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Property: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview


“You know how much punishment awaits, don’t you. You know I have stored up everything you have earned from hitching a ride on that helicopter, refusing to do as you were told when I called you, and finally, the act you actually feel sorrow for. You have pain coming, Chloe, do not worry about that for a single second.”

Good. I am glad for it. I need it.

He stands up from the chair, his tall, powerful body casting a shadow over mine as he turns to leave.

“Follow me.”

This place is not as expansive as the island, but it is still larger than I have explored. He leads me down stairs that seem to be carved into the rock of the mountain itself, to a room lit by electric light. There are no windows. No natural sun reaches this deep. I find myself in a chamber that is a cross between a bunker and a dungeon.

Darko keeps his toys down here, and there are all manner of them. The walls drip with leather and chains. There are chairs and stands and benches and contraptions, too much for me to take in at a single glance.

“I’ll use every single one of these on you at some point,” he says casually, his hand lightly on my elbow as he guides me around to a simple piece of equipment that unlike some of the contraptions needs no explanation, because it’s a dildo on a seat.

“You disobeyed me. I could have kept you safe. I could have given you a modicum of freedom. I could have prevented you from experiencing the misery you now live in,” he lectures, his fingers on my blouse, loosing the buttons. It falls open to reveal my bare belly and breasts. His hands then dip to the skirt at my waist and similarly it falls, leaving me nude.

His gaze is hungry as it travels my body, but more than that, it is determined. He wants me. He needs me. He is going to consume me, and I need him to. I don’t want to be me anymore. I want to be an extension of him. I want him to take me and fill me, not just with his body, but with his soul.

Darko points to the dildo and looks at me. “Are you ready to obey?”

I nod.

“You’re going to wrap your disobedient cunt around that, and you’re going to fuck yourself as I punish you.”

A month ago, that would have shocked me. Today, nothing does.

That does not mean obedience is any easier. Wanting to absolve myself and doing his bidding is one thing, but his order is crude and it makes me blush. I wish I could become accustomed to his way of handling me, but I am counting on that never happening. The heat of the blush, the humiliation of his blunt words, they are breaking through the numbness that has consumed me lately. They are making me feel.

I spread my legs and straddle the stool. The tip of the dildo makes contact with my bare slit. Some part of me wishes it was his cock. I need him. I need to be fucked. I need to be made complete and given the chance to forget everything. But he’s not going to take mercy on me. He’s going to punish me thoroughly, just like he always does.

“I need lube.”

“Oh, you’re going to make your own, Chloe,” he says, reaching out and pinching my nipples. “You’re going to get nice and wet until you slide up and down on that big toy with ease.”

His hands play over my body, caressing me, pinching my nipples now and then. His touch is gentle, hypnotic. Too soft, until his hand lands on my ass with a hard swat.

“Don’t move!” he barks as I tip forward. “You stay over that toy. The only way you go is down. I want that cunt on that dick right now.” He reaches up, grabs my hair, pulls my head back and gives me the full benefit of his gaze. I see the brutality in his soul. I feel it echoed in mine. His other hand clasps my ass and pulls me down. The tip of the toy breaches my sex and this time there is less resistance because I am already starting to get wet. The simple act of being grabbed and held, made to feel the full force of his presence makes my body react. I feel my pussy start to open around it. I feel the walls of my sex squeezing the firm rubber. With every fraction it moves inside me, I feel my body responding all the more. It is like coming alive one inch at a time.

This is just the beginning. There is more to come, I know it. More punishment. More heat. More delicious orgasm.

“Keep working yourself on it,” he orders, retrieving a fresh toy. This one, I recognize, but not in the context it is about to be used. It’s a paddle with electric mesh across the sides. When it makes stinging contact with my ass, it zaps my bottom with a small current, making the muscle contract with a little jolt.

“Down on that dick,” he orders, tapping the paddle against my ass and then between my inner thighs. The little zaps of electricity make my muscles leap and twitch. It’s hard to maintain physical control when sharp pain keeps stinging me, but Darko is still keeping a grip on me and he will not let me escape any of it.

“You didn’t listen to me and things went wrong,” he says. “You disobeyed me and you paid the price. Don’t ever do that again.”

My thighs are starting to burn as I work my pussy down, getting closer to the bottom of the dildo. I am pushing myself as much as I can, wanting to please him. It would be a relief to put my ass on the seat, but to do that I have to take all of it, and it is big and thick and long, at least ten inches by my estimation.

“Get your cunt down on that. I want you filled up.”

Darko makes my flesh quiver and sting and ache. He is merciless in all the right ways. He swaps from the fly swatter to a cane, tapping it over my breasts, stinging the tips of my nipples, then finding my clit. The tip of the cane is like a little burst of fire above that sensitive bud, landing over and over like a hornet, urging me to follow his orders.

I let out a cry, which only makes him smile. As I sink further down, he seems taller still, standing there in front of me, wielding discipline with a practiced touch. I finally reach the bottom of the dildo, sit on the stool. Now I am impaled and he has free range of my body, the tip of that cane landing above my clit, then coming around the back to cane my ass too, hot red stripes blazing across my skin, making me cry out with pain, which makes my pussy clench against the hard rubber.

“You’re mine, Chloe,” he growls. “You’ve always been mine. Don’t ever forget that again. Don’t ever run again. Not ever.”

The cane lands hard enough to make me shriek, emphasizing his words. This is real pain, but trapped on this dildo, there’s no escape. The jiggling motions my ass makes as he canes me cause the dildo to shift inside me. I’m fucking myself in front of him, my pussy gripping the dildo, my clit throbbing with the pain of the cane, and I am losing control in the heat of it all.

As I lose control, Darko gains it. I can feel it leaving me with every stroke that lands. In exchange, I am absolved of some of my sins. Is he taking them from me? Or is pain the only way I can begin to forgive myself?

Orgasm comes in a rush, tearing through me, making me scream and come and writhe. The cane keeps landing regardless, prolonging the twisted pleasure and making me scream, tears running down my cheeks as I fuck myself for forgiveness, jabbing the toy in and out of my pussy time and time again.

Darko stands over me and in this moment of pure release, I see the truth in his eyes. In spite of his softness over the past few days, we are not in a relationship. He is still my captor. He is the man who will punish me for failing to be all I could be, and for all that I allowed myself to become. For that, I hate him, and for that, I am grateful.


She’s fucking beautiful right now, her pale body marked all over with the little red lines from the tip of the cane. I can smell her arousal as her bottom bounces on the stool and I work the cane so the length of it catches the fullness of her cheeks as she rises, that pussy relinquishing the toy long enough for her ass to be caned.

This isn’t enough punishment. Not yet. Not by a long shot. But now I need something. My cock is throbbing in my pants, demanding the pussy that is occupied by my toy. With a growl, I lift her free of the stool and I walk her a few paces over to a spanking bench, bending her over the padded surface, her hips high, her cane-marked ass on display.

“Open your legs. Wider!” I order, pulling my cock free of my fly. No time to get naked. She’s the one who needs to be naked and punished and used. I just need to fuck her.

She stays in that pretty position, her pussy flowering open for me, her juices making her swollen lower lips gleam. For a second, I just look at her on display, and then I surge forward, pushing my cock deep inside her, reclaiming that cunt of hers for my own.

I fuck Chloe without mercy, slamming in and out of her tight little hole, feeling the way her walls grip me, listening to the grunts and cries that escape her as I give her what we both need. Hard, rough fucking. My grip on her hair lets me pull her head up, forces her to arch her back, makes that cunt clench me with ever more desperation as I rail her as hard as I can.


Darko’s cock jackhammers inside me, his flesh making my flesh submit with every hard stroke. This is what I needed all along. I feel as much a toy as any one of the objects in this room, a piece of property for him to spend his seed in, something to be used. It should be a degrading experience, but it isn’t. This is how I will atone. This is the only way I will ever be punished for what I have done. It is the only way I can ever learn, and he understands that.

I hear his grunts, his animal man sounds as he pulls his cock from me for a moment and leaves me empty to feel the ache of his lost. The little cuts of the cane are ignited with the heightened sensitivity of my body as he drives me closer to orgasm, thrusting his cock all the way inside me, and then pulling all the way out again.

“You were a bad girl, Chloe,” he grits.

“Yes,” I moan.

“You’re not going to be a bad girl anymore, are you?”


His cock slams inside me to make the point, gives me a series of rough, hard strokes and then pulls free again.

“You’re going to do as you’re told, be my sweet little fuck toy. You’re going to give me your body whenever I please because it’s mine, isn’t it, Chloe? You’re mine.”

“Yessss.” My agreement is drawn from me in a sibilant hiss. Yes, I am his. I don’t want to be mine anymore. I don’t want to take on the world. I want to be sheltered from it. In this moment, my mind is so addled with the hormones of lust that I cannot think straight. Everything is fuzzy and remote, except for him. As his cock plunges into my wet pussy again, he becomes the thrusting, powerful, dominant center of my universe.

“Fuuccckkkkk…” I let out a scream as he fucks me to orgasm. My pleasure is entirely incidental, it just happens to occur as he is thrusting toward his own climax with faster and faster strokes, my body bouncing, my pussy aching as he slams deep one last time and comes with a roar of triumph, pulling me up and back against him, one hand around my throat, squeezing just enough to restrict the easy flow of air as he pumps me full of his cum in spurt after fucking spurt.

I collapse when he lets me go, my knees no longer supporting me. He lets me slide to the floor and stands over me, my caned and well fucked body curling at his feet. I wrap my arms around his lower leg and make soft sounds like a little wounded animal, giving expression to the part of me that is forever broken, and may never heal.

“Oh, Chloe,” he says softly from on high. “We’re not done, are we?”

I shake my head and he picks me up, his big hands wrapped around my arms as he lifts me onto a new piece of equipment, a broader table where I can lie face down, my head through a padded hole, my legs shackled into place, spread with his practiced hands.

This isn’t over. One orgasm is not enough to take my guilt away, and it is not nearly enough to make my sins up to Darko. I cannot see what he is doing, but I feel him run his fingers over my caned ass before giving it a light slap. I know I am leaking cum all over his table, but he doesn’t care.

The room spins as he lifts the table up at one end, my face going higher, my bottom going lower. He walks around and presents his cock to me through the hole in the table. “Clean me,” he says, pushing it smoothly into my mouth and giving me no choice but to obey.

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