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Ravaged: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview


Sitting in Taraik’s lap, I nervously fiddled with my thumbs. I listened to what Xandaar was saying and his stories reminded me of how Neil treated me. I tried to keep my memories from creeping in, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. Taraik must have felt the tension in my muscles, because his hand crept up and snaked around my throat. He squeezed softly, just enough to remind me that he was in charge. He was so good at sensing my mood that it continued to astonish me, each and every time.

“When is this creep arriving then?” I asked, trying to keep my mood light.

“In a few more hours,” Roan answered, and I couldn’t keep myself from shivering. I wondered what he would be like, if I could even catch a glimpse of the alien that made even my four captors nervous. I found myself a little curious. My wanderlust was rising within me once again.

In a few hours, I would be alone in this tent. Unsupervised for the first time in weeks. The perfect opportunity to escape, but did I even want that? Could I even envision a life with these four alien men? Vakarrans at that? I felt unsteady. Like I was losing control.

I felt myself begin to panic. Memories of Kaze reared up once again and I stopped breathing entirely. I tried to push them away, but I struggled.

Taraik’s other hand drifted on top of my left breast, taking my nipple and pinching it tight. I squirmed.

“Little dove, I can feel your restlessness. Come. I think it’s time for a reminder of what will come should you disobey us,” he whispered. He picked up my brush and took my hand, leading me over to the bed. The way he held my brush made me nervous and I was suddenly very aware of the flat side of it. Would he punish me with that?

I knew better than to fight. The few times I had, my thighs had paid the price. When I behaved and submitted to Taraik, he was usually more forgiving. The look on his face was very serious right now though and as a result, my stomach rolled anxiously.

He sat down and pulled me toward him, placing the brush close within his reach. I was still standing, and he pulled me in between his thighs.

“Danika, I think it’s time for you to truly experience what will happen when you misbehave. I know what you’re thinking. You want to see this Nix. That you’ll be alone. That you might be able to escape. Tell me, am I right?” His eyes bored into mine and I squirmed as his palm brushed lightly over my ass. I took too long to answer, and he swatted me harshly.

“Yes, sir,” I mumbled.

“Thinking such things is very naughty, little dove,” he replied, and my ass clenched nervously. I knew he was right. It’s like he read my mind and I felt guilty for even thinking it.

“I’m going to spank you, then I’m going to paddle you. Then you’re going to get on your knees and apologize to me. You’re going to make it up to me,” he said rather firmly.

“Paddle?” I repeated breathlessly, and he nodded.

“With your brush,” he replied. I stared at it for a long moment, realizing that the thick wooden back would probably hurt. Biting my lip, I tried to backpedal and get out of whatever he was planning.

“Please. I’ll obey and stay here,” I begged, hoping my words would make him decide not to use it, but he ignored my pleas. Instead, he gently guided me over his knees, using his leg to lock me into position. His palm rubbed up and down my thighs, and my ass tightened anxiously.

“Danika, this punishment is a warning. You are not even to think about leaving this tent without my permission, is that clear?” he scolded, and I melted.

“Yes, sir,” I whined nervously. The other three were silent, letting Taraik handle me instead. I knew they were watching though, which made me feel even more guilty. The four of them had taken me as theirs, had given me nothing but pleasure and kindness and here I was thinking of escaping at the first possible moment. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. My body grew warm and even then, my curiosity reared its head once again.

What would it be like? Would I crave the brush just as I had begun to crave his palm? His skin drifted up and down mine, almost as if he was preparing me for the worst.

He raised his palm and cuffed my right cheek gently, then the left. He gradually increased his tempo bit by bit, striking my ass harder each time. Within minutes, I was squirming and muttering apologies, realizing that he’d never been quite so serious before. His strike was relentless, covering my ass from top to bottom and this time, even though I hadn’t fought him, my thighs were included.

In no time at all I was whimpering from the stinging pain, fighting against the desire that was inevitably rising up within me and still, he continued.

I couldn’t escape the blows, each smack ultimately finding its target with surprising accuracy, no matter how much I tried to wriggle away.

“Taraik, please don’t!” I begged, but he continued.

Finally, when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he paused, inspecting his work. His fingers drifted up and down my cheeks and I panted at the effort not to moan. I knew I was wet and I felt flushed, my clit throbbing in anticipation of his touch. I hoped he would touch me after he punished me, but his demeanor was leaving me unsure. I felt unsteady and completely under his power. He’d do what he wanted to do with me and I knew I wouldn’t have much of a choice.

I felt his cock stiff against my stomach and I leaned back against him. He reached for the brush and I stilled, my heart pounding in my throat. One of his hands squeezed my punished flesh and I whimpered at the ache that pulsed deep in my core.

“Little dove, I want you to remember that the four of us will protect you always. I want you to remember that, with each and every stroke of the brush. Can you do that?” Taraik murmured, soft enough for just me to hear. His fingers trailed up and down my spine, causing gooseflesh to rise all over my skin. “I want you to remember that I’m here to take away the darkness, whenever you need me to. That all of us are,” he added, more loudly this time and the others muttered their agreement.

I pushed up then and he allowed me to rise. I stared at him. I wanted to tell him everything then. I wanted to be able to give myself over completely, to be really his. It was on the tip of my tongue, but I still couldn’t say it. I wasn’t strong enough. Instead, he brushed my hair out of my face and I threw my arms around him.

I couldn’t say that I was thankful for the four of them. That everything I’d heard about the Vakarrans was wrong. That the four of them were making me believe in the concept of love again. That the four of them were opening my heart. That I needed them like the air I breathed, like the water I drank. Not just one. All of them.

My eyes dropped to the brush and I was no longer afraid.

Taraik’s arms wrapped around me and he kissed my neck, before his breath brushed against my ear.

“Trust me, little dove. I’m going to give you exactly what you need,” he whispered, and, in that moment, I did. I did trust him, and I wanted to make him proud.

When I was ready, I laid back over his lap, lifting my ass a little higher, ready to receive what he knew I needed. He lifted the implement from the bed and softly patted my skin with it. The wood felt cool, smooth, imposing and I couldn’t help but twitch with anticipation. My nerves subdued, I took a deep breath and he lifted the brush, smacking my ass harder this time.

The overwhelming sting took my breath away. He did it again and my focus was completely on him and the brush he held in his hand. His arm wrapped around my hip, his embrace holding me steady as he increased his pace. Soon, the only thing I could think about was the painful ache spreading across my ass, the sharp sting each time the brush smacked against my cheeks and how despite all this, my pussy was still growing wetter with each passing second.

My backside felt like it was on fire. Each strike was another match to the flames and even though I desperately wanted to avoid it, I knew it was what I needed then. Each smack intensified, harder than the last and I felt tears begin to struggle to break free.

He lifted my hips up and paddled the lower curves of my ass and thighs and I cried out, squeezing my eyes shut. I didn’t want to cry. I can’t even remember the last time I had, but Taraik’s punishment was quickly undoing me. Each slap of the brush against my skin pushed me closer and closer to the brink until at long last, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I began to cry. The moment I did, Taraik threw the brush aside and gathered me up in his arms. I sobbed, my ass throbbing and it was as though the entire world had come down on me. I cried because my ass hurt, but even I knew that wasn’t the real reason. Even now, the sting was already fading. Instead, I sobbed at the loss of my life in the camp, at the fact that I’d been forced to live in fear of alien invaders for so long. I grieved the loss of Kaze, at the realization that no matter what, he was well and truly gone from my life. I cried over the cruelty I had experienced under Neil’s imprisonment, at the times they’d hurt me and shattered me into a thousand little pieces. I broke and cried for the first time in what was a very long time. I let go completely.

Taraik’s fingers petted my hair. Roan, Zac, and Xandaar had joined us, their touch soothing on my skin. They let me cry and grieve my loss. They allowed me to let go. I must have cried for well over an hour, but they never left my side. They were there for me through it all—ugly tears, a running nose, and an increasingly sore throat. Xandaar offered me a cloth and gently wiped away my tears.

I lifted my eyes to meet Taraik’s and it was in that moment that I realized that this wasn’t really about punishment. He hadn’t used the brush in an effort to actually warn me about my disobedience. He hadn’t wanted to really hurt me. He had done it in order to allow me to finally give in and allow myself to cry, to free me from myself and allow me to begin to move on from whatever had destroyed me so completely. I just stared at him, astonished.

In that moment, I realized he had succeeded. My head was clear and even though I was still thinking about Kaze and my painful memories of Neil’s cruelty, it wasn’t as crushing as before. It was still painful, but not overwhelmingly so. He had given me that freedom.

I told him everything. From Kaze’s murder to the brutal things that Neil and his men has done to me, time and time again. I just spoke, and they listened.

My guilt was gone. He’d allowed me to let go.

“You’re forgiven, little dove. Whatever happens, I want you to know that you will always be forgiven. It was never your fault,” Taraik whispered softly.

I couldn’t speak. I could only feel.

Leaning forward, I pressed my lips to his, kissing him tentatively at first, then more boldly as he reciprocated my efforts. His kiss turned rougher, his lips demanding, bruising even, but I didn’t care. I felt raw. Reborn and I still needed him. I needed him to show me that it was all okay. That even amidst the pain in the world, that there was still pleasure.

But then, I realized that all four of them aimed to show me the same thing. Fingers toyed with my nipples, with my pussy, with my overly sensitized skin. My thighs were slick with arousal, my body reacting fervently to Taraik’s guidance and he just sat back and let me worship him. Desperately, I pawed at his clothes, trying to reach his skin. My fingers shook and eventually, he chuckled softly before he helped me.

Slowly, his removed his black shirt. My fingertips drifted across his sculpted chest and I leaned down to kiss him. Trailing down his stomach, I impatiently pulled at his waistband, which he quickly unbuttoned and then unzipped for me. Had I been less desperate, I might had taken a moment to admire his strong, corded biceps, the hard muscles of his chest, but I just wanted his cock. And I was demanding he give it to me.

I don’t quite know why, but I slipped off his lap to my knees. I wanted to please him, to thank him for the freedom he had given my mind. Licking my lips, I waited as his freed his cock, watching as the bulbous head sprang free, the veins on either side pumping with his desire.

He kept it his normal size, which was still pretty big, and I leaned forward, my fingers touching it tentatively. Biting my lip, I stroked his velvety softness and slowly wrapped my hand around him. He groaned, just under his breath. The sound made me grow bolder and I yearned then to take him in my mouth.

Edging forward, I dragged my tongue up his shaft, up around the head of his cock. With each passing moment, I felt braver, and then my lips surrounded the head, my tongue laving around it. I felt him throb on my tongue and I moved closer, holding his dick steady with my hands.

I worshipped him with my mouth, using my hands and my tongue to bring him pleasure. He allowed me to take charge, just this once and I adored him for it. I loved the taste of him, berry sweetness that I couldn’t get enough of and I took him deeper in my throat than ever. His own fingers wove into my hair, tightening at the base of my scalp before he pulled gently.

Slowly, the pressure increased, and I knew what he wanted. He needed to take back control. What surprised me the most is that I wanted to let him.

His hips surged forward, pushing his cock deeper into my throat and I choked a little at first. He stilled, allowing me to acclimate, but it was more than clear that he was now in control.

He fucked my throat and I moaned around him, swirling my tongue up and down his length. I pleasured him and loved every second of it. My hands against his thighs, I could feel him tremble slightly and I knew he was going to come.

He didn’t pull out of my mouth in order to paint my body; instead, he fucked my throat roughly. He was going to come, and it was then I realized I wanted it. In my mouth. I wanted to taste him, all of him. I suckled harder, my lips surrounding his cock; he groaned under his breath and I felt his dick pulse against my tongue before his hot seed spurted into the back of my throat.

It was even more delicious than I remembered. I sucked him hard, desperately. It felt wonderful, in the most wicked kind of way. I made sure to lick him completely clean, craving every last drop of his decadent seed.

When he was finally done, I pulled back, licking my lips for any cum I had missed. He dragged me up off the floor and kissed me hard, bruising, claiming me with his mouth. Pushing me back onto the bed, he used his knee to spread my legs.

“Open for me, little dove. Open that cunt for your master,” he murmured, and I obeyed. I wanted it so much. I could feel his cock nudging my entrance and I hiked my hips upward, just enough for him to slam inside me. I cried out at the sudden sensation, before I felt his weight over top of me, controlling me, taking me for his own.

He fucked me so hard and I cried out with pain, pleasure and begged for more. He made me come alive beneath him, my desire soared, and I shattered beneath him.

He kissed me, and I kissed him back. My orgasms came and went, a steady ebb and flow that never seemed to cease. His hips rocked against mine, slamming against my clit and I timidly reached to touch it. Instead, he knocked my hand out of the way and rubbed the pulsing bud with his thumb.

I moaned, and his tongue danced with mine, swallowing my sounds of pleasure as he fucked me.

“You are mine,” he growled.

“Yes,” I begged.

He pinched my clit and I came apart beneath him. My pleasure blazed, my body spiraling out of control. My release was powerful, and I screamed with it. He lifted me off the bed as my pussy clenched around his cock and I felt Roan kiss the back of my shoulder. Zac and Xandaar watched close by. I couldn’t help but notice their dicks in their hands. I whined, wanting them to fuck me too.

Instead, I felt Roan grip the cheeks of my punished ass and I whimpered softly. His thumb drifted over top of my asshole and I shivered, unsure of what was about to happen. Something wet and slippery was spread over it, and I jumped, but with Taraik’s dick still deep inside me and my legs wound around his waist, there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Roan began pressing against my tight rim with one finger. I fought the foreign intrusion as much as I could, but soon, he breached my channel. It felt uncomfortable and the stretching sensation burned just a little. He began to work his digit in and out of me and Taraik chuckled as he held me.

“I feel your cunt tighten around my cock every time he enters you,” he told me, and I could feel myself flush with shame.

“Even now, I can feel you getting wetter as he touches you, little dove,” he murmured, and I whined in embarrassment. He said it loud enough so that Roan could hear.

Roan chuckled and added a second finger to my asshole.

With my legs spread, I couldn’t fight the intrusion and clenched against it. Instead, I was forced to take his fingers in my ass, and much to my horror, I began to enjoy it. It felt so wicked, such a forbidden way to find pleasure, yet I liked it.

Almost lazily, Taraik pulled his cock in and out of me, torturing me as Roan played with my asshole. Soon, I was desperate for orgasm once again, the friction of his thick length dragging in and out of my entrance, driving me wild with need. By then, Roan had worked a third finger inside me and I was breathless with want.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, bad girl,” Roan murmured, his voice low and commanding and my entire body heated at his words. It was so dirty, so filthy but I wanted to know more.

Finally, he pulled his digits free from me and I heard the telltale sound of his zipper. Before long, the hot wetness of his cock was pressed against my asshole, and Taraik had dropped his grip on my waist to cup my backside, spreading my cheeks wider in order to help Roan claim my ass for the very first time.

I cried out as the head of his cock stretched me, the burning sensation stronger than ever and slowly, he pushed inside me. The feeling of a cock in my ass was foreign, so wrong, but so right. Even as I resisted the reluctant desire rapidly consuming me, I knew it was a lost cause. I knew without a doubt, these two men were going to fuck my ass and my pussy at the same time and I was going to come because of it.

Roan entered me, slowly but surely until I felt his balls press up against my bottom cheeks. Taraik pushed all the way in at the same time, so that I was extremely full. Two cocks at once. I should be ashamed, but I was only ridiculously aroused.


Then their dicks began to grow inside me. Cocks already big enough to fill me entirely, now growing longer and wider, stretching me further than I’d ever been before. I bit my lip, trying to hold back a moan of pain, of pleasure. I was no longer sure what I was feeling, all I knew was that I was getting hotter and hotter. That my pussy was getting wetter and clenching around Taraik’s length more desperately than ever.

And then they started to move.

Taraik would push in while Roan would pull out. My blood boiled beneath my skin, my passionate desire growing with each passing second. My core pulsed with need and when they began to increase their speed, I was soon lost within their embrace.

Our bodies danced together, and I ceased to know anything more than the pleasure cascading through my body. Roan and Taraik fucked me hard and before I knew it, I was floating with ecstasy. My body climbed higher and higher and I cried out for more.

Zac and Xandaar joined us, one on either side and just watching them was all I could do not to lose myself completely upon seeing them fist their cocks beside me. I begged, I pleaded, and at last, my orgasm exploded over me.

I moaned for them, I cried for them and white-hot pleasure sliced through my core. I felt their dicks pulse inside me and their thighs tremble beneath me. I arched my back and kissed Roan. He groaned into my mouth and my body convulsed with pleasure.

Soon, I felt their hot seed spurt inside me, deep in my ass and my pussy at the same time. I came again and then, I felt Zac’s and Xandaar’s alien cum pelt my stomach and I moaned with pleasure. I pulled them in each for a kiss as my pleasure gradually faded away.

I sighed, feeling completely and utterly free for the first time in a very long time.

Gently Roan guided his cock from my ass and Taraik did the same, pulling his dick free from my pussy. I whined at their loss and the two of them chuckled softly at my reaction. My greedy pussy clenched around empty air, but I was completely and utterly exhausted.

Drenched in sweat, my own arousal, and purple alien cum, I groaned softly as my men tucked me into bed, surrounding me with their body heat.

I fell asleep, entwined in the arms of my four Vakarrans. Today, everything was perfect and the blackness within my mind had receded, hopefully for a good long while. Instead, what was left was wonderful memories, of being over Taraik’s knees and spanked with my very own hairbrush, fed cheese and fruit by the four of them, and shared between them. I couldn’t have asked for anything more that day. I promised myself that I would always remember what they did for me. My Vakarrans were good men and they were mine.

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