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Properly Theirs: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Doctor Reginald Brown loved unusual cases best. Miss Caroline Montgomery definitely fell into that welcome category, and so the doctor arrived at Red Meadows in very good spirits indeed. From what he had gathered of the girl’s education and interrupted career as a debutante, Miss Montgomery had the propensity toward mischief that Doctor Brown had observed in a great many of the natural daughters he had done his best to render happy in his service as medical adviser to the society. The girl seemed not, however, to have acquired any truly vicious quality that would require the sort of harsh discipline he sometimes found it necessary to recommend, as an essential part of a miscreant’s defloration and early training under the right of the phallus.

That in itself made the case rather unusual, because of the Duke of Essing’s demand that Miss Montgomery receive the punishment his grace believed she had merited for the snub she had given Mr. Wendell. The duke would trust the word of the Earl of Hobberly, it seemed, precisely because of the earl’s known interest in the subjugation and chastisement of pretty young ladies like Miss Montgomery. The earl’s intention to share the debutante’s body with three other men and a debauched female, however, seemed unlikely to satisfy the duke’s requirement unless Miss Montgomery could be presented to him, at the conclusion of her unusual ‘honeymoon,’ in such a way as to bring him around to the propriety of the earl’s lewd, outlandish scheme.

The duty of accomplishing that difficult aim did not strictly speaking rest with Doctor Brown. He had come to Red Meadows principally to certify that in his expert medical opinion Miss Caroline Montgomery’s welfare would be enhanced by her sexual submission to the earl, Mr. Rackley, Captain Rather, one Robert Thewlis (coachman), and Miss Hannah Erskine. He had little doubt, from reading Mr. Rackley’s letters and the account of her schooling he had solicited from Mrs. Vincennes, that upon his examination of her young body he would find himself able to recommend she be trained as a communal bed girl for the five.

True, the doctor had never encountered a formal arrangement of the kind, where a young woman was to be shared upon so exact a scheme, and trained by so many masters in the initial use of her oral, vaginal, and anal cavities by the penis and the tribade’s clitoris. The idea, however, in Doctor Brown’s view, presented no actual obstacle to the practices he recommended in his treatise and assisted in implementing for his patients when called upon to travel to their homes. Miss Montgomery’s waywardness would be very soundly checked by her time over the whipping blocks of the five members of this little cabal and the dominant coitus to which they would subject her young body.

The doctor wished, however, to ensure that the young lady’s welfare should continue, either in that unusual arrangement or in some other circumstance calculated to present some appearance of respectability to the world even as it gave her the erotic submission she would need so urgently after her experience at Red Meadows. As Miss Erskine received the five men—for Robert as one of Miss Montgomery’s masters had given the carriage into the keeping of the stable lad—in the foyer of the grand house, Doctor Brown wondered what he might do to promote the twin conundrums of the girl’s future: how the Duke of Essing might be brought to consider the earl’s plan of shared sexual domination a proper chastisement for Miss Montgomery’s misdeed; and how the debutante, known then in the whispers of so-called polite society as the sexual possession of four men and a woman, might be rendered happy in the long term.

“It is such an honor to make your acquaintance, Doctor Brown,” said Miss Erskine as she led them up the stairs, the doctor at the front with Mr. Rackley just behind him and the captain and Robert conversing amicably as they followed. “I have wished it for ever so long.”

“Truly, Miss Erskine?” the doctor asked, with real curiosity. He had supposed the rather notorious woman would shy away from the encounter, despite his bearing her and those women who shared her interests no ill will.

Mr. Rackley laughed. “Truly, Doctor. My slut has read your treatise with great enjoyment.”

“The greatest,” Miss Erskine confirmed with a warm smile. “I suppose you think a woman such as I would take offense at my exclusion from the ranks of those who might lay natural claim to a submissive girl’s cunt and anus? In not having the sort of article required?”

The doctor found himself unexpectedly charmed by Miss Erskine’s evident perspicacity. “Indeed, I had not known you—or any Sapphist—to have such an interest in a work intended for those whose bodily endowments match the providential outlines of my theory. In not having penises with which to enjoy dominant coitus with submissive girls, I have always assumed that tribades would not discern—as perhaps you have—that they might nevertheless derive some benefit from my work.”

Miss Erskine nodded vigorously, and went so far as to continue Doctor Brown’s sentence, in completion of his thought. “Because I, too, have a phallus, though it is one that Mr. Rackley gave me, rather than nature, and it is made of ivory rather than flesh. Miss Caroline Montgomery will receive it just as she receives the pricks of her other masters—but my phallus will not grow flaccid, as theirs do.”

Her dark eyes twinkled at Doctor Brown as she delivered this pronouncement, as if to show that she meant no disrespect to the men with whom she kept company.

“And yet,” said Mr. Rackley as they came to the door that must lead to the bathroom where Miss Erskine had told them they would find Miss Montgomery, ready for her examination and her defloration, “this unnatural creature professes to love me, and to be wholly mine. She does so even as she fucks a maid’s cunt while I am in the bottom-hole.”

Miss Erskine gave a high, silvery laugh at that, and opened the bathroom door. Doctor Brown had to confess himself charmed. He had views upon the subject of Sapphism that he had no intention of putting in print for fear of being misunderstood. His theory on the matter might well be taken, after all, as contravening those parts of his doctrine that touched upon the role of providence in granting to men alone the penis. The natural rights attendant on possession of that lordly scepter, which complemented so blissfully the lubricious recess of the mouth, the nurturing furrow of the vagina, and the forbidden cavern of the anus, seemed, the doctor knew, to most of his readers inalienable.

The truth of the matter, as he considered it, would perhaps gratify Miss Erskine and other women who shared her divided, ambivalent desires, but could well confuse a subject already too complex for most natural men fully to grasp. Doctor Brown felt himself bound not to put it about broadly that he found the tribadistic practices of Miss Erskine to be a fascinating, creative, arousing supplement to the rightful enjoyments of men like Mr. Rackley. As he entered the spacious bathroom to see that the freshly bathed Miss Caroline Montgomery already sat naked upon an examination table there, attended by a chambermaid, the doctor could not help but feel gratitude for this unusual aspect of the case as well: Miss Erskine’s skillful Sapphic dominance would make his duties here in Sussex very memorable indeed.

“The bathroom was Miss Erskine’s notion,” Mr. Rackley said into the doctor’s ear. “We spend a good deal of time in here when we are at home.”

Doctor Brown addressed Miss Erskine herself, suspecting from Mr. Rackley’s words that he would find in the intriguing woman the proclivity toward urinary discipline betokened by such an interest in the bathroom. A glance at Miss Montgomery’s apprehensive face as five men entered to behold her nudity showed that the shame of such training quite probably had a part in the depth of her blush.

“Have you controlled the girl’s use of the chamber pot?” he asked the dark-haired woman.

Miss Montgomery made a little noise at that, as if an objection had died in her throat and become a whine of protest.

Miss Erskine nodded, her face grave. “I have indeed. She is a naughty girl, and peed while Robert flogged her. As I wrote to Mr. Rackley, she ruined a valuable carpet.”

“Let’s have a look at that bottom,” the doctor said brusquely. “Miss Montgomery, if you please, I would like you to lie upon your back, with your posterior at the end of the table. Your maid and Miss Erskine will raise your knees for me in order that I may examine you as I must.”

The debutante looked at the maid, and then at Miss Erskine, and then at the four men standing behind the doctor. Her eyes darted from face to face, her brow furrowing deeper with each impression of a master who would not hesitate to enforce his will upon her.

“Mr. Rackley? Captain Rather?” she said in a soft, pleading—even submissive—voice. “I do not understand. Miss Erskine… this dreadful woman who pretended to be Miss Rackley… she says I am to be trained, but I do not know for what… and she does such shameful things. Surely it is not… it is not right?”

Doctor Brown, who had encountered similar objections from young ladies many times, before they underwent their first submissive coitus with the natural man into whose care and power they had come, answered the debutante’s inquiry simply.

“It is certainly right, Miss Montgomery, for your guardian has decided upon it. I am here to make certain it will benefit you as it should.” He turned to Mr. Rackley. “Perhaps a word from you, sir, upon the necessity of Miss Montgomery’s compliance with your wishes, would be in order.”

Mr. Rackley nodded, a thoughtful expression upon his brow as if he considered in what order and with what niceties of tone to deliver his admonitions. He advanced a pace toward his naked ward where she sat upon on the examination table, and she looked up at him with blue eyes round in anxiety.

“Caroline,” he said in a benevolent, though also a rather commanding tone, “you know you have been very naughty, do you not? The way you behaved at the Treachers’ ball was unacceptable upon the face of it, but I am afraid that you also offended a very powerful nobleman. I had thought Miss Erskine had made it clear to you that you must now suffer the consequences.”

“Y-yes, sir,” Miss Montgomery stammered, “but… but I don’t understand why the… the consequences must…”

The girl’s voice trailed off into nothing as her eyes once again darted around the room, dividing their attention equally among her other three masters and her mistress, then coming to rest upon Doctor Brown with even greater anxiety, as if the physician represented the embodiment of her fears. The doctor reflected that she might well suppose that, since really it constituted no more than the truth, since he had the power either to put a stop to these lascivious proceedings or to bid them continue.

“They must include your sexual training,” he said in his matter-of-fact medical tone, “because your offense against the rules of our benighted social order demonstrated that you are ready to submit to the rights of a natural man. Did you not laugh in the face of this Mr. Wendell because he presumed that he might waltz with you?”

The girl’s face went quite pink. “Yes. I suppose I did.”

“You may be forgiven, Miss Montgomery,” the doctor continued, “for being unaware of the way in which the world of men regards such things, but I am afraid you are now to learn how it is those whom I call natural men punish young ladies for such slights. Further, because of the offense you gave to the Duke of Essing, and the particular nature of the desires of one of your new masters, you are to learn your lesson very thoroughly indeed. Now pray lie back and raise your knees, or I shall have to ask one of these men to make you adopt that posture under some compulsion.”

Caroline looked around again, even more desperately, at the seven other people in the bathroom with her. She knew them all, if in the earl’s case only slightly, except for the ginger-haired man who carried the little black bag and so must be some sort of physician, as Miss Erskine had said. But how could a medical man truly say the things this Doctor Brown had said, and command a naked young lady to show herself thus? The examinations she had had, previously, at school, had not even involved the doctor’s hands underneath her petticoats. Surely the others—Mr. Rackley or Captain Rather, if not that horrid Robert or the unknown earl who had it seemed taken an interest in Caroline—would intervene.

But of course nothing that had occurred since she had arrived upon the platform in Hadham Regis had followed the rules of polite society. How could Caroline expect that when five men stood about a debutante, naked in a bathroom upon a strange table, and two women stood by watching, that she could escape even greater indignities and liberties taken with her person than she had yet undergone?

Her face grew hot as she remembered what had happened in the bathtub only a few minutes before, when she had bucked her hips with the plug in her bottom, to ride Miss Erskine’s hand to another shameful spend. Even worse, she remembered Sarah helping her expel the plug, after Miss Erskine had left to greet the gentlemen: the humiliation of having to push out the intruder while the little maid spoke soft words of encouragement had made her feel faint, and now threatened again to steal away her wits as she surveyed the seven faces of the clothed men and women who shared the over-spacious bathroom with her.

Caroline’s eyes fixed upon Captain Rather’s face, finally. She remembered her first encounter with him, at the Smiths’ ball the night before the fatal mistake with Mr. Wendell at the Treachers’. The captain had looked at her so kindly despite the roughness strongly implied by his sun-browned features and his naval bearing. Caroline had worn her red gown, and the captain had said, with a twinkle of irony in his dark eyes, “I prefer a girl dressed less like a dragoon, Miss Montgomery, but I am nevertheless very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Caroline had worn her blue gown the next night—the terrible night that she had at the time thought so lovely, when she had felt sure she would become the wife of a naval officer, destined perhaps for the admiralty, before the season had ended. She had not thought herself to be in love with Captain Rather, necessarily, but she had wished for adventure, in her wayward heart, and the big man in his handsome blue coat had certainly represented that.

Now he looked back at her seriously, in this strangest of places, and she could still see his kindness, but the roughness also manifested itself much more clearly. His eyes told Caroline that he would not rescue her from the schemes of Miss Erskine and Mr. Rackley and the Earl of Hobberly and this strange Doctor Brown, any more than Robert the coachman would. The captain’s brow, clear of hesitation and bent slightly but meaningfully in the direction of the naked girl upon the table, declared without words that Miss Caroline Montgomery must in the officer’s estimation do precisely as the doctor had commanded, or he, Captain Rather, would do his best to make her disobedience the occasion for teaching her a lesson in shipboard discipline.

He wanted her, Caroline realized, her heartbeat quickening at the thought, in the way he had begun to express so tenderly the night of the Treachers’ ball—but also in a very different way, or perhaps a way that could keep company with tenderness but involved no soft words, no sweet glances. Captain Rather wanted her naked, opened, displayed. He would have enjoyed watching her bare bottom whipped by the coachman. He would have fucked her, afterward, whatever that meant, and he would not have cared if Caroline cried out in shame as he had his way, but would have said she must be quiet and keep her face turned respectfully down as he enjoyed her over the whipping block, training her the way a wayward girl such as Miss Caroline Montgomery must be trained.

She could not suppress a tiny gasp, a tiny whimper, as she understood it—understood it without even knowing exactly what she understood—and her body responded. Caroline began to grasp now how very skillfully Miss Erskine worked upon her, had somehow with her punishments and rewards tuned the quivering sensate flesh of the debutante’s most shameful places to answer to the eyes of those who gazed upon her nakedness, the hands of those who touched her as society had taught her they should not touch. The expression in Captain Rather’s eyes, the hunger to discipline her and to enjoy her alongside the unmistakable care and affection, made the heat come to her face, of course, but it also made an even greater heat spring up below, in the place Miss Erskine had so humiliatingly bared: the cringing maiden cunny that the older woman had made so very clear would be her masters’ central interest as they punished her and made her their own.

“Do as the doctor says, Miss Montgomery,” the captain said, with a quiet resolution that made her wonder if he were the sort of captain who spoke softly to his first mate when he declared that a sailor, or perhaps a girl, must be tied to a grate and whipped, for her own good and that of the whole ship’s company. Or perhaps, should he take his little wife to sea, he would speak softly to her, in his spacious cabin, when she must lay herself over his knee to learn a lesson in obedience with her bottom bare. “You must be examined.”

Caroline drew a sharp breath as she heard in the captain’s quiet words the same frightening but somehow also terribly exciting passion that seemed to animate every face in the bathroom, except for Doctor Brown’s. Even little Sarah’s eyes seemed to shine with a need to see the naked young lady with her knees raised and spread upon the padded table. Caroline’s breathing continued that way, in rough little pants, as she lay back, experiencing again that distance from herself, that strange hovering sensation, she had felt first when made to undress for the whipping whose horrid, sore marks now became entirely visible with the lifting of her knees.

Miss Erskine on Caroline’s left, and Sarah on her right, seized those knees and raised them further, kept them apart, so that Caroline gave a little cry of dismay as they enforced the positioning of her backside at the very end of the table, where anyone could see and touch all her nakedness merely by stooping a bit. Her fellow women seemed to her intent on showing the men Caroline’s cunny, anus, and whipped bottom, in the most shameful way imaginable.

Doctor Brown had vanished from her sight, but now after the sound of water rushing from the taps into the sink off to Caroline’s right, he reappeared, drying his hands upon a towel. He had a patient smile upon his face that she found reassuring despite everything: somehow when so many mortifying things seemed to have commenced unceasingly to befall her, Caroline saw in the physician’s smile at least the promise that even if this strange regimen decreed for her presented startling novelty and caused blushing embarrassment, he, a medical man, endorsed it as healthful for an eighteen-year-old maiden.

When he turned his smile upon Miss Erskine and spoke to her about Caroline again in that humiliating way, however, the reassurance quickly became tempered with other emotions. Anxiety and—really even worse—more of the confusing excitement in her nipples and down between her thighs rushed in, and knowing that the clothed men standing behind the doctor could see the way her bare cunny clenched in response to their attention made her whole body go hot and cold by turns.

“The whipping seems to have been well-administered,” the doctor said in a pleasant voice. “Your work, Miss Erskine?”

“No,” the woman demurred with a smile. “That’s our Robert—such a fine hand with the cane that Mr. Rackley thought he should be one of the girls’ masters, and enjoy the cunt and bottom as he chooses.”

Doctor Brown glanced over at Robert with a nod. Caroline felt her breathing become shallow, and seemed to hover even higher over the table, looking down upon the awful scene.

“Quite right.” The physician turned to Mr. Rackley. “I am glad you take seriously the passages in my treatise about the equality of natural manhood.”

Mr. Rackley nodded, casting his own eyes over at the big coachman, whose saucy face, looking back at naked Caroline with eyes fixed upon her open cunny, made her heart beat terribly fast now. “Though I must admit to having spared Robert any extensive discussion of your theories. He’s a good lad, and likes his fucking as well as his whipping—that is certainly enough for me, and…” here Mr. Rackley winked at Miss Erskine, “…I believe for my sweet little whore Hannah.”

Caroline blinked in surprise, casting her eyes over at Miss Erskine and seeing to her astonishment that a little pink had crept into the dark-haired woman’s cheeks. Caroline couldn’t help a tiny whimper, then, for the sight had made her feel, down in her cunny, like she had melted and flowed, and the lips had given another of those embarrassing little contractions.

“Look,” said Doctor Brown to the rest of the company. “You can see how very lubricious Miss Montgomery is. Her vagina shows quite clearly how aroused she is by the prospect of your shared mastery.”

Caroline wanted desperately to object, but she seemed not to have command even of sufficient words to protest this judgment, as Mr. Rackley, Captain Rather, the earl, and even Robert took a turn to lean over her and inspect the terribly warm place between her legs. She watched in dismay as the doctor’s hand approached, and touched the same place Miss Erskine seemed to have discovered, at the top where it drew a helpless cry of pleasure from the naked debutante.

“Observe how very well she will lubricate with a small degree of stimulation upon the clitoris,” the physician said. Caroline’s hips bucked, then, for she could not have controlled the motions of her body for the world. “There.” Doctor Brown removed his hand. “You can see how nature has eased the path for the penis.”

Penis. What was that? Did a man… was that… it?

“Perhaps each of you would like to try your hand—I speak literally, of course—at arousing your young lady?”

The doctor looked about—first to Mr. Rackley, and then to the earl, finally taking in the captain and Robert with his canvass. Caroline felt faint, and her cheeks blazed as she saw with what approval each man greeted the physician’s recommendation.

Mr. Rackley answered for all of them. “Certainly, Doctor. Your Lordship, would you care to go first?”

Then they all touched her that way, one after the other, and Caroline cried out under each different caress. The earl rubbed firmly, looking from her eyes to her wet cunny all the while, as she whimpered under his fingers. Then, with a wink, his lordship let her guardian have a turn. Mr. Rackley looked only into Caroline’s face, very gravely, as he moved his fingers slowly in and out of her maiden furrow, pushing so far in that she grew alarmed. When she cried out at the strange feeling of pressure, somehow despite the shame unable to remove her eyes from his, he said, “Good girl,” and let the naval officer have his turn.

Captain Rather gazed down at the two fingertips he moved in a gentle circle on Caroline’s little bud, but only for a moment, as if to make sure he had found the correct spot. Then he turned his eyes up to hers, and she blushed for a new reason, because she remembered how gallant he had been at the ball. To have him here, when she had no clothes to cover her nakedness, as one of the men who would train her in this lewd way, made her feel she might swoon away with the mingled pleasure and shame of his caress.

“There, Miss Montgomery,” said the captain softly. “There we are. Shall I give you to Robert, now?”

“Oh, please…” Caroline began, but Captain Rather had already stepped back, and the coachman loomed over her with that awful air of superiority. He put his big hand on her cunny and gave it a hard squeeze, so that Caroline yelped and tried to get away, even as the roughness seemed also to make her melt down there, and embarrass herself with another helpless flow of arousal into his hand.

“What a little whore,” Robert said. “This cunt is like a spigot.” The earl laughed, and so did Miss Erskine, as the coachman stepped back.

The doctor moved forward again, and spoke to Miss Erskine. “Have you begun the girl’s training in any other respect, besides the caning and the urinary discipline?”

Miss Erskine nodded, and Caroline as she swiveled her eyes wildly, trying to see the older woman’s face, thought she could see pride on the dark brow.

“Caroline did not show the proper respect upon waking, and so she received the Number One anal plug here in the bathroom just before you gentlemen arrived.”

Caroline turned to look at Captain Rather, now standing behind Mr. Rackley and next to Robert. She could not have said why, but she felt desperate to know what the captain might think of the shameful thing Miss Erskine had done in Caroline’s bottom. The officer’s eyes seemed to shine at the humiliating news, and that made Caroline’s heart race. The sensation of having that fullness in such a tiny place seemed to linger in the rosy dimple between her whipped hind-cheeks.

She couldn’t at the same time, however, help noticing the bold look upon the coachman’s face: Robert too seemed gratified to learn Miss Caroline Montgomery’s young bottom had received such firm disciplinary treatment, but his blue eyes spoke of wishing to see her brought down several pegs, rather than a desire to care for her.

“Did you accompany the plug with any other stimulation?” the doctor asked.

“I did, Doctor,” replied Miss Erskine. “We usually do that when we plug our girls, as Sarah here can attest, so that when the time comes for them to take the prick there they are eager for bottom-fucking.”

On the captain’s face, Caroline saw, with a hot flush, that, whatever the word might mean, he would enjoy fucking her young bottom.

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