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Protecting His Pet by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

The more Kara tried to hear what was going on upstairs, the louder her stomach growled. The buttered toast he’d left her for her earlier hadn’t been enough to hold her over for very long. The least he could do was feed her, after beating on her and… well, fucking her. She couldn’t call what he did rape, which only compounded her embarrassment and shame.

After going over the whole thing in her mind again and again, she knew she hadn’t told him no, hadn’t asked him to stop once his fingers were on her. Just thinking about his cock inside of her made her want it to happen again. But it wouldn’t. It couldn’t. She could chalk up the first time to not having had a man’s physical attention in some time. A long time, really, but she couldn’t use that excuse if she let it happen a second time. No matter how much what he did aroused her, and why the hell did it, she wanted to know.

She was no stranger to corporal punishment play, at least in theory, but what he did wasn’t a little hand spanking over her naughty bottom. What he did, it was real. And it hurt. Her body shouldn’t have reacted the way it had, her mind sure as hell should have shut down the whole damn thing. Instead she’d found herself actually wishing he’d fuck her harder. Taking her breath away, literally with the damn collar, should not have made her body clench with such desire.

The door finally opened, and she backed up to the other end of the cage, sinking down to sit with her knees pressed firmly against her chest. Without the blanket she had nothing to help shield her from his view, or protect her from the chill in the room.

Only one set of footsteps signaled his approach. Did his brother stay upstairs or was he gone? Not that he would have been much help anyway.

“Trevor said to tell you bye.” His deep voice resonated in the cell. “Said to behave.” He gave a little chuckle as he slid the key into the lock. “Though, I’m not sure which of us that was intended for.” The right corner of his mouth ticked up in a half grin, making him look almost playful. She looked away. “I want to check your ass; stand up and turn around.”

Remembering her new decision, finding some resolve hidden inside of her, she shook her head. “No.” But she hadn’t looked at him yet. Didn’t know how he reacted, but he didn’t move, so she had some hope.

“New rule, though I’m sure we already covered this with the whole obey rule, but you don’t get to say no to me. Not when I’m giving you an order. Now. Stand up and turn around.”

Turning to face him, she swallowed hard—those dark eyes of his were on her, narrowed and looking sterner than before. “N-no.” She wrapped her arms around her knees and tugged them tighter to her chest.

His jaw clenched, but he didn’t say anything else. Instead he left the cage and walked over to the wall, the one with all the dreaded implements hanging. He tapped his chin, as though the deliberating was really taking a toll on him, then plucked a thick leather strap from its hook. It looked a little less deadly than the razor strap, and she let out a breath.

“You’ve got some coming to you already, so I would think real hard before you disobey me again. Get up and turn around. If you follow orders now, you’ll only get what you’ve got coming, a belting to your ass. If you disobey again, you’ll take a fucking as well.”

“You’d force me again?” she shot at him, wishing she could hurt him.

“Force?” He tilted his head. “There was no force, but you think it would be easier if there had been. I see the shame in your eyes, pet. There shouldn’t be, it was good, what we did out there. You took your whipping well, and you had a good fuck to cleanse your system. No shame there to be had. But if you don’t listen, if you keep resisting the rules here, you’ll take a hard fucking—used like a little whore, like my pet.” All levity left his expression and his jaw tightened. “Get. Up. And. Turn around.”

“My ass is fine,” she whispered, feeling the tears already burning her eyes. “I’m fine.”

“That was your chance.” He walked over to her and gripped her arm, yanking her to her feet. His nose touched hers, the smell of his pizza lunch washed over her. “Turn around.” Before she could move to obey, he twisted her and pressed her against the bars. “Hold the bars,” he ordered, a little less fire in his voice.

She wrapped her fingers around the bars. Fingers were on her back, trailing downward toward her ass. He shifted behind her. His hands ran over the tender areas of her ass. “No bruising, that’s good. Still sore, I bet, will be hell of a lot more in a minute, but looks good.” He patted her ass softly. She breathed a sigh, thinking he was finished.

She should have known better. His hands were back on her, pulling her ass cheeks apart, wide. The stretch hurt, and she moved up onto her tiptoes. “Settle down. I’m just looking.” His thumb trailed over her tight pucker, a light touch that made her body react the same as if he’d touched her clit. She heard a popping sound from behind her, then felt his wet thumb back on her, pushing inward on her hole.

“Devin!” She tried to clench her ass cheeks together, but he replaced his grip on her, keeping her spread wide for his eyes.

“Relax. It wouldn’t hurt so much if you’d relax.”

Even if she wanted to, the idea of what was to come made her body tense too much. He sighed heavily then gave one hard push, and his thumb was inside. His thumb was inside her ass. It was too much. She started to wiggle, but he put a hard hand on her back, pressing her to the bars. “You ever been fucked here, pet?” He began to move his thumb in and out of her. Slow and methodical. The intense burn she felt on the initial thrust faded into a warmth that spread through her, to her clit.

“No.” Hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Hmm.” He pulled his thumb out and gave her ass a harsh slap. “Let’s get this over with. You need to eat something, but first you need to learn your lesson. Keep holding the bars, don’t let go, and don’t try to get away. You’re getting ten lashes, pet. Ten. And when I’m done, you’re going to thank me, and offer your pussy up for your fucking. Got it?”

What choice did she really have? His thick, masculine body blocked the cell door, and even if she managed to get past him, there was the little matter of the stairs, the front hall, the door, then a vast sea of nothingness for miles around that she could recall. And the small matter of her lack of clothing.

She put her mind to hating him. Her ass clenched in anticipation of the thick leather he held in his hand. He rubbed her bottom, making her twitch from the unexpected gentleness of his touch. A soft hand over one cheek, then moving to the second. “So soon after your strapping.” He sounded almost regretful, as though maybe he didn’t want to go through with it. He kept rubbing, and she turned her focus to his breathing. Calm. Not ragged and heavy like her own, but damn near tranquil. Just when she thought maybe he’d stopped being upset, had forgiven her misstep, he pulled his hand away and stepped back.


Her fingers tightened, her ass clenched harder. He hadn’t forgiven; he wasn’t going to relent. He’d give her ten, because he said ten, and all she could do was take it. New tears sprang to her eyes, she felt her shoulders shake and realized she was crying. For what was going to happen or for what had already transpired, didn’t matter. He was breaking her.

The first lash landed, sending her mind reeling into the present, forgetting coherent thought as the leather belt came down a second time. She barely had time to catch her breath before the third and fourth landed. Up on tiptoe she clenched hard, screamed out from the electric burn he put into her ass with the fifth.

“Be a good girl now, soften those cheeks. Clenching won’t help you, and it only makes me go harder. Soften up, and put your heels down.”

A sob broke from her chest as she complied, obeying him to get into proper position so he could continue punishing her. More fat tears dripped from her chin and landed on her naked breasts, but she didn’t bother trying to wipe them away, too many were ready to spill next. There would be no point.

“Good girl.” He ran a hand over her newly heated ass. “Five more.”

Her sobbing took on a new power. She couldn’t stand five more, she ached, she was scared, she was tired. So tired. His hand left her ass and touched her head, running his fingers through her short curls. There would be no stay of execution, he had decreed it and so it would be done. Nothing was going to stop him now, not her cries or her screams. Not even the small amount of tenderness he showed her at that moment. It wasn’t over, he was giving her a chance to take a breath and get back into position.

“Right.” He patted her head, like he would any other pet and stepped back into his position.

The belt crashed down, harder than before, and lower. Right across the curve of her ass. Another lash, just above that one. He was a man on a mission, with a job to do. The last three lashes came fast and hard. Harder than she could comprehend.

By the time the last of the ten were delivered, her throat burned almost as much as her backside. The raw pain resonated through her entire body. Leaning against the bars, she let herself cry, sniffling and mentally chiding herself for letting him see how much he’d gotten into her head.

His body blanketed her, pressing her into the bars of the cage. Her cage. Warm hands ran down her sides until he reached her hips. Traveling forward, she closed her eyes against his fingers making their way to what she knew would be her wet desires.

“You took your whipping well, pet.” His jeans grazed her raw ass and she winced, sucking in air and crying even more into the crook of her arm. One finger found her clit. “So wet,” he whispered into her ear. “So damn wet for me, even when it hurts. Even when you’ve been punished for being so naughty, so damn naughty, your pussy knows what to do. For me. Because this pussy,” he cupped her mound and pulled back, pressing her ass further against his jeans, “this pussy is mine, now, pet. All mine.”

“Until you decide to dump me or hand me over.” She whispered the statement as though it were true enough to carve in stone.

“Not going to happen,” he promised. “You’re mine until I say otherwise.” He thrust two fingers inside of her, filling her and easing the ache he’d created there. She hated him. For kidnapping her, spanking her, binding her, gagging her, and for making her fill with shame and horror at her own feelings. “No, don’t pull away, don’t try to escape. You love this, you crave it.”

She didn’t respond. He’d know if she lied; hell, her pussy was clenching around his fingers, dripping her arousal down his hand.

His free hand went behind her, she felt and heard the buckle of belt being undone, the zipper of his jeans being yanked down. Then the head of his cock pressed against her ass. Raw as it was, feeling him hard for her, feeling the strength of just his cock pushing at her turned the hurt into something new, something almost tangible.

“Keep your hands on the bars, pet. Arch your back a bit, offer up your pussy.”

The question of what would happen if she said no tingled the tip of her tongue, but she knew. Telling him no wasn’t allowed, but if she really didn’t want him, if she meant her refusal, she knew he’d stop. He was turning out to be many things, but he wasn’t the evil villain she’d thought. Besides, did she even want him to stop at that moment? Her punishment wasn’t over. The whipping had given her a physical reminder of who was in charge, who was the owner. The fucking would show her how much he controlled her mental state. The pet answering to his call.

Her feet wiggled apart, spreading her legs further, and she pushed her ass toward him, sucking in her breath as her raw ass rubbed against him again. He slipped his hand away from her pussy and grabbed her ass. Not hard like she half expected, but with some gentleness. Her skin was too alive with pain for it to feel good, but she wasn’t itching to jump away from him either. “There’s a welt, an ugly one right here.” He put a little more pressure on the spot, and ran his finger along it. She hissed but still didn’t try to move away. “I don’t like punishing you like that, pet.”

Considering his cock was stiff as steel and ready to plunge into her, she didn’t quite believe him.

Her cheeks were spread wide, and for a moment she feared he’d plunge into her ass. Bracing herself for such an action, she gripped the bars harder, holding her breath and waiting. The head of his cock ran over her puckered hole, then moved lower to her pussy. The smooth head of his dick pressed into her aching wet entrance, and like the whore he was making her to be, she arched her back even more to give him better access.

“That’s a good girl.” He let go of her ass cheeks, gripping her hips instead. His nails bit into her skin, but compared to the fire still burning bright on her ass cheeks, it wasn’t noteworthy. With one hard thrust, he plunged into her, his balls bounced against her clit. Just the light brush sent shocks of arousal throughout her body, and for a moment, she wished he’d touch her again. That he wouldn’t just take her like some pet used for his pleasure, some toy stored in his playroom, but would fulfill her, give her the pleasure he had given her earlier.

Not this time. The sensations he gave were different, more demanding. He was sending a message, teaching a lesson. His finger dug into her harder, his thrusts became more urgent, more powerful. She gasped as he filled her over and over again, the newest ache starting lower in her stomach. She tried to grip the bars harder, to keep from moving but he fucked her harder still. Her breath picked up the pace until she was panting like a dog.

Like a fucking pet. Did the man know any other way of driving his point home then treating her so wickedly? So boldly?

One hand dove into her hair, yanking her head back until his lips could reach her ear. He kissed the small tender spot right below, right where the nerve endings connected to her clit. If such a connection was real, she didn’t know for sure, but her body told her it was. “Take your fucking, pet. That’s a good girl.” He nipped her earlobe, sending more urgency into her own body. She moved against him, wishing she held the courage to release the bar and slip her hand between her legs. Just a little release, something to make the moment less of a torment. Too much pleasure, without any hope of relief.

Her heels left the floor again as he plunged deeper still, harder than she thought he could in their position. Her hair strained against her scalp, a single tear shed from her eye, rolling down her temple as she looked up at the top of the cage.

“Fuck!” he growled and thrust hard, then gripped her hips with both hands as he plunged once more and stilled behind her, letting his come spurt inside of her.

His heavy breathing was the only sound in the room. She closed her eyes, silently letting the rest of her tears fall. She didn’t even know why she was crying anymore. For the orgasm he denied her?

After a few long moments, he slid out of her body, tucking his cock away and zipping his pants. He patted her ass, reminding her of the whipping he’d given her, as though the heat had resolved at all in the last few minutes that his pelvis was pounding against her, renewing the flame.

“You need some rest. I’ll make you something to eat.” He left the cell for a moment to retrieve a pillow from the bed, bringing it back and dropping it on top the other, much older and flatter one she had been using. No blanket though. No, that was another punishment. Another lesson in obedience. She supposed she should be grateful for the small gift. Perhaps she’d be able to use a real toilet.

“Thank you,” she whispered, almost meaning it. The pillow had been a small gesture; it deserved a small gesture in return.

She stepped around him, careful not to let her body brush against him. With her head ducked down, she wiped her cheeks and slid to the floor. Even with turning on her side, she felt the harshness of the carpet against her ass. A few lashes had wrapped her hip, enough to make lying on either side uncomfortable. He probably wanted it that way, making her feel the belting every time she moved. The skin on her ass felt so stretched, so abused, she wanted to lie on her stomach, but she’d never been a stomach sleeper.

When he squatted down in front of her, she recoiled into herself, sliding back until the cool metal of the bars touched her hot ass. The momentary lapse of heat quickly turned into discomfort at having her backside touched.

“Shhh.” With a gentle touch, he swiped the hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear. When her eyes met his, there was kindness, concern lingering there. It didn’t last. It flashed away, leaving a hard gaze in its place. “The punishment’s over, pet.” She hated that name. That fucking name. She’d rather he’d go back to calling her peaches. “I want you to rest, try to get some sleep while I fix some lunch. You haven’t eaten in too long. I’ll get you some water, too.”

With as flat of a voice as she could muster she asked the question tearing her insides apart. “Why did they kill Tommy? Why like that? Are they going to do the same to me?”

He yanked his hand back, as though her skin burned him, but recovered quickly and went back to stroking her face. After a moment of purposeful silence, he seemed to have made a decision. “I’m sorry about Tommy. I tried to protect him, to save him, but he didn’t listen. Much like his little sister, he felt he knew better—but he didn’t. Just like his little sister.”

The small part in her that was supposed to start blaring a warning signal when someone lied or tried to manipulate her didn’t go off. Instead, an incredible sense of relief ran through her body, soothing aching muscles and tense nerves. “Tommy never listened to anyone. I tried.” A sob stopped her from continuing, but she shoved it back down. “I tried to make him listen, to make him stop. If I had been better, if I hadn’t been so young, so unable to help him, he never would have started up with those people.”

A dark shadow crossed his features, his jaw clenched again. She’d said something to piss him off, but what?

“Tommy was ten years older than you; the responsibility was on him to take care of you, not the other way around. And there are plenty of ways he could’ve done that without putting himself at risk—you at risk, for a quick buck.” Hadn’t she said the same thing to Tommy, millions of times?

“You knew him, then. I mean, I know you did, but well?”

“I knew him enough.” The backs of his fingers ran down her cheek before his fingertips trailed over her lips. “I couldn’t protect him, but I will protect you.”

“Is that what all this is? You protecting me?” She pulled her head back, away from his touch. Her ass would beg to differ, as well as every other sore muscle in her body. “I saw what they did to him,” she whispered, not looking at him anymore. She didn’t want to see the flicker of compassion only to see it fly away a moment later once he regained his composure.

“You shouldn’t have—”

“My fault, remember? The least I could do was see what happened, witness it for myself. Why should I get the comfort of not knowing how tortured he was because I failed him?” She hadn’t meant to snap, to sound so harsh; it could get her another lashing, and her ass couldn’t take any more.

He didn’t react to her micro-burst of anger. “Get some sleep. I’ll wake you when lunch is ready. If you are a good girl, I’ll let you come upstairs for lunch.”

Upstairs. Where real light was. Furniture he would let her use, and maybe the bathroom.

Not trusting herself to open her mouth, and feeling the heaviness of her eyelids, she nodded and nestled into the comfort of the added pillow. Something so fine and plush as that had never been a part of her household; she would treasure the moments with it. Sure that he would take it back the moment she said something that displeased him.

She listened to the cell door shut and lock, and his footsteps fade away up the stairs. The upstairs door didn’t close. He’d leave it open to hear if she called for him.

She wouldn’t call for him; she needed to get strong so she could figure out how to get away from him.

And all of the tormenting wonderful feelings he seemed to be able to kindle to life within her.

He was dangerous. And she was done with dangerous.

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