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Ranch Daddy by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

After a quick shower and gourmet dinner of scrambled eggs and toast for one, I prepared for my return to the ranch to carry out my devious plan. This time, I was dressed in black sweats and a black hoodie. I figured if I was going to participate in criminal activity at night I might as well be dressed for the occasion. As I stepped out into the dark, cold evening, a thrill ran through me. Taking a night off from stuffing my face with junk food and watching TV would do me good. A little excitement was just what I needed.

Florence roared to life, and I was off. A few minutes later, I turned up the long gravel road that led to CLAS ranch. Hundreds of acres of beautiful rolling landscape stretched out under a midnight blue blanket of twinkling stars. Nearing the dark buildings, I cut my headlights, finding that driving at night without them was trickier than I had imagined. Steering the red truck around the gravel ranch roads, I went slowly, hoping to keep the noise minimal. The last thing I needed was Hayes or Brody coming down from their house to check on the mysterious vehicle prowling around.

Finally, I saw the outline of the program building. Focusing my eyes on my destination, I murmured to myself, “Here we go.”

Pulling around the building, I parked the car with an unexpected bump. I had run into a signpost, luckily only slightly. After allowing a whispered string of curse words to leave my lips, I hopped down from the truck, rushing over to the front bumper. Holding up my phone with the flashlight pointed toward the place of impact, I studied the metal. No damage. That thing was a tank. I breathed, “Whew—not a scratch.”

I quietly shut the door to the truck and crept to the building. My fingers wrapped around the back door knob. A bad feeling washed over me, guilt pooling in my stomach. This was wrong. Breaking into his office? Reading his personal emails? It was an utter and total violation. And yet… I couldn’t stop myself. I was having way too much fun. There was a quiet clink as I opened the unlocked door.

Using the light from my phone again, I made my way through the office to the counter in the back. There was his laptop. Sitting in plain sight on the smooth countertop, just waiting for me to open it. I tiptoed over to the counter. A little green light blinked on and off in the dark, signaling the computer had been left on. Even better—I wouldn’t have to wait for it to boot up. I opened the top of the computer.

A picture of Abraham, Colton’s favorite horse, popped up on the screen. I smiled. Drumming my fingertips on the keyboard, I mused, “What can it be? What can it be?” I started with the worst one possible… LadyDJ. Just typing her name made a sick feeling sink to the pit of my stomach. I hit enter.

Error message.

I breathed a happy sigh of relief, moving onto the names of CLAS’ horses. I went through the first three stalls of the barn before I gave up. The password was not equestrian-themed.

Just for shits and giggles, I tried ‘Daddy.’ Nope. Not it either.

I sighed. I had been so sure Colton’s password would have been a horsey—I mean look at his screen saver, for goodness’ sake! This was going to be harder than I thought. This could take all night.

If not an animal, it was probably a person’s name. I started with his brothers going down in age order. No such luck. Not his mom, Alice, not his grandmother, Memaw. Tapping my fingertips on the keyboard, I bit my bottom lip as the next name entered my mind.

My own.

Was I really going to sink that low?

It was pointless. It was stupid. It was what a silly, lovesick girl did. But I couldn’t help it. I was a silly girl, though not lovesick, just nurturing a very small, very natural crush. I mean come on—what straight woman wouldn’t get a little damp in the panties working side by side with their very own Aquaman?

My fingers moved slowly over the keyboard, my heart beat harder with each letter. J… O… S… I. I knew it was ridiculous, but I just couldn’t help myself. It was ridiculous of me, but I had to punch in the final letter and hit ‘enter.’

The screen came to life, an open email inbox popping up.

“Shit. No way.” My hand went to my chest, my jaw dropping open. “I mean, no way. My name?”

But it was. Colton Jenkins’ password to log into his computer was… JOSIE. My eyes stared at the inbox on the screen before me.

I couldn’t do this. It was too wrong. Especially now that I had proof my little crush was reciprocated.

My hand went to the edge of the top of the laptop, ready to close it.

The room suddenly flooded with light.

“Knock, knock,” an angry voice boomed, echoing through the room. The sound shocked me, making my heart beat out of my chest.

“For crying in the night!” I screamed, flying up from my stool and knocking it over. I slammed the laptop shut, turning around. “What the hell?”

Colton stood in the doorframe. His broad shoulders filled the entire entryway. His muscled arms were crossed over his chest. His jaw was locked tight, his brow knit. His green eyes flashed at me, livid.

“You… you… ah, scared the shit out of me,” I stammered, facing him. I moved my body so as to block the laptop from his view. Dumb, I know, but maybe out of sight, out of mind? Perhaps he hadn’t seen me logging into his personal computer?

One dark brow rose. “What are you doing?” he asked. His deadly tone sent shivers down my spine. This quiet, controlled anger was the most dangerous kind. I had never seen lighthearted Colton look so… scary.

Sweat prickled underneath my arms. My stomach turned as I squeaked, “Counting kickballs?”

His head cocked to one side. “That so?”

“Y-yes. Um…Louanne wanted me to be sure we had enough kickballs in stock for our Sports n’ Surprises wedding. The groom requested a post-reception game, his family versus hers, and I was just looking through the closet to see—”

“In the dark?” he rumbled.

“Oh, yes. I do everything in the dark, now. Got to do my part. You know, the whole helping the Earth thing?”

His boot thumped on the floor as he took a step toward me. I shifted my weight from foot to foot as fear gripped my heart.

“Do you?” he asked.

“Um. Just, you know, trying to do my part to save the planet. Did you see my Kemps Ridley tattoo? I got it after visiting the Sea Turtle Hospital. Did you know that plastic straws are killing baby turtles? Just choking the poor little things to death. So, I’ve switched to the… these,” I stumbled on my words as I moved away from him, “reusable stainless-steel straws, and you should, too. They’re kind of expensive but worth it, you know? Memaw already ordered them for the Mess Hall. Ah, and I’m trying to cut down on waste, recycle—you know, that sort of thing. And energy conservation is really big, so I do things with the lights off all the time now.”

His words were as cold as ice when he spoke. “I guess you could see well enough with the glowing light from my computer screen.”

Oh, man. He had definitely seen. How could I explain this one away? “I, uh.” My eyes widened, my breath catching in my throat as he began to cross the room toward me. I gulped.

Pushing past me, his arm brushed against mine. Shivers and thrills and dread pulsed through me at his touch. Ignoring me, he opened his laptop. Up popped the picture of good old Abraham the horse. And the little rectangle demanding his password for entrance. Enough time must have passed for his computer to sign me out.

He didn’t know I knew.

Quietly, he closed the laptop. His attention turned to me. Was that relief on his face?

“What am I going to do with you, Josie? I don’t know why you were trying to break into my computer. There’s no point in asking you—I can tell I’m not going to get an honest answer out of you anyway. But I need to know that no matter your reasons, it won’t happen again.” His hard jaw was set, his teeth clenching beneath his skin.

My hands flew up in surrender as I promised, “It won’t, Colton! I promise! You have my word.”

“Good.” His arms crossed over his chest.

Off that easy? Amen, and hallelujah. “Whew. Okay. Good. Thank you for—”

“But that’s not enough.” His brow shot up, punctuating his statement.

“What… what do you mean?” I squeaked.

“I need more assurance that it won’t happen again. Assurance that I create myself. On your ass.”

“Uh… I… ah,” I stammered. I had spent countless hours dreaming, fantasizing about this man spanking me. But it was always in a sexy playful way. And never once when I pictured his muscular arms bending me over his lap did I feel the way I did now. In my fantasy, my pussy would clench and pulse, my nipples tightening. I would beg him to spank me, beg him for more.

Now, in reality, my knees trembled. My tummy turned. My mind reeled, telling me over and over that I had to get out of there. Get away from this angry cowboy and do everything in my power to not receive the spanking that I had coming.

Feigning anger, I threw my hands on my hips. “Who the hell do you think you are? Threatening to spank me? I’ll call the cops.”

One dark brow rose to me. “Go ahead. While you’re at it tell them to book you for breaking and entering. I can save you the time if you want. Charlton’s on shift tonight. Want me to go ahead and give him a ring on his cell?” he asked.

I gulped, remembering Colton was friends with the entire police force of our town. New plan. Maybe try sweet girl instead of a total bitch, to get out of this one?

Taking my hands from my hips, I held them out to my sides, palms open and up. I shrugged in the most innocent-looking manner (I hoped) as I inched away from him, backing my way toward the door. “You don’t know what you’re saying, Colton. We will look back on this in the morning and laugh and laugh. I just got a little nosy. I was bored, thought it would be fun to log into your computer and change your screen saver. Just a prank. You love pranks! I made a little mistake and you’ve forgiven me and now we just go back to the way things were. Okay?” My eyes darted to the open door. It was a great story and my quick thinking had me feeling confident. I knew I could make it.

“Not so fast. Where do you think you’re going, kiddo?” he mused.

“Just back to the truck!” Before he could reply, I took off, running to Florence. Reaching into my sweatshirt pocket, I pulled the keys out. Fumbling with my ring, I found the key for the truck. Looking over my shoulder, I breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t following me! Jumping into the truck, I slammed the door. Key in the ignition, I cranked it, hard.


I turned the key again, slapping the dashboard with my palm. “Come on, come on, Florence! You’ve got to save my ass!” My eyes darted to the doorway of the office. Colton stood there, a smirk of a smile on his face. “Colton!” I shouted. He was behind this. He was the reason my truck wouldn’t start. No wonder he didn’t rush to follow me out here—he knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Shit!” I banged my hands against the steering wheel. The sound of boot heels crunching over the gravel made my eyes lift to the window. Colton was headed in my direction. His face was set, his jaw tense. I tried to think of my escape. What could I do? There was no way I could outrun him—and he had already outsmarted me.

Nothing else to do, I pushed down on the lock on the door. Scooting to the center of the bench seat, I sat, staring out the driver’s side window at the humongous cowboy that stood outside, waiting to spank me.

His hand went to his pocket. There was a clink and a click, and the driver’s door was opened. He shrugged. “Company car. I have the spare key.”

Before I could move, two long arms reached into the cab of the truck. Locking underneath my arms, they pulled me across the slide-y leather seat. My heart was pounding in my chest as he tugged me from the car. He lifted me up into the air, my hands locked on his forearms. My legs dangled in the air as the massive man held me up at arm’s length. I felt like baby Simba being presented to the African plains by Rafiki in the Lion King.

“Let me down!” I squeaked.

“You got somewhere else to be?” he asked.

My heart was racing. “That was a dirty trick, Colton, whatever you did to my car. Fix it so I can go. Now you put me down!” I kicked my legs to and fro. He didn’t move an inch. He was like a rock wall of muscle and anger.

His voice rose as he said, “That truck is going to sit right there until you tell Brody what you’ve been up to and why I found it here tonight, hiding behind the building. I saw a shadow in the office. I looked in the window and saw you inside, pounding away at my keyboard. I disengaged your battery to be sure you wouldn’t be running off without explaining.”

My kicking legs froze as I gasped. “Oh, no. Don’t make me tell Brody. Please, Colton, I’m begging you! Brody would be pissed. He might even fire me. And he’d tell Louanne! I’d be in so much trouble! Can’t we just keep it between us two?” I begged.

He narrowed his eyes. “Only one way.” He popped me down on the ground, his hands still locked beneath my arms. My feet were grateful to feel the Earth beneath them. His hands remained underneath my arms. I looked up at him as he continued, “If I know you’ve been properly punished,” he said.

My knees quaked. To my surprise, my nipples tightened, my pussy clenching and releasing a flow of excitement, dampening my panties. Properly punished sounded so dirty and sexy and… powerful. My core turned into molten lava.

Colton’s hands moved slowly down my ribcage. My breath sucked into my chest in surprise. The skin beneath my shirt trembled at his touch. His hands settled around my waist, his fingertips squeezing it slightly. Our eyes locked.

The gaze he gave me did more to my body than any of his words or caresses. It was as if he was seeing me, really seeing me, for the first time. His eyes tore away at my tough layers, exposing me for what I was. For what he knew I was. Nothing but a little girl who needed a daddy.

His hands tightened around my waist, turning me away from him. In one swift move, he had my belly pressed against the driver’s side of the truck bench. He lifted me up and bent me over the seat. My feet dangled in the air, the tips of my toes trying to find purchase on the ground beneath me. My hands pressed into the seat beneath my chest, and I steadied my weight. The piping around the leather seat dug into my hipbones.

My ass was perfectly perched, an unwilling target.

“Colton. Please, don’t spank me. I swear I’ll never, ever snoop again!” My hips wriggled as I tried to get down. His arm became a vise, holding me in place. A sick feeling entered my stomach, conflicted by the nervous excitement that was also ripping through me. Sweat pricked at my hairline. The little hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.

“I know you won’t, sweetheart. Not after the spanking I’m going to give you. You’ll at least think twice before you try to log onto someone else’s computer.” His hand stroked my back as he leaned down, his breath tickling my cheek. “You ready to have your bottom spanked, little girl?”

Those huskily whispered words made my heart stop. My own voice rose an octave as I squeaked out a faint, “No?”

“I swear you’ve been testing me for years. I’m glad you finally crossed the line,” he said.

He knew I fantasized about it? All those times I had been sassy with him, or done something naughty to get his attention? Or bent over a table or a counter, just so, giving him the perfect view of my ass? Had he known I had been trying to tempt him into taking me over his knee? Letting me find out whether he was or wasn’t… a daddy? I protested, “I was not testing you!”

“I may not be technologically savvy, but I’m not blind to the ways of women. You’ve been asking for a spanking just about every day. You have the body and mind of a grown woman but you’re a little girl, through and through. And a naughty one at that.”

My cheeks flushed with shame. My pussy pulsed, my nipples were hard as little pebbles. Every single hair on my arms stood up; I was sure my skin was covered in goosebumps. His words had emptied my mind. I was all emotions, feelings, sensations, but no thoughts. “I—ah.”

“Just as I thought. Nothing to say. Let’s get started—I think after this experience you won’t be so eager to be getting yourself spanked again.”

Before another word could form on my lips, his giant, paddle-like hand came down, hard on the center of my sweatpants. The thin cotton material gave me no protection. A stinging throb danced over my skin. I could not wrap my mind around how one single spank could inflict so much pain. “Ye-ow! Oh, my God, no way. That hurt!” From behind my back, a chuckle rose. My shock turned to anger. “Are you laughing? Are you seriously laughing right now, you… you… masochist!”

“Honey, I’m not a masochist—that’s someone who enjoys receiving pain. I think you were referring to a sadist. Which I am not. I’m just a firm-handed cowboy who enjoys dishing out a good sound paddling on an ass like yours. And, for the record, I’m laughing because, for someone who wiggled their ass in front of me so many times, you sure aren’t taking your spanking like a lady.”

“How does one ‘take a spanking like a lady’? Ouch!” Another sharp slap struck my bottom, this time on the center of my right cheek. A fire burned where his hand landed. The area covered by his first spank started a dull throbbing next to the fresh sting.

“A little more class, a little less protesting. Act like you’re at least a little sorry for what you’ve done.” His hand came down on my left cheek. Then again, in the very same spot. I sucked air between my teeth as the pain intensified. My right side throbbed, my left side burned. Two spanks in a row created three times the sensation. Tears pricked at the backs of my eyes.

“I… I am sorry!” And I was getting even more sorry by the second! His hand rose and landed again on the right side, then the left. I cried out again as he continued his pattern. Right, left. All thought erased from my mind, and my only focus was the stinging, burning fire he was lighting on my poor ass.

“You’re going to be even sorrier when I get these pants down and spank you on the bare for trying to run.”

I froze. My breathing stopped. All pain was forgotten as a dull, creeping fear of humiliation rose in me. Was Colton going to bare my bottom? Slowly, I turned my head over my shoulder. “You can’t mean…” But his hand were already beneath my waist, tugging at the elastic band while still managing to keep me pinned to the bench seat, stopping me from pulling a runner. Moments later my sweats and panties were tugged down to the tops of my thighs. A chilly night breeze caressed my already sore, and now very nude, ass. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Already pink,” he said, giving my bare bottom a light smack. His palm spanking my bare skin made a loud smacking sound that caused my pussy to pulse and dampen. Humiliation began to creep up my neck, causing a burning in my face as I felt my bare bottom jiggle from the impact of his hand.

This was not happening. Colton Jenkins may be my crush, but he did not need to see my bare ass for the first time bent over his brother’s truck while he was spanking it! Tears sprang into my eyes, rolling down my cheeks.

“Colton, I—”

“You can’t be doing this stuff, Josie. I know you have your superhuman computer skills, but you can’t use them for your own means. It just isn’t right. And even though it wasn’t my business before, I’ve heard through the grapevine that this isn’t your first offense invading someone’s privacy like that. This time, it’s my privacy, so as I see it, you’ve made it my business. And I’m here to tell you that your cyber meddling is a bad idea and you’re only going to get yourself into trouble. And it’s wrong.” He continued to pepper my jiggling, sore bottom with hard smacks as he lectured me. “Just because you have the ability to do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

The reality of what I had done began to sink in. With his scolding words and the punishing spanks that were stinging my behind, I felt remorse. He was right—this wasn’t the first time I had invaded someone’s privacy online. (But if I ever found out who had told him, so help me, I would download a virus on them so fast.) Breaking into Colton’s computer to read his email was a downright nasty thing to do. Tears came in sobs and my hips wiggled in earnest as the spanking continued.

“I’m sorry, I truly am!” I cried. And I was. I continued to cry, laying my chest flat on the bench. I was defeated. There was no fight left in me. I had done something very wrong, and I was being properly punished for it. And damn, my ass was throbbing!

The spanking stopped. Colton said, “I care about you, Josie. I don’t want to see you getting yourself into trouble and doing this again.”

“I know, Colton,” I sniffed.

The skin on my waist tickled as he pulled my panties up into place over my sore behind. I felt my sweatpants slide up over my rear. He murmured, “There you go, little girl. Good as new.”

I sniffled, hardly able to believe the spanking had finally ended. My throbbing bottom was burning with fire, my face a mess of tears. Big hands wrapped around my waist, lifting me from the seat and putting me down on my feet. I turned to him. I couldn’t look at him. Instead, I buried my tear-streaked face into his chest as I cried. His arms wrapped around me, his hands caressing my back. His shushing whispers tickled my ears.

I suddenly had an idea what all these women were swooning over. Having a man correct you, reset you, chastise you… it was some kind of sexual cavewoman turn-on. And cleansing.

I wiped my tears on the backs of my sleeves, cleaning my face as best I could. I didn’t want to look up—didn’t want him to see me like this, eyes red and puffy. But I had to read his expression. I had to see what emotions were in those sea-green eyes after spanking me like this.

Was he my daddy?

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