pussy clenched around it.

I’d never been fucked like that. Savage, brutal. No murmured words of love, no soft caresses. Only raw lust, his fierce hunger stoking my own. That first orgasm his fingers tore from my body, the most intense I’d ever experienced, sparked a wildfire. Every thrust of his cock slammed my stinging ass against the floor of the cave, like a fresh whack from his rough palm. Pinned beneath the steel of his body with my hands bound, I was helpless to resist. I rode the crest of the pain, letting it take me to a dark place I’d never been before. A place with no boundaries, no rules. A black hole in the cosmos where agony entwined with bliss.

His cock, hot and thick and iron-hard, pounded into me. Overriding my mind and taking control of my body. Demanding my submission.

Maybe calling him Master had acted as a trigger. Maybe the ultimate reaction to fear isn’t ‘fight or flight’ but ‘fight or fuck.’ Maybe the primeval part of my brain responded to death with a compelling need to feast on the essence of life itself. I probably could have come up with a thousand reasons to justify to myself why I did what I did. But all the psychological theories, all the fancy terms, couldn’t hide the truth.

I didn’t even know the alien’s name, but at that moment, I wanted everything I got from him. I wanted the stinging spanks, awakening dark desires inside me, then punishing me for them. I wanted his fingers stroking my pussy, invading it, building the fever until it raged. I wanted to wipe everything that had happened out of my mind. I wanted, I needed to get fucked.

When he started pumping in and out, I met every thrust. I was a wanton slut, digging my heels into the dirt, grinding my hips against him. He growled, rumbling like a wild beast, and grabbed the cheeks of my ass, holding me in place while he fucked me fast and hard. His mastery thrilled me, getting me even hotter, and I squeezed tight around the thick hot shaft. His body tensed, then I felt the head of his cock pulsing. Hot jets of cum drenched my inner walls in rhythmic spurts.

I exploded. Mindless and frantic, driven to another shameful climax. Wordless cries echoed off the stone walls of the cave. It wasn’t until I collapsed beneath him, gasping for breath, my throat raw, that I realized the wild screams had come from me.

He lifted himself off my body, supporting his weight on his elbows, and I took a deep breath. My breasts were slick with his sweat. The scent of it filled my lungs—earthy, masculine, virile. My heart thudded against the corded muscles in his chest.

I could feel him staring down at me, and finally turned my head to look at him.

“Master,” he said.

I gazed into his eyes. Piercing, brilliant blue. I imagined him ripping away the walls I’d built around me the way he’d ripped off my shirt. Baring my soul as easily as he’d bared my body.

When we first came to this world I’d hidden in the underbrush and watched a wild creature, some kind of huge jungle cat, out hunting. The creature cornered its prey, then stared it down, unblinking, conquering it with a piercing gaze before pouncing and devouring it.

I’d wondered at the time why the animal didn’t try to run away. Didn’t put up a fight. Now I understood.

“Master,” I repeated, compelled by the sheer force of his will.

Gods help me.


I wasn’t fool enough to think she’d be conquered so easily.

I acknowledged my new title with a solemn nod. The first training session had ended well—for both of us—but I knew I’d have far more difficult battles ahead. Females say things they don’t mean when their pussies are hot and wet. Just like we do when our cocks are harder than our heads.

My prisoner was sated now, soft and compliant. But once her heart stopped pounding and my cum dried on her thighs, she’d be back to scheming for vengeance on me for spanking her. Though I’d been without a female for a long time, I needed to stay in control instead of giving way to my impulse to stroke her cheek and draw her trembling body into my arms.

Her eyes were still glazed with lust when I drew back, towering over her. “Where are the parts to the weapons?”

She blinked, staring at me as though she didn’t understand the question. But she’d understood my language earlier, even responded well enough for me to make out her meaning. “The weapons.” I gestured to the scattered parts. “You took pieces. Where are they?”

The glazed look in her eyes disappeared, replaced by a flash of pure hatred. She hid it, glancing away, and I made note. Ruled by her emotions, yet strong enough to mask them when she chose to. I’d need to be on my guard every minute with this one until she was fully tamed.

“Where are the pieces?” I snapped, raising my voice. With her hands and feet bound she hadn’t been able to move very far. I was sure I could have found them easily, but I wanted her to tell me. Another way to assert my mastery and make her acknowledge her powerlessness.

She hesitated, as though weighing her options, then jerked her head toward a flat stone nearby. “Under that rock,” she replied, her voice expressionless.

I lifted it and saw that even with her wrists bound behind her she’d somehow managed to scrape out a small depression in the hard ground and drop three metal pieces into it. She’d chosen well. Sharp edges to stab or slash, each with a blunt end she could cradle in her palm, even while her hands were tied. And the rock, a weapon in itself.

I sat down on a stone outcropping and lifted her so she was kneeling in front of me.

“I told you not to move while I was gone. I said I’d punish you if you did.”

“You already punished me,” she replied sullenly.

“That was for your disrespect. This punishment will be for disobedience.”

Her eyes widened. “No!”

“You hid those pieces so you could harm me with them.” I’d been without a female for so long that I knew if I laid her over my lap again to spank her, this punishment would end in another fucking. I got up, walked behind her, and untied her hands.

“Ooow!” She stretched and grimaced, pulling her arms in front of her and massaging her shoulders.

“Bend forward with your head on your arms and stick your ass in the air.”

“You finally untie me and now you want me to bend over so you can spank me again? Are you fucking crazy? I’m not going to do that!”

“You will do it—willingly or not. If I have to make you take that position, your punishment will be longer and harder.”

“Spank me, fuck me—do whatever you want, you’re not going to break me.”

“You begged me for it a little while ago—and called me Master.”

“That was before I found out what an asshole you are,” she muttered.

Fury drove my earlier concerns from my mind. I sank down on the stone, yanked her over my lap, and slammed my palm down on her still-reddened ass.

“Aaah! Let me go, you fucking savage!”

“When you are ready to get on your knees and present this ass for punishment.”

She started to protest. I cut her off midstream with a dozen harsh wallops that left her gasping for breath and wriggling frantically on my lap.

Damn the female! I could feel my cock stiffening again. But this time I’d see her well punished before satisfying my hunger.

And hers. Despite her protests, her juices dripped down my thighs. I spanked her harder, each whack from my hand stoking the fire within me. She may have been inexperienced at receiving punishment properly but her thrashing on my lap was more arousing than the polished moves of the courtesan I’d paid for once in a Pleasure Dome.

When I couldn’t bear it any longer, I shoved her onto the ground. “On your knees!” I roared.

She turned her back to me and got up on her knees. “Please, no more!”

“Head down. Stick that ass in the air.”

She bit back a sob and bent forward, cradling her head in her arms. Tilting that sweet ass up to me, hot and bright red. I drew in the scent of her arousal and stifled a groan. I ached to bury my cock in that wet heat again, digging my fingers into her hips and pounding into her from behind. At that moment I wasn’t sure who was being punished more, me or her.

When I smacked her ass again, she let out a howl. I followed up with five more harsh spanks. “Say ‘I will obey you, Master.’”

Though the tears were flowing too hard for her to speak, she shook her head stubbornly. I said it again, punctuating each word with a stern whack.

She shuddered, then I heard her whisper, “I…”

I spanked her again. “Will obey you,” I prompted.

“Will… obey… you…” she repeated.

“Master,” I finished, with another hard whack to her quivering ass.

She started crying again, stifled sobs that shook her entire body. I realized making her call me Master was worse than any physical punishment I could inflict. But she needed to learn her place. My world was harsh and unforgiving. When I took her home, she’d need to obey me unquestioningly to survive there as my mate. If I sensed danger and gave her a command, I wouldn’t have time to argue or explain myself.

I slid my hand down the crack of her ass, stopping just before my fingers grazed the lips of her pussy. She shivered and I delivered another stinging spank.

“Master,” she gasped.

The word triggered my response. I sank to my knees behind her, nudged her legs apart, and took my iron-hard cock in my hand, groaning as I guided it into her tight pussy. Her sobs ended in a muffled cry and she arched her back, pushing against me and taking in more. I grabbed her hips and rammed it in, grinding myself against her glowing red ass with every stroke. She got up on her hands, rocking back and forth with me, her full breasts swaying.

I reached around her and took the weight of one in my palm, squeezing the nipple between my thumb and finger. Her velvet muscles clenched around my shaft. I pinched harder and she squealed, rocking her ass back against me. Growling like a jungle beast, I pounded into her. She let out a wordless cry and her pussy tightened around the head of my cock, drawing the cum up from my balls.

With a roar, I reared back and thrust one last time, filling her with my seed.


The savage came harder than he did the first time we fucked—and to my shame, so did I.

Though my mind was repelled by the way he treated me, my treacherous body responded. For months, I’d been frozen. Going through the motions of living, waking up each morning and wishing I would die that day. It was as if the blistering heat the alien’s spankings ignited on my aching bottom thawed my feelings. Deep down, I welcomed his punishment, felt I deserved it. It eased the guilt I suffered at being unable to save my father, my lover, or my dearest friend and protector.

And once that dam of feelings was breached, they flooded over me. I became aware of my body again. Every touch from his strong hands, every stern whack on my stinging bottom, made me feel alive. I embraced all of it. Burning pain followed by wild erotic sensations, awakening dark desires I’d hidden all my life.

Though I hated his barbaric attitude, his primitive demands that I submit to his will, I knew I’d never have torn loose from my self-imposed shroud through soft words and gentleness. What I’d witnessed had been so shocking and cruel, I needed something equally harsh to get past it. Calling him Master, being spanked hard and then fucked even harder, hadn’t broken me. It had set me free. The physical pain was strong enough to override the haze of emotional agony I’d been walking around in for so long. And his raw unbridled lust stripped away the last of my walls and revealed that a brazen slut I never knew lived inside me.

So I was shocked when he lay down on his side after he came and pulled me against him, his arms wrapped around me. Maybe he’s just making sure you don’t jump up and attack him. But I knew instinctively it was more than that. He could have simply tied me up again. His hold on me was firm but not harsh. Under other circumstances, I’d have called the gesture an expression of tenderness, an emotion I never thought such a primitive being could show. For the first time in months I felt safe. Despite all that had happened, or perhaps because of it, I snuggled my stinging ass against his crotch and gave in to exhaustion.

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