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Ravenous Predator: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The look on his face carnal, he ripped his shirt over his head, not caring where he dropped it. As he advanced like a predator, his chest heaving, I’d never felt so wanted in my life. He crawled his fingers down both my sides, snagging the hem of my dress in his fingers and gently pulling it over my head. Then he took a step back, shaking his head beseechingly slowly as he growled under his breath.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Suzette,” he commanded.


“You’re lying. I don’t like it when you lie to me.”

“Then what am I thinking? You act like you know everything about me,” I whispered, unable to get the red eyes or the huge wolf out of my mind. Why? That also didn’t make any sense. Because I’d seen them in my dreams a long time ago, just like the one who’d been outside my window. I’d just realized that. That was bizarre and impossible.

He laughed as he continued to advance, a strange smile curling across his face. “The darkness you see in your mind, the creatures that consumed your nightmares when you were a child. They do exist.”

“How? What do you mean?”

“You know the answer just like you know why we can’t seem to get enough of each other.”

“That’s crazy.”

“Is it?” he breathed, pushing me even harder.

“There was this creature outside my window. He had red eyes. I know that sounds crazy, but he was there. I think it followed me back to my apartment.” I said the words absently, although I still couldn’t believe what I’d seen. Although at this point, I had to admit anything was possible after the past few months I’d had.

“You’re not crazy, Suzette. It was real.”

As he gazed down from my lacy bra to my thong, then to my bare feet, there was no doubt the man was going to devour me.

“Not possible,” I repeated.

“Are you so certain?”

“Why are you pushing me so hard? What aren’t you telling me?” I knew my demands wouldn’t mean anything, at least not right now.

“Just dance for me, my sweet Suzette. Dance and free your mind. Every truth you need will be provided at the right time.”

The right time. I’d been living on borrowed time for far too long. The attraction between us spiked, my legs trembling.

His voice was so commanding, freeing my mind as well as my inhibitions. I hated him. I wanted him.

I couldn’t stand the thought of not being with him.

Wolves do exist…

Even though I did everything I could to shove aside the strange thoughts, they boiled deep within, my mind churning from the possibility.

I ran my fingers through my curls before tossing my head from side to side, enjoying the freedom of feeling seductive. My rational mind still wanted to hate him, shoving him away, but the draw to him was too irresistible. I twirled for a few seconds, concentrating on my breathing. My pulse was far too fast, my heartbeat hammering against my chest. Lightheaded, I closed my eyes, hearing music in my head just like I’d done before.

I could hear his heavy breathing as I continued moving, swaying my hips back and forth. As I reached behind my back, I dropped my head again, enjoying the freedom of feeling more alive than I had in years. After releasing the clasp, I eased first one strap then the other down my arms, winking then giving him a seductive smile.

“Don’t tease the beast,” he murmured as he finished undressing.

For a few seconds, I allowed myself to be mesmerized by his masculinity, his long, muscular legs and perfect twelve-pack abs things of beauty. Then I slipped my fingers under the thin elastic of my panties, swishing my hips as I pushed the soft material down to my thighs. When I bent over, dragging my thong to the floor, I was rewarded with several deep and husky growls.

The man was insatiable, his hunger knowing no bounds. Seconds after I kicked them away, he took two long strides in my direction, wrapping his fingers around my hips and jerking me against the heat of his body. There was nothing like the feel of his throbbing cock pressed against my tender bottom. He rubbed his groin back and forth, nuzzling into my neck then nipping my earlobe.

The sensuality brought a series of vibrations skittering throughout my body, every cell on fire as my heart raced from his touch. He had an incredible ability to destroy every thick piece of armor I’d used to protect myself, peeling away the layers as if the onion was soft and juicy. The scent of our combined desires was stronger than before, the fragrance wafting into my nostrils and keeping my head in the clouds.

How could any man have such a strong effect just by touching? There were too many questions, but I wasn’t certain I wanted to know the answers. Would that break the spell? Would I be cast aside, replaced by another? Or would those answers be too horrible to handle?


Red eyes.


I couldn’t get the words out of my mind or the thought of just how much danger I could be in.

As he brushed his rough fingers down my outer thighs, I leaned back against him, still struggling with the myriad emotions that threatened to shut me down. I was so wet and hot, pussy juice trickling down both legs. Reaching back, I gripped his massive thighs, digging my nails into his skin. He continued nipping my skin, then taking his time to lick all the way down the length of my neck.

He shifted to the other side, dragging my hair away then darting his tongue inside the shell of my ear. I ground my hips back and forth, opening my legs even wider in a blatant invitation. I wanted his cock buried inside my tight channel. I needed to feel his muscles pulsing and his hot breath skipping across every inch of my skin.

And I craved being filled with his seed.

The thought riveting, I teased him even more, purring until I could tell my soft murmurs drove him crazy, his guttural sounds increasing.

Marcel spun me around, gripping both sides of my face, his gaze more intense than ever. His pupils were dilated, golden flecks sparkling in the deep blue color. I was lost in the moment, my resolve shattered as I surrendered to him.

“I could eat you alive,” he whispered gruffly.

“Then do it.”

“Don’t tempt me. You don’t know what you’re asking for.”

“Yes, I do.”

A sly smile crossed his face as he lowered his head, taking my lower lip into his mouth and sucking. The quiet moment of intimacy was brief, his husky growls returning within seconds. He fisted my hair, twisting his fingers in my long locks then yanked me down into a deep arc.

“Oh!” The moan loud, I laughed afterward as I struggled to keep my balance, although I knew the brutal man would never let me fall. He rolled his lips down from my neck to my chest, flicking his tongue back and forth across my already taut nipple. I closed my eyes, dozens of insane images sweeping through my mind, preventing me from being able to focus.

They made no sense.

A dark forest.

A flash of blue moonlight across a shimmering lake.

A rush of underbrush.

Then his face.

Not human, not even close.

A wolf.

And he was coming for me.

Gasping when he bit down on my hardened bud, I couldn’t stop shaking. I was pulled into a moment of utter bliss, incapable of understanding what was happening. I was certain he’d placed me in a trance, capturing both my mind and my soul at the same time. There was no light or sound, just the two of us fulfilling our carnal needs.

Every sound he made was animalistic, his actions becoming more savage by the second. He raked his teeth across my nipple before moving to my other breast. When he pinched my aching bud, sending a flash of pain down the back of my legs, there was no way to hold back several scattered whimpers. The combination of pain and pleasure was the perfect aphrodisiac.

“I’m going to fuck you long and hard,” he whispered before plucking my nipple several times. Then he took the tender flesh into his mouth, sucking and biting until I wasn’t certain I could take the ecstasy any longer.

“Fuck me. Just fuck me,” I huffed, shocked at my brazen behavior. I’d never been this forward, my needs outweighing any sense of common decency. I didn’t care. I could fuck him in the mud like rutting animals. The thought was ridiculous, filthy.

And exciting as hell.

“Patience, my sweet girl,” he said, half laughing. He pulled me into a full standing position, raking his hands all the way down my back, cupping and kneading my buttocks.

I wrapped one leg around his, licking under his chin then moving from one side of his jaw to the other.


The sound was jolting, almost exactly the same as I’d heard on that dark, lonely night. Shuddering, I rolled my knuckles down his chest, wrapping my fingers around the base of his cock. As I stroked him up and down, several guttural sounds rushed up from the base of his being. “Who are you?” I repeated, still uncertain I wanted to know the answer.

“Someone who owns you.”

The statement should send me running away from him, never looking back, but just hearing the words was far too delicious, seducing me even more.

He picked me up as he’d done before, pulling away so he could look into my eyes. As he walked toward the bed, I could tell there were dozens of things he wanted to say, but at this moment there were no words needed. This wasn’t about romance. This wasn’t about building a relationship.

This was about filling our carnal needs, hungers that refused to be satisfied. Somehow, I knew they never would, only increasing with time and that scared the hell out of me. He eased me onto the center of the bed, gently kissing my lips then dragging the tip of his tongue all the way around the edge of my mouth before pulling away.

Whimpering, I reached for him, but he was determined to stare down at his prize, his possession. I rolled back and forth, brushing the backs of my fingers down my cheeks to my neck, teasing him relentlessly.

He shook his head as he lowered his hand to his shaft, rolling his thumb up and down the underside. “Be very careful.”

“I’m always careful.”

His laugh was deep and riddled with lust, his eyes no longer recognizable.

I continued taunting him, moving my fingers to my breasts, circling my nipples several times. When I pinched both between my thumbs and forefingers, I closed my eyes, arching my back. I could easily tell what I was doing to him.

Unleashing his beast.

The thought was another riveting moment, adding to the sheer excitement of the unexpected. He was rough and powerful, refusing to take no for an answer.

And he wanted me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he pulled and twisted his cock, the look on his face more primal than before. When he eased his hand between his legs, squeezing his swollen balls, I licked around my mouth several times, hungering to suck him dry. With another purr, I lowered my hands, encircling my belly button then sliding my fingers between my legs. As I swirled my index finger around my clit, I sensed he was losing patience, ready to consume every inch of me as promised.

“Such a bad girl.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” I huffed, opening my legs wide, bending them at the knee before rubbing my pussy, forcing my feminine scent to float between us.

His breathing continued to be labored, his chest heaving as he watched me pleasuring myself. Then he advanced, crawling onto the bed and yanking first one then the other arm over my head.

“Only I am allowed to give you pleasure. If you try again, you will be punished.”

I was no longer startled by his dirty words or the meaning, although I knew he was serious. I was far too hungry to give a shit about anything else.

He hovered over me, taking his time gazing up and down before lowering his torso. “Another man will never touch you again. Do you understand?”

His words were no longer about passion. He was serious. “I…”

“If they do, I will kill them.”

He wasted no time, pressing the tip of his cock against my swollen folds then planting his hands beside me.

“Tell me you understand,” he commanded.

I bit my lower lip, powerless to ignore him, but I knew this was a turning moment. “Okay.”

“Tell me.”

What the hell did he want from me? A promise? Swallowing hard, the words tumbled from my mouth before I could stop them. “Yes, sir.”

“Mmm… Good girl. From this day forward, you become mine and you will learn to obey me.” He thrust the entire length of his cock inside, the force slamming me into the comforter. I was shocked at his power, the way my muscles stretched to accommodate his huge girth.

“Oh. Oh!”

A moment of true rapture swept through me like a tidal wave, pushing my limits even more. When I lowered one of my arms, he growled, reminding me once again that I was required to obey his every command.

The entire situation was a blur but as he started fucking me, pumping long and hard, every rational thought rushed from my mind. I curled both legs around him, keeping my eyes locked on his.

His muscles were tense, his face contorted and after every breath he growled like a primal beast. As he stretched me even more, my pussy clenched and released several times. I knew within seconds he was going to push me into a raging orgasm. Unable to resist, I let go even more, closing my eyes and tossing my head back and forth.

He slammed into my tight channel, the headboard smacking against the wall in a constant rhythm. I couldn’t help but laugh, wondering if there was anyone in another room who could hear us. As the electricity surged, I continued freefalling into a divine state, floating above myself as the pleasure continued to build.

“I’m going to… come.”

“Not yet,” he insisted. “Not until I allow you to.”

Who was he kidding? There was no way I could hold back. None.

But I did, as if something deep inside of me longed to obey him.

The look on his face was even more possessive, keeping me from daring to disrespect him. While the thought sounded ridiculous in my mind, I held back, taking several shallow breaths as he rode me hard, the pleasure building as much as the flames licking at my skin.

He lowered his head until his lips were less than an inch away from mine, bucking his hips as he thrust savagely. When a mischievous smile crossed his face, I jerked up from the bed again, able to capture his mouth. For a few seconds, we were as one, the intimate moment a gentle reminder of our dazzling connection.

When he pulled all the way out, moving away from me, I was surprised at the strangled moan I issued. Was he leaving? Teasing me as I’d taunted him? His expression was one of intensity as he yanked me toward the edge of the bed, flipping me over until I was forced onto all fours. As he brushed his fingers down my spine, I took several deep breaths.

His actions were tender at first, returning his cockhead to my tight channel, pulsing inside several times. Then the savage man inside him took over again, Marcel thrusting brutally. I was pushed against the comforter, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing in my ears. As before, I was pushed close to an orgasm, doing everything I could to control my needs, but it was becoming impossible. He pounded relentlessly, pushing my limits.

“Come for me, Suzette. Show me how excited you are.” His dark words were husky, tingling every one of my senses. Panting, I threw back my head, finally letting go, the beautiful climax rushing into me like a freight train.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” I clenched my hands around the bedding, bucking hard against him as he continued fucking me. This was wild and free, no limits or expectations. Yet I wanted more. God, I craved being taken like this dozens of times. I laughed at the thought as his animalistic sounds increased in volume, his deep rumbling like sweet music.

“Come again!” he commanded, smacking his hand across my bottom several times. The hint of pain only added to the intensity, my lower lip quivering as several moans escaped.

I’d become no different than the man thrusting into me, several jolts of current powering through me like a bottle rocket. I threw my head back and screamed, rocking forward and backward as his actions fueled the blazing fire.

The moment was crazy, off the charts and as my body continued to shake, lights flashed in front of my eyes just like the visions had before.

Every guttural sound he made, every growl, added to the adrenaline rush. When I knew he was finally close to coming, releasing deep inside, I squeezed my pussy muscles, pulling him in even deeper.

When he threw his head back and roared, another vision slammed into the forefront of my mind.

He was more beast than man.

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