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Ravaged Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

The elevator door is barely open before I pull my girl into the penthouse.

“Woah!” Her foot slips out from beneath her thanks to the wet soles of her cheap sneakers. I twist around and catch her before her ass hits the floor.

“You need better shoes,” I say as I pull her up so she can find her balance again.

“These are fine.” She lifts one foot to show me. There’s a small hole in the toe of the shoe.

“How wet are your feet?” I point to the hole. The entire shoe is soaked. Her feet are probably freezing from the rain.

“If I have to tell you one more time that I’m fine, I’m going to lose my shit,” she argues.

“Lose your shit?” I ask on a laugh as I continue pulling her toward the bedroom. Until I check every inch of her to be sure that asshole didn’t hurt her, I won’t be satisfied. When I first realized she hadn’t ended our call, I was going to hang up on my end, but then I heard another voice. I’d already been to the library and was told where she was headed, but when that prick’s words came through the cell, I ran straight for his building.

“Yes. Lose my shit,” she repeats. “You know, like get angry and have a full-blown tantrum.”

I kick the door to the bedroom closed the moment she crosses the threshold. “I promise, Pchelka, if you throw a tantrum, I’ll throw you over my knee and make you regret it.” I shuck off my leather jacket and hang it on the back of the chair. “And stop cursing.”

“Then stop asking me if I’m hurt,” she counters while toeing off her sneakers. As soon as they’re off her feet, I pick them up and take them to the trash can in the bathroom.

“No, don’t!” She follows me, trying to get them back out, but I counter her actions by spinning her around and delivering a sound smack to her ass. She yelps and shoots me a dark glare.

“An ass whooping on a wet ass is not pleasant,” I warn her. She’s eyeing the trash can like she’s going to make another try for them.

“You can’t throw them away, Luka.” Her cheeks redden deeper than the chill from the rain has done. She doesn’t have the money for new shoes, or good shoes. I already know this but having to admit it will hurt her pride.

“Look at your feet, Pchelka.” I point down to the white cotton ankle socks clinging to her skin. “There’s a hole in those shoes and they don’t keep your feet dry.”

She wiggles her toes beneath the wet cotton, then tries to hide one foot beneath the other.

“Let me buy you new shoes, better shoes.” I cup her shoulders. “Now, take off these wet clothes so I can get you into a warm bath and look at your injuries.”

She rolls her eyes. “He grabbed my arm, Luka. There is no injury.”

I raise an eyebrow. “There will definitely be one on your ass if you don’t get moving. Clothes off, all of them so I can see every inch of you.”

“I have never met anyone so damn…”

“The cursing.” I fold my arms over my chest. “And you were going to say handsome.”

“Not that you’re wrong, but that’s not what I was going to say. I was going to say you’re overprotective.”

I nod. “Of course, I am. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I will do whatever is necessary to keep you safe. Now strip.” I lean closer to her face, inhaling the sweet smell of my own soap on her skin. I like this, her showering in my shower, wearing my scent. Other women have used my shower, and I had no reaction to it. Avery is different than all of the women before. I want my scent on her. Fuck. If I could, I’d brand my name on her so no one would ever look at her again.

“So bossy,” she mutters but gets to work. It’s a beautiful scene, her wiggling out of her wet blouse and capri slacks. I lean back against the countertop watching as she unhooks her bra from behind. The cups drop from her breasts, exposing their generosity as she bends down to push off her panties. My cock was hard the moment I had her in the car and I could feel her so close to me, but now it’s painful.

“See. I’m fine.” She waves her hands over her body, then hooks them on her hips. Her confidence is well-placed. This woman is gorgeous. Not an inch of her body is too much or too little. I hate when women eat like little birds, pecking at seeds so they are so thin I can see each one of their ribs. Avery is perfect with her curves.

I twirl my finger in the air. “Let me see the back.”

Again, she rolls her eyes. “You’re insane.”

“And you’re not moving fast enough,” I shoot back at her.

She turns around slowly, putting her arms out so I can get a good look. “See? You’re just making excuses to get me naked.”

I push off the counter and move to her, grabbing her throat to hold her steady while I plant my mouth over hers. I want her, every inch of her, but first, I want her dizzy from my kiss.

“Maybe I’m the one who’s insane,” she whispers after I break the kiss.

“Do your knees hurt?” I ask, my hands already working my belt open.

“Why would they hurt?” She tilts her head to the side, but soon enough she realizes what’s happening and looks down to see my belt is already open and my zipper is being pulled down. “Oh.”

“On your knees, Avery.” I yank off my shirt and shove out of my jeans. “You can apologize for not answering my texts and calls from there.”

“I was working,” she argues while she lowers herself to her knees. The lush bathmat will be comfort enough for her while I take her mouth.

“I don’t care. When I call, when I text, you answer me. How else will I know you’re safe?” I step closer to her, my cock steel-hard in my hand.

“I’m always safe.” She shrugs, but then she brings her gaze to the head of my cock that’s positioned at her lips and instantly her tongue runs along her bottom lip.

“Do you want my cock, Pchelka?” I ask, stroking my length.

“Look what you’ve turned me into.” She bites down on her lip. “A whore.”

I sink my fist into her hair, yanking her head back. “My whore, Pchelka. Only mine. Now open that pretty mouth of yours so I can fuck it.”

Her face flames red. “I think it was better when you said those things in Russian.”

I grin down at her. “Now that I see how sweetly you blush for me when I talk dirty in your language, I’m going to stick with English. Now, take my cock, Avery. All the way in.” I press my cock to her lips.

Her pretty, full pink lips part for me. It’s the only invitation I need. With one powerful thrust, I hit the back of her throat. Immediately she sputters, but I’m relentless. Now that I have her sweet, hot mouth around my cock, I’m not letting up. I pull back enough for her to get her breath, but then I plow forward again.

“Fuck.” I groan as the head of my cock hits the back of her throat once more. “Swallow, Pchelka. Swallow my cock down your throat.”

Her palms press against my thighs as her throat works, pulling me farther in.

“Yes, sweet girl, like that.” I pull out, dragging my cock along her hot tongue and then thrust forward again. I hold her against my body. Her nose nestles in the coarse curls at the base of my cock. “Swallow,” I command through gritted teeth, and then she does and I’m a man obsessed. I fuck her throat harder. “Keep swallowing,” I instruct her as I fuck her face as hard as I would if it was her pussy.

She moans around my cock. The vibrations throw me right to the edge of my release. I should stop. I want to get inside her pussy. I want to feel her wet heat around my cock when I explode inside her, but her mouth feels too good.

“Fucking hell, Pchelka, I’m going to come in your mouth,” I say through my clenched jaw. “Swallow it, Pchelka. Swallow every drop of my come.”

Just saying it makes my balls pull tight.

“So, fucking good!” I yell. I tighten my hand in her hair and thrust harder into her throat. She swallows me down the second the head of my cock touches the back of her throat. So fucking good. She’s such a good girl for me.

An electric current zips down my spine just as fireworks explode in the periphery of my vision.

“Fuck!” I bellow as I thrust once, twice, and then hold still with my cock shoved down her throat, unleashing my orgasm. “Swallow,” I grind out and her throat works around my cock.

I lean backward until my ass presses against the edge of the counter again, and my cock falls from her lips. She licks her lips, catching the few drops that have spilled free.

“Get up.” I wave my hand.

Worry crosses her features.

“I want to taste you, Pchelka.”

Once she’s up on her feet, I slink down to my knees before her. I would die before kneeling for any man, but for my Avery, I would move even lower.

“Part your legs. Don’t make me tell you again.” I slap the inside of her thigh for taking too long in giving me what I want most. Her pussy.

Even at this angle, it’s not enough.

“Lean back, against the edge of the tub.” The jacuzzi tub behind her has a wide enough ledge that she can sit. I push her down until she’s sitting and then I spread her thighs so I can get to her sweetness.

“Fuck, you’re wet.” I grin up at her. “Your pussy juice is all over your lips.” My words make her cheeks get redder. How can a woman this delicious be so easy to make blush?

The moment my tongue touches her clit, she hisses. But it’s not enough. I want her to scream. Slipping two fingers into her cunt, I curl my fingers and twist until her body pulls tight as a violin string. Now I can pluck away.

I ease my fingers in and out slowly while I lavish her clit with my tongue, lapping up all of her sweet cream. I bite down softly on the swollen bundle of nerves, thrusting my fingers in harder.

“Luka.” Her thighs tighten on either side of my head, but I’m not done with her yet.

“Do not come without permission, Pchelka. If you do, you won’t sit for a month.” It’s extreme, but I’m not kidding. I want her submission, and I will fucking have it.

“All right. All right.” She nods and pushes her hips toward me. I grin.

“You like when I lick your pussy, don’t you, Pchelka?” I say against her clit, then scrape my teeth over it.

She moans, but it’s not enough.

“Tell me, Pchelka. Tell me you like when I eat your pussy.” I look up the length of her torso at her.

Another groan.

“Tell me or you won’t come tonight.” It’s a promise I will keep if she disobeys me now. Her frustration at holding her release will definitely make me want to plow into her cunt again tonight, and she’ll learn her lesson when she still can’t come.

“I…” She groans, arching her hips more and trying to seek out the warmth and pleasure of my tongue. “I like it when you… when you… when you lick my pussy.” The last bit is hurried, and then a large whoosh of air escapes her lips. I’m proud of her, though. So proud.

“Good girl,” I groan and sink my teeth into her clit again, eliciting the sweetness of her hiss.

Her thighs tighten so much they start to shake when she raises up to her tip toes. I twist my fingers, plowing harder and faster into her tight heat while my tongue flicks over her clit.

“Do you want to come?” I ask, keeping my fingers going.

“I do.”

“Then ask.” I want to chuckle at the incredulous look in her eyes when I give the command, but I keep myself in check.

“Luka, let me come, please.”

“No.” I shake my head, then dive back into her sweet folds, running my tongue up and down until she groans again.

“Luka, please, may I come?” she tries again.

“No.” I slip a third finger into her cunt, and she smacks the side of the tub with the heel of her hand.

“Please, Luka. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your calls or your texts. I’m sorry.” Ah, now she’s catching on.

“Good girl.”

“Please.” She huffs. Her breathing becomes labored, and her pussy clenches around my fingers. She’s so close. If I deny her, she might not be able to hold back, even if she wants to.

“Please, Luka. Can I come, please?” Her voice is strained. She’s closer than I thought.

I look up at her while flicking the tip of my tongue over her clit. “Yes, Pchelka. Come for me. I want to taste you, all of you.”

I twist my fingers again, bending them until I find the exact spot that sends her off into orbit. In one thrust of my fingers, she’s screaming her release. Her thighs shake, tighten around me.

“Luka! Fuck! Luka!” She’s nearing the breaking point, but I’m not done. I want every bit of her honey.

Only when her pussy stops contracting around my fingers do I let up and pull back from her clit. Her lids are heavy when she looks down at me. Poor girl has had a stressful afternoon, and now I’ve completely exhausted her.

I’m not at all sorry.

“Stay here, Pchelka.” I kiss the inside of her thigh as I drag my fingers from her pussy and get to my feet. Quickly, I find a towel and wet it. Her hair is mostly dry by now, but her feet have little wrinkles in the skin from the soaked sock she was wearing. Once I have her cleaned up, I scoop her into my arms and carry her to the bed in the other room.

“What about the warm bath?” she asks, right before letting a big yawn out.

“You need sleep. Once you’re rested, I’ll make you a bath,” I promise her while I work the thick quilt out from beneath her and then cover her naked body with it.

“I can’t just take a nap; I have things to do.” She tries to get up, but I push her back down by her shoulder.

“If you get out of this bed you won’t like what happens,” I tell her, and for a moment she looks tempted. My girl will definitely be keeping me on my toes.

“Fine. A little nap,” she agrees and snuggles herself beneath the covers. “A short one. One hour, Luka. Not a minute more.” She points a finger at me.

I kiss the tip of it. “Put that finger away before I make you use it in ways that will make your cheeks turn red for me.”

She squishes her face up and throws her hand beneath the covers.

“One hour,” I promise.

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