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Reckless: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Jaye Peaches – Extended Preview


I’ve never been undressed so quickly. My dress is almost ripped away from me. My bra snapped apart with efficiency, while my panties are still in my purse. He pulls my head down and commands me to kneel. I obey, as if a switch inside of my head is programmed to respond to his very voice. Only his voice. Nobody else has ever done this to me.

His thick cock is warmly scented with cologne, richly endowed (fucking huge, to be honest), and filling. I struggle at first with its girth, then its length, as he pushes into my mouth and sends the head of his cock deeper into my throat. Am I afraid? No, it seems not. Somehow, though, I’m wired to enjoy this kind of sex. I close my eyes and listen to his exertions, his moans. The next thing I know is that he’s pulling me up and pushing me back toward the bed. I nearly stumble, and he grabs me.

“Careful, Katrina.”

I lie back and he takes my ankles and spreads my heels to the corner posts. My early years as a gymnast help me maintain the splayed posture. He growls appreciatively.

“Stay there.” He disappears into the bathroom and returns with soap and a razor. He kicks off his shoes and kneels between my thighs. “Keep really still. I want this bare and you’re already plump and pulsating.”

I am. I’m electrified and embarrassingly ready to come again. What happened in the car was undignified, unexpected, and amazing, though rough. I should have screamed that safeword, but I didn’t. I had an earth-shattering orgasm instead. It takes all my willpower to stay on this side of my next orgasm. He takes his time, whistling to himself as he removes the last wisps of my pubic hairs. He wipes away the soap and returns the items to the bathroom. By now, my legs are shaking.

I think of Mars, and that red planet, and what the word can do. Stop him in his tracks? Really, would he stop? It doesn’t matter. I don’t want him to. I can’t back out now, however nervous I am. Talk of spanking, punishments, ass fucking is beyond my capability to grasp. It’s dangerous to contemplate doing such things, but tonight I am crazy. A new me is being born and Leon is challenging me to yield her to him, first with my mouth, then what?

Who is this guy? Do I really want to know?

He moves a chair, one with an upright back and no arms, and positions it in the middle of the rug before the dead fireplace.

“You need to be taught a lesson,” he says.

I rock up onto my feet. “What?”

“Here and over my lap. I said I would punish you and you will be spanked.”

I laugh nervously. “That was a joke, right? Just talk. Hot sexy pickup lines. I get it—”

He grabs my elbow and pulls me toward him until his breath is right in my face. I look up at him and swallow hard. He looks fantastically masterful, all dark eyes and pursed lips, as if he’s contemplating wicked things in his head. Can I match those thoughts with ones of my own?

“You should never flirt with strange men in clubs, doll.”

“I didn’t!”

“Fuck you did. Fiddling with your skirt, showing your thighs, flirting with those gorgeous eyes.”

I nearly kick him in the shins. But I can’t. I’m being propelled headlong over his lap. Before I can assimilate which way up I am, he’s sitting and has me bent over his lap. Naturally, I kick out, and he responds with a firm grip around my waist. His cock is heavy and rising into my flat belly, a rocket that wants to explode, and yet, he’s holding off to spank me. Does the man have cold blood running through him?

I twist, trying hard to pivot around so my bottom is protected, and it’s futile. Leon has me pinned down with one of my arms stuck behind my back and his strong thigh over my legs. I hump my hips against his cock, hoping to distract him, and his reply is a mighty slap across my ass.

I howl. “Fuck, Leon, this isn’t fair!”

“I get to decide what we do, remember?”

Tears prick my eyes. “Not so hard, please. I thought this was meant to be fun?”

He squeezes an ass cheek firmly between his fingers. “For me it is, and that’s what matters.”

He smacks my left buttock with the weight of his rigid palm, and I cry out again. The burn is instant. I shriek, stupidly thinking it will stop him, but my outbursts spur him on, and he’s cracking my ass with one slap after another, back and forth. I can barely catch my breath.

I attempt another escape, and this also ends badly for me. My resistance hardens his resolve, and he smacks my upper thighs as well as my bottom. The soreness intensifies, toasting each taut globe into a hot furnace. I still am unable to do anything but absorb each smack and hope it’s the last.

My submission to this unjustified punishment is oddly satisfying. I give up fighting, and he lets go of my pinioned arm. I drop it and rest my palm on the floor. The weight of his leg eases, too, and I’m permitted to move. Abruptly, he parts my thighs, and slips a finger between them.

He slides along my slit and pokes my opening. “Mmm. Such a wet cunt.”

I groan, and for a second, I feel like I might come. It’s an odd desire in the midst of discomfort. The heat in my ass is growing, not diminishing, and the burn is spreading to all parts of my body. He’s ignited me with hot desire.

“Spread your legs,” he says sternly.

I obey and anchor my feet a good yard apart.

“Excellent. Head up and hold position. I don’t want any more fidgeting or movement, you’ll take your punishment.”

I jerk. “You’re not finished?”

“Doll, this is just the warmup. I want your ass crimson and burning for my cock.”

His cock stirs and jabs me in the stomach.

“It is already,” I remind him, looking over my shoulder.

Leon is glowing, like a warm fire. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes bright. But his lips are not smiling, nor is there any hint of gentleness in his expression. Why this should excite me, I don’t know. I feel utterly under his spell, and incapable of denying him anything. Pain suddenly seems necessary and a release. I’ve been tense all evening, and now I don’t actually care anymore that I’m naked with a stranger who has this power over me. I face forward and squeeze my eyes shut.

“Whatever,” I say with as much carelessness as possible. “Just get on with it.”

“Oh, doll, don’t ask for what you don’t know.”

I didn’t know a thing about spanking until this evening. After maybe two or three dozen more hard smacks, I do know. It’s bizarre. Pain blurs into something else, and I cease to notice the sting. What I feel is wonderfully floaty. The drum of his hand on my ass cheeks maintains a rhythm. I gasp each time, then dig my fingernails into the rug. Leon talks, and what he says is hotter than my ass.

“Girls who flirt get fucked hard.” He smacks across both cheeks.

I’m speechless. Words, protests, denials—they all fail me.

“You came into my club with a bad attitude, doll.”

I shake my head.

“Yes. You. Did.” He punctuates with smacks. “If you argue with me, your ass gets punished.”

I snap my knees together.

“No. Legs apart. Cunt visible, now, Katrina,” he commands, and I obey, dragging my toes along the threads of the carpet.

He’s taking an interest in other parts of my body. He runs his finger along my spine and into the furrow of my ass. I shiver, goosebumps rising in the wake of the trail, and I mutter a pathetic, “God, no, not there.”

His other hand reaches beneath my belly and cups a breast. Slowly, he kneads it with his palm. My eyes spring open and I nearly fall off his lap. The pinch of his finger and thumb on my nipple is sweet torture. I hold my breath as he draws my poor breast downward. At the same time, he spanks with his other hand.

“Good. Impressive, actually,” he murmurs. “I might fist your ass before the night is out.”

I whimper and turn to face him. My lips tremble, and I offer him my best look of pity.

He chuckles. “Maybe not. Unless you want me to. Do you want my fist in your asshole?”

I shake my head vigorously. “No… thank you… sir.”

“What about my cock?”

I feel it twitch beneath me, a solid pole, thick steel-like flesh, velvet lined and demanding. I could find pleasure in that somehow, I know I could, but he’s punishing me for being too keen.

“No, please, sir. I’m too small,” I whisper meekly.

“Not so flirty now, are you. I will claim it anyway. You will oblige me.”

I’m lowered onto my knees by him, and there I clutch my hot ass, breathing heavily, yearning for an ice-cold bath and a moment of privacy. I won’t get it, I know that. He stands over me for a few seconds, then removes the chair.

“When you’re ready, you may move back onto the bed with your legs apart ready for fucking. Do you understand why I punished you?” He taps my head.

“Yes. I led you on, and now you want me so much I have to do exactly what you ask or else you’ll punish me again.” I glance up, and Leon is smiling down at me.

“I think you get it, doll. We are really connecting, don’t you think?”

I open my mouth and shut it. He’s right. The spanking, far from making me run out the door, which I know I can unlock, is keeping me here. I didn’t enjoy the pain. Who would? What I sensed though was the satisfaction of being good for him, of pleasing him with my compliance. There is more to come of this dominance, and I guess I crave it, because I lie back on the bed and spread my legs for him without saying another word.

Standing right in front of me, he strips. Peeling off his shirt, and letting his pants drop. He’s commando, and tattoos cover his torso, his upper thighs, but not his arms. They’re dark, colorless emblems and symbols. When he turns, I see the fisted rifle on his back.

There will be no kisses or caresses, nothing pleasant to prepare me other than that fleeting touch of the razor. He approaches, his erection horizontal and robust. The head shines in the lamplight. He takes the tip and squeezes out a morsel of essence.

This is going to be uncomfortable both for my pussy and throbbing ass. I’ve never taken such a monster inside of me, and he’s not planning on taking his time. He grabs my ankles, brings my legs up and backwards to my shoulders, and lowers his body onto mine. I feel his hot breath and below, he lowers his erection, dragging it across my soft belly, across my newly shaved mound, and into the entrance of my pussy. There he pauses. I sense the steely pressure of his glans on my separated labia, the head of his cock pressing them apart, and my taut muscles try to flex in readiness. I’m totally unprepared for this kind of loveless sex.

Mars. Just one word.

“Katrina. Breathe.”

I inhale. He lunges forward and fills me, pressing into me, taking me inch by inch with a friction that chafes and sears me. I haven’t exhaled. I feel dizzy, hovering on the edge of an abyss, waiting to fall into it. What is happening to me is unnatural. I’m not hating it, I’m not able to do anything but absorb the shock of this uncompromising thrust and there’s not an ounce of breath in my lungs by the time he’s ceased moving.

The muscles of his arms flex and he rests his weight on his elbows, his chest level with my face. My eyes water. I briefly close them and release a silent scream of surprise. His enormous cock is buried deep inside of me, and I have actually taken all of it.

He’s breathing heavily, whispering coarsely. “Fuck, fuck. You are tight, doll.”

I grip his upper arms, mostly to support myself. But he jerks, shakes his head, and slaps one my breasts hard. I gasp at the unexpected stinging rebuke.

“Keep your hands above your head,” he orders.

I obey easily, as he expects me to, and because the tone of his voice makes me. I can’t explain why. I want to touch him though, feel the muscles on his back ripple and shift in time to his thrusts. Slowly, he lifts his body up, and the length of his shaft is dragged from where it has nestled. I close up behind him, stretched, but not elastic enough yet.

“I’m going to have to do this a few times, you understand. You’re not ready yet.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be pitiful.” He rests a finger on my quivering lips. “I’m loving this cunt; it’s fresh, like you said, and needy. You’re very wet from the spanking, that’s not the problem. You’re just narrow at the entrance. Whoever has been fucking you needs to have their cock enlarged.”

I nearly giggle. At the time, I thought they were big.

He plunges into me again, and I grasp the sheet above my head and howl softly. There’s a strange kind of pain that isn’t unpleasant, but I don’t want to feel it either. Suddenly, I remember what he really likes—ass. That cock in my ass? He must be mad. I must be mad. I tense, and he feels it. A long groan escapes his lips.

“Do that again,” he says with a yearning.

I clench, and he responds louder. Once more he releases himself. This time he stands upright and grasps his erection. The head of it is a deep purple, while the shaft is armed with proud veins.

“Turn over and kneel on all fours.”

I scramble into position. He knocks my legs further apart and pushes my head down into the mattress. Every movement has a roughness to it without actually being harsh. The power of dominance is, I think, that a man can do this without harming his woman. There’s a battering of erotic thoughts rampaging through my head, like flash frames in quick succession, each one more lurid than the next. Of a giant man taking a tiny woman, of ropes and lashing whips… of a flicking tongue… a throbbing clitoris.

He slaps my sore ass, and I cry out. The smack jolts me out of my daydreaming.

“Good, keep in mind, this is my pleasure, and your orgasms will be respected but not given. I don’t play with clits, and you don’t get to touch your own.”

I moan into the mattress. I’ve never had an orgasm without direct stimulation. Another deeply penetrating thrust brings my head up and my bottom back as he slams into me. This time it’s easier, I yield instantly. He’s feeling it too. He loops my hair around his palm and takes a firm grip of my waist. This is it; it’s time.

I never imagined it like this. How could I? I had no idea what a man like Leon can do to a girl like me. I’m not really a submissive, or am I? Maybe I am, because I offer no objections, no pleading mercy or asking him to stop. I forget my safeword and think of his cock and my pussy melded together. At some point, he’s going to tire and stop pumping, the thrusts will weaken, his knees will give out. I know mine will. But he’s not slowing down. He’s energetic and moves without pausing. In and out, and deep too.

“Please, just let me touch my clit!” I scream.

“Fuck, no. You’re going to learn to do this yourself. Consider this a lesson in self-pleasuring. I’m going to make this last hours, my little doll. Hours and hours.”

My eyes stream. I never expect this kind of demanding sex in a million years. I bite back a sob, finally realizing how my innocence is being used by him and it’s just the beginning. He’s loving it. What about me, am I?


Her moaning is delicious. The way the little sounds pop out of her mouth as I pound her pussy. The initial tightness that hindered her has departed. She’s elastic and pliable. Her whole body is under my hands and mine to use. She finally understands, and if there’s any resistance to her being totally submissive, she’s not showing any physical signs, nor has she used her safeword even during her virgin spanking. I can’t believe my luck in having her with me tonight. She’s trusting and brave, a magical combination. I held back for her first time, although she didn’t know that, and she surrendered quicker than I anticipated. I continue to rut her pussy methodically, focusing my gaze on her red ass, and enjoy every sensation of sliding in and out, the sounds of me smacking into that hot ass. I’m a piston, an engine in motion. Nothing weakens my erection. It thrives on this kind of relentless fucking.

Eventually, as expected because she’s diminutive and under pressure, her legs give out. For some inexplicable reason, pity, not impatience fills me. Normally, I would slap her ass to reinvigorate my toy, force it back into play with tormenting hands and rude words. But this girl, no matter what she thought, lacks stamina, and I can’t bring myself to shame her. I gather her into my arms and hold her tight for a few seconds. She calms, and I hear the flutter of her pulse beneath me. The respite is swift. I’m not ready to take a break yet. I carry her to the table, one that is nicely rounded at the edges, and bend her over it. She moans into the polished wood, and without my prompting, spreads her legs wide and sticks her bottom up. Her pussy is dripping, swollen, and a luscious pink color. I finger it, testing the rim for bruises. I’m rough, I know it. But deep within her, she’s fierce and resilient, learning quickly to meet my needs. I position myself behind her and enter her with a cracking swing of my hips. She grasps the edge of the table and squeals.

The cries, squeals, and whoops that come out of her precious mouth heat my cock to another level of temperature.

“That’s it, Katrina. Feel my cock claim this tight little pussy. Keep still.” I take her ponytail, and in that moment, I have her pinned beneath me and vulnerable. A true submissive won’t fight back; they will respect their master’s wishes. I think of my last subservient sex maid, how I kept her chained to my bed, naked, used, and in my total control. How when we grew tired of each other, she asked for release, and I gave it too, as I promised I would. Katrina is not meek like her. She’s fiery and willing, and has the potential to submit one hundred percent. I doubt her resilience is long-lasting though. It doesn’t matter. Should it matter? We’re here for one night only, I remind myself.

The sex is superfluous, like an elixir that goes on and on. I didn’t think it was possible to like one pussy so much. The way it contracts around me, squeezes me, making me work hard to thrust in and out. I slap her ass a couple of times, right below the dainty little birthmark by her hip, and she responds beautifully with deep clenches. I move around to the top of the table, where her head hangs limply, and raise it up to meet my cock. The table has been measured to my height and was custom built as I have a permanent rental of this one suite.

She delicately licks the tip of my erection. I’m too impatient and thrust into her mouth. She chokes, but then regains her composure and sucks, and the warmth strengthens the hard core of my erection. We play this game for a while. It’s a good prelude to what’s to come.

“That’s it, doll. Keep sucking hard.” I’m in a special headspace where my dominance is fulfilled. But it’s not enough. I need more than this sweet dance of tongue and cock. I withdraw, resting back on my heels. “I want your ass. Is there anything you would like to say before I take it?”

“It won’t fit,” she whispers. “It can’t fit.”

“It will. Take my word for it.” From the bedside table, I remove a bottle of lube. In front of her eyes, I smear it along the shaft. Then I dribble it down the furrow of her ass, between her two hot cheeks. She squirms.

“It’s cold.”

“Good. I’ll warm it up for you.”

I press the tip of my finger against her puckered hole, and it slips inside easily. I work it there for several minutes, then I stretch her to two fingers and bring my other hand into play. Between them, I pry her apart, and use her with my fingers, two or three from both hands, swapping them, confusing her. She mutters and writhes on the table, twisting this way and that.

“I’ll tie those legs into place,” I warn.

“No, please.”

I continue to torment her tight ass and add more lube to my fingers. Eventually, I bring four fingers into her asshole and rest them there. Against my better judgment, I relent and touch her clitoris.

Instantly, she comes, screaming loudly. I rub it harder, and her pleasure turns to pain. I feel the clenching around my hands, the cramping of her legs as she buckles.

“Good, you’re ready.”

“Ready?” she says tentatively.

I wander into the bathroom, wash my hands, and check my flushed face in the mirror. The girl has brought out the color in my cheeks. I’m hot, bothered, and desperate. I feel a strangeness in my belly, a sensation that is more than a yearning. I want to feel this eclipsing emotion beyond tonight. I have a shield around me, put in place to protect myself from thoughts like these. It’s why I have service maids in my bed, why I keep them bound, blindfolded, or gagged. I can’t afford to let this happen. Nothing must hinder my rise to the top. The chances of me finding the right woman to be my lover are so small. Look what happened to Yanis. Married, subdued, and relinquishing his power for his wife’s sake. I don’t get it.

“Idiot,” I mutter to myself. “Don’t fall for her.”

The reminder of my own rules jumps me into action. I return to the bedroom, approach her flexing asshole, aim my hard cock at the puckered center, and push forward. I sense her resistance waning; she will succumb to me. I keep nudging, stretching her tight entrance. I want her so much but finding the right way, I realize, matters to me more than I thought I would care.

I pull her gently to her feet. “On the bed, pile some pillows under your hips.”

She nods and murmurs a thank you. She lies there, bottom up, knees apart, her spanked ass still ready for me, the lube leaking out. I raise my body over hers, angle my cock at the puckering, and spear her with one easy move. She gives so easily, I’m surprised, and delighted. Down I sink, lower and lower, until my balls touch her ass cheeks, and squeeze between them.

She exhales, a long gasp, and I know she’s been holding her breath too much.

“Keep breathing.”

She pants, and I fuck that marvelous ass of hers. I calm her with words, things I never say to girls who obey me.

“That’s good, Katrina. Such a good girl, taking my big cock in your tiny ass. Keep squeezing me tight, doll. That’s it, let me work it,” I utter between unhindered thrusts.

Without any planning on my part, I’m all over her, covering her body, our skin stroking against each other, and there, I rock in and out, not pounding, but gently fucking her. I’m overwhelmed with an emotion that is raw and unforgettable. It’s filling me with hope and a longing for something different, something meaningful and timeless, a place where kisses are heart stopping. I know what it is, and for the first time in my life, I’m not afraid of it.

“Oh, Kat, you beauty.”


I hear him say my name, and my heart glows. I have him buried to the hilt in my tender ass, and he’s not hammering me any longer. He’s cruising slowly, and I want to come. My clit rubs against the fabric of the pillow, and as it does, I nurture it into an orgasm, one that blows every corner of my mind into a dizzy spell. He feels the physical changes that I can’t tame and he moans in a heartfelt way. The respite ends there. He picks up the pace, and his body slaps against mine, each smack echoes around the room as if we’re in an underground cavern. A primitive place to match our primitive fucking.

“Yes, yes,” he growls.

The roughness returns. I don’t mind. He called me Kat. It has to mean he likes me, and the way he’s so focused on me, even without the eye contact, and his neediness. I sense a desire for me that goes beyond the boundaries of simple sexual attraction. Do I feel it too? I don’t know; I want to go in that direction. There’s a definite magnetism between us.

At some point, having relinquished his interest in my ass, he licks my pussy, plying me with a talented tongue that is both coarse and delicate. He flutters it one moment, then sucks hard on my inner lips the next. I groan and pray I’m not wriggling too much. It’s no surprise that given this heightened stimulation I come. Shamefully and noisily.

Leon laughs, a deep chuckle. “Well, that’s a pair of lungs on you.” He rises, and while I’m still feeling the contractions, he penetrates my pussy and builds me again to another heart-stopping climax. There’s no time for a break, not yet. Eventually, though, he will have to let me replenish myself with a drink.

An hour or so later, just as I’m on the cusp of surrendering all hope of having a meaningful break, he calls a halt to fucking me. It’s brief, ridiculously so. Doesn’t the man have an off button? What about sleep? As for his cock, I can’t help wondering what he’s taking to keep it erect. After I’ve drunk a pint of water and bathed myself, he tumbles me over the bed, pins my wrists to the sides of my head, and fucks me hard. He still hasn’t come.

The slapping technique is put into play, and he uses it with more and more on my already sore ass. He nips my nipples, pinching them with his lips or flicking them with his tongue. He treats my bottom and thighs the same way, and I flinch and wince at the playfulness. Now and again, he face fucks me, and my eyes water with the depth of his penetration. Thank God my reflexes are dull.

The time ticks by. We doze. He doesn’t touch me and lies on the other side of the bed, snoring softly. He is human after all. His cock rests on his belly, thick and heavy. Such a tempting sight. I can’t resist its call. I want to own that bit of him.

I straddle him and tease him awake by rocking on it.

“What are you doing?” he says softly.

“Fucking you.”

For a second, I think he’s angry with me. Then the redness passes, the glare in his dark eyes dims. “Get on with it.”

I smile; the tone of his voice isn’t gruff.

I ride him and he bounces me up and down. I rotate and face away from him and he plays with my ass, then when he’s had enough of teasing, I return to face him. He draws my breasts one at a time into his mouth and sucks hard.

Everything he does has an edge of pain to it, but with that comes the pleasure. I orgasm riding his cock, and finally, at last, he does the same. He flips me onto my back and pounds me so hard and fast, it feels like the bed will collapse underneath us. Raucously, he climaxes, and it keeps filling me until it seeps out. The heat of his cum reaches into my belly, and the fire that it lights is burning inside of me. I don’t think it will ever quench itself. In the midst of this heat, he kisses my lips and I melt into his embrace.

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