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Prize: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

He had allowed my gentle explorations initially, but that time was over. His fist tightened in my hair and his hips slammed forward, forcing his thick cock deep into my mouth before I was ready. I gagged around him, trying to figure out how to breathe with it pressing against the back of my throat. He pistoned back and forth, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth with every thrust. After several long moments, I began to feel lightheaded, but I managed to draw in a breath as he pulled back. I learned very quickly to time each intake of air with his movements. Once I could breathe rather normally, I felt myself beginning to calm and I worked harder to satisfy him with my mouth.

“I won’t stop fucking this pretty little throat until you make it up to me. You will enthusiastically suck my cock and show me exactly how much you’ve learned your lesson, little human,” he warned, and I moaned softly around his length.

I’d never sucked cock before. This was all new to me. Somewhere deep inside of me though, I wanted to please him. There was this overwhelming need to worship his cock and I curled my lips around his shaft. With my tongue, I swirled around his length and I started to enjoy myself. His use of my throat was rough, and I knew once this was over, it would ache for some time. He had made it very clear that this would end when I proved to him that he’d taught me that sassiness had a price and that he was perfectly willing to demonstrate that to me.

He’d bared me completely. He’d spanked my ass ruthlessly and he’d punished my naked pussy until I was sobbing.

I suckled around him, bobbing my head back and forth as he thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. I whined and cried around him, trying to show him that I understood. That I wouldn’t even think of sassing him again.

But it wasn’t enough.

“I want to hear the sound of your voice as you tell me that you’ve learned your lesson. I want to hear you speak with my cock deep in your sassy little mouth,” he demanded.

He wanted more. He wanted to hear me beg.

I didn’t want to speak with him still in my mouth. I shivered, imagining just how shameful the sound of my voice would be with his cock gagging me. My cheeks blushed hotly, and I couldn’t hide behind the long locks of my hair this time. He could see just how much the thought embarrassed me. He could also see how hard my nipples were when he used me like this. I couldn’t conceal any of it.

He knew. He knew that there was a part of me that enjoyed this.

I hated it. I liked it. I wanted more of it.

I refused to speak. I couldn’t do it.

His fingers wound around my nipples once again. He held them there in warning and I breathed hard, my chest lifting and dropping as I waited for what he would do to me. His fingers twisted hard and I screamed, still shamefully gagged with his thick cock.

“I want to hear you, little human. You were quick to speak before. Does the thought of talking with my cock still in your mouth shame you? Does it make you wet?” he asked, and I trembled hard.

I saw him sniff the air. I cried out at the implication of that action.

He roughly pinched and twisted my nipples again.

He smirked down at me, his eyes dark and knowing.

“Being made to suck my cock has made you so much wetter than before. I can smell every last drop as it drips down onto your thighs, Nina,” he murmured.

My nipples burned with agony and I knew I couldn’t take much more.

“Please,” I begged, finally speaking with his cock in my mouth. It sounded just as shameful as I imagined it would. My voice was muffled, the sound hard to understand at first as my tongue pressed against the textured surface of his length.

He didn’t let go of my nipples and I started to become more desperate.

“Please. I’ve learned my lesson,” I implored him, feeling my face redden as I spoke around his thick girth.

He finally released my nipples and I thanked him profusely. My voice vibrated around him as my tongue bounced off his shaft. I felt so ashamed being made to beg like this. I couldn’t bring myself to look back at anyone else. To see Mari watch me be used like this. For Vane’s men to enjoy the entire thing as Vane taught me that I was no longer in charge. That he was my new master.

Liquid heat gathered between my thighs. My nipples hardened into tight little pebbles and my clit pulsed hard with need, over and over again until I was sure I was going to lose my mind. He made no movements to remove his cock from my throat and as the ache grew stronger, I became more desperate.

Would he make me suck his cock forever? How long would he make me do this?

I sucked his cock more vigorously. It was rigid and hard, and I did my very best to take him as deeply as I could. I swirled my tongue around him and blushed as the wet sucking sounds echoed around me. I pressed my thighs together, trying to keep my arousal from dripping any further down my legs. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if it made a puddle on the floor and he saw it. My skin was slick with my wetness and I was left to think about what that meant.

I liked it when he claimed me like this, but I was ready for it to stop. I didn’t know what he wanted and wasn’t sure what he was looking for, so I did the only thing I could think of.

I began to speak with his cock in my mouth once more.

I begged for him to grant me mercy. I told him time and time again that I had learned my lesson. I vowed to never be sassy with him again. I said every single word with his thick cock gagging my mouth, each one as shameful as the last. I pleaded with him that I was sorry. I promised him that he wouldn’t need to punish me like this ever again for my defiance.

I quivered with shame, knowing that begging him like this was making me wetter and even more aroused than before. Every inch of my body was trembling with sensation, never before released pleasure that was bottled up inside me demanding to be set free. I craved for things I’d never wanted before. Things that would have been considered very wrong back on Earth.

I wanted his fingers to return to my pussy. I wanted him to tease my clit until I came all over his fingers and after that, I wanted him to fuck me hard with his cock. I wanted to feel his hard length ravage every inch of me.

I wanted it hard. I craved it rough. I needed it to hurt.

I didn’t know why I yearned for him to take me like this. I didn’t understand it. I was a virgin and I’d never thought about getting fucked before in my life. Not until now. Not until he’d taken me, bared me, and spanked me into a wet little mess of a woman.

“Please. I’ve learned my lesson,” I cried, the heat of his cock searing my tongue as I spoke. The wet muffled sound made me tremble even as I begged for him some more. He gripped the back of my head harshly and he fucked my throat harder. Not a single moment of it was gentle or kind. He used my mouth for his own pleasure.

I didn’t try to speak anymore. I just took what he gave me.

I didn’t know if I had convinced him that I’d learned my lesson. I didn’t know when he’d stop fucking my throat like this. All I knew was that he wasn’t done punishing my mouth. That it wasn’t up to me when it would end.

He used my throat until it was more than sore and then he used it some more. He fucked my face until tears edged at the corners of my eyes. I couldn’t hold them back and before long, they were dripping down my cheeks onto the floor.

I cried as he fucked my mouth and I felt his cock pulse against my tongue. It seemed to grow in size as he forced it deeper into my throat. His shaft throbbed time and time again until a thick liquid burst forth against my tongue.

He’d come in my mouth.

“You will swallow every last drop. You’ll remember the taste of me the next time you open your mouth to speak. It will remind you what happens to bad little girls with sassy little mouths,” he said firmly.

I couldn’t answer as another hot spurt pelted the back of my throat. I did my best to swallow around him as he came. I took every last drop into my belly, both enjoying and hating the fact that he’d used me like this. I used my tongue to clean him off as thoroughly as I could, ensuring that there wasn’t even a little bit of his seed left on his cock. When he was finished, he pressed his cock deep into my throat and held it there, making sure that I was aware of the fact that he was in complete control of me.

I didn’t fight because there was no more fight in me left. There wasn’t a single ounce of me that wanted to talk back and defy him. The only thing I wanted him to do now was fuck me.

“Please,” I beseeched him, his cock still in my mouth. He didn’t have to prod me this time. I spoke without him having to tell me to and he gazed down at me with a dangerously aroused look.

“Please let me come,” I pleaded this time and the wide grin on his face should have scared me, but it didn’t. It only served to turn me on even more.

I was so aroused. I needed release.

“Please. Please. I need you to make me come,” I begged over and over, not caring how shameful it sounded or how wet I was or that everyone else could hear how I had broken under Vane’s skillful punishment. It didn’t matter. I could focus on nothing else but the throbbing clit between my legs and just how much my pussy was clenching when I thought about his cock pressing in between my thighs rather than my mouth.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he yanked his hips back and pulled his cock free from my lips. He lifted me by my hair and tossed me back onto the crate that he’d spanked me over.

“Spread your legs. Show me how much you need me to fuck that wet little pussy,” he purred, and I shivered with need. I pushed myself up onto my elbows and whimpered softly as the full implications of what he was asking me to do settled over me. If I spread my thighs for him now, he’d see just how wet I was.

He’d know without a doubt that being punished like this made my pussy very, very wet. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, before releasing a high-pitched whine from my throat. I didn’t want to show him, but I knew I didn’t have a choice. He wanted to see my pussy right now and I was going to expose myself for him because he’d wanted to see it.

Slowly, I spread my thighs. The gentle breeze of the air conditioning felt like a chilly caress against the wetness soaking my pussy and I felt myself flush hotly with shame. He moved over me and reached between my legs, sliding along my liquid heat and discovering just how wet I was for him.

“Naughty girl, you’re soaking wet for me,” he murmured.

I didn’t answer because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to speak now that his cock was no longer in my mouth. I honestly didn’t know if I’d be capable of talking at that point either. I lay there, on my back with my legs spread, watching as he gazed down at the rampant arousal that was sliding down my thighs.

His fingers dragged up and down my folds until he pressed two fingers against my entrance. I sucked in a nervous breath as he pushed them inside me, squeaking as I experienced the feeling of being penetrated for the very first time. My hips jerked upward and he pressed his fingers all the way inside me.

“You’re a virgin, little human. No one has ever touched this wet little pussy before. Until I claimed it for myself,” he observed. I shivered, feeling my inner walls tighten around his fingers.

“Yes, sir,” I breathed. I didn’t know what else to say as I stared up into his dark gaze. He was contemplative as he studied me. I didn’t know what he was going to do next and that terrified me, but that also excited me.

“I’m going to enjoy making you scream for me, Nina. I’m going to really enjoy when I feel your little pussy come all over my cock,” he added next. I couldn’t even breathe as the weight of his words settled over me.

He bent over top of me, grasped my thighs and forced my bottom to the very edge of the crate. He leaned forward and placed his hands to either side of my face while he rocked his hips against my pussy. The blazing heat of his hard cock slid along my wet folds and I couldn’t help myself as I moaned with need. I could feel my inner walls flutter as I imagined what it would feel like for him to fuck me.

“Are you ready, little human?” he murmured. He took my right nipple into his mouth, teasing the tip with his tongue and I arched up against him, wanting more. The head of his cock nudged against my entrance and I lifted my hips just a hair in hopes that he would take me just like he had threatened at last.

“Yes,” I begged.

He kissed the side of my breast gently. At last, his hips lurched forward at the very same time as he bit down on my nipple. Hard.

Brilliant white agony pierced me deep into the very center of my core. Pain burst across my right breast while a searing fire blazed through my pussy and I could feel myself breaking. I cried and writhed beneath him, but he didn’t stop. He bit down harder on my nipple as I struggled to take the entirety of his thick girth in my tight little pussy.

My body screamed as he forced himself inside of me. I’d never felt anything like this before. He was huge and he stretched my pussy much wider than it was prepared for. Even though I was incredibly wet, it didn’t seem to matter or make his advance any easier. He slid inside me, pushing every last inch inside me before I was ready to take it.

I suffered as his cock pressed into me, but I knew he expected me to yield to him, so I did. I whimpered as he pushed all the way inside me before his hands moved to grasp my hips, using my body as leverage so that he could penetrate me even more deeply than before. He finally released my nipple and a second wave of pain burst across my chest and I cried out from the intensity of it. He used my body to ensure that I took his entire length and then he stilled for a long moment. The lengthy protrusions at the base of his cock tickled at my clit and I bit my lip as a wave of pleasure poured over me. Desire tried to combat the pain, but it was soon difficult to tell one from the other.

He’d broken through my virgin barrier in one single thrust. It had hurt so much at first, but I could feel the desire raging within me beginning to surface.

My pussy tried to get used to his size, but he was massive. I didn’t know how it compared to a human cock, not that it mattered now. I felt myself tightening around him and I cried out as a spike of pain rattled me from deep within. It hurt but after a long moment, I could feel myself growing wetter. The burning initial stab of pain gently faded to a dull roar and my desire for more gradually grew stronger and stronger by the second.

He’d said I was going to come all over his cock and now I wanted to.

He pistoned his hips backwards before he slammed back into me roughly.

His cock was impossibly hard. The tiny bumps up and down his shaft started to roll and move and I moaned in surprise at the sudden change in sensation. The ridged edge of the head of his cock was rough against my tender flesh and I soon found myself losing all semblance of control at the foreign things happening between my legs.

He held onto my thighs while he used my virgin pussy hard. There was not a single ounce of kindness in his movements. He used me as hard and roughly as he pleased, and I felt myself growing more aroused by the second. One of the long projections at the base of his cock pressed firmly against my clit and started to gyrate.

I moaned, the sound high-pitched and entirely out of my control. Pleasure and residual pain fought inside me and I found it hard to keep myself calm. My core twisted in on itself and my nipples hardened into tight little peaks. My blood felt like it was boiling beneath my skin, almost as though I was running a raging uncontrollable fever. With every passing second, I burned hotter. I grew more desperate. Needier.

Nothing else mattered but his cock plunging in and out of my pussy. It hurt. It felt glorious and I soon found myself growing addicted to the feeling of his cock plunging deep inside me. My hips lifted up into his embrace and the long protrusion tickling my clit teased and taunted me until I was unsure how much more I could take. I arched my pelvis back and forth, taking his cock deeper into my pussy and I cried out with pleasure.

I couldn’t take much more of this without release. My body was burning with it and my blood was boiling with it. My core was twisting hard with unreleased desire. Without thinking, I reached for my own breasts. I caressed my nipples until they were hard little peaks and then I started pinching them lightly as he used my virgin pussy hard.

I was so incredibly aroused. I needed release so badly.

My inner walls fluttered around his cock, tightening greedily around him almost like my body was begging him for more. My clit pulsed under the constant attention of the protrusions at the base of his cock. His length plunged in and out of me and I moaned with passionate desire as my body came undone beneath him. I realized that I needed more. I didn’t know how much more I could survive without it.

“I need to come,” I whispered. “Please let me come.”

“Louder, Nina. You will not have permission to come until everyone in the room hears you beg for what you need,” Vane responded cruelly. I cried out softly at his words, not knowing if I could actually do what he wanted.

But I didn’t have a choice. It wasn’t up to me. It was up to him and the very needy little pussy in between my legs.

“Please let me come, sir,” I said, only slightly louder this time.

Vane knocked my fingers out of the way and held my right nipple in between his. He squeezed it in warning, and I knew that I hadn’t been loud enough. Quickly, I opened my lips and showed him that I would try harder.

“Please let me come all over your cock, sir,” I pleaded, my voice impossibly loud this time. I knew everyone could hear me. I knew his men could. I knew Mari could and I felt my face flame hot with shame.

My pussy clenched hard around his cock and he grinned knowingly. I wished I could hide my face, but my focus was driven by something else entirely.

“Come, Nina. Come hard on my cock while everyone in the room watches,” he murmured, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying out with shame and boundless arousal.

He fucked me impossibly harder and the teasing finger-like things at the base of his cock pinched around my clit. They gyrated more powerfully against me and I felt the very last tendrils of my control fall away. At once, my world shattered into a billion tiny little shards of glass. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak, the only thing I could do was feel. Pleasure far more intense than I could have ever imagined hurtled through my veins. It felt like my core had imploded in on itself, twisting and spiraling with scintillating ecstasy so powerful that it felt like I was falling.

White-hot bliss devastated me from the inside out and I started to scream. Moans of passionate desire echoed around me, so animalistic and primal that it took me a long moment to realize that those sounds were coming from me. I would have blushed with shame, but right now, I didn’t much care.

I was having my very first orgasm and it was far more incredible than anything I had ever dreamed of. My inner walls clenched greedily around his thick cock as he pumped it in and out of me. The small bumpy protrusions on his shaft made me tighten around him again and again, delicious friction that kept me begging for more.

I couldn’t get enough.

My release seemed to last forever, and I drowned in it. Thrust into the world of pleasure without a choice, my body vibrated with never-ending sensation. I moaned and screamed and still he fucked me harder, still he forced me to come all over his cock.

Our audience was silent, but I knew they were watching. I knew they were seeing me orgasm for the very first time and knowing that only served to make me hotter. My nipples hardened into tight little peaks and I returned my fingers to them, pinching and taunting them as my endless orgasm ravaged me from the inside out.

I ground my pelvis into his plunging cock, and before I knew it, my orgasm bled into a second one that was even more powerful than the last. My spine arched clean off the crate beneath me as Vane used my thighs for leverage, pounding hard into my tight little body. The sounds of his cock claiming my pussy for himself were shamefully wet and loud and I couldn’t stop myself from crying out softly as the shocking sounds met my ears.

“That’s it, little human. Come for me,” he demanded.

And I did.

I came again. And again. I came until I felt like I couldn’t come once more without splintering into pieces. After that, he made me come again. I came so many times that I lost count, that my legs started to feel numb and a bead of sweat rolled down my forehead. I came so many times that it started to hurt.

He didn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, he only seemed to fuck me harder. I began to grow worried that he might never stop, that even though he had already come in my throat, that he had the stamina of a beast. He didn’t seem to tire.

Another orgasm tore through me and I whimpered. I struggled to take it and he leaned over me, meeting my desperate eyes with his dark golden ones.

“You thought I couldn’t break you, didn’t you, Nina? You thought you’d be stronger than me, that no matter what I did to you that you’d hold on. Isn’t that right?” he murmured softly.

“Yes, sir,” I whined, biting my lower lip anxiously. My pussy fluttered around his cock and the wet sounds of our fucking sounded suddenly much louder than before.

“You were wrong, weren’t you, Nina?” he questioned next and I shivered at the meaning in his tone. He was right and he knew it. Worst of all, I knew it too.

I didn’t answer right away, and his hips slammed forward once, and then twice, as I struggled beneath him. His cock punished my pussy hard until I finally forced my lips open so that I could answer him. I opened my mouth because he demanded it.

“Yes, sir,” I managed to say as my voice shook from the intensity of what he was doing to me on that crate.

“I can feel you break beneath me, little girl. I can feel it every time you come with my cock deep in your tight little pussy,” he growled, and I could feel myself coming apart once again. I begged him not to make me come again but he didn’t listen. He tore another orgasm from my body, and I cried out as the cruel pleasure sliced me open. My clit throbbed, sore and tender from everything he’d done to me. My core twisted hard and my pussy clenched tightly around his length, milking his cock for everything that it was worth.

I broke for him and I broke hard.

My breath hitched in my throat and I tried to stop what was about to happen, but I was powerless against it. My eyes watered and a desperate cry escaped my lips before I started to cry. I cried as I came, as Vane wrenched what seemed like an endless number of orgasms from my worn-out body. I sobbed as cruel bliss ravaged me, my pussy pulsing around his cock. I writhed beneath him, suffering in boundless pain and pleasure just because he wanted me to. I screamed and wailed, but another orgasm was waiting in the wings and when it burst over me, I shattered.

I shattered into a broken mess of wet little human. I shattered again and again until I was certain there was nothing left.

Hurt. Pleasure. Pain. Ecstasy.

His searing hot seed burst up inside me. It splattered against my inner walls and my body clenched around him greedily, taking every last drop as though it had been what I had needed my entire life. I could feel his thick length throb within my entrance, again and again as his thick seed coated my insides and claimed me as his. The base of his cock expanded and stretched my pussy painfully wider and I sobbed harder. It held his seed deep inside me for several long minutes as my orgasm raged on. I felt his arms surround me, holding me tight as I suffered beneath him. I pressed my face against the side of his neck as I sobbed, thoroughly devastated from the pain and pleasure storming within me.

He was cruel. He was kind.

Nothing made sense anymore. I didn’t know up from down, left from right. I couldn’t see or think, I could only feel the terrifyingly intense sensations hurtling through every inch of my body. I knew that I was still crying, and I feared I was going to be made to orgasm again. At that moment though, I knew it was no longer up to me.

That decision was Vane’s and his alone.

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