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Protecting His Runaway by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

“Where will you sleep?” She took a hesitant step toward the bed.

He blew out some air. “Right here. I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t do anything unless you beg. Then maybe, just maybe I’ll give you something. But I’m not in the habit of taking what’s not given.”

A soft reddening of her cheeks made his dick hard again. He’d finally gotten rid of the image of her bent over with those fucking stripes all over her ass, and now she went and got him all aroused again. “Get in the bed, Addison.”

She sucked in her bottom lip then shuffled around the bed, pulling the bedspread and sheet back and jumping in. He reached over to turn off the lamp she’d forgotten and when he turned back to her, the blankets were pulled up to her chin and she had her eyes clamped shut. Just her fingertips were showing outside the covers. Adorable and arousing at the same time.

“My father’s not going to like you helping me,” she pointed out into the darkness.

He smiled, sure she couldn’t see it with her eyes still closed. “No, he’s not.” And he didn’t give a fuck. It was because of men like him, like the Stephanos assholes, that people like his mother hadn’t lived to see their grandkids born. No loose strings. That mentality had gotten her killed.

“I’m not ashamed of being a submissive.” The whispered confession filled the space between them. He didn’t move, just listened as she continued. “I mean, I used to be, not ashamed, just shy about it. It wasn’t like that with Steven though. He loved being a dom—my dom. He never let me hide who I was. I mean he didn’t walk me down the street in a collar and leash or anything.” She giggled. A light sound he wanted to hear more of. “But he was just him, always, and he expected the same from me.”

“Your dad threatened him before his death?” Stick to the facts, the best way to handle a case. Don’t get too attached, and sure as hell don’t pull her into your arms and hold her, like his body begged him to do.

“He threatened a lot of things. He threatened to have the club shut down if I didn’t stop going there, arresting the owner, charging members for sexual misconduct or something. I don’t know, but it was all just a way for him to control me. To make me do what he wanted. After Steven died, he got his way on that.”

Trevor slid his body down the bed, nestling up against her body but not going under the covers. He meant what he said. He didn’t take what wasn’t given, and even though he could feel her body heat, could sense she was needing a release, he wouldn’t touch her.

“When I told my father that I’d never break up with Steven, he had him killed.” Her voice shook, a long festering anger lurking in her words. “And he just got away with it, with everything.”

“It’s going to be okay, Addison. I won’t let him or those Stephanos creeps come after you. Just get some sleep now.”

Through the darkness, he made out her silhouette; she nodded and wiggled further beneath the covers. He turned to his side, keeping her as close to him as he could with the blankets between them and tried to wipe out the image of her bent over that spanking bench.

“I hate the fucking cane, by the way,” she whispered. “Steven only used it when he was punishing me. So, if that’s what you saw, that’s what he was doing.”

What the hell was he supposed to say to that?

“Addison.” He took a calming breath and closed his eyes, not wanting to make out the curve of her breasts beneath the covers, or hear her soft breathing. “Go to sleep.”

“If you were there, that means… you’re a dominant?”

“Sleep. Now.” He inched closer to her.

“Just a top?”

He threw his hand over her midsection, pulling her to his body and nuzzling closer to her hair. The motel shampoo was heavily scented. It didn’t seem to fit on her. “Sleep.”

“You’re not embarrassed, are you?” The challenge in her voice poked his dominant side. She was teasing him. Could she be coaxing him into topping her, at that moment?

“No, I’m not. I’m tired. And if you don’t shut your mouth and go to sleep, you’ll see how not embarrassed I am.” As a threat, it wasn’t much of one.

“Will you spank me, if I’m naughty?”

Had she really just asked that? Would he spank her? What the hell was she thinking?

All that talk about Steven being her dominant, the club where they played, and the knowledge that Trevor had actually witnessed one of her punishments had her submissive juices flowing again. They had been dried up for so long at first, she didn’t recognize what she was up to.

She was bratting. And she didn’t brat.

“If I spank you, will you shut up and sleep?”

A pity spanking? “It was a joke, asshole.” The blankets tightened around her as she twisted to her side, facing away from him. His heavy arm just pulled her closer to him, cradling her to his body.

“It’s late, and I’ve had a really shitty day, and you are being a brat. Go to bed. This is your last warning. You’ll hate my belt as much as you hate the cane, trust me on that. Go to sleep.” His breath was hot against her ear, his arm clamped around her even tighter, nearly pressing the air from her lungs.

“I was just kidding,” she whispered, closing her eyes and trying to pretend his rejection didn’t sting. What had she been thinking? A little spanking would help her tension? Or did she just want his hands, those large, thick hands on her bare ass, caressing and kneading her until he spanked her red?

“Well, I’m not.” He nuzzled her hair with his nose. “No more talking.”

She took a few steady breaths, trying to find a way back to where she’d left her pride, sure she’d come up with something to fix the conversation. To take back what she’d asked for, what she wanted from him. Nothing came.

After an hour of lying in the dark, listening to his even breathing, she shoved the covers off and went in search of her phone. Maybe a few minutes on Facebook would get her mind off of things, and she could sleep.

She dug out her phone from her purse and opened the app. A picture of a half-naked man with a completely nude woman kneeling before him lit up the screen. She examined the woman’s face. Serene, content, proud. The man’s strong hand was in her hair, gripping it behind her in ponytail fashion, pulling her head back to force her eyes up at him. Her throat, elongated from the position, had another of his hands around it.

What would Trevor’s hand feel like around her throat? Would he cut off her air, or just hold her there, letting the threat linger and entice her? Maybe just squeeze enough to make her fear come to the surface.

She sank down into the chair in the corner, and clicked on the post. Several more photographs popped up. Scrolling through them, she imagined having Trevor touch her, doing the things she saw in the post. She knew it was wrong. He was a cop. He was only doing his job by helping her. But that didn’t stop her from fantasizing, feeling his hands on her.

“What are you doing?” His voice could have been ice water pouring over her. She froze. “Addison. What are you doing?” She knew that voice, what that tone meant.

The bed creaked as he stood and took the few steps toward her. She pressed the button on the side of her phone to make the screen black out, but he only swiped it back to life when he took it. She really needed to put a password on her phone. The glow of the screen allowed her to see the sleepy look on his face, and then his left eyebrow arch.

“Having fun, were you?” He looked down at her lap.

When had her hand slipped into her pants? Oh, god, she’d been touching herself. Was she that hard up, that she was now masturbating unconsciously and with a stranger lying only feet away? She yanked her hand out and tried to snatch her phone from him, but he only tsked his tongue and sat on the bed, scrolling through the same images she just had.

“Give me that.” She leapt from the chair and tried again to get from him, but he was faster, and had much more skill. She found herself face down on the bed again, one arm pinned behind her, his pelvis pushing against her ass. She could feel his erection poking at her, and the need to have his touch compounded.

“Which of these was your favorite?” He put the phone in front of her face, scrolling through the pictures with his thumb. Couldn’t he just leave it alone? It was bad enough he’d caught her looking at them with her hands in her damn pants; did he really need to rub her nose in it as well?

“Let me up.” She turned her head away, refusing to play his game. But her defiance didn’t feel right. She wasn’t fully invested in making him let her up. Did she want him to make her answer him?

“Not yet.” He pressed a knee to her back and readjusted his stance so he had a better position with the phone. “I like this one. Look, Addison.”

When she turned back, obeying his command without hesitation, she took in the photograph. A woman, on her knees facing the man in the picture. Her dark hair was wound around his fist, being pulled backward to make her look up at him. His lips just barely touching hers, not really touching at all really, just hovering right over her. The desire in her expression was unmistakable, the want and need portrayed perfectly. It was one of her favorites as well.

“See how much she wants him, how much she craves his kiss? He’s completely in control, he may or may not give her what she wants, and that’s what she needs, isn’t it, Addison? She needs him to hold that authority?” He’d leaned down when he spoke, his breath brushing her cheek, and his back pressing her into the bed. “It’s what you need, too.” His lips brushed against her skin, with a softness that should not have held such power behind it, but it did. “You need some relief I think, from the stressful day, from the terrible year you’ve had?” He let go of her wrist and grabbed the waistband of her leggings.

She should have tried to wiggle free, to get away from him, or at least tell him to stop. Instead, she found herself lifting her hips from the bed to make it easier for him. He chuckled a little at her cooperation as he pushed the leggings down over her ass and went back for her panties.

“I’ll give you a choice, Addison. You can fuck yourself with your fingers, like this, bent over the bed and me behind you, watching. Or I can do it for you. You’re going to come hard, that’s not your choice. Your choice is only who will give it to you.”

Just his words were enough to awaken every ounce of her libido, but the smell of him so close, the feel of his fingertips as they traced the curve of her ass, damn near melted her. She hadn’t had a man touch her since Steven, but she hadn’t wanted to either.

“Fuck, your ass is even more spankable than I thought.” He patted her cheeks and her face heated at the mental image of her backside bouncing. Body image wasn’t an issue, but she wasn’t stupid either. She held a little more curvature than most women found comfortable, and probably most men as well. A sharp slap to her right cheek had her bucking up. “What’s your decision, Addison?”

“You don’t get to just slap me and do this because I’m. Well. Because I was submissive to my fiancé!” Finally, the logical side of her brain showed up to the party, over ruling her entirely too aroused body’s decision to let him continue handling her.

To her surprise, his knee disappeared from her back, his entire body moved from her, leaving her chilled. The bed creaked and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw him standing a few feet behind her.

“You’re right.” He nodded. “I don’t get to just do that.” Sincerity hung in his voice, though he looked torn by his own decision. “Do you want me to pull up your panties and tuck you back into bed?”

Alarms should have rung through her body. The lingering disappointment that he’d backed off so easily should not have weighed on her so heavily. Yet, there it was. She was almost angry at him for just giving up.

“You brought up consent, Addison. So, you’ll either have to tell me you want this, want me to step up here, or you’ll have to pull up your panties and get in bed.”

The situation had changed too quickly, like a tornado had just blown through and turned everything upside down. He wanted her to consent to him topping her, dominating her?

She just laid there, her naked ass facing him, her pussy clamping down in desire, and her mind working overtime to put everything together. To come up with a way out of the mess she had made of the moment. One thing she knew for certain, she wanted his hands back on her. She wanted to have that feeling of being overpowered, protected, and she hadn’t had that feeling in a long time.

But to say it out loud was another thing entirely.

“Addison, I’m gonna lay this out for you really easy. I don’t play nice. I don’t allow disobedience, disrespect, or bad behavior of any kind. When I ask a question, I expect it answered. When I give you a choice, and that will be a rare occurrence, you have to make a fucking choice. So, what’s it going to be?”

Pushing up from the bed, she turned to face him. Her panties and leggings were stuck around her knees, and her shirt covered most of her, yet the vulnerability rolling through her had little to do with her state of undress. He leaned one hip against the table and crossed his arms over his chest. He wouldn’t be making a move until she did, that much was pretty damn clear.

“You won’t take me back to Chicago? You’ll help me?”

“I already said I would.” He nodded but sounded irritated. She hadn’t meant to question his integrity if that’s what he was thinking.

Addison bent over, keeping her eyes on his face. She didn’t meet his gaze, no, she wasn’t ready for that yet. She focused on a spot on his chin, hoping to at least give the appearance that she was looking directly at him, and shoved her panties and pants to the floor, stepping out of them. Deciding to go all in, she gathered the hem of her shirt in her hand, tore it over her head, and tossed it on the bed.

Fighting the urge to cover herself even after taking the steps to bare herself, she put her fisted hands at her sides, raised her chin, and brought her eyes as close to his as she could manage. “Fine, then.”

She was adorable, thinking she only needed to say two words and everything would just start up and go from there. Obviously, she wanted that release, that orgasm he was promising her, but he wanted more. A hell of a lot more. And it made no fucking sense to him.

At some point in the past few hours the woman had gone from being his target to his capture and now she was his to shield. Not just that, no, that would be too easy, now he was making her his. Really his. At least for the time they had together. Before it all either went to complete shit, and he either got them both killed or he actually managed to get through the corruption and bureaucracy of the PD to find some actual justice.

She stared at him, those large brown eyes of hers fixated on his chin. She could hide for the time being, but it wouldn’t last long. Addison wasn’t shy about her submissiveness, at least not since he’d called her out on it and made her confront it.

He hadn’t asked her to take off her shirt, but he figured she was trying to make some sort of symbolic gesture. She’d learn in time to do what she was told, and nothing more. What if he had wanted to remove the shirt himself? She’d just stolen that from him.

Once she started to fidget beneath his stare, he started to take in all of her. Now that she was fully nude, he could see everything. Every wonderful curve, every sensual place he wanted to kiss and nibble, and every flaw that made her fucking gorgeous. He made it perfectly clear he was looking her over, inclining his head this way and that as his gaze moved lower. A tiny patch of dirty blonde hair covered a small area just above her mons. Neatly trimmed and well groomed. Two swipes of a razor and the patch would be gone, but it wouldn’t be by his command.

“Turn,” he said while twirling his finger in the air. She looked ready to argue, it was there on the tip of her tongue ready to jump out, but she pressed her lips together hard and straightened her arms at her sides. As she made the little turn, he took in the small curve of her belly, her delicious thighs—those thighs he wanted to get between more and more as the moments ticked by. If he didn’t do something about his own needs pretty soon there was going to be more than just a wet spot on his pants.

When she’d made it back around to him, he smiled. She would need encouragement. Not even he could let a woman feel as vulnerable as he was making her without at least giving her a pat on the head.

“Want to check under the hood, too?” Ah, there was that snark, that little defiant streak she couldn’t quite tamp down.

“That’s a good idea. Turn back around, bend over the bed, and pull your ass cheeks apart for me. I want to see everything. If I’m taking you on, taking you under my protection, everything you have, everything you are, belongs to me.”

She swallowed. A slight movement of her throat, but one he caught. The gulp of a submissive who just heard the words that melted her insides, but that wasn’t enough. He didn’t want to just word-fuck her, he wanted to have every inch of her.

“You aren’t moving, Addison.” He kept his words firm. This was a teaching moment; start as you mean to go on, he’d been taught. “If you need help obeying, I’ll help you, but it will cost you. Every time I have to make you, force you to obey, you’ll be punished. So, understand that now before you make your next decision. I don’t want what isn’t freely given. You will give me your submission, you will give me your obedience.”

Her breath came in shorter bursts, her breasts, those beautifully round pert tits, rose and fell with her breathing. Her arousal filled the room; he’d never smelled anything so potent, so delicate before.

She must not have wanted to tempt fate, because she turned back around to face the bed, bending over at the waist and pressing her face into the mattress. Her hands slipped behind her, grabbing her ass cheeks but then stilling. She groaned. He doubted it was meant for his ears, but he’d heard it. He felt the agony of her decision, of her giving over to him, and it turned him on even more. If that made him a bastard, that was fine with him.

“Addison, last warning.” He wouldn’t take much pleasure in making her. Taking her submission, taking what was given always gave sweeter vibes than making the girl. But every now and then he’d come across a sub who wanted him to make her. Those subs never lasted very long with him. He’d give them what they wanted, but there’d be a price and they rarely wanted to deal with that a second time. Maybe that was why he was still single, still looking for someone to be his full time. Or it was because he had more shit in his baggage than any one woman wanted to help him carry.

He sighed, ready to intervene, but she got herself going again. Her fingers gripped the insides of her cheeks and with gentle care pulled them apart, revealing her pussy, glistening with her desire, and the dark pucker of her asshole. Closing the gap between them, he lowered himself down on his haunches, getting face to ass with her.

“Fuck.” He inhaled. “The scent of your pussy is filling up the room,” he laughed. “No, don’t let go. I didn’t say that was a bad thing.” He tapped her right hand when it started to lose its grip.

She groaned, and went back into position.

“So wet already, Addison. I’ve threatened to punish you. I’ve promised to make you give all of yourself to me, and you are near dripping.” With his middle finger, he slid through her folds, down to her clit and circled the swollen nub. At his touch, her back arched, her ass propped up higher, and she moaned. Not the embarrassed sound of earlier when she was caught playing with herself. But a hopeful, full of desire melody that spoke to him on darker levels than he’d tapped into in a long time.

“Please, Trevor.” A soft plea as she pressed back against his finger. He flicked the nub, laughing when she yelped.

“What, Addison? Remember, you have to ask, beg or I won’t.” He’d told her earlier he wouldn’t give her release until she begged for it, and he was a man of his word.

She looked over her shoulder at him, her wide eyes finding his. “Trevor, please.”

“Pull your cheeks further apart,” was his response. She readjusted her position and did as he asked. “Have you been fucked here?” He tapped her little pucker with his thumb while his middle finger continued to dance over her clit.

“No.” She shook her head. “Please.” She arched more, pushing back.

“You understand this will make you mine, this will mean until we part ways, you’ll do what I say, when I say, how I say, and if you don’t, I will punish you.” Two of his fingers were poised at her entrance.

“Yes, yes.” She nodded, but it wasn’t the consent of a logical thinking woman. He pulled his hand free and stood up. “Trevor!” She stomped her foot on the floor.

“Oh, acting the spoiled brat already?” He laughed and gave her two sharp slaps to her thighs with the flat of his hand.

“Ow!” She let go of her ass and started to stand up, but he pushed her back down.

“No, you stay down there. I’m getting a condom. Tell me now if you want this all to stop.”

She licked her lips, biting at her lower corner.

“I don’t want you to stop.”

He picked up his pants that he’d left on the floor before getting into bed hours ago, and dug out a condom from his wallet. Once he’d shucked his boxers and rolled the latex over his throbbing cock, he looked back down at her. She’d watched every move he made.

“What do you want, Addison?” He stepped behind her again, lining up his cock with her pussy. He could feel the heat already coming off of her, the wetness of her passage seeping out onto the tip of his dick as he pressed it against her.

“I want you to fuck me, Trevor. God, please fuck me.”

“Since you’ve been good. Keep those cheeks pulled apart for me and take your fucking.” He gripped her hips and with one swift thrust he was inside of her, buried up to the hilt. She cried out as her tight pussy adjusted to being filled by him, and he stilled. Giving her a moment, as well as trying to regain control over his own cock. “Don’t let go of those ass cheeks,” he ordered through gritted teeth as he pulled back out and thrust forward again. The bed squeaked from the force of it.

“Fuck!” she cried out, starting to move in rhythm with him.

He grunted as he continued to fuck her, harder thrusts to match hers. She didn’t just take her fucking, she was giving one back in return. His jaw hurt from being clenched, he couldn’t wait much longer. The heated walls of her pussy were grabbing at him, trying to drain him of his release.

He reached around her, brushing over the patch of hair and found her clit. “So fucking ready for me.” He rubbed his finger over the swollen bundle of nerves, faster.

“Oh! Oh!” To her credit, she didn’t let go of her ass, she dug her nails into her own flesh to keep from disobeying him. That sight sent him over the edge.

“Come for me, Addison!” he demanded and pinched her clit. She began to howl, to buck back at him as though in a fevered frenzy. Her pussy clamped down on him, pulling every bit of release from him as he grunted back at her. His orgasm blinding him, he gripped her hips harder and thrust forward once, twice, and then he stilled, letting the waves of heaven capture the moment.

When he finally caught his breath, he slipped free of her, running his hand over her back, down to her ass and brushing her hands away. He sat beside her as he took care of the condom, tossing it in the trash can.

She hadn’t moved from her position over the bed. Her shoulders shook, but there was no sound. Not being completely ignorant of women, he pulled her up and into his lap, scooting them back against the headboard.

He cradled her, letting her head rest against his shoulder as she cried. Silent tears ran off her cheek onto his shoulder, but he didn’t push her, didn’t ask anything of her, he just held her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, sniffling and wiping the back of her wrist across her wet cheeks.

“It’s been a rough day,” he said and tightened his embrace.

She gave a short laugh. “It’s been a rough year.”

“You haven’t been with anyone since your fiancé, have you?” The revelation struck him hard.

“I tried going to the club a few times, but it wasn’t the same so I backed off. So, no. I haven’t gone to bed with anyone.”

He held her tighter, drawing her back to his chest and resting his chin on her head. He was a bastard. Knowing he’d been the first after such a long time made him want her again.

“Rest up, sweet-cheeks.”

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