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Protective Custody by Natasha Knight – Extended Preview

Protective Custody by Natasha KnightWhen Aidan woke the next morning, he pulled a still sleeping Skye tight to him, holding her close. She made a soft sound and tucked her body into his before settling back into sleep. Breathing in her hair, he moved his hand to cup one small, yet full breast, his cock hardening at her back, her little, naked body too warm, too inviting to resist. And he didn’t have to resist anymore. At least if he ignored that voice of reason inside him, that is. He was falling for her, hell, he already had, and he was sure she had feelings for him. There was no doubt about that. But could he keep her after this was over? Only if the Morenov’s were dead.

He turned onto his back, releasing her. He hadn’t shown his scars to anyone, ever, but he couldn’t remain distant with her. Couldn’t keep her out. He had no choice but to let her in.

Skye stirred beside him, turning to face him, one leg coming over his, her hand to his broad chest then down over his muscled abs, her fingers slowly working their way down through the dark hair toward his already hard cock. She shifted her position, resting her head on his belly while her fingertips tickled his length. But when she fisted his cock at the base and squeezed, he covered her hand with his and muttered a curse.

Aidan watched her rise up on one elbow while he guided her hand in stroking him. She held him tight, squeezing, and brought the tip of her pretty little tongue to lick the first drops from the head of his cock, her eyes that of a seductress when they met his. He watched her while she licked his length, teasing him with her tongue, and when she closed her mouth over his cock, he leaned his head back and moaned, the hand that covered hers now taking a handful of her hair, watching her again with his cock stuffed in her mouth as he held her, pushing deeper into her.

“Good girl,” he coaxed, petting her head when she choked the first time. “But if you’re going to suck my cock,” he began, “You’re going to do it right. Take it, Skye. Take it deep.” He held on to her, guiding her slowly, the feel of her hot, wet mouth wrapped around his cock making him grow bigger, harder. Releasing her hair, he grabbed hold of one leg and guided her to straddle him, her wet, dripping cunt now just over his face, the scent of her arousal intoxicating. With his hands on either side of her pussy lips, he pulled them wide and when he pushed his tongue into her, her fingers dug into his thighs and she paused, no longer sucking.

Aidan lifted up a little and slapped her ass once. It was a playful slap, but she still gasped.

“Suck my cock, Skye. Suck it hard while I fuck you with my tongue. But if you come, you’ll owe time in the punishment room, understand?” he asked.

She only groaned while her mouth worked his cock. He smiled, knowing he was going to enjoy this as he pulled her back over his face and his tongue found her swollen, hard clit. She paused again and he continued to alternately lick and suck her clit, holding back a chuckle at her poor attempt to continue to suck him while he licked her pussy. It wasn’t long before she began to grind herself against his face, her moans growing louder while she didn’t even pretend to be sucking his cock anymore. He knew she would be ultra-sensitive now and he slid one finger into her pussy once, twice, smearing her juices all around it before tracing it up to her back hole, circling there, still licking her nub until she relaxed once again and when she did, he pushed his finger into her ass and sucked hard on her clit, making her call out as she came, her hips bucking, her breath ragged, until the wave passed and she collapsed on top of him, shuddering when he pulled his finger from inside her ass.

“Skye,” he whispered, holding her in place when she tried to move off him.

“Let me go,” she managed, her voice small.

He sat up but held her as she was so that her bottom was just inches from his face, spread wide given the position of her legs, so he could see every inch of her.

“I like looking at you like this,” he said, his cock still hard, wanting her warmth around it again.

“Please, Aidan,” she begged, trying again to move off of him.

“All right,” he said, taking her hips and lifting her so she knelt with her back to him, her pussy just lining up with his thick, ready cock. “I’m going to fuck your pussy first, take my pleasure from you, before sending you to the punishment room to teach you how to suck my cock properly,” he said. “Put your hands on my thighs and lean forward. I want to watch your pussy take my cock.”

She glanced back over her shoulder at him and he could see in her eyes her renewed arousal as she did as she was told, leaning forward, holding onto his thighs, her pussy gaping just over his cock.

“Ready?” he asked.

She nodded, dripping on him while trying to mount him.

“You are a naughty girl,” he said while in one swift move, he impaled her on himself, the feel of her tight, wet, hot passage making him dig his hands into her hips to force himself to go slowly, to draw this out, to begin her torment with this fucking. “So greedy,” he said, slowly lifting her up off his cock only to pull her back hard again.

“Please,” she began. “It’s too much.”

“Is your pussy a little sensitive?” he asked, repeating the motion of impaling her onto himself. “You’ll need to learn you’re never to come without permission,” he said, this time moving the thumb of one hand to her dark back hole, causing her to gasp again.

Unable to hold back, he shifted their position, kneeling behind her, and pushed her down so that her face was in the bed and her ass was raised high.

“I think you like this,” he said, fucking her pussy, his finger pushing into her ass. “I think you like my finger in your ass while I fuck you. I wonder,” he said, adding a second finger, stretching her, knowing she was at her edge just on this side of pain. “I wonder how you’ll like my cock fucking your ass,” he said, the thought of it pushing him over the edge, forcing two more final, punishing thrusts before he buried himself deep inside her, his seed bursting from him as he held her close to his body while his cock throbbed, the walls of her pussy once again clamping down around him to signal her second stolen orgasm.

Skye lay on her belly, her breath coming in gasps. She didn’t have much experience sexually but she’d be willing to bet Aidan Hastings was master of his game. She turned to watch Aidan move off the bed and rose slowly herself, her eyes on his powerful, naked, beautiful body. His shoulders and arms were wide and thick with muscle, his chest and belly as if sculpted from solid stone, his cock still hard and slick. She began to straighten but leaned on her side again, her face flushing red when she felt his seed slide out of her. Meanwhile Aidan just watched her, grinning.

“What?” she asked, suddenly remembering what he’d said earlier.

He walked toward her completely comfortable in his nakedness. “You have a short memory,” he said.

She searched his eyes, her face reddening yet again at what they’d just done, at how he’d talked to her, how he’d put his finger inside her bottom and how she’d liked it. And no, he was wrong about her having a short memory.

“Were you allowed to come, Skye?” he asked, pulling on a pair of jeans.

His tone was different just by a hair but it was enough. He was disciplinarian now.

“No, sir,” she answered.

“Sit up,” he said.

She did, slowly, as if she could somehow keep his semen from spilling out of her.

“And how many times did you come?”


“What did I promise you?”

“A trip to the punishment room.”

“That’s right. Let’s get you cleaned up first though.”

“Are you going to spank me?”

He grinned. “I haven’t yet decided. Up, come on.”

She got up on her feet, flushing red once again as she felt the stuff slide down her inner thighs.

“I can have a shower alone,” she said when they got into the bathroom.

He shook his head. “No, I think I’ll scrub you clean myself today,” he said, grinning as he ran a bath. “Go ahead and use the bathroom.”

“In front of you?” she asked, her eyebrows shooting up.

He nodded. “You’re about to get a very intimate cleaning from me, Skye. By the time I’m done washing you, going to the bathroom with me in the room will be nothing.”

Her eyebrows lifted. “You can’t be serious.”

He only grinned and turned his attention to checking the water temperature in the tub and took his time before addressing her again. “If you’re that shy about it, you may use the bathroom down the hall, but if you do that, you’ll then take six strokes of the paddle. Your choice.”

Six strokes for using the bathroom in private! Well, she could take six. That was fine. He’d beaten her butt with way more than six the last time. Without a word, she left to use the other bathroom before returning to find him waiting in the tub for her.

“Water’s perfect,” he said, gesturing for her to climb in.

She did, appreciating the warmth of the water, liking being so close to him. If this was what he meant by an intimate cleaning, that was fine by her.

Aidan turned her so that she sat with her back to him and his big arms wrapped around her. She felt so relaxed that she lay her head on his chest, not minding at all when he picked up a washcloth and poured body wash over it, rubbing it until it foamed. She even sighed when he began to rub along her shoulders and neck with it before moving to scrub each arm, each finger of each hand. He then moved to her neck and chest, taking special care with each of her breasts, re-igniting the heat between her legs, something she thought impossible after the orgasms she’d just had. Once he was finished with her upper body, he had her turn to lean against the opposite side of the tub and paid the same attention to her legs and feet as he had the rest of her.

“God, Aidan, this is better than any massage I’ve ever had,” she said, leaning her head back and closing her eyes.

“Enjoy it, baby,” he said, but something in his voice made her suspicious. “There, come on back over here.”

She smiled and resumed her place in front of him and watched when he began to drain the tub.

“We have to get out already?” Disappointment made her sound pouty.

“Oh no,” he said, closing the drain once the tub was a little more than half full. “Not yet.”

The look in his eyes told her she should have remained wary all along, but he didn’t give her any time to act on this thought.

“Kneel up, honey,” he said, taking the washcloth and refreshing the body wash on it. “Kneel up and lean forward so you’re laying your face on the towel I set on the edge of the tub. You’re going to need your hands so you won’t have those for support.”

“Aidan…” she began, her face reddening at the thought of doing as he’d said even though she’d done exactly that not half an hour ago. Not to mention what had happened yesterday.

“I’ve seen every inch of you and I’ve tasted every inch of you, Skye. Now don’t be shy because if this embarrasses you, well, I’m not sure you’re going to like the next part even one little bit. Bend over. Get that naughty bottom up in the air so I can clean it.”

Why did his words make her pussy so incredibly hot? It was wrong. He was so… base.

“Would you like to add six more strokes to the six you have coming?” he asked.

He meant it. He meant every word and she knew it. With a groan, Skye stood on her knees and brought her hands to the edge of the tub where he’d made a pillow of a thick towel.

“Good girl, that’s not so bad, is it?” he asked, not yet starting with the cloth. “Besides, I like the look of your ass, Skye. I like having you spread like this and open for me to look at and enjoy. I like seeing your pussy lips open for me, I like seeing them get wet at my words,” he paused, the space of that moment adding even more embarrassment to his next sentence. “But I can’t quite see that sexy little asshole. Rest your face on the towel, reach back and spread yourself open for me, honey.”

Oh. My. God.


Certainly he could not have said what she’d just heard. She couldn’t move, could hardly breathe. It wasn’t enough that he had her bending over in front of him, it wasn’t enough that he would clean her bottom hole, he wanted her to open herself to him, assist him in her humiliation.

“OK, we’ll take it to seven strokes. How many do you think it will be before you do as you’re told?”

She glanced back now and he raised his eyebrows, waiting for her reply.

“Reach back and spread your bottom open for me to clean your little asshole, Skye. We’re up to eight.”

She closed her eyes and reached back, fingers gripping her bottom cheeks to pull them open.

“That’s better. Now pull wider.”

She did, her face hot, burning a blazing red as she did.

Before she could even process his words, he rose up on his knees behind her, sending water splashing along the walls of the tub while he began to clean her bottom cheeks with the cloth. He took his time circling each one, and when it was finished, he set the cloth down.

“This more intimate cleaning I’ll do with my fingers,” he said. “Tell me.” He reached his hand to her pussy and began to rub it clean. “Have you ever shown a man your ass like this before or am I the first? I know you’re not a virgin but have you ever done this?”

He was rubbing her clit and she was losing her mind. “No…” she croaked out when he changed the rhythm. God she was going to come again and her arousal in part was due to the very thing that was making her blush so furiously: the humiliation of holding herself like she was, her bottom cheeks spread wide, exposing herself fully to him.

“No, what?” he asked, his voice low, seductive while his hand worked to clean her pussy before trailing up her cleft toward her back hole. “Tell me in detail, Skye.”

“No, I’ve never shown a man… like this… before.”

“Shown a man what exactly?”

If it were possible, she’d spontaneously combust from embarrassment.

“I’m waiting, Skye,” he said, his hand working all along, cleaning her most private places, making her face burn the brightest red in embarrassment.

“I’ve never shown a man my bottom like this before.”

“And has anyone touched you here?” he asked, one finger smearing soap onto her back hole.

Her muscles clenched for a moment, then released as he slowly, gently circled her virgin entrance.

“Skye?” he asked, still working that delicate, private place.

“No, sir,” she said. “You’re the first to touch me there.”

The first.

Some part of Aidan reared up at that. He would be the only one to touch her there if he had anything to say about it.

He shook his head, forcing that thought away. It was time to concentrate on Skye, to tease her until she very nearly exploded, and stopping just short of release. He almost felt sorry for her given what he had planned.

“It’s time to get your bottom really clean now.”

She didn’t utter a single sound, didn’t make the tiniest movement, but held her position, waiting.

“I’m going to push my finger inside your little hole, Skye. Arch your back and push your bottom out to me.”

She did as he said, lifting to him, the sight of her like this driving him nearly out of his mind.

Without hesitating, he penetrated the tight ring of her bottom with his soapy finger, fucking her gently with it, all the while aware of how wet her pussy was growing at the stimulation of her bottom, and also extremely aware of how his cock was swelling in response. He took his time, turning his finger, pushing it deeper, pulling it out and repeating, wondering how the tight, hot hole would feel stretched around his cock.

“There,” he said, after a few more moments. “All clean.”

He settled back down and pulled her to him. She remained silent, refusing to look at him, the hue of red he could see from his angle telling him she was too embarrassed to speak, but he was well aware how the humiliation was turning her on at the same time.

Well, she had a lot more of that coming.

After washing his hands, Aidan wrapped Skye in a large, soft towel and walked her to the punishment room.

“Leave your towel here. When you’re sent to the punishment room, you’re to enter it fully naked, is that clear?”

She swallowed, nodded and stood staring up at him.

Aidan smiled at her. She was sweet, and from the look on her face, more than a little intimidated, but not afraid. He pulled her in to him and kissed her forehead before taking the towel from her and opening the door. She looked around as if it were her first time to see it.

“To the far corner, Skye. Stand with your nose to the wall, hands at the back of your head until I return.”

“You’re leaving?” she asked, her eyes growing huge.

“Just going to the kitchen to get some things. I’ll be back in no time. Now go stand in the corner with that naughty little bottom on display.”

She looked for a moment as if she were about to protest, but then turned and walked to the corner he’d pointed to. He watched her as she quietly placed her hands at the back of her head and settled in before turning to go. Corner time was a good start. It got her into the proper mindset to submit.

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